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What does it mean to be a Shinigami?

Some protect others. Others protect themselves. The reasons for becoming a Shinigami differ from soul to soul. Kururu Nagahiro was someone that admitted to giving their very self to the Third Division – seeking to create soldiers from the souls that wandered through the very entrance in order to become Shinigami. She dedicated her time and abilities to train and hone others selflessly – she was indeed a model for others to follow. Her efforts dedicated to the Third Division did not go unnoticed and her years of servitude were something that separated her from a number of other people. Being such an elder soul, she was efficient in her own rite, and she did what she could as time passed on. She, indeed, was a boon to a number of souls and people alike, blossoming even the works of Asahi Kajiyashiki: The Clown of the Third Division. Kururu Nagahiro was truly a heroine, doing what she could for who she could. And that in itself was worth more than words itself.

Who knew the true reason for the switch in positions other than Honoka Oki? She was the one who set the positions the way they were. Even if she had told something to someone in confidence, it didn’t mean that it was the truth. It was understandable why Kururu would seek to claim her seat back in the very least – it was something that was taken from her and simply given to someone else. Despite her centuries of efforts honing, training, and giving, nothing was given to her. Instead, what she had was simply taken away.

Zhou was not fighting an ordinary soul. In fact, he was fighting against someone that had lived more than triple his lifespan. Someone filled with wisdom and knowledge and was beloved amongst the number of students that roamed the academy. Kururu, to say the least, was someone that had made a difference and was a powerful soul at that. She was legendary. In fact, this being literally had reached the honorary levels of obtaining a Bankai. She was not the same as the mere cannon fodder that loitered through the divisions. Kururu Nagahiro was someone that rose to the occasion with her time and efforts.

But where was she…

During the Second Division Coup?

During the Sixth Division Kuchiki incident?

During the Togabito Incident?

In times of peril that created the legends of today, she was nowhere to be found.

Even when the students were being accosted by the 12th Division with different antics, she wasn’t there to assist or help in the slightest. Despite how much she gave, in short, her only accomplishments derived from training others rather than honing herself.

This is why Zhou took it upon himself to show the fellow members of the school why Kururu Nagahiro was demoted, stripped from her place, and placed lower than a number of the souls that were currently in the Third Division.

Zhou Fēng was bred and born for the Second Division. The entirety of his being was meant for killing, silencing, torturing, and handling out missions as needed to be done. He had learned the merits of fighting, honing, and training his body to become the weapon he was today. There was no dispute about this fact – Zhou continuously grew, and even at the young age he was, he was one not to be trifled with, or at the very least underestimated. In this instance, rather than Kururu using the highest level of her abilities, instead of watching and studying Zhou in order to grow stronger to one day challenge him, instead of trying to see why she was replaced rather than a means of force, Kururu took it upon herself to render Zhou ”...powerless to stop what is about to occur.”

Kururu’s body was trained and honed in order to be durable, but even with that being said, the reishi that one holds within their body can only be trained so much. Even Jinnosuke Uekū was taken out by a simple, yet powerfully constructed Bala. Despite how strong his bones were from being broken and reformed over and over and over again, he too was subjected to being utterly defeated … No… Utterly killed due to power.


If Kururu kept her wits about her, she would have not underestimated Zhou in the slightest, and would have fought him at her full capacity. She would have understood that Zhou, someone who would potentially be trained in the arts of assassination, torture, and reconnaissance would do his part in discovering every tid bit of information about a given soul. Kururu had made a name for herself within the Third Division, who she was, how she fought, how her body was constructed, how strong she was, was all documented in some form of degree. Whether through word of mouth, through rumors, and / or even studying the styles of whom she had taught was enough to ascertain a plethora of information about her.

In essence, with this being said, Kururu was an open book and again, Zhou was a reader. Zhou was well-versed in Hakuda to the point where he created his own form to literally strike through a given thing. The organs, muscles, and tissue within her body could only be honed so much, but even then, they were still subjected to the carnage that would inevitably occur. Today was the day that a sliver of Zhou’s abilities would be showcased for those capable of viewing to see.

Kururu’s head did not move, just as it was intended not to. What she saw was that hand grow closer and closer to her face. As she used her water-like pressure that acted as its own barrier for her face, yet still having enough power for “Zhou to hit her”, she would literally feel nothing coming into contact with her face in the slightest. Instead, it was more like a breeze blowing against those silver locks of hers.

