[BSD-RP] Soul Society: Central Seireitei





Arriving from Rukongai

Shiro’s account had been the first to reach the Eleventh’s ears in relation to what had been transpiring on the mission in the World of the Living. It made sense given that outside those deployed, their Captain, a Lieutenant, and their Fourth Seat had been occupied in the tournament at hand. There was clearly urgency to be had given the circumstances but it didn’t really create stress within Hiroka. Instead… It was something more akin to determination. He wanted to see how this task that was bestowed on them turned into all out insanity. And to have multiple Lieutenant ranked Shinigami on site, only to have them pressed into a corner, or worse.

Flicker after flicker after flicker, the Burst Prince pressed ahead. His eyes gave no attention to anything other than his path. The structures around him zipped by with each stride, all leading up until he could see one of the prominent gateways to the living world. He halted only to confirm his departure with those that kept the gate secure before rushing through the spatial pathway.

Hiroka tailed behind his only company, a Jigokuchō, onwards through the sprawling dark corridor. Keeping in his sprint and eventually watching the distant egress begin to open. An absolute cornucopia of spiritual energy rushed through the sprawling doorways. It was immediately evident that referring to the Hollow threat within the city as being ‘extremely powerful’ was an understatement. Where he expected to feel more familiar presences, he did not. All that remained of his Lieutenant was remnant energy and that of his own partner felt as if it was just a flicker. To what extent did this entity narrow their forces? And if it was making such quick work of the Soul Reapers that have been dispatched… what would be needed to truly turn the table?

As the gap closed to all but a few feet, his left-hand dropped to unbind the sword that was upon his side. A clank sounded out into the abyssal space as Ikarihime’s locks snapped free from their sockets. Hiroka flicked the weapon outward to his side, bringing forth its initial transformation with a simple utterance. For now, all he would do is gather information and seek out the dwindling light of his ally, Shoumetsu. Yet in the instance confrontation could not be avoided, he knew it’d be wise to be prepared.

It was then that he passed through the threshold, bursting outward into a warzone.

Central Seireitei (Senkaimon) ———————————— traveling to ———————————— Naruki City







The Noble clans of the Soul Society are summoned once more to this famous chamber. The elected officials gather in the Great Hall of the Central Forty Six compound, their light footsteps shuffling in, careful to avoid trampling atop Murasaki’s blood, which permanently stains the center of the meeting hall. A reminder of what will happen should anyone step out of line, whether it be accused or accuser. Their anonymity stripped from them, these new members are like exposed nerves, subject to the consequences of their decisions. It is never a pleasant sight, to enter these dark and damped halls, and decide the fate of the world they inhabit.

Of the Forty Six members elected to this council, only eight hold any true power, the remaining members disproportionately backing each of them to form political parties. Yakitsuku Oda, the patriarch of the formerly disgraced Oda clan, a powerhouse and noble warrior who governs with honor and cunning. Takiyo Hoshi, the leader of the famed Rukongai Candymakers, having achieved his position through goodwill. Naoki and Kohaku Oki, representing the old and new generations respectively, their clan’s reputation for agriculture and medicine development now eclipsed by the rumors of treason and execution. Kazan Gekko, an ambitious and manipulative career politician, from the infamous poison makers, recently elevated in status through the marriage of their matriarch to the Captain Commander. Shiriusu Kiyoshi, representing his ancient clan, which has remained prolific not through feats or achievements, but through the sheer amount of clansmen they possess. Koshi Mukuro, the merciless pragmatist who represents his clan of assassins through the underhanded tactics he often resorts to. Then Finally, Kyosai Tsunayashiro, the most powerful man in the Soul Society, the clan lord of the wealthiest and most influential house of the four great noble houses, represents the higher noble families in their entirety, and holds the majority vote as speaker of the house.​

The steps of the light footed members of the Central Forty-Six became something that Shiriusu learned to differentiate. From the soundless, and ghost-like steps of Koshi Mukuro, to the boisterous and Adamant ones of Yakitsuku Oda. Learning the small differences and idiosyncrasies of his peers allowed him to slightly perceive their actions far beyond that of the average person. He hadn't moved in nearly three days, not even for food nor drink, he took refuge in the underground quarters of the Central Forty-Six. Meditating on past and current events lying in wait to help cast judgment on his subjects in the name of the Soul Society's governance.

In recent events, the Oki had been decimated, cut down and murdered by the Captain of the Second Division and the Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukido, Kyomu Mukuro. Taking into custody Honoka Oki, former Head-Lieutenant of the First Division under former Captain-Commander, Shobatsu Murasaki. With her was Akarui Gekko who reportedly was visiting the Oki at the time of their unfortunate massacre, under the order of the current Captain-Commander, Higen Kagayaki. This however was not all that was discovered that day, as the top ranking officials within the Gotei Thirteen had been made aware that she had sired a son with the former Commander and now second-term prisoner within the greatest and most secure prison known to the Soul Society. The Muken. A superbly unique issue, that being the offspring of a criminal, the desertion of the Oki's post, the pushback received when hailed by a Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, as well as the level of secret maintained all while doing so in the name of "a mother's love". While the Oki themselves were no longer a lucrative clan, they still had some influence on the Central Forty-Six. In Shiriusu's eyes, he still held a modicum of respect for his peers, however, being a dedicated and dutiful Kiyoshi still found major conflict in how he perceived the situation. On one hand, he understood the need for protection of a loved one, on the other, he saw a blatant disregard for the governing body of the Seireitei and thought that this is a situation that not only should never take place again, but one where they should seek to make an example of how

As he pondered, his hearing sharp, the footsteps of his peers began to take root in the quarters. It would soon be time to convene. He made no effort nor moved to raise himself from his kneeled position, he seemed to ponder more on what it was that should be and what could have been done. He sensed that emotions would run high as the members of the Oki sat on the same panel as the Mukuro, expecting there to be a back and forth to take place, Shiriusu decided that if it came to it he would have to be the voice of reason. Finally, he found the strength to lift himself from the floorboards, ever so slowly, revealing his grand age he made his way out of his room and into the hall of the Forty Judges and Six Sages.​

It was troubling news to hear that the Oki clan was decimated by the captain of second; even more disturbing for the man who led the slaughter was none other than Captain Mukuro, the Phantom of second division, and leader of Mukuro clan. Takiyo Hoshi saw this as a warning to everyone else in Central forty-six; If they were to harbor any rogue or traitors, their families would be the ones in danger. Yet Teruma felt it was a political move, one that pushes members of central 46 to the Mukuro’s agenda. To this Takiyo had sighed, as the whole situation could have easily been avoided had the rogue Honoka just surrendered the boy.

