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Arashi Suta

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The three stand-alone in the conference room. Away from prying eyes, and lingering ears or so it may seem... Eizoku takes a seat on the floor next to the table and it is likely that Jizakai had done the same, claiming his position among the three. However, Arashi remains standing for now. Whether it is assumed, or he has indeed been appointed to the task, he would be in charge of preparing tea for the three of them through his own choice. He stands at the very counter, with his back towards both Jizaikai and Eizoku, who had already begun his report.

" So, I'm certain you both are aware of my previous altercation with the rather irregular hollow that had been occupying the Dangai after my disappearance. I've finally been able to come to a logical conclusion of how the creature was both able to resist and control the time-altering properties of the Dangai. This substance was scarcely present in the location where the beast had stationed itself, and interestingly enough, was the only portion of the Dangai untouched or altered by the restrictive current and Kototsu. It also holds a lingering aged spiritual pressure, confirming my suspicion that this substance holds the capabilities of resisting or completely nullifying the continuously flowing properties of the Dangai."

" As amazing as this little "discovery" maybe, it also presents an equally terrifying aspect due to the circumstances in which it was discovered. The probability of hollow on its own simply wandering into the Precipice World, coming across this substance, and properly utilizing it to its own advantage would be 0% - impossible. I say this to say, we are not the first ones to make this discovery, I feel like there is already an agenda underway elsewhere. To make matters even worse, the Precipice World is monitored closely on a 24-hour basis, meaning that whoever is overwatch, was more than aware of the existence of both the hollow and this material. It's best to assume that there is a traitor amidst us within the 12th division."

More questions than answers are revealed in this report. Lieutenant Suta listened intently as he prepared and finished all of their beverages. Turning around, three cups were positioned specifically based on their seats, he starts walking towards the table, seating himself upon his own heels, before placing the platter down before them. They were welcomed to grab hold of their own tea with a mere gesture from Arashi. As far as the report, however, he seemed to have only one word.


Taking a hold of his own prepared tea, he proceeds to take a sip despite the heat of the steam that waffs into his face, and even in the palms of his bare hands, the heat of the cup promotes no signs of irritation, pain, or any form of discomfort for the Lieutenant.

This tea is called Aotsuki(Bluemoon) Tea. Its purpose is to improve your senses. Relax the mind, body, and soul. Drink slowly, considerately, let the feeling resonate throughout your being. This subject is a matter of great importance. It should not be taken lightly and requires a clear mind before we proceed."

While they participate, Arashi's eyes open, directly gazing toward the small container. Studying its contents, he reminds himself of the valid points that Eizoku made. Indeed, the Dangai is to be monitored 24/7... Do we truly have a traitor among us, or is it simply that the 12 divisions severely lacking on both fronts? First the Kokotsu incident, then a Hollow living within the Dangai, having preyed upon whoever that has traveled through the Dangai pryer to Eizoku's interference, and now this dust... Arashi had to agree, there is something amiss. Raising a single hand, he takes yet another sip of his tea. Two High-Priestess released a Kido that allowed them to bend the light around them and hide. They did not perform this Kido to sneak around or to be nosey, but simply to be the surprise attack in case of a threat, the unsuspecting advantage in battle.

Coming as a surprise to likely to both Eizoku and Jizakai unless the tea served them well in preparing their senses and calming them as a whole, the Priestess quickly raise their hands in the direction of the container, creating a small rectangular barrier around it. With the motion of their hands in sync, they raise their arms, and in tandem, the barrier does with the container in tow. Arashi proceeds to stand, though he leaves his tea on the table.

I will make a report of this, and make sure to keep this container concealed as well contained properly within our supervision."

His head turns, eyes closing in the precess, but his next bit of words is directed towards Eizoku.

Great job on your investigation. You are a promising subordinate and asset to Squad Five. I suggest that you and the men you gathered for the expedition remain in the barracks. I will arrange for all of you to be supervised. Having been exposed to this dust and while we are still unsure of its properties or what it may truly mean or be used for, I'd rather be safe than sorry..."

His head turns towards Jizakai, directing his next set of words toward him.

You will be remaining in Eizoku's company from now until we have this matter sorted or further orders from Captain Oda or me are delivered. Also, you two also have some personal matters to sort out with each other. We can not function if you two are unable to get over your differences towards each other."

In his final words, he begins walking toward the exit, and the two priestesses carry the barrier between their beings. Opening the door, Arashi proceeds onward unless at some point he is stopped by either Eizoku or Jizakai. The door would be left open while they exit and eventually disappear from view. Once he was out of range, Arashi reaches within the confines of his own Shihakusho and pulls out his soul phone. He'd make sure to deliver a message to the Head Lieutenant, feeling that this little container may hold information that is far greater than it appears, among other details, he will bring to her attention...

