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Arriving to Northwest Seireitei from Rukongai

The journey from the Rukongai to the Eleventh Division barracks is, thankfully, a shorter distance than some others have to travel. Unfortunately for Nibui the worries that he carries cause time to drag on for him. A few minutes pass but they feel like an hour. With Omoni busy in the final round of the event, there was no hope of getting in contact with her. In this moment, Nibui feels like he had long ago, without a Captain he is forced to take the helm once more. Strangely it feels almost comforting to take charge once more, it would be a great feeling if not for the equal feeling of unease. Eventually however, there is no time to be second guessing. His arrival at the barracks put an end to any opportunity to doubt himself, this is a time to act decisively and with no hesitation.

Before his arrival is seen or heard, his presence can be felt. The leaking Reiatsu of the partially unsealed Lieutenant rushes throughout the division groundsight. As his stride carries him beyond the gates of the division grounds, eyes are drawn towards the Lieutenant, for a great majority of the the members of Eleventh, this is an unusual experience. Usually their Lieutenant feels no more exceptional than a run of the mill Shinigami, but now a great many of these members of their division struggle to stand or even breathe. With his focus completely on the issue at hand, Nibui fails to take note of the issue he is causing at the moment, all that fills his thoughts are ideas and suggestions on how to proceed. Is it best to go out into Naruki in full force, bringing a large quantity of Shinigami alongside himself and whatever seated members might accompany him? Is it best to bring a select few to deal with certain matters before departing and leaving the rest for the seated members to handle? Perhaps both options are entirely wrong? For the moment it is all conjecture and it would do no good until he has a more complete view on the matter.

As quickly as he could Nibui found himself in his own quarters, replacing his bloodstained Shihakushō. As he does so, his eyes come upon a particular set of rings resting upon his desk. Only then does the Lieutenant realise that he has completely forgotten that he had destroyed half of the current set he is wearing. A long inhale is followed by a long exhale as he attempts to bring some calm to himself, bringing the majority of his leaking Reiatsu into his control once more. Stepping out of his room and making his way to where Hiroka had assembled a number of the Division’s members, Nibui leaves behind the set of rings that sit on the table, opting only to use the five that adorn his left hand.
”So… We may have to go and lend our blades in a fight that those above us couldn’t even handle?

Through the wooden door of the meeting room, Nibui first hears the voice of a member of Eleventh, however the answer to his question would not be received from Hiroka.


As the door swings open and their Lieutenant steps into the room with a single word for them, there is a silence that washes over those present. Nibui glances over the Shinigami present, many of which he is not particularly familiar with.

"Regardless of your courage that drives you to fight, regardless of your fear that holds you back. Most of you will not be stepping into Naruki City."

He pauses for a bit to gauge the reactions of those present, some feel relief. Others are visibly frustrated. His glance shifts towards Hiroka then back to the group of Shinigami.

"As Hiroka might have told you, both Lieutenant Ueku and Third Seat Takahiro were both present, one is missing and the other is in a critical condition. If I were to send this group out there, most of you would not make it back and I refuse to lose any more unnecessarily, without any benefit at that."

At this point, Nibui does not stop to gauge reactions anymore, if the Shinigami were going to be upset at his brutal honesty then they have only proven him right. He continues, his attention now mostly towards his Fourth seat. The Lieutenant shifts from the entryway and moves to one of the numerous tables within the meeting hall. Shifting one of the seats back he plops himself down onto the chair and leaves Jubokko atop the table in front of him. Once he's taken a seat, he begins to address Fourth Seat Ikari.

"Hiroka, you've been there, you saw first hand what's happening. I need you to tell me everyth-"

Without so much as a knock, yet another Shinigami barges through, shoving open the doors to the meeting hall as if they wanted to run through the doors instead. Still at a loss of breath and clearly sweating profusely, the young Souls voice explodes out.
"We've received reports of Lieutenant Ueku's body being found and held at Tenth Division!"

So it seems the worst had come to pass. As much as he wanted to react accordingly, be it rage or sadness, he couldn't. The emotions Nibui felt would be left bottled up within, a sigh escapes instead. To those in the room, perhaps it would paint the Shinigami as emotionless or cruel, Nibui simply stood up and with as cool and collected as he could possibly seem, he continued on.

