[BSD-RP] Human World: Karakura Town


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This has truly been the worst day of Dominic’s peaceful life, setback after setback has arrived before him and he has had no time to rise up from any of them. First it was the Lieutenant he killed, that Shinigami confirmed that their kind can no longer be trusted. Then there was discovering the truth that his former Empress, his best friend, layed with the enemy as is with their child. An unknown Quincy arrives and further agitates him only for these Arrancar to show up and pile on the dread he had been resting on this entire day. Nothing has been going his way and it is so rare for fights not to go this man’s way that it feels foriegn to him. Little did he know that things were going to get so much more worse than they already are.

Awaiting to see the results of his attack against the Cheshire Arrancar he turns a blind eye to the behemoth. By the time he picks up on his energy signature it is too late, he turns to look his way only for his chest to explode. Taking the brunt of the blast Dominic saves Blume from any true harm and had Dominic not been in his Vollständig his chest would have been burst open. But surviving this was possibly expected, or planned as what comes through the smoke screen in the wake of the blast is what is described by the youngman, to this day, as a wall of flesh. His singular eye is filled with the sight of the bicep of Kassius and that same bicep follows through with its strike with no resistance. With the amount of strength behind it the brute may have expected no resistance at all in the strike, like hitting air. In reality all he did strike was air. One moment Dominic’s upperbody is there, the next it is gone.

The inhuman reflexes of this fighter are further amplified in his Vollständig. If he has time to see it he has time to avoid it. His well being is secured he realizes the Blume is no longer in his grasp. He turns to retaliate and notices both monsters are gone, they cannot be sensed, anywhere.

All That Remains, Is Hate


Bewilderment fills his angelic voice as he looks around for any sign of Blume or the Arrancar. He then notices the Gillian being taken back by the same Garganta that brought them here, in random intervals they were taken.

”What the fu…”

He now sounds distraught as reality sinks in and crashes down around him. It is heavy and unbearable as the undefeated champion experiences… Loss.


He shouts loud enough for any remaining spiritual entity to hear scream- no, his cry, his pain. His one job was to protect his friend and he failed.


Tears begin to well up in that singular eye as he looks around at Karakura Town, ravaged and devastated by the Hollow’s, abandoned by the Shinigami who were meant to protect it… Protect it… That's where he went wrong.


He thinks about it, he thinks of the most vile thing he could do to release his anger and frustration. The thought that crosses his mind is simple and singular, glass Karakura Town. The land it sits upon, the buildings, its people, its souls, there will be nothing left, nothing to recognize. This pathetic town distracted him from saving his friend, if it didn’t exist… If there was only the Empire it would make this all so much easier. He clutches his chest, his physical heart is not in pain but his spiritual and emotional heart are being torn apart. He clutches as a way to hold himself back to prevent himself from following through with these vile thoughts. Below on the ground, a group of humans are moving to a shelter and a small girl stops and lets go of her mothers hand and points towards the sky, towards Dominic.

”Mommy! Look! It’s an Angel!”

The mother picks the child up and looks at the sky and sees nothing there.

”There is nothing there sweety”

The mother says this to the little girl. Shifting perspective back to the little girl she still can see Dominic floating in the air, yelling his lungs out.

”He’s crying mommy.”

Finished screaming he tilts his head back and looks towards the night sky, he is lost. Sure, he can race into Hueco Mundo but what will that accomplish? They have a hostage now and if they kill her he’ll have nothing left to lose, however, a suicidal charge is not his style. He understood something today and will correct the error of his ways. He still fights like a human, using his Quincy abilities to enhance his techniques when it should be the other way around. He needs to fight like a Quincy- No as a Sternritter- no! As a proper Schutzstaffel. He is E-The Energy the totality of energy is at his beck and call and he is squandering all of it… If he didn’t do this both those Arrancar would be dust in the wind right now. His fists tighten, it is not the town’s fault, it is his own, his arrogance in fighting as a human cost him dearly. How will the others react when they find out he failed to protect their Empress? He’ll never know because he wont show his face to them until he figures out how to save her.

”I’ll never spare another Hollow… I’ll never let another Shinigami stand before me and breathe the same air as me…”

He looks forward to the night sky horizon, no more tears in his eye.

”On my pride as a Quincy I swear this!”

He flies off leaving a streak of blue across the sky that only some small children can see. It is not odd for small children to see or interact with spiritual entities. This night Karakura will have multiple stories from children all reporting the same thing, the sight of a crying blue angel who flew away.

Somewhere, in a forest outside of Karakura Town, Dominic touches down, no longer in his Vollständig. He walks alongside a river until he reaches the start of it, a waterfall that cascades down into it. He looks around, closing his eyes unable to hear even a vehicle or sirens, he has placed himself away from humanity so that he may abandon his. He will take time to reforge himself into a monster of God, never again will he let his emotions get the better of him. From here on out there is only the Empire.

”I’ve never done a prayer before… Don’t even know who to pray to… I guess… I’ll recite the closest thing I have to a… Prayer…”

He takes a knee and places his hands together. He sighs because of how corny it feels but he gets over it and recites the one bit of scripture he knows…

”The Sealed King of the Quincy. Over 900 years, he shall recover his heartbeat. Over 90 years, he shall recover his intellect. Over nine years, he shall recover his power. And over nine days, he shall recover the world… Hope this just ain’t some shitty fairy tale. Oops, shouldn’t cuss during a prayer.”

