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“On the way, we will meet you there as soon as possible.”

Concurrent with the brief message delivered in response to Hiroka’s as they withdraw from the relief station, the medic troupe’s speed picks up; Their movement transforms from a noticeably urgent dash into an unrecognizable blur. Their quickened steps leave behind brief echoes of their travel— As they plant their feet and leap from rooftop to rooftop, their hastened footsteps only reveal themselves after multiple seconds pass.

With Hiroka’s arrival and Shoumetsu in tow, the Shinigami need to wait only a few more moments before the 1st relief team makes their anticipated approach. For a substantial portion of their lives, all these Shinigami have known revolves around their capabilities as medics and a considerable fragment of that would be possessing the unparalleled speed necessary to reach those who desperately required their aid. Every other time they have put their quickest foot forward no matter how far their objective may be— today would be no different.

Alone, Hiroka stands at the Central Senkaimon. For a moment no doubt he wishes he could do more, but no matter how hard he wished for the fading Shoumetsu, who is held up only by his grasp, there is nothing that could save his fellow Shinigami without the service of the Fourth Division.

And yet, it is as if his very anguish has manifested the timely arrival of the 1st relief team that the medics finally enter into view.

What was once a singular blob of black soon splits into five and arrives into an abrupt halt only a few meters away from the pair. They waste no time exchanging pleasantries- it only takes a single glance for them all to understand who it was who requested help and who it was that so gravely needed it.

The quintet approach Shoumetsu with equal care and haste, one of them lifting their hand to reveal a singular pole; All it takes is a single outward snap for the pole to split into two and immediately after, it instantly expands to form a makeshift teal stretcher. At once, they surround the severely wounded soldier, placing what remains of his frame onto the foldable stretcher. Four of the Shinigami grab each side of the medical cot’s handle and flash step with equal urgency back to the relief station, leaving only one lone medic to stay behind and deliver their first and final message to Hiroka Ikari.

“We’ll save your friend, don’t you worry. If anything else happens...”

… the unnamed medic raises his arm to reveal his Denreishinki in hand.

“... you know where to reach us.”

While he cannot disclose who will be operating on Shoumetsu, their assurance in Lieutenant Izumi is enough to at least try to offer a similar tick of confidence to Hiroka. With an earnest yet rapid bow, the medic waits briefly for any last words Hiroka may have to utter, whether it be a wish or other pressing information the Fourth Division may need to know. Regardless, his response, even if met with the Shinigami's silence, is responded to with one last nod before he too bleeds into a blur and fades into the sun-setting sky.

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With the smile exchanged from both parties, the one that continued chattering about continued to hold his demeanor filled with exceptional glee. One could tell just how much enthusiasm this soul held just by being in his presence – his very spiritual pressure reflecting that of someone of immense joy. When Kanojo responded to the male having a bit of a sour-tone to his speech, his eyebrows shot upwards, wondering if he had done something wrong. Beads of comical sweat dripped down the side of his head, but regardless, the other soul listened intently, responding soon after Ai spoke.​

“Y-Yeah! I think. They’ve been around doing crazy antics before, but it’s alright! It’ll be fine. I think our instructors overall were just really busy this time around, so them sneaking in was just perfect timing. If you pair that with the games – and I believe two of our instructors were training in the grounds where some of the students were – It was just a mess.”

The cheerful male said, but soon after his explanation, it seemed Ai’s attention was diverted. The green-eyed male’s smile, that was once full of sunshine, had waned into that of a panicked look. He began to sweat drop, looking towards Ai as if he himself had called out the devil himself.

“A-Ai… Do you know who that is?! That’s…”

[You dare?]

The male whispered, but before he could even finish his sentence, the other student looked towards Ai – the noble that gave his opinion as if it were fact itself. His hair was done in a slicked back fashion, golden, even. His eyes were a vibrant blue, a design that would look akin to the sea itself. He stood with a dignified stance, taller than both of the two that stood next to one another. Rather than do anything violent, he began to laugh at the outburst of Ai. Tears began filling the noble’s eyes as he took his hand, reaching over himself to cover his stomach due to just how much his laughter rang out within the halls as souls attempted to depart from the Academy. Rather than leaving, he stood there to address Ai himself.