"Everyone in this room, bar myself and Hiroka, will make their way to Tenth and recover Lieutenant Ueku's body. Do not take no for an answer and if they refuse, tell them that they will answer my demands next."

His orders leave no room for questions and without a second thought, those present quickly disperse. Once again his attention is given to Hiroka as he returns to his request from before the intrusion.

"Hiroka, you've been there, you saw first hand what's happening. I need you to tell me everything you know. And if we do go down there, if for any reason you feel that you can't handle the situation, you leave. No exceptions."





It was no secret when the division’s last standing Lieutenant had returned to the barracks. Where his power was not fully released, it was still prominently emanating between the sea of Eleventh Souls. Hiroka took note of it, feeling some comfort in knowing that he had wasted no time in returning to their headquarters. Time was ticking and there certainly needed to be some decisive action sooner rather than later.

As Hiroka had gathered a few trusted members of the division and began to address them, there was a sudden interruption. Not from the crowd, not from some unseen force, but rather that very Vice-Captain who’s arrival came without any real surprise. His first words were not a greeting but rather an intervention into what may have transpired soon after.


Silence spread throughout the room in an instant. All eyes, including Hiroka’s own, magnetized to the new entrant into the space. No one utters a word in expectation to hear what had to be said by the attending Lieutenant.

"Regardless of your courage that drives you to fight, regardless of your fear that holds you back. Most of you will not be stepping into Naruki City.”

Frustration swept across the room at the stripped away prospect of getting in on the action. Though oddly enough, Hiroka, the one known for volatility, made no change in his demeanor. He simply listened just as the others had.

"As Hiroka might have told you, both Lieutenant Ueku and Third Seat Takahiro were both present, one is missing and the other is in a critical condition. If I were to send this group out there, most of you would not make it back and I refuse to lose any more unnecessarily, without any benefit at that.”

Nibui had made a point that was not absent from the minds of anyone in the room certainly. Hiroka by no means intended for them to do anything other than provide damage control, since their efforts would likely be empty when in opposition to the powers at play. Even with that intent, he was aware of the risks, and respected the judgment. The Vice-Captain then had moved to take a seat at one of the nearby tables within the hall, something that was met with eyes tailing him. The Souls in attendance did not make an effort to deliver any opposition to the man’s words, instead simply remaining to see if there was something at all they could be assigned to.

"Hiroka, you've been there, you saw first hand what's happening. I need you to tell me everyth-"

The Lieutenant had begun to address the Fourth Seat directly, though as per the theme of this engagement, another interruption. All attention yet again ripped away towards a different individual. Though this time that attraction also snatched Nibui’s gaze.

”We’ve received reports of Lieutenant Ueku’s body being found and held at Tenth Division.”

The veil of curiosity on what became of Jinnosuke had been yanked off just like that. There was no need for speculation because that one statement said it all. Although there were assumptions, the truth still hit rather hard. Hiroka still had no change in his visage but the information did cement his suspicions. Something he certainly did not want to be right on. This made it even more imperative that those here heard their superior’s words.

"Everyone in this room, bar myself and Hiroka, will make their way to Tenth and recover Lieutenant Ueku's body. Do not take no for an answer and if they refuse, tell them that they will answer my demands next."

That order was met with a hasteful response. Not something that contained words but simple nods and acknowledgements before the group pressed onward to retrieve the fallen officer’s body. This left just the seated officer and his Lieutenant within the room.

"Hiroka, you've been there, you saw first hand what's happening. I need you to tell me everything you know. And if we do go down there, if for any reason you feel that you can't handle the situation, you leave. No exceptions."

The towering Fourth Seat listened attentively, only parting his lips once he was sure that the other man had concluded his address.

"My time there was brief so I’m ignorant of exactly what had sparked the situation."

His mismatched eyes locked directly upon Nibui’s own orbs.

"That being said. The Hollow that they were engaged with certainly exuded the power that could contest those who had been dispatched. He did not seem to sustain any noticeable injuries and barely looked as if the efforts of our forces had even made him sweat. At the time of my arrival there was only one officer still in engagement, Lieutenant Hyouzoku. I was surprised to see that he was capable of Vizard-level hollowfication."

