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Four Months Ago:

"My sight may be gone, but my vision holds true."

Kiku says to the group of people surrounding him. He could still feel them, all around, their reiatsu flaring or trying to be suppressed. Fear of a blind man? They should have this. Kiku would move slowly, deliberately his hands raised in a position to counter their soon-to-be onslaught of attacks, he just had to await their nerve to find themselves. The twenty shinigami he had encountered in the training barracks could not just be felt.
Kiku could hear them, their feet shuffling, their breaths, the slight sound of metal and fabric adjusting as they tightened their grip. He could smell them, each one having a specific odor, be it good or bad, it was there unmasked., filling the air around him and the room. Most overlook these things, as they have the power of sight to visualize who and where their opponents are, Kiku had this no longer.

He took a step to the side, moving his feet inward and then making a half circle. He let each of them know he could pinpoint their location with his other senses alone.
"Master yourself, master the enemy."

In a second, the shinigami training with Kiku found their nerve, they wouldn't be mocked by a blind shinigami who failed his last mission. In this second twenty clones made from his sheer speed and use of shunpo, each had formed between his sparring partners. Kiku had already sealed their session with an open palm. A strike landing on their throats, armpits, nape, and spine. He fluidly danced between them as they tried to take advantage of the blind monk. His force was enough to make their eyes roll to the backs of their heads and their mouths sag and drool as they hit the floor.

"Never again will arrogance lead me astray."

He would return his right arm to his Shihakusho, tightening it as the room returned to silence, no groans of pain, just instant and simple unconsciousness. Kiku would stare at them for a moment, before turning and walking out of the room. This training happened every week for nine months. If his peers were involved, they would of met the same fate as the twenty he had gathered here today. Kiku was a different man. He had lost his sight, to gain a vision. One that would not be soiled by others, or taken by anyone else.

The remainder of his weeks were spent practicing his Kido, combining it, modifying it. Sight through reiatsu sense was a new beast in itself, it allowed distraction to filter away, and allow Kiku to really see the truth of multiple situations at hand. If Captain Oda gave him a task, it was completed, with haste and perfectionism without flaw or failure. He did not seek Captain Oda's approval or praise, he simply did his job without faltering because if it was up to someone else, they could have done it wrong. He no longer spent the days lazing about or awaiting trouble to simply go clean another mess, The Janitor was now the blind monk.

Present Day

Kiku awakes the same time he always does, it was programmed into his brain at this point. Meditating on his surroundings he stretched his senses outward, feeling all who lived during these meek hours of the morning. He could feel those out in Central preparing their meals, or tasks for the day. Each not aware they had the Blind Monk's third eye trained on them. Ribbons of fate; Reiraku could be seen in his mind by the hundred. Meditating like this for several hours before moving from his seated position. Kiku would then stand and prepare his own day. Only once Kiku could memorize the exact setup of his entire surroundings, not just the immediate did he dare move.

Wash, dress, eat, it was time to move on, he had no tasks to his knowledge yet, and would spend the afternoon training again. Though it wasn't really training at this point. Over the last nine months, he had felt the capacity of these single strike bouts against the low seat and unseated shinigami unfulfilling. He needed to find stronger and more capable Shinigami to test himself against. However, most noteworthy Shinigami were always off and about while Kiku had free time.

Taking his time and enjoying the silence of the day Kiku would head down the hallway. Each room he passed he would name its occupant and position under his breath. Until he passed the Lieutenant's Office. There he would casually stop as Arashi Suta himself passed him at the same time. Arashi had been registered and felt but Kiku typically paid the man no mind. However, at this moment Arashi had halted ever so slightly at the same door as Kiku. Arashi goes to move on.

"Finished training already, Suta?"

Kiku would say in a slow tone, it wasn't to mock the man but a simple question. For if he had finished his training, it meant the lackeys were likely expended and beaten already. Giving Kiku more free time than he wanted. The Ex Lieutenant with his closed smiling eyes and sly grin looking towards the office would meet the wide-open yet blind eyes of Kiku as he walked parallel to Arashi before Kiku would go on.

"Old friend, I sense the spirits fighting within you still. How are you adjusting? "

He would fold his arms into his Shinigami garb and tilt his head to Arashi. Looking over to his left he would notice the young girl finally making herself known. Kiku would nod his head at her as well awaiting for her to make the first introduction.


