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“Oi Oi… You’re not leaving just yet, are you?”

Just as the male attempted to vacate the premises, there was, indeed, a reason why Zhou had vanished. Just like those who had wondered why he had left the area the way he did and command the students to take care of Instructor Kururu isn’t due to the fact that he wanted to push the responsibility onto someone else, it was quite the opposite. He had done so for the students to learn the responsibilities of taking care of one another. Even if they couldn’t handle the situation at hand, there were other faculty and members of the third division to assist them. They weren’t alone. Regardless of the outcome, Zhou Fēng had the utmost faith that Kururu Nagahiro was going to be okay, despite everything that did transpire. On his way to where he was going to go, he could not only , the instructor that literally detailed the entirety of his division. From the students to the faculty, Zhou Fēng studied everyone and everything to a T. There was nothing he wasn’t aware of. His mind calculated everything, and the only thing this mysterious individual did was give himself away – giving Zhou a chance to actually confront him without raising suspicions on the grounds.

One would have wondered just… how did Zhou Fēng come to the conclusion that there was someone in the Academy grounds that should not have been? Ever since Zhou was introduced to the two infamous members of the twelfth division, there was an increase in Zhou’s overall attention to the grounds. Although Zhou trained religiously, he still kept hold of his responsibilities as a member of the Third Division. Anyone that came within the walls was subjected to his knowledge, and his authority. The mysterious soul that wandered around wasn’t unnoticed by Zhou in the slightest. In fact, one could say that Zhou already knew he was there and was biding his time for a sort of escape to wherever he had come from.

Zhou had a strong understanding of duty to divisions, but at the same time, Zhou couldn’t compromise the safety of the students or the members of his own division. Zhou hadn’t known who exactly this individual was, but even with the number of people in the crowd, Zhou numbered exactly how many students there were, and how many of them he needed to protect if things had gone disarray. Zhou was the type of soul that held fastidious to the idea of preparation is key. And as such, when the one individual had made his way out of the area, Zhou, being a previous member of the second division, was easily able to track their steps, their pacing, their motions. Despite them being fast, Zhou was faster. Being able to outpace them was a simplistic task, and as such, Zhou was 5 meters in front of the male, one of his hands within his pocket, the other one literally grasping onto Nagahiro’s Zanpakutō.

The nonchalant look Zhou had on his face could easily be seen. He surely was not going to allow the intruder to leave. With the keen analysis Zhou had, paired with his skill set from his time in the second Division, The blue-haired male waited for some sort of reaction, but even still… By the time Zhou was in front of the male, a strong influx of his reiatsu immediately flooded the vicinity. There was not the slightest twinge of worry one his face, nor any sort of fatigue in his mannerisms. Instead, the male literally barricaded his exit from Central of the Seireitei, and with this, the mysterious figure was presented with an abundance of choices, but surely leaving was not one of them.



New member


A new awakening was on the precipice of the Gotei Thirteen. The test of the time that the shinigami had been faced with for hundreds and thousands of years, proved to easily circumvented once again by the promising warriors that blessed the Seireitei. In the past 9 months the Soul Society was welcomed with a new champion, formerly known as Omoni Hageshi. Now stepping into the fold as Kenpachi Hageshi, a monster of a woman, bested the strongest Shinigami in a tournament based setting. Proving that she had power to claim the title of “The Strongest”. While this was a monumental achievement as a whole, and served it’s purpose of reassurance wholeheartedly. In truth…… it was all nothing but a facade.

The Truth

While the Soul Society was celebrating their highly anticipated event. The World of the Living they had sought to protect, was set into utter turmoil. With the Soul Societies’s mightiest fighters, set out in battle. The lower half, the inferior side, of the combatants, were tasked to protect the cities with limited choices in backup. Unable to call upon the aid of a Captain’s strength. Of this inferior side, Shizuka Hyouzoku, Lieutenant of Tenth Division, was one of the forces naturally tasked to protect Naruki City. As was the normal task of Tenth Division. Though, the tasks they had faced that day…. was far from normal.

9 Months Ago in Naruki City

-A visual pans to two beings standing high into the sky. The storming weather, painting an image of desolation and more despair to come-


It seems the durability needs some tweaking. Ah… Amigo, you were never supposed to see me like this, never supposed to feel this level of power. I will not commend you for anything because this is but a happy accident.”


