[BSD-RP] Soul Society: Southeast Seireitei

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Yua was truly excited inside. Today was one big bag of emotions and anticipation of what she was to learn from her Captain's guidance. She had not expected to see a more mortal side to the Buddhist today, or even insist into his life and past relationship with Captain Itsuki. She got to see his mind at work and how he pieced everything together effortlessly as if he already knew the outcome she had worked so hard to formulate.

Being in the very courtyard of the one place she had only dreamed to explore and learn every single particle of knowledge. Kido Corps Headquarters. It was a literal dream come true, she was finally here. she was excited deep down and could only theorize all she could imagine was inside that she didn't know. However, that dream train was slammed to a halt of the sudden greeting of the sudden welcome party, armed to the teeth with various kido charged or Shikai's release and ready to run her through.

If she hadn't been side tracked from her inner imagination of the vast knowledge hidden inside the building , she would have been teriffed and maybe passed out entirely. However, Before her brain could fully register she heard the voice of her saving grace.

”Stand down, she is here by my permission.”

”But Chief, this goes against your pre-established orders! Can this girl be trusted to roam this place?”

Yua watched between the two closely before seeing Tenzen glance towards her. His next words confirmed exactly what this really was. It was a test, a way of assessment from teacher to his newest student. She already knew from her own research, observation, and Rumors about the Kido corps being a very secretive place, keeping all outsiders from ever knowing the full knowledge and capabilities it upheld. This was no expectations.

Yua did not utter a word but simply watched and observed before returning a nod of acknowledgement, quickly moving past the various Kido members to the safety of Tenzen's side. A little relieved to not be in trouble or possibly harmed having followed orders. She kept pace listening to his words of the Kido corps and the known intentions of the outside organization of the thirteen court guards. Her eyes scanned every inch of the walk ways and little detail before she felt a tug at the back of her brain to look up, meeting with the glowing eyes of her Captain and Teacher. Drinking in every word spoken to her, edging the knowledge into her brain.

”That means there will be times where the Kido Corps must act and operate outside of the Gotei Thirteen’s interest. I have nothing but respect for the Captain Commander, but not even he can overturn the actions of the Kido Corps. The ones with the power to do that are Central Forty-Six themselves. Although, with the vision I am slowly crafting for the future, you may need not worry about that.”

Yua wasn't sure how to take the information, She knew such things were important to telling a non seated member a route of possibilities into a future. How far ahead was her teacher talking about? Just what was he planning and what truly terrifying power did he hold as the Chief in Command of the outside militarized force of the Kido Corps? She always knew the greater noble houses were one that always knew every little thing that went on within one another, but just how far ahead was the Oda preparing.

She stopped beside Tenzen to a pair of door, guarded by two members, giving both the Captain and Yua a nod before opening the doors. Yua watched in awe of the sight that revealed itself before her. She truly was a kid in a candy store. So much knowledge and understanding. She could die happily it is meant she was able to haunt this place and learn all it's knowledge. Yua reeled in her thoughts listening to the sudden report from another member suddenly appearing. She took in every word while watching the dust closely. Just what did this day have left to toss into her poor mind.

Yua was about to let her mind theorize and analyze what she had just heard when another, more panicked, masked member approached them giving his report. She was so lost at all the information she was taking in. She wasn't one to pay much mind to the human world, as she always learned it was boring, however, this was different. She must have been lied to as it didn't sound boring, it sounded like a chaotic hell. She listen to the order given to the member before the one given to her. To follow. So she did.

Yua kept stride with Tenzen, only to be met by even more news from Shinigami that were from the group, being with Kiku in the human world. A lot of the information was unknown to her, but she took it in. So this was what it was like to be a captain, so much information. However she looked up, watching Tenzen's once calm expression turning to one of anger and rage at the report.

She could only imagine what was racing through the Golden buddha's mind to cause the change. His next order was a confirmation of something not sitting right.

”I’m going to Karakura Town. Munetoshi-san, you are free to do as you please for the remainder of the day.”

Yua listened to his words before processing the outcome of her choice. She has been chasing after Tenzen all day for this and that. Seeing the calm pacifist teacher and captain she had just started knowing, suddenly rage. wasn't right. Part of her said to stay out of the way, he said to take the rest of the day to herself. but another part said to follow, she needed to see her captain in action. Something inside her said she needed to be there for support.

"Uh thankyou for the report."

She spoke to the Shinigami when she realized Tenzen got another head start again. She bowed to the group before she also disappeared, following quickly after Tenzen, following the rage filled aura, she focused on.

