[BSD-RP] Human World: Karakura Town


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The Sound of sirens echoed for miles as first responders maneuvered best they could through the ruined city. Police cordoned off several areas as a caravan of ambulances rushed the injured to the hospitals...those that were spared from the still unexplained disaster that has consumed it. The city was screaming in agony, bleeding from wounds carved by the antics of a single person, a being who was slave to his impulses. It was a threat invisible to the humans, an enemy to both Quincy and Soul reapers — an Arrancar named Grimaldi Uzzielortiz. He arrives within a jagged tear in space, and he doesn't come alone. Free from the confines of Hueco Mundo Grimaldi itching to showcase his power makes use of the strongest cero accessible to an Arrancar, typically one reserved to espada, a Gran Rey Cero. Banned from being released within Las Noches, Grimaldi smiles knowing no such ban exists here, letting loose the Cero mixed with his blood. The gyrating destructive blast warps the fragile space surrounding it in passing, a legion of souls snuffed out in a single moment. Grimaldi succeeds in scratching his itch for destruction...and drawing the attention of the Quincy to himself.​


The smoldering flames and billowing smoke rising from the city that as of late, has become a beacon for tragedy begin to warp, growing distorted in the air. Lightning like cracks web out from a single point, no...multiple points, massive fingers reaching from beyond, extending from the pit of darkness, the gap of infinite nothingness, pulling aside the very space to make way for them, bone covered monstrous face birthed from each expanding jagged maw.

Like fragile glass, the very air begins to splinter and shatter, shards of it raining down as these massive creatures begin to tear their way into this world. Gillian (最下大虚 (ギリアン), girian; "Lowest Great Hollow"), the most common Menos class hollow. Large, lumbering, simple minded creatures coming often in droves. One might assume that they are here at the behest of Grimaldi given his position in the hierarchy between him and the unevolved Menos, however these simpletons have nothing to do with the impulsive Arrancar. Guided by instinct alone they are not easily commanded. Their purpose here has nothing to do with the Arrancar, nor is this some hidden machination of the God King currently inhabiting the World of the Living as well. Ironically the call to these hollows is one made by none other than the Quincy Empress herself, Blume Diamante. The Hollow bait scattered around the city on her command, draws the attention of the Gillian, its scent its call traversing worlds to reach them in Hueco Mundo from the Living World. Like sharks drawn to blood in the water, the Gillian are drawn to Karakura, driven by an instinctual hunger.

The earth shudders as they step out onto the ground, forcing those still on the streets to fall, buildings that were standing but damaged beginning to crumble, as several vehicles are overturned. Dwarfing all of the surrounding buildings the Gillian begin to hunt, seeking to sate the hunger whet by way of the hollow bait that had drawn them their eyes are set on the humans, most who remain blind to the towering threats, and powerless to do anything even if they could perceive them.​

Enjoying the spectacle he had created, Grimaldi finds himself immediately accosted by a Quincy, the same Quincy who had taken the life of a Shinigami, it seems he intended on claiming the life of an Arrancar next. Perceiving the threat to himself, Grimaldi wastes no time releasing the constraints on his power, transforming into his released form. A battle between an Arrancar and two Quincy, dozens of Gillian flooding in...and still coming Karakura was a cup, a bowl of disaster like a cup of water threatening to overflow, certainly it couldn't get any worst.

And then it does

They feel it well before they can visually perceive it. Spiritual power bombarding and clawing at space, the air, the very minds and bodies of those present, felt by those all the way across Karakura town, distant from the current catastrophe, and coincidentally enough...several kilometers away from the Diamante Manor dozens of feet in the air.


His reiatsu is felt before he is heard, and he is heard before his is seen. Space finds itself once again abused by those who reside in a world beyond their own, torn and ripped as easily as one may rip and tear paper. Kassius, driven by his hunger and thirst for violence and brutality has brought two of the strongest Espada in Hueco Mundo into the world of the living. What should be crisp air, is instead charred and smoke infested, contaminated from the destruction wrought by Grimaldi. Karakura Town finds itself host to two more impulsive hollow-born creatures. Gazing out into a city bathed in reds, oranges and yellows.



Looping his fingers to form a ring bringing it over his right eye. The Primera turns his head, peering around 'hmming' all the while. The clash of reiatsu between Quincy and his own kind does not draw his attention, the flames from the Gran Rey Cero decimating the city also does nothing to catch the Espada's wandering eye, nor does he stop to focus on the lumbering Gillian scattered across the city.