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"A fight between our instructors is happening, it was suppose to be a spar but that isn't how it will turn out. As for the wound, after this fight, we will get it taken care of alright."

Yuuki could only nod in response to her sister. She was not surprised that Aiya knew about her injured hand despite her attempt to hide it. Aiya had always had a way to know when Yuuki was trying to hide something. It had to do with sound, but outside of that she didn't really understand the ability. Regardless of that though, Aiya's words regarding the fight filled her with a sense of dread. She could understand a spar between teachers, but it would make no sense to her if one of them ended up killing the other. After all, they were meant to be colleges and comrades in arms, right? Why would they fight to the point of death?

Glancing in the direction she knew the fight to be, the small shinigami-in-training was unable to see the fight past the crowd of much taller students. She considered this a blessing shortly though, as the reactions of the crowd suggested that things had not turned out well. She tried to make out what had happened but soon a voice made it's way over the torrent of cries and voices.
“Aiya Munetoshi, Yuuki Munetoshi, Shiori Ashina. Come pick up Instructor Nagahiro and deliver to Fourth’s medical barracks immediately. If she dies, her death is on your hands. Consider this training. Don’t think, do.”

Yuuki's face turned pale at the words. She didn't like being called at the best of times but being called to take someone to the Fourth Division was even worse. That meant Aiya's words had been true and one of the instructors had been hurt to some degree. If the Fourth was needed, then it was possibly very serious. Her fears were confirmed when she followed Aiya out of the crowd and she saw the sight of Nagahiro-Sensei on the ground, heavily wounded and bleeding out severely. The sight caused the girl to gasp in shock, her eyes bouncing from one visible wound to the next, fighting back the urge to be sick. She knew she was going to need to get used to this sight but that did not make it any easier. As she was busy processing this, her sister's voice cut through her shock.
"Shiori, Yuuki, Both of you will rush ahead to the fourth to alert them of the incoming injured Shinigami. Go."

Yuuki did not need telling twice. She turned around and quickly followed after Shiori and began making her way to the Fourth, using Shunpo to get there as quickly as she could. Unlike Shiori, she was silent on the trip over, more focused on getting to the Fourth as fast as possible so that they could prepare as much as possible before Aiya arrived.


Continued at the Fourth​




Leaves flutter about through the billowing winds as they slowly descend, gently landing on the surface of a trickling stream of crystalline water that runs beside a great tree where a lone woman sits silently. The lids of her eyes are closed, as she listens to the surrounding sounds. She sits in Seiza, a posture that may seem rigid and overly formal, but the woman is unencumbered by this position. Her legs tucked neatly underneath her, while her spine is kept perfectly straight. She is still; serene, as if though life had been kind to her throughout her days. The peaceful expression on her face betraying the hardship she suffered many months ago, the wrinkles of age, and the strokes of silver that paint her dark lustrous hair are the only tell-tale signs of the woman's struggles.

She exhales slowly, releasing the held breath within her body, relaxing her shoulders briefly, before once again inhaling. The glistening sunlight caresses the woman's olive skin, a warming sensation she is very familiar with as welcomes on her daily reprieve from the duties in her office. Her hands, which lay atop her lap, cover a metallic ornament which usually remains skewered through her hair as all times. Yet at this time, it is lightly grazed by her right thumb. For centuries the two worked together through everything, every single hurdle that came her way.

The woman reminisces quietly as the only sound she can hear is the gentle stream at her side, carrying away the fallen leaves of the tree behind her.


Content with the responsibility thrust upon her as an unseated member of Third Division, Honoka goes through the motions, instructing students in a combination of subjects, depending entirely on what the superior officers required of her at the time. Going from Hoho one day, to Kido another, and Hakuda the next. Her plethora of knowledge made her an indispensable asset to the ranks of Third and Shino Academy, enough so, that many teachers began to suggest she test for captaincy. A seed planted by a young relative of hers in a childish outburst, seemed to sprout and grown within the woman day by day. While it was a recommendation from many, and up to a certain point an option should she one day choose to do so, soon enough, that option was the final thing the woman would be robbed of.