To Fifth Division



Staff member

And so the wheels of fate turn

The lives of Shinigami, since times immemorial, have always been conduits of change, in one manner or another, for better...or for worst. To be a Shinigami, is to be a soldier in the army of the Gotei 13. It is a truth that everyone knows, but rarely do they ever truly understand until they are forced to face this truth, forced to accept the reality of just how fleeting their lives truly were. Lieutenant Katsuo Toshiyuki of Squad Thirteen and Lieutenant Jinnosuke Ueku of Squad 11. Two Lieutenants, both struck down in the World of the Living, the cause for one being known the other remains a mystery. Their deaths, the deaths of two Vice-Captains chip away at the strength of the Gotei 13 — was this strategic on the enemy's side? A means to weaken them for what was to come...whatever that was?
There exists too many questions lacking any semblance of an answer. The Divisions individually began preparing, each in their own way, using their own methods. The Unknown — that is the enemy the combined body of the Seireitei faced right now. It was an enemy without face or form, for all intents and purposes it was an invisible enemy, there existed few who were accustomed to fighting such a threat...few save for the Seireitei's Stealth Force, the Covert Ops...members of the Second Division. Outliers of the Gotei 13 more than ever due to the past actions of their Captain, known for being the invisible blade striking across the Seireitei whenever needed, one never knows where a member of the Covert Ops might be, how many may possibly be around, and when they will strike. Their duties require them to be formless, faceless, void of sound and spirit, to be invisible. If the enemy was the unknown, then to the Second Division, it is a familiar creature, a kindred soul, and thus something that does not warrant their fear.

And so, they too prepare.

9 Months Ago

"Oyama Hoshi is gone. She's resigned her post as Corps Commander of the Inner Court Troops and, more importantly, as a member of this Squad to rejoin the Thirteenth Division."

Kyomu stands before both Himari and Ochitsuki as he informs them of the status of their now former colleague. When last they were all gathered he had reprimanded Oyama for her weakness and fear, charged the woman with not only performing better but being better. Instead, just as Oyama had fled behind the comfort of Furia when facing Kyomu, she now chooses to flee back behind the walls of the Thirteenth Division where the Captain had found her. While previously upset and disappointed with Oyama's carelessness before, something he thoroughly expressed during their squad meeting, now his opinion of the woman has plummeted, marking her as the second blue haired woman to have wasted both his time and his patience. It was a twisted since of irony, was every blue haired woman a sniveling coward, buckling under the slightest pressure? Maybe-

His eyes cut towards Himari mid-thought, and he stares the girl over. The intensity in his stare softens just a bit. No, he couldn't get swept away in his anger. For now at least, Himari had proven to be an exception to what was becoming a rule of blue haired woman to the Captain. Its not that the girl was without fear, this much was certain but rather, she refused to be consumed by it. With every challenge thrown at her, every obstacle she came across, Himari would claw her way over it or through it.

'She's different'

He told himself. It was something he believed in, something he had to believe in, otherwise...what was he doing? Was he wasting his time in accepting her not only as a member of his squad, but as his student as well? No, she was different..he told himself this again, repeating it in his heart almost like a mantra.

"You will conduct yourself accordingly when around her. That means everything she does know, everything that she has learned about the division, and about you must become obsolete so that nothing she knows or says can potentially affect any ongoing or future assignments."

Despite his anger towards the young Hoshi he does not instruct Himari and Ochi to ignore Oyama should they cross paths, or to perceive her as an enemy. Instead, he prioritizes the securing and protection of information going forward. In their line of work one could never be too careful or too trusting, dismissing any and everyone as harmless because of appearances or performances left you open to an unexpected attack. Complacency bred death, or...at least that's how he thought, how he was raised and trained.

The Captain reaches inside his haori rummaging around briefly. When he withdraws his hand a dark colored needle is seen pinched between his index finger and thumb. His eyes seem to almost glow as they shift between the two before him.

"This needle is composed of the same material as my anken. Starting now I am going to insert these all over your bodies, predominately in places where you are most reliant on in terms of the muscles you use."

The tip of the needle briefly gleams in the sparse light, his hand held out allowing them to get a good visual of the needle.

"If you move your body improperly, exert too much strength or too little, the inserted needle will cause untold pain to shoot through you as its moved around inside and more importantly...because of the material composing the needle, your reiryoku will constantly leak and spill from you. Your task is to be able to live and operate with the needles, without disturbing them while also keeping your spiritual power from spilling out subconsciously."

