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The sounds of panic are muffled, dulled by the thoughts that plague the Empress’ mind. At the arrival of Alexander, she does not move, instead of leaving Dominic to have faced him alone. He’d left her prior, telling her that he’d needed to get some air, so it wouldn’t have been strange for him to deal with the new entity. The guard that had gone to alert Dominic was instead turned away to go and inform Blume of the events at hand. When she’d received the news, she was more confused considering they hadn’t come to shoot at her like the last few Quincy. Perhaps this one was different.

She stands up and heads out towards another level of her home in order to get a proper look at the courtyard, peering down in interest at this new face. The way he moves, his mannerisms are… distinctly familiar? Blume is sure that she has never made contact with this man before, and neither has Dominic, considering the fact that he looked ready to tear his head from his shoulders. So why couldn’t she shake off this feeling?

Just as she was to step away from the window, a flash of light streaked across the sky, leaving nothing but fire and destruction in its wake. It had been a while since she’d seen one, but Blume would find such a powerful exposure to spiritual energy like to be anything but forgettable. She glances down at the pair of Quincy, both of which jump into action without a moment’s hesitation. She slips away from the window and heads back downstairs, deep in her head.

Is what she was doing worth it? The aftermath of having released the Hollow Bait was beginning to compile one right after the other. At the cost of living human lives, all for the sake of protecting what means most to her, but it wasn’t her fault, right? It was the Shinigami, the same people meant to protect the World of the Living and its inhabitants; these shinigami who turned a blade towards her friend, her family, her kind, under the alleged order of their Captain-Commander.

She could sense the spiritual signatures of Shinigami jumping into the fray, several but all of them were involved in dealing with the lesser hollows save for one -- or rather three, now. These new spiritual pressures hadn’t gone unnoticed. If anything, it had left the hairs on the back of her neck rising in response to these uncommon spiritual signatures, and for them to be pouring in like this, it seemed as though she would have to join the fray too.

Foregoing the traditional uniform, Blume had merely brushed it off. Putting on another outfit just to step into a fight was a waste of time after all, especially if she'd be getting her hands dirty. Her only concern now was that of-

"Heeey, what'ya got in there?"

Blume is stopped in her tracks when this voice rings out and she casts her gaze down to face a purple-haired entity with his pointed claw positioned towards her stomach. The Empress feels many things at this moment, and panic is one of these feelings; confusion is another. Many questions run through her head, but for now, she debated her response. From close observation of the man's attire and attachment to his face, the fact that an Arrancar sat before her was quite obvious; for that Arrancar to have entered her home, to have gotten this close to her without some form of resistance or retaliation, it had meant that this was no regular Arrancar.

What were these called again?


Yes, he had to have been one, and the one that had followed right after him had to be too.

Blume makes no attempt to answer him. Instead, she focuses on protecting her abdomen more than anything. It was unfortunate that Dominic was not here with her, but it was moments like these that he had prepared her for as reishi flowed through her body to circulate throughout her entire person. Her cerulean orbs are locked onto Marcos and his pointed digit. While she does not directly answer him, she instead asks-

“Who are you?”

How he knew of what resides inside of her, she would have to find out if she could. Perhaps Dominic was correct in speaking of the dangers involving this situation. Maybe she was being selfish and putting her kind at risk, but if there was a fight to be had, for her life, she'd have to partake.



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The Champ Misses!?

Flying in towards Grimaldi to destroy him for threatening the town of Karakura, Dominic never had a chance to notice it. It was a miscalculation that the Quincy did not foresee and as a result it threw off his timing, even if by a millisecond. This resulted in Grimaldi slipping away with Sonido and Dominic’s punch missing its primary target. The secondary target however was not so lucky. The brigade of Hollows that lingered in the Garganta behind the Arrancar were obliterated by an expulsion of explosive energy and flame. Had Grimaldi remained idle he would have been nothing more than ash and his intuition to move was coupled with a counter attack as well. What happened next was more than just an attempt to rend the flesh from Dominic’s body but sever his head and body at the waist with the aid of his Zanpakuto. Grimaldi feels the sensation of his attack landing but as he moves away to gain some distance he would see the martial artist unharmed and unphased by the attack. Among all Quincy Dominic perhaps boasts the strongest Blut, Blut that was evident across his body as he lashed out with his vicious attack. He looks back towards the Arrancar now as his twin Kama turns into a singular Sythe.

”He threw off my timing somehow? With his Reiatsu? Okay.”

Dominic thinks this to himself, as a martial arts master he knows and understands the timing of his attacks and this goes beyond just mere estimates of projections. This understanding of his attacks are rooted in absolute fact, coupled with the fact a singe mark was left on the solar plexus of the Scythe wielding Arrancar further confirmed this. A look of surprise arises on The Champion’s face as he is suddenly sent plummeting to the ground below by an unseen force. It is a force that everyone is subjected to daily, even spirits, and yet this version of it was vastly more powerful enough to flatten everything around it, it was Gravity. This confirms how his timing was thrown off, by shifting gravity he slowed Dominic down just enough to avoid the punch.

