[BSD-RP] Human World: Karakura Town






There had been a presence that had rampaged through out the city, with a reiatsu output wild and untamed, buildings crumbling underneath the destructive nature that this Arrancar brought, and now she and the shinigami woman had the Arrancars attention. A gust of wind blew past her, as she stared at the shinigami being assaulted


It was tendril blades that had been attacking the shinigami woman, her reaction was to activate her shikai and defend herself, each block was pushing the shinigami away from herself and the arrancar. The reiatsu signature was of the Arrancar had arrived, and it had not gone unnoticed, Amanda’s eyes shifted back as her hand reached and threw a gintō capsule behind her. In that same instance of her throwing the capsule she had used Hirenkyaku twice, once to leave the after image of herself and the second was her moving away from the cities populated center, to construction area that Eto Heavy industries owned by the river. The capsule itself would create a Reshi film to surround and trap the Arrancar.

She didn’t like that feeling that of that reiatsu that the Arrancar Emitted, that feeling fear had hit her, something she didn’t like it was like death was upon her for that moment and that moment alone. Yet now she had gained distance away from the Arrancar now trapped in the film of Reshi she wanted to keep it that way, as due to the size of that film around the Arrancar he was massive.

“You’re a big bastard aren’t ya?”

Thoughts raced through her mind as she pulled out her Seele Schneiders, how tough was he? Why was he so fast? No time for that, as every second that she wasn’t going to distract this arrancar was a second of him terrorizing Karakura. Her head and eye shifted area that was well spaced-out area open the sky, to this she quickly moved and began to place down four in a the quincy cross pattern, well spaced out so that anything that could fall wouldn’t knock down trap she had begun to set up.

She didn’t like that feeling of the Arrancar being so close, that feeling of despair that was behind her, it was sickening. She would again have to be close to the arrancar if she was going to bait him into a trap, yet still if she could pick him off from the distance she was at, no she could avoid pulling the arrancar in this area.

Regardless of how she felt she had taken aim at the arrancar with Die Seelebrecher (Soul breaker) once more she would fire out a shot, but this time she would use hirenkyaku once more to retreat further into the construction zone, where she would be able to keep an eye on the arrancar. The shot itself sored through the air and to the arrancars head, the force of the impact would shatter through it, scattering its flesh, blood, bones and brain matter alike as it made its way through the arrancar’s skull. Such was the power of Erschütternder Widderschuss (concussive ram shot). She had repositioned herself to a concreate frame building , where she could keep an eye on the arrancar, and the plasma round she shot, though she herself would be difficult to spot as the lighting of the place had concealed her presence. Carefully she would draw her Seele Schneider and brought it against the wall, to dim the light as much as possible as she gather reshi into the blade.




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This place, this nexus point of Blume's life, is one she has come to from a culmination of choices birthed by her ambition. Born to Quincy Royalty it is her ambition that guided her schemes, her plotting in order to sit upon the vacant throne of her people. Ambition that has placed her in contact with Fullbringers, beings that should be in opposition of her and her kind and vice versa, the power of hollows, the very enemies of all Quincy empowering these humans. It is this same ambition that causes the Diamante heiress to flirt with not only danger...but a shinigami as well, an interaction from which a single seed was planted. That seed having taken root the Empress's priorities become skewed, her vision clouded and as such she gave out an order that...perhaps should never have been given. From this order hollows AND Arrancar have come, and from that planted seed planted from her choice of companion, one such arrancar is guided directly to her.

So many choices made for power, perhaps none of them were the correct ones.

Stopped in her tracks before this unknown arrancar to her, she can only stare while frozen. While her choices may have been foolish, Blume Diamante herself was no fool. She can perceive the threat and danger the hollow-born presents, can perceive the sickening reiatsu exuding from him. Correctly deducing Marcos to be an espada, fear and panic causes her to instinctively press her hand to her abdomen as though to guard it. This further intrigues the Primera, seems there truly was something interesting in there!

“Who are you?”