It was a heavy task. They'd have to eat, sleep, train, move constantly with these needles inserted throughout their body, and one wrong move will cause them intense pain? Not to mention their reiryoku was going to constantly be leaking out of their body, something that could potentially lead to their death if not stopped. Perhaps this would be a slight inconvenience for Ochitsuki the warrior, but for Himari? This was a heavy task indeed. Regardless, it was an exercise that would not only help her to at best completely remove the excess in her movements or at the very least, limit the amount of unnecessary movement in her actions while also honing her reiryoku control at the same time. No matter what, she would not be the same woman, the same shinigami she was today.

"So...shall we begin?"

7 Months Ago


Situated in the bowels of the hidden facility, obscured by the many trees of the darkened forest, behind multiple walls of Sekkiseki (殺気石, Spirit Reducing Stone; Viz "Lethal Presence Rock"), exists a massive room, its motif clearly that of a training facility. A rather expansive table rests several feet behind rows of targets, and resting atop the table are a series of dark colored weapons and tools, their design and weight makes it evident that they are made to be thrown. Kyomu has instructed Himari and Ochitsuki to familiarize themselves with every weapon and tool on the table, and every day their exists weapons with new designs and shapes that they are forced to become acquainted with. He instructs them to learn to control where the weapons arrive, a process that involves throwing them in such a way that they curve around an obstruction to hit their target. It is a task that proves to be rather arduous, even for the battle hardened Oda, one who is not known to really care for uniquely utilizing any weapons beyond the standard, let alone throwing weapons. He and Himari are forced to commit to such a task, all with those needles still embedded in their flesh, reiryoku working to slip its way out of their bodies, with their bodies further suppressed by the Sekkiseki that surrounds them.

Himari takes hold of a number of the dagger-like blades, heterochromatic eyes shifting from one still target to the next. She clenches her teeth before biting her lip in frustration, and then...she lets the blades fly with a flick of her wrist. The dark projectiles are like fleeting shadows, darting through the air, she stares...watching...waiting


Each blade lands firmly, and while one may assume this was a success as there was not the sound of clattering from a blade missing and striking the ground, something that happened often in the beginning of her training, one look at Himari and the frustrated look on her face would otherwise. Staring at the targets, there was one that was struck in the head, one that head two blades in it, the chest and the dummy's arm, there was a third that struck the wooden post where its scarecrow like arm should be. What Himari had attempted and failed to do, was to throw her blades in such a way that they curved around the targets directly in front of her to strike the heads of four separate targets. Ochitsuki stares at his colleague, then at the tools on the table before him. He has been working to better himself, to deepen his connection with his zanpakuto while also reinventing himself over...and over..and over again. A new 'face', a new personality, a new identity each day, scrolling through emotions as one might do wardrobes every day.

"Show me."

In the same room, yet elevated in what could only be described as an observatory of sorts, overseeing the entirety of the training room was Kyomu. He watches the progress of both Himari and Ochitsuki alone, that is until a figure appears behind him as if he had been there the whole time.


The agent, void of face, name and identity presents a folder to the Phantom. Kyomu takes it and begins leafing through each page, his attention for the moment, pulled away from his subordinates and their training. Since the end of the Kenpachi games months ago, the Gotei has gained four new Captains. Over the course of two months, the Covert Ops have worked to obtain every piece of intel they could gather on these new Captains. Some were easier than others, as there already existed a dossier on them, specifically the new Captain of Third Division, Honoka Oki a former friend, and the inheritor of the Commander's will now Captain Shizuka Hyouzoku of Tenth Division. While those two were known, there was of course a need for new intel, specifically Honoka's mindset and actions since the death of her kin by his hands and the removal of her only son by way of the Commander's, and Shizuka's state of mind and being since the same infliction claimed him as it did former Lieutenant Arashi Suta, Captain Tenzen Oda and....Yasu. He still vividly remembers that day he had heard she had gotten herself detained by the Kuchiki Killer, gone to rescue only to see her in that almost unrecognizable form..the day he had retrieved her from the containment cell at the Institution of Research and Development, the relief he felt to know he could safely retrieve her in one piece...but that was in the past.

