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Enraptured, captivated, bewitched. As Junsei is presented with the set of this fresh batch of Kurosheen, his attention is set solely upon the product and no more. As the concoction gurgles and sloshes within the bottles, the brief attention that he had given to Nyuraku's recent experiments is quickly whisked away and now his odd green eyes are glued to the containers of this miraculous yet controversial mixture. Without a word, the creature that has accompanied Junsei scoops the three bottles from Nyuraku's hands, and as Junsei begins to turn to take his leave-


His vision is robbed of all colours but red, his ears ring with the synthetic voice of the facilities monitoring systems. Fortunately, he remains composed and returns his attention to Nyuraku who has already directed his efforts towards figuring out just what has caused the alarm to trigger. Just as efficiently as Nyuraku, Junsei examines the data that is displayed before the two. In moments, the balance of souls went from just fine, to completely out of whack. Nyuraku is not alone in his unbuffered state, Junsei too is uncaring about the situation and in fact he already knows the cause.

"Nyuuu-sannn~! I know what cau-"

In an attempt to share what information he has available to him, he is cut off not by a louder sound than the blaring alarm but by the sudden silence of the alarm coming to a halt and the unbelievable influx of souls in Karakura. This time he has no concrete lead. Now this is an interesting mystery, and clearly it is in need of solving.

"Well then. Let's take a look and see what goodies we can find here."

By the time Nyuraku had spoken those words, the towel clad Junsei had already pulled a chair up towards the Brainiac's station. His arms rest on the back of the chair as his legs hang off the back of the chair, his feet guiding the rolling chair with odd steps here and there, close behind him, his creation and subjects remains, holding a three sectioned staff and the three bottles of Nyuraku's miracle solution. For a moment, Junsei remains silent, contemplating just what has happened. Never once has he doubted Nyuraku's works and otherwise why would he have assisted the man with his Brain Trust, going so far as to even donate some of his own prized minds that he had collected in the past. This is no different, he continues to believe in this excellent mind. There is no fault in the alarm or the data being thrown out by the computer.

"Oh, it seems like there's more company here... Hello, Nyuraku-san, Junsei-san. The stupid alarm decided to wake me up from my power nap, I looked into it a little and decided to come here to check how are things on your end."

Another scientist enters the mix, brought into the fray by the very topic that now interests likely every other soul in the scientific institute. Junsei does not turn around to greet his peer, instead he remains facing towards the monitor ahead, snipping away at dead leads silently in his head. He also does not greet this new arrival but there is no need to, surely Tatsuya is aware of the importance of this focus, and if he takes offence to the non-existent greeting, then it is their own fault. Finally however, Junsei does break his silence.

"I know what caused the alarm, but even I can't tell what exactly happened after that…"

Ten seconds in the past, Karakura Town

Numerous beings lurk in the skies, along the streets, even beneath the very city. Unheard, unseen, essentially non-existent to the spiritually aware and completely fake to the spiritually unaware. Creatures of similar features to the one that accompanies Junsei roam throughout Karakura and many more places within the World of The Living but it is clear that they are different. Even the greatest of sensors failing grasp onto their presence. They act as monitors, watching over the city and the events within, numerous perfected minds work cumulatively to register almost every aspect of the area and its inhabitants. They are designed for this very purpose.

As the souls of countless civilians are robbed from them, a sea of azure energy filling the skies and sinking into the gullet of a monstrous Arrancar, these creations are left unscathed, devoid of souls to consume from the very beginning. Although what they witness is relayed back to Junsei. The ruinous state of the city is known, the presence of the old and new Quincy is known. And finally, the vanishing of the countless human souls is known. The screams are gone, all that can be heard is the clattering and crashing of rubble, the flickering and roaring of flames.

In an instant the city is awash with a foreign Reiryoku, then they return, the screams the stampede of panicked humans. If by a miracle there was a glitch somewhere within Nyuraku's network, what the many scouts of Junsei witnessed, that is an undeniable truth, statistically for all these minds to experience the same error, that is yet another miracle.

“It seems there’s an ongoing conflict between Arrancar and Quincy, nothin’ new. One of the Arrancar caused the massive drop in souls, so he’s a bit of a troublemaker alright. What happened next is what makes no sense. Every human that had died just then, they were back on their feet, runnin’ from ‘em again. There's only one thread I can really rely on. Before everythin' started back up, a wave of Reiryoku washed over the city, then it happened."

Without turning his eyes away from the shifting metrics and graphs, Junsei explains to the present two Scientists just what he is aware of. At a cursory glance, this insinuation of someone’s ability being the cause is as far as Junsei wishes to theorize, at least out loud. Internally, he cannot help but contemplate the possibilities.​


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There was no one who knew him that would call the Brainiac a humble man. Despite being ghastly to look at, the man was fully confident in not only himself, but any and every thought that crossed his mind, every thing he tinkered with or touched. The chances of there being a malfunction in the systems and computers of his colleagues was likely and would be understandable, but his? No, that was impossible.