Up until now, there had been only silence from the woman when faced with Marcos's question. When she finally does speak, she does not answer the espada's question but instead asks one of her own. Marcos is reminded of when he had first officially met former Godking Vincent. Not unlike Blume, he too inquired on Marcos's identity back then. He would answer this ruler just as he had answered the other.

"Who am I?!"

He asks, face twisted in confusion. The pink jewel upon Locura continues rolling from one side to the other, up, then down as though an eye taking in its surroundings. Where one Marcos, the one who had been crouched on the ground rose to his full height, folding his arms the other scratches its head seemingly just as puzzled as his counterpart.

"Why I'm Ma-"


Before he could finish his introduction of his name and his status as Primera, the ceiling overhead is obliterated as a meteor, no..a man comes crashing down, leg and foot poised to decimate everything unfortunate enough to find its place underneath this Guillotine of flesh, blood, muscle, bone and more importantly... POWER. Having been outside, in the thick of the chaos kickstarted by the arrancar Grimaldi, Blume's vanguard perceives the threat of Marcos near her. Sensing the Espada's reiatsu E the Energy becomes further fueled and emboldened by his rage, to have the Empress's home and presence desecrated by an Arrancar. It is an offense that would not go unpunished. The living arrow soars through the air towards the source of the filthy spiritual pressure, FASTER, CLOSER until finally he pierces through the surface. Dominic is but a blur, an incomprehensible streak as he descends, smoke and debris kicked up as he flies further down.

"....eh, what was that?"

One Marcos looking away from Blume, while the other is crouched over, peering down the chasm formed by the descending Dominic. A powerful combatant, the man is a master of close quarter combat, a virtuoso of the martial arts. Facing Grimaldi he has his attack thrown off, the power of gravity effecting the timing and angle of his blows, something remedied by the man outputting more power than that which was suppressing him. Now he faces the Primera. Having detected Marcos's reiatsu the brave man moves into action without delay yet...the closer he draws towards that same source of power he has detected, the more the timing, angle, and positioning of is kick becomes unconsciously skewed, throwing the attack of its course unnknownst to the man on a subconscious level. To Dominic, Marcos would be perceived closer than he really was, while Dominic moving faster than he truly was with Marcos himself inaccurately shifted to the side.

As the master martial artist h was, the moment he realizes he's failed to connect with flesh and blood he'd realize something was amiss. He is then forced to reposition, refocus and shift his attack or attack again, all while combating the Espada's reiatsu...and choosing which Marcos was the genuine one out of the real Primera and his reiatsu composed double. Truly he was a nuisance.

"OH YEA! I'm Marcos Loquez, the PUUURMERA."

Marcos resumes his introduction, his counterpart performing an exaggerated bow while he points a thumb towards himself. His attention refocuses back on Blume, his curiosity yet to be sated. His cheshire grin widens, jagged teeth giving the man a menacing visage despite his jovial nature, slitted pupils becoming sharper and dilated, streaks of fluorescent pink sparking and twinkling in his eyes, those same eyes locked upon Blume as their gazes meet yet again. Blume tries to buy time, unsure what Marcos knows, how much he knows, and how he knows. Dominic had come to defend his empress but...perhaps what he had truly done, was come to be sacrificed by her instead.

What wont a mother do for her child?



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The breeze however, is not the wind.​

Nana would feel her hair flutter, a simple feeling, expected even, as high up in the sky as they were. From there, Amanda, and Nana, it seems, would notice the blades having moved at Shunpo speeds. However, the blades had manifested mere inches from Nana’s skin, how had they instantaneously arrived there? The answer is simple, they didn’t. The blade-equipped tendrils had already spread from Kassius behind the Quincy, and initiated an attack, before doubling back to then ensnare her. This means that the sensation Nana had felt, the one Amanda had witnessed, was not a gentle breeze through the Shinigami’s hair, but a strike, which moved through flesh uninterrupted.

Yet…Nana would feel nothing.

“Shisseki.” (叱責, "Rebuke")


Nana would activate her shikai, transforming he small wakizashi into two hooked blades. The speed and reaction time of this shinigami would be impressive to a layman, having observed the secondary threat, activated shikai, and gone to block all in the amount of time a shunpo-level strike takes to land. What’s more, the Shinigami appears intelligent enough to know that she would not succeed in slicing through the density of the muscle, nor be strong enough to resist the force of the blow. Instead, she hopes to block the bladed edge, and be sent a safe distance away. In this regard, she is successful.