While Honoka and Shizuka were somewhat known elements, this Nao Murakami, the newest Captain of Seventh Division, inheritor of the Mad Dog's legacy, and then the man he himself had faced during the games, the new Captain of the Eighth Division, Suiyo Kusotare were new faces, unknown elements. They wouldn't remain unknown for long, not if he had anything to say about it. The arrival of Nao coincidentally comes with the absence of former Lieutenant Atsuko Ise, especially while Captain Oda was looking further into the death of the current Captain's predecessor, Kyomu can't help but wonder if there's any correlation between them. He'd have to look further into this Nao Murakami. Then there was the matter of the drunkard, Kyomu recalled Tenzen believed the man to be a prime suspect for the death of Captain Asakura, but if Suiyo was roaming free as a Captain no less...had the Oda cleared him of all suspicions? If that was the case, then did this mean he had discovered more regarding this Suiyo? Kyomu will need to help himself to whatever intel his fellow Captain has on their new colleague.

"Good job. Continue observing them and those around them, and as always..I expect an update...daily."

The agent nods his head, and absent of any visible cue the man was simply...gone, leaving the Phantom alone once more.

5 Months Ago

Kyomu sits in his observatory, a specter hauntingly observing Himari and Ochitsuki as their training continues. During his sessions with Himari helping her to hone her swordsmanship, to truly exploit her shikai, to observing Ochi as he communed with his zanpakuto to even now, Kyomu is able to perceive the growth in the two. Their reiatsu growing firmer, their control over their reiryoku becoming more stable and refined under the unfavorable conditions they are forced to train and practically live in. Himari's growth acts as a pleasant treat to Kyomu, reaffirming his decision to take her in. Her breaths have become less labored, her hands growing more steady, her discipline more resolute. She has been changing, truly transforming into someone of the Stealth Force, learning to embody what it meant to not only be Onmitsukido...but his student as well. There is a hint of pride shown in his nigh expressionless gaze when-


This moment of peace and accomplishment is disturbed by the voice of a member of the Covert Ops. Kyomu does not say anything in response, instead he merely glances over his shoulder just slightly. It is that brief glance that is enough to nearly constrict the heart of the man who has come to bother him. No, he needn't any words from his Captain, that stare alone spoke volumes. It said without speaking, 'hurry up'.

"T-there is..I-I mean to say, We have an intruder sir!"

As the agent stumbles over his words, further irritating the Captain, when he does finally complete what he's come to say, he is rewarded with an explosion of tumultuous reiatsu that sends him barreling across the room, as the walls to the observatory are blasted into small fragments and splinters that rain down on the training room below. While the Second Division was no longer technically closed off, Kyomu had still instructed to turn away any visitors save for an envoy from the Commander, the Head Lieutenant, and another Captain. In the instance that any of the exceptions were to come they were instructed to come get him immediately so he could handle things from there. To hear there was an intruder meant that it wasn't one of the aforementioned individuals, and someone had truly dared to force their way through. Kyomu took this as a personal insult.


The normally quiet and subtle Phantom, becomes loud and boisterous as he roars the names of his subordinates and the command to follow him. He'd find out who dared to break into his division, and he intended to make it the last mistake they'd ever make. Together, the trio leave the facility, their shunpo propelling them through the forest, Kyomu in his anger not bothering to slow his steps for them to follow. He didn't need them to keep up, he needed them where he was going to be or..rather where he was. One moment he is in the forest, the next he is at the courtyard of his division barracks, a group of shinigami and stealth force agents forming a crowd.

"We have to stop her! Detain her before the Captain arri-"


Kyomu flings aside agent after agent as he forces his way into the center of the formation to see the face of this intruder soon to be corpse, and he is met with

He stares at the woman, a young girl standing their with clenched fist and a rather annoyed expression, one that quickly faded when she saw him. The Phantom cannot help but feel a sense of familiarity as he gazes at the girl.

“Kagura? Is that you? What are you doing here?”

Himari's voice comes from behind him, the girl's, this...Kagura's child like grin widening further. With Himari and Ochitsuki having finally arrived, they take their respective places beside him. Ochi who observes the girl, undoubtedly noting the uncanny resemblance between her and his Captain.

"Himari, you seem to know this girl. Report."

Kyomu's apathetic gaze does not leave Kagura as he speaks to Himari. Straightening her stance she does as she's told, and reports.

"Yes sir. She's a friend of mine, her name is Kagura Madarame, we were in the academy together. Last I heard though, she was in the Eleventh Division."

