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Perhaps there is still room to train. How would you two like to go a round or two? It’ll be a great opportunity to study each other's strengths and weaknesses, in order for us to be proficient should a mission arise that requires all of us.

"Oh, I am sure we might not have met yet. My name is Yua Ayako Munetoshi; I am the newest of Captain Tenzen's chosen pupils. I am still very new to this division and being a Shinigami in general. It is an honor to make your acquaintance. I hope we will be great comrades in the future battles."

Kiku would smile at them before perking his ears up over his shoulder, was that? no, it couldn't have been. He played it off as being distracted by the cool breeze wafting throughout the hallway. Returning to his perfectly square stance and nodding while each of his comrades spoke, Kiku would continue to stretch his senses outward. Their division had been pretty silent for the past few weeks so Kiku had his suspicions of events to come.
He is essentially being an errand boy for private packages and deliveries while at the same time offering to clean up the notable mess with the secret intention of increasing the capacity of his Bankai. Having yet to of wrung the Shikai out after absorbing the soul king's blood.

Before giving his comrades an answer Kiku picked up on a mass of signatures, fluttering into existence. Jigokuchō, Hell butterflies, only visible to spiritually aware beings, and Kiku's new senses were set aflare when so many were created in the core of the Fifth Division, Kiku could only assume this meant one thing.

Lifting his hand up in front of the others, Kiku would clear his throat and then halt their line of conversation.

"Don't go too far, it appears we will be needed soon."

With a rather odd message, Kiku would then move past the others before the Jigokuchō had even reached them. Making his way to the most likely meeting area, one they have used many times before, the main courtyard. Not wanting to waste anyone's time, Kiku allowed himself the wide breadth of the hallway and used a single shunpo to clear the area. It was in this mid-leap to the courtyard the Hell butterfly found and attached itself to his shoulder.

Kiku allowed it to replay a prerecorded message sent nonother than Captain Oda himself;
”Meet me in the main courtyard immediately, I will not tolerate tardiness.”

Having been only moments after the butterflies ascended into the air Kiku would find himself in front of Captain Oda with a knee to the ground and his hands placed firmly into his lap. Tilting his head up and then standing from this formal bow Kiku would then speak to the Captain.

"Captain Oda, I can not speak for Elk or Jizakai, but the others are behind me, they will be here shortly."

Looking into his golden, glowing eyes, Kiku would examine the signatures he could, but Tenzen was such a master at this craft it was almost like looking at a veil, an invisible being. The only reason Kiku knew where to look was because of muscle memory and using the created butterflies as a base point of reference then triangulating the distance he was intercepted by his own, and that to know where to kneel for the bow.

With the recent failures of his underlings, Kiku was sure Tenzen had something planned for them to do. He had no idea what, maybe another excursion to the Dangai or the Living world. This would be Kiku's first assignment with his other division mates and would be eager on working with people of his own caliber.

He had been upping his combat expertise for the last one hundred and twenty years for the chance to work with people like this. It was sure to be a learning experience for all of them no matter what mission Tenzen sent them on.








There Elk stood in his room, his thoughts running about on a new Kido spell he wants to develop, not too far off from him was a book opened up on table, several sketches could be seen drawn across the open pages, several lines could be seen circling around a crude drawing of a man, beneath him was a circle. The concept was a trap kidō designed to ensnare an individual, binding them and keeping them in a singular space. Below the sketches were several notes, could be seen written down, with various methods, on how to apply it, yet it all seemed rough and unrefined, as some unseated officers were sent to 4th division with broken bones or worse, limbs being sliced off just this passed week.

“Really wish I had a second personality to bump idea’s off of.”

A slight chuckle came out from his mouth as he looked up at the ceiling of his room, his head shook for a moment as he looked back at his door. His thoughts on the spell he was trying to develop, and how to refine it further, was it too much power? Did he distribute it evenly across the ropes? Were the people he was testing these on too weak to handle, a mid level spell? Question, questions, questions, its all he had in his mind as he moved towards his zanpakutō, taking it and placing in its rightful place on his hip before he walked out of his room, leaving his book behind for the day.