Instead, Kururu was bestowed hits to her spine, both of her knees, her elbows, both of her temples. The Shunpo technique he utilized, which were known as Speed Clones, literally were afterimages of what he had already done. These nine strikes while Zhou’s arms and legs were reinforced with his Reiryoku sent these ineffable waves of vibrations through her very body upon connecting with each of these places. With speed, physical power, and spiritual power, he was able to initially push past her flesh, sending these powerful waves with full impact through her arms, through her legs, through her torso and through her head. It was akin to her body suffering an earthquake, with the immense vibrations that were already sent through her body to bounce off of one another. It could have been different if it were one strike, but alas, nine different strikes hit her body…

Nine strikes?

The listed strikes were that of some of the weakest parts of the body, but in truth, the strikes, carefully timed when her muscles were weakened, were that of her Hakusui and her Saketsu in that order. With Zhou weakening her body to that degree, forcing these waves of catastrophic vibrations that only a true master practitioner could even dream of pulling off, she would be in-turn left defenseless to the true nature of his attack.

Zhou was currently behind her. Utilizing his speed, strength, and spiritual power from the built up momentum he had, he had driven both of his hands into those sacred locations – his hands through her body.

With both of his hands covered in the previous Third Seat’s blood. He had ripped them out of her, swiftly returning in front of her as she could literally see those cold silver orbs glancing at the Amazonian woman… that no longer seemed all that tall.

The issue here was that Kururu had reacted to, tried to grab what was literally a speed clone... an afterimage. Zhou’s true location was, indeed, behind her. Even with her attempting to cast Byakurai she’d have to move her arm in order to even attempt to hit him. Zhou didn’t give her time to afford that in the slightest. Zhou was literally in close proximity to her to the extent of being centimeters from her face – with equidistant “clones” of that distance. This would mean that his actions had definitively already occurred before she had even the chance to summon the reiryoku to utilize the spell. The instantaneous and fluid motions of his style and technique bore nor flaw. They were not televised. Each and every action was something that would have, indeed, led to this outcome in its absolution due to the lack of proper procedures to prevent such. She had utilized Reiatsu as Zhou had pushed forth his spiritual pressure and conjuring his reiryoku within his body to perform such feats, increasing his power and ability to pull such an instance off.

Kururu was faced with the muscles in her arms being torn asunder, her bones in her arms shattered and broken, her knees being utterly decimated, cracked and shattered as the muscles and her legs were faced with the same degree of punishment as her arms. Her spine was cracked, the vibration sent literally through the entire length of it – in layman terms, breaking her back. Both of her temples being struck led to the waves literally affecting her brain, cracking her skull and if not prevented, causing her very brain to burst. The first seven attacks were instantaneously simultaneous, affecting the given areas with ease as the last two were so quick, they might as well have been the same time that Zhou had struck the seven places, as he himself could barely tell the difference in timing.




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One thousand years. She has been a Shinigami for more than one thousand years and yet who else can say they have done more than her for her Division? No one has touched the lives of others as she has. No other Instructor has mentored as many as her, or to the degree she has. She memorises every student's name, hobbies and ambitions.
Asahi, Sanyu, even Captain Oki and the Captain Commander themselves. She had a hand in their formative years even if it was not direct. She has seen them all come and go, grow and even die in Jinnouske's case.
Was she only a teacher? Merely the one to hand out exams and everyone moves on after a few years? Did anyone truly remember her? Surely her legacy was solidified. So why was it still not enough?
It was never about her. It was always about the Soul Society and her friends. When the former Third Division Captain disappeared, she was in utter disarray. When Jinnouske died, again anguish. When she saw the other divisions utterly crumble before her, she was powerless despite all of her power - stuck in limbo. Too low ranked to be put into action elsewhere. She would ask and be denied over and over.
Yet again her world was being smashed to pieces. Her potential future and her chance to make some real change in the Seireitei was rapidly vanishing before her.
"Powerless... One thousand years and not even a few seconds into a battle and this is all that can be done? A millennium of hard work is to be thrown away." Her words echoed within her mind.