Energy vs Gravity

Energy begins sparking from the crater made from Dominic’s fall, Energy that rises up into the air, unaffected by the mounting force of Gravity. By Grimaldi’s estimates he should have been dead, however for Dominic this was not the case, it was as if something was keeping pace with his Gravitational output, something that kept the concept of “death by Gravity” away from Dominic. In the next few moments Dominic would begin to walk out of the crater, his energy bursting outward with violence and fury. He then starts to run, overcoming the gravitational anomaly before exploding into flight once more. Be it a thousand times or a million times the force of Earth gravity it would not matter because he is E The Energy. Strength of energy, endurance of energy, speed of energy, and the destructive capabilities of energy are at his beck and call. Energy is the driving force behind all motion and all activity, this includes the pulling, expelling, debilitating activity of Gravity itself. Any other foe would have succumbed to this monster but the tides of fate have seen it fit for Dominic to face off against this foe.

Bursting into the air, once again encased in energy and flames Dominic flies towards Grimaldi with similar speed as before, this time flying at him with his right foot fully extended while his left leg is tucked back. Quincy fight with arrows, this is true, Dominic’s body is a weapon of destruction, his body is both the bow and the arrow. This statement comes full circle as the energy surrounding him takes the shape of a massive arrow with him at the tip of said arrow. With rage and fury over the destruction of the town, Dominic aims for the Arrancar’s midsection, while Alexander focuses his fire from the rear. Should he connect the martial artist would plow through the midsection of the Arrancar with explosive might. There would be no dilation of time or throwing off of Dominic's kick with Gravity because at this point, as dangerous as it is for the remaining human’s, he is expelling energy that exceeds the gravitational output of Grimaldi. The force of the kick would send Dominic streaking across the sky as if he were a shooting star that was flying from Earth instead of towards it.

Once stopping himself he turns to look at his work, the Arrancar literally broken in half, whatever was left of him surely would fall subject to the shots fired by Alexander. His energy continues to rage even though he has already left the Arrancar's field of influence, but it is because from where he stands he senses two more. One somewhere in town and another that causes his blood to run cold as it was in the mansion next to Blume. There would be no end to his rage and fury as there seems to just be one thing after another fueling him. He launches a kick, similar to the one he used on Grimaldi, aiming down towards the mansion. His explosive entry through the building would have him drive his kick into Marcos and continue to drive him deep underground. These monsters would be given no quarter this day.


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>>>Travelling From Northwest Seireitei<<<

>>>Arriving at Karakura Town<<<

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Stepping out of the Senkaimon is always a weird sensation. Even being part of the 13th division, he still hasn't gotten used to the drop in spiritual pressure. At least that is what he would think on a normal day but today it feels different. The pressure didn't only increase, but it was also scattered all over the place.

"RS, I sense multiple powerful beings all over the place. Those who don't have precise sensing should stick with me." He motions to about 8 of the 15 shinigami he brought with him.

"It's quite surprising how little of the 13th can actually use Reiryoku sensing proficiently. That's definitely something that should be fixed at some point. Not by me of course, Nokoribi-sama is an actual teacher after all"

"Now remember, there are already two confirmed Arrancar and we did not come here to die. We are on standby do you understand me?"

Being in a leadership position somehow came naturally to Yurei despite his lack of social skills. He only had the goal of finding the rest of the 13th and getting them the help they need. According to the information he received, the Arrancar were powerful, meaning it wouldn't be too hard to notice and avoid them if they somehow crossed paths. Sure Yurei harboured a natural hatred for hollows but at this point in time, it was more beneficial for him to continue breathing.
He knew what Nana was doing by putting him on standby, it was all a matter of preserving the 13th.
He was not prepared to argue so he just did as he was told, it's not like he could do much anyway.
Yurei focuses his reiryoku into his right eye and looks over the town before him.

So many little sparks of human souls around him, but just turning his head slightly more to the left reveals a nightmare. So much destruction had been caused by those hollows!
A sea of Gillian flow before him. He can't even comprehend how Nana would've thought she could handle all these alone. With those Arrancars there to boot!

Regardless, his goal was simple it was both a search and rescue mission and an escort mission. He not only had to find Nana and the others, but he also had to protect the medics in his unit as well in order for this mission to succeed.




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“Yes, yes I am.”

She gets an answer from the Quincy, but Nana’s attention is no longer on her, nor the Gillians that have dwindled due to their involvement. Instead, it is on the looming danger that looms around the duo as high in the air as they resided. Thick and heavy, that sense of danger is at an all-time high, and both Quincy and Shinigami are surrounded by the same entity, one unable to see what looms behind them, but the pressure that Kassius exudes is not one to make a mockery of.

This entity that threatens to sever Nana’s body with its vicious bladed tendrils had not gone unnoticed when he had first arrived. How could he be? With the way in which he had laid waste to Karakura with something like his Vagido, structures collapsed in on themselves from it alone. When he lands uninterrupted by his own chaotic energy, the shinigami woman would be nothing more than a fool to have disregarded a threat such as Kassius, who looked at the humans as nothing but fodder. It was only a matter of time before something else was able to catch his attention, and unluckily it had been the pair of women who had managed to do so, rather than the pair of Quincy that was facing against the first Arrancar that had shown his face.

