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The field of Kido hold many whom excel at its basic utilization and understanding - incantation recitation, energy analysis and breakdown, and even an in depth comprehension of the forbidden arts. One could be full of knowledge in their own right, even holding a title as a "Master" and still not truly qualify as so in the eyes of another. When it comes down to it, the understanding and execution, along with an overall comprehension and adaptability in which one utilizes spells with pure efficiency and strategy is what truly makes one "masterful". To be confident in your abilities and strengths within the arts , but not so much so that it impedes your own progress and opens way for error - as the two High Priestess had just done.

To hold their composure even in the midst of their concealment spell being torn asunder and simultaneously being placed into an abrupt confinement was notable in its own right. In fact, it spoke volumes of the skills of the two Priestesses under fire. It showed for one, that they had expected Eizoku's interruption and had been lying in anticipation of him sensing them out and making their presence known to the public eye. It also spoke to their level of competence and knowledge of Kido as their actions continued seemingly uninterrupted showing that they were knowledgeable of how to escape the barrier which held them captive - or so they believed.

What the two had not fully accounted for was the speed at which the spell had been executed, or how quickly the primary effect of the spell took place - immediately. They had allowed their knowledge and confidence to dismantle the spell, to override the speed of execution, a factor that had been just as paramount.

The opaque golden barriers certainly shatter in reaction to the effort of the two, however the results of those efforts would certainly be off-putting once the reality of the situation had truly come to light. Despite the rather abrupt erection of the barriers, the priestesses would find themselves expending more than a notable amount of Spiritual Pressure in their attempt to dismantle it - certainly a far cry from the intended immediate shattering they were expecting to achieve. Throughout the continued channeling of their energy through the barrier, they would come to understand exactly why this had been the case. Execution and refinement. There had not been a single spell in Eizoku's arsenal that he had cast in the same manner or on the same level as the typical utilization of the masses. Every spell had been refined or modified in one way, shape, or form, however slight - a component of his mastery. In this case, the refinement lied within the structure and resilience of the erected barriers. As the two respectfully channeled their spiritual energy throughout the barrier, they would find their efforts vain for quite some time - the prolonged pooling of their energy presumingly into the structure allowing them to sense exactly how this barrier was formed. Although appearing to resemble a typical glass like flat faced rectangular prism structure, it had been anything but so. The walls of each face of the barrier had been erected and woven with such surgical like precision that it was almost reminiscent of a high quality thread counted sheet; it was as if there had been an innumerable amount of horizontal and vertical weaving of threads per square inch of the barrier. Because of this, the two would find their spiritual energy seeping around and out of the solidified porous structure, instead of within, making it much more difficult to dismantle, and realistically requiring more than an "equal" and opposite output of energy to unravel. It had in theory been something similar to an individual holding their hands in front of their face and blowing between the crevices to no avail.

By time the two had managed to truly escape these barriers, they would find the unwoven strands of the threaded barrier reflecting and dispersing into the light of the sun - outside. Their first mistake, had been allowing themselves to be completely captured. Immediately upon the barriers closing, before the two had even made contact with the barrier, they would have already been transported outside - making all of their efforts from then forward futile in the moment. Although it was certain that all those within the Kido Corps were a cut above the rest, Eizoku too had been in the top tier of that "cut", and perhaps even above.

Despite the Lieutenant's attempted interruption and obvious irritation with the man, the Third Seat continued on uninterrupted in his speech and walking towards the exit of the establishment before allowing Arashi to continue on in his speech. The increasing Spiritual Pressure of the man being met with an equal resistance of his own as he remained unfazed in entirety - his back still to the man, not caring to see the scowl that painted itself across his visage.
The mission is completed. You acted on behalf of all of the Fifth Division and since you feel so strongly, you can be the one to deliver it to Kido Corps Head Quarters and quarantine it. As you said, there is a possible mole. Until we know more await for the Captain, your mentor. I will make a report on Fifth Division’s discovery to the Head Lieutenant.

This is an order. I will join shortly.


Begrudgingly and without a word more, the Third Seat complied out of respect more so for the manner in which Arashi had handled the situation with a verbal compromise rather than continuing on with a physical altercation. His route, now changing from his intended path to the Twelfth Division, to the Kido Corps head quarters. Leaving Jizakai as silent as a worm in the room to his lonesome.