“I would like to offer my condolences to both Kohaku and Naoki. What has happened to your clan is terrible. However, we must discuss the Boy, and his potential under the Captain commanders family. It is a terrible to rip a mother and a son away from one another, one that I fear may cause hatred for the establishment of the seireitei within the boy, but I cannot overlook the fact that he will be raised by a warrior and not a mother, a warrior who is devoted to the betterment of the soul society as a whole. ”


A sigh came out from the man, as he thought that the boy might grow to hate the establishment for being taken away and having close loved ones in his family killed. For a moment his eyes closed before opening back up.

“I propose that the Mother and the boy be in some form of communication such as letters so the boy may know his mother’s love. Though these letters will be heavily monitored and censored if need be.”

To him it was a reasonable request, to hopefully get Honoka Oki some form of communication with her boy, but also to mitigate any form of hatred for the seireitei, who actually knows if the boy will grow up to be a monster in the making or a loyal subject for the seireitei.​

Times have been rather tumultuous as of late, at least it was for the Oki clan or..rather what was left of them. The chambers were filled with varying opinions regarding the fate of the esteemed loyal family. For those who were outraged at the news of the slaughter they restrained themselves best they could, eyes cast towards the direction of the elephant in the room..Koshi Mukuro. It was a Mukuro that killed the Oki and it was a Mukuro who sat amongst them. The elder sat there, seemingly unperturbed or rather ignorant of the gaze of his “peers”. A low sigh escaped one of the members of the gathered council.
Koshi rests his face into his hand, gazing at the dual minded Hoshi elder, allowing the man to speak uninterrupted. While his words start off with the standard hypocritical pleasantries and condolences often offered to the grieving, he quickly dismisses their loss to press on to the next topic, one that wasn’t unrelated to the very matter he had just addressed.

”I too would like to offer my condolences to Naoki and Kohaku for your recent loss.”

Koshi’s tone was flat, lacking a hint of emotion, and because of that the words he spoke came off as less than genuine.

”What happened to you and your family is certainly an unforeseen tragedy. While the young Second Division Captain’s methods may be seen as a bit...extreme to some we can find solace in something.”

His face remained resting snugly in his hand, a single eye glancing around the room best he could without moving his head. Just what is it, what sense of solace could possibly be derived from such a horrible incident? What reasoning could he give that may console the two Oki that sat in the room?

”The noble families, both large and small within the Soul Society have always been seen as...untouchable, beyond reprimand or consequence. If anything this may serve to appease the people, especially those in the Rukongai rather than striking fear. A message that no one, not even the rich or prestigious, are truly above the laws of the Seireitei.”

The Mukuro elder paints this incident a boon for the Seireitei and the Soul Society as a whole. As it now stands, this makes the second noble family to fall from grace as of recent times, the first being the Kuchiki nearly a Century ago. What family would be next? It could truly happen to any one of the families sitting in that room, a fact that clutched the hearts of several. Regardless of what they felt the elder was not wrong, not even his own clan was exempt from this, evident of Kyomu being sent to the clan compound after his failed mission, what others know of as an attempted Coup against the former Commander.

”Regarding the recommendation of Sir Hoshi. Forgive this old man for speaking out of turn but..your suggestion sounds foolishly naive. Rather his mother is with him or away from him the deed has been done. He will either potentially grow to detest the Seireitei for the slaughter of his beloved mother’s family…his family and kin...or he will potentially detest it for that along with the separation from his mother.”

Coming from a clan that places no true value on familial love and bonds, Koshi speaks only from a factual standpoint, considering the matter with his head rather than his heart.

”Sure, she could be allowed to send letters or supervised visits...but even that is not concrete. When dealing with people there is always a margin of error. A coded message may go unnoticed, an uncoded message may be misconstrued as one. What happens when he sees the weariness from her expression? He will need someone or something to blame, perhaps it will be himself for being so weak he couldn’t help his mother or family? Maybe the Seireitei, or the Commander. There is no better excuse to do wickedness and evil...than that of the excuse of love.”

It is as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. There are men who would become mindless demons, slaughterers if they believed it was for the sake of their family. What then would the boy, born of Murasaki’s blood, do with the power from two powerful Shinigami if he thought it was for the good of his family? What wouldn’t he do for revenge in the name of the Oki? No, at least under the Commander’s watchful eye, he was close enough for the Shining Knight to suppress or eliminate if even a glimpse of a threat was perceived. Still...it didn’t hurt to have a contingency or two. His amber orbs shift towards the Oda, saying nothing as he simply stares at the warmonger for what seemed forever. He then thinks of Kyomu, who by now should be done with those silly games.

’Perhaps he and I should have another talk. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared..just in case.’

The former patriarch of the Oda clan sits in silence, for the most part. The only sound emanating from this man is that of him drinking from his gourd, what is in said gourd? Who would be bold enough to question the man who radiates hostility with such a calm expression? Regardless of such a minor thing the topic for today is quite a hefty one, a topic that even has his family involved in some way. He takes another drink from his gourd as the Hoshi and Mukuro elders speak on the topic at hand.