His eyes shifted around the halls he had walked down the hall, yet no one was around his immediate area, yet he continued to look around as if he was looking through the walls themselves, ignoring all who he considered unimportant, though he had stopped when they would walk by him. Three signatures caught his interest, Kiku Shunkan, Yua Munetshi, and Arashi Suta, all being close proximity to one another, and he was curious as to what they were doing; Each step he made would bring him closer and closer to them until a hell butterfly had made its way towards him. The mis-matched eyes blinked as it flapped its wings and wildly moved infont of him until his hand reached up allowing it to sit on his finger, his eyebrow raised as he was requested by the captain to meet in the courtyard.

“Well… Here we go.”

His hand reached to the back his neck as his reiatsu flared a little, in that same moment his body disappeared from sight, with him reappeared not too far away from Kiku.

"Captain Oda, I can not speak for Elk or Jizakai, but the others are behind me, they will be here shortly."

“No need to speak for me Kiku, when Captain Oda calls, I answer.”

To say he was weary of the captain’s request was an understatement, he saw the carnage he brought onto Arashi, and Jizakai, while leaving Eizoku stunned by the captains’ actions, on what he was capable of, Despite not being able to see what had happened he had sensed it inside, tried to track such events but it was all over as soon as it began, all he could remember was that feeling of fear.


Arashi Suta

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When was the last time Arashi had a true training session? Could he truly count the bout against Captain Oda when he was teamed up with Jizakai and Eizoku? Having not decided the details of this possible session with Kiku and Yua, he wasn’t sure if either of them would agree to it. Regardless, his attention turned to Yua for a moment who had graced them both with her name and the fact that she is a pupil of Captain Oda. Arashi responds to her with a nod of course.

I hope to as well, Yua.

Gripped by her own nervousness, the young and less experienced women sought strength. She sought guidance from her superiors. The same could be said for all those who joined squad five from the Academy. What made her different from most, is the fact that she had been chosen by Captain Oda. She is being personally trained by him. Quite frankly he had seen something in her that she did not see just yet. In due time, however, will the fruits of her training become ripe and her enemies will soon regret taking a bite. Arashi studied Yua for a moment, gauging her skill level now. Proficient in Kido? She has to be, otherwise, why join this Division? Did she prevail in Hakuda or Hoho? Perhaps she studies both but managed to grasp HoHo a lot quicker. Ah, yes, Arashi could tell that the woman enjoyed studying, even when it came to watching from the sidelines, but soon her time on the bench will come to an end… could she truly put her analytic mind to the rest in real combat situations or will she forever be an avid reader?

" I am greatly inexperienced in combat outside the given Academy training. However, I am more than willing to learn whatever you are willing to teach me; I wish to prove I am meant to be here and become an overall better Comrade."

A willing soul is always the one who will progress. However, the willing soul can easily get lost in the shadows of another. Unable to become unique. While she learns from others, can this greatly inexperienced woman learn from her past self just as Arashi has done so many times before today? Whatever doubt she may have about herself must be tossed to the waste side. In this training session, Arashi had planned to stack the odds against her. How will she fair against the unfair?

Unbeknownst to Arashi at the moment, Kiku had caught on to an oh-so-familiar signature, the spawn of hell butterflies. Arashi was about ready to respond to Yua’s earlier statement before he is interjected by Kiku by raising his hand, hoping to gain their attention before he speaks.

" Don't go too far, it appears we will be needed soon."


Arashi looks up, as a small flock of hell butterflies moves into their location. Kiku took it upon himself to advance forward as if he knew what the message read before even receiving it. Truly, the man had turned his blindness into a strength, allowing him to be so in tune with his intuition. With a single Shunpo, he is gone and by this moment the hell butterfly lands upon the raised hand of Arashi and likely Yua if she had not followed after Kiku. Arashi allowed for the message to play in its entirety.