The only reply lingering in his thoughts as he made his advent to his new destination.

"The one giving the orders soon….will be me.”



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Inside the comforts of his own Soul Tenzen ever the thinker, dawns upon a conclusion or, rather a suspicion regarding a mystery that had surfaced prior to the games, the death of a Captain namely Itsuki Asakura. Even in the heat of battle, with so much at stake he is able to discern things that others might ignore, for matters that transcend the here and now. The creature that Kyomu attempts to speak to in hopes that his Peer is still capable of hearing, is still in control reacts to his voice. The creature spins, blade in hand it moves as if seeking to cut through its perceived attacker. On the surface it is as though Tenzen has been buried beneath the instincts of the Hollow, devolved into nothing more than a monster when-


Instead of blood from Kyomu by way of the Vasto's attack, or blood from the Vasto by way of the assassin's counterattack there is space between the two beings who stare off. While this had supposedly been a fight to the death, for Kyomu it has been a burden of responsibility, and a small trinket of curiosity. Burdened with the command to participate in the games, his curiosity of the strange mysterious drunk was piqued. He needed to ascertain to a degree exactly what the man was, if his appearance there was a cruel twist of fate for him, or if he was something...more. His attacks from a distance, uncharacteristic for an established assassin, especially one such as himself were attacks made to access the man's capabilities. He had succeeded in answering some questions he had, while even more surfaced. He'd be sure to find those answers as well at a later time, a quieter time. While Tenzen felt it was his duty to not only participate, but to ensure the Gotei's prestige and honor, even at the cost of his own dishonor by taking the form of a monster for all to see, Kyomu feels only the burden of ensuring another colleague, a capable colleague hasn't made a foolish and costly gamble with his very soul.

The Oda believes the others to have forgotten about Captain Asakura's death or perhaps they simply didn't care. To a degree he is correct, with the games afoot the Captain's priorities have been shifted. For Kyomu it is a subject not worth delving further into...for him at least. A mystery better suited by those in the Sixth Division and those of the Seventh Division, Itsuki's legacy. Unfortunately both divisions have fallen short of this duty, a duty Tenzen takes upon himself. When the Vasto moved Kyomu, he himself a master of not only the blade but of death as well, was able to discern the trajectory of the strike. He understood this was a strike not aimed for him, actions unbefitting of a mindless monster. Those watching may have expected the monster's blade to fade through yet another Mukuro apparition, only to be left in disbelief to find it is in fact the genuine Kyomu at this moment. It is truly a moment of trust; Tenzen trusting in Kyomu to recognize he was there and that he was not attacking him, not his enemy while Kyomu trusts that Tenzen was not compromised and would also understand he had no desire to compete with him or anyone for the useless title of 'The Strongest'.

”No, we haven’t. But this man must be arrested and his Zanpakuto confiscated.”

As the monster speaks, Tenzen's voice slowly becomes the more dominant of the dual voices. His words confirm what Kyomu had suspected at the start of the match, and further learned from the blade's new decor. The man dressed like a Shinigami, wielded a shinigami's blade but he was no Soul Reaper. Kyomu seems to only gaze at his transformed colleague weighing his words. Did Tenzen suspect him of attacking a Shinigami and stealing an asauchi? It was plausible, but it was also equally plausible that the man was holding onto mementos of a shinigami acquaintance and friend, one no longer of this world..it certainly wouldn't be the first time. However you cut it though, the former assumption seemed the most likely given the man's skill with the blade and the mannerisms of the 'Dogs of the Rukongai' as Itsuki himself dubbed them. This whole thing was becoming more and more of a headache.

”I have reason to believe this is the man who killed Captain Asakura. I want to confirm these suspicions with an investigation and if it is true… I’ll turn him over to you for interrogation. If someone this strong is out in the Rukongai attacking Captains we may have trouble brewing at our gates. He may have been put in these games to further reduce our numbers.”

The Phantom's eyes narrow as the Oda fully voices his suspicion. If the man surely was planted by some secret cell rising up in the districts, all the more reason for Kyomu to leave and gather his men. Tenzen made it clear he was in control and further that he himself intended to investigate the matter for now. Kyomu knew what caliber of man Tenzen was, and as of recent events was one of only two people he actually trusted within the ranks of the Seireitei. And so, the Phantom sheathes his blade.

"I forfeit."

