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"Oh, you must be new here, I'm Yurei" He begins "I guess I could be considered to be the second officially seated officer of the 13th, nice to meet ya"

Himari said nothing as the random boy with the weird colored hair kept talking. So, he thought she was someone from 13th? That was better than anything really. She was annoyed that she had been seen, even more so that she was slowly getting more intel on Katakura Town. But, it seemed that she had to find a way to leave. She wasn’t listening to a word he said. She needed to get out of here.

As the boy kept speaking, that was all that was on Himari’s mind.

The opportunity announced itself as the ring of his Denreishinki rings. This clearly annoyed him, but she was more than thankful to get out of this situation. As he looked at his Denreishinki, Himari didn’t say a word.

The only thing that was for sure, when the boy would look up to speak to her again she would be gone. As if she suddenly vanished in thin air. Even if the boy were to stretch his spiritual sense to try to find her, he’d fail at even catching a small trace of her.

Himari would have been long gone.

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"Hmm? Where did she go?"
Yurei says to himself curiously. All this time he had been talking to himself and the target of his conversation was long gone.

"Long blue hair and heterochromia, I'll remember that".
Yurei was not one to question people's intentions but even he had to admit she was suspicious. On a normal day, he would have looked for her but he had been assigned an important mission this time.

Overestimating his and Nana's abilities would be fatal in this situation based on the message he received from Fuu-san. He really wanted to kill hollows but understood very well that his priority in this mission was helping Nana and co. escape and get them help. He was no Yu Nakamoto, but he could at least take them to him.
He shunpoed to the top of the building and switched demeanour once more.

"Rebound Squad! Gather all our field medics and strongest fighters! Nana needs our support in Karakura town now!"
Everyone begins to scramble to get their supplies and equipment
"Though, we are still on standby so don't get too excited." Everyone calms down
"Don't misunderstand me, just because we are on standby does not mean we can let our guards down!"

Yurei grabs his zanpakuto and makes way towards the senkaimon with a pretty decent team of capable individuals.

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“Oooooh Nyu-saaaaan! I need two fresh bottles of your finest Kurotsuchi Sheen!”

The voice echoes throughout the otherwise, seemingly empty laboratory as the naked man trespasses into the home, the workspace... the mind of another. To inhabit the laboratory of another scientist, where he dabbles, studies, tests and creates is to peer into the inner workings of their mind, to gain a glimpse of their thoughts and personality. The naked Junsei is met with silence, and so he attempts again.

“Ooooooh Kai-chaaaaaan! D’ya know where Nyuraku’s at!?”

Again he calls out, and again he is denied a response of any kind. Despite the man's current appearance, Junsei was brilliant in his field. Funny that the Seireitei's leading expert on the Brain, has come to find the man called the Brainiac by some. One may believe there was some urgent scientific matter at hand, some experiment gone wrong destroying his clothes in the process perhaps, causing him to rush towards Kurotsuchi's lab to seek his council and wisdom. Those who assumed such a thing, would be incredibly wrong, and equally surprised to the truth of this sudden visit.


An automatic synthesized voice fills the laboratory, loud enough for the naked scientist to hear that he had just been scanned. Loud enough for-


Where the lab had been filled with only silence, where Junsei had been deprived of any sound save that of his own voice, he now hears the voice of the very man he had come to meet. A recording perhaps? Or, maybe the scientist was viewing and speaking through a computer screen. A reasonable assumption, but Junsei is present and understands the voice is not one being filtered through a computer, that the voice is much closer than that. Coming from the room that Nyuraku had previously entered, prior to exiting with his little wagon to begin his excursion to Third Division...is none other than Nyuraku himself. With his stature he almost seems to hobble about as he briskly walks from the room, across his lab headed for Junsei still near the entrance. Had he somehow teleported here from the Third Division, or was his Shunpo simply more amazing than he had let on? Neither answer was correct, especially as right now Nyuraku was still currently on the Academy grounds reversing the effects of his experiment while collecting samples from the milky film covering the expelled students in the soft membrane. As difficult as it was to believe, the man was currently occupying two spaces at once, and Shunpo had nothing to do with the accomplishment.

What a majority of the ignorant masses do not know is, whenever they are speaking or dealing with Nyuraku there exists a large probability...that it is not actually the man himself, but rather a
double of sorts. Very rarely does the Brainiac ever feel a need to actually head out to deal with anything in person and so...he simply doesn't. As his other self continues tidying up things at the Academy, much to his annoyance the genuine Nyuraku moves to find out just what Junsei could be here bothering him about.