Kagura continues to smile innocently, even moreso now that she is seeing her friend for the first time in quite awhile, oblivious to the situation she has caused she waves at Himari ignorantly. It seemed that with the showcasing of the games and their conclusion, while there were many who were vying to join the Eleventh Division to serve under its newest official Kenpachi, there was at least one who's heart pulled her elsewhere. Already a member of the Eleventh Division, albeit one of many low seated individuals, Kagura's eyes beamed with child-like splendor and innocence when watching the Phantom at work with utter admiration. She had apparently replayed his performance and interviews in her head before finally resolving herself to go and join his squad! Packing her things, and scribbling a note that she left behind, certain that someone would eventually happen across it she rushed over to the gates of the Second Division....only to be turned away. She was told that the Captain was too busy to see her then...and again...and again...and AGAIN. Day after the day, after day until she couldn't take it anymore. Known to be rather stubborn and quick tempered, it seemed the girl's patience had worn off, using her almost unnatural physical strength to break her way into the court yard, determined to meet her idol and serve under him.

"I see..."

He spoke in understanding, after hearing the woman out, getting a gist of how everything happened, and why she was there. Kyomu nods his head before turning to face away from her.

"Throw her in the nest. Himari, Ochitsuki, lets go."

The girl's eyes widen, her mouth drops open as she can only stare at Kyomu and her friend walking away. A swarm of black is immediately upon her as her zanpakuto is pried from her while she is dragged and carried away, kicking, screaming and crying to the Maggots Nest.

3 Months Ago

Himari, Ochitsuki...and Kagura sit facing away from each other, their respective zanpakuto resting on their laps with their eyes closed. Kagura, who had previously been thrown into the Nest proved herself to be as resilient as she was stubborn. When Kyomu did send someone to check on her after a week, he had discovered that according to the reports, Kagura had pummeled a vast majority of the prisoners into complete and utter submission to her. Kyomu couldn't help but be impressed, yet there remained a sense of skepticism. He ventured into the nest to see for himself, eyes beholding Kagura laughing and giggling while swinging prisoners around like dolls, tossing them here and there, some running away from her in haste, others attempting to overwhelm her with sheer numbers...an attempt that ended in failure. When Kyomu approached her, the girl's signature smile grew wider once more. he could use someone like her, and so he officially offered her the position of his Third Seat, asking how she'd like to be in charge of the place and everyone in it.

He watches from the repaired observatory. Each one of the three has made considerable progress, Kagura's progress a tad slower given her starting point compared to her new peers and her propensity towards playing rather than focusing. Still, he needed a means of properly gauging their progress and where they were at.

"The latest report on the new Captains I take it?"

Kyomu speaks to the wind, his eyes ever downward towards his three subordinates. He reaches up securing the folder in his hand. As he prepares to read whatever information, new or otherwise they've gained from their observations, the agent instead of vanishing as he normally would, has more to say.

"Sir, there's...another matter. A..visitor."

Kyomu's eyes raise up. He turns around to address the agent, to determine what visitor he spoke of, but there was no need for the man to answer. Hidden in the shadows is the visitor in question.

"You are-"

He begins to speak, while approaching them. When he speaks its as if he is familiar with the individual in question, or at the very least, recognizes them. He stops just shy of a few feet from the individual. When they speak, their voice is low..quiet..almost muffled. It is spoken in a tone and volume that only allows Kyomu to hear them. When they finish saying what they needed to something strange occurs. For the first time in quite a long time...the Phantom..smiles?

"Well now, how...fortuitous."

The two speak further for several more minutes. When the trio down below finally open their eyes, exiting Jinzen (刃禅, Blade Zen), Kyomu is back where he was prior to the arrival of the visitor or the reporting agent, the mysterious visitor nowhere to be seen or sensed.

That same ominous smile remains on the Phantom's lips, obscured by the distance between him and the three below.


In the training room Himari and Ochitsuki are continuing their training with throwing weapons. Their speed and accuracy many folds higher than when they started, as if the tools were being handled by completely different individuals. While Himari's attire may look the same, its been woven together using the silk from a spider hollow's threads, courtesy of the Mukuro Clan's Master Weaver (達人織工, “Tatsujin Okō”). Outfitted with such threads, it meant that her Shihakusho held a resilience akin to the strength and durability of an arrancar's hierro, making it more difficult for blades or projectiles to pierce or cut through it to reach her flesh, stopping a majority of them, zanpakuto included granting the young protege greater protection from her opponents. Kagura, across the room was punching the air repeatedly in frustration. With every punch she was shouting a word, no..a name, the name of a Kido spell to be exact. Kyomu had learned that Kagura's aptitude for Kido wasn't the highest, yet the girl was determined to get better in her own way. She had it in her head that if she tried hard enough, she'd be able to cast the spells...by...punching...very hard...very very hard, and fast. Though not a talented spell caster himself, the Phantom still knew that Kido didn't work that way, even the resident Kido master in the squad Himari had tried telling her as much. Yet Kagura was known for being bullheaded.