Two little words, that felt heavy and massive given who had spoken them. Those who had bet in favor of Kyomu stare wide eyed and open mouthed in shock as they watched their money disappear before their very eyes. Others, who had expected the Captain's pride to fuel and push him stand surprised that he'd willingly and openly give up. Others elsewhere laugh and cheer, believing their misconceived thoughts of the Captain being a coward were now confirmed, that he was tucking tail and running in fear for his life against truly superior opponents. The match has been one of many twists and turns, one unexpected result after another for participants and spectators alike. Regardless of what others perceive or even care to believe, Kyomu Mukuro will have left the match, left these silly games untouched by any attack, and unbothered by any threat.

With his surrender, also comes his freedom. Freedom to return to anonymity, the freedom to move and act within the shadows, abandoning the shackles of a new burden to return to the shackles of a familiar one. Such is the price to be paid, when taking up the haori, and donning the name Captain.



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“What the Hell?!”

A crowded bar, once rowdy with cheers of joy, now rumbles with the raging ramblings of rambunctious ruffians. If it were not for the superior designs of the Twelfth Division, the screen displaying the Muken Fight would have been destroyed long ago. The occasion for party had been rudely cut short by the actions on screen, not a single soul had ordered a drink for the past ten minutes.

“Typical Shinigami bullshit.”

“So they invite us to join their ‘games’ just to throw us in their concentration camps?”

villager finds the courage to speak, his voice echoing through the silent yet crowded chambers of the town hall. Here, common citizens had tuned in out of fear for what the Shinigami were planning to do to them. Once captivated in the inspiring stand the Rukongai swordsman took, now they are reminded of their place in the eyes of the Soul Society.

“You can’t trust a thing they say.”

“Did the monster get that man?”

child asks her mother, confused why the bad guy seems to have won. What had the silly old man done wrong? Unable to process the political state of the Soul Society, all she had seen on screen was a swordsman try to stop a scary monster. Now the Scary Monster is saying he was a bad guy, but how? Were the shinigami really supposed to be the good guys?

“Don’t look honey…”

“I knew it the whole time you know.”

noble boasts to his advisor, his words slithering out the side of his mouth. Yet while his face radiated gratification, his knuckles were white, clenching hard the sides of his throne. A bead of sweat had dripped down the Lord’s forehead, falling upon his lap to stain the golden silk of his kimono. The disdain he had felt for this drunk bum, spitting in the face of the system he so gloriously prospered from, had nearly made him sick. Behind him, his advisors eyes look towards the ceiling, a much more sour expression upon his face.

“Of course you did my Lord.”

Memories Made
Suiyo’s fingers had moved to twitch, a subtle movement requiring so little effort, and yet still lethal in the hands of this Sword Saint. However, it is true that his ignorance of the secret magics possessed only by Nobles and Shinigami, has proven to be Suiyo’s downfall. Able to perceive only the visual construction of the Kido binding him, Suiyo had expected his bindings to be secure only around the midsection. Suffering from a broken arm and fractured rib, he would find instead a moment too late, that the construct emits a spiritual energy that physically constricts his entire being.

A smile spreads across Suiyo’s flushed face. It had been eons since he had been caught, actually caught, in a real trap. How primitive! The swordsman was thrilled to be in such a predicament, excited at the idea of having to think of a solution to a situation! It made the experienced soul feel young again, reliving the fundamentals of combat. His body begins to emit a steam, finely concentrated, his condensed and controlled reiatsu attuning itself to the kido. Soon, the vapors begins to emit from the golden light of the rods themselves, as the Kido slowly begins to evaporate. Yet this solution had taken awhile to calculate and create, and now was slow to react in the desired outcome. Slow, in comparison to the Vasto Lorde that approached.

As the Monster’s blade slices through the first of Suiyo’s arms, one thought passes through the Drunks' brain, rising above the rest.

When did he get me?

In the very next instant, upon the Vasto’s second swing of the sword, and the severing of his final arm, Suiyo reaches the full conclusion.

It becomes clear, that the Drunk had made a miscalculation. He had been successful in observing that this magical foe possessed the ingenious ability to infuse spells into his own body. Where Suiyo failed was assuming that by destroying the man’s spell-infused limbs, he would succeed in destroying the spell itself. When the Vasto Lorde had left behind his own discarded arm, he had succeeded in infusing this spell into the arm, through Suiyo’s blade, and into Suiyo himself.