The sound of wheels rolling along the ground do not distract the man from his work as Junsei pulls up beside him. Though certainly unconventional, even as a scientist in the Twelfth Division, the man remains rather silent, doing nothing to distract or disturb his colleague. The same cannot be said of others.

"Oh, it seems like there's more company here... Hello, Nyuraku-san, Junsei-san. The stupid alarm decided to wake me up from my power nap, I looked into it a little and decided to come here to check how are things on your end."

A drawled voice greets the bug eyed Brainiac and the naked harvester. Neither man says anything to the half sleep walker. Nyuraku types, Junsei watches, the clacking of keys, the beeping from the computers, it all came together like some mechanical symphony.

"I know what caused the alarm, but even I can't tell what exactly happened after that…"

Pale fingers come to a halt mid-type. A single eye slowly rolls towards Junsei as the other remains staring at the data cascading down the screen in front of him. This was rather interesting, just what did Junsei know and exactly how did he know it?

“It seems there’s an ongoing conflict between Arrancar and Quincy, nothin’ new. One of the Arrancar caused the massive drop in souls, so he’s a bit of a troublemaker alright. What happened next is what makes no sense. Every human that had died just then, they were back on their feet, runnin’ from ‘em again. There's only one thread I can really rely on. Before everythin' started back up, a wave of Reiryoku washed over the city, then it happened."

Arrancar and Quincy clashing huh, indeed that was nothing new at all. A single Arrancar killed a bunch of humans, how troulesome. He supposed they'd have to go to the Rukongai and rebalance things once more. Wait, every human that had died simply came back? Rose from the dead? Were they not truly dead to begin with? The rest of what Junsei said seemed to fade out as he spoke, Kurotsuchi's eye that had rolled to fix itself on his colleague now returns to stare forward. He strokes his chin as he begins mumbling to himself, pondering and muttering.

"Could it be something akin to that woman's Fullbring that allowed her to reject fate? Hm, but there are no records of her power ever manifesting on such a large scale, then what if something or someone was used to amplify it's ability? No, Junsei would be able to discern this. Perhaps some other anomaly? Another power at work? If its not the rejection of fate could it be-"

One of his blue nails that had begun tapping his chin, picked up its pace tapping faster, and faster the more his thoughts raced. He spins to face Junsei and it is only then that he sees someone he isn't accustomed to dealing with. Not saying anything further, he turns towards Tatsuya.

"Huh? What exactly are you doing here?"

He asks the slothful man, eyes refusing to stare in any one direction for longer than a second or two, each eye never on one accord. With all the fuss that had been going on, with his mind elsewhere he had been oblivious to his Computer informing him about the arrival of a new unexpected visitor to his sanctum. The entire time, data from the Denreishiki of those in the World of the Living continued to stream to his computer without end in the form of strange symbols and numbers.



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As Signy looked back at the 7th division, a bittersweet melancholy washed over her. So much had happened in her time there, so many Shinigami lain to rest. Plenty of questions left unanswered. Who killed Itsuki and what happened to Atsuko? However, despite her need for answers, her newfound need for change propelled her forward in her career as a Shinigami, and it brought with it more changes than she could have expected.

As she strode into the Hoshi compound, mind going a thousand miles a minute, she was swiftly whisked away by two of her three sisters. She had no time to protest as the younger of the two, Risa, threw a dress at her and left the room. As Signy held up the gown, her heart ached. Typically, she would be expected to don a Kimono for a family gathering, but when her mother went AWOL, her grandmother, Meili, hand crafted a Hanfu specifically for Signy to wear when she would be named matriarch. The gown held even more significance now that Meili had passed away. The teal of the Hoshi married to the Chinese culture of her grandmother was just another beautiful reminder of the melting pot of cultures that now made the Hoshi who they are.

As she gazed upon herself in the mirror before her, her hair faded back to Shori’s glorious blue. A knock on the door drew her attention away from herself. It was time. Pushing the doors open, she strode out into the courtyard where every member of the family stood waiting. All turned toward her in unison before parting down the middle to create a walkway for her to stand before Ren. Her hands shook as she clasped them together in front of herself. With each step, she felt the eyes upon her, both those present and not.

Standing before Ren, she gazed up into his eyes. His gentle face stretched into a smile as he took her hands in his. She knelt before him, her nerves spiking to an all time high.

“As you all know, I’ve been the patriarch of this family for a long time. I’ve brought us out of one of the poorer districts of the Rukongai with hardwork and a genuine love of candy and family. But now it’s time for one much younger than I to bring the family more prosperity. Signy Hoshi, from this day forth you are the matriarch of the Hoshi family. Congratulations, Lady Hoshi”



Two Weeks Later

Signy guided Oyama into her bedroom, her hands covering her eyes. A giddiness rushed through her as she let her hands fall away from her sister’s eyes. A present sat waiting on the bed before her.


As Oyama opened the present, Signy was practically bouncing with excitement. Without even letting Oyama say anything, she plucked the gift out of the box and placed it amongst her sister’s locks.

