[BSD-RP] Human World: Karakura Town


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Cerulean flames incinerate and vaporize the many countless bullets that Alexander had shot forward in an attempt to catch this martial artist, dealing with the nuisance he had made himself out to be. Now this is a rarity, even among the pure blooded Quincy there are few that are capable of such an impressive feat and for the first time, Dominic is given the briefest of chances to catch a glimpse of an expression on Alexander’s face. Not of fear or worry, instead it is a curious surprise. He had garnered another bit of respect for himself from the foreign Quincy.


A single word leaves his curled smirking lips as Dominic turns towards his foe, audible to only himself. In Alexander’s mind there is no doubt that if it had been any other Quincy he had faced today, this situation would have been vastly different. As a renowned fighter, Dominic is more than speed and strength, there is more than knowledge and understanding of the art of combat itself. He has control above all else. The martial artist was given two options, continue and risk demolishing that which he stood to protect or simply abandon an otherwise fruitless cause. Arcs of that same flame and energy rakes across the courtyard, never quite making it to Alexander. Dominic begins his journey towards Alexander and once he comes face to face with the man once more, again his hands are out of his pockets, empty of the gun that he previously wielded as it dissipates.

Finally, Alexander gets his answers.


”Does Blume approve of what’s going on? Of course, it was her move to do so. I killed a Shinigami Lieutenant, my tracks had to be covered at the cost of innocent human lives, so yeah that’s kind of f$%king with me right now.”

This first answer revealed something Alexander had wondered about. If even Quincy of this Caliber are hiding away, covering up something like this, then it is clear. This is no Empire, this is simply a ragtag bunch of Quincy with a great potential and no more. His eyes remain locked onto Dominic, staring him down with his full attention as he listens.

”I have not forgotten my purpose, considering I’m putting Blume’s wellbeing before my urge to rip your mother f$%king head off shows that clearly. And yes tall dumb asshole, we don’t have the damn numbers or man power to fight the Soul Society! You should know that as a Quincy! We have to hide until we regain our numbers to destroy them! How far under a rock were you!?”

There it is, the confirmation of his suspicions. Although it is mildly infuriating that this Dominic continues to be so abrasive in nature. Perhaps it is the situation he is in and not simply his character as a whole. One can only hope. Even with his own irritation, he remains silent for the moment.

”Today we- I crossed a line- No they crossed a line! We had a mutual understanding with those assholes but history is f$%king repetitive because those dead ghost samurai F$%KS turned their blades against me. They already want us dead, probably got orders to kill on sight. Have I forgotten my purpose… I want to kill you so bad for questioning that!”

Finally, both the electricity that runs through the Quincy and the azure flames fade as Dominic finds himself at a loss of will to continue this fight in particular. Although it is clear, the emotions the young man has been riddled with for this entire interaction are still present, intensified from the very beginning even. As he goes to brush past Alexander, the tall Quincy steps aside, giving him a wide berth as his eyes down Dominic.

”You don’t ne-”

Uniting Cause

Had Dominic reached the end of his sentence, perhaps the two would part ways there and then, but it seems fate has different plans. And Alexander, plots alongside fate, taking advantage of whatever he possibly can. Beyond visual sight, beyond perhaps even Dominic’s sensory range there is an intrusive presence, different but similar to the many Hollow that wreak havoc. Space is torn and ripped asunder as a Garganta forms. Before the foot of the creator of this Garganta can even set foot into this plane of reality, Alexander has already deduced the threat that steps through. A stranger to both himself and Dominic, a sworn enemy to both himself and Dominic.

“Perhaps you can kill me another time, Dominic. As Quincy however, we have an Arrancar to deal with.”

Almost on queue, like a climactic drop, there is chaos beyond these walls. A neon green beam of complete destruction runs rampant through the city, aimless in direction and intended simply for causing death and ruin. He awaits a reply, one that is unlikely to be delayed from this pent up ball of angst and volatile emotions.


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After he is finished speaking something hits his senses, something that registers a single word in his mind, Enemy. His eyes shift in the direction of a new Hollow presence, once that has put itself out in the open among the sea of other monsters.

“Perhaps you can kill me another time, Dominic. As Quincy however, we have an Arrancar to deal with.”

His eyes full of rancor and rage suddenly widen when a green beam of energy is let loose from their new visitor, seeking to cause destruction for destruction's sake. Electric blue arcs of energy return to Dominic’s body, his eyes glowing with their same intense color even causing his hair to rise and flow as if he were submerged underwater.

”I’ll handle that blast, do whatever it is you do!”