"Ahhh...there you are!"

His slitted pupil dilates, his cheshire grin seeming to expand further as his reiatsu fluctuates with his giddiness. He turns his head towards the hulking behemoth that is the Cero Espada winking playfully at him before just like that...the Primera is gone. Having freed Kassius from his prison, the monster that had harassed the other Arrancar, those stripped of their title of Espada, now is let loose upon the world of the living, and perhaps the Quincy and Grimaldi as well. With the God King nowhere in sight, it begs to question who or what would or could stop Kassius's rampage once it began.

Inside the protected and prestigious home of the Diamante, Blume resides spared from the destruction she has contributed to thanks to her previous order, while one of her subordinates works to sate his thirst for a challenge and by proxy, potentially save those humans that yet remain below. One can only wonder what is going through her head, what she might be thinking about. Does she regret her decision? Is she amused by what is transpiring? Or...perhaps she is indifferent to it all, her mind still upon the shinigami who had visited her when-

"Heeey, what'ya got in there?"

Appearing squatted before the Empress of the Quincy, pointing a single purple claw like nail towards her stomach...is Marcos. It would seem that whatever had drawn his attention, was coming from Blume, able to not only pick up on the unique signature but accurately locate it as well the Primera perceives himself at that location and thus, manifests there with his dual reiatsu composed self, studying the belly of the Empress. While he points at her belly his sheathed zanpakuto fixed on his lower back, the slit like pupil on the jewel embeded on its guard constantly shifting about, dilating and expanding, the other Marcos appears to be forming rings with his fingers, squinting while staring at the same thing as his counterpart. While Karakura plays host to Espada and Gillian, Blume now plays host to Marcos Loquez..the Primera Espada.








The sound of a lighter opening up could be heard as a woman walked down the street, one had moving to cover the flame as it began to light up the end of a rather large cigar. Slowly she inhaled the smoke before blowing it out into the air. Despite the destruction of the bar, it didn’t take too long for it to become operational once again, this was in thanks to several large crews working the entire day and night to bring it back up to code and back up to order, though it did cost quite a bit of money, in the end it was worth its price, after all you can’t put a value on sentimentality.

She was on her walk, one so pleasant despite the on goings of Karakura Town and her reiatsu attrackted quite a few hollows. Despite this, they were quickly shot down, not by herself but by the guards that had been on the move with her, though they had kept themselves in the shadow and roof tops. From the guards perspective she didn’t need to expend energy killing these beasts, and it was their duty to protect her from the lower threats so as to not waste her time. Yet to Amanda this was trivial and unnecessary, she could have easily handled these beasts on her own.

Rrrrrrinng, Rrrrrrrrrring, Rrrrrrinng, Rrrrrrrrrring,… Rrrrrrinng, Rrrrrrrrrring, Rrrrrrinng, Rrrrrrrrrring,

“Yes? What is it?”

“Oooh, no hi, hello, how are you? How cold of you Amanda, anyways I thought I’d tell you we’ve secured a two kilometer perimeter for the bar, and are currently monitoring the fight that Domonic, some other guy and an Arrancar are ha- LOOKS LIKE WE GOT OURSELVES SOME BIG ONES BOYS!

Amanda’s head moved away from phone as her brother started yelling orders, to that she would end the call. Her head turned towards the bars direction as a volley of shots could be seen hitting the mask of a Gillian, breaking it with ease before it was erased from exsistance.

“Go assist them.”

“But ma’am”

“GOOOO! I can handle whatever comes to me, there only lowly hollow so far and one Arrancar.

“Yes Ma’am”

With that the voice and the bodies that watched over her had disappeared to head back to the Bar. She once again took another puff her cigar as she began to walk towards the grave yard. While one hand held her cigar the other reached for an inside pocket of her duster, where upon she pulled out two bottles, one, that Fredrick loved, and the other an expensive bottle of cognac that the two drank from when ever the family gotten together.

The sound of the bottle of mead could be heard opening as she took one swing from it, guzzling down half of it before stopping Infront of a grave, with the name Fredrick Elbeck. She had stood still for a moment as she sighed before pouring that bottle of mead onto the ground, she knew full well the fate of quincies once they have died, yet still she felt the need to do such a thing. another pop could be heard as she took a small swig of the cognac, before she poured the last of on the cross.