Upon the convening of Central 46 to discuss certain affairs, it would come to light that Honoka Oki no longer had the choice to remain unseated, or else she would face incarceration. A power void needed to be filled, and it was determined she would be the one to do so. This was a path she never intended for herself, never considered it. Never desired it, and yet, this would become the first toppled domino in a sequence of events that will greatly change the fate of the woman and her entirely family.

Forced to face Omoni Hageshi in her battle for freedom, the woman fights no holds barred. The Kenpachi is no easy opponent, and she needed to showcase her capability in leading and protecting her would-be division should it ever come to that. The fight between the two women decimates the Valley of Screams, at odds against one another, it wasn't until Hageshi gained the upper hand, that the battle between them was finally decided.

Having survived an unrestrained assault from Omoni, Honoka's consciousness escapes her and she's later tended to in Fourth Division's medical ward. It isn't until she regains consciousness that's she's presented with the official results in an envelope. A sealed letter which she hesitates to open. It is a combination of anxiety, uncertainty, dear, and pessimism that prevent her from breaking the wax seal to read the results for herself.

A cyclone of emotions at the contents within the folded up sheet of paper, who's literal weight was inconsequential to the weight of the words written in ink, denoting the woman's performance in her captaincy exam. Her index's fingertip ran lightly over the pressed insignia, unable to delay or keep herself from these results, her index finger slips underneath the edge of the paper, breaking the seal.

"Honoka Oki, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain of Third Division."


The sheet of paper became a crumpled mess as she clutched it tightly against her bosom. She finally succeeded. Tears flowed freely from her eyes, while emotional, these were tears of overwhelming joy. Slowly but surely, she would reclaim everything she lost, one by one. Those around her could only stare in confusion as the woman said nothing, only cried in silence, making it impossible for them to decipher the written results.

Now she had a glimmer of hope, not only would the Oki reopen their doors to her and welcome her once more, but most importantly, she had the possibility of seeing Masahiro once again.

It didn't matter if he hated her, if he didn't even want to speak to her again, all she wanted— all she needed, was to see him, even if from afar. Now she had hope that Higen would allow her to visit her son, a rare interaction where she might be able to embrace him... apologize to him for her mistakes, and ask his forgiveness.

This flimsy piece of paper was the woman's first step towards redemption.


The reminiscing woman opens her eyes, staring blankly into space, then glances around, finding it unusually quiet and alone around her. While there is an intermission between classes, the very fact not a single officer has any business to bring up to her attention is unbelievably suspicious. She raises an eyebrow as she lifts her hairpin and carefully slides it through the bun on top of her head.

In a swift, fluid motion, Honoka stands, causing her robes to billow in the wind as she walks into the building where all the students are buzzing about, heading in a single direction, their gossip filling the air.

"Didyna hear?! Nagahiro-sensei is challenging Feng-sensei for her seat back!"

"Bullshit! I thought they only did that shit in Eleventh!"

As silent and agile as a feline, the woman slips through the gaps of the students. She's in no rush, despite sensing the exploding signatures of spiritual pressure in a large courtyard, an amalgamation of energies gathered about with at least 4 significantly different pools of reiryoku. A soft sigh escapes her lips, alerting the staff and students around her, causing them to quickly move out of her way out out respect, awe, fear, it matters not. The way was clear for the woman, the crowds parting for her ton continue unimpeded.

Whatever the woman is thinking eludes those around her as she finally reaches the outskirts of the courtyard, opting to hang back, watch and listen. To study and verify whether her initial assessment and the reorganization of the ranks of her subordinates is appropriate. Much like the Feng, who has proved himself reliable back since she first met him during the Kenpachi games when he waited at her side for her to awaken, it was unusual to see the man elsewhere. So this is where you were, Fēng. Like a wallflower, the woman remains in the background, her energy suppressed to prevent sensory detection while the.. festivities begin. Green irises shift back and forth, scanning the crowd, spotting a large tuft of dark brown hair, the very same one which followed her from First Division all those months back, only to take over several elective classes the students could take. Not too far from Kasu, another recognizable figure sticks out like a sore thumb, a large wolfman, though fearsome in appearance, his demeaner was entirely opposite, mild and gentle. It was somewhat ironic that he would come to the very division which produced the shinigami that caused the untimely death of his father, perhaps in an attempt to positively influence the young souls that seek to help the balance of souls. A soft smile creeps on her face as she once again reminisces, this time on her own family, something she could relate to with the young Sanyu as she lost a great number of her own family members some time back.


