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>>>> Traveling from SE<<<

Chaos. That was all that could be said about the scene that was unfolding. It seemed as if the 13th Division was a buzz with people everywhere. Screams here and there. Everyone was busy with a task at hand. Of course they would be. No Captain and now, their very own Lieutenant has been killed by the unknown. Everyone was on edge. No one knew what to do. There was no sign of order within the walls and that was expected.

There are Shinigami everywhere, some coming and going from the world of the living. Some coming and going from other parts of the Gotei Thirteen. And on top of that, Nana, their sole authoritative figure was nowhere in sight. Not back from wherever she had gone. There was no guidance. No order. Everyone’s attention is directed elsewhere.

No one would have noticed anything strange. Anyone hiding in their mist.

Even without the buzz of the chaos, the people of Thirteen would have had a hard time sensing the intruder in their presence. They wouldn’t even know she was there.

Himari moved with ease, a well timed Shunpo guiding her from one place to the other. Every step was soft and silent, as if she were a ghost. She quickly moved from one place to the next, using her Reiatsu Chikaku to help stay away from unwanted eyes, maneuvering to places with the least amount of personnel to further avoid being detected.
Some would say her being here without orders was overstepping. But to Himari, it was her duty as a second division officer. She was tired of waiting. She was tired of being scared. If she were going to know anything, she was going to have to find it on her own. With her Captain gone with the games, and her distaste of the others in her Division, she had no one else to report to anyways.

It was now or never.

Himari allowed her eyes to scan the corridors, not having been in this Barracks before. On one hand, filled her with excitement being somewhere that wasn't the Second Division Barracks. And on the other, she was in search of something. Offices? A crowd of people chatting. She had to be around people who would know intel. Who would talk.

As she continued roaming, she sensed a group of people in one room behind a closed door. This had to be it. She slowly made her way to a window where she’d be able to hear and see clearly. She could see the men and women speaking hastily in the room clearly. Hear them even. But they would have no idea she was even there.

“I can’t believe Lieutenant Katsuo was killed in Katakura town.” Said a man, his voice sounding shocked.

“Yea the whole squad was wiped out too, and Saiko is missing…Katsuo was one to be able to fight hollows. This couldn’t have been a regular Hollow attack, right? With all that has been going on within Katakura town…”

So there has been unexplainable happenings happening in Katakura town. This was the first time Himari had even heard of this, not really having the world of the living as her direct focus. And not to mention, a whole team of highly trained officers all dying at once, along with their Lieutenant and another one missing? There was something else going on, but what? Who killed them? There was no way it was just a Hollow, Katsuo has faced more than just a normal Hollow.

It had to be something else. Something so powerful that it kills a Lieutenant and wipe out the rest of their team.

Hearing this filled Himari with unease, not knowing what was to come. So much was going on behind the scenes, and it seemed that the members of Squad 13 weren’t going to be of any other help. She felt sorry for them. She truly did. But, she wished that they knew more. About the random happenings of the World of The Living.. About what killed them.

They knew nothing.

Himari’s body was filled with rage. Rage that whatever killed Katsuo was still out there. Katsuo, who so, of course, was viewed as a good friend. But also someone whom she wanted to prove herself to. To get her revenge on. He was gone before she even had the chance. And everyone didn’t know about it. Everyone was blind about the happenings of the world of the living, but Himari wasn’t. Soon, she would find out more. She was just going to have to find the right place to find it.

But more talking stopped her from leaving.

“Do you think all of this is connected to the random souls vanishing in the world of the living?” A woman spoke.

This peeped Himari’s interest. She moved a little closer to keep

Possibly, it could also all be tied with the growth of the readings of powerful arrancar in the area?” Said another.

