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Out in the one of the outdoor areas of the Academy, Yuuki Munetoshi was standing in front of a target, right hand outstretched and eyes closed. Sweat beaded her brow as she concentrated, focusing on controlling her Reiryoku and remembering the incantation of the spell of she trying to master.
"Sprinkled on... the bones of the beast... Sharp tower, red... crystal... " She muttered under her breath. She could feel her Reiryoku gathering in front of her palm, turning into electrical energy and causing her arm to tingle. The amount needed was more than she was expecting and controlling it was proving difficult. Gritting her teeth, she focused and continued the incantation. "Steel Ring...Move and become the..."

She didn't get any further as she the energy she was gathering finally escaped her control and discharged right in front of her, causing an explosion and blasting her back a bit. The physically young student groaned before slowly sitting up, wincing as her right hand touched the ground. Glancing down at the appendage, she noticed it was cut and burned, the sleeve of her uniform damaged from explosion. She sighed, expecting to get chewed out for damaging yet another uniform, either when she got home or when a teacher finally spotted her.

Getting back to her feet, she glanced around and noticed several students passing by with an air of excitement. Then another group passed and then another, all with the same excited air. Curious, Yuuki followed after the last group, eventually arriving at an area where a large crowd of students were gathered. Struggling to see over everyone, since she was so short, she had to find something to stand on before spotting a familiar patch of bubblegum pink hair. Making her way through the crowd, she eventually arrived at her sister Aiya's side.

Tugging on Aiya's sleeve with her uninjured hand while trying to hide her injured one.
"Aiya Onee-chan, what's going on here?" She asked, trying to see through the crowd again
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"That is quiet simple, Quit being moody, be happy and optimistic. Stop acting like you have it so bad in this society or that your choice to continue through the academy is being forced on you. Stop your anger and learn to smile, it will prevent wrinkles."​

"Oh sure. If I could just flip a switch and be happy, do you really think I'd be this  sour? Not to be rude, since you're actually trying to help me here, but I can't just be happy because I wanna be. And I don't really wanna talk about around other people, ya know?"

This was all well an good, and was probably suitable advice for someone, but Shiori wasn't that someone. Especially considering she actually had been forced into the academy after the arrest or death of her father. Honestly she didn't even know, as no one has bothered to tell her a damn thing in regards to that. It was about what she'd come to expect from the 6th at this point. Whatever. Shiori stars off into the distance, zoning out for a second until the pink, red, and white blob in her blurry line of site ran off.
"Come Shiori, Seems there might be a fight happening between two teacher? Oh that will be so excited to see actual Teachers, Literal trained Shinigami in combat with each other."​

"Oh damn, hold on! Wait up Aiya!"

Shiori grabbed her gear and trained off behind her classmate, getting excited as she began to hear banter about a fight. Maybe she could learn a thing or two from watching a good brawl? She finally managed to catch up with the bubbly pink ball of family obligation, craning her neck as she tried to see what was going on. Hopefully this would be a good one.


Someone slid behind her, another blur of pink, and moved between her and Aiya. Oh right, there were at least two Munetoshi's. Damn, she needed to work on her sensing abilities.​


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She gingerly smiled at each of the excited young souls beginning to congregate around the multi-class training field. She did take some joy at knowing the students would get a show, but also that they would see what kind of stakes are at play in the cutthroat world of a Shinigami. This would be a no-holds-barred battle, no mere spar, and it is time that the younglings see that and set their expectations accordingly. Some would undoubtably become frightened at both the two instructors and the concept of what is expected of them, while some would be emblazoned by the ferocity of the fight and driven to push themselves even further. Kururu also could assume that, even if Zhou wanted to step aside, he would be unable to for fear of dishonour and shame upon his legendary forebearers. Fighting a Fēng was not a palatable concept to even her.
"Indeed I do not mind speaking bluntly my dear Fēng-sama. We are here to dispute your current seat assignment. It is a great misfortune that you were thrust into this predicament." She said while turning to face him and entirely insinuating that this was not the former Second Division officer's fault or responsibility. One could interpret this as a sleight against the Captain for having chosen this seating arrangement in the first place, potentially knowing full well that the ancient Shinigami would not tolerate being demoted, however, anyone that knows Instructor Nagahiro would see that it was not a malicious statement but one of regret, as though she were a runaway train and Zhou were simply collateral damage. Sure, the giantess could simply accept her place as Seventh Seat but unbeknownst to anyone were her own growing ambitions, fueled by a series of unfortunate events from the past few decades.
Some eagle-eyed individuals might have noticed that she always seemed to be looking so far beyond where she stands now, like she no longer lives in the present but is contemplating her next one hundred steps or more. Surely, if she had a villainous aura about her it would probably garner a negative reaction. What Kururu wanted more than anything was not to supplant anyone or become a tyrant, but to merely have the power to protect the Soul Society, and it had become increasingly obvious to her that languishing within the Third was no longer an option for the venerable Shinigami.

Without skipping a beat or waiting for any reply, she would immediately begin flexing her reishi to the point where it began to rain droplets of reishi - each student even ones most inept with their sensing skills could feel as though they were quickly being battered by the very ocean itself, but none would begin to feel the outpouring of her spiritual pressure more than Zhou himself, he would even find that he needed to keep his footing to stand straight. She points at the young Shinigami and says simply and calmly "Bakudō sixty-one: Rikujōkōrō."