--- " Head Lieutenant Kasumi Fuyuko, Lieutenant Suta Arashi of Squad Five reporting... We recently conducted an investigation into the Dangai, hoping to find answers on how a Hollow was able to reside within the Precipice World, and possibly additional answers on how the Kokotsu was truly able to become free. We discovered an unidentified substance within the Dangai and we were able to contain it within a small container. From what I've been told, it has properties that allow it to resist or completely nullify the properties of the Dangai. However, this is the least of my concerns...

We have come to the agreement that there may be a mole within Squad 12, considering that the Dangai is to be monitored 24/7. While it is likely to have been a past suspicion due to the Kokotosu incident, I fear that this matter has become much worse and could potentially be catastrophic in the future. A hollow found living in the Dangai and this substance is present, it promotes the question of how this Hollow got there and how this substance was dispensed, or rather, by whom.

Currently, I am avoiding any contact with Squad 12, due to the possible chance of a mole being within their ranks. Alerting the individual or individuals may not benefit a solution or feasible outcome. Then again, they may already know... Whether this matter is connected to the Kokotsu incident or not, I am not sure, but I will be keeping the container within the custody of Squad Five Head Quarters. I will monitor it closely, until Captain Oda returns from the game, but should he not, then I will cross that bridge when it comes. Perhaps these details will be valuable to the Commander..." ---

Once the message is sent, Arashi turns his head slightly, nodding towards the two Priestess for them to follow him in haste. All three depart in unison.

From Central to South East Seireitei... Kido Corps Head Quarters.


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Finally, the Vasto Lorde does what his counterpart cannot, and attempts to wield its blades against the Sword Saint. As Suiyo had noted, this hollowfied creature was moving at incredible speeds, suddenly bridging the gap between his skill and the Assassin's. Each particle of golden mist that finds itself heading Suiyo’s way, functions as a Zanpakuto blade, a small fragment of the thousands of cuts that the Lorde delivered. A perfectly executed rendition of an Area of Defense, protects the Vasto from the Swordsman’s omnipresent strikes. Though apparitions deliver their blows from every direction surrounding the Vasto, the sword strikes they emit would now be focused on nullifying the Vasto’s own, rather than on the hollowfied Captain himself.

As such a brilliant dance of blades erupts throughout the darkness of the Muken, illuminating the battlefield with sparks of golden light like the fireworks of a festival. Thousands of exchanges ring out, akin to the marching band of a parade or the charging of an army, yet each exchange ends in a tie. Curiously, the Vasto Lorde, should he possess the intellect of his counterpart, would note that the glistening gold of his glamorous mist would continuously fail to erase the swordsman’s blade. Not even a chip finds itself along the imperceptibly sharp edge of the obsidian sword. What’s more, each particle of mist, each blade they source from, collides against the Swordsman’s strikes, preventing them from ever coming into contact with him. Well…with his apparitions.

Once again, Suiyo is watching this transaction from the edge of the battlefield, observing what has already occurred. While the Vasto Lorde is confident that his speed is so imperceptibly superior to the Swordsman’s, he fails to note that Suiyo was already watching this struggle from the sidelines. This entire battle, Suiyo had no problem anticipating and responding to the speed of the Assassin Mukuro. The Sorcerer Oda may have received some sort of hollowfied boost to his own physical speed, but it was not so vast as to suddenly eclipse the opponent that both had been fighting from the start. Nor, as his particles of mist and his thousand cut defense would have just proven, was he so fast as to be untraceable by the Drunken Bastard.

What the Vasto could perceive now however, that he was unable to in the past, is the same phenomena witnessed by the Mukuro previously. With his onslaught of attacks, the Vasto would be surprised to find that Suiyo was always waiting for him, primed with a parry and counter attack, regardless of the angle that the Lorde approached. Indeed, he had finally possessed enough speed to witness Suiyo’s default state, an endlessly shifting and stumbling blur that continuously places him in the perfect stance, regardless of any awkward positioning. In essence, the stance of the Drunken Blade possessed no blind spots.

However, even watching from such a distance away, Suiyo was not safe. When he had eviscerated the Captain’s limbs into red mist, Suiyo had assumed that the Kido stored within them would be equally destroyed. After all, he had not been aware of the intricacies surrounding the technique, but instead operated on a hunch that his opponent had developed a way to infuse the spells into his own body. Ignorant to the limitations of the technique, as well as to the effects of Hollowifcation, the additional transformation and regeneration undergone by the Captain only served to reinforce Suiyo’s assumption. Now, he is utterly delighted to be proven wrong, getting to witness a true master of Kido.

