[BSD-RP] Human World: Karakura Town


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Blume Diamante, having united her people under a single banner, has had the luxury of being safe from any true confrontation. While briefly involving herself in the battle against the Togabito, it was one where she could safely remove herself once the tides shifted out of her favor. Though her concern should have been on the people of Karakura, she prioritized the safety of her kind, those who were with her. While a cold and calculated, almost callous decision, it was a logical one. The Togabito had not come for her or the Quincy.

Now, was different.

The Espada that had miraculously appeared out of thin air, bypassing her manor's defenses, and her sensory to stand before her, Blume stands confused as to what was going on. Usually safe from harm thanks to those that surround and follow her, the falling star that was Dominic crashes down to and through the ground, instead of obliterating the hollow born obstruction before his leader. The crash momentarily distracts the espada who somehow is refocused continuing his introduction. Amused by his demeanor, his antics the Empress lets out bell like laughter. This was truly an unexpected interaction with an even more unexpected guest.

“Wie ersta-”


The string of swears strewn by Dominic, trapped in the chasm of his own making are muffled, drowned out by the sound of something crashing heavily into a wall. Still inside the chasm, Dominic is unable to see that the place Blume once stood has become vacant. The cheshire grinning Espada, while offering his greetings, simultaneously fired off two Cero Cornea in such rapidity that it only appeared as one. The volatile reaitsu coalescing and flickering in his eyes in a brilliant fluorescent display before being fired off. When executed by the Primera, each cero cornea released by him holds the capacity to topple and demolish entire structures, buildings collapsed under a single flickering glance. Blume is unfortunate to be on the receiving end of two of these in rapid succession. Though small and concentrated, the miniature cero spare the woman's stomach, seemingly making contact with her chest. By the time Dom has surfaced, his sovereign will have already been sent both through and outside the manner. He needn't concern himself however, she is safe in the arms of Marcos who catches her hurtling form.


"OH YEA! I'm Marcos Loquez, the PUUURMERA."

The Primera, no longer distracted by the falling comet that was, unbeknownst to him Dominic Kaiser, a quincy under the employ of the very woman before him, resumes his playful introduction. It is one that seems to greatly amuse the empress who fails in suppressing the bit of laughter leaking out, its sound chiming like little bells. This was certainly an unusual yet amusing day and interaction for the Empress. That is, until she finds herself catapulted through the air, something dense, heavy, volatile colliding with her chest causing the initial take off and immediately striking the same spot while she is barely mid-flight, propelling her further, faster, harsher.

Dominic surfaces in time to spot a single squatting Marcos, yet...no Blume. Where she had once been standing there is instead a veil of smoke and debris lingering like a heavy cloud, the sound of falling rubble echoing from behind him.


The Espada's voice resounds loudly at a distance, from well outside the manor, safe in his arms is Blume Diamante herself. It seems that in his playful nature, the Primera had teased the Empress by firing off two cero cornea at her during his greeting, yet as he was still curious about her, and as always had quickly grown attached, had perceived himself behind the rocketing Blume, securing her in his grasp as if he was playing catch with himself.

"Ahhh, my new friend! You're a blast! Wait until the others-waaaaaait a minute!"

While praising Blume he is reminded of something he had forgotten or..rather someone. The clouds that lingered in the skies are immediately dispersed by a heavy shockwave tearing through the air, giving the ravaged city a picturesque view of the star filled sky. His beady dark eye gazes down upon this city of weaklings, of ants not fit for notice, not fit to live. There was only one thing they were good for and that was-


The voice of the same man that had brought Kassius here was now chiming from beside him, loudly and excitedly. In his arms was still Blume, as she had been moments before when he caught her. From the perspective of Dominic who is able to perceive Blume's spiritual pressure, one moment she was there, the next the gap betwen them had grown immeasurably. While Marcos is incredibly versed in Sonido there were no cues indicating its usage, no trail for the Quincy to pick up track and follow. An embodiment of energy thanks to his Schrift, the warrior Quincy may very well be able to propel himself towards Blume who finds her ragdolled body in the company of not one, but two espada, the top two at that. The amount of spiritual pressure between the two was to such a degree that it could be felt even from the furthest reaches of Karakura. The twisted reiatsu of the two espada further corrupting the lingering Jibakurei, accelerating their transformation into hollows as they are weighed down by the combined spiritual pressure.