Arrancar? Himari knew of arrancar from her time in the Academy learning of the Arrancar during Aizen’s betrayal, but have there been recent readings?Did people know of this? And of all things, powerful? Arrancar are already powerful. She knew that. But they could be even more powerful? That was something big and Himari thought everyone should know this information. And they way things are going…she had a feeling nobody really knew. And that had to change. This was vital information and not just 13 should know of this.

I’m sure Nana will be headed there. She will figure everything out…she is one of our only hopes.”

Himari couldn’t imagine what this would be like. To have no Captain, no Lieutenant. All they had was this Nana person who was possibly a 3rd seat. She had to have been good enough, with them having hope for her truly showed she had to have been worthy.

Or so Himari hoped. For their sake.



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>>From His Quarters<<


Yūrei had been watering his plants since morning and suddenly received word from one of his subordinates about Norokibi-sama's departure. Apparently, she had gone to fight the Arrancar that killed the late lieutenant.
He was ordered to only act when called so he really couldn't do anything to help other than make sure his unit was ready. Yūrei was the leader of the 13th division's "Rebound-team" meaning he would have to fight when Nana was down.

After the whole incident with the Vasto Lorde,
Yūrei had been consistently ready to fight hollows but Nana wouldn't let him because in her eyes he was still a rookie. Despite his abilities in almost every category surpassing anybody that would've been in his position. Nana was the one who found Yūrei after the incident and helped him through his academy years specifically in his reiryoku control which he barely passed in.

After his graduation, he joined Nana's current division and became the 7th seat member of the 13th. He was informed of somebody transferring from the 7th division who was supposedly stronger than he was.
Yūrei was given a unit and tasked with assisting Nana's main unit when they were in trouble. "I was lead to believe that a certain level of strength was required to lead a squad but I guess not." He bitterly thought to himself.

"Really weird for a 7th seat officer to have a unit but I guess we're that low on personnel". He jumps on top of the roof with his potted plant. "I heard this type of Juniper is quite flammable, how fitting" He smiles to himself as he tries to perch it on the roof tiles. He gets up and like a blur, he is already on the ground again. Shunpo was one of Yūrei's only mastered techniques meaning he had to be somewhat proficient in it.

"Well, at least my training hasn't slowed with the lack of action. Man do I want to kill some hollo-"

Before he finishes his thoughts, Yūrei catches a glimpse of ice-blue hair. "Probably one of Norokibi-sama's subordinates."

Yūrei prepares to depart after leaving his plant then he quickly realises that he has literally nothing else to do besides reading. Other than gardening and training, Yūrei has no interests outside of killing hollows. Maybe his fascination with strength has something to do with his lack of non-violent hobbies.

Yūrei decides that it was about time that he learned more information regarding when he would be dispatched. If this Arrancar was enough to leave the 13th in this state then his services would be required at some point right?
He then approaches the person for more information on Nana's situation. He takes care to avoid startling them because he is known to do that.

It takes every ounce of effort for Yūrei to avoid calling Nana in his usual manner but he manages to address her as people would expect of him.

"Hey there! Person! Are you by chance one of Nana's subordinates!?"
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Himari continued to listen, even though she had pretty much gotten all the intel she needed. From the random souls disappearing in the world of the living, to the findings of even more powerful Arrancar in the area. All of this was odd, and Himari felt that all of this, including the death of Katsuo, had to be connected in some way. But how?

The possibilities sent a chill down her spine.

One possibility was that the missing souls in the world of the living were being turned into Arrancar. That was the only thing that would make sense to her. Arrancar were already strong, she knew this from learning about them in the Academy. But more powerful ones? She wouldn’t doubt that they would kill a Lieutenant without any problems. And that worried her.

The next possibility was that there were some unknown being out there who killed Katsuo. It couldn’t have been just some random Hollow, it had to be something stronger than that. But…Himari couldn’t really figure out what that would be if it wasn’t an Arrancar-

“Hey there! Person! Are you by chance one of Nana’s subordinates!?”

Damn. She was so lost in her thoughts that she forgot that the people in the room weren’t her only worry, but also those who so happened to walk down the corridors as well.