An order from the Captain, with a low tolerance for tardiness to end it. He could not keep the Captain waiting, from then on if Yua remained after receiving the message she would be standing in the hallway by herself. Arashi had utilized Shunpo to traverse the area and stood at the backs of both Kiku and Elk, who he had not seen in quite a while. His eyes seemed closed entirely, and that same smile plastered on his face. Same old Arashi, with the same old expression. However, through these seemingly closed eyes, Arashi could see quite clearly, his attention was on the Captain. He hadn’t seen him since the day he had stripped him of his previous rank. Even then, and even now, Arashi holds no grudge, no malice. He trusted in the Captain’s judgment.

Arashi bows in silence, standing back up straight before seating himself with his but against the bottom of his feet. He figured since Elk and Kiku had been summoned just as he did, then the Captain had called for everyone to be here. What did he Have planned? Arashi did not bother trying to read the Captain and decipher the purpose of this gathering. All he needed to be was prepared for whatever is to come at this point.


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Yua nodded as she glanced between both of the Shinigami infront of her. She could tell, they could help her grow in her studies and her wants. Both were leagues above her in nearly everything and it would be only a matter of time before she could possibly test her theories and excitement.

Her train of thought snapped back to reality watching Kiku first speak of them not going to far. Her eyes watched Kiku disappear into a shunpo before the small swarm of hell butterflies. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know what those butterflies meant. They held a message for selected individuals, and her gut feeling said it was for Arashi, Kiku, herself and possibly others. She lifted a hand up extending a finger, allowing one to land safely. She smiled closing her eyes listening to the message before flicking her hand up gently signally the butterfly back into the air just as Arashi suddenly followed, leaving her alone.

"Captain calls."

She spoke to herself before turning on her heels, following quick suit after the both of them.

She arrived shortly after Arashi, moving to the left of Arashi before bowing low. She stood back up before lowering herself on to the balls of her feet, folding her arms in her lap, allowing her hands to rest against her elbows while scanning the gathering. From what she could tell they were missing one more member that hasn't seemed to arrive yet. A lot of theories of why they were all called into the courtyard all of a sudden flowed freely in her head. Did he have an announcement? Did something happen that needed all of them? Maybe he had a mission for all of them? Or maybe they were going to train together. Her lavender eyes kept themselves glue on Tenzen, hanging on every moment, eager to learn why they were called.​

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Ai’s eyes opened. His body fell to the floor as he tried to take a breath and yet; he could sense his body hyperventilating, as he looked at the Zanpakuto of his. A light was coming out of it and he knew that this meant he was closer.

Close study had been something many students had done in general. Ai just happened to be one of those, one of the students who simply decided to do closed doors training for a while. There, he would actually attempt to form a connection with his Zanpakuto - after all, the reason for this training and studying session is for two things: to either connect with your Zanpakuto or to cram on theoretical knowledge. Most simply use it for theoretical knowledge, but both ways are viable.

And so, Ai is right now on the floor his heart beating extremely fast. His presence soars from nonexistent to outright insane amounts of Reiryoku being bumped within his veins through the wrist vents, as his Reiatsu will follow this sort of wave. The fluctuation is such that ends up awaking the students in the other rooms, as some rush to see what is wrong with Ai. Others simply head to grab a teacher. This whole thing is simply insane to say the least.


His voice is heard, as his hand comes in contact with his Zanpakuto, its luster finally going off. Alas, the same occurs with Ai, as his body falls down and the teacher who comes immediately rushes Ai to the fourth division for immediate care.

Ai’s Zanpakuto does not leave from his hand no matter what.


It all felt so surreal. The entity kept falling as the eyes were watching from around. Pieces of something were everywhere as the entity simply kept falling and falling and falling. There was no stop to this whatever this thing was. The entity's body felt sore, the hits were many and there was no pause.

