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Captivated by the movements and skills on display, Koyo could only sit here. This wouldn't do; his Squad was out fighting and protecting Naruki. He accepted this post for a higher chance of glory. The opportunity to display his skills in combat, but seeing this. He now understood why he was left behind. "Does it hurt to see how weak you are?" A voice echoed inside him, coming from the deepest corners. As his Zanpakuto spoke, he felt his eyes wince.

It was salt in a wound; what the hell was he in the academy for? What had it all been for, these fights and the time spent? "What gonna pout about it now? Just gonna sit here watching the amusement and games? " He wanted to scream shut up at his Zanpakuto. He stood up without realizing it; his blood was roaring. He couldn't sit idle and observe this scene any further.

"Teach me...please...teach me, master." He mumbled, feeling his Zanpakuto spirit smile. "Well, can't do that here; let us go somewhere you can sweat." Koyo turned and moved away from the scene; he'd seen far more than he needed to. Koyo's attitude was a strict one of work ethic with few breaks.

He thought he was strong, strong enough to gain recognition in his naivety. Squad 10's Fourth Seat is a meaningless promotion given out of need. Koyo hadn't earned this position; it was just to fill spots. That bothered him; no, it pissed him off. Koyo's frame left the seats and observation speeding on his way back to the familiar Barracks.

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Nana stops in her tracks and folds her hands behind her back as the Head Lieutenant signals that Nana has said enough. The annoyed sigh and rubbing of her temples make the shinigami fidget, just ever so slightly at the sight of Fuyuko's frustration at all of the information she'd just given her.

"The Seireitei has faced another loss with the death of Lieutenant Toshiyuki. There are questions to be answered and even more to be asked to get to the bottom of this. Continue investigating the matter. A word of advice though, if you truly believe that girl Saiko is as loyal and faithful as you say she is…then might I suggest treating her like a fellow squadmate, someone you do actually trust rather than a criminal to be interrogated. Perhaps then she might open up to you a bit.”


The corners of Nana's lip twitch and she recalls all that she'd spouted and the furrowing of her brows just accentuates how deeply she was thinking. Maybe she was going too far in terms of her stance against her fellow shinigami, and a subordinate nonetheless. Rubbing at her chin and idly running her thumb against her pursed bottom lip, Nana speaks in a low mumble regarding the situation and jumping the gun after all that has happened. Perhaps all of this energy was simply stemming from the shock the Gotei suffered at the loss of Lieutenant Toshiyuki.


Nana offers a short apology and meets Fuyuko's steel gaze as the topic of Lieutenant Hyouzoku rises. Nana feels a little bit disappointed but her superior was correct in her orders. She had to look further. Just as Fuyuko dismisses her from the premises, Nana's phone vibrates in her hand and she taps at the screen to see an alert regarding Karakura once more, and then a sudden call from the patrol team she'd left to deal with the aftermath. Nana answers the call and hears the panicked shinigami on the other end.

"N-nokoribi-san... There's a problem -- a big problem! An Arrancar has appeared in Karakura Town! And the Quincy are here too; one of them just engaged in combat with the enemy."


Several more instances of hollows have been recorded and recorded by the surveillance team. She bids her farewell as Fuyuko closes the meeting, bowing her head in thanks and racing out in order to get to Karakura as soon as possible. As soon as the call drops, Nana dials the surveillance team for a total count and position of all of Shinigami, Quincy, and the Arrancar and hollow and for them to immediately contact the Fifth Division for another Senkaimon to Karakura.

Rushing out of the First Division, Nana makes her way toward the Fifth Division and in urgency shreds through their gates in order to get to the World of the Living as fast as she could. Informing them of the events and verifying it with the call ahead, Nana with her Hell butterfly delve into the Dangai and race towards her jurisdiction as it guides her through the interdimensional plane.

The Quincy weren't an enemy as far as Nana knew of. If anything, her lieutenant had a soft spot for them, but to be fair, he had a soft spot for anything in the World of the Living. Unbeknownst to her, It was the people that he was fond of that ended him. Nana is at her wit's end; would she be able to face the Quincy that had killed Katsuo without facing that same fate?