Such soft hearted sentiments for such treasonous actions, He remains silent and offers the Oki nothing, not a shred of pity or sentiment, let alone a show of understanding for what they went through. What happened to their clan is something to be expected for traitors who resist arrest. He takes yet another drink from his gourd as the Mukuro elder speaks again. Hearing the old assassin finish his sentiment, Yakitsuku interjects, not to disagree but rather reinforce what Koshi was saying.

”It’s a lesson that's been a long time coming, too long have the nobility gotten away with treasonous activity and manipulation of the government. Citizens in the Rukongai go missing for the pettiest of reasons only to be found murdered without a single witness. All this done by nobility. What the young Mukuro head did sends a firm and solid message that this is a new era, that ALL will be held accountable for their actions, lest they wish to pay a heavy toll.”


Instead of taking another drink he sets the gourd down, lacing his fingers between one another as he leans forward. After interjecting himself into the conversation at last he becomes fully attentive. Even with the title of Noble the Oda are the furthest thing from it, fundamentally. They may venture out to the furthest districts from time to time but that is only to fight against those who can fight back. They do not employ scare tactics against the Rukongai citizens, they fear and run from them simply because of who they are and know what they are capable of. He absorbs everything Koshi has to say, listening to every word. The Mukuro seems to be lost in thought for a moment and he then glances over at Yakitsuku. By moving nothing more than his eyes the Oda returns the glance, a mutual understanding perhaps of what must be done should this child become a threat? The current patriarch of the Oda has already thought of such a scenario and it is reasonable enough to say that the former patriarch is of a like mind. Mukuro and Oda truly are on opposite ends of the same coin known as “killer”.

”Honoka Oki may be docile now, however, given her actions at the Oki residence I am inclined to agree with Mukuro-san. Contact with the child, of any kind, can summon up negative effects. The boy is the son of Shobatsu after all, emotional stress or trauma is most times the only catalyst needed to awaken latent power. Something to keep in mind as we move forward with this meeting.”

He pauses to drink from his gourd after talking, surprisingly enough he speaks as if the Oki aren’t in the room. He does not care, the same way he did not care when Ten’yuu married into the Oda. This is not a negative sentiment it is just how things are, the Oda mind their business, they do their jobs and move on with their lives. This brings to light the next topic, the involvement of the Oda clan in this entire mess. Yakitsuku clears his throat before finally addressing the subject.

”My clan was also involved in this situation, as much as it angers me. However, the involvement was not something the clan had agreed on; these were the individual actions of a single person. This person often voiced his concerns and disagreements with how things are run in the Seireitei, inklings of rebellion can be seen, however he always falls back in line. Katsuo Oda, well, he has since been exiled from our clan for his treasonous actions and is now Katsuo Toshiyuki. Of his own volition, in secrecy, he met with Honoka Oki and her child on multiple occasions. Again, we Oda have no involvement and my grandson, the current head of the clan, agreed to stand before Central Forty-six to reaffirm this.”

An obvious vein sprouted on his forehead, a clear sign of unhinged anger being suppressed, while those sitting closest to him may find it difficult to breathe, almost as if the air around the Oda was thinning out. He sits in silence for a moment, lowering his head for a bit and when he raises it again the vein is gone and the air has returned to normal.

”These Kenpachi Games are also a distraction for our Captains. I disagree with the Commander’s motion to force all of them to compete. While it may be good for the Rukongai as a form of entertainment it is terrible for the Defenses of the Seireitei. We need to remind the Commander to not place such stipulations on an event ever again. Should any hostile force invade, such as the Quincy did sixteen-hundred years ago, we would be utterly wiped out while our heavy hitters are away fighting over a silly title. Understand, we have lost many Captains since the Shattered Dimensions event, we stand to lose even more in these stupid Kenpachi games. The Soul Society can no longer risk kneecapping itself with such idiocracy. I wish to propose a law, a rule for all of the Seireitei to follow that events such as these Kenpachi Games, are never to be held again. There is too much instability in the worlds to risk losing more soldiers.”

Yakitsuku leans back, grabbing his gourd and drinking from it again, clearly finished speaking and even wishing to pass a new law/rule about tournament style events in the Soul Society, or at least the Seireitei.​

A long pause was held now, no one went to speak, maybe it was time for the voice of Purity to cast his views out to his peers, realigning his posture before speaking, Shiriusu Kiyoshi wanted to make sure his voice was made clear of any misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

“Firstly, I’d like to also extend my condolences on the loss of life regarding the Oki-Mukuro incident that took place. Truly unfortunate for all parties involved. With that being said, while it does seem as though it was the harshest course of action, and the methods in which that were used may have been seen as unscrupulous, we must also remember the position and importance of the Onmitsukido and their Commander hold to the Seireitei. Without Captain Mukuro’s intervention and extensive resources of acquiring information across the Soul Society, we very well may never have even been made aware of the boy’s existence given the extreme measures and actions taken by the mother in question. We have all seen the reports, the young Captain gave ample warning and fair display of how he intended on following through with that warning should Honoka Oki resist detainment. Given his….reputation, one must come to think that warning alone should have been plenty. I cannot justify nor say the massacre of a clan was vindication for treasonous activity, but what other course was there at the time? As Honoka reportedly made the first hostile movement, it was only appropriate for the Captain to respond in kind to such a threat. Which brings me to, the boy.”


He sighed as he had to catch his breath after trying not to repeat the words spoken prior. The boy. Masashiro…Oki? Murasaki? It didn’t matter at this juncture. The boy’s true family was gone.