Hiroka crossed his arms across his torso, not breaking his gaze from the only other individual present.

"I prioritized retrieving Third Seat Takahiro rather than jumping into that exchange. While doing so, Lieutenant Hyouzoku had been consumed by his hollowification and lost any regard for collateral damages while combating the Arrancar. I left soon after that point."

The Fourth Seat’s personal knowledge on the situation had been extinguished at that moment but he still had one comment left to acknowledge.

"As for your concerns of my own wellbeing. Understood."




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Data in the form of numbers and symbols cycle through the computer as the Kenpachi Games nears its end, the final round afoot. Unbeknownst to many of the mindless consumers of the mobile device found prevalent on the persons of the Shinigami, a vast majority of those devices have been...infiltrated. Digitally repurposed in such a way that one might be able to activate the audio portion to either listen in or speak through the device remotely, or maybe even both..all without the owner themselves ever initiating...well, anything on their part. It is this remote trespassing that further might allow one to record spiritual readings from afar, after all what is a phone if not a miniature computer of sorts?

"Nah, unfortunately I'm not here for either of those delightful topics but maybe you'll find some joy in why I am here. I'm hopin' you've got two bottles of Kurosheen for me."

The naked Junsei regrettably informs the Brainiac that his presence there had nothing to do with any assignment or project, but rather the collection of Nyuraku's 'most popular product', made by the self proclaimed Nyu-Pharmaceuticals. A non-existent business. While he finds no pleasure in hearing that his colleague has not come to help dabble with the Brain trust, nor did he come to deliver or, at the very least disclose the location of Kai's lovely hidden brain, he is admittedly elated at the prospect of aiding a pleased customer. Expectedly, the scientist does not seem disgusted or taken aback by Junsei removing his scalp from atop his head to showcase the patient in dire need of treatment that only Kurosheen could provide.

Data continues to flood the various computers leading to the main one throughout the course of the interaction between the two. Data regarding not only the games, but the spiritual readings collected from the Denreishinki on the persons of the Shinigami both in Naruki City as well as those within Karakura Town. After feeling the foreign concentrated reiatsu being ciphered through the mobile devices cross a certain threshold, the cameras upon the Denreishinki were remotely activated along with the mobile phones' microphones respectively. While any form of visibility may be unlikely, and there was little one could glean from audio alone, there was no such thing as useless data..data, the Kurotsuchi has yet to actually become conscious of and glean through.

Nyuraku moves to where he keeps the stash of his bottled product, luckily for Junsei a fresh batch had been recently concocted, its contents still bubbling inside the tightly sealed bottles.

"So that's what you've been doin' today. Seems like you've been successful enough. Although I wonder how that'll translate to the actual application of their abilities. It'll be an adjustment for sure, maybe too much of an adjustment for some of 'em. It'll be fun to watch anyway!"

"Hmm? Oh that stuff, I suppose there was somewhat of a breakthrough, simply not in the manner or area I expected or intended."


Dismissing the praise of success, he hands over a few bottles of the new batch of Kurosheen. With every movement the strange liquid sloshes and bubbles about inside, appearing incredibly volatile. One look and one might believe every bottle may detonate in perhaps some catastrophic explosion any second. As the business between the two is about to conclude-


The entirety of the lab becomes filled with red lights, the alarm going off echoing throughout the entirety of not only Nyuraku's lab, but the entirety of the Institution itself. Wincing at the noise, the man does not seem alarmed by the panic inducing warning but, rather annoyed. He moves over to his computer and, a few keystrokes shifts the screen as he witnesses the number souls disappearing from the world of the living, and more specifically Karakura town at astonishing rates. As he gazes at the data, witnessing a sudden upset in the balance of souls the man still does not seem alarmed or perturbed rather, the look of annoyance intensifies. To be bothered with something like this when there were other things he'd prefer to bide his time with was nothing short of a test of his patience. It wouldn't be long before the higherups were informed and he'd undoubtedly be forced to look into this matter when-


The red that had tinted the lab and halls fades returning all to its normal color, the blaring of the alarm dies down into nothingness and the numbers that had been witnessed upon the screen return to normal. It was truly an anomaly. Was it some technical glitch in the system? No, impossible, he built the computer, programmed it himself. The likelihood of it being an error was nonexistent as far as he was concerned. Something seemed to be going on within Karakura Town, it seems he'd have to take a look at the data procured from invading the privacy of his peers sooner rather than later.