This was excellent news.

As the Vasto Lorde addresses the Phantom, the Drunkard becomes lost in delightful thought. This revelation of course provided even more evidence towards his theory. The Monster Monk could infuse Kido into his body, through his hollowfied form, into a severed lifeless object, through a zanpakuto, and then into another living being, all through the process of touch. If all of this was possible, then it would be equally possible to infuse the spells of shinigami and nobles into objects and weapons, which can then be triggered by ordinary, spiritually weak citizens. Utilizing this Shinigami’s secret method, Suiyo might be able to arm the helpless, and remove the need for swordsman and shinigami all-

“...this man must be arrested and his Zanpakuto confiscated.”

The drooling, nearly snoring, armless Drunkard snaps out of it at word of his legal standing. Wasn’t this supposed to be a game? They all saw Suiyo take the treasure but if they didn’t want him to take it they shouldn’t have made it so obviously available. Zanpakuto? Zanpakuto...? Were they talking about his fresh outfit? His shinigami garb? That was all he had on him, wait no…that's that fancy word, that word Shinigami use to sound smarter when they say “sword”. Why’d he want his sword? The guy’s got two of his own that he already neglects.

“Mukizu was a pile of shavings when I found him. Besides, you got uh…Kokuzu, there.”

Also, this Captain guy’s voice sounds weird now, like a nerd pretending to be confident. What happened to the powerful creature? How’d we get the torso back? Was this man able to activate and deactivate that power at will, so easily? Was the boundary between Human and Monster so thin? Unfortunately, Suiyo knew the answer already, but hated to see it in action. Besides, the other thing was at least interesting, this dude’s a bore.

“Didn’t take you for a nark…”

He seems completely unbothered by the small skirmish between the two blondies in front of him. Equally, he seems unburdened by the loss of his limbs, not even having noticed that the golden light of the rods that bind him have dimmed and diminished into a crimson red. Pools of blood pour from his body, coating the luminescent Kido before dripping to the white tile below. To be honest, Suiyos buzz was starting to die off a little, and the delirium from blood loss was a welcome high. Besides, pain was an old friend he had not visited for a very long time.

“He may have been put in these games to further reduce our numbers.”

“Yeah, I was supposed to kill him.”

A casual confession rings out from the Rukongai Bum. Unable to move, his voice still radiates with confidence and clarity, as if he were pointing to Kyomu. All over the Rukongai, the humming of television sets is heard, as nobody speaks a word, glued to the screen at the drama of this confession. The camera, invisible to the participants, focuses closely on the drunk’s deadly serious eyes, his voice shouting out in annoyance.

“But I TOLD you Lady, you got the Wrong Guy!


He groans to some invisible unknown person, clearly not present in the infinite expanse of this void prison.

“I forfeit.”

Somewhere else, an ancient matriarch turns from her screen, as the monitor clicks to black, dimming the only light within the cramped darkness of her royal canopy.

Those who had bet in favor of Kyomu stare wide eyed and open mouthed in shock as they watched their money disappear before their very eyes. Others, who had expected the Captain's pride to fuel and push him stand surprised that he'd willingly and openly give up. Others elsewhere laugh and cheer, believing their misconceived thoughts of the Captain being a coward were now confirmed, that he was tucking tail and running in fear for his life against truly superior opponents.

“Hey good for you man. Live your best life.”

Slurred words pour from the smiling mouth of the swordsman, glad to see that the young killer had taken his advice, and chosen to follow the calling of his heart. The crimson warmth of Suiyo’s blood soaks through the silken fibers of his spirit garments, but it does not stop his sincere smile. He attempts to turn his head towards the Monk, but only succeeds in coughing up blood, his left lung filling with the fluid after being punctured by his now broken rib. The clutches of the Kido refuse to release the man, and yet even still in this state he appears completely unbothered. What Tenzen, now clearer in mind, might see from this behavior, is a concept known to him as Nirvana. This was a man to whom battle was as basic as breathing.

“What a happy ending huh guy?”

The smiling swordsman coughs out through the blood, which falls upon his chest and splashes in the pool formed around the kido.

“You got it all wrong though buddy. Why don’t we call it a wrap, get out of here, grab a couple rounds of a few drinks, and I’ll tell you all about whatever it is.”