“While it would seem that my peers haven’t truly addressed this specific topic in detail, I'd like to be the one to open the floor. The boy must remain in close custody of the Commander. Honoka Oki knew that bringing life into this world by siring a child with what would be considered to be the most dangerous Shinigami to ever walk the streets of the Seireitei would cause some level of complication with her post, duties and personal position as a Clan head. This being said, and to add onto the statements of both the Oda and Mukuro, I also believe…the boy must perish. There is no telling the level of reiryoku that flows within his veins, the potential damage it could do to disrupt the balance of our government. Let me paint you a picture; What if the boy becomes a Shinigami, and learns of his true origins? With that newfound level of raw power, as well as the knowledge in how to both use and grow it, there is no telling the measures of evil he would and could exact on the Soul Society. Aizen remained plotting against his brethren for centuries and still lives to this day through those efforts. It is still unclear as to how much of a secure place the Muken is for Shobatsu himself. We must tread carefully when dealing with this child as one false move, word or even encounter could tip the scales against our military bodice.”

Finishing with that food for thought in mind, he assumed his peers may have been the last ones to hear Shiriusu suggest execution. On a child no less. He truly felt this was the correct course, while he never laid eyes on Shobatsu himself, the fear he instilled was felt beyond the gates of the First Division base. The black-haired elder would not stop there however as he had a further statement to make on the Kenpachi Games coordinated by the Commander.

“I would also have to respectfully disagree with Oda-sama. The title of Kenpachi has been vacant for far too long. It is at this time now where we need a single powerful soldier capable of toppling the most unimaginable evils that we have yet to very well see. Eleven Generations of strength is nothing to scoff at, the history of the title is almost synonymous with the Gotei Thirteen, we must name the Thirteenth Kenpachi in order to further add onto our lacking military reserves. It can't be confirmed, but I am sure our enemies have been accruing their strength in silence and waiting for an opportune moment to strike. Some would argue that this would be the time for it, I personally say; Let them come. We are still an organized Military presence, dispatching and developing some of the strongest Shinigami in many generations. So much so that even our current Lieutenants all boast if not nearly boast Captain-level strength. This is the form of excitement we need to spur the spirits of our soldiers, i'm sure whatever the obstacle is, we can overcome them.”

He would then end his speech, allowing the others to further digest what he had said and brought attention to. Regardless of the decision or verdict he would be sure it would be the correct one.​

Kazan can’t help but observe the back-and-forth banter between several of the most prestigious representative clansmen that withhold reign in the Central 46. Always quiet, always watching, the Gekko Clan’s representative merely adjusted the collar of his top as his emerald orbs peered down at his peers from his seat above.

Takiyo Hoshi, a rather benevolent and solemn individual, empathizes with the Oki’s plight and offers his condolences. He speaks of mercy and provides the solution of allowing communication between a mother and child, but Koshi Mukuro is quick to rebuttal with his own views. Regardless of the communication or not, Koshi feeds into the certainty that the boy will grow to loathe, whomever it may be. Eyes turn as Koshi glances toward the former Oda patriarch and Kazan finds his attention shifting just the same.

Much like Kazan, Yakitsuku Oda has yet to speak, drinking away at his bulbous gourd until he finds it in himself to add his own interjection. In tandem to Koshi’s view, Yakitsuku emphasizes the fact that the Second Division’s captain's actions have highlighted the vulnerability of renowned clans as they muddle in the idea of their houses being susceptible to the same culling should they ever step out of line. He even goes forth as to show his distaste for the games, but Kazan agrees. Should such drastic situations arise, if their top dogs were to be fighting amongst themselves, then what? The might of the Gotei Thirteen lies within their captains, and with the lack thereof because of the most recent death, Kazan can only wonder who would be the next to rise… or even fall from grace.

Shiriusu Kiyoshi is next to take the baton, speaking on his concerns regarding the child, the hottest topic of the discussion. Killing the child would be counter-productive, and the moment in which he finishes speaking, Kazan steps in-

“My sincerest apologies to the Oki Clan… but killing the boy would do more harm than good. The child is an anchor that keeps Honoka Oki from drifting. To my current knowledge, the boy is in the care of Akarui Gekko, who has garnered a stable relationship with the boy and his mother, as well as proper development with her own son.”

Kazan gestures with his hand towards the Yakitsuku.

“If we were to live in such fear of such a power struggle and unpredictability, then by that definition, the three vizards should have been killed on the spot because of the danger they possessed… But instead, they were allowed to live, under the premise of gaining control or they would die.”


The notion of the boy learning his origins would be inevitable. People would talk, and if they didn’t, he’d have found ways to figure it out himself. The son of Shobatsu Murasaki would learn very clearly just why the world as he knew would treat him so differently.

“Rather than hide his origins, it’d be best to be upfront when his curiosity begins to seek answers. The boy is a powerful kingpin, whether you like it or not. The purpose of our existence within Soul Society is to keep balance. He just happens to be another cog to be added into the machine.”

Although much younger than his peers, Kazan is renowned in his political prowess. While his current standing highlights the standing of his clan, especially with their current status with their matriarch sitting comfortably as the wife of the Captain-Commander, everything he does and says is at the behest of balance and order. Even he understands that if the Gekko clan were to do wrong, they too would be subjugated to punishments.​

The two Oki members remain silent, observing, listening, and weighing the opinions of other sitting members. They don’t interrupt the slander cast upon their clan, or the actions of the short lived matriarch in a misguided attempt to shield her son from the overbearing might of the Gotei 13. The elder Oki woman listens with her eyes closed, while smoking the medicinal herbs in her metallic drag, releasing the pungent white smoke, away from those around her. While the male Oki casually glances through the room, locking eyes with several members and offering an amicable smile. On occasion, when the woman’s eyes open, they lock with her fellow clansman, as if communicating telepathically as several of the councilmen nonchalantly mention the execution of the boy.

”Interesting sentiments, from the Mukuro, as it wasn’t that long ago, that their own captain committed a higher form of treason against the then Captain Commander. And it was only he that received a slap on the hand from the Gotei 13.”


