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With the retrieval squad dispatched, Nibui's focus was entirely upon Hiroka. The Lieutenant had other things to say but for the moment, the information Hiroka has is of far greater importance.

"My time there was brief so I’m ignorant of exactly what had sparked the situation."

A nod of acknowledgement replies to the Fourth seat's statement. Nibui was not expecting a perfect breakdown of the situation, after all, Hiroka was also a participant of the games. It is truly a shame that neither Shiro nor Shoumetsu were available to give their knowledge on the event. As Hiroka's mismatched eyes lock upon Nibui's, the Lieutenant returns the same gaze.

"That being said. The Hollow that they were engaged with certainly exuded the power that could contest those who had been dispatched. He did not seem to sustain any noticeable injuries and barely looked as if the efforts of our forces had even made him sweat. At the time of my arrival there was only one officer still in engagement, Lieutenant Hyouzoku. I was surprised to see that he was capable of Vasto-level hollowfication."

A Hollow that could match the might that had been dispatched? A single Hollow? Confusion bubbled to the surface of the Lieutenant's expression, there was no doubt that this Hollow is evolved, an Arrancar more than likely one of their elite, an Espada but still… For multiple high seated officers to be eviscerated and with such supposed ease, it seems that the Gotei Thirteen is truly in a poor state. Then the rest of the report clicked for him, he had almost ignored the information about his fellow Lieutenant, Shizuka Hyouzoku. The existence of the three known Vizard is no secret, but if the Lieutenant has been hiding the fact that he is a Vizard, then he is bound for a fate unlike the other three. He remains attentive, focused entirely on the Fourth seat as he continues.

"I prioritized retrieving Third Seat Takahiro rather than jumping into that exchange. While doing so, Lieutenant Hyouzoku had been consumed by his hollowification and lost any regard for collateral damages while combating the Arrancar. I left soon after that point."

Even with the unfortunate circumstances that he was being told about, the Lieutenant couldn’t help but feel some relief due to Hiroka’s actions. The Fourth seat’s actions were most certainly admirable, even if vengeance calls for retaliation, the man chose instead to rescue who he could. His thoughts were clear and unburdened by the stigma that plagues this division. Unfortunately, the news about Lieutenant Hyouzoku was definitely a shame. Nibui has no clue what it is like to fight hollowfication, very few know, he can only imagine that it is a terrifying experience.

"As for your concerns of my own wellbeing. Understood."

“First I want to say, you have my thanks for saving Shoumetsu, I understand the two of you are good friends and it might have been difficult to resist the urge to get your vengeance there and then. You did the best thing you could have.”

His thanks and commendations for Hiroka’s actions are as real as anything else the Lieutenant has said or expressed. In that same vein, he trusts the Fourth for what is to come. There are few that Nibui would entrust with a task as dangerous as this one seems. It is not worth risking the endangerment and possible death of division members who simply cannot contribute to the effort. False bravado brings nothing but loss and grief.

“We’ll be going to the Naruki, if Lieutenant Hyouzoku hasn’t managed to regain his senses, we either incapacitate him and if that proves to be too difficult to do in a non-lethal manner, then we only have one choice. We kill him there and then. I’ll send a message to the Head Lieutenant and request permission to release the Gentei Reīn immediately. I’m certain they’re aware of what’s happening to a similar degree. Let’s go, Hiroka.”

With both hands planted to the table before him, he pushes himself to his feet and takes a hold of Jubokko, now making his way towards the door and eventually towards Tenth division’s barracks, in the meanwhile, his hand reaches for his Denreishinki and begins to write that very message he mentioned.
“Head Lieutenant Fuyuko, I’m sure you know what's happening in Naruki at the moment. Myself and Fourth seat Hiroka Ikari are making our way there to deal with the threat as best we can. I’m requesting permission for an immediate release of the Gentei Reīn on our arrival, any moment wasted is another possible death.”

The message is as to the point as possible, he hopes that Fuyuko acknowledges the message as soon as possible. What he said is true, while he believes the two of them can hold their own for a while even under the restraints of the Gentei Reīn, actual defeat of the hollowfied Lieutenant will prove difficult under such a severe lock. As blurs moving amongst the roof tops, they make their way to the Senkaimon. There are only hopes that run through his head at the moment. He hopes that they will arrive promptly, not too late for any catastrophic damage. He hopes that they can subdue the Lieutenant and not be forced to take his life. There is a certainty in his mind though, the threat will be dealt with.
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The occurrence in the World of the Living was something that should not have reached the point it has. If not for the delay in the information and the apparent lack of consideration for such a foe, maybe there wouldn’t have been such damages. That being said, one would figure that two lieutenants and a few seated officers should have been enough to at least halt the situation. The fact that there was a threat that could cause that many casualties in such a short time was worrying. Especially so with them just being one Hollow. To what level could two or three more Hollows of a similar power level achieve? Hiroka couldn’t shake the fact that things certainly had to change. Whatever was to come from over the horizon would need more discipline and training among the Shinigami ranks. No one was sparred from that reality. Should another move be made by the forces of Hueco Mundo, they all needed to be better. A piece of reality that the Burst Prince would take into account for himself.

”First I want to say, you have my thanks for saving Shoumetsu, I understand the two of you are good friends and it might have been difficult to resist the urge to get your vengeance there and then. You did the best thing you could have.””

It was true that he wanted to take action in that moment, something that he had to choke down. Caught between multiple factors, the temptation was absolutely strong. His decision to withdraw from the Games, the incapacitation of Shoumetsu, the assumed death of Jinnosuke at the time, and the well-being of the humans were just some of those things that jabbed at his stomach. Though even if he could have made a difference in that moment, even if he was enough to shift the tide, it’d be at the cost of more lives. He tried to not think about what further harm was brought since then. Instead all he did was nod in response to the compliment expressed by the Lieutenant.