"I thought I taught you always to give your purest effort. You failed. You sat on your laurels for a thousand years and look what it's done. I weep no tears, I merely pity you. " Her closest companion - her Zanpakutō spirit spoke to her. He was absolutely right.

The very future of the entire Division and perhaps even the Seireitei was on the line...
Her smile flipped like the flick of a light switch into a frown, her eyes narrow and she took a deep breath -- then coughed out a tremendous amount of blood. Her vision was blurry, her body positively aching.
She grit her teeth and tried to continue standing tall and strong, pushing her reiatsu to its maximum... Except there was no longer any reiatsu. Nothing left. The rain ceased.
She dropped to one knee. More blood, this time from her nose, eyes, and ears, and mouth.
"C..Congratulations, young Zhou Fēng. You gave this old bird a breath of excitement for one last time. I can entrust you to carry the torch of the Third. Thank you."
Her words were once again filled with affection. The way she looked at him before dropping entirely to the ground flickered with the sense that she was grateful to be proven wrong, that an enormous weight has been lifted from her broad shoulders. Perhaps she understood deep down that her time was up as an elite Shinigami. Whatever the truth was, she would bury it in her mind. She would fall in peace and grace.

Her enormous body would fall belly down onto the ground and the venerable Kururu Nagahiro would fall unconscious.

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Today was the day. The day in which the structure of the division was unfolded. It was unlike what most would have been privileged to. The gruesome display before the students was something they’d have etched into their minds for the rest of their lives. Here she was, the dark skinned woman with beautiful long silver hair flying within the wind. Zhou’s silver orbs looked into her own as he stood away from her. There was not a twinge of sadness born about his face. Instead, it was simply the look of duty, as he was forced to perform what he was called to do – what she had wanted.

One would have thought… why would Zhou have done such a thing so quickly? This wasn’t a spar, he wasn’t fighting to grow stronger in the sense of honing both him and his comrades abilities. This match was one that was bound to happen – whether it had been because of hubris, or simple progression, but it all came down the fact that Zhou was simply not the one to fight. Not like this. What she hadn’t been made aware of was … Zhou had planned the entirety of this fight from the beginning to the very end before the fight was even successfully started. Every single action that she could have and / or would have done was already taken into consideration. It wasn’t just like this for her, but it was like this for anyone he came across. Zhou was analytical, despite just how much he honed his body, his mind was what was cultivated over the given time. Kururu, to say the least, was genuinely someone that had made a difference in the lives of others.

While Zhou looked over to her, his lips began to move. Blood dripped from his arms, onto the very ground as he could see the light in her eyes beginning to fade. It was more than obvious that the female was fighting unconsciousness, but what was she thinking? What truly was going on through her head? With her soul chain and soul sleeve being utterly destroyed, she wouldn’t have the ability to utilize her reiryoku, let alone her reiatsu in the slightest. Instead, it was just the opposite, her time as a Shinigami had come to an end. With the blood seeping from the side of her lips, Zhou began to walk towards her, him having ended the very career of the one that was so ancient within the Third Division. It was more than obvious that she was someone powerful, Zhou didn’t underestimate her in the slightest. He made sure to render her unable to fight against him. She had one opportunity, and in his opinion, she should have just continued to humbly be an instructor rather than be concerned with something as insignificant as seat placements. The point to the matter was that Zhou literally needed to utilize his strengths in order to render her defeated.

Zhou knew that if he had let her continue on her path as a Shinigami, it could have meant her growth even further – and perhaps even would have been a threat to the Captain herself. What she had challenged Zhou for wasn’t out of loyalty for the Third Division or the Seireitei as a whole, it was a selfish endeavor in its entirety. The fight happened so quickly that one probably needed an explanation as to what genuinely happened.

Kururu Nagahiro was strong, her body physically capable, and her very reiryoku maximized to the greatest extent of her ability. All of these things were true, but instead of playing on her strengths, she counted on her being simply stronger than him. Just because one has more strength than another does not render one physically unable to decimate another. In turn, the difference between the two was simply skill. Kururu did not once implicate nor demonstrate the amount of Reiatsu needed to considerably render Zhou useless. Instead, it was solely enough to tank a… weaker variant of an attack he intentionally meant to throw her off guard. In truth, what Zhou pulled could have been easily seen as an underhanded tactic, downplaying his own strengths to her in order to pull off what he had done. With amplifying his strengths, utilizing his speed, and generating enough Reiryoku to pull off the feats that he did, he was able to literally decimate the powerful soul then and there. There was no means of retreat, not enough means for defense. And as such, she was punished for it with the entirety of her being.