Before the two is a chasm of swirling darkness, torn like a wound reopened in the very fabrics of space, a gaping black maw, a void...the abyss.


He speaks excitedly to Kassius who can care less about the strange woman being drug around by Marcos. What he may care about, is the strength of the woman's spiritual pressure emanating even subconsciously from her body. Its force marking her as a powerful being, something much to the liking of the brutish Cero, as it typically implied the being in question was somewhat powerful...Kassius did enjoy facing and BREAKING powerful opponents. Almost as if literally floating Marcos makes his way through the Garganta, Blume almost acting as an unconscious lure to the lumbering brute. She could resist but, Blume was no fool, analyzing the situation she'd be able to discern that Marcos was an Arrancar one couldn't make heads or tails of, and this new Arrancar, Kassius...he was another monster altogether. Getting out of this in one piece would be a difficult play, and even if she managed to out think and out maneuver the brute, how would she get away from this grinning man?

For now, it seemed the Primera aimed to keep her relatively safe. It was her only card to play while she figured her way out this mess. She needed to be careful...not just for her sake.




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Dominic shouts as he surfaces, witnessing The Empress, his friend, being caught by this disgusting Arrancar. There still sits another version of Marcos near him but his existence is inconsequential, everything in this moment bears no consequence before Donminic. He must save Blume, he must. His already rising level of energy continues to increase, further, higher and beyond. Marcos, in the midst of introducing himself may not see it coming and his double will be wiped out of existence in the next moment as the totality of the mansion is obliterated in an eruption of Reiatsu, Reiryoku and more than anything else, energy. If someone were looking in the direction of Karakura they would see the entire city light up like a star for a brief moment before the star grows smaller and dimmer until it vanishes from the horizon entirely. Those within Karakura will be the first to bear witness to this power, a power that has not been seen or sensed since the Blood War, the power of Vollständig. Marcos is perhaps halfway through his sentence at this point, his double has evaporated into nothingness and no one would be able to hear Dominic’s dual tone voice as he speaks in fluent German.

Full Power 100% of 100%

”Geist Gottes: Volle Kraft” (Lit. Spirit of God: Full Power)



Nothing, Marcos would see nothing as he continued to speak, one moment Blume was in his arms the next both Blume and his arms were gone, only cauterized stumps remaining in their place. Energy arcing and gouging out the earth all around him and above him in the sky holding the injured Blume in his arm was Dominic in his angelic glory. He appears to be slowly drifting into the air as if someone had turned off the gravity for him alone. What Macos would behold in his eyes is the embodiment of energy itself, the very power, strength and Spirit of God. This city is nothing but collateral damage, before the needs of the Empire and its Empress the humans here are nothing more than compost ready to be tossed aside, the same goes for the servants who existed in the now destroyed manor. The smart one’s will have already slipped away to Schatten Bereich before Dominic transformed. He points at Marcos and all Dominic would see after pointing is a massive explosion, strong enough to rock Karakura as a whole.

All that mattered was protecting his friend, not even the monster in the sky eating the souls of Karakura mattered… Well… At least if that was how things went. Something happened, a pulse of Reiatsu, familiar to Dominic, did something or undid something. Whatever happened the supposed consumed souls back in their flesh and blood bodies. This all goes over Dominic’s head because he was waiting to see if Marcos survived the blast so he could fire off another high powered Heilig Pfeil to obliterate the pest. The Arrancar picked a bad day to attack, their added pressure is what finally sent Dominic over the edge. They now face a monster who may care even less about the well being of humans than them. A Monster of God.