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It is said that nothing brings about unity more than violence. War, conflict, tragedy and bloodshed, death is something that all creatures, all beings share in common. It is then no surprise that these games, advertising violence and death would garner the attention of nearly every Soul in the Soul Society. Young and old, the rich and the poor, the wise and the foolish...the noble or just along with the shady and untrustworthy. Despite their differences, differences that breed hate, prejudice, discrimination and conflict...they are all the same. This is a truth that the Nobles of the Soul Society may perhaps never admit to either themselves or others, yet it is the rich and influential who find themselves at the betting pools spearheaded by the Ninth Division, standing alongside the less fortunate to wager their money on the life and death of those fighting for their very lives on the screens.

For a moment, there is peace within the Soul Society — peace born from the clashing of metal blades, the shedding of blood...the death of one so far. Those meant to protect all those sitting comfortably afar, safe and distant from the danger that excites them, risking their lives for the protection of the people who both love and hate them...now risk their lives for their entertainment. These are things the masses does not consider, things the people do not care about. This is, the Soul Society.​


One of many spectators laughs at what he observes. Unable to truly process what is taking place his perception as a distant spectator is limited and thus skewed. Though people laugh awkwardly truth is, they too share similar thoughts. To them, Captain Mukuro was the Boogey Man, a creature of nightmare who could appear wherever and whenever slaughtering them and their loved ones in a room filled with people without anyone being the wiser. To see him seemingly maintaining a distance, they like many others ignorantly interpret this as fear or uncertainty on his part. Away from the Captain's blade, they are unable to notice the lack of killing intent in his sword, though truth be told even if they were up close it would be impossible for those of their caliber to have even survived so long against even this passive sword of Kyomu. While the dregs of the Rukongai cheer, feeling they have a champion for the first time, it is at the same time realization dons on the drunkard that while the Oda's heart may have been in these games, the Phantom's certainly wasn't.

The people cheer on the drunken swordsman while jeering the Phantom and the name of the Mukuro, each victims in their own right, and perhaps after or even before these games end...they'd become victims once more.


Elsewhere, there exists another crowd. The Oda's name is another taboo, a sore spot for many. Their fall from grace centuries ago, banished for their barbarism when the Oda resurfaced it was considered an Omen of ill times. Now, seeing the Oda Captain transformed and mutated into this monstrosity before them, it is as though their prejudice has been made manifest before their very eyes. They questioned Shobatsu's decision over a Century ago, and now they begin to question the inheritor of his role, Commander Kagayaki's decision in keeping such a person, such a thing among the ranks of the Shinigami, let alone that of a Captain. While the games have temporarily unified the people, once they end, their will perhaps be further division as their perception of the warriors of the Gotei 13 becomes further skewed. Elsewhere Captain Yugure herself undergoes a transformation of her own, and though not as grotesque and ghastly as the Buddha's, it is enough to deepen the dark thoughts rummaging through the dark trenches of their imaginations, trenches deeper and darker than those of Kurosawa's.

“That’s where you shoHEY WHAT THE HELL MAN!?

Almost in unison with the Drunken men, a pub filled with drunken Rukon patrons let out exasperated groans at the sight of the jug of what by now, they've determined to be alcohol seemingly go to waste thanks to the antics of that damned Mukuro. Their hearts in this moment unite with Suiyo's, as a moment of silence befalls the place for but a moment as the gourd touches the ground. The silence is soon broken from a hiccup, then shouting, and a fight breaks out, spreading like fire.

The carmine mist erupts, creating the illusion of the Captain's demise. It is a scene that draws the focus of many spectators who gasp. Had not only an Oda but...a MONSTER been slain? This guy whoever he is, had done the Seireitei a proper service! That is what the ignorant believe, and so they are naturally taken aback when that same monster emerges once more, one limb down, but otherwise unscathed. His voice echoes and reverberates through the screen, the minds, the very souls of those who watch him, and though behind a screen...they do not feel safe. His steps are assured but then, something else transpires, something unexpected.


"You made a promise-"