Himari didn’t turn towards the voice quickly. She let her eyes stay focused on the Window before she would slowly turn, her eyes landing on a man with black and green hair. She raised an eyebrow.

“Who are you?”

She asked this in a monotone voice, but on the inside she was worried. She wasn't supposed to be here. And now here she was, getting caught. Utter disappointment for herself filled her body. But she wasn't going to allow this…man whom she didn’t know what was going on in her mind. She was going to try and control it as much as possible.​


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"Oh, it's the difficult kind"

Yurei was somewhat surprised the new face was a woman but they quickly regained his composure when he realised she didn't know who he was. Being one of only two current seated members, Yurei assumed that everyone in the 13th knew who he was. She is either new or just an airhead but based on the look on her face and her voice, it has to be the former.

"Oh, you must be new here, I'm Yurei" He begins "I guess I could be considered to be the second officially seated officer of the 13th, nice to meet ya"

Yurei tried his hardest to appear laid back and calm despite this being one of the few social encounters he has gone through in a while. Maybe spending most of your time with plants and sword ghosts isn't good for your social skills, who knew?

"I'll show you the ropes if you want but before that, imma need your name and assigned uni-"

Yurei's denreishinki beeped which immediately took him out of his calm state. "Excuse me, I need to check what this is about," He says in a cold tone. The light device reflects off of Yurei's eyes as he quickly scrolls through the message. It is an announcement by Sawamura-Kun who happens to be on the exclusive list of people Yurei has talked to for over 1 minute in the past half-decade or so.

"My name is Fuu Sawamura of the Thirteenth Division. By Fifth Seat Nokoribi's orders, please inform Head Lieutenant Kasumi that two Arrancar have appeared in Karakura, along with hollows and Gillians! We need any available seated shinigami to assist in Karakura Town!"

"Guess the introductions can wait, we've been summoned to the battlefield so gather the troup-" Yurei is interrupted again as his denreishinki rings. He hastily opens the most recent message but this time there is noticeable irritation in his movement.

"Karakura Town has witnessed the arrival of another Arrancar. A formal request has been sent to the First Division for other reinforcements. Have Seventh Seat Yurei Shiroi and a party on standby!"

"What have you gotten yourself into Nokoribi-sama?"

"Okay gather the troupes but this time make sure we bring medical supplies and I'll need a capable group of individuals in case Nana gets into serious trouble"
He looks at her expectantly "Hop to it!"
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Somewhere within the depths of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, beyond the constant and endless buzz and clang of discovery and invention, there is calm. The silence in this sole room is broken by the soothing drone of streaming water, along with the constant pitter patter of countless droplets hitting the multiple surfaces. Soon enough, it is joined by the soft hums and occasional whistles of a single man. The gentle scent of lavender fills the steamy room, a bath is being prepared and seemingly a shower is being run at the same time.

Sat atop a small white plastic stool is a monumental man, built almost solely of dense, lean muscle and on top of this impressive musculature, if he were to be stood, it seems that he might stand to almost six feet and six inches in height. Even so, this imposing stature is betrayed by the gentle hum of random notes and tones, strangely enough, it seems coherent enough so much so that it could already be a song. Under the running water of a showerhead, he is entirely relaxed, enjoying the warmth of the water running through his hair and along his skin. For a few minutes he sits there, almost motionless, humming happily to himself, but of course, there are things to be done, he can’t sit here the whole day. With his eyes closed, a hand reaches out and takes a hold of a specific bottle, he pops open the top with a flick of the thumb and then turns it upside down and squeezes.


Nothing. He squeezes again, only to be greeted by the same gutting sound and nothing in the palm of his free hand. No matter, his thumb pushes the lid closed and he places the empty bottle off to the side. After all, there is always a second bottle ready. His humming comes to a stop but the rhythm of his melody continues with his words.