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Gluttony delighted the Brute Incarnate for the briefest time. Tasting the paltry souls of the city, each human’s soul barely contained any sustenance or nourishment. Normally one would grow in strength from the increase of spiritual pressure that comes with consuming so many human souls. Kassius however gained no such benefit, he consumed for consumption's sake. Like devouring a bag of potato chips, even the combined souls of the humans in this city only served as empty calories. The delight that the Cero espada derives from his act is only in the shattering of hope that breaks the minds of the city's inhabitants. What he delights in is the cruelty of it all. Indiscriminate violence.​


Propelled beyond jet-engines, not through sonido, but the raw power of his musculature, Kassius soars above the skies of Karakura. His trajectory at take off had launched him through buildings initially, his Jetstream rupturing city blocks. Now however, he is high enough in the air that the City starts looking like the ant-hill it -

“What the HELL?!

Kassius had been in this spot before, been in motion through the city like this before. Not even moments ago. What’s more, he can feel the sudden bustling of a once dead city. The screams of absolute horror plaguing the entire consciousness of this human realm through the experience they had all just shared. Confused, Kassius looks down upon the city beneath him, watching as its citizens run in terror. A blur spawns from his back, as a tendril launches out at blinding speeds. Easily closing the distance between Kassius and the ground, it pierces through a running human, penetrating his chest before it expands into a hook of bone. Retracting, the tendril yanks the human off his feet and into the air, moving at the same blurring speed that it had launched. By the time the human reaches Kassius, the force of its velocity had melted the front of the poor human's body, exposing his skeleton and organs. Holding the fresh corpse directly in front of him, Kassius brings a hand to his chin, quisitively inspecting the creature. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, it was neither stronger than before nor regenerating.

Having lived his adolescent life as a hollow within the confines of the Dangai, the Cero Espada is no stranger to the effects of time travel. Though it could have been a massive healing-based ability, as far as Kassius understood there was no technique that could restore a soul to an empty corpse. The replacement of his physical form was also a significant tell, his new positioning, or rather, old positioning, verifying that he too was affected.

A smile comes across Kassius’ face as the tattered corpse schlops off the tendril and falls to the city below. The Brute had missed his adventures in the dangai. Having adapted to be immune to the Wrestling Surge Flow, Kassius had often executed his prey by sending them hurtling through time, only to gather the remains to consume. Whatever just occurred reminded Kassius of this, and a sense of sadistic nostalgia came over him, enough to distract him from the return of his city-full of victims.

The only problem was he is once again unable to locate this target. Yet Kassius is invigorated, knowing now that there are indeed strong victims out there, and that his original tactic worked in drawing them out. This means that the solution is simple. He’s just going to have to do it again.

Exhaling, he removes the air from his lungs in order to prepare them for another great inhalation. Only, this time he doesn’t breathe in. That is because this time something has caught his eye.

Patience Pays Off

Not too far from his location, a pillar of pure blue energy erupts from some fancy house outside the city. Soaring into the sky, it is a neon beam that is impossible to miss. Immediately Kassius’ grin moves from ear to ear, as he focuses in on the blinding light. His pupil dilates, adjusting to the brightness, as it literally zooms in his vision, allowing him to observe the new victim clearly.



As a being made of pure power rises like a deity into the heavens, a monster made of pure malice experiences ecstasy. Devoid of any sensing ability, even the blind and ignorant Kassius can tell that this new victim is a being of unlimited power. It would seem that just like his excursion into the sands of Hueco Mundo, his new adventure in the Human World bore fruit. He has found another God to play with.

The veins of Kassius’s eyes bulge, his pupil soon constricting until his entire eye becomes white. His face scrunches, smiling so hard that he pops multiple vessels behind his flesh. Focusing so diligently, blood begins to stream from his eyes and nose, falling to the city below. His jaw clenches with such force that his teeth begin to grind into dust, every muscle in his body tenses up, causing a thunderous boom in the sky. Yet, no reiatsu is released.