Even with his mind accelerated from his Bankai, all the Lieutenant could recall at the time was that horrifying feeling he felt. The weight of this Arrancar’s reiatsu draping down on him, even while he was near the peak of his own power. He had no choice but to concede in this moment, this monster was stronger than Higen himself.


”I am Maximiliano Zacarías and I…. Am God!”


Shizuka rises up from his bed, cold beads of sweat dripping down from his face as he continued gasping for air. His heart racing rapidly, he clenched the covers, searching for any semblance of reality. Trying to assure his mind and body that he was safe where he was. The few seconds he took to stare at the comfortable surroundings of a First Division quarters, quickly reassured to him that no harm could be done to him. The rapid paces of breathing slowed down, and the adrenaline coursing through his veins settled. All he was experiencing, was just simply a nightmare.

As the man began to calm down, he started his normal routine. Which consisted of an unhealthiest way to start his day. He reached over to the desk next to him to retrieve his Denreishinki, picking it up ferociously as he was eager to see what messages he had received today. Even though he was only looking for one. As Shizuka scrolls through his daily feed, he can’t help but scroll through all the meaningless messages that he left unread.



Shoumetsu Takahiro (Today) : “Masahiko has been improving cons…”


Nao Murakami (Today) : “Captain Hyouzoku!!! Congratulations on your promotion! I know…”


Higen Kagayaki (Today): “You know where to find me, come-“


All of these messages held little importance to him at the moment, as he kept scrolling and scrolling back relentlessly. Hoping he had missed something, but alas, as he stared at the thread he was wishing for. It still remained the same..

10th Division’s Advisor (5 months ago):

Me: “Sorry I was so late to tell you 😤 buuuut i’ve finally got my own white coat! I know it’s been some time but hit me back when you can!”

(6 Months Ago)

Me: uhhhh, today wasn’t great today. I think it’s time I confess about something that’s been bothering me. Hit me up when you can…

(7 Months Ago)

Me: Yo?? Are you okay! I know you didn’t forget me that quickly! Return the calls!

(9 Months Ago)

Me: Call me immediately, I heard about what happened in Karakura Town. I need to see you right now, but please…. Dont freak out.

With a slew of messages in between, Shizuka went through every single one. The further he scrolled back, the stronger wave of depression hit. Not even acknowledging that at some point he was just talking to himself, using her thread as a journal at some point. He could only think about how his love with Blume, was finally hitting it’s peak. After years of being a figurative tightrope in regards to their forbidden relationship. They had finally both crossed the line, together, in harmony. The revelation that Shizuka was going to be a father, all those months ago. Truly erased any doubts that the young Shinigami had about the Quincy Empress. Even as he stood up against the God-King of Hueco Mundo himself, what drove him to fight back against all of these odds. Was the future he potentially had in store. Now…. All of it seems like a pipe-dream. A manifestation of joy conjured up by his foolish hopefulness. All Shizuka could do was accept the harsh reality, and find his own way to cope against this loss. Which explains the reasons why he had been starting his days like this for months now.

Remembering the Captain Commander’s personal message that he scrolled by, Shizuka began to bust out into a stretch. Still stuck to the confines of his bed, he took his time remove himself. Realizing now that his time and stay in 1st Division is coming to a close. Training relentlessly for the last 8 months, Shizuka has been fighting uphill battles against his Former Captain and current Commander of the Gotei Thirteen, Higen Kagayaki. All in an attempt to control and subdue the inner hollow that took ahold him. The Commander, being graciously experienced in this task, having trained the previous standing Vizards before him for 100 years. Was more than equipped to teach the nuances of the Hollow powers, Shizuka was struggling to subdue and control. Building up his skill ridiculously just within months. Using this opportunity or growth to force the Raiken to go in for Captaincy. Pitting him against another formidable opponent who also aided in training of one of the Vizards during their inception, Yū Nakamoto. With the amount of work he put in to better himself for the sake of the Gotei, Shizuka eventually ascended to Captaincy. Even after his promotion, he fought for days and nights upon end. Only getting stronger, able to completely subdue his inner hollow, while sub sequentially accessing it’s power on command.