The moment Nana attempts to block Kassius’ strike, she is hit with the full momentum behind the swing. Even anticipating being launched back, it is clear she underestimated the strength of her opponent. Immediately, she is launched at neck breaking speeds into the ground below. Smacked down from the sky, she moves as if fired from a canon, unable to counteract the strength of her momentum to otherwise stabilize herself, even with shunpo. From Amanda’s perspective, Nana was simply there, and then she wasn't.

The Shinigami is flicked away like a booger, hurdled into the concrete below; she mimics Kassius’ own arrival. Plummeting through a building, which hardly serves to slow her momentum, she is fired like a bullet into the concrete, and through the street below. This initial impact would undoubtedly serve as sufficient enough to shatter the bones of her Shinigami body, and yet it would not end there. Moving at such speed, she would be unable to process the damage done to her nor see her surroundings. Plummeting into the subway system, she passes through the top and bottom of an oncoming train, then crashes through the ground below. Repeatedly her body is hit with the shock of being splattered on concrete, as she shoots through cement barriers, metal pipes, and pushes on down past the sewer system. It is only the bed rock, the very foundation of the small Karakura Town, that succeeds in halting her descent.

At this point, Nana’s body would have undergone layer after layer of impact, repeatedly colliding against the structures of the human world after having been swat away by Kassius blade. Though she succeeded in halting any additional cuts to her body, she instead replaced her fate with blunt damage. Even still, the end of his descent would not serve as a moment of peace or stillness. Even should she remain conscious at this point, and see through the blood that blinds her eyes, all she would witness is every structure, layer, and obstacle that she just crashed through, now collapse inward, falling down upon her and burying her in layers of sediment and debris. From above, the disappearance of Nana is replaced with the sudden emergence of a crater below.

What’s worse, neither party was given a chance to see her face. Well, except for Kassius of course, as one of his tendrils retracts, placing it directly into his open hand.

“You don’t look that strong…”

That initial breeze, which was not the wind, was in truth generated from one of Kassius' blades. Passing harmlessly upwards in front of her, it would serve to slice skin from muscle, quite literally wiping the serious expression from Nana’s face. Kassius had wanted to get a closer look at this Shinigami, not expecting to see one next to the new victim he had discovered. The last shinigami he encountered was the one responsible for sending him to Hueco Mundo, and so he decided a closer inspection might be worth it, if only for sentimental reasons.

Analyzing the fragile features of the shinigami he had just smacked from existence, Kassius fails to notice the transformation occurring at the end of one of his Tendrils. The silver hue of his organic-steel corrodes into a golden glimmer, slowly spreading downwards through the limb, increasing its weight and siphoning a noticeable amount of reiatsu from the appendage.

Taking advantage of this lapse in attention, his initial victim, the curious cowgirl possessing such unique abilities, launches a capsule of condensed spiritual energy into the air. The movement triggered from her action causes Kassius to instinctively respond, like a snapping dog. His jaws open and his neck snaps to bite off her head, only to close harmlessly in the air, encapsulating the thrown Gintō (銀筒, Silver Tube). It would seem the cowgirl performed a disappearing act of her own. Distracted by the face in his hands, Kassius had not followed her movement, nor seen her disappear. Before he could lament this fact however, the ginto explodes in his mouth, forming a Gritz (五架縛 [グリツ], Gurittsu; Japanese for "Five Rack Ties"), which pushes against the ivory fortress of his teeth, and inflates the side of his cheek. The Gritz is incapable of expanding, meeting the end of its resistance within Kassius' mouth. While he himself appears only mild surprised for a moment, then begins to chew away at the material unbothered, as though it were merely a ball of gum.