The recently widowed man speaks bitterly, through the pain of having his wife slain at the hands of the Mukuro, without a change in his expression. It is clear the lense in which he sees the world is different. While some may be able to sympathize with his loss, the man’s wound is fresh, having ceremoniously laid his wife and other family members to rest.

”I admit, the main branch of the Oki, which included my late wife, hid the existence of the boy, and we bear that guilt. We were even ready to accept punishment from Central 46 for our actions. What I still fail to understand, no matter how much I think about it, how did the Captain come to find out about this? How long did he know, and why didn’t he report it? Which leads me to my next point, if he had all this information on the Oki, why were all those innocent people, who were as in the dark as you all, might I add, killed and not us? Don’t write this off as a punishment for Honoka, she has already lost all forms of honor, respect, rank, and status from everyone and everything around her.”

The elder Oki clears her throat softly, turning her gaze towards the grieving man and gives her head a slight shake. It is clear he still has much to say, but he is going about it in a vindictive manner.

”Thank you everyone for the sentiments.”

She takes a drag from her pipe, holding the breath in as she brings her thoughts in order, exhaling the entirety of the smoke before finally responding to everyone.

”I do appreciate your kindness, Hoshi-san, but I respectfully disagree. We spoke amongst ourselves regarding the boy’s interactions with Honoka, and am inclined to agree with Mukuro-san and Oda-san. The two should not be allowed contact, supervised or otherwise, at least for the foreseeable future. She is in a downward spiral, evident by her participation in these barbaric games. A topic I will elaborate on later. As Kohaku has stated, the main Oki branch was ready to face the judgment from Central 46 when the time came, but anything further will be overkill. Everyone is quick to question the illogical actions of a mother, while ignoring the illogical actions of a killer. What he has done is not only destabilize the entire Oki’s contribution of plants to the Serieitei, but also to all the districts we aided. I don’t expect brutish warriors to wonder where the natural elements in their selves are sourced. Nor do we expect the common shinigami to worry about growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables to eat, when they can spend much of that time training. And we certainly don’t burden medics to concern themselves about the quality of the herbs and extracts that go in their medicine. The small gardens scattered throughout pale in comparison to what the farms the Oki supplied. What took us millennia to fine tune for the benefit of the Soul Society was squandered in a matter of minutes by a boy no more mature now than he was a hundred years ago.”

Naoki leans back in her seat, taking another breath, this time exhaling as she speaks.

”This was a gross abuse of power by a captain of the thirteen court guard, whether you want to admit it or not. You all want to indefinitely keep the two apart, but we can clearly see where the lack of familial bonds leads. Masahiro will need his mother. The boy had lived peacefully all these years, and suddenly an army of shinigami encompassed his home and threatened his family. Of course his mother, any mother, would act defensively. Do you think it was an accident that he received no formal training from Honoka aside from energy suppression? If everyone is so adamant on having the boy become a part of the ranks, so be it. But we request Masahiro be transferred under the Oda, it is obvious they will not hesitate to subdue the boy if he becomes uncontrollable. Commander Kayayaki, while we respect him and his strength, he was close with Honoka, and we fear it would further impair his judgment in the worst case scenario.”

She pauses briefly.

”Nevermind his mother. What of his father? As of right now, what guarantee do you all have that he doesn’t know he has sired a son? The two obviously knew what they were doing. So tell us, what guarantee do you have that he can’t escape Muken? We know absolutely nothing of the man or monster he is now. And we have no idea how he will react if he is to find out his first born, and only, son was killed, if he can even be killed. At the very least, for now, we have come to the conclusion that he has some sort of soft spot for Honoka. Do not squander it.”


”As for the Kenpachi games, as I previously stated, the games are barbaric but they are a rare necessity in an event such as this. There was no one to challenge for the very title of Kenpachi and this void left a power vacuum amongst the court guard, especially Eleventh Division, who’s very existence boasts the strongest shinigami. As Onmitsukidō Core Commander is Captain of Second, and Kidō Corps Commander is Captain of Fifth, I would suggest doing the same sort of linking of the title of Kenpachi to the captain of Eleventh Division, but I am sure she will claim it herself. After that, we can simply forget about the existence of the games, as upon their completion, there will be a Kenpachi to challenge.”

Having finally emotionally calmed down from his bitter lashings, Kohaku is the one to interject now that the conversation is back on the boy.

”Thank you for the sentiments. I am inclined to agree with Kazan, regarding the boy’s origins. He must know the truth of his mother’s mistakes, the reason behind the slaughter of his family, and especially the truth about his father. How he learns about this will influence how he will react to the truth. The longer the truth is hidden from him, the worse his reaction will be. He must come to his own conclusions and make his own decisions on everything regarding his lineage, that is not a decision we should prematurely make for him. If he gets out of hand, I’m sure the Oda will act accordingly.”

After hearing the opinions and judgements of their peers, the Oki Clan finally gave their much awaited testimony. With this, there was no one prominent enough to now seize the floor. Who would dare follow up on the comments of the Oki Clan themselves? The other party leaders, each of them a Clan Elder in their own right on top of being Central Forty Six, had additionally spoken their piece. The time for discussion is over, the time for judgment is now. Kyosai Tsunayashiro assumes his position as Speaker of the House, taking the frontmost and center seat in the auditorium. He had, until this point, awaited the proceedings silently, an ironclad expression ever present upon his face. The pleasantries and sympathies shared by his compatriots is not present upon this man. Devoid of any emotional sway in either direction, he cares not for the feelings on the Central Forty Six, nor their petty clashing of ideals. He is a man fully aware of his position, who has tasked himself with upholding the tradition of the Soul Society.

“Let us not be fools.”

Kyosai addresses the entirety of the proceedings, before his single eye turns first to Naoki and Kohaku Oki.