"Well then. Let's take a look and see what goodies we can find here."

Was this an invitation from Nyuraku to Junsei to join him in sifting through the questionably obtained data, or was the Brainiac merely speaking to himself, as he was prone to do? It was difficult to grasp his thought process, then again...who amongst the Twelfth Division could truly be understood?



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Racing through the Seireitei at unnatural speeds is a blob of blue slime moving so quickly that no one has time to catch a glimpse of what lies at its center. At the center is Kai, floating as if she is in suspended animation, her eyes narrowed but not fully shut. Perhaps it is due to her eyes being artificial that she cannot fully close them. Either way it seems that she may very well be in some sort of stasis or perhaps taking a nap as the trip from Third Division to Twelfth Division via Slime Ball has taken some time. As she exclaimed earlier it was a nice day out and with no time scheduled to uphold currently she has room for a leisurely ride. But then the H.U.D. within her eyes lights up with alerts on Karakura town, something drastic and terrible has happened!

Sudden Distress!

The Slime Ball comes to a halt, random Shinigami lingering around on the walkway stop and stare, looking away from whatever devices they were using to view the Kenpachi games. Kai quickly rises up and out of the slime shouting with a large smile on her face.


This startled the Shinigami around her, prompting some to follow her words and run off in a panic. All she was doing was expressing her current emotion out loud and just as the alerts came in they went away as if they never happened.

Sudden Bliss!


She sinks back into the slime ball as it now speeds off once again, leaving everyone in that immediate area utterly confused. They weren’t sure if they should run or remain calm but they knew one thing for sure and it was that they could no longer linger in that area out of fear the weird Slime Girl could return. After a bit more travel the ball of slime was rapidly approaching the doors of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. It seemed as if this ball would slam right through the gates as it picked up more and more speed! Then, without any sort of set up or tell the ball launches itself over the walls of the Institute! The ball never has a chance to touch its floors as Kai pops out of the ball and has the slime return to her Zanpakuto, sealing it.

She walks through the Institute with her sealed Zanpakuto still drawn as she hums away, happy to be home to work on her own experiments. A fellow researcher attempts to greet her but the moment they say “Hello” she vanishes from sight with Shunpo, clearly she was not up for small talk. Reappearing in her lab the lights seem to click on with her arrival, the humming of machines spinning up and the buzzing of other various electronics powering on can be heard. Her humming continues as she tosses her Zanpakuto into a vat of transparent liquid which turns on a nearby computer screen. Various streams of data begin to show up on screen, chemical compounds, and what appears to be DNA showing up as well.

”New Project! Code Name: Meat Man!”

Kai throws her arms into the air as she exclaims these words to her computer, the keys on said computer clicking themselves automatically and begin processing whatever it is the biologist has concocted in her mind. She turns on her heels and spots her Bakkoto in a vat of blue liquid, fully separated from the sword it was attached to. Her incoherent humming continues as she picks up the sword and swings it around, pretending to be some sort of fencer before setting it down on what appears to be a display rack and walking away. The sword must hold some value or import- Wrong! This sword means nothing to her and this rack is only meant to hold it in place as she connects various electrode pads to the blade then saunters off to another monitor where more data comes up on screen. A 3D Render of the blade appears on screen with various red blips, clearly the Bakkoto was not fully separated properly and trace amounts of it remain in and on the blade. Should she place the newly modified parasite onto the blade these old remnants could create issues in its DNA sequence later on.

”Fry it!”

The Slime Girl exclaims and presses a key that triggers power volts of electricity to run through the blade, volts strong enough to eradicate any organic life remaining in or on the blade. After a minute or two of watching the blade get electrocuted she removes the pads and snatches it off the rack skipping over to another container that had a Shinigami skull with crossbones behind it.

”Bath time!”