Lost, but not forgotten, the Oki were able to retain their standing.

Some months after Captain Oki's promotion, she was received by the clan, even if she was without her son and without heiress, they could no longer deny the woman, as day by day, her status, power, and influence grew.

And as promised to the Oda Empress, once known as Ten'yuu Oki, Honoka invited her aunt to discuss the future of the two clans. Unlike most clans in the Seireitei, the Oki was matriarchal, following the lineage of the women, and in this case, as Honoka was unable to produce a female offspring, her onw branch ends with her, until she should decide to attempt to birth another child. But with new responsibilities thrust on her, she finds the task daunting. Especially with the short supply of... suitors. Instead, it is through Ten'yuu's lineage that the Oki blood continues to run, having birthed a son, and in turn he siring a daughter, the Oda were able to lay claim to the position of family head. Yet unlike the Oki, the Oda are a patriarchal warrior clan, which follows the lineage of the father, resulting in Princess Munashii having no interest in heading a clan she knew nothing about. Ten'yuu, upon becoming regent after the retirement of Honoka's grandmother, appointed the captain back on the pedestal she so unceremoniously fell from. With time, the two clans not only developed an amicable relationship, but go on to combine forces, as the Oki had become official vassals of the Oda, and in turn came to be under their protection, such as Ten'yuu once suggested. Now working on a unified front, the Oda and Oki's interests are one in the same, supporting one another through brute force, political power, wealth, etc.

Yet despite this unification, the two clan heads rarely interacted, often kept away on business, more often than not seeing each other in passing through Central, as opposed to the Rukongai, as each clan occupied a different first district in their respective region.


The words spoken escape the woman's attention, it isn't until the initial burst of energy when a bakudo is cast by the former third seat that Honoka's attention return to the world before her. Now she pays close attention.

A turn of events she did not foresee, from the emboldened Kururu as she challenged the former assassin to a formal duel. A fight she, nor any other individual could intercept or interrupt for any reason. A battle that would go until either one surrendered, became incapacitated, or died. Though in truth, she had no intention of allowing anyone to die, she lies in wait, should the need arise for her to save either one of their lives.

One of the few to be able to track the current third seat's movements, Honoka follows Zhou as he and his speed clones make their moves, rapidly punching the challenger without mercy. Her eyes go wide as Kururu's attempt to power through the Hakuda Master's barrage of strikes, rather than defend or dodge, fails, resulting in his swift victory, before anyone else has a chance to process or react to the brutality have just witnessed.

"Aiya Munetoshi, Yuuki Munetoshi, Shiori Ashina. Come pick up Instructor Nagahiro and deliver to Fourth’s medical barracks immediately. If she dies, her death is on your hands. Consider this training. Don’t think, do."

As the victorious third seat departs, leaving behind the injured soul, she approaches the gathered crowd, lightly placing her hands on the back or shoulder of each student that stood before her to gently guide them out of her path as she makes her way towards the epicenter. Zhou was curt with his words, and brutal with his tactics. While many would believe this to be excessive, having been a witness to the short battle herself, she made note that his methods were nothing short of phenomenal in execution. The man did exactly as he had been instructed in his past, even when faced up against a powerful entity within the division, he did not hesitate nor falter, entirely certain in his convictions to protect his own standing. Kururu on the other hand, lay on the floor coughing up blood. While Kururu was a sort of jack-of-all-trades, infinitely powerful, and Zhou played to his strengths, both speed and Hakuda, thusly determining the fate of this match by forever sealing her powers away.

Some might say that losing one's powers is a fate worse than death, especially when being a shinigami is all that you know. A saddened expression appears on her face at the loss of the woman's strength, an unavoidable casualty in the fight for rank and prestige. A green glow begins to shine among the parting crowd as Honoka glides through as a young student barks her orders to her fellow classmates.

"Shiori, Yuuki, Both of you will rush ahead to the fourth to alert them of the incoming injured Shinigami. Go."

With the two young ones speeding ahead, the captain closes the final stretch of distance in a single step, preventing the girl from departing with a light hand on her shoulder.