It was no easy feat, and while he felt more in control than ever before. There was still levels to this. For Shizuka was completely aware of what transpired in the Kenpachi Games after watching replays. The sheer fact that the Oda’s dominant control, allowed him to access his Hollow’s full power while maintaining his consciousness perplexed the Raiken. While the process wasn’t meant to be envied. For those afflicted like Captain of 5th himself, it would be hard not to be some form of envious.


Finally standing up completely, Shizuka put on the rest of his garments. His standard shihakusho, fitted outside of navy blue compression shirt, with the geta sandals to match. With his normal attire fitted perfectly, he stared the white haori hanging up on the door. Proud of his own achievement, while still bearing a form of excitement to reunite with his division. He grabbed the haiori and swung it on seamlessly. Fitted to his body perfectly with prestigious care. With everything all good, he was ready to set off.

Walking down the corridors of First Division, Shizuka’s mind drifted apart elsewhere. Pulling up his Denreishinki out of his pocket once again, he scrolled through his own messages once more. With the habitual members he saw around First pleasantly greeting him, he ignored them unusually as he dug through his device. He scrolled vigorously, looking to see what could he have been forgetting that struck his mind slightly. As the frustration on his face quickly builds up, it is similarly quelled when he finds the exact message that struck his mind.

Nao Murakami (Today): “Captain Hyouzoku!!! Congratulations on your promotion! I know it’s been a while, I’d love to see you again. Hope all is well. 😊

Nao Murakami….? The new Captain of 7th Division? I’ve never seen her in my life what is she talking about again for?”

Shizuka had heard the rumblings of the other new Captains to grace the same floor as him within this period. Honoka Oki, the disgraced royal, brought back into the fold after a troublesome turn of events. Suiyo Kusotare, the Rukongai Reaper, who showed an unnatural amount of skill with his Zanjutsu techniques within the Kenpachi Games. Along with eventually Nao Murakami, who rose to Captaincy to take the reigns of 7th Division. While Shizuka wasn’t familiar with the previous Captain Itsuki Asakura, he didn’t pay attention to any form of stand-ins for the man, for he felt his return to the Gotei was inevitable. Although this had been proven to not be the case as he was found slain eventually, still Shizuka rarely thought of the replacement that was talked about heavily amongst the Soul Society. The name Murakami struck Shizuka though, why did it roll off the tongue so smoothly.

“Murakami, Nao….. Murakami, Nao….. Mura-“

Like a figurative and literal lightbulb, an old, but perfectly clear image came into the mind of the Raiken. A voluptuous, red headed woman with a scar coming down her left eye.


“Ohhhhh, that Nao is a Captain… hmmmm.


Shizuka’s face immediately lit up red, as he remembered the lowly 7th Seat from back in the day. The beginnings of his time as a 3rd Seat under Higen’s reign, obviously slowly leaving him. Still, the image of the well endowed red-headed woman stuck out like a sore thumb. The endless conversations they had, the synergy that culminated between them, one that resonated even with their own Zanpakuto. He felt embarrassed that he forgot such an entity in the first place. Her ascension to Captaincy, made it all the more intriguing. How much has she grown since those days? How formidable has she become? Did the rack get even larger?

All reasonable questions within Shizuka’s mind, for a quick second forgetting his passive depression for his “situation”. He immediately opened the message, to respond to Nao.

Me: “I’m sorry, I’m telling you so late myself…but Congratulations on Captaincy yourself! Definitely didn’t forget about you…. 😂. I’d love to see you as well. I’ll let you know when I’m free”

Immediately as he pressed send, he pocketed his device, flustered from his own message back. It truly had been centuries since he had last spoke to the woman, so much had happened in between then. Would the connection be the same? A question Shizuka knew wouldn’t be answered unless he found out for himself. Though it would be an understatement to say he was nervous to do so.

Continuing his stroll, he finally made his way into an open courtyard. Located some distance away from the main First Division barracks, but still within it’s reach. Slowly making his way down a stone flight of stairs. Shizuka eventually found himself with a garden of virtue. Ponds flowing with pristine and clear water out of the four corners of the massive venue. Plants and grass ever so luscious, and flowing with vitality across it’s entirety. The workmanship of this garden, bled the former Head Lieutenant’s influence. Coming off of the steps, a stone trail clearly led to the center of all of this. A massive stage in the form of a circle, decorated with the same stone-like sedimentary aspect. Refined and forged together to create a perfectly leveled platform, ideal for any type of training or bout. As Shizuka walked on the trail, he could vividly see a massive figure standing on this platform. Almost impossible to not standout, with amount of space this figure took from the area, visually and spiritually. After all, it was none other than-


Higen Kagayaki, Captain-Commander of the Gotei Thirteen.