“You were always one to jump into battle without a second thought, now look where it got you… Gone from existence and having me to avenge your death, I doubt you would want me going after Blume, but you know how the family is.”

She had laughed as her head looked up at the night sky, in a single step she had moved high above the city skylines to the point that even the menos would look small, in comparison. She was able to get visuals on everything that was happening in the city. Her lifted up as her finger curled, to which Die Seelebrecher (Soul breaker) formed. Once fully formed she had taken aim.


A flicker of light could be seen in the sky, one so miniscule that anyone that was looking up would only see it blinking. The round that she shot out aimed true, as it broke through the Gillian’s mask destroying the soul in its entirety.


She had moved her aim with each shot, each one hitting Gillians destroying them in a single shot, such beasts were trivial and easy to kill, nothing like the target she was sent out to destroy.

“I’ll play as hero for now Fred.”

She again began to inhale her cigar as was scanning the area down below, for hollows and arrancar like, with each one that she saw she had taken her shot, killing quite a bit. Though she didn’t keep herself tunnel visioned as her sensing was working to insure no one could sneak up on her.



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"Have the secondary team leave the Quincy to deal with the Arrancar for now; order them to take care of the incoming Hollows so that nothing gets in their way until I get there."

The sounds of Nana’s footsteps are quick and light, yet even in the empty and vast space of the Dangai, they echoed. Forcing herself to speed through in order to get through to Karakura as fast as she possibly could go in order to defend her jurisdiction and her subordinates, Nana made no attempts to ease up when the light at the end of the tunnel had opened and she burst through the shoji doors and appears in an empty area within Karakura Town, perhaps in a park. She takes a quick look around, seeing the immediate area undisturbed for the time being before she shoots up towards the sky for better viewing of the world below her.


Her body gracefully skids across the skies of Karakura through the use of reishi plates that form at the soles of her feet. The area around her that she had arrived in is of the lesser involved of Karakura thankfully, but her senses are still on high in case of lurking entities. Nana whips her head back and forth, mentally maneuvering around the waves of white ribbons that plague her field of vision to focus on the bunches of red that are grouped closely together.



The fifth seat races over without further hesitation in order to keep those subordinates of that secondary squad alive. In the case that whatever happening around them was beginning to grow into a force that the likes of them and even herself would be unable to handle, someone would have to be able to survive in order to call for the assistance of the Gotei Thirteen should push come to shove, yet as she neared, more of these Hollows had perhaps doubled since she’d left, and even the even while in the air, the vibrations that ring throughout the area around as the space before them all gets ripped apart to reveal Gillian (最下大虚 (ギリアン), girian; "Lowest Great Hollow"). Their long and stark white digits pry apart the darkening sky to reveal their protruding masks and cross the planes between Hueco Mundo to the World of the Living.

The swords of swords clashing and slashing into the crowd of creatures catch Nana's attention as she sees a part of the second squad, split into two groups of four in order to cover more ground but still keep their eyes on one another until she had managed to arrive, however, their weariness was beginning to show, and the hollows were quickly raring to capitalize on that exhaustion. The sight of the Gillian deters the group of Shinigami beneath her and with a visible fury, Nana swings her arms forward, releasing the clasp of her dual blades from their holster and sheath to reveal the gleaming weapon that began to reflect the light of the falling sun against their short, tempered steel.


A series of violent yet calculated streaks of red streaks dance across the skies amidst the reddening skies as the flames that litter Karakura Town only seem to grow. Even in this chaos, nana's mind is sound, calm, and clear as her only objective is to keep her subordinates safe from the towering giant that threatens to step on them with its pointed feet. The Gillian seems to have stopped in its tracks, only to burst into several pieces, cut cleanly and without resistance. A master of her specialized craft, Nana's utilization of Senmaioroshi is demonstrated as she downs the hollow without breaking a sweat or shortness of breath.


"You’ve all done well to hold on until I got back."

Her soothing voice rings out towards the group of shinigami she'd just defended, and while relief exists, it is only for but a moment. The group of them know full well that there was no time to relax, and if they faltered for but even a moment, it could spell the end. nana approaches an individual shinigami and reaches out to place a hand on his shoulder. The Shinigami tenses but the gentle, assuring smile that forms on Nana's lips releases that tension.