"Everyone gather. Its time to remove the needles."

Himari and Ochi have lived with these needles for nine months, Kagura for roughly three months. The needles had done their job, their movements were sharper, faster, more fluid and controlled, along with their control over their reiryoku. They were, reborn. Collecting the needles from their bodies, Kyomu glances towards Kagura who stares back, beaming happily. He breaks his gaze from her to shift it over towards Himari.

"Himari. I'm temporarily lifting your ban on Kido. I want you to hit Kagura here with a spell, nothing life threatening. Don't worry, you know how tough and sturdy she is. Kagura, I want you to watch and observe Himari. Everything she does, try to feel how she manipulates her reiryoku, the fluctuation of her reiatsu as she casts the spell."

Nodding his head towards Ochitsuki, he steps back away from the girls, expecting Ochi to do the same. While he feels there is no need for Kagura to truly focus on Kido, he knows talking her out of it wouldn't do him much good, if any. So instead, he at least uses Himari to give Kagura a glimpse into what she needs to focus on when trying to use Kido, its all he had to offer...all he could do for Bullheaded Kagura.


New member

Time is a weird thing. To some, it can be a time of growth and maturity. For others it can be a time of laziness and guilt. It always depended on the person on what they would do with the time they were given. Would they use it to their advantage? Or would they let the time slip by and don’t do a thing?


A dagger was thrown from a skilled hand. It hit its target right where it was supposed to. Right where she wanted it to.

The woman who threw the dagger was none other than Himari Shimizu, once a girl with no name. No worth. A scared child. Now, the blue haired Shinigami in the training room was completely different. Nine months had done her well.

Within those nine months, Himari had now been thrown under the acclaimed Phantoms wing. She was now his pupil and she took it with pride. Within those nine months she learned how to wield weapons with ease, and how to conceal them to her aid. Within those nine months, she learned how to control her body, being able to move it so it wouldn’t work against her but for her. Within those nine months she worked tirelessly with Fudō Myōō, learning how to not only yield his power to her will, but also worked on her Zanjustu as well.

A lot of things changed within this time. From the Phantom placing small needles to help them learn how to not only learn how to move their bodies without doing unnecessary strain to them, but learn how to control her Reiryoku as well. Yes, the training was brutal, but it was worth it.

Another change was one of Oyama leaving their Division for the Thirteenth Division. Himari wasn’t one to truly care for Oyama, but she couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with the news. The only thing she could do was wish her well. But, it wouldn’t be long until another would come crashing into their ranks.

Four months after Oyama had left, a blonde haired woman had pushed into their Division and caused a scene. But, The blonde so happened to be one of her friends from the academy, Kagura Madarame. Perhaps it was because Himari herself knew her, but the girl's life was spared. She was Thrown in the nest for a few weeks because of her intrusion. But later on, it was proven that Kagura had come just as Himari did. She wanted to join the second Division to learn how to be better.

Which is how they were here now.

Himari allowed herself to relax, her hands crossing over her chest. She almost cringed as she felt her skin slide against the new silk of her Shihakusho. This was another change. From just looking at her, her shihakusho would look the same as it was before. But, thanks to Mukuro Clan’s Master Weaver (達人織工, “Tatsujin Okō”), it was made of silk of a spider hollows threads. Now, it was like body armor. Now it would be difficult for even some Zanpakuto to cut through. She was thankful for it. But she also had to get used to the change of feel of it.

She would glance at her friend, now comrade, Kagura as she punched the air. Himari knew she was working on practicing Kidō, which she wasn’t good with. She hasn’t been good with it since their Academy days, but she insisted on practicing it with punching. Each growing more frustrated than the last. Himari would laugh if she wasn’t her friend. Himari, a Kidō Master, knew working Kidō was nothing like Kagura was doing. She even knew if Kagura was doing it correctly, her frustration and lack of thinking wouldn’t even allow a simple spell to be casted.

“Everyone gather. It’s time to remove the needles.”

Ah. The needles. Himari had almost forgotten about them, having increased her control of her movements without pain as well as the increased control of her Reiryoku. She didn’t say a word as the Phantom removed their needles one by one. She just stood there, looking forward.

“"Himari. I'm temporarily lifting your ban on Kido. I want you to hit Kagura here with a spell, nothing life threatening. Don't worry, you know how tough and sturdy she is. Kagura, I want you to watch and observe Himari. Everything she does, try to feel how she manipulates her reiryoku, the fluctuation of her reiatsu as she casts the spell."