From within him, six rods of golden light suddenly emerge, surrounding the Drunk from all sides, before closing in around him. The truth immediately reveals itself, as Suiyo recounts the arm that he had sliced to bits. How ingenious, not only to leave an item behind to create a tactical sensation of a landing hit, but also to infuse this discarded item with a pre-prepared spell. What’s more, the composition of this binding spell was more dense than that of the offensive spell the Oda had previously casted. The construct itself is superiorly crafted, possessing a strength and durability undoubtedly boosted by the power of that mask he wore. His arms clad to his sides, Suiyo can feel the constricting strength of the spell break his left arm, before hearing the cracking of his ribs echo throughout his chest cavity.

The spell succeeds in binding his arms to his side, restricting itself around his torso. Had he truly been a novice, escape would have been impossible for the Swordsman. Luckily however, even with his broken arm, even with the breath-taking strength of the binding spell, Suiyo was still afforded full movement of his wrist and fingers. What’s more, as the Vasto had just witnessed, the Sword Saint is always primed for counter attack, regardless of any awkward position. As such, an imperceptible twirling of his fingers infuses beautiful waves of dark silver and bright cyan amongst the pulsating particles of golden energy. A visual of color that would serve as the last thing the Vasto sees, before becoming blinded by the growing glow of a bright golden light.

“Time and time again, you have almost made a complete fool out of us…”

Time and time again, you have almost made a complete fool out of us…”

As though the Six Rods of Light were increasing in their power, the output of light they emitted continued to grow exponentially to the eyes of the Vasto alone. Though of course, light by itself was harmless to such an opponent, who wouldn’t need to even blink in face of it. Despite the increasing intensity of the glow, as its size continues to double in the distance, the Vasto would seem to be able to move on unimpeded.

As such, Lorde Oda would raise his hand towards the golden glow that now obscures Suiyo at a distance, releasing a Bakudō #79. Kuyō Shibari. With this, Eight black holes immediately manifest around his predetermined target. Completing its manifestation, this would ensure in the Vasto’s mind that the wings of his opponent had finally been clipped.

”Time and time agai-”
“Time and time agai-”

The Swordsman calls out, his disembodied voice echoing through the Muken with no particular location in mind. The Golden Glow soon becomes blinding, accompanied by a whistling noise, as it now encompasses half of the Vasto's total vision. The loud apology seems sincere, though screamed from the other half of the battlefield. It was much like a drunkard yelling across the bar for spilling a drink on someone. Even in this situation, it would seem that Drunk had not yet accepted the perilous danger, had not yet taken this seriously. As the Vasto, with its two-toned gravelly voice, began its lecture, the Drunk in turn interprets only that he had hurt the creature’s feelings.

The Vasto continues to walk towards Suiyo, until the Golden light encompasses everything that he can see. Just as it becomes blinding, it suddenly disappears. As does the whistling. A red line appears across the Vasto’s extended arm, and yet nothing seems to occur. Behind this lacking smokescreen, Suiyo the bastard still appears to be caught within five rods of shining golden light which leaves him vulnerable to the Vasto’s vengeance. Unable to move or speak, the image of Suiyo is completely still, finally removing that smug look from his face.

”Time and time again we’ve had to over exert ourselves…”
Time and time again we’ve had to over exert ourselves…”




Three blinding swings of the Vasto’s blade remove the arms and head of the White Death as he continues to walk past him, one of the Creature’s many arms raises up and aims an index finger at the head that slowly slides from its placement atop the body.

”Time and time again we had to prove…”
”Time and time again we had to prove…”

Blue Kido Energy builds at the tip of the index finger, shimmering, glowing brighter and brighter.

The energy is let loose, a solid beam of blue energy that pierces through the back of the drunk's skull and out the front of his forehead. The brain is pierced through and through, burned and fried, no more than soup in his departed skull. Chunks of skull explode from the wound scattering through the air and across the ground like pebbles, as the red miasma of blood coates then in a splatter throughout the air, before pulling around the discarded head and bone fragments laying across the ground. The proceeding Thunk of the skull hitting the ground, the wet splash of its ichor, and the scattering patter of its raining bone fragments, as well as the feeling of physically cutting through his skull, all ensured that what the Vasto had decimated was no apparition.