”It’s a welcome back to 13th division present from me, Elk, and dad.”



8 Months Later

The Hoshi household was abuzz with joy and stress as a member of the 4th division left the compound. Signy rested as Risa and Vali gushed over their first niece, even going so far as to dress her up in a cute little bear outfit. Risa bounded into Signy and Elk’s room and shook her sister awake, ushering her to follow her out to the courtyard. Once there, she found her husband holding their daughter, Kitiara, in the black and blue bear outfit. She couldn’t help but laugh.




As the sunlight shone through her window, Signy slid out of bed, pulling her hair back into its usual ponytail before donning her uniform. It was finally time to assess her division before they would be needed in the line of duty. Grabbing her zanpakuto, she kicked her door shut behind her as she strolled out of her room. Her stomach growled as she passed by the dining hall. Never hurt to shovel a little food in her mouth and have a nice hot cup of tea before sparring. She opted for a bowl of porridge and quickly finished it during her short walk.

Signy strode into the courtyard of 13th division, the porridge bowl tucked under her arm as she sipped her tea. Inhaling deeply, she placed her index and middle fingers in her mouth and blew out an ear-splitting whistle that was loud enough to wake everyone in the barracks. Being the highest seated member of the division, she wanted to see what exactly she was working with and the best way to do that was to pit them against each other. She gave them a moment to shake the sleepiness off before she drew in another deep breath.

”Oyama Hoshi, Takashi Kiyoshi, and Yurei Shiroi, front and center immediately.”

She rested the heads of her axe against the grown, lava flowing out around it and her feet. The lava formed into a chair, which she seated herself upon as she continued to sip her tea, waiting patiently for her subordinates to arrive.







Nine months since she had left second division, a choice that was difficult choice for her to make, as the thought of 13th division being decimated by the loss of Lieutenant Toshiyuki had its effects, yet it was the reports of hollows in mass attacking the city once more, followed by an Arrancar arriving, yet that was to be somewhat expected, it was the reports of various Quincies engaging with the Arrancar and hollows was the tipping point. While she might have been a great fit for second division with her zanpakutō alone as once its slices into a being it prevents healing and regeneration; An advantage against Hollows and their natural ability to regenerate instantaneously.

Now that she had returned to thirteenth, she was greeted by her sister Signy, someone she wasn’t expecting to join thirteenth but she was happy to see a familiar face, as this was a new division in a sense, most have either moved on or died when she was around as third seat. She didn’t bother trying to claim her spot back as third seat, that responsibility was on her sister, while Oyama was there to occupy the fourth seat, and assist in anyway possible. The gift bestowed upon her had been wonderful, A new set of wings for her to cherish, while allowing the old ones to rest in their box, though she was saddened by the fact that her wings would be stored for their protection, as they were for the most part fragile from time itself, and any exposure that was deemed too rough would be catastrophic for it.

There Oyama sat looking over reports of what had transpired 9 months ago, she had looked over these reports over and over again, each one seemingly reporting on mass of hollows appearing in the world of the living. Then the hollows engaging with the shinigami and quincies, before several arrancar appeared over the course of that day. Two quincy engaged and killed a blue haired arrancar. Of the two that were engaged with the Arrancar she had been able to identify One while the other was a mystery entirely.

A mint green haired Quincy woman had engaged battle with a large arrancar and according to reports the arrancar’s head was blow clean through… Though it seemed to pay no mind as to what happened; this thing… Was certainly something else a beast amongst among the arrancar and presumably an espada by the way it could shrug off the such devastating damage . The way it Injured Nana Nokoribi was something truly terrifying. This thing should be avoided at all costs.

The last thing that intrigued her curiosity was conflicting reports of the beast soaring into the sky and sucking the souls of everything shinigami, humans and quincy a like in Karakura town, then nothing, everything seemed to been spun back moments prior to the devastation. Was it the Arrancar? No they would not care about such casualties. Shinigami? There are few that can manipulate time, but they are far and few in between and as far as she knew there was no one with that kind of power in thirteenth. Quincies? If so that was a terrifying aspect to be able to reverse time at will, though it had her wonder if such an ability can reverse her zanpakutō’s effect if it was to cut? This was something she wasn’t too eager to find out.


The sound of a whistle could be heard through out the barracks causing her eyes to shift over, her hand on the files had moved to close it, in a single step she had disappeared and reappeared at the front of her sister, as she continued to yell the names of the other two seated officers, one who transferred from sixth and another who had made his way into thirteenth. The latter would be questioned on what had happened in Karakura town 9 months ago.

“Interesting seat you’ve Made there Signy.”

It was time for Furia to finally get a proper introduction to her sister, as the two never really had a good conversation or an introduction to one another. Though her motives were clear as day with the sudden switch between their personalities.

Her eyes kept on Signy’s waiting for any form of movement, as her hand rested on the hilt of her zanpakutō, She was ready to draw blade as she watched her sister closely, unsure if they were the type to attack without warning.