E-The Energy

In an accelerated burst of speed he is gone, appearing as no more than a smear of light racing over rooftops. Behind him his arcs of energy would glide off the buildings and streets alike, any Hollow survivors caught in his path would find themselves vaporized before they could register what was going on. Dominic reemerges from his blinding speed on the ground, in the path of the Gran Rey Cero that will travel over his head in mere moments. For him to have placed himself ahead of the attack means he managed to move much faster than it, obviously, but this is only due to him combining his Epitaph with his Hirenkyaku and this tactic will be used once more in combination with his Heilig Pfeil. Timing his attacks is as natural as breathing for him and so timing his next strike was effortless. He raises his arm in the air, his index finger pointing at the sky above. Being more than a declaration of victory it became obvious this was an attack.

Unlike most Quincy Dominic does not require a Spirit Weapon to fire off his Heilig Pfeil. Almost as if his body itself is the Spirit Weapon he fires arrows from the tips of his fingers, his palm or fist. Reishi concentrates itself at the tip of his finger, being amplified by his Epitaph in the process before being let loose into the sky. The timing was immaculate as it strikes the underside of the Gran Rey Cero causing it to bulge upward for a moment before violently exploding towards the sky. The ground below had to deal with a minor shockwave but the damage caused by that is better than letting such an attack make contact with a solid surface.

Raging Energy!

A pillar of black smoke rises into the sky from the devastation of the two attacks colliding, but within that smoke arcs of blue energy are seen, from a distance Grimaldi should be able to see this much. That same smoke shoots forward in the Arrancar's direction, being pulled along by the sheer speed of Dominic’s forward momentum. From the ground below an electric blue orb of impossible speeds zooms overhead and trailing behind it are arcs of energy that seem to restore power to the homes and buildings it passes over for a brief moment before falling dark again as it moves on. As if it were reentering the atmosphere of the Earth it bursts into blue flames, streaking them across the sky with it as well.

Light from the sun takes ten minutes to reach the planet earth, so we are viewing the sun as it was ten minutes in the past. In Grimaldi’s eyes he views the light that is Dominic as he was a few seconds ago, the reality of his current position is much worse than he would realize. In front of him in a low stance for better center of gravity, enveloped by flame and energy, body wrapped with Blut, and a fist held with such tightness and density it could turn coal to diamond in an instant is Dominic. He throws his punch, arm vanishing from sight…


This fist composed of flame and energy strikes the Arrancar in an instant right in his solar plexus. The air around them sparks, the monsters in the shadow of the Garganta would know better than to step out. This Arrancar would be the first to feel the wrath of a Sternritter in centuries, a Sternritter who only knows destruction and dominiation.


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It was a jarring occurrence; Grimaldi was confused; it hurt a little. Yet there was humor in it for more reasons than known to the Quincy, who leaped in and aimed his wreckless destructive furry upon a very aware Grimaldi. The Quincy flew in with blindingly insane speed; This was no surprise to Grimaldi, whose own reiatsu had already dilated Grimaldi's perception of time. These seconds might matter when reaching the Arrancar, yet the closer Dominic got to Grimaldi, no matter at which the speed of the gap was closed, he would have to, in the most minor of ways, fight against this ever-increasing reiatsu passively. Even if he had no problem overcoming it, this Slight dilation was all Grimaldi needed to Sonido.

Perhaps one of, if not Grimaldi's most vital discipline is the art of Sonido. His movement is so fast that he appears to use teleportation without stress or strain, appearing solidly instead of shimmering for a second like other Sonído users. Dominic's impact slammed into what would seem like a genuine version of Grimaldi. Without warning, Grimaldi would have his Zanpakuto chain sewn between Dominic's neck and waistline, leading around his back and over his neck. The force of the blades slicing into Dominic's Flesh made Grimaldi laugh from behind Dominic. The impact was so close that Grimaldi's chest still sizzled from the near impact of the fist.

" Interesting, i expected Shinigami... Explorar ; Calabozo "

Not risking the counterattack, or the easy one vs two, Grimaldi used this opportunity to Sonido again. Dipping his head low, Grimaldi's Zanpakuto would go and exert itself beyond that of anything this Quincy would have felt in his natural existence. The increase didn't just come with the dilation of gravity in a half-mile radius around Grimaldi; the Weapon, hopefully leaving droplets of blood from Dominic's body, would shift into a Scythe, Grimaldi taking and spinning it around. The Neon green pulsations would grip hold and crush every structure and spiritually unaware being in that said radius and slowly at first, then violently and suddenly begin to crumble and swivel them into oblivion. The Quincy, the both of them would be made apparent that the field controlled by Grimaldi had increased the gravitational forces around him by nearly a thousand times what they were used to.