"You made a promise-"

A blade appears through the Hollow's chest, manifesting there as if the monster's body itself had given birth to the blade. No blood spills, and the monster of course feels nothing, as Kyomu stands directly behind him as though his shadow. Holding the heart of the monster hostage, the Captain interrogates the creature, hoping to see a sign of his former companion’s control from within. Yet simultaneously, he was doing exactly as Suiyo had hoped he would, going about the task of finding an exit. Granted, Suiyo had hoped he had already found one when he told the Captain to leave. At least now though, he would have some assistance.

Yes, assistance. Though Kyomu holds the Lorde at blade point, he simultaneously darts around the field, as he has done for the entirety of this match. His split attention prioritizes the vasto just as much as finding an exit, and he continues to take in his surroundings regardless of this. As such, there would be moments where the Captain’s hoho and the Swordsman's rapid footwork, overlapped enough to create an image of the two. During these brief encounters, Suiyo would appear for a moment, see the Captain, then smile and wave before disappearing. This friendly gesture was not a taunt by any means, but was more like a familiar wave one gives another when they pass each other on the street. While Kyomu was moving at light speed trying to find an exit, Suiyo had been dashing around himself, though his reasons are unclear. What this means of course, is that the Assassin is the first to realize that the Swordsman is not dead.

He is the first to see the after-image fade from the five rods of light, the kido having been missing one of its key bindings this entire time. Yes, Suiyo’s armless and headless corpse fades from existence, an illusion, a clone created by the speed that the Vasto thought the Swordsman lacked. Yet, how did the Vasto feel his kido pierce through the Swordsman’s head? How had he head his skull hit the ground, fragments sprinkling about, and blood splashing? These sensations could not be created by speed. No…

Upon the ground where once was Suiyo’s head, now lay a destroyed drinking gourd. A smoldering hole pierces through the dried husk of the gourd, causing wine to pour out from it. Even more curious than the contents of the gourd, is the contents of the wine. Not only does alcohol puddle around it, but hundreds of little gemstones, taken from the destroyed crystal spires. It would seem that at some point, Suiyo had filled his half-full drinking gourd with as many of the precious gemstones as possible. This means that when he had tossed the gourd to Kyomu and told the Captain to leave, he was not only hoping to reveal an exit, but use the Captain as a mule to smuggle out the precious treasure.

A treasure now seemingly lost. Though he is unfamiliar with the name, Suiyo had witnessed the Vasto Lorde perform Utsusemi and reversed engineered the principles, already possessing requirements to fulfill such an act. Where the Vasto had discarded his arm however, Suiyo's was much more theatric replacing his body with the gourd to simulate the destruction of his skull, the crystals replicated bone fragmentation, and the wine replicating blood splatter. Certainly, it possessed a flare that is quickly becoming associated with this drunken fool.

“Have we lost another Captain?”

“Hey you guys are great. I really mean it.”


Manifesting behind Kyomu and Tenzen, is the true Suiyo. Having finished his own errand of sorts, he had met with more success than Kyomu. While the Captain failed to find an exit, the Drunk had succeeded in procuring his treasure. The pockets of his Shihakusho are stuffed full to the brim with the glittering cyan gemstones of the Commander’s Shikai, a smile planted upon his face. He stands behind Kyomu and the Vasto Lorde, seemingly following their lead, as though this were a social que and not a deadly fight. Though the tension in the air is palatable to the audience, it fails to register to Suiyo. He does not seem to take note of Kyomu’s blade piercing through the vasto’s chest, nor does he seem to fear the otherness of this foreign creature before him. Rather, he addresses his would-be killers with a casual friendliness, impressed by their abilities today, he can’t help but like them. Tenzen had crossed some sort of line it seemed, while Kyomu had no intention of fighting on. In turn, Suiyo had gotten to collect the treasure he desired. He had fought an assassin faster than anything he had ever seen. He had seen a creature he didn’t know exists possess the foremost spellcaster he had ever met.. What’s more, he had been caught in a trap for the first time in over a thousand years, and had once again felt the pain of his body breaking since even longer than that.

Of course, the three souls standing in unison were all killers, and as of now, none had been killed. The future remains uncertain, how the Vasto responds, what the Assassin would do, were all up for speculation. However, while some part of Suiyo anticipated it, his true conscious had never been focused on the fight. Combat, to the sword saint, was easier than breathing, and required much less thought. As such, the continuation of the battle is not what’s on his mind. Instead, he thinks only about what’s really important.

“We should grab a drink.”