Channeling his focus, his malice, desire, and energy, so intently onto a single entity, wanting with all of his being to destroy this target, Kassius unlocks within himself a new ability. The subject of his focus, Dominic, would feel a sudden pressure erupting from his chest, as an explosion of crimson light cracks through his body. In a single instant, the chest cavity of the Quincy would burst, the result of a cero’s sudden manifestation. Utilizing the Cero Córnea, Kassius' desire to brutalize the victim he saw was so powerful that it literally materialized itself. The resulting crimson explosion might not succeed in killing this entity, but it would succeed in its expansion, completely enveloping the target after exploding his chest, as well as that which he may hold in his hands. Further, it would succeed as a smoke screen, obscuring the Quincy's vision and sensory abilities.

Releasing the tension in his muscles, Kassius is launched through the air at beyond-sonido speeds. Not only would the new victim not see Kassius’ arrival, he additionally would not expect an assault from the Brute, given that his focus was on the Primera not the Cero espada, and now most likely on the Cero Cornea that threatened not only his own life but his empress’ as well. Further, Kasisus distance made it seem like his impending arrival would take some time, and yet has proven this to not be the case. The moment the cero explodes, the moment the release of his muscles causes a thunderous burst to erupt and destroy a portion of the city below him, Kassius would be gone.

Focused on escaping or decimating Marcos, obligated to protect Blume whom he perceived to be in his arms, distracted from the explosion in his chest, and blinded by this very same assault, Dominic is given no time to react.


A sudden collision occurs against the God-human, as Kassius’ arm hooks around the fighter’s body, catching him in a clothesline. Kassius arm has already hardened itself, flexing and condensing to achieve a state which would resist the incinerating effects of the pure energy. Having experienced something akin to this when he had brutalized a victim whose abilities possessed the infinite power of the sun. As such, should the blow connect, with such momentum and strength, it would serve to decapitate the young man. Not through severing his neck from his shoulders, but rather by completely crashing through everything between his adams-apple to his pectorals, leaving only the head and the bottom of the torso unphased.

A natural response to this onslaught would be to brace oneself with the forearms, helping disperse the force of the blow. While this may succeed, it would require that the victim drop the body he is protecting. Even so, should he choose to defend against it in this manner, Dominic would be sent hurdling back into the ground, causing a crater to form where once there was Diamante Manor.

Kassius however, passes through Dominic completely unphased, as though having never collided with the victim at all. The force behind his missile-like speed sent him hurtling through, not into, his victim. As such, there is no slowing down of his trajectory. He shoots past Dominic's original location, and continues on for another mile. Forming reishi plates ahead of him, he crashes head first through each one. As each plate shatters, the force of the impact spreads out, destroying entire swaths of surrounding forests, every hundred meters, uprooting trees and carving through the land. Until finally the brute crashes into a nearby mountain, which crumbles around him. Dust and debris launching into the night sky and obscuring his position.



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A day full of spying on this hectic world was drawing to an end, as Kiku had found a nice retreat high in the mountains beyond the cityscape of Karakura. Making his way through the bathhouse Kiku finally found the male dressing area. Wasting no time he disrobed himself of his reiatsu sealing cloak and uniform and alerted the other fifth division members to lock down the area.

Popping out of his gigai he would use Bakudō #26. Kyokkō (曲光, Bent Light) to conceal the gigai in the corner.


As he settled into the water he would get visual confirmation of the ten Shinigami who were sent with him on this scouting mission. Sinking in further Kiku could feel the wild clashes of reiryoku in the city. Yet none of this was his exact concern. He had a mind full of information, from the viewpoints of ten different angles, and his own, to spill to Captain Oda and was ready to get back to it, after his rest. Not to mention of a bunch of information Tenzen is bound to know already, due to the days worth of fighting around the city. It would be obvious and a waste of time to inform him of every single Shinigami death or injury.