“Our predecessors operated on a foundation of fear and secrecy. Their own insecurities developed a distrust strong enough to shatter the balance that they claimed to protect. We will not hide the Murasaki child from the horrors of this world out of fear of what he might become. Nor will we distrust the judgements of the very Captain Commander we appointed. Koshi, Yakitsuku, you speak of sending a message to nobility, that they are not above the law. Who decided that this message should be sent? It was not here, it was not us, the embodiment of the law. What occurred at the Oki compound was not a lesson, it was a disgrace. A threat we were unaware of was hidden, justice we were unaware of was enacted, both by our own members, each acting on their own to avoid the gaze of the very council they sit upon.What message does this present? Only that we as the Central Forty Six are unable to uncover our secrets, unable to protect our noble houses, and unable to control our military force. If we are incapable of governing, if we are perceived again as weak, then our contribution to the Soul Society is no greater than the blood that stains this hall."

He appears to linger on this final thought, his gaze focused on the bloodstained floor before him. Solemnly, he closes his eye, and after a moment of silence, resumes his great speech, his voice echoing across the hall for all to hear.

“We must show that the events that have occurred were insular, and not the totalitarian justice of an impressionable Captain being enacted upon the nobles of the Rukongai. Using the boy to keep her in line, Honoka Oki will don the Haori, or serve a sentence equal to the lifespans of those who were slain by her actions. Naoki, you seek to hide the boy away with the Oda, the closest noble clan with relations to your own. Yakitsuku has confessed his clan's involvement with the incident, and it cannot be denied that the Oda possessed knowledge hidden by the Oki As for you Koshi, it will serve you to remember that the last time the Mukuro tried to do the dirty work of the Central Forty Six, both ended up in the grave. No, we will obey the chain of command, lest we corrode the foundations of our society.”

With this final message, he glares at Koshi. Though the Mukuro elder excelled at secrecy and thrived in the shadows, the Tsunayashiro influence was far reaching, their access to information rendering them nearly all-knowing. The Speaker was well aware of the shady antics that could only be inferred that the Oki would have continued protecting Honoka should the matter have reached the floor, and that the Mukuro were attempting to expedite the process. Such shortcuts could not be permitted, as though democracy is slow, it is necessary to lead by example. Direct mention of this of course would cause outcry amongst the widowed Oki clan, and with only speculation the Mukuro was free of official reprimand. The wounds inflicted by the families of these members were deep, and fresh, but they must be allowed to heal, rather than fester. Instead, Kyosai maintains his composure as always, the paradigm of professionalism, as he addresses the proposed notion, turning to the Oda Patriarch.

“Yakitsuku, your notion to limit events such as the so-called Kenpachi Games is overruled. It is clear that both you and Koshi hold great faith in the respective Captains of your brood. Then too should you hold faith in the one we have chosen to command them. It is no secret that the relationship between the Seireitei and the Rukongai has deteriorated, with the reign of the Mad Dog Asakura meeting a violent end. Rather than let this be a precursor of events to come, the Commander has chosen to display the strengths of the Shinigami by upholding an ancient traditional respected by even the lowest souls of the Rukongai. In these times, it is not just the Shinigami who are being scrutinized, do not forget how you obtained your seat on this council. Each of us is being observed, our usefulness weighed against our incompetence, we must make sure that the Soul Society remains strong in the eyes of our enemies.”

Having addressed the subject of the Oki Clan, the former Head Lieutenant, the Murasaki child, the Mukuro’s manipulation, and finally the Kenpachi Games, the important matters of this meeting have come to an end. It would seem that the Oda and Mukuro backers were beginning to politically align towards totalitarianism, forming a strong conglomerate against the Oki. However, the past philanthropy and current tragedy that the Oki have undergone has garnered for them a great sympathy. Additionally, the strength they have displayed in being pragmatic rather than vindictive, has served to compromise what otherwise might divide. As such, the Hoshi, Gekko, and Kiyoshi voters appear to back the Oki. This leaves the deciding votes to the Tsunayashiro, encompassing the old guard and established higher noble houses, which hold the majority of the Central Forty Sixes members. The unsavory comments towards nobility outweigh the fear towards Shobatsu, and the Speaker’s comments about internal solidarity have presented a clear path forward. Ultimately this means that the council backs Tsunayashiro’s comments in the Oki’s favor. The child will remain with Higen, who will decide how to appropriately raise him, while Honoka will be forced into Captaincy or imprisonment, and finally the Commander will maintain his authority to summon the Captains away from the Seireitei.

With the final matter settled, Tsunayashiro’s gavel collides against Spiritually-hardened mahogany, and echoes three times throughout the chamber. Dismissed now, the noble representatives of the Central Forty Six slink from their seats, and are free to slink back into the shadows where they can scheme, plot, lie, and hide. All while they remain unified in the eyes of the public, delicately maintaining the balance of this fragile world.


Kanojo Ai

New member

There have been three variables for one’s life. First, you need but calm. Second, you need but sustenance. Third, you need but something to work your mind around. It is imperative that all three of these are what grants one’s being the essence of living. And in all truthfulness? The Shinōreijutsuin was a place that could allow one to thrive in all those variables. And it is thanks to those that growth could occur.

Kano-san’s eyes would play with the very light gushing through the open windows’ curtains, as light would playfully jump around his tanned face. He would grumple, as he turned about in order to let the light fall away to not awaken him, a subconscious action. His roommates, too, would grumple as the sun’s light was becoming stronger and stronger - passing through the openings within the heavy curtains.

”Wake up!”

Kano-san’s open slowly, as the world would go from dark to light slowly - getting used to the surrounding area.

’Dully remind meself to not stay awake for long again.’

Kano-san’s mind is filled with that thought, as he slowly, but surely, moves his body to an awakened state, attempting to stand up. He proceeds to stretch slightly, as he feels slightly sore.

”`Morning y`all.”

