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Yua nodded in acknowledgment to Arashi. She hadn't had much time to do anything other than continue her studies and stay to the strict schedule Tenzen had placed on her shoulders. She hasn't had much time to train anything other than her brain, with memorizing rules and the known Fifth Squad Ranks and her own mental tasks of remembering everything of each member she was able to meet.

She remained silent while seeing another member coming to Arashi. She listened to their conversation while mentally attempting to put the member's face to the various names of the fifth division force. She was drawing a blank. She didn't have faces for the list. However, from his looks, She should have seen him somewhere or around the Barracks. She turned fully towards him once she saw his gaze towards her.

"Oh, I am sure we might not have met yet. My name is Yua Ayako Munetoshi; I am the newest of Captain Tenzen's chosen pupils. I am still very new to this division and being a Shinigami in general. It is an honor to make your acquaintance. I hope we will be great comrades in the future battles."

She babbled with a bit of nervousness, bowing in respect. She could tell from the conversation and the sight of Kiku's eyes that he was blind. However, She was sure just from what she had been able to observe the past few seconds, the man was not someone you wanted to show disrespect to. She stood back up quickly, remembering the conversation between the two. Both seem wise and deeply understand each other and past struggles. Oh, Yua would love to hear the stories from both, maybe another time.

She was never one to interject herself into combat with others unless that was what they wished. She always enjoyed sitting on the sidelines and observing and analyzing the strategic battle. She glanced between both of the Shinigami before her. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know they could easily take her down without a second thought. Both have a lot more experience in probably all kinds of battles, while she has just the experiences in the academy. Mentally, she was kicking herself for not focusing on her studies other than Kido and her speed.

"I am greatly inexperienced in combat outside the given Academy training. However, I am more than willing to learn whatever you are willing to teach me; I wish to prove I am meant to be here and become an overall better Comrade." She spoke.

Yua tried to keep her nerves from getting in front of her wants. She wanted to get stronger, that was for sure. She was so used to doing anything she wanted alone. But now, She had a squad, Comrades, and two very battle-experienced Shinigami in front of her. One willing to have a spar with her, possibly both. There was no choice but to get this experience to know just how strong her superiors really were.​
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So many thoughts and questions raced through the young female's mind. Aiya was about to move the instructor. Honestly, she should have had Shiori assist or get a stretcher. However, time was racing, and her mind didn't have time to thoroughly think about it, as the responsibility of a beloved instructor's life was in her hands because of Zhou. This spar wasn't supposed to have gone this wrong, right? Shinigami were supposed to work together to further their careers, not end them.

"Don't move. Her injuries are severe, running around with her like this will only make it worse."

Those words alone threw the young student's thoughts back to reality. She could feel the woman's presence, Her energy, her everything. It was the Headmistress, Captain of the third division, Honoka Oki. Aiya's body remained still just from the woman's words. Her presence wasn't one that didn't demand respect. She was one person that Aiya always looked up to, ever since she was a tiny soul. The woman was powerful and breathtaking. How could Aiya not admire her? She turned her head, watching the Captain take control of the situation around them. Any chaotic thoughts that raced through her head were dead as weeds to a tornado. She was calm and more collected by the second watching the Captain at work, using Kaido. Something Aiya didn't have in her arsenal of valuable achievements. She was in total awe watching the Captain at work, allowing the world to fade around her as her focus remained on just the Captain and the injured instructor. All else going on in the world was not a focus and toned out.​
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When he appeared in front of the student – this individual had been playing hookie, something that a number of faculty frowned upon, but Zhou genuinely didn’t care. If one wanted to skip out on lessons to become stronger, who was he to genuinely stop them? One must genuinely pursue excellence on their own accord. In any case, Zhou had found not only him, but other students who seemed to be playing some sort of card game. This perplexed Zhou, just… who was the mysterious persona and just… how was he able to remove himself from his site. Zhou had spent a number of years training in the art of stealth, but it would seem that this time he wasn’t able to catch whatever it was that had infiltrated the Academy. Despite him taking a note of every individual, the slight hunch he followed was indeed a failure. Zhou was slightly annoyed, sighing as this was a battle of skill that he had unfortunately lost. It would seem that being in a division for a number of years where being under covert operations was something that was genuinely beginning to wane for him. Despite this, Zhou had become stronger in different ways. What he had lost, he had gained in other capacities. That calculatorory demeanor that he once had slowly began to fade away. He still might have had a colder exterior when it came to something serious, but in truth, he was becoming less of a tool, and more of an actual being.