"Don't move. Her injuries are severe, running around with her like this will only make it worse."


The woman's reireyoku circulates within her, the attention of those who had not seen her initially is commanded as her spiritual energy resonates from both her hands as the bright green glow they emit grows stronger and brighter. The stern look on her face keeps the young academy student from moving anywhere as one hand hovers over the fallen instructor's back and the other over her cracked cranium, focusing to restore the gravest injuries first.

"Sanyu, Kasu, find a stretcher or anything to lie her on once I repair enough of her abdomen so she can be transported safely."

This serves as a learning experience to the students watching, not only the fight, but the rendering of first aid to a fallen comrade. A visual display of the initial reiatsu restoration to then go on to repair the damaged body. Kaido is an indispensable skill to know, especially for those desiring to specialize in kido. Now they watch the spellmaster work, while the woman's thoughts linger on the vanished Fēng, who left the wellbeing of an officer in the hands of academy students. The two will have a conversation soon, until then, Captain Oki's focus returns to her fallen officer's injuries in an effort to lessen the unconscious woman's damage to her tattered body.
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Sanyu stood in front of students next to Kasu, doing his duty and protecting the students from collateral damage… mostly that of the after effects of Kururu's Kido attacks against Zhou, just making sure students remained out of the way as the fight went on. There was a point in the fight where Sanyu thought Kururu might have had a chance against Zhou, but… in the end he was right. There was a reason Captain Oki chose him for being 3rd seat in this division…

Sanyu's assessment of the fight felt a bit one sided, as Zhou used his knowledge and speed against Kururu… No matter what she tried, Zhou slipped through with relative ease, and it would cost her everything. Sanyu couldn't believe what Zhou had done. He destroyed any chance of her returning and for what? A position in the ranks? Sanyu sighed. He was a bit angry about Zhou taking it a bit too far in his opinion, but that would have to be another time. Kururu needed help.

Of all the people who were there to witness, Captain Oki was the first to respond, changing Zhou's orders on the Academy students, to orders for Sanyu, and Kasu. She Orders the two of them to find a stretcher, something flat for Kururu to be set on gently.

"Yes Ma'am…"

There were a couple of those stretchers nearby, for training, in case a student got injured, so Sanyu wandered over and picked one up, at least one that would fit someone of Kururu and his own size. He places it gently next to Kururu.

"I was taught a bit of Kaido, from Omoni-Taichou, if you'd like some Assistance, Captain."

That he did… Auntie-Moni, a big influence in the young Komumura's heart, had taught him a thing or two in Kaido, mostly because he insisted, because his father took the same lessons… he wanted to learn Kaido too, in honor of his memory. He would use his Kaido to mend some of the scars of her battle, so she would bleed less and have a higher chance of survival to division four. He hoped they could do something; anything to help Kururu return as a shinigami… She spent hundreds of her years dedicated to the Academy and its students; it would be a shame to see her taken down like this.

His hand would glow a green color, and Once the Kaido healing would be complete, he would lift her gently and place her on a stretcher, and then the only right thing to do would be to wait until someone took the other end, and helped him transport the amazon woman to 4th Division… Sanyu thought this was ironic, seeing as the last Komumura to step foot in 4th, with Yu Nakamoto as Captain, was his father Daiki… who was a former member. He'd figure he need not say anything to Kasu, for she'd do as her Captain ordered too, Right?


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A lot of commotion happened when two instructors of Squad 3 led a large crowd of graduating classes from the academy. Of course, they didn't intend to lead these new younglings to the outside. However, it couldn't help that the way they communicated with one another, their body language, and their behavior all spoke that there was unfinished business between them, which caused the crowd to follow. No one knew exactly what that could be. Eager to see what this sudden tension between these instructors had against one another. At least for those who couldn't tell, a random classmate was far too excited that he tried pushing through the crowd and then accidentally bumped into one of them.

"Hey! What's going on?" he asked.

"Dude! Are you blind? The instructors are headed to the training yard. There might be a fight?"


The classmate continued to run past the crowd to get the best seat, and others followed, including himself, to not get left behind.

"Indeed I do not mind speaking bluntly my dear Fēng-sama. We are here to dispute your current seat assignment. It is a great misfortune that you were thrust into this predicament."