His two victims had up and disappeared on him. Nana having been launched into the ground and buried, Amanda having run off in terror. This left Kassius standing alone in the air, chewing his gum, lost and bored. Of course, there was the arrival of the new shinigami, who had so wisely chosen to observe from a distance and not interfere. However, to Kassius, this young fly on the wall was exactly that, an insect unworthy of notice. Lacking any sensing ability, the Cero Espada is clueless towards the arrival of the low seated shinigami, who were as inconsequential it seems as the humans. Instead, he tosses the face over his shoulder, discarding it like a used wrapper littered onto the ground. His single eye slowly looks around as his eyelid begins to droop. The boredom encompassing him may seem like exhaustion, but fatigue is not in the Brute’s repertoire. No, the disinterest he is beginning to show is not a good sign for the people of Karakura, as it means he is begging to slip away into a catatonic state of mindless murder.

That is, until he sees a blue light streaking across the sky.

Like a child watching a shooting star, Kassius becomes fascinated by the twinkle in his eye. The blue light appears similar to the cowgirl he was hoping to consume, which causes the smile on his face to twist at the edges of his mouth. His eyelid opens wide, as his pupil begins to constrict. Focusing so intently on the small speck in the air, Kassius pupil begins to glow a faint red, reiatsu channeling into his eye. The legs of his muscles begin to constrict, hinting towards another devastating launch through the city. Yet just as both actions were about to reach their peak, just as the far away Quincy was about to be struck from the sky…


A beam of blue energy shoots through his skull, piercing through his lower jaw and exploding out the other side of his cranium. Should Kassius of had a brain, or regular organs, this hidden surprise attack might have been something of a feat. instead, it serves only to recapture the Cero’s attention. To Amanda’s surprise, Kassius would appear completely unbothered by the sudden hole in the side of his head. He had not even flinched when the beam struck him. The expression on his face was akin to an adult who had just been punched by a toddler, as his head turns towards the Quincy woman’s direction. From her scope, she would see the hole in his head close up on its own, returning him to pristine condition, as a bored expression forms on his face.

Unable to locate the woman at such a far away distance, as obscured by entire city districts, skyscrapers, rural homes, and construction sites, Kassius merely uses the trajectory of the blast to pinpoint her general direction. Looking now to the tendril which at this point had turned solid gold, easily weighing ten tons, Kassius thinks for only a split second. The very next, and the tendril is gone. Severed from his arm, it flies, launched as a projectile, towards Amanda’s location. Of course, it is not as accurate as the quincy’s shot, where she was a sniper, Kassius was artillery.

Launched with a superior strength to even that which would incapacitate Nana, The Golden Missile flies through the air with so much resistance that it increases its radius of destruction. Passing over the city at supersonic speeds, anything below it would explode a mere second after the projectile passes over. The gush of air destroys the city districts, collapses the skyscrapers, obliterates the homes, and decimates the construction site. How far away had Amanda run? To the outskirts of the city? It would not matter, as the force of the blunt missile would obliterate everything in that cardinal direction.

In this way, Kassius did not need to know Amanda’s location. Did not need to target her position. Even if she ran, even if she hid, there was nowhere for her to go. Instead, being so heavily concealed within the depths of a construction site, her hiding place would become her tomb. The golden missile passes harmlessly overhead, and in this moment, the entire site that Amanda hid in would fall on top of her. The resounding woosh of the sound catching up to the projectile would be like that of a jet roaring through the air. The very ground would shake from the soundwaves alone, far after the missile had come and gone. While Amanda, buried under an entire structure of rubble, would be unable to see the missile pass by over head, fading into the distance as it runs out of city to destroy and ultimately collides with nothing.

Kassius, of course, witnesses none of it. Turning his rejuvenated head after firing off the tendril, he instead tries to search the sky for that speck one more time. Unable to find the new victim zipping about, the Cero instead tries to recall which direction he had been heading. It was clear from the power the speck emitted and the speed he moved that he too was searching for a fight. Kassius was starting to wish that the obnoxious cat had not left him alone after all. At least the idiot could have pointed him towards some victims before Kassius snapped his purple neck.