After the students were frightened, perplexed as to why Zhou flooded the area with his spiritual pressure, the pressure itself vanished once he had realized whoever it was had escaped his grasp. The students soon looked at Zhou’s arms, petrified to see that they were covered in blood, and not only this, bore the weapon of one of their instructors. Each of their minds raced, wondering if Zhou had gone berserk. When Zhou simply looked at them with those cold, silver orbs, he could witness the petrification that was painted about their faces. He wanted to explain, but he found a slight humor in seeing them in this fashion. As such he literally grinned, tilting his head to the side as he began to speak.

“If you don’t hurry back to the grounds… all of you will be next.”

That twisted, sick look about his face inspired those students to learn a whole new level in hoho right then and there, their very bodies moving as fast as they could take them as they scurried on back to the academy.

Everything… had happened so fast. From the recent altercation, to him literally being away from the grounds. Although he wasn’t sure about it, there was something that he felt was going on, but it didn’t make much of a difference. If whatever he felt was truly a threat, Zhou had the utmost confidence he’d be able to take care of it. That’s what he grew to be… but that sensation that he felt earlier that sent chills up his very spine was something that he wanted to explore. Was he genuinely hungry for more? He hadn’t known. From that very moment until now, Zhou’s hands…

Could not stop shaking.

After gathering himself though, he let out a warm exhale as he began walking back to the Academy grounds. He had no concrete basis for his hunch, but at the same time, letting others know and being aware of what potentially could be a threat was something he was bound to do. For the last 9 months, Zhou’s arduous training led to new heights, and led to other paths that he wouldn’t have followed had he had stayed where he was. With hurdles still needing to be crossed, Zhou moved forward as he placed the dual Zanpakuto on his hip. As Zhou proceeded back to the Academy, his face no longer had that incredulous smirk, him simply moving back to the grounds to give his report to the newly made captain of the Third Division.








Seven Months Ago



The Lord of the Flies

”Yoo-hoo! Lieutenant. Are you still with me?”


Trauma is something that rips at one’s mind worse than a knife to flesh. Something that erodes away at what otherwise could be a peaceful life. Even in times of liberation from those weighty thoughts, the scars remain. But for most they avoid such a sensation, fearing the plague that is the lasting eclipse of serenity. Yet what about those that actively seek out their own destruction? For what reason would one have to put themselves in a position of discourse? It is guided by a pursuit of power? Or maybe fueled by greed? In the case of the Fourth Division’s Lieutenant Junko Izumi, it was progress. Advancement in her own growth, but brought about by the rending of flesh, the shattering of psyche, and the eyes of a sociopath.

What better torturer than a man who spent a majority of the first part of his life a victim of it. He had been beaten, subjected to various toxins, and even been ripped apart and put back together. His body beneath the garbs that covered most of his flesh was torn, scarred, and even still stitched together in some places. He was a tool created for destruction. A child ripped off the streets to become a key to severing the Seireitei at the seams.

”I’m going to let you in on something. I feel we are good friends now! So I don’t mind!”

The male spoke as he rubbed away some sweat that fell from his brow, absentmindedly smearing the Lieutenants blood along that side of his visage. A calm smile on his face, unaffected entirely by the ravaged woman before him.

”Otōsan (Father) was on a mission when he made me and my ‘brother’. One to wipe out the Captains of the Gotei 13. He made both of us as subtle knives in the dark to leave a void in the system.”

The youthful Clown paced around a bit, spinning the ichor-soaked knife in his hand between his fingers. The walk he did was exaggerated, taking steps as if his legs were stiff.

”There are few that can come close to defeating a Captain. Hell, even a Lieutenant like yourself. And regardless if myself or my brother could achieve that strength, he ensured that we could kill them without achieving that level. In my case… It’s my blood. ”

The Joker pivoted on his heels and faced Junko once again, watching as she wavered between consciousness from the injuries bestowed upon her. With that he approached her, kneeling before her, tapping his hand against her cheek.