He rises back to his feet, looking at his hands and nods. Dominic enters this forest as a broken man and while it would be neat to imagine what will come out of it will be unknown, that just isn’t the reality of the situation. What will exit this forest will be a true Quincy, one that would make even the great Yhwach proud.



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At Central Seireitei…

"Captain, there was a phenomenon that occurred, I felt a massive loss of life as reiatsu spiked throughout the city, and then in a flash of a moment, it was back... as if time was rewound, a seco-


Tenzen interrupts Kiku without ever looking directly at the man, only looking forward towards the Senkaimon as it begins to open. He glances over his shoulder at the kneeling Kiku noticing his injured eyes and yet he still peers into them with an intensity that would rival the gaze of the Sun. If not for Kokuzo erasing his Reiatsu, currently Kiku would be at the mercy of it.

”It doesn’t matter who or what is out there I will erase THEM ALL from Existence. Now go have your eyes tended to and await my return.”

Typically when someone boasts they are going to erase someone from existence they typically just mean killing in a violent way. However, the way Tenzen said it, his tone, his demeanor, it was as if he truly meant that whoever he encountered as a hostile would cease to exist. It's the same level of threat that radiates from a swordmaster when they say they will cut you in half, the conviction in the statement and their being makes you believe them, that they can do it without hesitation and make it look easy. This same occurrence has just happened with Tenzen’s words. After speaking he and the one hundred shinigami behind him enter the Senkaimon to do the job passed down to them from the Captain Commander.

At Karakura Town

The Marishiten
(摩利支天, Buddhist god of war)

Multiple Senkaimon open up all around Karakura Town from the outskirts to the innermost part of the town. If any hostels remained they would not be sensed, one hundred Shinigami descending upon Karakura town without a single soul noticing them unless they were spotted visually. At the location with the most concentration of Reiatsu remnants arrives Captain Oda, his facial expression seems relaxed as he pieces together what happened here. Three large concentrations of Reiryoku and a weakened one occupied this location, a location that sits in front of a Manor. Two Quincy and two Arrancar and for whatever reason a game of keep away was being played between the Arrancar and Quincy. Like a slide show the silhouettes of these beings flicker before Tenzen’s senses until one of them changes shape and it was not the Arrancar who changed but the Quincy.

”So they have Vollständig now… Then where is their Emperor…”

While his Division performs their duties Tenzen continues to analyze the situation that played out here when the trail suddenly goes cold. It was abrupt as all the Arrancar and Hollow simply vanished. The lone Quincy male seemed baffled and upset before flying far far away. Tenzen uses Shunpo to reach the outskirts of the town where inbound and outbound traffic were being halted and stands in the air silently. A Quincy Vollständig can be an issue without proper information on it and it seemed like this one had no time to fight back before he got out played. If Tenzen were to charge him recklessly it may cost him his own life, he’ll simply report this information to the Commander at the next Captain’s meeting. He turns away and returns to the town trying to sense out any trace of Katsuo’s Reiatsu, he knows that it flared up at one point, as reported by Kiku, but there is a sea of Hollow Reiatsu that blankets the area and higher signatures that drown it out.

”More than one fight happened here…”

Another Arrancar showed up before those at the Manor did, this one was met with resistance by another Quincy, that same lone Quincy but he wasn’t alone for long as another one joined in, curious. Unconcerned with the one he is familiar with, Tenzen tries to track this new Quincy signature which leads straight to a building with the words Die-tech on it. His eyes narrow as he senses multiple signatures within the building along with two larger ones, one being the signature he traced to the building. The history of today's events are convoluted with many details missing and out of place. From what it looks like that singular Quincy was busy trying to fight off the Arrancar. His Shinigami comrades were accosted by the larger Arrancar which caused them to retreat. He raises his left arm, the chains around it rattling as the slide down a bit, and he begins to rub his chin.

”So it seems the Hollow are the issue here… More so this isn’t their first coordinated attack either… Hmmm one hundred years ago they showed up as well to make an attempt to gather the blood of the Soul King… and now they have taken a random Quincy woman? What were they after in Naruki then?”

Far as Tenzen knows they have no God King, Hibiki returned with that much information, then who is pulling their strings? Could this have been staged by a Quincy Emperor? No he is looking too deep into all of this and losing sight of what is fact. The facts are, the Hollow attacked Karakura in mass with Three Arrancar showing up and these same three being combated by the Quincy. Amidst all of this Katsuo lost his life, the information he was given about his situation wasn’t something to be alarmed about. He sighs to himself, closes his eyes and speaks.

”Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

He opens his eyes and looks around, using Shunpo to relocate himself on top of a building where he remains, overseeing his soldiers work while playing guard as well. Tenzen’s advance sensory is what allowed him to see today’s events, unless they boasted a similar method of sensory they would not be able to piece together what happened here today other than there were Arrancar and Quincy, assuming they could identify the specifics in Reiatsu like that. With all of that side Tenzen does keep an eye on that tower, the Quincy inside will be able to see the Captain, note his appearance but not his level of power. They will gain nothing from merely looking at him.

Today has been a devastating loss for the Shinigami, all while they were trying to crown their strongest soul…

”Those games truly were a waste of time…”