Desperately wounded, utterly paralyzed, and heavily bleeding, still bound by two full incantation kidos casted by a master Vasto Lorde. Despite it all, Suiyo sounds incredibly pleasant, thrilled to have seen some of the spectacle he had today. He had been given front row seats to the unparalleled skills of a Master Spellcaster, and the unrivaled speed of a Shunpo Master. In turn he had showcased a talent of his own, and unknowingly won the minds and hearts of both Shinigami and Rukongai souls out there today. What’s more, the Sword Saint was given exposure to something unseen for over half a century, the formation of a Vizard. Not just this, but the complete power of a Vasto Lorde. Additionally, he had bore witness to two Captain’s Shikai, observed the Utsusemi technique, and deduced Tenzen’s secret kido ability.

The world watched today as Fifth Captain Kido Chief Clan Lord Vizard Tenzen Oda was sliced to pieces, pushed into shikai, and forced into his absolute most powerful form, all from a single technique swung by the Sword Saint. While the Drunken Bastard got to see treasures of the mind and keep in his pocket the treasures of battle, two sets of Anken and a gourd full of wine and gems. All of which, was precluded by a day of drinking, gambling, and festivities.

Today had been a good day.

“On you, of course.”




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The Waltz of Blades Ends

"I forfeit."

To say Tenzen didn’t expect these words to come from Kyomu would be a lie, even from the very beginning of this fight he seemed lethargic. All the skills and tools he has at his disposal means he could have done more damage than he did, there was just a general lack of care in his demeanor as a whole. Tenzen can’t blame the man because once he himself had his fill of fighting he too became uninterested in these games, especially since a greater mystery has unfolded before him.


Tenzen hears the trapped Swordsman speak up after being accused of being a rogue agent sent to destabilize the Gotei. He begins walking towards him, his gaze locked on the drunkard as he kneels down to pick up the black blade. He examines it, sensing trace amounts of Reiatsu from the blade, tell-tale signs of it being a Zanpakuto. He turns his back to the man and begins walking away when he speaks and says something very curious.

“Mukizu was a pile of shavings when I found him. Besides, you got uh…Kokuzu, there.”

He stops walking and stands idle for a second and thinks to himself, how would this man know the name of his Zanpakuto? He never said the name out loud in this fight and there are very few people in Fifth Division who have openly heard him speak its name, could there be rats placed in every Division then? More questions formulate in his mind the more this man speaks and so he turns around to address him, a statuesque expression that is impossible to glean any information on how he is feeling at the moment.

”Mukizu, huh. That’s the name of your Zanpakuto? Judging by how you speak you are either ignorant or misinformed on how Zanpakuto function.”

What he meant by this is that Suiyo assumes Tenzen is taking the blade for himself to use, when in truth, in his hands it is nothing but an ordinary blade. It can still be very dangerous but he is unable to use any of its abilities, but this means something more. If this man knows its name then he knows how to use Shikai, unless his ignorance is so great that he has no clue on how to activate it. But the man speaks again, in another genuine tone.

“Didn’t take you for a nark…”

What does he mean? He is facing a Captain, a person who exists as a pillar of the Gotei Thirteen, sworn to uphold its laws and carry out the duties assigned to him. Of course he would take the blade from some ruffian who wasn’t supposed to have it. Why is he so surprised by all this? Was he set up to be brought here, was he perhaps raised as a warrior with those raising him stunting his knowledge on how the Soul Society works, or is this man truly that ignorant of what is happening right now? After stating that this man may have been placed to dwindle their strength he opens his mouth again, with damning evidence to boot.

”“Yeah, I was supposed to kill him.”

Tenzen glances over in the direction of Kyomu and now the confusion sets in. Why target him? Why specifically Kyomu of all people? Whoever this group is they are truly idiotic to think that killing Kyomu would accomplish anything. This is not a slight against the Phantom but more of an ill omen that if some group thinks they can kill him without repercussions are insane. The Mukuro Clan would most likely comb through the Rukongai and unroot any and all who have any simbalance of ire towards the Seireitei, killing them all. But his next words narrow it down quite a bit.

”But I TOLD you Lady, you got the Wrong Guy!