”It’s not sleepy-time yet, Izumi-sama.”

That phrase. As innocent as it sounded, it came with a much more violent response. Asahi raised the blade within his grasp and plunged it into the flesh of her thigh, promptly twisting it as it dug halfway through. Bringing with it enough pain to give the healer the kick needed to cling to consciousness. His starry eyes looked upon her with his unwavering curved lips, one half of his expression laced with the very blood that fled from her body.

”There ya go! Annnnyyyway! Even someone as strong as the Head-Captain himself would rot from exposure to my blood… Yet I didn’t want that. I have nothing to gain from such an action. It was what he wanted from us. But he’s gone now. Sleeping for good for over three hundred years. I made sure of that.”

Was he truly that unhinged to not only mention something that could be a crime on its own? The concept even in the slightest that he could and had the intent to commit such an act. Even if that wasn’t what he wanted, the statement itself could be damning. Junko could easily request an end to this or see it through and then report him. Let alone the fact he just admitted to the murder of a man. Albeit that individual having been a madman that kidnapped him and another child and subjected them to experiments, but still another living soul.

He felt no concern towards it.

Asahi left the knife within her leg to not further her bleeding, instead opting to patch up some of her wounds by a rejuvenating emerald light emanating from his hands. He attended to the wounds, making sure to at the very least to halt any more blood loss, but paid no mind to the still stationary knife.

”But enough about me. This is about you. I really wonder if this truly is just about building tolerance… Or if you are just trying to acquire penance for something you've done. Like a crime? Or maybe some fear of inadequacy? Or… I may just be overthinking it.”

Asahi shrugged at the thought. He didn't know enough about the Fourth's Lieutenant to truly speculate beyond that dual pronged assumption. Regardless if there was a deeper reason, this was his task, something requested by a Vice-Captain. A wish that would bring about two months of hell.

The starry-eyed Shinigami got up from where he knelt and took a few steps backwards before turning to a bowl he had placed on a counter nearby. He reached within it and washed off his hands and face of the woman’s blood. His gaze returned to the woman as he crudely dried off his hands on the lower portion of his attire.

”I guess that’s enough for today! Buuuut! I’m going to leave you here for the night. You rest well now Lieutenant! We can pick back up tomorrow.”

The youthful presenting male began to walk away but had removed something from his clothing. A silver rectangular object was within his hand, something that he made sure to wave in the air in view of Junko. His finger pressed against the top of it, snapping the upper portion of the object open. With the descent of his finger along a wheel along the opening a flame sparked to life. He moved about the lighter within his grasp slightly.

”Tomorrow we play with fire! I look forward to it! Good night~!”

The last of his words before he swiped the switch that powered down the lights of the decrepit laboratory. This left the medic in absolute darkness with nothing but the deafening silence and a knife still nestled within her thigh. What was an eventful day… was only one of many to come.



Present Day



Ever since the events eight and nine months ago, Asahi has returned to his normal routine. Aiding in cultivating the talents of the young prospective students while juggling his own alchemic research. Nothing was really out of the norm for him in the passing months, just simply the continuation of the pattern of his life as an instructor.

The Clown had been discussing something with a soul not too far out from the Academy grounds when he had received a notice of Lieutenant Izumi’s arrival on the school’s grounds. He wrapped up what he had to discuss with the Shinigami before him before vanishing from where he stood. His pathing brought him right to where Junko had perched herself, appearing along the rooftop in an instant. As he returned his communication device into a pocket he gave a dazzling beam towards his friend.

”It’s good to see you, Izumi-sama.”

The male’s mismatched optics honed in entirely on the Fourth’s Vice-Captain, welcoming the sight of the individual that he had a great admiration for. Someone who had willingly taken on the very torment that could only be called a living nightmare, just to forward herself. Not many were determined enough or even crazy enough to do such a thing. Let alone by a hand that was not so familiar at the idea’s conception. Anything could have transpired with a near-stranger holding the knife and yet… she committed to the idea.