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The body of Tenzen Oda is changed, no longer the visage of a Soul that belongs in Soul Society, it now bears the form of its enemy, that of a Hollow. It speaks in dual tone, mixing its voice with Tenzen’s, it moves methodically, fighting and acting in a way Tenzen wouldn’t. It had time to observe the opponent from behind his eyes and so it allowed it to fight with more tact. As it strides across the battlefield, catching glimpses of Suiyo, there is now another who watches from behind the eyes of the monster. In his inner world Tenzen watches on, his mind placed not on the battle but back to his duty as a Captain. He is piecing something together that has been a mystery for the past two weeks, that mystery being who killed Captain Asakura? This swordsman from the Rukongai is no joke, able to dance with two Captains and barely suffer injury all with his swordplay alone. After making some miscalculations Tenzen suffered some injuries of his own, which has led to him taking a back seat in this fight for now. By no means did he underestimate the drunk but his way of thinking is not shared by all, that includes the late Captain Asakura.

A master swordsman in his own right, Itsuki could have potentially held him at bay, for a time, but he would need more than swordplay, he would have needed to combine all his arts to fight this man. Tenzen stares out at the horizon of his inner world, a bloodred lake reaching out towards said horizon. Rubbing his chin he continues to think, or tries to while there is an incessant munching sound going on to his left, another being is there with him eating food in the sloppiest and rudest way possible, he then speaks with his mouth full…

Rudeness Personified

”That guy prolly killed Itsuki.”


”Yeah, I was just thinking that.”

”I know…” He tosses some more candy into his mouth and begins chewing again. ”Das why I said it.”

”Where do you keep getting food from?”

Tenzen looks over at Kokuzo who stops eating and stares at him, moving his bowl of candy closer to himself. Tenzen can only sigh and stare back off at the horizon, it was as if by doing this he could see through the monster's eyes.

An Inquisitive Mind

”In any case, I heard Itsuki’s body was found with multiple lacerations. I don’t know the full details of his autopsy report so we’ll have to do some digging. Fourth Division should have the records we need to look over, along with Seventh Division possibly having old reports on the White death. I’ll have to be specific and find the records made by Itsuki that reference him.”

He frowns now, thinking about how far Captain Asakura’s mind had drifted into madness. He was a decent level headed man back in the academy and even in Tenth Division. The longer he was in the Rukongai the more he ascended into madness. With that in mind it stands to reason that he met Suiyo, thought him to be an easy kill and paid the price. There is no way it was a sudden meeting, the drunken swordsman isn’t as aloof as he seems he would have known he was being followed and Itsuki would have continued to hound him. There must be records of what the Captain was doing up until his final moments, a journal, a report, even notes on his Denreishinki X. Tenzen stands up to his feet now with Kokuzo still watching the horizon.

”Now what? About to go do some digging into a dead man’s affair?”

”I am a Captain of the Gotei Thirteen and a fellow Captain was killed by mysterious means. Everyone else may have forgotten or not care but not me. If this Suiyo did do such a thing he must pay for his crimes, once his guilt is proven.”

”If he’s innocent, make him become a Shinigami.”

”Huh? Why?”

”Hollow you ain’t clocked it yet but that black sword he’s swinging around is a Zanpakuto. You know I’m not going to just erase my own kind like that.”

”I had my suspicions about that…”

”I know, that's why I said it.” He tosses another handful of candy into his mouth.


A Stride of Death

Having countered the Swordsman's countless unseen strikes with countless unseen strikes of his own the Vasto strides forward, admiring itself in the blade of its Shikai. The spell sprouts from within Suiyo, however there would be no movement from his hands, when it comes to Kido he is indeed a novice. Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō does not simply bind one’s arms to their side with great force, no, it seals ALL their movements completely. Even the parts of the body not struck by the spell have their movements halted. Furthermore, the activation of the spell was different than how it is normally cast, being placed within Suiyo it comes from within rather than from the outside. The possibility of avoiding it is nil. The beast then turns using an arm gesture to spawn the next spell, Bakudō #79. Kuyō Shibari, at this point, the sealing of the White Death’s movement has become overkill, but the Vasto is thorough and seeks a complete victory. Right now the monster carries Tenzen’s desire for victory while Tenzen himself has had time to reflect and focus on his duty as a Captain from within.

“Time and time again, you have almost made a complete fool out of us…”
“Time and time again, you have almost made a complete fool out of us…”

”Time and time agai-”
“Time and time agai-”

Suiyo shouts out, but the voice is not disembodied, he remains where he was placed, unmoving, a statue.