Breaking apart, parts left behind, new parts being added. More and more things would come together, to alter, to change. A blank slate upon which one may draw new imagery with the result being a new entity per new imagery. Alas, this is not a one time thing. It is a stream of continuous changes, ones that left behind much information lost to the observer. If any that is, for this place is; Where is this actually?

A shell of space and time, the broken effigy of this entity being thrown about. No sound. No color. No sensations. And yet, the entity understands it all - akin to being birthed within this place. Whatever this place is.

And thus, through the cracks found upon this broken effigy, light gushes forth. Light that smashes the final layer of the infinite layers and only one is left behind. A simple yet elegant thing.

A scream.

Alas! The entity stands tall! Pieces are being moved about as the form is still an incorporeal mess, but the shape is there! It lives! It lives! It lives! It lives!

One step forth. Perfect. Another step forth. Perfect again. The entity is akin to a newlyborn - easily discernible on how it moves and explores this free from obstacles space.

Light came forth, as the face-like shape shattered to form two holes. From there, the entity could finally see and oh! The world! The beauty! The absolute despair.

It crawls, walks and then runs around as it explores the vestiges of the empty plains. If one were to watch, they would see nothing. Nor hear. Light. Sound. These concepts do not exist within this place and yet the entity clearly sees the colors. The shapes. The fragments.

G̷̡͔̫̿̓̃̍̄͘ȁ̴͓͎͔̊͐͜T̴̥̱̩̂̓̈̍̿h̶̛̝̦̯̉̔̓͐̀̆È̵̟̱̬̗̪͌͒̓̔̓́r̴̼̻̞̰̦̙̭̥̎͒̽͒̀͌̈́͠ ̶̠͖͕̑̉̏̒F̴̝̀̀͒̈́́̒ŗ̷̧̠̮͓̮͔͌̌͌́͗̎Á̶͎̦̹̼̪̒g̵͉̬̞̲̒̏͆͝M̵̛͙͍͇̠̯̑͆̌e̴̹̭̲̮̿̋N̶̡̮̗͙̔t̶̲͐̈́̌̀͆͋Ŝ̶̹̠̙̝͚̰͝

Light gushes forth from the entity, like the moment it finally became able to see. A new hole forms right below the eyes as a mouth is seen. There, more light comes from as something is heard. A sound. It attempts to speak! The entity! It has knowledge and attempts to speak as the body begins to move. The fragments!

Do not gather the fragments.

A man can be seen running through the corridors of the fourth division. He is the one in charge of the recuperating body of Ai. Ai had came to the division quite some time ago, as he was found in his room in a near death situation. His sword had never left his hand and no matter who tried to remove it, it was impossible to separate the sword without removing Ai's hand as well.

The man is running because he had been informed that Ai awoke.

The entity had gathered the fragments. All of them. And those fragments would shine and as being drawn one fron the other they started hovering about as they came together. The light would shudder, the fragments would collide and everything would fuse into one singular tangled mess as a rupture-like shape was formed upon the very shape of this space. It was time.
Ai’s eyes opened. His body fell to the floor as he tried to take a breath and yet; he could sense his body hyperventilating, as he looked at the Zanpakuto of his. A light was coming out of it and he knew that this meant he was closer.

Wait; dejavu? Ai took a moment. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt calm. He also sensed something hard on his hand as he opened his eyes and looked. It was his Zanpakuto. It had come out of its scabbard though and it was broken. Pieces of it were everywhere. He felt extremely in pain from that. Was he the perpetrator? Or did someone else do it? Nonetheless, he slowly took all the pieces and placed them into the scabbard.

”I am fine.”

It took Ai around three days to fully feel ok. It was his first day back in the academy, as the doctor Shinigami came with him in order to inform the Principal, Honoka Oki, of the situation. Currently Ai stood right outside of the Principal's office, awaiting to see if he would be needed or if he would be dismissed as is. On his side was his Zanpakuto, still fractured. He was unsure what had happened, as he had no recollection of his time comatose, but at the very least he knew that he was alive again. And that; that is what mattered to him.