Asahi fished out a pair of wrapped candies from the same space that he had placed his Denreishinki, unraveling one of them and popping it within his maw. The pearly sphere immediately coating his maw with the perfect combination of flavors, tailored by himself, so it was expected to be of his own liking. He aimed the remaining bound sweet in the direction of Junko, wiggling it a little as he spoke again.

”Jawbwakur, Wewtenant?”

His speech was obstructed by the custom jawbreaker. Eventually it would erode away but for now, this was the quality of his words.

There certainly was not a single care in the world for Asahi. Just the pleasure from the company of a friend.




Staff member


The Kenpachi games came and went in what felt like a blink of an eye for Captain Oda, possibly due to him not caring about it much or maybe due to the chaos that erupted while they were distracted with their games. It is a day he looks back on with ire because so much that was lost could have been avoided. The Soul Society has its Kenpachi at the cost of looking like a foolish military power. During the time after the tournament some records were set straight by Tenzen’s hand, the first was clearing Suiyo’s name of being Itsuki’s murderer, that being said the true perpetrator is still out there. The second was the mysterious substance collected by Eizoku in the Dangai, Kido Corps determined it was Zanpakuto in origin, and upon learning that Tenzen had Arashi and Eizoku quarantined for their safety and the safety of others since they handled the package directly. Their quarantine lasted a few days before it was lifted, it was determined that the Zanpakuto was not in a shikai state and therefore had no ability that could be active, the dust was passed off to Twelfth division for further analysis. Then, lastly, he helped with the recovery efforts of Naruki and Karakura, as ordered by the Captain Commander. He remained in Karakura until their efforts were completed due to the lingering presence of Quincy, he stood guard. Once all is said and done Naruki and Karakura citizens will only remember a freak weather incident that decimated both cities.

His Division continued to run as normal, he made no new or drastic orders, it was just the status quo like normal. During his private time he went over the recordings Kiku had gathered with his team, he didn’t glean any information from them that would prove to be useful or any sign of how Katsuo died. From what he was able to sense from Karakura town he knew there were Quincy about and Arrancar along with the fact that one Quincy changed shape meaning he used Vollständig which hints to the existence of an Emperor. All of this was compiled into a report and given to the First division months ago. While things were all normal with his Division the same could not be said for a few of the others, namely Tenth Division.

The New Captains


Its current Captain had, somehow, been turned into a Vizard. Tenzen took it upon himself to watch this individual from a distance on multiple occasions even now he keeps tabs on him when he is able to. Unlike himself and the others Shizuka has not had one hundred years to refine his affliction into a proper ability he can use, there is still risk that is present there. Time moves on and he can only hope for and wish the best for the new Captain. He also hopes to train with the man soon, he wants to see where his head is at mentally. Can he drown out the voice of his alter ego enough to do his job and can he fend off any attempts at possession? All four Vizards are ticking timebombs in the eyes of others but they have to work to overcome that assumption and prove their onlookers wrong.

He isn’t the only new face able to claim the rank of Captain, Nao Murakami was another new face.


He knew nothing about this woman, unlike Captain Mukuro getting information on these new Captains was not his priority or his job for that matter. He does wish to cross paths with her at some point to give her a warning to help her avoid turning out like Itsuki. If the Rukongai can drive him crazy it can do the same to her, but more than that to watch her every move considering there is someone out there strong enough to kill a Captain, if they did it once, they will do it again. Be it madness or death the Seireitei cannot afford to lose another captain to the Rukongai. It is far too presumptuous to train with a Captain to enhance their survivability, it would be direct disrespect to their rank, their power, and their status as a warrior. What Tenzen can at least do is offer up some advice and pass on tips about meditation to her, to keep her mind from fracturing like the previous Captain’s did.

Then drunken Kenpachi contender, Suiyo Kusotare.


He met this man in the Kenpachi games and at one point was fatally injured by him due to a miscalculation he made during the fight. During the course of the fight it dawned on him that this man could have killed Itsuki. He had arrested the man but he eventually cleared his name at some point after that this drunkard became a Shinigami and soon after a Captain. Had he been a rookie this would be impressive but with the grit, years of experience in fighting and killing on top of his performance at the Games made it obvious where this man should be placed within their ranks. Taking charge of Eighth Division Tenzen has turned a blind eye to him for now, but given his obsession with things he has never seen before he may have to ensure he doesn’t accidentally get his hands on something that could be potentially dangerous. Last thing the Seireitei needs is a bomb accidentally going off in the middle of it.