One of the main reasons Kiku picked this location is to take a break from the destruction and mayhem. Y et as he sat there soaking in the blisteringly hot water. Almost falling asleep, Kiku was shot awake by the massive feeling of dread, spiritual sources were being snuffed out at an alarming rate. The other Fifth Division shinigami leaped into the area Kiku was in. There was a split second of panic among the employees and owners of the bathhouse. Followed by this second there was silence.

Without his command, they had erected a barrier of kido around Themselves and Kiku. Waiting as if they were about to be attacked, Kiku had run inside and grabbed his clothing, as he did so his mind suddenly flashed and went blank.

Suddenly he was sitting in the hot water once more, feeling strange, as if he was just woken up. Kiku stands and wraps his body in a towel, then as if he already knew what was about to happen, the members of the fifth had leaped the wall and surrounded the area in a barrier once more.

" report. "

The other Shinigami would look over at him and be slightly confused. Looking from one another and then back to him, one finally spoke up.

" Sir, we are as lost as you it seems. " He looked at the ground with no other words for Kiku.

From the left, one of the female Shinigami holding the barrier up would speak, while staring at the very wall she held. " Like a weird Deja Vu... "

Kiku nodded walking over and sliding the bamboo screen gate to retrieve his clothing. With a softer voice as if whispering he would look back out the door and speak; " Whatever just happened, whatever that was, we need to get out of here. This isn't our fight and Captain Oda might want to know what we just experienced firsthand.. but first.... " He was cut off by a disgusting roar and the feeling of hollow reiatsu.

Not one, but several Adjuchas class hollows suddenly appeared via Garganta. The fifth Shinigami scattered to hold the barrier yet they had failed as four of the beasts vomited cero at the walls. As the barrier cracked and was destroyed it gave Kiku enough time to shunpo to and throw out of the way the two Shinigami closest to it.

Fire and rock engulfed the Shinigami with silver hair. Looking back and shouting at the others to prepare the Senkaimon and escape as two of the hollows razed Kiku with their massive claw-like fists. He was sent flying into the wooden wall of the bathhouse. Grunting from the pain as he saw the ten Shinigmai dash off, He would channel his reiatsu and draw his Zanpakuto.

As the two that had assaulted him rushed him further, They would find nothing but sheer resistance from several blindingly fast slashes, allowing their body to smash into the very wall Kiku did, but in pieces. Sensing three of the Hollow in chase of his Shinigami comrades, Kiku would shunpo twice, outpacing his enemies and his comrades

Kiku would release his reiatsu into a spell he knew better than breathing. Spinning to face the flock behind him he would raise and then thrust his hand outward, a shimmering of light exiting the hand and then splitting, again, and again.

" Bakudō #62. Hyapporankan! " He would shout as the other shinigami raced by him.
The smoke of the attack having cleared, Kiku would see four of the seven hollows pinned to the ground below. With two dead from his sword, Kiku would turn around to see the last high above the other Shinigami, three of which were preparing the Senkaimon gate ritual.

He didn't have too much time, so he used shunpo once more to intercept the attack the Hollow was charging. Kiku would get there only to find the Hollow was laughing, or their equivalent of a laugh. It had faked a cero and instead used sonido to catch Kiku; he felt its claws digging into his face as he plummeted to the ground.
Through gritted teeth, he would wedge his Zanpakuto between them and shout out.

" Soji (掃除, Clean). "
" Akaname (垢嘗, Filth Licker). "

A silver glow followed by the shifting of his blade into a long wooden handle, followed by the large white bristles of a mop head, he would force their landing to happen much sooner by creating several reshi platforms below his own back. With each smash of the platforms, Kiku would continue wedging his Shikai up until the mop head was touching the hollow. Within a few seconds, the Hollow was absorbed inside.