“What do we have here? Vermin repeating themselves in the hallway? Are you chanting? I do not understand.”

He began as the students that surrounded him engaged in laughter.

“I’ll tell you this once and only once – You are whatever nobles deem you to be. No matter your skills and abilities, no matter how strong you become, no matter who or what you are – if you aren’t what the nobles want you to be, you can and will be done for. You’re an insect; when was the last time you looked at an ant and asked, ‘How do you feel?’ The only things commoners are good for are having a visually pleasing demeanor – that way at the very least they can keep the bed warm.

This soul continued in such a snotty, disgustingly uppity tone. One could tell just by the way he spoke his manner of living. The nasally tone that could be heard with each word spoken was met with nods and snickers from those around him. Those snickers weren’t directed at the male with the blonde hair, no no. Instead, they were directed towards the one that dared speak up against the profound noble within the Academy. With the continued chants and cheers, the very mindset of a number of Shinigami that attended the Academy was on display. Soon enough, the noble ignored the very presence of Ai and continued to walk with the number of students that were within his vicinity – the lot of them heading in the direction to leave the Academy.

The student that once greeted Ai with happiness, still held close to the male that seemed to not fear anything – including nobles themselves.

“W-Why did you stand up to him like that? Do you know who that guy is? He holds one of the highest scores in Kido – and some even go as far as to say he’s going to be in the first division as soon as he graduates! You have sure have a pair of – ”

The brown haired once began, figuring that the noble was done with his tirade. Soon enough, the group’s feet soon came to a screeching halt, stopping for a few moments as the noble’s voice rang out again. This time, there was someone else that needed to be addressed.

“And to the rukongai-smelling rat that you’re with, the incredibly weak one…”

He began yet again as the students around him literally held their mouths open in shock at that insult right then and there.

“…make sure you practice your groveling. I want to be sure the next time I see you, you don't look in my direction. If you do, you’ll be cleaning your blood off of my asauchi. Hopefully you’ll be able to do that right.”

The noble spat with the group of students that surrounded him laughing at his colored commentary towards the plain academy student. In unison, the lot of them left the entrance, conjuring amongst the outer fields speaking to one another rather than actually going to their own separate dormitories. The blonde haired male still remained surrounded by his “friends.” The lot seemed to praise every syllable that left his pink lips. The amount of brown-nosing these students displayed showed just how much “power” this noble held. On the other hand, the once giddy and hyped up student seemed downtrodden. His shoulders were slumped, his back aching towards the ground. His face that once brimmed with hope was replaced with despair. He wasn’t in tears by any means, but it was like his entire happiness had been washed away. His steps were slow, but he too left the building, still behind the group that were in front.

With the school needing to be disinfected, the students were rushed out into the grounds swiftly. Some of the students, such as the noble that had insulted Ai, loitered in the front of the academy. The average student that had been ridiculed began to move in the direction of the dormitories, his heart heavy and his very mood utterly destroyed.


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Kano-san had nodded. The words the other spoke of - about the games and the whole thing made sense. At least it made some sense. Think about it. Why would the teachers simply not care? Why would they allow external visitors within the Third Division's things and without anyone to have them go about? Kano-san sighed to be honest. The more he thought of this, the more he believed that something more was going on. Maybe there was a connection between the Academy and those people that did such stuff. Who knows.

“A-Ai… Do you know who that is?! That’s…”

“What do we have here? Vermin repeating themselves in the hallway? Are you chanting? I do not understand.”[/b

Kano-san truly did not care about this dude. He was a noble pest. The righteousness that this noble spoke of, the whole idea that others were their slaves and how he equated others to ants— Seireitei has fallen too low.