Intimidating as a figure this man would be to any living soul. To Shizuka specifically, the man, struck no fear in his heart. He didn’t impose his will on him in the slightest. The only thing Shizuka ever felt when in the presence of such a shining entity, was just simply a overwhelming form of respect. This feeling alone, set the precedent for nearly every interaction between the two. Which all in all culminated a bond that transcends one of a Captain and a subordinate.


Shizuka, now within the circular field standing just two meters away from the Commander. Addressed the man as if the two were still the same as they were for hundreds of years in Tenth Division. Shizuka still being a 3rd Seat while Higen being the Captain. Somehow even with his own newfound Captain status, adorning the same colors Higen once wore inside his haori. He still could never register it, when around Higen. It was a mental block he couldn’t and perhaps never will surpass.

“What’s the plan for the today?”

As his eyes subtly darted around, he didn’t physically see his Zanpakuto in sight. Whether it was hidden or in another room, would not even cross the mind of the Tenth Captain. This led him to assume the final day would come to the two combatting strictly using Hakuda while Shizuka hollowfied. Something they did all too often within these 9 months. His Zanpakuto being pulled from his possession multiple times to not allow his full transformation to get ahold of it. Which would make the subjugation process unnecessarily harder. Regardless, Shizuka would wait for a response from the Commander. Truly intrigued for what was supposed to be his last day with First Division.


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Game, Set, Gone
“Oi Oi… You’re not leaving just yet, are you?”​


A student answered with a confused look, wondering why Instructor Feng had blocked his path. Was it something he did wrong? Did he require permission to leave? The other students turned around to see what was going on. While Zhou may not recognize the student, the others and the other instructors present would have.

"Instructor Feng, sir. What is the matter?"

One student would ask amongst the crowd. Why was Zhou doing this action against a student? He will come to realize the student he approached was, in fact, literally that...a real student of the academy and not the other individual he was hoping to stop.

While zhou is indeed a former member of the stealth force, he’d find his life unlearning who and what he was to refind himself as an instructor in the academy would prove to be the enemy to his skills as a stealth force agent. While Zhou had felt something was off, he'd find that who he believed to be a suspicious individual, upon further inspection and even if double checking his identity, would reveal to be one of the many actual students enrolled in the academy.

Kawa was watching Instructor Feng somewhere from a distance, observing as he stopped a random student while Kawa's presence remained concealed. If the person Zhou was apprehending was an actual student, this meant that when Zhou had felt something suspicious and made his move, Kawa was already gone. As it stood, Kawa, at the moment, was no longer in the vicinity, physically and spiritually; he became non-existent by keeping his presence completely unnoticeable. Not a single individual could feel him slipping past them when he left, not disrupting the air, moving in silence with hoho.


That was his internal thought, wondering what exactly alerted Zhou in the first place. An open area filled with students and yet managed to be able to pick him out of a crowd of people? He had been careful and hadn't done anything out of character. Not even a minuscule of reiatsu was leaked, and chaos ensued around this very area. So how? These were internal questions that Kawa pondered, something to take note of, and something he had to make sure that it didn’t happen again.

While leaving the scene, Kawa reached into his shihakusho, pulled out a notepad, and began jotting down the things he witnessed or what he considered interesting details, even the bothered ones. After placing these notes down onto paper to keep for later, it was placed back inside his garment, and he continued to head towards HQ to report his findings to the Captain. Had he stood around and fought Zhou Feng, he would have also had to deal with the rest of them, including the Captain herself. He didn't want to fight...at least not today. His one and only job was to observe and report nothing else. The point was gathering information, noting everything Kawa had observed and heard, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant, and transferring such data to the Captain. And considering how the newly appointed Captain of Third had gone AWOL before, it should be no surprise that Stealth Force would watch her new division despite already being judged all that long ago.

Traveling to SouthEast Seireitei
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" Oh, Good Morning Arashi!"