A blade appears through the Hollow's chest, manifesting there as if the monster's body itself had given birth to the blade. No blood spills, and the monster of course feels nothing, as Kyomu stands directly behind him as though his shadow. No actual contact is made with the Asura's body, there is no scent to track, there was no sound to catch, no vibrations to be felt, nor reiatsu to be sensed. Suiyo's tossed gourd had revealed that the man waiting at the side was but an apparition, yet unlike Suiyo Tenzen knows Kyomu. He knows these games mean nothing to the Phantom, and had long since detected that Kyomu had no intention of truly killing anyone, let alone winning these absurd games. While he does not dismiss his fellow Captain's ability as a threat or danger he understands that in this setting, his main concern was the one who seemed intent on cutting them down. Tenzen's transformation had concerned the Mukuro Captain, he was aware that the Oda along with the other two had been training with the Commander to master their ailment, and he knew the Oda was a man of discipline, of control. He expected that control to be maintained but, had he been mistaken? He watches for signs, unable to determine anything, seeking any sign one way or another, of if his colleague was compromised, or still piloting the body that stood transformed before him. While Suiyo's images begin to fade, Kyomu continues assessing their surroundings, the threads of his attire cloaking his form while shifting the gaze and perception away from him, his ghostly steps sending him throughout the Muken in search of a way out, while repeatedly returning to check and assess the area.

He fails in finding an exit, and the more the Hollowfied Tenzen moves and speaks, the more he appears as a threat. Yet still, there is an intelligence about the monster that Kyomu cannot ignore or deny...he is still uncertain. The events between swordsman and asura take place, and though the Drunken man succeeds in destroying the discarded arm, he fails in slaying the monster, a monster that also fails to bind the swordmaster. What would happen if things continued on as they were? How much control had already been relinquished to the hollow? How much more would Tenzen be willing to relinquish all in order to eradicate this unknown man. The Phantom couldn't find out, and so in this place of darkness, he becomes the Oda's shadow. Genzoken losing its corporeality passing forward unimpeded, carefully and surgically, a steady hand ensures it does not waver, it does not shake. Control of one's body ensures no breath is heard or felt, the pumping heart slows itself to the point it becomes a question of rather or not it was even beating at all, his pulse weakened to the point it was dead, and no visible form to even be seen, one becomes hard pressed to notice anything that could be discerned to be out of place.

"Have we lost another Captain?"

Uncharacteristically Kyomu seems to have abandoned any advantage he would have on the beast by speaking, referencing his words to their current commander back during the previous Captain's meeting when address Higen's concerns about the Vizard. If Tenzen truly was out of control, so close to him he was open to immediate attack and retaliation. Perhaps it was arrogance, conceit born from his confidence in his mastery of Hohō. Perhaps it was simply a gamble on his part, a leap of faith. If so, where was that gamble, that faith in the Oki? It too had existed then. Kyomu could have cut Honoka down, ended her life when she had first shown aggression to him, yet he repeatedly stayed his blade, repeatedly continued to use words and not violence to resolve the issue before he was finally forced to become the killer he was conditioned to be, the monster he is perceived to be. Standing there with blade in hand, yet no shadow cast along the ground Tenzen must also make a choice if he is still able to. Does he trust in the man trusting in his control, or..does he assume the worst and act as Honoka had acted, blind and deaf to what Kyomu was truly attempting to say and do. Though he does not look the swordsman's way, and seems either ignorant or unconcerned regarding the man's fate, he knows this drunken man is strong, and he also hopes that he is at least aware enough to understand that the situation right now is something he is better left out of.

The Soul Society, or at least those observing the scene in the Muken unconsciously silence themselves. No one knows how this will end, those observing the other fights glance over to their friends and family members transfixed on this one. Curious to what's caused them to move from cheering or jeering to simply being silent, frozen in place. They stare at the screen, questions seeking to be asked unable to make the transition from thought to word as their lips remained sealed, eyes honed in on the screen.

Today's battle between these three souls..is one that will remain on the tongues and lips of those who had witnessed it for many centuries to come.


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It seemed that the red headed woman had begun to realize the error and recklessness of her ways. She hopefully begins to understand the potential cost of her over-dramatization of the situation, and the witch hunt pitched against her peer. The woman apologizes to her superior, dismissing herself to mount her investigation and, perhaps mend ties that she and her colleagues had ignorantly worked to break. Perhaps Saiko held the answers they sought to the peculiar mystery surrounding Katsuo’s death…then again, perhaps she knew nothing at all. Fuyuko’s eyes fall upon the empty Lieutenant seat of the Thirteenth Division. Losing a colleague was never easy, in this moment she felt even more for the fallen Lieutenant. To him, I’m sure he felt he had lost everything, cast out and disowned by the brother he so admired, she could only imagine what his final moments were like while still bearing that burden. He was always troubled, forever wrestling against the system, the ideals of the Soul Society, Lieutenant Toshiyuki was a bleeding heart, a man who constantly wore his heart on his sleeve. She hoped that he was finally at peace, his watch…was over.