Although waiting for an answer from the Quincy woman, Nana’s expression held no concern nor fear. A solid expression of seriousness due to having to focus on everything and anything around her. Nana gets an answer from Amanda, but something else catches her attention. The breeze that lifts her hair is anything but a breeze, and that sense of dread is only growing, but the focus of Kassius’ interest is not solely on either of the two women. Nana is hopeful that the Quincy woman is capable of handling herself when it came to their new party.

Her blades, already drawn after having slain these hollows, change with a single command--

“Shisseki.” (叱責, "Rebuke")

And with that, Nana whips around, her blades coming to meet with these bladed tendrils any which way. Nana's resistance against Kassius's appendages is nonexistent, simply using that violent thrashing’s pressure to push off of and create more distance away from the Arrancar and his likeness, nearly tripling from where she once stood. Nana doesn’t dare face him head-on on the first go. The sheer difference in spiritual power is more than enough to make Nana conscious of his unhinged power versus her own. Lacking in forcefulness, she makes up for it in tactics.

Perhaps it may be seen as rash to have released her Shikai so quickly, but Nana was not one to take chances when it came to battle. One of the toughest challenges currently resides before her, a greater distance than where she once stood during her short greeting with Amanda to keep herself from being wholly surrounded by those tendrils. Though it may be seen as a selfish move to leave the Quincy woman to what looms behind her, it was something she would have to be in order to properly gauge what exactly they were dealing with.

Kassius had attacked without even waiting to gauge his opponents. He was carefree and elated to have found something he considered to be strong. He was dangerous and completely opposite of Nana. Although stoic in her expression, the furrow of her brows breaks that cool facade and she is forced to face this thing, otherwise, he would turn to find something else worth more of his time. If she had succumbed to that unholy energy, would he have turned away in disinterest and found someone or something else to toy with? Sweat dribbles down her face and she tightens the grip around the handles of her hook-blades, damning herself for even considering such a thing. Her tension is at an all-time high. Even the slightest bit of hesitance could cost her life.

In the far distance, Nana was able to discern the arrival of the standby party. It was most unfortunate that she would be unable to meet them for the time being, but she prayed that they would not come to seek her and provide assistance. Something deep within her told her that if anything, these incoming bodies would only add to the casualty count. Yurei and his unit would be able to deal with the lesser hollows that still decided to show face and run rampant through Karakura since the arrival of these three Arrancar.

Smoke begins to rise from the flames that plague the city and it manages to reach the party of three. Although weaker in translucency than its origination, the amount of it begins to surround all three and adds to the ominous toll. The eerie glow that begins to surround Nana's body exudes like steam as she forces herself to prepare for anything and everything that could happen.



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Yurei gasped as he felt the sudden rise of spiritual pressure in the area. It had been so long since he had last felt this threatened by what he couldn't see. He turned his head slightly left and gazes upon the explosion of reiatsu going on right under his nose. There was a giant pillar of reiatsu, It was ruby and he could notice a little bit of gold in it.

"Nokoribi-sama, why would you put me on standby against an opponent you cannot beat without using your Shikai"
Aside from recognizing the appearance of the energy curtain that almost engulfed the entire block, Yurei had felt the inexplicable fear that came when exposed to the reiatsu of the 5th seat.
Though he had naturally developed some kind of resistance to it over the years, one could never truly bury the memories that plagued the sleep of all those that were exposed.
"New orders for the rest of you, I want you to circle around that area and help those that have fallen in the battle. For those that are incapable of fighting, I urge you to avoid combat at all costs."

Of course, the fact they could avoid combat in the first place was wishful thinking at best when surveying the current situation.
Hollows in all directions, so abundant it would not be an overstatement to say the town was infested with them. The 7th seat was well aware of the danger he was putting them in by making them go alone with no help whatsoever.

"Shiroi-san, we were given direct orders to remain on standby. I don't know what you noticed that would push you to risk it all like this but we just can't afford t-"

"Get moving, I'll do It alone so that if we are ever found out I'll be the only one to be punished, you lot are to follow the mission orders and yes-I mean the combatants as well.
I can't be risking the lives of the most integral parts of our mission even when I've veered from it"

When the group starts moving Yurei is the only one to remain. "She is gonna be so angry when she sees me, heh". He awkwardly giggles to himself "Or dead".

He shakes the thoughts out of his head and proceeds to the last area where he felt the energy coming from. It has subsided a bit though it is still potent.
The fact it lowered at all must mean that the transformation is complete and combat will commence soon. It would be preferable for Yurei to arrive before it gets too serious.
The opponent being distracted by Norokibi-sama could also be beneficial for a surprise attack.

He is only a few metres aware of the group and he notices a very large Arrancar with muscles too thick for his own skin.
The reiatsu being released out of his body is almost terrifying and he wonders how he hadn't noticed it before. They both seem unharmed though the Arrancar seems a bit perplexed by something.

Yurei decides he will wait for the right time to strike and relies on the attention span of the Arrancar being stronger than he looks.
He will stay out of obvious view, though he still draws his blades in case he is ambushed randomly.

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