Releasing a disappointed sigh, his breath steams in the cold air of the night sky. The smoke that floats up from the flaming destruction below, fails to surround the Espada. Instead, it suddenly disperses, before the Brute himself disappears. The release of his constricted muscles recreates the sonic boom, in the skies above Kara, as the Espada launches himself in a similar manner to that of the golden missile. Flying overhead, his travel would leave a wake of destruction behind him, carving through Karakura on his way towards the Quincy's last seen location.



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"I.....it happened again."

His breathing rate and pulse had shot up significantly and he found it impossible to think straight. How could he when the same thing that plagued his nightmares for a century happened again? He wanted to alleviate the blame but he did not know who could take it other than him, "7th Seat!". Sure Nana underestimated her opponent "7th?". Maybe the Arrancar was just too strong for him. "Yurei Shiroi!". Even so, maybe it would have been suicide to try to fight him but even that would have been better tha-

"7th Seat Yurei Shiroi!"

Yurei snapped out of his dazed state and looked at the shinigami before him. She was one of the medics he had brought with him for some kind of mission. What was it again?
The image of Nana flying through the ground flickered through his mind for a brief moment.
Sickness, sickness. He felt sick and angry. Was it anger at Kassias or himself? Did it matter?

"Yes, Kotona what is it?" He said in a dejected and monotone voice.

"Well, we have arrived at the assigned location with no problem so we are waiting for further orders. Also, my name is Iv-"

"Treat Nokoribi-sama, that is our number one priority"

"Uh, yes sir. I'll tell the rest of them to get it done right away. In the meantime please rest your mind, you've endured a lot"

Barely able to keep his composure that entire conversation, the second he was certain nobody was looking. Yurei wept, He cried to the extent his eyes started to feel like they were about to wilt away from the lack of moisture in them. He wiped his face with his forearm and looked toward the barely conscious 5th seat shinigami.

"But there is not a single scratch on me," He thought to himself regretfully.

"Once Nokoribi-sama is ready for transportation we shall immediately depart towards the Seiretei.








“What in the actual fuck!”

She could see through the Arrancar’s head, clear as day there was no brain to be had in that head of his. This Arrancar was just literal flesh and muscle. A shot like that should have caused him to fall off from having large hole in the size of his head, no instead he had turned towards where she had shot him from, it didn’t phase him one bit, his face saying he was bored with her already. This was something else; this wasn’t the run of the mill Arrancar, the fact that he can just shrug off that hit made her think he had to be the strongest Espada.

She had the advantage still he didn’t seem to know where she was exactly, so she would aim down the sights of her barrel once more, yet before she could shoot a shimmer of light reflected off of a golden tendril. Why was it gold? When? She was dumbfounded by such a thing before she could think further it had launched towards hers. She didn’t want to find out what thing had in store for her, and so having all the information she could have on this Espada she had took the extreme length of hirenkyaku to get the fuck out of dodge.

When she had reappeared, she had been on the boarder of Karakura town and Naruki city, and when she appeared she was just in time to see the destructive nature of the Espada’s missile. Everything that the golden missile passed over had been destroyed by destructive winds, and the explosion at the construction yard had her eyes widen. There wasn’t a chance in hell she would be able to fight that Espada alone. It also seemed that if she were to engage in battle with this beast, she doubted that she could keep her distance on him, and if each shot in retaliation from him was as deadly as that, there’d be no city left to defend.

While she didn’t like the idea of abandoning the fight, she wasn’t exactly thrilled on the idea of dying either. She would sigh as she would disappear back into Karakura into a hidden tunnel entrance that was used to transport equipment across the city without the prying eyes of the shinigami or Blume’s Quincy faction. While the thought occurred to bring the Espada to Blume’s area and let them deal with it, but her family wanted to bring Blume alive, so they can deliver exact punishment.

“It appears our leader has pulled herself out of the fight, now would be a good time for you all wrap up what you’re doing and retreat.”

“Yes sir”

A man sat in front of desk that had been surrounded by several dozen screens all of which showed the various actions going around Karakura town, each one was the perspective of a solider though some were either looking up to the sky, on the streets or just static due to them being crushed by Espada’s Rampage.

“Sir does that include me?”

“No, keep an eye on the Diamante manor we need to know when they move.”

“Yes sir”