Yua’s excitement does little to surprise the third seat. His eyes remained as they always have and his smile nonetheless the same. Whether it was genuine or simply a ploy towards a deeper meaning no one could truly tell, but Yua did indeed gain his attention. With a mild wave from his free hand, he speaks.

Hello, Yua. It is good to see you.

If one thing is certain, Arashi is indeed delighted to see the young women. He understood that her time in the Fifth Division has been rather eventful. Whether she had become a pupil to Tenzen, he wasn’t entirely sure at this point, having been focused on his own growth and the growth of the other members of this Squad. However, he always hoped to see his comrades improve and one day he would have to test the fruits of her training. Today would not be the day unfortunately if she had hoped for sparing with the third seat. While he wasn’t exactly tired from his session with the other members, he had other things that he needed to attend to at the moment. Whether their conversation would continue or she’d move on with her day, Arashi would be met by another individual who had spent a great deal of his time in the human world. From what Arashi had understood, things had become rather dire there, far worse than he could have possibly imagined. Though he is glad that Kiku had returned albeit at the cost of his sight.

This by far had been the first time they truly interacted with each other. During his time as the Lieutenant he had constantly been on the move, working, tending to transfers from the Academy to the Squad, and Advising the Captain should he need his assistance. It is only now during his time as a 3rd Seat, that he would truly have the time to actually walk and speak to those he had not gotten a chance to see in a while.

" Finished training already, Suta?"

The Sunlight Swordsmen nodded. While the training session had been short for him, for his comrades it felt as though they were fighting for days on end. Exhausting their resources in order to gain a foothold against Arashi, to no avail of course. As he ponders the session a little further, maybe he could post-pone his necessities and actually try to establish a bond between Yua and Kiku officially. If Jizakai was around as well, he would have considered him. Perhaps this was a way to mend what he felt in regards to his relationship with Eizoku, a chance for him to become a better leader, a better comrade…

Short for me, long for them,” he replied to Kiku.

With his sight gone, Kiku could see far better than before. Forcing him to rely on his other senses, his reaction and timing are likely to be quite more efficient. Arashi had now opened his eyes to meet the blind orbs of Kiku, but soon they would stray for a moment to glance towards Yua in that same moment and then back towards Kiku, who had gone to speak on further.

" Old friend, I sense the spirits fighting within you still. How are you adjusting?

You must be referring to my inner-hollow and Hoshizora,” he stated jokingly while laughing.

Truly Arashi knew what he meant and he attempted to dismiss it with that statement alone. Yes, indeed he was slowly trying to adjust, attempting to come to terms with the fact that he had lost his rank over something so trivial, so meaningless. However, things should have been different and ended differently in his eyes. Arashi stands content, he looked at his fall as a way to climb higher than he ever could before. There was news of others becoming Captain namely, Shizuka Hyouzuku. While their paths rarely crossed during his tenure in the 13th, he was still aware of the man who was once underneath the current commander. Knowing he had come that far and had grown this much, it was time for Arashi to truly step up.

Arashi turns as if to face both Kiku and Yua had they both remained at this moment. With KIku’s arms folded into his sleeves, awaiting a response from Yua at this time, Arashi would interject.

Perhaps there is still room to train. How would you two like to go a round or two? It’ll be a great opportunity to study each other's strengths and weaknesses, in order for us to be proficient should a mission arise that requires all of us.

If Yua was aware, then surely was Kiku of the debacle that happened nine months ago that led to his demotion and Eizoku’s termination from the Fifth. They could easily deduce that this was a way for Arashi to make up for any past mistakes and work towards something greater. Would the two agree to spar with him or simply refuse?


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Experience vs Talent.

A battle that is waged in all forms. There are those who stand above the rest due to their years of serving in the field. Witnessing all that has transpired in their lifetime of servitude. Then there are those who are born with the innate skill to dominate whatever they get their hands on. Whether Zhou had incredible talent or not, he demonstrated great skill against a seasoned Shinigami. One that had obtained Bankai within her years of tutelage to those who are just becoming the masters of their story. Truly, Kururu was in a league of her own, but so was Zhou. Kasu watched it all from the sidelines, her spiritual pressure protecting the students from the Two combatants. However, what transpired wasn’t even a fight. The difference in skill seemed apparent… No… it wasn’t a skill, it was simply Zhou having no tolerance whatsoever. His strength was being tested. His rank, his honor, and the weight of all he had gone through. Kururu acted as though she could remove that as if Zhou had no authority over his own role in the matter. What did Kururu truly expect to happen?