Preparing to leave the meeting hall, she is held up by the feeling of her Denreishiki going off. She removed the device from the long sleeve of her shihakusho, a notification from…Izanagi? The man hadn’t contacted her in over a hundred years, what could he possibly want with her now? Though hesitant she answers the call and is immediately assaulted with the man’s voice.

"Hello? Lt!? We have a problem here in Naruki City. We require reinforcements. An enemy here may pose a high-level threat, an Arrancar that we have never encountered before! Hurry. Get the games canceled! And send back up! And contact the 12th division to permit us to release Gentei Kaijo!"

Instead of the urgency of the message for a moment Fuyuko finds herself aggravated at the thought Izanagi would presume to bark orders to her. Cancel the games? For what? The Soul Society was not currently in peril, she was certain that if an invasion was afoot she’d have been notified by those of the Ninth Division. Then there were the shadowy agents of Second Division and those members in Seventh patrolling the Rukongai. Did he want the games canceled…for back up? Back up from who? Surely he was not expecting a Captain to be sent, maybe he was thinking of Hiroka from Eleventh Division? The Head Lieutenant couldn’t think of a reason for the life of her. While pondering the reasoning behind the Third Seat’s words she becomes annoyed once again. Why did this idiot think that Twelfth held the authority to grant them a release of the Gentei Kaijo?! A seal so important due to its purpose ensuring the reiatsu of their strongest officers does not disturb the balance of the world of the living. It seems Izanagi was still the fool she remembered him to be.

”Whatever threat you are facing, I believe you all are capable of handling it. Approval granted for the release of the Gentei Kaijo. Eliminate the threat.

She knows what Izanagi and Shizuka should know and understand, for they have all served underneath the Commander before. A powerful threat wouldn’t be enough to warrant the canceling of the games. Each of those in Naruki right now were recognized for their strength and ability, it was time they made use of that strength and those abilities in Naruki’s hour of need. The call was cut off, and Fuyuko remains there in reflection. This was an Arrancar…things were different this time. Last time it was the gates of hell, it was an unknown enemy. The arrancar are a familiar enemy, a familiar threat. She stares at her phone before tucking it away back into her sleeve. Though she believes everything will work itself out, it wouldn’t hurt to give the Commander a status update. She nods to herself and proceeds to carry herself out of the hall, she doesn’t bother announcing her destination to the subordinates standing by, she trusts them to watch the house in her brief absence as she makes her way towards the Commander.

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After some time, the trio would have made their way back into the living quarters of the barracks after their expedition into the Precipice World with the intentions of reconvening and sharing the information about what was discovered in private, shielded from the ears of any uninvolved individuals. Entering first into the conference room, Eizoku would be seated with both legs bent as he sat atop of the back of his calf muscles at a lowered table, he however hadn't been over preparing the tea for the trio, as he would leave so to his superior Lieutenant Suta.

Once seated and situated, Eizoku would proceed on with his recent findings. Reaching into the deeper portions of his inner Shihakusho, the man would remove the plastic container containing the dust which saturated the Dangai, situating it in the middle of the circular wooden table before him - his guard and reaction over the metallic dust ready to take action at any given time should an unforeseen occurrence arise.

"So, I'm certain you both are aware of about my previous altercation with the rather irregular hollow that had been occupying the Dangai after my disappearance. I've finally been able to come to a logical conclusion of how the creature was both able to resist and control the time altering properties of the Dangai. This substance was scarcely present in the location where the beast had stationed itself, and interestingly enough, was the only portion of the Dangai untouched or altered by the restrictive current and Kototsu. It also holds a lingering aged spiritual pressure, confirming my suspicion that this substance holds the capabilities of resisting or completely nullifying the continuously flowing properties of the Dangai."

"As amazing as this little "discovery" may be, it also presents an equally terrifying aspect due to the circumstances in which it was discovered. The probability of hollow on its own simply wandering into the Precipice World, coming across this substance, and properly utilizing it to its own advantage would be 0% - impossible. I say this to say, we are not the first ones to make this discovery, I feel like there is already an agenda underway elsewhere. To make matters even worse, the Precipice World is monitored closely on a 24 hour basis, meaning that whomever is over watch, was more than aware of both the existence of both the hollow and this material. It's best to assume that there is a traitor amidst us within the 12th division."

After relaying a synopsis of his advent to the two men, he would remain situated, expressionless, awaiting the response of the two.