Then lastly, but most importantly enough, Honoka Oki.


Among these new faces the first one Tenzen found out about was Honoka, mainly due their families now being allied and because Honoka knows about his daughter. That was his closest kept secret only shared with a few select people. Despite her treacherous behavior in having a child with Shobatsu Murasaki by illegally entering the Muken he has been more cordial with her. With the Oki and Oda working together now he has no choice but to pay more attention to her and her family. Not even he thought about the fact that Munashii could bridge the two families, only his mother would think that far ahead with devious intent. This does place them one step closer to their ultimate goal of obtaining a seat as a Great Noble Clan. Sooner or later it will become hard to ignore them. Politics aside Honoka has never personally wronged him and she has since atoned for her actions, he has no reason not to treat her like family and he may be visiting her sooner than she thinks.

With the roster of Captains expanding he can finally ease his mind back to his own duties as Captain of Fifth Division.​

The Captain of Fifth Division

Another day dawns on the Seireitei and for its inhabitants. Tenzen begins his day with a brief meditation and stretches. Both activities serve to unwind and relax the mind. Resting on a display rack are his Zanpakuto, he picks up the Katana and takes a Kendo stance and goes over a very basic drill of overhead strikes with his blade, repeatedly. Once his heart begins to race and his blood begins to flow is when he stops, sheaths the blade, and returns it to the display rack. It is then he dons his Shinigami attire, placing his Zanpakuto on his left hip through the sash. During these routines he has a cup of tea on standby for when he is done, this tea is made from Lavender Flowers that he grew himself, he drinks it to relax himself before leaving his room to observe his Division. This is the same waking routine he has performed since he became a Captain, day in and day out except he has added one final step to it all. A small shrine dedicated to Katsuo sits in his room, he pays his respects to it before leaving for the day.

The moment he exits his room a Priestess and her guard appear before him, bowing and quickly following him as he walks.

”It is good to see you Grand Chief. Things seem to be in order for today and he has been notified about his task for today as well.”

”Good, I have a list of things I need to tend to so lets hope all goes well. You’ll be able to adjust for any hiccups in the plan under his guidance, yes?”

Although she could not see it physically she could feel his eyes shifted and looked in her direction as they were walking. She nods quietly and it is then she feels his gaze leave her.

”I’ll be taking Yua off to an abandoned district in the Southwest to continue her training.”

He hands her a piece of paper with coordinates on it for the exact location of their training area.

”I would like that area barriered off before we arrive, I do not wish to be interrupted unless it happens. Is that clear?”

”Yes Sir, we will get started on this right away. Is there anything else you need us to do or prepare?”

”No, however I will be visiting Honoka later in the day to discuss Clan matters and then I’ll be heading to Twelfth Division to get an update on that Zanpakuto dust. During that time you are to shadow me to both locations.”

”Understood, sir.”

”Now release the Hell Butterflies.”

Tenzen vanishes via Shunpo and reappears in the main courtyard, standing silently with his arms crossed. Today will be an uphill battle for his seated officers, literally. They will not know what he has instored for them until they gather at the main courtyard and as for now they have no idea Tenzen has arrived there given the fact he has been suppressing his Reiatsu the entire time. During these nine months he has watched and observed his Division, made note of everything they have been doing, their absences, the days they skipped training, the days they slacked off when they thought Tenzen was not watching them. These small infractions only added to the case Tenzen had built against them since the day of the Kenpachi games.

It is then seen in the sky, a swarm of Hell Butterflies fluttering through the air meeting with every Shinigami in Fifth Division. Arashi, Kiku, Elk, Yua, and Jizakai would get the same message as well.

”Meet me in the main courtyard immediately, I will not tolerate tardiness.”

Another Hell Butterfly lands on his shoulder, fanning its wings slowly. Whatever message it waits to relay to Tenzen is unknown, but for now Tenzen awaits his entire division.