He continues to stare at him, his mind running through the list of women who would want to kill Kyomu. The list may be long considering the number of widows who may exist because of him but this can’t be some small-time villager, a noble was behind this. The foul stench of their pristine hands wanting to worm their way in and influence things from a distance begins to rise all over this situation. It doesn’t take long to think of who the culprit may be behind all of this and if Tenzen were one to let emotion sway him his eyes would lower and he would let out a sigh at the desperate pettiness of the Oki Clan. Their numbers dwindled to a handful, disgraced, and possibly outcasts, while this sounds like the Oda they exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. To attempt to hire a man to kill Kyomu all to get some inkling of revenge over something they did wrong. The blood of the Oki runs in his veins as well but he holds no sympathy for them in the slightest.

“What a happy ending huh guy?”

Happy ending? If anything Tenzen feels no happiness from this situation. He isn’t an emotionless person but right now the best term to describe his emotional state is neutral. When things were adding up to solve the death of Itsuki they begin to fall apart moments later when the culprit speaks up on the accusations. Although he could be trying to dodge the bullet since he was found out.

“You got it all wrong though buddy. Why don’t we call it a wrap, get out of here, grab a couple rounds of a few drinks, and I’ll tell you all about whatever it is.”

Tenzen almost wants to scoff at the fact he is in this position, a position someone of Sixth Division is better suited to be in. However, his own investigative skills are not lacking, and currently no one in Sixth Division is equipped or capable to handle this man should he try to escape. Having witnessed his skill first hand, Tenzen is better prepared for him, though the same can be said for Suiyo as well in regards to Tenzen. He disables his Shikai, taking his statement as a sign of defeat. He sheathed his blade in his shash, the scabbards being lost somewhere in the darkness, and pointed his right index finger at Suiyo.

Today Was A Good Day

”Goyōgai” (五養蓋, Five Support Cover)

A pentagon shaped box forms on each arm of Suiyo to help stop the bleeding, he narrows his eyes and the Kido at his waist flickers a few times. Perhaps Tenzen is about to let him free, a show of good faith? Wrong, the Kido flickers because its strength increases turning into a solid round disc. Tenzen stabs the black blade into the ground, keeping a hand on it as he speaks again.

”We can have a chat once we are out of here. But that does not mean my investigation will be stalled. A Captain was killed, and you are the only one capable of achieving such a thing outside of the current Captains and a few select Lieutenants. Pray that you are proven to be innocent.”

Tenzen can be statuesque all he wants but it is a front to how he is feeling which is exhausted. That transformation takes a lot out of him and he uses up what strength he had left on a spell and reinforces another. All he can do is remain standing while using the confiscated Zanpakuto like a cane. Though, thinking back to White death’s comment about it being a happy day he can’t entirely deny that. Thinking back to when he arrived in the Rukongai, to being inside the Muken, the exchange of attacks between him and his two opponents, it was all satisfying. Being pushed to the brink of death by a miscalculated attack set fire to his soul, unleashing the full extent of his Hollow powers. It’s like his uncle taught him, fighting is all about liberating your power, that cathartic release is impossible without exerting strength. With that in mind Tenzen can humbly say, today has been a good day.


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Shiro burst out of the senkaimon at a sprint. His mind flooded with fear as he ran towards the Rukongai. He had to get there in time. He had to make it. He told himself over and over as the horrible visage of what he saw filled him with dread. The sight of a body falling from the battle.

In response to that, his body tensed and he began to move faster, using his unpracticed shunpo as he made his way. As he ran, his mind began to drift off, like it had annoyingly started to do since he joined. He remembered when he would send people away from the fights to pass the word along. So this is what it felt like huh, to run knowing the fate of people rest on how fast your feet moved? If that's the case then i need to move faster.

As Shiro darted past the indistinct faces of the 5th division, he heard their conversations. Most where just idle gossip, but one exchange peaked his interest.

“ Did ya see?! Captain Oda won the first round!”

“ yea, but now he’s gotta fight those freaky healers. Captain Hageshi and Captain Nakamoto.”

“Who cares?! Captain Oda’s gonna beat them too!"​

So the first round was over. In that case there was another reason to take the rukon route as well. He could find two people he knew where strong. While he wouldnt look for the captain of the 9th, he wouldnt not tell her about the situation. After all it looked like if the soul society wanted to fight it, it be an all hands on deck situation.

Traveling: from 5th squad senkaimon to Rukon district.
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