Himari raised an eyebrow at this. She hasn’t been able to use Kidō for the past nine months due to the phantom wanting her to hone in on different skills. But now he was taking away that ban for her to hit Kagure with a spell. It wouldn’t have been the way she would have taught Kagura, but it was an effective way. If she would watch Himari and notice how she manipulated her Reiryoku and Reiatsu, she might get that it wasn’t about how powerful her movements were, but how fluid she controlled her spiritual pressure.

Himari wordlessly walked in front of her friend, thinking as she walked. She didn’t return the smile she would get from her friend. She just stared back at her before she quickly would move fluid and to Kagura’s eye, as if she hadn’t moved her arm at all. She pointed her finger at Kagure, allowing only a small amount of her spiritual energy to just that finger before suddenly, without even a word, a sudden kinetic force would hit Kagura dead on, just enough to push her off her feet and to the ground.

“You won’t get anywhere with Kido if you think punching very hard is going to make it happen. It’s all about control. Learning how to control how much or little Reiryoku to use is the essence of truly casting a Kido spell. Punching the air won’t get you there.”

To some, it would seem as Himari was just being mean. But the simple fact that Himari spoke at all, Giving advice no less, truly meant she did care for Kagura a lot. It spoke of their friendship. She allowed herself to glance at her other comrade, Ochitsuki, as she went back to her spot.

Yes, the passed nine months also changed their relationship as well. They weren't particularly friends. And Himari still didn’t like him, but she did grow a sense of respect for the deranged Oda. And she truly, or at least hoped, that he was true to his word about wanting to actually be trained and have a better goal than of the one of killing their Captain. Even though she knew the Captain could hold his own, she didn’t know if she was ready to have to bring her blade to Ochitsuki. Even if he tortured her and gave her the creeps. He was still a comrade. And that was something Himari still needed to work on.

Awkward Heals

New member



Weakness is like a plague. So was the ideal Junko held firmly in mind for so many years. How long had both she and her Zanpakuto spent training? So much time yet not at all, it seemed. With the permission of her Captain, the woman had become a ghost to her own division. The familiar sight of her happy face about the hospital was noted, yet her whereabouts were a mystery. In itself, this behavior wasn't completely unexpected. Junko was known to slip away when the bustling within the barracks slowed to a crawl. Yet these instances were nothing in comparison to the months that passed by with not a glimpse.

The woman that returned was a stranger. Volatile and aggressive, the kind smiles expected in her company had disappeared. Replaced by a dour expression, a stronger sense of authority and purpose cloaked her. To hear exactly where she had been or what she had done was a fool's errand. Never a lie, yet the simple reply of "training" never seemed to satisfy the questioning eyes and probing mouths of her squad mates. It took little time for the attempts to cease entirely. The being that walked about in Junko's form was pushed no more. This was the same with her coming and going.

No longer one to simply slip away in silence, Junko would stroll out of the front gates without a word. It was no different on that particular day. Junko's eyes staring blankly toward her goal for only a moment. Then gone in an instant. Her path would lead her to Third Division, perched atop the Academy roof. Silently skipping along, her fingers danced along the onscreen keyboard of her device. Alerting Asahi of her arrival was one matter. Whether the strange other would show was another matter entirely.

The blister pack of pills rattled about in her pocket. Her hand settled over her hakama in the same place to stifle the noise. Strangely, the sound reminded her of months past. Perhaps instead, it was the casual way she had found herself in such a place. Waiting contently for the person who had done such things to her...

9 Months Ago

"This is going to sound like a bit of an odd request, but.---"

Many years had passed with her silent partner. Gumyōchō would speak to her just briefly. They agreed on Junko's need to get stronger. Yet she only spoke vaguely of how exactly she was to go about doing such a thing. Yet her trust in Gumyōchō never wavered. Each new instruction was abrupt and often made no sense at all in the moment. Asahi Kajiyashiki becoming involved in her work with her Zanpakuto was a complete surprise to her until the moment he was needed. Excited by the concept, so completely intent upon the science of the awful request she had made of him, he seemed to not mind in the slightest.

The world had moved quickly after that. An arrangement to meet was made. Such came and went. Further agreements and arrangements were made. Her Captain returned. Treated with plenty of space, he received the same at her request for leave. "For training" seemed to be understood by him well enough. How would she explain such a bizarre plan? And would he make an attempt at talking her out of it? Uncertainly, Junko had erred on the side of caution and gave no details until her report on her return.


The being that walked about in Junko's form gave a report upon its return.