Kiku finally smashed into the ground with a thud and groan. One of the Fifth Division members utilized Shunpo to get to Kiku; however, he could no longer tell you which one it was by visual appearance; it seemed his vision was starting to fade. Kiku's reiatsu selling cloak and main haori were torn and shredded. Kiku's face was leaking blood, but the area was clear. Quickly another one came over and informed Kiku he could stop the bleeding, but he would need to see a medical unit from Fourth immediately.

" Don't worry about me; let's safely get to the Senkaimon and return to the Soul Society.. "

With his final command over the mission, They made their way to the open gate and started their return to the Soul Society. Kiku would wipe the blood away once and then set his hands on the open wounds, a bright red flare emitting from his hand as he effortlessly used the Hadō #31. Shakkahō to cauterize the wounds in small bursts of the spell and leave some immediate scaring. The smallest of grunts from came from Kiku as he did this while traveling through the now-closed Senkaimon gate.

Traveling to 10th Division Senkaimon from Karakura Town



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It is what fuels the young Quincy. Anger at the Shinigami who have not only assaulted him, but failed to be reliable in any capacity in guarding the city he calls home. Anger at the Arrancar and Hollows who not only trespass upon his home, but have even targeted his Empress, his friend. Finally, anger at himself, for having failed to protect her from the Espada. This anger burns and bubbles like hot lava coursing through his veins. His reiatsu responds to this anger, sparking and rising higher



And then finally

”Geist Gottes: Volle Kraft”


Marcos who had been lost in his own amusement of everything that has transpired and was transpiring, seems either oblivious or uninterested in the swelling of Spiritual power taking place in the manor. With his focus on his friend-hostage, he does not hear the sound of the meteor man's voice resounding from within the manor. With eyes closed and cheshire smile at its fullest as he cackles and speaks. When he finally does open his eyes he is taken aback at something most unexpected.


The Espada fumes, and as he does arcs of chaotic energy devastate the surrounding land up to even the sky. This energy is of course not a result of the Primera's fury, but of the angelic transformation of Dominic into his Quincy Vollständig. Even more peculiar is the fact that Marcos does not seem to be disturbed by the absence of his arms, now mere cauterized stumps, in fact its as if he hasn't noticed their loss at all, more focused on the loss of Blume whom he had been holding than anything.

They say good things come to those who wait, yet how long must one wait for their coming dawn? Event after event, tragedy after tragedy, death after death, and still the citizen's of Karakura wait for their season of peace.

Now is not their season.

Gillian trespassed into Karakura, and though they were being dispatched by a Quincy instilling in her a sense of confidence, strength....arrogance, the feeling is immediately robbed of her thanks to the Cero espada that had been drawn to both her and the shinigami who had also worked to assist in dispatching the towering hollows. It is thanks to his intervention that the Gillian, mindless and driven by their hunger are allowed to roam, and hunt undisturbed. The espada's introduction to the two beings forces them to retreat in acts of self preservation, leaving the people of Karakura to fend for themselves.

Another shinigami, distant from the espada relaxes in a bathhouse. Though away from the Espada, not even a blimp on their radar he is not separated from the destruction transpiring outside around him, as the Garganta opening up randomly and sporadically do so throughout the entirety of Karakura Town. The Shinigami and those alongside him are able to perceive the wanton destruction, feel the overwhelming reiatsu of the two espada even at the distance yet...they do nothing. It seems that regardless of race, be it Quincy or Shinigami, there were none strong enough, brave enough to risk or lay down their lives to save the people from the threats that plague them, to give them a fighting chance, any chance at survival.

Karakura Town's apocalypse was for all intents and purposes...inevitable, that is until one man displaced from time, intervened. Although slim and perhaps pointless, the people were given a second chance at survival.

Kassius the Brute after terrorizing the quincy, mutilating the shinigami, propelled in the air a second time, intent on causing genocide simply to sate his hunger, a hunger born from boredom.


The same swelling that had seemingly gone unnoticed by the Primera had not gone unnoticed by the Cero. The overwhelming volatile energy further whets the beast's appetite for violence, the angelic Dominic succeeds in temporarily rescuing Blume, and gaining the attention of Kassius.