”Time and time again we’ve had to over exert ourselves…”
“Time and time again we’ve had to over exert ourselves…”



The sound of the blade being swung is heard, however, the third strike never comes, the blade being halted at the Rukongai Swordsman’s neck. Though he cannot be seen by anyone else currently, due to him being a mental image, Tenzen has stopped the arm of the Vasto in its tracks.

”No, this man needs to be brought in for questioning, the removal of his arms is good enough.

An Anti-Climactic Conclusion!?

It lowers the blade, stopping like this shows a degree of control and union that is rarely seen by a Vizard in this state. But not all see it this way, no, they still see a berserking monster, a man who has lost control and his way. One such person who sees it this way is Kyomu Mukuro, someone Tenzen respects and trusts. Because of this trust he knew that if he truly lost control the Mukuro could put him down, however, things take an odd twist of fate…

"You made a promise-"

A blade seems to appear through his chest, there is no blood, no pain, furthermore there was no detection of the phantom up to this point. But he spoke, he spoke to Tenzen before doing this. It is out of character but it is taken as a sign. The Vasto spins the blade around taking a reverse grip and lunges the blade backwards towards Kyomu. The Phantom has all the tools to avoid such an obvious attack, such a blatant disregard and disrespect for the skills of the Captain of Second Division should be taken as an insult. However, this is not the point of the attack, this entire battle has been one game of deception after another. But now it seems to be a game of truths, of trust. The blade lunges backwards and hits the small portion of Genzōken where a handguard would be. That small spot is struck with enough force to push Kyomu away and thus removing the intangible blade from his body before he could finish his sentence and before the blade could finish rematerializing…

"Have we lost another Captain?"

”No, we haven’t. But this man must be arrested and his Zanpakuto confiscated.”
”No, we haven’t. But this man must be arrested and his Zanpakuto confiscated.”

Tenzen’s voice becomes the dominant one once more, although the Hollow voice begins to fade until it is only Tenzen speaking.

”I have reason to believe this is the man who killed Captain Asakura. I want to confirm these suspicions with an investigation and if it is true… I’ll turn him over to you for interrogation. If someone this strong is out in the Rukongai attacking Captains we may have trouble brewing at our gates. He may have been put in these games to further reduce our numbers.”

The form of the Vasto begins to crack and break away slowly but surely revealing Tenzen inside, staring back at Captain Mukuro. His Shikai is still active as he now turns to look towards Suiyo, still frozen in place, no more running, no more tricks. Though Tenzen now thinks and wonders to himself, how the hell are they going to get out of there?



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Sitting upright with a formally erected posture that carried nothing but elegance and dignity, the young
Shinigami remained idle, yet extremely vigilant to his surroundings. The rather intense fragrant smell of the tea quickly filled the sizeable room they had been occupying with an aroma that could only be described as divine. The components within the brew having to had been rather potent to emit such a strong scent. Surely the effects of its ingestion would be equally as beneficial as its potency. It had in fact been an excellent manner of alleviating the severity and tension of the situation at hand, along with distracting one's primary senses away from what would otherwise be a purposefully hidden factor amongst the three.

To assume the Third Seat was anything less than perceptive, astute, and aware of his surroundings would be an acute underestimation on his Lieutenant's part. The man's entire battle style and daily navigation throughout his life consisted of nothing more than continuous compiled observations, theories, and his overall awareness to the happenings around him. His mind was always active, always conscious of his surroundings - always prepared. And as such, his reaction to the setup before him would illicit the reaction soon to follow.
" This tea is called Aotsuki (Bluemoon) Tea. Its purpose is to improve your senses. Relax the mind, body, and soul. Drink slowly, considerately, let the feeling resonate throughout your being. This subject is a matter o-

Despite the Lieutenant's relaying of the rather unnecessary information about the beverages prepared for them, Eizoku's mind had already been keyed in elsewhere, actively drowning out the particulars his lieutenant had been attempting to get across. Here, he had once again been made victim to the "precautionary" methods in place that had presumably been hidden from both he and Jizakai. The active concealment of multiple physical presences did nothing to conceal the energy wafting and radiating in place from the active utilization of a concealment Kido spell. It had been just as strong and noticeable as the now turned disdainful stench of the tea he only moments ago so enjoyed. Or had it been more so the growing disdain he had been developing for the man once again? Wasting no time addressing the situation and cutting the man off completely, Eizoku's brows furrow as his visage contorts into a writhing scowl.

"Surely you jest Lieutenant Suta..."


