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The female walked ahead of him, leading the way to what one could assume to where a confrontation of sorts could have the strong potential to take place. Students were watching as each step led towards the grounds of the largest training field – the facility in which usually multiple classes could be held, something of powerful demonstrations. While outside, a number of students loitered around the field, some of them already there. Whether they were studying or practicing themselves, seeing two notable officers within the Third Division led the lot of them to gather their belongings and leave the field.

“Hey, what’s going on? Why is Instructor Nagahiro here with Instructor Fēng?”

One of the many students popped up – another one shaking their head.

”Beats me! Everything’s been all over the place ever since Captain Oki became the principal. There’s definitely some organizations, but I heard that there were some placement changes. Instructor Nagahiro has been here for years and taught some of the finest Shinigami there are to this date… and Instructor Fēng hasn’t even been here for a fraction of the time. This is the largest training ground… do you think they could be…?”

The other student’s eyes shined brighter than the sun itself. The both of them spoke in unison…


Of the many things any soul loved, a fight between ranking officers was always something to take note of. There was no telling what could possibly happen, but in the eyes of most, the odds did seemingly favor the older soul. How could they have not? She was centuries upon centuries old, and the amount of wisdom that she was flooded with could topple a number of souls with that alone. Despite this fact, The Fēng continued to move forward without any hesitation, not even remotely the slightest hint of fear. It was his duty, an obligation, to perform to the standards required of him in any regard – in this instance, it was taking time with Kururu upon the battlegrounds.

“Keep in mind one thing, young Fēng-sama. I have no personal quarrel with you. What I require from you is strictly beyond your control."

Her words were absolute, as strong as the very ground they stood upon. Once they reached the battle field, Zhou’s distance from her was no more than 5 meters, enough distance to hear what she had to say, as well as allow herself to speak further. He waited for her to continue on rather than just utter what she spoke previously, but alas, there was nothing.

“I see. Mind speaking bluntly? As nice as the weather is out here, I’d rather cut straight to the chase.”

Despite the ironic phrase, Zhou’s silver orbs looked towards her own purple ones. Whatever was bound to occur was due to her actions. Not his own. He didn’t issue anything or suggest even a fight in the slightest. Instead, anything that was going to occur from here on out had to do with not only her words, but her actions. Zhou could assume what was going to occur, in fact, he had a strong idea of what was about to ensue. Regardless of what he thought, Zhou refused to simply attack the older woman out of mere idea of what was going to occur -- that didn't make sense. Instead, he waited for her to decide the fate of the day as he simply stood the distance away from the previous third seat of the Third Division.



Sanyu Komamura

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The halls of the Academy were… suddenly abuzz with new rumors, and suddenly Sanyu ignoring Dog-related jokes wasn't the fun part of the day for the younger students; it was the prospect of two Instructors fighting one another. Sanyu, and Kasu, between the two as they conversed and headed down the hall to the training yard… could feel the tension, and you could cut it with a knife. Sanyu's face showed that of confusion, and concern, but if teachers wanted to be a bit childish and fight over rank, rightfully earning their place among instructors, who was Sanyu to judge them? Being placed as Teacher's Assistant, and in low Rankings was fine to the Komumura, afterall, you had to start anew in a different place from the bottom, until trust and knowledge is earned.

His sensitive ears flicked as they caught wind of the voices and words swirling around the area, naturally reading the room. His thoughts turned to the Students that possibly wanted to spectate, as they huddled and tried to sneakily follow Kururu and Zhou Feng… Feng… Feng? Could he be… no… he couldn't be… was he really? Sanyu thought for a moment, perhaps this Zhou Feng was… the descendant of Captain Feng? Those were some… mighty big shoes we had to fill then, huh? He thought to himself.

"Do not interfere Students, but if you wish to spectate from a safe distance, I think we can manage that… that is if Nagahiro-sensei and Feng-sensei don't mind…"

Sanyu's soft spoken, gentle voice was still loud enough for others to hear, as he perked his ears forward to better hear Kururu and Zhou's response to this…

"I think I can manage to protect them from collateral damage… if… Kasu-San would like to help?"

He asked, as he started to slowly pad his feet shyly along behind the two instructors to the outside training area. He'd watch closely just to see how many students wanted to watch this fight, He'd seen Kururu fight only one time before when he was a student here… so this felt very interesting to him as well… he wondered if Oki-Taichou would hear the rumors and decide to appear and bear witness to this as well…


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" Unfortunately my dear, I have not seen our Captain. I have a new batch of hopefuls I have been filling my time with -- now that we are being personally assigned pupils, I can spend more time with them one-on-one."

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, to Kasu it was simply a question of curiosity. Previously it would concerned her greatly, a mission given to her specifically to observe the Oki woman. No longer is she tied to these duties and perhaps there are more eyes upon her now than there truly were then.

Kururu’s attention at this point had been grabbed by Sanyu who had actively moved between the two women. Kasu wasn’t ignorant of the jokes and slander of the beast, and while she could intervene, she personally believes it is a path for Sanyu to overcome. Will he turn mere words into power or into his greatest weakness?

Yet again, Kururu’s attention is grabbed, but this time it is of her own volition. Zhou Feng is spotted by her, the current 3rd Seat of Squad 3. Projecting her voice, Kururu speaks out.

" My oh my sir, would you not take a pause for a moment to greet your subordinates?"