“Jūsha (従者, ‘Servant’), do me a solid an’ grab the extra bottle would ya’~?”

Just who was he speaking to and why would there be anyone in there with him while he is completely naked? Stood motionless and completely silent next to the door stands… A creature. To most it is unrecognizable. It’s not a Soul, nor is it a Hollow and most certainly it isn’t a Quincy or Fullbringer. For most, there is no better word for this thing than a creature, it stands at a gargantuan height of seven feet, if not taller, its build is muscular and sports strangely long limbs. One of its arms is curled in towards its torso and draped over that arm is a cotton white towel. This is one of this man's creations, a new form of Gigai and it stares him down, silently. The man’s eyes open slowly revealing the unique eyes of this Shinigami, dark gray sclera surrounding solid olive irises with no visible pupils. His attention is entirely focused on the creature in the corner.

“Jūsha, what do you mean, we don’t have another? I told you, I REMEMBER! I always remember, that I told you to get another. Someone must’a’ hit you real hard huh? Fine, I’ll deal with you later.”

Bringing himself to his feet, he walks over towards the beast and with an aggravated lash of his hand, he whips the towel from the arm of the Gigai and coils it around his hips, making sure it remains snug on him so as not to slip. He swings the door open and steps out past the boundary of his personal washroom, and into a room that couldn’t be any more different. Beyond the warmly lit washroom, is a dark room, lit by a few dim lights here and there and generally it is empty, a few corridors leading to other rooms within his laboratory with real purposes. Within this room, there stands a few more of these unique Gigai, each unique, much like Jūsha but all sharing one feature, the exposed brain. Without turning to face the Gigai in the washroom, he growls out a few words as he closes the door with a push of his foot.

“Jūsha, keep that bath running and don’t you dare let the room or the bath get cold! An’ you, Jochū (女中, 'Maid'), follow me an' bring Nakusen with you.”

One of the many Gigai shifts into motion without question and already in its clutches is a multi-sectioned staff all folded up, it steps in behind the scientist and follows close with each step he takes. Soon enough, he steps beyond the boundaries of his own laboratory and while barefoot, drenched and mostly naked, he steps into the main hallways of the institute. It takes all of a second for him to be interrupted.

“Junsei-san! Could yo-”

Without a second thought, this man, Junsei, shuts down his fellow researcher, he does not think to even hear out what they have to say.

“Shut your mouth, whatever you’ve got for me can wait, I’ve gotta get this situation sorted out.”

If they hadn’t noticed that Junsei was not at all in an appropriate attire to address their issues, then they were clearly not important enough for the naked scientist to handle. As he finishes speaking, he reaches his hand up as though to soothe a migraine, instead, he begins to shift his skullcap into place before tightening the seams that generally hold the top of his head in place. Once that’s done, a shake of his head spatters the hallway with water from his long lavender locks. A sigh escapes his lips and then he continues on. Winding down paths, a seemingly random pattern until finally he finds himself at the entrance of another laboratory, that of one Nyuraku Kurotsuchi. Without a hint of doubt, he pushes the door open and steps inside, his wet feet leaving tracks and the rest of his body helping connect those tracks with a constant drip of water.

“Oooooh Nyu-saaaaan! I need two fresh bottles of your finest Kurotsuchi Sheen!”

His booming call is met with silence. A silence that briefly irritates Junsei, of all the times for the madman to be gone missing, this is the worst. In his time of need, just when he is needed, Nyuraku is missing. After the silence takes hold, he waits for a few moments, hoping for late reply, then he gives up and instead calls out a new name.

“Ooooooh Kai-chaaaaaan! D’ya know where Nyuraku’s at!?”

He calls out for another of Nyuraku’s companions in science and once again. Silence. His hands curl into tight fists and he cringes at the thought, the thought of completing his routine without the miracle product that is Kurotsuchi Sheen. Just how is he meant to uphold the quality and beauty of his hair in these conditions?