"Sawamura-kun. I need you to contact the First Division and the Thirteenth Division. Have them immediately inform Head Lieutenant Kasumi of the appearance of Arrancar in Karakura Town, and ask for seated reinforcements... Ask for Yurei Shiroi and anyone else that is available to be on standby. I need you and this group to observe anything that happens."

Even amid her taking down the Gillian, within the chaos, the sense of dread filled her as a powerful spiritual signature had slipped through the cracks of another Garganta, far from their current location. For it to be felt from even this far, Nana knew that some decisions would have to be made. She was unsure of what exactly this new entity was up to, but for the time being, he was rather close to the other three signatures. Perhaps they were lying in wait for the other party to exhaust themselves before they attacked. If that was the case, Nana would have to come to defend their blindside. Parting from the group, Nana headed over towards the heavier area of Karakura where several more Gillian were appearing but flashes of light and the sounds of thundering shots filled the air.

As she got closer, Nana could make out the figure of a woman clad in white, gun aimed and firing at hollows by the hundreds. The odd weapon catches the eye of the shinigami woman, yet just as she nears a hollow crosses her path but immediately gets cleaved in half with a simple swing of her right arm. Just as another shot rings out from the Quincy, Nana lands just a few meters shy of the woman's location. With a clear view of her now, Nana immediately is aware of the woman's orientation.

"You're a Quincy."

She says nothing else, but hopefully, she would have to say nothing else. Having seen her blast away at the sea of hollows, Nana knows that at the very least, the Quincy before her only wishes to protect the place she calls home. She has no animosity towards the individual, simply turning her attention towards an incoming Hollow as it charges toward her, only to follow in its predecessor's footsteps to be sliced in half. With that, Nana is hopeful that there is a mutual understanding to get rid of these things before they destroy what is left fighting in Karakura.

"My name is Fuu Sawamura of the Thirteenth Division. By Fifth Seat Nokoribi's orders, please inform Head Lieutenant Kasumi that two Arrancar have appeared in Karakura, along with hollows and Gillians! We need any available seated shinigami to assist in Karakura Town!"

The first message is patched through.

"Karakura Town has witnessed the arrival of another Arrancar. A formal request has been sent to the First Division for other reinforcements. Have Seventh Seat Yurei Shiroi and a party on standby!"

Rather than have yet another part come in to immediately follow the threats that befall Karakura Town, Nana specifically states for them to be on standby. While she is not confident that she will be able to handle the threats even with the Quincies' assistance, to have unnecessary casualties continuously pour in to jump into the fray unknowingly would prove to be more fatal to the Gotei Thirteen than helpful. If Nana as the current stand-in for Thirteenth's leadership fell, Yurei Shiroi would be next in line. If he happened to come to Karakura and follow that same path, the Thirteenth Division would fall ultimately one by one. Sawamura's half of the second squadron would be forced to observe the exact strength of the two Arrancar that had just appeared. If they were to just continuously send in patrol members, they would learn nothing of the disasters that befall Karakura Town. This was the best course of action that Nana was able to come up with to ensure the survival of humans and shinigami alike.








Her body had been moving ever so slightly, there wasn’t much need for adjustment as the height she was at allowed her to take aim down upon the cities many streets and alleyway; each shot rang out each one hitting a hollow no matter the size. She was using her sight and sensing; shooting any that were on top buildings and making some prediction shots where it would hit hollows that had rounded a corner. Two beings were coming closer to her, one hollow in nature and the other shinigami, she had raised Die Seelebrecher to point towards the sky, while her trigger finger moved away, before turning the direction of the shinigami, there she watched the woman dispose of the hollow that got between the two.

"You're a Quincy."

“Yes, yes I am.”

She didn’t much else, there wasn’t a need for her to say anything, it was actions that spoke louder here, the shinigami woman would go back to killing and cleansing the hollows. It was time for a shift in her focus, there wasn’t a need for her to kill the numerous smaller ones, the shinigami where here to deal with those; all the better since the smaller ones were spreading further and further out. Her attention turned towards Gillians, the large and clumsy beasts had continued to pour in through out the city.

A Smile crept across her face as she took aim once again, her aim was one that had been charging a cero, its eyes looked down upon a lone shinigami. What ever this shinigami did to earn its ire was a mystery, yet it would fall all the same. The flicker of blue light would flash through the skies once more as round made its way through the side of the Gillian’s head before it disintegrated into nothingness. The sound of her gun echoed with each shot taken as she was taking down the Gillians that had been roaming around before their numbers were reduced to those that only been pouring in.