Kano-san’s lips part as his mellow voice comes out. His roommates respond as such, as the person that shouted at them to wake up has left. It was another classmate of theirs.

Kano-san would then proceed to grab his Academy Shihakusho and don it. His mind was lost though, as the news of the Kenpachi tournament had reached even his own ears. The first round of the tournament had finished, as the winners were announced. Captain Oda, Captain Nakamoto and Captain Hogoshi.

’I do wonder how strong they are. Maybe, just maybe I can reach their level one day. But who am I kidding?’

His mind is lost, as he gets sidetracked. He wonders how they fight, what their battle styles are like and what they focus on. He also wonders, in the case their focus is one on magic and not the sword, if the title would change. After all, isn’t the title of Kenpachi for one who wields the sword? Nonetheless, Kano-san begins to brush his bed hair in a manageable state, as the way it is right now is- well anything but normal and presentable. He looks at the mirror and nods, seeing his regular and everyday face. He smiles.

The Academy had an early awakening as is accustomed everyday. Students can be seen moving throughout the vicinity, as their steps take them all over. They chatter, laugh and train. Their lives are quite normal, especially for a place that is found within a place akin to a military stronghold that trains new soldiers to fight for the Soul Society.
And so, Kano-san’s day has begun. It all begins with him going to a field and doing exercises to better his physical stamina, all in order to allow him to become better. His body can be seen as strong, don’t get me wrong. But he is but a student, lacking in the buff one may get from their own spiritual energy gushing through their very veins to allow them to equalize any potential differences that are found between two parties. And so, he trains. After all, classes are for a bit later.
It is good for one to begin with physical exercises, but after an hour or two afterwards it is best to continue on with theoretical lessons after all. And so, Kano-san can be seen within a classroom as the teacher goes on and on about the information regarding the formation of spells, as well as what constitutes the difference between a spell and one’s Reiatsu’s effects. Kano-san is perplexed.

’Nope. Nope. This is… Gah! Both are just using Reiatsu to do shit, dammit!’

His mind is a bit in disarray to say the least/ Hell, even some emotional damage is felt within all this. Kano-san sighs, as he closes his eyes and focuses on what the teacher speaks about. He calms down, as his mind becomes emptier and emptier - a slight hint of Sakura blossom aroma being around as Kano-san is ab—


Kano-san’s head feels sore, as the teacher hit him for, well, sleeping. At least that is what the general understanding is. But Kano-san thinks differently. He wonders what that was. He sighs though, as he now has to both focus and feel pain on his head.
Yes, it took a bit for Kano-san’s classes to be done. Nonetheless, he was happy. After that hit, he felt better and could focus on the rest of the classes. They were simple, history, trivia, etc. Knowledge information. No more theories, thankfully. And so, Kanojo Ai found himself within the dojo. There, one can train using the bakoto found within, as well as hone their connection with their Asauchi - all in order to bring forth the realization of their Shikai, whatever the heck that meant.

As of now, Kano-san stood upon a tatami and was faced against another student. He held his bakoto at hand, as the student opposite of him did the same. Two enemies, both weak in terms of Shinigami. Still, that meant nothing to Kanojo and the other students. They were the novices, the next generation. They would grow and would become the trees they were meant to. They were seedlings right now.

And so, Kanojo stands still. His breathing is calm as he stares at his enemy. After all, there is something deeply visceral and exciting about a fight with swords. Every movement is precise and deliberate, and the outcome is always determined within a matter of moments. As a fighter, it is your duty to be skilled and ready for any challenge, no matter how daunting. With proper training and practice, you can unleash your inner warrior and take on any opponent.

And so, the enemy begins their attack. An overhead slash.

In the moment of action, a fighter slices with their sword, poised and ready to strike. Their body is in perfect alignment, their muscles have been trained to perfection, and their mind is focused on nothing else but the impending strike. act with haste and precision, for a single slip-up could mean the difference between life and death. Before the slash, a fighter carefully considers their target. They must first assess the defensive posture of their opponent, ensuring that their sword will reach the vulnerable areas. Once the target is determined, the fighter takes a quick step forward to ensure that their weight is behind the swing. The momentum of their step is transferred into the swing, so that the blade slices through the air with ease.

Kano-san analyzes the very essence of the action of his enemy, as he is met with two main choices. First, step to the side. Second, go in and use your own weapon to bring a devastating strike right at the neck - akin to stabbing the neck in order to decapitate the enemy themself.

And so, Kano-san decides on what to do. He too, goes in.

The aftermath of the slash is devastating. The fighter remains poised and ready for the next attack, their sword still dripping with blood. The fight has never been more intense or brutal, and the victor is easily determined.

At least that is what the loser feels, as they got the very sensation that their own body is now dead. It was a ruthless attack, the one the winner made. But let’s focus on what happened.

With the enemy making their slash, Kano-san would take three steps in total. The first step would bring him directly within the enemy’s attacking range, making the enemy hurry their own slash. After the slash had reached about 5% away from Kano-san’s head, he would actually make a sidestep, the second step of his, as he would move his own bakoto on the side and place it directly upon the very neck of his enemy as he would actually make his third and final step, guiding his very blade around the enemy’s neck, signifying that they got beheaded.

Kano-san would stand still, his bakoto at hand and to the side, as the enemy would have fallen to the ground recognizing their very failure.

”Well done.”

Kano-san’s voice was heard again, as he turned and smiled at the other student.




Alright, alright. Let’s get this area cleared. We don’t want anything else happening today.

A teacher stated, rubbing their eyes as if they had just awoken from a midday slumber. The lackadaisical teacher looked about, taking a head count of the students currently within the area. The antics of the two twelfth division members definitely did not go unnoticed – their experiment literally causing trauma a number of students had never experienced before.

It was like y-you were inside of me.

One of the souls said all the while being in the fetal position and rocking back and forth, shivering to the very thought of what had just occurred. Another one was sucking on their thumb, slumped over. Despite the many negative reactions, there were some that definitely contrasted with the fear that was placed into the number of students affected.