”“We’ll be going to the Naruki, if Lieutenant Hyouzoku hasn’t managed to regain his senses, we either incapacitate him and if that proves to be too difficult to do in a non-lethal manner, then we only have one choice. We kill him there and then. I’ll send a message to the Head Lieutenant and request permission to release the Gentei Reīn immediately. I’m certain they’re aware of what’s happening to a similar degree. Let’s go, Hiroka.””

The decision had been made. It was time for these two Souls to lend their blades to resolve the crisis. Hiroka would be lying if there wasn’t at least the slightest bit of excitement within him in regards to the new objective. He could not standby picking at his teeth while he was aware of the dismay out in the World of the Living. And so this was exactly what he was hoping for. Whatever happened from here was something that he could witness with his own eyes. Something that could be changed by his very hands. It was time to end this.

"Yes, sir. Hopefully it doesn’t come to the latter option."

Hiroka followed behind Nibui as he began to move onward, keeping pace the entire time. He wondered what state his partner had been in at the present. How well did the Fourth patch him up? Had he regained consciousness? And if he did, how hard was he kicking himself? A visit would certainly be in order after their return to the Seireitei, but for now, his eyes were set on one thing. The incapacitation of a rampaging Vasto.

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After the fiasco at the fourth division building, things hadn't been going well for Yurei. Not only was he unable to save the person he owed the most, but he also angered the person that was. Calling it a blunder would be a massive understatement and he probably killed any future visiting hour negotiations. The fourth held a different kind of power from those that dedicated their lives to fighting. "Absolute strength is nothing against absolute control" is something his mother would often tell him and he repeatedly failed to grasp the message behind those words.

At the nearest opportunity, he would have to find some way to thank the woman for her efforts and most likely squeeze in an apology. Going back to how Yurei was currently doing, it is...pitiful at best. He spends even less time outside than he did before and his plants have begun to wilt. He considered himself quite the gloomy person before the situation in Karakura but he hadn't felt genuine grief for a decade at that point. The death of his parents hurt him of course, but he never blamed himself for it. Every mistake he had ever made replayed in his mind over and over. The memories he would have considered happy had now begun to shift slowly into time capsules of the moments he had been lying to himself.

He couldn't sit down forever though because with Nana gone, who was to lead the 13th? The natural thought would be the next seated number i.e. him, but he was obviously in no position to lead. He had done enough sulking and finally decided to at least look at the sky for a bit and remember when it used to signify freedom.


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11th Division

After retrieving orders from the fresh recovered third seat, Shoumetsu Takahiro he made haste directly back to the 11th division barracks eagerly. Both 10th division and 11th division had took a hard morale blow which was not going to be easy to recover from. Some would argue that 11th division happened to draw the short straw of the misfortune because while both 10th division members lived the undoubted fact remained they lost their Lieutenant in battle.

The news on their third's seat quick recovery might of been what they needed to get themselves out of this mournful slump. Many of the members been in 11th division for as long Jinnosuke held the Lt seat, and was their acting Captain while few select even predated the times when Lt Nibui held that title prior. Despite the rugged brutish nature the 11th division members gained over ages of different Captains actions on how they ran the division, they all considered each other close knit group like a family. It's this bond that made them feel every lost one another suffered, yet in the same light rallied strongly at every victory shared. Right now they all rallied in the support of Captain Hageshi in the Kenpachi games, the successful return of Nibui and Hiroka completing their mission in Naruki, and the hastened recovery of Shoumetsu.

He traversed through the Seireitei at his top speed capable with shunpo until his arrival at the front steps of the 11th division barracks. Uncertain on when exactly and how fast Shoumetsu Takahiro planned on returning, he headed into the barracks nonetheless relaying the news.

"Our third seat is alive and up already. Everyone stand on the ready because I think he is upset at what happened in Naruki City, and wishing to get in a fight to blow off some steam. Let's give him the ol' 11th division welcome!

He looked around for any of the seated members of their squads he could request to challenge Shoumetsu on his arrival, but looked that they all were absent. The unseated member looked around curiously knowing many of them where unfit to properly go toe to toe against him, until he looked at one of the more experienced unseated members; Zetsu Miura.

"You dare try your hand at facing the beast of 11th division? You never know what might come out of it showing what you are capable of."



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The well-experienced unseated member in question, Ketsu Miura, showed indifference to the fellow unseated before him. He had a rather lazy personality, being moderate and rational in this circumstance. For now, that is. He seemed almost bored, infuriated with the weary lack of challenge currently enthralling the 11th after the passing of Jinnosuke.

He looked to the member, shrugging nonchalantly at them. He stood just below him by a few inches. He was taller and much, much older than this seated, but ironically looked a lot younger than him! Ironic considering this guy was a 'nobody' in his eyes. That seemed to be very common for Ketsu, as most mistook him for being much younger than he was, something that deeply enraged him.

“Yeah, so what?! Of course, I’ll take anyone on! And win, dammit!! “I’ll give them a proper 11th Division welcome home...!”

Miura of the 11th rarely showed emotion or affection and never felt concerned for others, hiding most of the time behind a mask of hostility and indifference in order not to seem weak. Somewhere, deep down, he did care for at least his own Division. But alas, it would rarely be expressed unless dire circumstances made themselves clear.

He slouched, his baggy clothes handing loosely over him in a similar fashion to his white unkept hair that sat atop his head. He scratched his gut, tracing the outline of his abs as he did so. His workouts were making diligent progress indeed. He grew a jolly and mocking, yet also twisted and maniacal grin on his face that struck any ‘dignity’ or ‘sanity’ he may have been perceived to have.

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