As of today, Kururu Nagahiro was no longer a Shinigami.

Looking at her body, he wondered what was going through her head while she fought mentally. He wondered exactly what she was thinking. Was she still battling him in her head? Did she go all out against him right then and there? Was she utilizing her own Bankai – something that Zhou had not yet attained? Kururu had grossly underestimated what the younger soul was in fact capable of, and he exemplified such right then and there.

“Kururu Nagahiro. Thank you for your service. It was a pleasure fighting you. Today you have allowed me to grow as well. I will do what I can to make sure this seat is well deserving. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow.”

His respectful words were audible for the lot to genuinely hear. After the words… something began calling inside of Zhou. This call only resonated, growing louder as time seemed to stand still. The entirety of his body began to shake as he opened his palms littered in his comrade’s blood. Wasn’t this supposed to happen? Who just was she anyway? Who was this woman that literally attempted to take something from him? A revelation had begun stirring within him. With this his face, a smirk came across his scarred lips. He began to emit a low laughter, something that most would have to be in his face to genuinely notice. That respectful demeanor he displayed originally was replaced with this sadistic look about his face, as if he achieved something. Similar to Shujin Kagi, this was something he had wanted, something he wanted to take. This powerful Shinigami that had fell to his hands bore a Bankai attained Zanpakutō, something that she would no longer have the privilege of using. What would happen to it? He didn't know. But something called to him, and with this calling, he answered.



Whether Kururu was still standing, she wouldn’t be dead. A powerful soul as she wouldn’t have died that easily. Instead, it was more so the extreme damage mixed in with trauma that led her to be what she was now. Soon enough the woman seemed to be merely a statue, falling to the ground after her last spoken words -- a thud ringing out as the eyes of the students were on her seemingly lifeless body. The mixed reactions rang out, some cheers, some cries, but a number of students genuinely didn't know what to do. This was the first time that something of this caliber happened on the school grounds. Forcefully, the students were being introduced to what it genuinely meant to be a Shinigami and the costs thereof. With her limp body, he took his hand, reaching and grabbing the powerful weapon Kururu Nagahiro once wielded.

“It seems like you’re becoming even stronger now, Zhou. Cocky even… Don’t forget where you started.”

Zhou listened to Shujin Kagi’s words as he placed the sword on his persons.

“I’ll do it justice. Rest well, Instructor Nagahiro.”

Zhou turned to three students specifically – Aiya, Shiori, and Yuuki.

“Aiya Munetoshi, Yuuki Munetoshi, Shiori Ashina. Come pick up Instructor Nagahiro and deliver to Fourth’s medical barracks immediately. If she dies, her death is on your hands. Consider this training. Don’t think, do.”

With this, Zhou began walking away as he toned everything else out. From the screaming, from the tears, to the cheers, everything. Zhou had successfully protected his seat and gained something. And for the first time … That feeling that ran through him earlier began to cause his arms to shake.

“This… This is what I want.”

Just as he had came, Zhou vanished, leaving the rehabilitation of Kururu Nagahiro in the hands of the carefully selected students. There was something more he needed to do. Against the odds, Zhou had made a name for himself as the students were forced to witness soul sleep – something that hadn’t been done within the walls of the Seireitei, but never before within the Academy itself. Not only did they witness defeat, they witnessed what could potentially happen to them someday. This served as a lesson, something for the students to learn from so that growth could genuinely happen despite the severe loss that had just befell the Seireitei.


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Aiya kept her eyes glued to the fight, keeping towards the front of the gathered group. She wasn't about to miss a spar from two seated Shinigami. At least that was what she thought it was suppose to be before it clearly changed to something more.

Aiya wasn't as observant with keeping track of everything in great detail ; however, She was able to focus on the beat ringing in her head from the battle. every movement held a single note to the young student's ears. Her eyes followed the best she could manage. She remember every word and tone of each strike. One thing she knew from the fights is whoever's strike is louder, at least to her ears, told her who was in control and that was Zhou compared to the instructor.