Wow, that was actually pretty cool! I didn’t know twelfth could do all of that! I really hope I get a chance to join the twelfth division!

Of course, the number of people who held this consensus weren’t the majority. In fact, the ones with that opinion generally were considered the more intellectual – some would call them.

With the storm being over, the only thing that was left in its wake was destruction. The students were wrapped up in cloth, their Shinō attire literally soaked due to the disgusting coat of liquid that hung over their very being. Was it mucus? Was it slime? Was it … It didn’t matter at this point. The teacher only was in charge of one thing: making sure the students were fine during this ordeal.

Some of the students had emotional outbursts – some consisted of anger.


One screamed to the top of their lungs, raising their fist in the air like they were aiming for some sort of revenge. A comical knot appeared on the side of this one’s head, berating the very structure of the academy. One could literally tell this one had some sort of noble upbringing – especially with the way this one continued to yell, shout, and be otherwise unruly.

Don’t even get me started on the instructors! They couldn’t even handle the measly crap that went on here! I swear, when I’m a Shinigami, things are definitely going to be completely different. There’s no way that souls are going to –

This one droned on, and on. Despite literally no one actually paying attention to him. On the other side, there was another that seemed to be around when the incident occurred, laughing to herself and making fun of the students caught in the grotesque figure that ran amuck within the area.

Lol like omg! Kasune! DID YOU SEE YOUR FACE?! I COULDN’T. EVEN.

The plethora of personalities that existed of course were expected to have different reactions to the scenario. Regardless of the opinions, the faculty had decided to let the students out early for the day. The main idea was that this gave the students time to reflect and grow due to the incident, regardless of them being affected first hand or second hand. With the dismal of activities being made aware to every student, one in particular made his way over to Ai Kanojo.

There was nothing out of the ordinary with this male. In truth, his pale skin paired with his standard shaggy brown hair, with green iris’ for a finish touch, he was literally someone that could be seen today and forgotten about tomorrow. With the lack of uniqueness, one wouldn’t be surprised if his name wasn’t remembered or exchanged for another one. This classmate of Ai stood side by side with him, the both of them being escorted out of the building in order for the lot of them to head to where their personal living quarters were.

Wow Ai! That was pretty cool stuff you did in training. I can’t wait for the two of us to fight each other!

The completely average male said as vigor and excitement resounded thoroughly within his voice. With Ai looking over at him, he looked like he was in his teens. He was also around the same height as Ai. The other student soon went on, barely even giving Ai a chance to respond.

Oh! Did you hear about what happened in that one class?! It was freaking crazy! Apparently some officers from the twelfth division came over and did some kind of experiment. I wasn’t there, but I heard it was crazy! There was a class full of people all convoluted into one being! I heard it was so bad that the fourth division got called to the scene! It was something else. I really wish I was there. I would’ve been all KABAM, KABOOM! HADO NUMBER… NUMBER…

This soul went on and on – reflecting just how horrible he was at his incantations. Regardless of which, this was the time that Ai had a chance to truly respond, if he actually was going to. This male made it seem as if Ai was his best friend with how comfortable he was speaking to him, but in truth, it was just this male’s personality.

Not too far from them, though, the other male that just continued harping on about the inefficiencies of the academy continued to speak out, making sure that his presence was made known – regardless of what other’s opinions were. The student body began leaving the premises, they were now free to do what they wanted for the remainder of the day – just not in any of the classrooms.


Kanojo Ai

New member


⟳ For whence the bell tolls ⟳
『Path of the Novice』0:1.1[/url]

Kano-san looks at the male as he smiles at him. He can sense the whole chatterbox-like attitude and he finds it quite hilarious. He smiles as he can listen to the information. He remembers that blob thing and he shivers slightly. He truly wishes he never comes in contact with something like that, even if he has not seen it. Just the idea is enough to make his mood sour, even with those positive comments about his own actions in training.

”You know, It is that those that hold power are the ones who believe they hold their own overall, as if we are their slaves.”

With Ai’s words being said, he directly looks at that noble dude. He can feel his stomach churning as the dude keeps trying to act as if they are the very center of attention. It is true that Kano-san simply detests those pests, yes, nobles are equated to being pests. Their status quo is such that while they are also normal beings, they simply treat themselves as something more, as something that directly makes them unique due to being part of a name. All have names. And we can make our own name have strength behind it! So what if you are a noble?!

We are here fighting every single day to survive, and yet the nobles force us to be their playthings, their slaves. We are not animals to be used and abused, and we should not be treated as such! The nobles should just shut their traps and accept their fate! We are here fighting every single day to survive, and yet the nobles force us to be their playthings, their slaves. We are not animals to be used and abused, and we should not be treated as such! The nobles should just shut their traps and accept their fate!

Kano-san is truly enraged, as he outright shouts at the noble. He knows and understands that it is entirely possible that his life in the Academy will be iffy after this point, but enough is enough. If the nobles truly wished to act like that kid was saying, they would outright do so without focusing on being the pests they are, they would forgo all political influence and would free the Seireitei itself from their grasp. Alas, Kano-san was too young to discuss the nobles’ standing. He could only use his sentimentality in order to outright explain what he felt. Nonetheless, that should have been enough to either make the noble shut it, or to have them actually demand their given respect, to which Kano-san would outright declare with a triumphant “fuck off, make me” attitude that would force a fight between the two. Oh, he so wished for this fight to take place. After all, one noble kneeling in front of another’s legs is but a step to the correct direction.

”Pardon my anger management. I just couldn’t stand hearing shit. If it becomes a fight, please act as if you don’t know me.”

He says those to the person standing besides him, the completely average in all departments male as Kano-san simplyu awaits to see what the noble pest’s reaction will be. He is, well, curious.