Kano-san did not reply. He simply gazed at the man with visible fucks given. They numbered zero. Kano-san's eyes truly showcased that whatever the man would speak of was hitting a wall. After all, Kano-san's beliefs were such that did not care about this Moble's beliefs. Noble plus Mob makes Moble. The proper term for one such as the idiot speaking as of right now.

And the Moble kept speaking. And speaking. And speaking.

'For the love of every brain cell I just lost listening to this shit, can you fucking shut up?!'

This was what Kano-san's mind kept repeating, akin to a mantra. It was entirely as if he had become a World of the Living's Buddhist monk who aimed for inner peace by repeating a simplistic mantra that would simply allow him to keep his sanity. Well. For a bit.

“And to the rukongai-smelling rat that you’re with, the incredibly weak one… …make sure you practice your groveling. I want to be sure the next time I see you, you don't look in my direction. If you do, you’ll be cleaning your blood off of my asauchi. Hopefully you’ll be able to do that right.”

Enough is enough. One thing to insult someone who has verbally attacked you, another to try and shit on someone else. Especially for no apparent reason. Kano-san was furious. Because this was simply the Mobles' thought process at full on sight. Yeah, nah. That shit needs to outright stop one way or another! And for that reason, Kano-san takes a step.[

"How about you first think before you speak?"

At the time that the Moble was about to finish his words, around the <<Hopefully you'll be to do that right>> part, Kano-san's body would stutter for a moment. He had used his own Hōho to directly appear in front of the dude. And then, he simply moved his knee forth - yes, using the Hohō's momentum - to directly shatter the family jewels. I mean, adoption is also a thing you know.

"Noone fucks with us. Especially a mob-looking noble cuck like you. So, shut it. Or await for more jewel breakage."

And so, he did as such. He truly wished for the Moble to can it. He had lost too many brain cells from the stupidity he heard. And if it became a fight? Well, even better. The Moble had already threatened the life of someone, so it would be treated as self defence. At worst, Kano-san would be thrown in the Maggot's Nest. At best, nothing would happen. As for the middle ground, either house arrest - more like dormitory arrest - or just get jumped on by others. Either way, this was worth it.





Apparently, the verbal abuse that was uttered towards the two was something that Ai couldn’t – no, wouldn’t stand for. True to himself and his overall resolve, his actions led him to attack in a way that was really unruly, and some would see to be disrespectful. With haste, the male opted to move at speeds indiscernible to the eye. By using his speed and momentum to force his knee into the very scrotum of the male, his attack succeeded. It was apparent that the noble’s lips were faster than his defense. With his minor abilities in hoho, he was able to utilize his skill at a degree to slip past the people that surrounded the noble – a feat that definitely showed that he paid attention in class. Ai at first attempted to be at peace with himself, but his violent nature paired with his true sense of not giving a f#@% was evident in his recent decision making.

“Hopefully you’ll be able t-”

Soon enough, that powerful attack was sent forward, cutting off the male’s speech right then and there. Regardless, if he thought that the people around him were simply going to allow this sort of action to go without punishment, he definitely had another thing coming. Just as his own actions were dishonorable and unworthy for one to be deemed a fighter, the actions of the other students showed how much they didn’t appreciate the intrusion – especially against the noble.

Right after Ai had successfully connected his knee into the noble’s genitalia, his knee couldn’t come down fast enough before a hand was entangled within his hair, gripping onto his long strands as each of his arms were taken captive, two arms per one of his arms. They locked the male into place as the only thing that was left unaccessed were the male’s legs. Soon enough, though, the immediate reaction soon sent two more students to use their entire body weight to pull down on each of the individual’s legs. Although Kanojo’s heart was in the right place, he didn’t account for the people around him. It was even worse that the male, whom he was practically sticking up for at this point, didn’t do a single thing. Every single one of his actions were toward the nobleman simply talking and not actually taking into account the people around him. With them literally holding onto the male appearing to be 30 years old, a rise in spiritual pressure from the lot around them could be felt. Their spiritual pressure wasn’t nothing to behold – simply average at best. Regardless, the lot used their physical strength paired with their pressure to genuinely subdue the male from taking any further action. They spread their legs slightly, bending their knees enough to further increase their stability. Since Kanojo didn’t prep at all for their involvement in the slightest, the lot of them easily were able to strap down the male’s body especially since it was down in a succinct fashion following his knee connecting – as Ai didn’t even get the chance to put his leg down. Using their strength and amplifying it with their pressure, they made sure the noble that was in front of them was somewhat safe.