The aggravation in his retort clearly evident as he fails to even attempt to conceal it. It was all too obvious what the man had planned to do before the actions even unfolded to the all too predictable story. The three seated member's presence alone would certainly be enough to dissuade or successfully fend against any unforeseen occurrences that may arise. So the presence of two additional concealed High Priestesses overall was absolutely inane. Even in their own right, the three men as individuals held more than enough capability to fend for themselves - even more so than the concealed parties present. The only logical reasoning for their presence would have been a surprised retrieval or detainment of a certain thing...or persons.

The sheer animosity in response to the man’s unexpected setup was palpable as his disdain grew, whilst his respect decreased rapidly, as if in unison for his supposed superior. Eizoku was unable to fathom the amount of underlying scheming and disrespect that had been so brazenly displayed by the unfolding underhanded actions his Lieutenant had chosen to arrange. Already struggling with his own internal conflict in the understanding of both his, and his captain’s own ideology pertaining to "teamwork", only managed to progress matters more, but only for the worse.

One taking a stance within the far most left corner of the room, exactly three feet from the wall, whilst the other maintained the same proximity from the wall on the opposing side of the room. By means of his sensory capabilities, Eizoku was able to accurately pinpoint the approximate location of each priestess whom had presumably been hidden from his own eyes. He had already theorized how things would unfold before Arashi had even concluded relaying his information about his special brew, hence why he remained so on guard and cautious, ready to react before the situation had even arrived in full. By placing the substance on the table in front of the three men, he had in a sense opened chapter one of the blank short story that he would allow them to pen with their own actions – an exposition.

The rising action had been soon to follow. The moment the energy signatures of the active concealment spell wavered and fluctuated in synchronicity, it had been an evident sign to Eizoku that the two individuals behind the veil had began to make their move. Being that Jizakai did not hold enough authority in his own right to orchestrate this elaborate set up, and had taken absolutely no actions, Eizoku had no logical reason to tie him into the event – nor his next actions to follow.

The climax. With a sharp yet subtle swiftness, the index and middle fingers on the Chronomancer’s right hand bolt upright towards the ceiling of the establishment, resulting in a sudden erection of dual barriers around the duo. Before the two had even managed to completely raise their hands in an effort to erect a joint barrier around the plastic container, they would find that the both of them had themselves been encased in a vibrant golden hued rectangular full bodied prison-like encasement. The barriers in play effectively distorting and ripping apart the concealment afforded to them by Kyokko, immediately transferring them outside the vicinity of the establishment and swapping their initial positions with each other to further ensure a lack of coordination, should outside intervention not prevent so. Each barrier still remaining firm and active even after fulfilling it’s desired purpose. The two were effectively isolated and contained, and the intended securing of the metallic dust on Arashi's part, a failure.

Reaching for the substance on the table, Eizoku would swiftly retrieve and place the bottle within inner portions of his shihakusho once more before rising and turning towards Arashi as he walked towards the exit of the establishment.

"Now then..."Lieutenant". Surely you didn't expect me to be understanding of such an underhanded tactic of a passive yet forceful retrieval. Especially of something that you put no effort or energy into obtaining. The two of you remained idle outside the gates of the Precipice World and made no endeavors to press forth and venture with me - hence my choice to invoke a "restriction," that even still you chose not to even attempt to overrule. To say this was a "team" effort, would prove to be nothing more than a lie to appease Captain Oda and live up to his expectations of us. I attempted to ignore and abide by the direction of my mentor, but the internal conflict within me simply will not allow me to accept it willingly.

The ideologies my Captain hold are noble, yet severely flawed and misconstrued in my eyes - and I for the life of me am simply unable to grasp a concept revolving around supporting and relying on someone who doesn't know the definition of either of those terms themselves. In every instance where you as our superior held the opportunity to prioritize "teamwork", you selfishly focused on the prioritizing of yourself and yourself only - in every sense of the word. And in response, I followed suit, yet without hypocrisy. From the mishap within the Rukongai, to my return, to the recent training bout, and even now...

Even now, as if by instinct or habit, you planned to not only take away my discovery, but also to take full credit for the mission - along with forcefully confining me to this hall. Followed by slew of compliments and praise to cover over a freshly created wound - the usual manipulation tactics. You're a very cunning man Lieutenant, yet predictable."

Eizoku's eyes fell upon the badge of honor Arashi adorned on his right arm once more, his visage shifting back to his typical calmed expressionless disposition as he obviously gave way to a moment of self reflection before continuing his advent outside the establishment.

A falling action...