Only from a glance, does Kasu gauge the man. He could not be considered the average 3rd Seat, no more than she being considered the average 8th Seat. Beneath the ire of Captain Mukuro, he is a man of discipline, focus, and quite frankly deadly in the eyes of combat… Kururu’s playful words are likely to fall short. She will not receive that same playfulness.

" Is there something you needed assistance with, Instructor Nagahiro?"

Maintaining a professional approach is what gained Kasu’s respect for him.

" Indeed Fēng-sama. I have something that only you can assist me with. Perhaps we should take a walk together - privately - if you have the availability."

The woman of vast experience due to her years as an instructor seemed to impose herself upon Zhou, stating that they should take a walk in private, before considering his availability. Nonetheless, Kururu made sure to depart with Zhou as she bows towards Kasu and Sanyu who may have stuck around up to this point.

" If you will excuse me, we will meet at a later point."

Met with a nod, Kasu turns and continues down the hall. While the subject of their conversation may be interesting, she cared very little. However, this did not stop the flames of the word from spreading and reaching the ears of Kasu. Students chatter too much, unable to be tamed and confined by secrets it seems. They even managed to create rumors, but this rumor that spreads is the truth. A battle is to take place and it is meant to happen between the very two people that had just walked away…

Following just one of their spiritual signatures, Kasu decided to make way for the training grounds that are typically held for multiple classes at once. This area would be the beginning and end of a fierce challenge as Kururu will take her first step towards Zhou’s rank. With her knowledge, her experience, and her longevity, did she truly have the skills to topple Zhou Feng, a former member of Squad Two? Known for their rigorous training regimens and unparalleled skills in stealth as well as underhanded tactics. Does Zhou plan to demonstrate these teachings to Kururu firsthand?

Sanyu happened to be in close proximity, as a look of concern and confusion drew upon his expression. It was quite easy to understand, to deduce even. Kururu planned to fight Zhou for his rank. They both would arrive at the training area where the two would only be separated by just 5 meters of space. Paiute be is seen within Zhou’s stature. He held no reason to attack first. The ball is clearly in Kururu’s court…

" Do not interfere Students, but if you wish to spectate from a safe distance, I think we can manage that… that is if Nagahiro-sensei and Feng-sensei don't mind…"

Kasu interjects before the two can respond.

This is a learning opportunity for any and all students. They need to witness what it means to be a Shinigami. What it takes to battle as one.

Her words cut through the air, reaching the ears of all, including the students that wish to watch

Take your notes, and observe.

Resting her arms within the sleeves of her Shihakusho, she steps forward, getting ahead of the spectators. Due to Sanyu’s words, the students move to a safer location, gathering behind Sanyu and Kasu in close proximity.

" I think I can manage to protect them from collateral damage… if… Kasu-San would like to help?"

He’d receive no verbal answer, but he should be able to deduce that with her presence it is enough to be his answer. Her eyes were focused on the two. What tactics would they devise in order to gain the upper hand? Will Kururu’s determination surpass the disciplined Zhou Feng?

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Yua had spent the past nine months hard in her studies given to her from her teacher Tenzen. She had not strayed from the hard subjects given to her. In fact, these hard subjects just drive her forward to learning all she was given. She hadn't seen much attention from the other squad members let alone do much other then her normal of studying or being stuck on patrolling. A very uneventful nine months since she last seen a side of her Captain, she never thought was possible.

Seeing him that way nine months ago after the chaotic messages they received right after the Kenpachi games were finally concluded was something she never expected would happen to her quiet little squad. Sometimes, she still delve in on remembering everything of that day, all she had learned, all the questions she had and all the theories she noted in her head. What a time to reflect.

"45, 46, 47, 48, 49, and 50. I think that is enough stretching."

Spoke a cotton candy pink haired female holding herself a handstand, bending her legs far infront of her face. Slowly she uncurled herself , placing her feet back under her before pulling her upper half up straight before removing her hair from its ponytail, running her fingers through it's length.

Quickly, she put her sandals on before placing her blade into her waist band.

"There we go. Now that the daily stretching in done, lets see what my teacher has for me today."

She spoke to herself heading out of her quarters , sliding the door shut behind her. She stretched her arms above her head before lacing her fingers together looking both ways before seeing a figure walking down the halls being none other then the former Lieutenant Arashi.

"Oh Good Morning Arashi!"

She spoke happily bowing once he was near.​

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Aiya smiled listening to Shiori and her million of questions before letting out a sigh, placing her hands on her hips bepfre moving a sleeve covered hand to her mouth.


"That is quiet simple, Quit being moody, be happy and optimistic. Stop acting like you have it so bad in this society or that your choice to continue through the academy is being forced on you. Stop your anger and learn to smile, it will prevent wrinkles."

She giggled with a hidden smile before looking around taking note of the waves of students moving quickly past them. She listened to the chit chat amongst the crowd before nodding

"Come Shiori, Seems there might be a fight happening between two teacher? Oh that will be so excited to see actual Teachers, Literal trained Shinigami in combat with each other."

She commented adjusting her books before disappearing into the crowds heading to where everyone was gathering. Swiftly she moved amongst the tall crowd towards the front hearing one of the female Shinigami telling the students to remain back and watch the possible fight. She was excited beyond belief and ready to see what they all were training to possibly do.​