"What is it Junsei?! I don't recall us scheduling a meeting regarding the Brain Trust! Hmm...are you perhaps here because you've succeeded in locating Kai's brain for me?"

He immediately addresses his colleague, seemingly ignorant of the fact that Junsei was standing before him completely naked. Given the man's field and the fact he collaborated with him in the creation of the Brain Trust his first assumption was the matter was regarding that. He had also charged Junsei with using his expertise in ascertaining exactly where Kai's brain could be stashed away, one-sidedly deciding and assuming that Junsei would naturally cooperate with him. He'd of course had Junsei's ever growing Brain to the collection in due time, but for now he'd allow the man to maintain possession of it. He folds his arms, eyes blinking out of sync.


"Yes yes, I've been scanning the data as well."

Reii (霊威, 'Spirit Class') was the unit measuring the density of the reiatsu within the Reishi that composed a spiritual being's body. The lower the number, the stronger the soul. It would seem that through his experiment, Nyuraku had inadvertently altered the spirit class of the students affected, raising their spirit class and thus strengthening each soul. While this would undoubtedly be beneficial to not only the students themselves, but the future of the Gotei 13 as well...this was assuming this change was permanent and that there were no other hidden little side effects. Nyuraku was seeking to assess all the side effects, not to preemptively address them, but rather to understand them and to glean even more information from even that before he was interrupted by Junsei's arrival.

He rubs his head, having briefly forgotten about Junsei thanks to the unwarranted interjection from his computer.


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Just as Junsei is about to give in and go searching for himself, he is greeted by the synthetic voice of the Brainiac's own assistant. For most this would have been quite the scare, for Junsei, it was something he had grown accustomed to. In the beginnings, he too was taken back by the inorganic voice as it filled the Laboratory, but he has since worked quite a bit side by side with Nyuraku and is now used to the quirks of the lab and the oddities of its resident. At least most of his oddities. A glow of delight washes over Junsei’s face as he comes to a realization. Perhaps Nyuraku's assistant could be of more help than the absent scientist! He takes a long breath and prepares to speak out enthusiastically until…


In that moment, Junsei's entire body jolts upwards with a sudden leap back as his hands fly up into fists near his head. The voice was familiar, but for some reason Junsei had not expected it and at that moment, it was fight or flight. Soon enough however, after the shock had settled and he had realised what was going on, he composed himself and let out an exaggerated sigh as he spoke to himself.

"F**kin' damnit…"

Once Junsei has regained his composure, he watches as the hunchbacked genius skittering out of one of the many rooms of this lab and makes his way towards his peer. As per usual, the Kurotsuchi's demeanor is as honest as possible, all the while being unsettling to most others, Junsei however finds nothing but comfort in seeing this odd little man show himself, his intrusion into the lab would not be fruitless.

"What is it Junsei?! I don't recall us scheduling a meeting regarding the Brain Trust! Hmm...are you perhaps here because you've succeeded in locating Kai's brain for me?"

Of the two matters that Nyuraku speaks of, none are what brings Junsei by, but perhaps they could be touched on if only to appease the bug eyed man. The brain trust, a collective of brains from multiple origins and of many more varieties, the two had worked diligently to create an unmatched database of undeniable facts and memories. A masterpiece. The thought of being able to perhaps improve upon or delve into the sections of the minds that are still locked away, it is intoxicating and for a moment Junsei is nearly swayed into getting into that topic. But there is a more important matter at hand! Then he is bombarded with another sweet subject, the hidden jewel that is the brain of another peer of the two, Kai. For quite a while now, the little Scientist has hidden her physical mind from the two curious researchers. With the mention of that subject, Junsei briefly splits his focus, there is no inherent progress in finding the brain, but there are definitely theories that are perhaps ready to be put to the test. Again, that does matter at the moment!

"Nah, unfortunately I'm not here for either of those delightful topics but maybe you'll find some joy in why I am here. I'm hopin' you've got two bottles of Kurosheen for me."

As he speaks, a hand reaches up and plucks his scalp from his head, holding the portion of his skull out in as if to display the necessity of the product on the dripping wet hair. Meanwhile, a smile is constantly plastered along Junsei’s face as he speaks, clearly he is eager to return to his shower and bath. That being said, he expects Nyuraku to want something in return, be it to remedy the distraction Junsei has caused or simply it is opportunistic, regardless Junsei is always prepared.