The male currently on the ground began holding his jewels for dear life, attempting to save face as beads of sweat came rushing down the side of his head. He didn’t know what to say, or what to do. No one had stood up to him the way Ai had done, but the thing was, his actions were dishonorable in the eyes of what souls would deem a fair fight. Regardless, the noble should have been on his guard – especially as one attempting to become a Shinigami.

“Y-You… filth…”

The male said as his own spiritual pressure began to rise. Apparently, being warned by the normalized average joe wasn’t enough for Ai – instead, violence ensued. Although he was in grave pain, the noble stood up, his slicked back blonde hair now bearing a ragged appearance. The look in his eyes showed that he did feel humiliation. What made the pain even worse was it was by the one who had bested him, albeit unfairly. With him never being in this position before, it was even a slight oddity for the ones that had come to his aid.

“What do you want us to do with him?”

“Freakin’ coward! You had to go and attack while he was talking! Why couldn’t you challenge him like a real Shinigami?”

“What a loser.”

Those within the group continued to verbally assault Ai, as the average, green hued soul had fear, but there was a twinkle of admiration about him. He wanted to see if there was anything that could be done. Was there something more the academy student could do? He watched as a potential hero was born right before the green orbs that looked towards the soul that refused to stand down, regardless of what he was presented with.


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Just when you thought everything was gonna be fine, the peanut gallery decided to simply wake up and attempt to rise up for their lord. Was what Kano-san did smart? No. Did he make strategic preparations for this? Also no. Was he, well, found in a bad spot? Yes! I mean, dude could actually form clones and have those move in or follow or even channel some kind of Kidō through them. Like, Sho. Ranged punch would be neat to throw them peanuts off.

Still, in all honesty he did not care. He simply gave a sight, after the slightly pained grunt of having
peanuts on him pressing down on him. They need to lose weight, was all that Kano-san's mind was filled with.

"Hold me down as much as you want, but the moment that noble stops needing you, you all will be thrown aside!"

Kano-san shouts amidst the peanut gallery's voices. Surely, the ones closest would hear. His shout is extremely strong and commandeering as his body is filled with both wrath and adrenaline.

"You speak of honor as if the nobles would know of it! They would simply let you all die first if they were endangered! Why do you think they see people as slaves?! Have you forgotten what the idiot just said?! We are ants in their eyes!

His anger and wrath would make his voice higher and higher as time passed. He would push on the very ground he was thrown at, as best as possible. He was trying to escape the clutches and for that reason he was squirming around. His feet would be the main weapons, as they would hit the peanuts that held him down. Maybe, just maybe, one kick would hit a critical spot to allow him to escape their clutches. After all, he did not need more than losing one of the two that held him down.

"You spew sh#t when all you know is to pamper that idiot because he is of noble lineage! We all bleed blood! We are all the very same thing and yet we are seen as ants! F#ck that! I refuse to bow my head to that! I refuse to be an ant! I shall rise! Follow me, or f#ck off from my side!"

The meaning of his words was unknown whether it would be understood actually. He meant that others could potentially keep this status quo, or decide to remove that chain and become free. Would the onlookers attempt this freedom? Or would they stand still in the face of this adversity? Would they rise up and make their own path? Their own future even? Or would they succumb to the toxicity of this noble idealistic lineage that has been there for years? If only they rose, things would have been different. If only.