With a body composed of compacted energy, this same body finds itself mysteriously and unexpectedly accosted. As it is an attack from afar and transpires in an instance the transformed Quincy would be hard pressed to detect and react to the attack that seems to manifest directly on him, carving a hole through his form. It is an attack that if survived, may perhaps be unjustly blamed upon the Primera who the Quincy has set his eyes on. After all, as Dom had just taken the Espada's arms, it wouldn't be unreasonable for him to retaliate in anger, anyone would perceive the Primera as the most likely suspect in such a situation.

A portion of Karakura and its populace is lost in the wake of Kassius's thunderous arrival, appearing well before the shockwave from his transit decimates the city. The next few moments transpire as though one is looking through a stereoscope. The Cero espada is already upon the cackling energy composed form of Dom, hints of purple seen in the corner.


A head, specifically that of Marcos the Primera, wide eyed and open mouthed with outstretched arms is shown, Kassius tree trunk sized arm millimeters away from the Quincy's angelic form.


The scene transitions to show Marcos gripping the shoulders of the incapacitated Empress who is slightly lifted up, angled away from Dom and simultaneously in full range of Kassius's arm that almost appears to be touching in the stilled shot. A black smudge, like faulty film appearing in the corner.


The figurative stereoscope is put away, there exists no more still shots viewed one moment at a time. there exists only the sound of crashing, of screaming as a massive opening is carved through Karakura, stretching past the city, through the forests, and into a distant mountain, the same mountain once housing the Shinigami far removed from the travesty taking place in the city. Having left not that long ago he and his people are spared an unfortunate and unexpected introduction to the Cero Espada.

What of the transformed Quincy? His fate to the two Espada is, irrelevant. Not because neither Arrancar cares for his existence. It is not arrogance or indifference that causes them to disregard whatever actions or maneuvers have taken place by the man, but the fact that...they were no longer there. A quick scan of the surroundings, and a further invasive look into and through the city reveals the reiatsu of both Cero and Primera to be completely...gone.

This is not what is important at the moment, at least not to Dominic. What is important is the fact that there is another reiatsu that is completely absent from the city; that of Blume Diamante, the Quincy Empress, HIS Empress and his friend.

What Dominic may perhaps not perceive is a miniature circular black wisp closing into itself in the night air, a similar dark wisp lost in the thick lingering debris in the distance around the base of what once could be called a mountain. Any soul able to perceive the spiritual around the city would observe a rather strange phenomenon. The same Garganta that had opened up to spew out the starving Gillian, were now reappearing sporadically and at random, swallowing them whole, removing them from their hunting grounds. The speed and the manner in which the garganta appeared was unnatural, appearing only to snap shut and fold into themselves, as if one were merely blinking the hollows out of existence in Karakura.

What this meant or, rather what it perhaps implied, is that it was a Garganta fashioned and employed in a similar fashion to remove the Espada and their treasure out of Karakura, faster than Dominic could notice or react to, especially given everything he was already facing. Like with the attack by way of Cero Cornea on Dom, one may be mislead into placing the blame on either of the two espada. Jumping to conclusions and assuming one of them if not both had quickly called forth the Garanta to get away while the getting was good. They would however be incorrect in their assumptions.

Neither Marcos or Kassius were the cause or creators of these Garganta. Perhaps the God-King then? Observing the situation from afar, and pulling them away back home at just the right time.

His attention was currently elsewhere. He hadn't the time to hone in on the location of the missing Kassius or Marcos, let alone pay any mind to the ongoings in Karakura. This implied a third player Someone who had been watching, and had the time, and the ability to intervene in the midst of this chaos.
A distant chasm in the sky gazes at the abused city abandoned by its protectors as one might look through a peep hole or telescope, spying on the situation from across the way. And then, the chasm closes as though they've had their fill of sight seeing for the moment.

Who was watching? And what had happened or rather what would happen to Blume?