While Amanda had told her guards to help defend the bar, one had stayed behind to watch over her. This guard had reached up to their radio piece to speak; Their voice changed and augmented by the helmet so as to anyone listening could not identify them.

“A shinigami has encountered Amanda how should we proceed?”

“Do nothing, we’re all on the same side here at the moment. We don’t want to cause a war with the shinigami. Let Amanda be, she can handle herself, now return to base, you’re needed here to secure the perimeter.”

“Yes sir”

In the blink of an eye the quincy had disappeared from sight, unsure if it was the right call or not to leave Amanda alone with a shinigami. Though he had these doubts he would keep it too himself.



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Arriving from Las Noches

For the first time since he can remember, Kassius feels the warmth of sunlight on his skin. The first thing he does upon entering this new World of the Living, is look up into the sky. His single black pupil hones in on the sun, looking directly into its flames. Had that delicious little Vasto Lorde also found his way here? Was he preparing for another predictably futile attack? The Brute's smile does not waver, but plasters itself like concrete upon his face, a solid expression. Once more, his single black pupil contracts, his eye adjusting to accommodate the otherwise blinding rays of light. It is now that he sees that this structure was neither Reiatsu nor Cero, but was more akin to the obnoxious night light that floated so far below his prison cell.

So, these humans are afraid of the dark.


The obnoxious catboy distracts Kassius from his sun gazing. Everything in the behemoth wishes to reach out and tear the purple-haired bastard’s head from his spine. However, their brief interaction within his prison cell prior had shown that this would be a waste of time. There would be no satisfaction in swiping at empty air, especially not compared to the fun that could be had in this new playground. After all, Kassius had Marcos to thank for busting him out of prison, and bringing him here. In repayment, just this once, the unrelenting brute could summon it within himself to suppress his violent urges.


The cackling cartoonish voice of the primera grinds against the nerves of the cero and grates against his meager patience. Kassius had told Marcos to stay the fuck out of his way. How is he supposed to enjoy himself, delighting in pain and reveling in violence, when this fool continues to make his idiotic little noises, gyuking and girdling like an annoying fucking clown!? Grinding his teeth together, the single black bead of his eye shifts in his skull to peer down upon the purple-haired buffoon. His Teeth grind together, forming a sand of bone dust in his mouth, as audible crunching echoes out of his jaws. Clenching his fists together, the sound of cracking stone starts to thunder through the skies, clearing the smoke that surrounds them, and turning the heavens blue once more above them.

"Ahhh...there you are!"

His anger boils over, as Kassius releases a shout of pure rage that forms itself into a Vagido. Marcos, failing to perceive that this should injure him, only turns and winks at the brute. With a friendly wave, he knows that his job here is done, successfully releasing an unstoppable force into the world of the living. A distraction, allowing the trickster to play as he desires, while the brutalist does the same. With the release of this Vagido, the sounds of war have been rung. While the Primera Espada is untouched by the soundwaves, the city below is not much better off. Like an Earthquake, the ground of Karakura below would shake and crack for four city blocks. Any structure more than three stories would tremor and shake, before collapsing downwards, their infrastructure not built for such a seismic catastrophe. Even more enticing, would be the sounds of screams that follow the loud crashing, the terrified cries of pedestrians hoping to escape disaster.

“BAHAHAHA even their fortresses are weak!”

Kassius shouts to himself, watching as yet another skyscraper crumbles to the ground. He leaps forward now, carrying himself high into the air, until he becomes silhouetted by the sun, and begins to plummet downward. Hurdling toward the city like a meteor, the Brute does nothing to slow his descent, his hair fluttering in the wind, as his cheeks flap open like a parachute from his wide-smile. He does not feel the impact, nor hear the tremors, as he bursts through the city streets, past the subway lines, and into the sewer. The explosive shock of his impact above ruptures out, causing a sinkhole which collapses inward towards Kassius. Yet another city block is destroyed, as its streets collapse downward, three layers deep into the sewers over three hundred feet down. The sinkhole continues to spread, causing buildings, cars, and people to all fall into the rubble, Until finally, the earthquake ends, the rumbling stops, and the sinkhole is filled with dirt and debris. Kassius lay buried beneath the ground, under thousands of tons of pressure, an entire city block having collapsed onto him.