She removes the lid and tosses the blade into what one can only assume to be harmful chemicals. She closes the lid and walks away from it humming, returning to the parasite in blue liquid, tapping on the glass repeatedly until its singular eye opens, it never did open. Kai rubs her chin then proceeds to shake the vatm causing it to wake up in a panic.

”Eye open! Time for your check up and modifications!”

The young woman finally takes a seat and begins typing away, preparing the Parasite for the modifications suggested to her by Nyuraku earlier in the day.

”Hopefully there will be time later on in the week to run some live fire tests! I am most excited to see how you operate!”


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The Shinigami and Research Institute, home to the greatest minds of the Soul Society. Filled with geniuses that were known for their particular thirst for knowledge, with some of them even going as far as trespassing the boundaries of morality and ethics to satiate it. Beyond the usual buzz and commotion made by the constant experimentation of the Institute's researchers, there was silence, or the closest one could get to it. Within the depths of the building and inside the lab was Tatsuya, a man with aloof, lazy, and laid-back behavior. His face was planted on the table he worked on, with multiple spiritual tools and experiments spread out throughout the table, surrounding him. For someone that was known for his lazy behavior, it seemed like he was quite busy with his projects before falling asleep.

Everything seemed alright, as long nobody decided to bother him he would be able to continue to enjoy his nap uninterrupted. Or at least that's the impression one would believe, but it seemed like the world had other plans for him other than just sleep.


The laboratory was filled with flashing red lights, followed by an alarm that echoed throughout the entire institute. His once peaceful nap was abruptly interrupted, resulting in the man slowly opening his eyes and lazily raising his head, waking up to chaos, or so he would believe. He wiped his eyes, with a slight hint of annoyance, but he did not appear to visibly panic all that much due to the alarms. The issue here was that his peaceful nap had been interrupted by something or someone. Tatsuya moved over towards his computer, typing a few things on his keyboard, attempting to figure out what had caused the alarm. In just a few seconds, a few keystrokes and clicking he was able to find the cause of the alarm. There was a massive upset in the balance of souls at Karakura Town, the loss of life wasn't an issue as it was a usual occurrence, but the sudden influx was abnormal.


This whole thing made him question just what the hell was going on at Karakura Town. The 13th Division was in-charge of its protection if something like this was allowed to happen just what was it supposed to imply? For now, those were only hypotheses, rather than solid theories. It wasn't good to jump to conclusions without conclusive evidence, so for now digging further into the events at Karakura Town was the better choice. Tatsuya assumed that his peers were already working on it, as he was not the only person that heard the alarm. Scratching the back of his messy hair and standing up from his chair the half-asleep scientist scanned his table as if he was looking for something. After a minute of searching, he found what he was looking for throughout the entire mess of tools that were spread out on the table and picked a few microchips, putting them in his pocket.

Tatsuya stepped out of the entrance of his lab, all while placing his hand on the wall to support himself. It wasn't because he had problems walking, he was just too lazy to walk properly so he decide to use the wall as support to help him get to his desired destination. His hand slid on the wall of the hallways as he was headed towards another particular lab. Compared to the other researchers that walked through the hallways, his pace was slower than theirs. After a few moments of walking, he arrived at the entrance of the lab of Lieutenant Nyuraku. He stopped for a moment, before taking a few more steps forward and actually entering the lab. His neck slid forward, taking a small peek to make sure that he was actually home before deciding to fully enter.

"Oh, it seems like there's more company here... Hello, Nyuraku-san, Junsei-san. The stupid alarm decided to wake me up from my power nap, I looked into it a little and decided to come here to check how are things on your end."

The man had made sure to greet both of his comrades before fully stepping into the lab and approaching the two fellow scientists. He didn't ask if they knew about what had occurred at Karakura Town, safely assuming that Nyuraku was already into it. Simply because there was no reason why he wouldn't be already looking into it at this moment. His voice had a particular hint of sleepiness that usually characterized him, the two appeared to be busy with something else. Leaning his body in as he decided to take a little peek at what exactly Nyuraku was doing on his computer and the data he was analyzing. Even if the distance might not be enough for somebody to fully grasp what was being displayed on the screen, it wasn't a problem for him. Before going forward and jumping to conclusions about what exactly was occurring at Karakura Town he decided to see what information could be obtained aside from the clear imbalance of souls.