"Yes yes, I've been scanning the data as well."

Junsei’s attention is piqued at the reveal of what the Kurotsuchi has been dabbling in today. Spirit class, how intriguing and man of progress himself, Junsei begins theorising just how useful that may prove to be to him and the development of his own private projects. After some inner deliberation with himself, Junsei piped up, revealing his curiosity.

"So that's what you've been doin' today. Seems like you've been successful enough. Although I wonder how that'll translate to the actual application of their abilities. It'll be an adjustment for sure, maybe too much of an adjustment for some of 'em. It'll be fun to watch anyway!"

With that statement, it is obvious that Junsei wants to peer deeper into the new pursuit of this strange man. After all, studying Nyuraku's plans, research and the man himself is the closest thing he can get to actually taking the great mind for himself. For now anyway.





Northwest Seireitei ———————————— traveling from ———————————— Central Seireitei

A return to the barracks did not come with celebration nor reprieve, for what was expected did not come to pass. How could one find serenity when there were so many factors acting against the calm. Hiroka was laser focused upon going to his private quarters upon his arrival to the Eleventh’s grounds. Breaching the ingress of his residence, he made way immediately for a chest at the opposite side of the room. It was at that moment he applied a new set of his bindings and then replaced his damaged attire.

As he tightened the last portion of his garments, he attached Ikarihime back upon his person and trekked back outward into the barracks. As he moved about, he reached out to a few individuals that were scattered about the grounds. Each of those Shinigami made their way to follow him until he found a place with complete privacy. He had yet to inform them of why he had brought them specifically together but that would change. Hiroka scanned the eyes that looked on him with confusion and or eagerness.

"Thank you for your attendance."

The Fourth Seat brought his arms behind his back and grasped at his left arm with the hand of his right. As his maw opened to propel forth further words, he continued alternating his focus between each of those in his company.

"There is currently a situation in Naruki City. An Arrancar had surfaced and engaged with our forces. Lieutenant Ueku and Third Seat Takahiro were present in said battle."

Hiroka’s grip on his arm tightened with that utterance.

"As of now, I’ve yet to locate Lieutenant Ueku and Third Seat Takahiro is in the care of Fourth Division. I’d assume that we should soon be seeing the company of Lieutenant Ueki, as I’ve reached out to him on the events at hand. And as you all know, the Captain is participating in the Games."

The news he had spread among them led to them exchanging a few glances to each other but no words left their mouths. They honestly wanted to hear more and… to be honest they were afraid of their superior’s notorious temper. So they remained attentive and quiet.

"We will wait until Lieutenant Ueki arrives to provide his opinion on what to do next. But for now, I trust all of you to make yourselves ready for a trip to the World of the Living. It is likely that we will need to provide further aid to remedy the conflict."

A hand was raised by one of the Souls, something that immediately magnetized the Fourth Seat’s eyes.

”So… We may have to go and lend our blades in a fight that those above us couldn’t even handle?

There was no fear in the curious reaper’s voice, but their choice of words sparked a fierce change in their superior’s visage. Hiroka looked at them as if he was going to make a fiery rebuttal but instead his mouth curved into a grin.

"Are you scared?"

All eyes were on the one Shinigami who provided the question.

”Not in the slightest. I’m sure I speak for everyone here in saying that it’s about damn time we get to have some fun. And we get to pick up Tenth’s slack while we're at it.”

The vocal Shinigami was supported by a burst of excitement and expressions of agreement from their peers. The inactivity that hung over the Eleventh may very well be broken, and they were absolutely loving that possibility.

"I expected no less… Go about preparing anything that you need. Remember we are on standby until Lieutenant Ueki makes the final call. Just hang around here once you all are ready."

The group gave their own gestures of understanding to Hiroka. Enthusiasm was plastered upon every one of their faces. There was a reason that the Fourth Seat had outreached to them specifically. They were hungry for an opportunity.

The Burst Prince raised one of his hands to equal height with his head and gave it a single flick.

"Well. See to your affairs. Dismissed."

And with that, they dispersed. Hiroka, however, remained where he stood, removing his Denreishinki from its pocket. Now he must wait for the arrival of his Lieutenant and also Shiro Kashitoji. The latter of which he mainly wanted to see if he had any further information as to what had transpired. There may be a detail from before Hiroka’s arrival in Naruki that may shed more light on it all.