A fight

Hidden beneath those words was someone looking for a fight, no matter how well-spoken they seemed. Even coming off respectfully, the gigantic woman was looking to challenge the former member of Squad 2, Zhou Feng, who had been appointed 3rd seat of this Division. And now, this woman was looking to restore her honor by fighting for her place where she feels she belongs. Admirable. But does she have what it takes to reclaim her former position? Did she bide her time before making this challenge?

There was no response from Zhou Feng, the giant of a woman; Kururu gave him no chance at all to respond; she was determined to take her seat back with or without a response. Though it was a massive training area, a crowd still watched as the fight started. Even this student was wide-eyed, fascinated by what was happening or going to happen. Two instructors were going to go all out, which was a total treat for those who had yet to witness a battle.

“Hell yeah! Let's Go!” one student shouted

As both instructors reacted to one another actions, the instructor that came out on top was instructor Zhou Feng. Some within the crowd were in awe of what happened because they had no idea what transpired. They only knew that he had attacked her as she was down for the count. The area was filled with hype students; cheering suddenly stopped completely, filled with utter silence resulting from Kururu's defeat. Yet, every one of the new rookies in this area remains watching, wondering what will happen next. This student of Third expected more from someone over a thousand years old. Maybe he would see something worth it, but Zhou Feng did what he did because he more likely felt the same way. He gave her such treatment because she was old and wise and held a lot of knowledge of the Gotei 13. The same person with said knowledge and secrets should not be left to be accessible as an ordinary being. The Captain walked over to the injured woman once Zhou gave the word to have the new students carry the giant carcass to division 4.

One student immediately attempted to take a leadership role and ordered the other two to rush to Division 4 to report an incoming injured shinigami. And she was going to do what exactly? Carry the body herself? The Captain stood but said nothing right away; everyone still remained silent to see what she would do. Was she going to kill her? Banish her? Captain Oki soon intervened and provided what seemed to be medical aid so they could safely travel without further killing Kururu. But is she safe in those younglings' hands?

Now that everything seemed to have concluded, the student who had watched the entire time began to turn around and traveled further away into the crowd. At the same time, everyone remained, whispering and watching Captain Oki and Zhou Feng.

"What the hell happened?"

"Yeah. Like she just....collapsed?"

"How strong is Instructor Feng?"

They continue to whisper amongst themselves in awe about what had happened. At the same time, one student pushed through the crowd until it came to an open space in the back. A small smile curled upwards. The moment this male exited the back of the flock, he left in silence just as he first entered the academy grounds. The individual vanished without disrupting the air itself. This individual made no sound once the male student flickered away from the area. The only thing left was a pair of male student garments that fell to the floor from where he once stood that was not around single vegetation of any kind.

It wouldn't have occurred to anyone until it was too late that this student was not a student but a member of the Onmituskido. He had played the role of a student, being a wolf in sheep's clothing. Observing and studying every single one of them, but for how long? A week? A month? Maybe a year? No one would have the answer, and he had remained undetected all this time, hiding in plain sight and not a single moment or point of time that he had to give up a fake name. Just stood around and blended in with everyone else, noticing their behavior, even aware of the transfer of a former member from Division 1 to Division 3. And the former member that transferred over to this division from the Seventh Division. This disguised man was aware of many things, even the former member of division 2 Zhou Feng. Finally, however, the stealth force member did his time here, and it was time to move on somewhere else.

Nevertheless, those new people will never know what Kawa has witnessed today. To their fresh eyes, Zhou may have struck Kururu once, which they would be wrong. By utilizing hoho to create speed clones, he used it as a way of distracting Kururu. Baiting her to attack quickly, though what she should have done was something she realized too late. She didn't play into her strengths of knowledge. She has gotten so eager to strike that she doesn't account for Zhou Feng's skillset as a former member of the stealth force. Where they were trained to attack from behind, but even if someone took that into account. Instead, they adjust and attack from a different angle, manipulating the fight how they want and forcing the opponent to hit a false image until they are struck where they least expected. Someone who has lived as long as they did should have been prepared for this moment. And because of that, she will no longer be able to perform her duties as a shinigami. Since the imposter was not revealed to be a student to everyone, it was time to continue what he had been elsewhere since they arrived in the academy.


Traveling from Central Seireitei to NorthEast Seireitei