Many wondered if the woman's changes were an effect of the events in the World of the Living. Arriving only to witness the aftermath of the fighting that broke out, the devastation had left her speechless in the moment. Between her duties in these places and her first official meeting of the Head Lieutenant, Junko had received a fairly vivid picture of the events that occurred. Many stories floated about, mostly gossip with no real merit. Yet what had truly occurred and what had the potential to happen were equally disturbing to the woman. Whether the fault lie with mismanagement of the scenario due to the distraction of the Games or was caused by weakness. This didn't matter. Both stung at her furiously. Her belief in her fellow squad-mates had left with no concept of what was happening and how desperately more healers had been needed. Should have verified.... Like a mantra, this statement repeated itself to her daily. Her weakness spread to more than physical, and her plan to remedy such afflictions had only just begun.

What could the woman say to those who had no need to know? Her distance from them had been for both of their sakes. The sounds Junko had heard for months had been both completely foreign and nearly unbearable. Noises from her mouth she hadn't known she was capable of making. The near constant tearing or otherwise destruction of her flesh. Accompanied only by two others, she endured two months of constant demolition, then healing. All to be broken down again. Any semblance of time became lost on her. The concept of two months had seemed too long and too short at the same time.

She allowed herself a month to fully recover before approaching her Captain, requesting personal training. Although the Games themselves had left only a single casualty and minimal injuries, the events in the World of the Living had proved how necessary further training would be. Such aid boosted her abilities in kaido more than another hundred years of working in the hospital could have. Despite his young appearance, the man's precision and understanding of his trade was phenomenal. Any who may have questioned such abilities had received a rude awakening as they watched his performance during the Games. It mattered little to Junko whether or not he had won. He had survived. He had fought and made his way to the final round, the final opponent. His history with the new Captain left an uncertainty in many eyes, curious if such attachments meant he would be unable to actually attack the woman or if he would find himself unable to stop.

Swinging her leg around, Junko spun about a few times, balanced on her heel. She settled downward, allowing herself to take a seat now. Perhaps the strange teacher would show himself and perhaps he couldn't. Yet there was also a need for the stillness she found in such quiet moments, all to herself. She removed the pills from her pocket. Intended to help stimulate natural healing but at a much more rapid pace. A strange sort of pettiness mixed with a continued interest in Asahi and his musings kept her away from Twelfth Division. His advice had always been accurate enough on its own.

The memories rattled about almost audibly, her hand wobbling the pack of medicine about to match the sound only she could hear. To drown it out. Wash it away. Just as she had done to the being that walked in Junko's form before her. A wonderful healer. And an otherwise useless shinigami. Junko had come to understand this. Though her compassion for those in need had not wavered in the slightest, her patience had become almost nonexistent. The message their Captain had practically painted on the wall when she was still a Fourth Seat. She had joined the others in ignoring such a warning. Such a call for strength. It wasn't surprising members from Fourth would be called upon to assist in battle. Not a practice she had heard of before, it had still burst forth into existence. And how many had continued on as if such words had never been spoken?

Junko had been guilty of this as well. If anything, it felt all the more dangerous. Was it not her job to ensure her squad-mates were well prepared? Despite being well versed in various healing matters, they knew of little else. Her chest tightened slightly at the thought. Was that what Mizu had felt? What had caused his departure? Was her weakness and inefficiency what drove him into the arms of a battle tested Lieutenant? Or had she failed him completely in every way? It certainly wasn't a matter she felt the need to ask of the man. And the circumstances no longer mattered. All that did any longer were the hurtles she had taken to land her where she was that day. Regrets would only serve to cloud her judgment. Moving forward had become her only option.

The world quieted around her, or perhaps it had all been in her mind to begin with. An annoyed sigh escaped her lips, the packet in her fingers now bouncing around randomly. Her silence had come and gone and she could tolerate little more. The quiet times between patients had once been their own comfort. They no longer held such appeal. The chaos was where she had begun to thrive. Watching as the room around her seemed to move at its own pace. Slower than the rest of the world. The panic and rushing of others a muted sound, meant to be ignored. Only the task at hand mattered.


Hopping up to land on a single foot, Junko hovered in this strange balancing act for a full minute before releasing her raised leg. The sensation of Asahi's very familiar presence was near-by, though it seemed no closer than before. Pocketing her test batch once more, her eyes glanced about the Academy grounds.

"I suppose..not today."

Even then, Junko remained quietly observing, unnaturally still in a sea of constant movement. Eyes glazed and looking far beyond the present moment.