Tears, joy, and fear. The students behind her stand in awe and shock, but there are those who stand in confusion. They blinked, amateurs to the speed that Zhou had attacked at. Ignorant of the plethora of speed clones that he had created. Kururu was no better, she might as well have been one of the many students. She could do nothing as her bones and body were broken by seven strikes and Zhou’s last two strikes rendered her useless as a Shinigami, only capable of teaching, nothing more and nothing less. Kasu witnessed it all, able to follow Zhou’s movements, perhaps she may have been the only one out of her and Sanyu. Unbeknownst, the Captain had been watching. Until the match had come to a close she made her way forward. Zhou had given orders to a trio of students and Kasu could only raise an eyebrow in confusion. Did he expect students to handle such a sensitive situation as this? The death of one of the most esteemed instructors on their hands? If it wasn’t clear before, then it is now, Zhou had not yet foregone his habits from the Second Division.

While one of the three students took initiative to lead the “rescue” team, Captain Oki quickly stepped in, gracing them with far better judgment than Zhou in handling the situation. A captain at its finest. It is then that she would bark orders towards the likes of Sanyu and Kasu

" Sanyu, Kasu, find a stretcher or anything to lie her on once I repair enough of her abdomen so she can be transported safely."

" Yes, Ma'am…"

Sanyu responds in kind while Kasu only nodded in her direction. The wolf moves on, getting ahead of Kasu in retrieving the stretcher and bringing it to the aid of Kururu. What Kasu noticed from that point is Sanyu attempting to utilize Kaido in order to lend a hand to Captain Oki. In all her time serving with the First Division, and assisting Captain Oki during her tenure as Head Lieutenant, she had not once asked or even shown a desire to learn Kaido. She simply watched and grew based on her visual perception of the woman, just as she does so now. Their relationship had been superior and subordinate, but to Kasu she much rather has seen Honoka as an older sister… She will never voice this, nor will she hint to this in all her years, or at least she tried not to make it so obvious. Was it fate or destiny? To once again be reunited with the woman that she looked up to for nearly her entire Shinigami career…

Kasu turned away for a moment, looking over to check on all of the students. They were stumbling their words, some were so thrown off by the sight of blood they had collapsed. Others were filled with excitement reveling in the idea of how strong Zhou could actually be. Others were even interested in taking on the instructor themselves and seeing where they stood. Every reaction that could have possibly been thought of happens before her eyes, however, there is one “student” that stood out as they walked away. Kasu’s gaze would linger on the back of this person’s head for a moment before she quickly used Shunpo. Her intuition screamed at her internally to intercept, but by the time she had arrived, they were gone… In their wake, the clothes of a student were left. With a menacing glare, she squats as she studies the garments.

Her mind at work, deducing that the being who had suddenly disappeared may have been a member of the Ommitsukido, a stealth force agent… was it simply carelessness to leave behind the clothes of their disguise, or was it- Kasu backs away immediately, reminding herself to be aware of the underhanded tactics of the stealth force. Why would they be here? Or what information did they hope to obtain? Are they after Zhou? Questions pile up like dead bodies, unanswered, with no reason in sight.

“ WOAH! Who’s running around the Academy naked bro???”

Instantly the student is met with a side glare so intensifying that he immediately backs away so far and at such speed he now stands behind a pillar, peeking from behind it nervously with a wave that depicts fear at its highest.

“ S-Sorry…”

Jokes were not an emotion that Kasu could muster at this moment. There was practically no way to discern how long this student had been here, or so she had thought. She ponders it for a moment before turning back towards Captain Oki and Sanyu if they had not already moved on or joined her at this unsightly occurrence, but off in the distance the intruder had been made, stopped by no other than the man who had transferred from the infamous Second Division… a surge of spiritual power is felt, focused and condensed into one area outside the Academy ground. Kasu felt it as her head turned slightly with her gaze, but she made no effort to act. Having proven his skills against a supposedly formidable opponent, he should have no issue with a spy, however, the unknown can be just as dangerous if not more than the known.

Kasu trusts in Zhou’s ability to get answers… This unknown person is after all a brother in arms or rather an ex-brother.