Souls came one a many, souls a plenty, each student’s face bearing different expressions. Yet again, they were greeted with another incident at the student grounds bearing Instructor Fēng as a person of interest. The question that began to arise was, “Why him?” Why was Zhou genuinely the teacher that was consistently placed in these sort of combat positions? The students didn’t know the origins of the spar between Asahi and Zhou, they simply were welcomed to a feast of combat outside of the games. Zhou was challenged this time, and this was no mere spar. Whatever happened this day was the declaration of the very hierarchy of the third division. Even with having a captain, in no way shape or form out of pride and humility would she even go as far as to think of keeping the blue haired male as his current seat if he had lost this bout. This was the way of the Seireitei.

"Indeed I do not mind speaking bluntly my dear Fēng-sama. We are here to dispute your current seat assignment. It is a great misfortune that you were thrust into this predicament."

The silver haired female had made things abundantly clear, mentally, to Zhou: “This was a fight due to me progressing and you being demoted.” She felt that Oki-Taichou’s decision was made in error. The question was, “Why did she feel this way?” In turn, it was more than obvious that she felt that the Fēng was inept for the position because, in turn, she existed. Despite her views being placed on the Captain, the simple straight-to-the-point fact was that she believed that she was greater than Zhou. This led to why things were the way that they were. One could have blamed someone else for their decision, but the fact was that she genuinely felt that she was entitled to the spot over Zhou himself. Immediately, this would beg the question, “Why not fight the Captain of the Division you have called home, that you have held near and dear?” Someone that should be amongst her standing had finally occupied the captaincy seat, and rather than fighting for something as much as lieutenant, she instead was fighting to regain what she had lost. Regardless of the reasoning behind wanting to stay where she was rather than ascending, she had made her choice and as such, there was no going back from this.

From here on Kururu’s Nagahiro’s decision was accepted by the current Third Seat, and as such, he readied himself for altercation at hand.

There were no words to be had. Zhou saw this interaction as one due to duty, not out of personal feelings. And as such, the influx of spiritual pressure, when he exuded actually none at this given time, would have in theory been enough to stop anyone that didn't move, especially those not exuding spiritual pressure themselves. The fact to the matter was since Zhou was not outputting any spiritual pressure for her to genuinely measure how much to combat against him, the amount she emitted was not enough to surely keep him at bay nor impede his movements. Regardless of how much she outputted at this given time, by the time her lips began moving …

Zhou had not only closed the distance between her and him, his balled fist was mere centimeters from her face. Her blinking during Zhou’s movement would have been worse, but the fact of the matter was, Zhou was literally in front of her face before she even had the opportunity to utter the first syllable of her incantation. It didn’t matter what she wanted to do or what she had planned to, the fact of the matter was she had opted to raise her finger up and speak while against an opponent that had transcended beyond the speed of sound itself. Students, faculty, and all that spectated would be a genuine witness to the fact that none of them could inherently see Zhou move from his current spot to where Nagahiro was currently positioned.

Not only did Zhou close the distance, but the reiatsu he emitted was genuinely enough to combat against her effects, especially due to her emitting enough spiritual pressure whilst he wasn’t emitting a single shred of pressure himself. Without taking into consideration how much the Fēng’s limit was (this more than likely due to the fact that he was still genuinely new to the division – Zhou’s abilities were not something that Kururu was ever privileged to any capacity as he was genuinely an unknown factor), but Zhou’s spiritual pressure could be felt all around her, flooding the area.

What made matters worse, around her, numbered an exuberant amount of identical six-foot tall “copies” of the male right as his fist was all-but touching her face. Coming into existence in tandem with him closing that distance between the both of them. If she could turn around, she’d witness 8 bodies surrounding her entirety in disgustingly close proximity, some equidistant to what was to slam into her face. Zhou held the perfect posture – the outline of his back muscles being able to be seen by the spectacle that was there, his fist that seemed to have been already backed, but full on aiming to the full extent of being able to, at the very least, knock a tooth out of her mouth. The build up of his reiryoku was eminent, and she would have been faced with the full possibility of being cocked in the mouth then and there.



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Kururu witnessed the man materialise before her before she could even open her eyes in a blink and she could feel how unavoidably surrounded she was. The speedster was unbelievably beyond her own capabilities in Hōhō it was comical. She knew that if there was any chance of her coming out victorious, she would have to forget ever even trying to keep up with him. There was, of course, the one and only thing she had an indisputable advantage in - durability. Keeping her stance as straight and standing as stalwart as possible, she kept her reiatsu as close to her body as she could, the water-like pressure almost acting as its own barrier pushing anyone not expecting the monstrous font of reiatsu from closing the final few millimeters to her face as she tanks the hit, smiling with her unnervingly pleasing visage the whole while. As Kururu did this, she would move with a blitz of reflexes to grapple Zhou by an arm and with her other she would cast "Byakurai."

In order to deal with the rest of the clones that she presumed to be Utsusemi she would point downward with the same hand to cast the previous spell and cast "Shō" at a small fraction of her reiryoku she might as well be asleep but it still causes with such an incredible explosion of force the entirety of the ground beneath them would disintegrate, she would use this as a distraction so she could leap upwards using the momentum of her spellcasting to bring either herself only or her potentially captured prey with her a great many metres up into the air.