Yet just as easily as he had crashed into the ground, he now bursts out of it. Landing with both feet upon what is left of the asphalt. Now ground level, he views this world from the perspective of a human for the first time. What seemed like fragile hives full of useless ants from the sky, now appears a concrete jungle filled with towering steel pillars. A labyrinthian design no doubt built to confuse and disorient invaders. Still, it would not deter Kassius, who begins to casually walk towards the center of the city, just as he once did for Hueco Mundo. Civilians fail to see him, something the Brute is quick to note, though he is unsure why.

As he walks down the middle of the road, a fire truck comes hurdling around the corner, sirens blazing. Unaware of this strange creature before him, Kassius braces himself for the impact, excited to test the strength of such a foe. However, he is disappointed to feel its carapace body bend around him and fold in on itself. The clear-liquid of its life blood explodes through the air, splattering the city streets with its rain. While two souls, which were contained within its mouth, now law dead, crushed by its collapsing teeth. Kassius however, simply swats the corpse of the firetruck away with a finger, firmly implanting it into the adjacent building twenty feet up.

The noise of terror and trauma fills the city streets, reverberating off the glass of skyscrapers as hundreds of screams become one unified call of terror. Civilians ran en masse away from the site of the earthquake, while cars sped at their maximum pace, colliding into each other and random lightpoles and debris. Kassius walked straight through the center of it all, observing these life forms with a curiosity. The entire scene was one of deafening chaos, until it wasn't. It was a though someone had simply flipped a switch. Immediately, everything was quiet, everything was still. The black and grays of the city streets were all painted a unifying red. The fleeing crowd of hundreds had disappeared, becoming a still mulch upon the ground. While the crashing cars and honking horns become replaced with crumbled balls of steel. The only consistent factor, was that Kassius remained in the center of it all. Only now, his gleeful smile was replaced with a a distinctive bored frown.

These souls are too weak. Even just Kassius’ natural state bore enough spiritual pressure to kill everything and crush anything that surrounded him. Walking down the city like a mundane citizen, everywhere he went soon became a calming scene of stillness. The joy of destroying becomes replaced with the aftermath of destruction. Soon it reaches a point where there would be more joy in plucking the wings off a fly than staying around here. At least even the smallest insects in Hueco Mundo possess some modicum of spiritual power. Kassius could feel himself entering a boredom induced trance, an autonomous state where he would no doubt wonder this world mindlessly for the rest of eternity, killing whatever came in front of him until something actually interesting showed up. Luckily however, for the human race, there was something curious enough to snap him out if it.

Up in the skies, he could see the arrival of Gillian being cut short by the life-ending blasts of some spiritually powerful creature.


Watching the burning blue beam blast through multiple Gillian now, Kassius does the math. One Human Soul is the weakest thing he has seen. Hollows consume multiple human souls to live. Gillian are composed of thousands of hollows. Several Gillian have just been killed. This means that whatever is killing those Gillian must be several hundred thousand times stronger than the average human!

A smile creeps upon Kassius' face, watching the trajectory of the blasts, as he has finally found something to play with.


Raw Breath of Danger

A gentle breeze blows through the skies above the city, softly shifting through strands of scarlet hair.

"You're a Quincy."

“Yes, yes I am.”

The breeze however, is not the wind. As Amanda would turn to face the Shinigami, finishing her response with the end of her breath, she would find herself unable to take another one in. The shinigami woman stands in front of her, anticipating her response, a seriousness on her face but not one of fear or concern. Yet behind her tendril like blades threaten to ensnare her. The steel of this living fly trap encroaches from every angle, the sharpness of their edge already inches from her flesh, as they writhe about at shunpo-level speeds.

The origin of this assault is unclear in this hyper-moment, the arrival of such a threat happening so fast that perceiving them alone would encompass any available reaction time Amanda would have. This means that she is unable to follow the length of the blades, being so focused on their incoming assault towards the shinigami target. However, there is no need to find the origin with a sense such as her eyes. Instead, high in the sky above Karakura, the Quincy woman would feel her stomach drop. Her knees would tremble, if not buckle out from under her, as a new sensation would flood her body and mind. Plaguing her thoughts, her focus, would be one single question. As if she had succumbed to some sort of madness, as if her body were fighting with every ounce of its being to flee this place. A single question that would envelope her existence…

Is this what it feels like to die?