She snapped back to reality outside the fight to the tug on her sleeve as she looked towards the source being none other then her adopted sister Yuuki Munetoshi. She looked over the girl quickly making a quick note of a difference as she reached over grabbing yuuki's wrist of her injured hand lifting it up as she reached into her robes pulling out a cloth. Quickly she ripped it with her free hand and teeth, wrapping the torn cloth around the girls hand.

"A fight between our instructors is happening, it was suppose to be a spar but that isn't how it will turn out. As for the wound, after this fight, we will get it taken care of alright."

She spoke gently before looking back towards the battle, seeing it ended along with three names called out.

“Aiya Munetoshi, Yuuki Munetoshi, Shiori Ashina. Come pick up Instructor Nagahiro and deliver to Fourth’s medical barracks immediately. If she dies, her death is on your hands. Consider this training. Don’t think, do.”

Aiya looked around seeing Shiori have arrived behind her and Yuuki. She blinked a few seconds before moving forwards quickly without a word to the instructor.

"Shiori, Yuuki, Both of you will rush ahead to the fourth to alert them of the incoming injured Shinigami. Go."

She spoke taking lead on the task. She adjusted her sleeves and tied back her hair in one fluid motion before lifting the instructor. Lifting wasn't an issue for the young student, however the fact she was 4,8 made everyone a giant to her, however, that never stopped her from doing everything to the best of her abilities. This was no expectation. Helping the injured and ensuring they received treatment was nothing new to the young aspiring student. She wasn't going to fail her calling, or the task at hand.

Aiya ignored the fact of her uniform getting blood on it as she adjusted the instructor on to her back standing back up. Without another word, she bent her knees slightly before pushing off the ground, disappearing briefly before reappearing immediately above the group heading to the 4th Division Barracks.

The Academy ------ To the fourth barracks​


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Usually, Shiori didn't get much out of watching a fight. In the rougher districts of the Rukongai, fights would break out here and there. Dozens of people using whatever they could use as a weapon beat the ever living hell out of each other, unless you were lucky enough to have an actual weapon. She'd managed to join in on. A few of these fights in her youth, but they were a thing of the past now. The academy up until now wasn't much better. Sure, the addition of Kido made sparring that much more explosive, but it was still dragged down by the lack of experience by most involved.

This however was something else entirely. Both of the combatants before the students were throwing such massive amounts of power at each other while keeping collateral damage to a minimum. In spite of this, there was still debris. Shiori forced her eyes to stay open as she watches the two fight, both of her preferred forms of combat on full display on a master level like she'd never seen. Tears attempted to flush the dust from her eyes, her eyes darting between the two fighters.

And like that it was over. Zhou had gotten a leg up on his opponent, mangling Kururu like a wild animal to it's prey. It was a display of Hakuda she'd never seen before, or even managed herself. The sight of it sent shivers down her spine. She needed to get better. That much better. Shit, her hands were shaking.

She started to zone out after that. She heard Aiya talking to her sister, urgency in her voice. The scene she'd witnessed replayed over and over in her head. Brutally she wished she could master herself.

"The hell you standing around for? Focus, dumbass!"

The voice in her head jerked her out of her daze long enough to see that Zhou's attention had focused on the direction of herself and the two girls next to her. Kururu's mangled body lie slumped over next to him. She was still alive, but barely from the look of it.

“Aiya Munetoshi, Yuuki Munetoshi, Shiori Ashina. Come pick up Instructor Nagahiro and deliver to Fourth’s medical barracks immediately. If she dies, her death is on your hands. Consider this training. Don’t think, do.”

Shit, and order and a life or death situation on day one. The last year was insane.

"Shiori, Yuuki, Both of you will rush ahead to the fourth to alert them of the incoming injured Shinigami. Go."

Aiya had reacted before her, taking command of the situation. Not that Shiori agreed with this. If anyone was suited to carrying a body, especially one that big, it was Shiori herself, but then again she was focused on medical studies and healing. Perhaps there was a method to her brand of melodic madness.

"Fine, we'll alert the 4th of what's happened. But I'm coming back your way after. I'll find you and help with transportation. Come on, Yuuki, let's move."

With that, Shiori charged off into the distance towards the 4th division, using shunpo to get up to speed.

"Outta the damn way! We've got injured! Medical emergency! Get out of the god damn way!"


Continued at the Fourth's Barracks​