"I've been pondering over this for quite some time now, but perhaps...this simply isn't the Division that I need to occupy...Perhaps I need to set my own standards and discard the internal conflict raging in me. Create my own sense of companionship, morality, and expectations, based solely off of logic, and make it Law.... I'll personally see to it that Captain Oda is delivered this substance and my briefing upon his return. ...Along with my request for a transfer. As for me, I will be holding on to this material and making my departure elsewhere. Feel free to try to impede my departure, however be wary, this time...I won't hesitate to strike you down again Arashi Suta."

A resolution...

Central Seireitei -> Northwest Seireitei

Arashi Suta

New member




" Surely you jest Lieutenant Suta..."

By the small flames of Eizoku, Arashi’s informative statement is reduced to ashes at that moment. Instead, it is replaced by a scowling Third-Seat whose displeasure becomes increasingly palpable. Coupled by the wings of deceit and betrayal, Eizoku felt as though his own Lieutenant’s action had done more harm than good. His words prove not enough, and so Eizoku takes action. With a subtle swiftness, two fingers move and with a minimal effort, he cast a barrier upon two High-Priestess who had just begun to come into view. However, they both stand undisturbed nor surprised at such antics. Had these been mere foot soldiers, Eizoku’s capture would be a success…

Kido Corps is made up of specialists. Those who are handpicked from Academy by the Kido Corps for their exceptional skill in Kido above all else. They are trained to hone and temper their overall prowess for both offensive capabilities and defensive capabilities. Constructing and deconstructing Kido in various ways, as they learn the ins and out of most known spells at their disposal. These High-Priestess are a cut above the rest, warriors whose skills go unparalleled when compared to their peers.

While indeed they have been captured by the barrier, their hands still move continously unimpeded. Their’ fingers reach the barrier and immediately a consistent and tempered flow of spiritual pressure pushes through the entirety of the barrier instantly, and in conjunction, it shatters just as quickly as it was formed after applying an accurate and near-perfect amount of powet o break the spell. However, this would be the first of many things the High-Priestess had planned for Eizoku, after deducing him to be the cause in mere mili-seconds, however, their next action is stopped by a gesture from Lieutenant Suta, sparing the Third-Seat from immediate apprehension.

Easily enough, Eizoku is able to take back the capsule and hide it within his Shihakusho all the while Arashi places his tea on the table and they both stand in unison. Eyes follow Eizoku as he extends his journey towards the door, ready to leave, but not before he would speak…

" Now then..."Lieutenant". Surely you didn't expect me to be understanding of such an underhanded tactic of a passive yet forceful retrieval. Especially of something that you put no effort or energy into obtaining. The two of you remained idle outside the gates of the Precipice World and made no endeavors to press forth and venture with me - hence my choice to invoke a "restriction," that even still you chose not to even attempt to overrule. To say this was a "team" effort, would prove to be nothing more than a lie to appease Captain Oda and live up to his expectations of us. I attempted to ignore and abide by the direction of my mentor, but the internal conflict within me simply will not allow me to accept it willingly.-”


The river of turmoil and displeasure flows endlessly. It is evaporated. Turn to nothing by the intensity of Arashi Suta. A single word struck like a torrent of blades, poised and sharp with the intent to cut down anything in its path. The air begins to tremble as the spiritual pressure of Arashi seeps through. Having felt it before, Eizoku will find that the past paled in comparison greatly. Such aggressive power would lead the Chronomancer to believe that Arashi may attack him in order to retrieve the capsule. Such power exerted would promote a sense of warning, as it attacks all instincts alerting the individual to a potential threat...

Lieutenant Suta demanded respect, but it is not for himself, but for the sensitivity of the situation. The fact that this capsule he carried so easily without a care in his Shihakusho could prove to be far more dangerous than whatever issues they may have between each other. It would seem to be a cause for Arashi to act, but instead, the Third-Seat is met with words, not violence...

The mission is completed. You acted on behalf of all of the Fifth Division and since you feel so strongly, you can be the one to deliver it to Kido Corps Head Quarters and quarantine it. As you said, there is a possible mole. Until we know more await for the Captain, your mentor. I will make a report on Fifth Division’s discovery to the Head Lieutenant.

This is an order. I will join shortly.

No longer do Jizakai and Eizoku play host to the smiling shinigami. His expression is stained with a sternness that would likely become surprising to either one of them, be it a rare sight. Is it anger, frustration, or irritation? Arashi quite easily became unreadable, a man truly void of any emotion. Right now he only cared that the task is to be completed and that whatever else they needed to discuss is a personal matter for a later conversation.

Looking down, however, Arashi finds that all of their tea had been spilled all over the table. It brought upon a heavy sigh, one that would return him to his natural smile as he quickly turned around to begin grabbing the necessary equipment to clean the mess he had created.

It was almost…