The Quincy, too, would have to find some way to manage this increased pressure as Grimaldi flattened the cityscape around them in half a mile radius. Vehicles and building materials were balled up and filled the air with a crunching noise until this same pressure silenced them. Similarly, the screams of the people made delectable squelching sounds as their screams were short-lived but beautifully crescendoed their death rattle.

Nothing remains of them in the matter of seconds the release happened; Grimaldi, In his resurrected form, now sat on an invisible throne surrounded by the bare earth of their world and the occasional puddle of blood or rubble. Grimaldi's hands are positioned on his Zanpakuto, ready to fight with these Quincy, even though he might of bitten off more than he can chew.




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It was clear, before Alexander has even said anything, Dominic's eyes shift in intensity. In their bout, he lashed out with a certain rage, in order to protect something, now this temperamental Quincy's rage is far greater, focused and without a hint of doubt. Dominic has sensed their common foe and above that, a way to release the anguish and grief that he has bottled within. Within moments of their arrival, the Hollow seals it's own fate. An emerald beam of destruction fired by the Arrancar aims to decimate countless buildings and end multiple lives.

"I’ll handle that blast, do whatever it is you do!"

Without giving Alexander a chance to reply, Dominic is gone, leaving nothing more than a trail of blue light that fails to catch him. Then the Cero is deflected upwards into the skies, briefly clearing the skies before the impact of the two impressive attacks clouds the azure sky in a black cloud of smoke. Even now, filled with all this blazing anger, Dominic still chooses to save the lesser Humans. It nearly puts a smile of amusement on Alexander’s face.

"There it is, the Lightning."

A lone thought of relief. Relief that this Dominic is just as competent if not more than the other. Relief that he is not faced with this wrathful blur. Sure enough that thought is cut short and his focus returns to his task at hand.


"Contact Vali Dietrich."

He speaks seemingly to nobody as he speaks into a mic sewn into the high collar of his uniform coat. Elsewhere, Alexander’s friend and traveling companion finds himself interrupted from whatever he is in the midst of doing. A quiet few pings ring, a unique ringtone of sorts that sounds out from whatever the man has decided to equip himself with this time around. As he awaits for the response, he is already gone, while not quite as fast as Dominic, his presence in the middle of town is not delayed, seeming almost instant. Right on queue for Dominic and the Arrancar’s first exchange of blows.

Alexander was already aware that Dominic would not fall so easily, he was in no hurry to rush to his aid, instead he plans, sticking along the edges of the conflict, concocting ideas and deciphering the threat before them. For the most part Alexander already knew what he was going to do, the Arrancar’s incoming Resurrección hardly matters at this point and will not change his plans. The Arrancar’s head drops and with a burst of power, the city scape is flattened, be it by the pressure of the Reiatsu exerted by the beast or by the gravity that he commands, the city suffers and so do its inhabitants. To Alexander, the loss of these lives is irrelevant, there is nothing a human can offer the Wandereich that will benefit them in any meaningful way.

As such, Alexander’s Reiatsu is entirely focused around himself, sealing him away from the destructive force of the Arrancar’s exerted pressure. As for the gravity, unfortunately for the Hollow, neither Alexander nor Dominic are your usual Quincy, never mind being a regular human. The increase in Gravity would likely impede Alexander’s efficiency but he would be able to power through. Even so Alexander is unphased and perhaps capable of moving even faster than before. Tethered and wrapping around multiple sections of his body, thin cerulean threads hold wires not only support but enable this Quincy to move beyond his usual limits, surpassing the restrictions set by the Arrancar.

Standing atop a Reishi platform, a few dozen meters from the two close range combatants, Alexander is ready. An arm is raised up towards the Arrancar and within his hand, that same oversized pistol from before has materialized. Without sound or visual queue, Alexander vanishes only to appear on the opposite side of the Arrancar, the same distance as before. In the wake of his movement, there are hundreds if not thousands of searing blue projectiles that blitz towards the Hollow from all one hundred and eighty degrees behind him. Some seek to obliterate the Hollow where he stands, shattering Hierro brutally and disintegrating flesh and bone. Others explode prematurely creating a sea of Reishi and Reiryoku that seems to reject the forces being applied everywhere else. Those who seek to look into the cloud find themselves seeing no more than glittering blue, and to attempt to sense anyone within is just as pointless. All that can be felt is Alexander’s presence, everywhere within that cloud that just barely fails to encapsulate the Arrancar.

"What will you do now, little Hollow? To think you'd release your full potential so quickly."

Dominic and Alexander may function very differently, both mentally and physically but they are both Quincy and with that, comes a certain disgust for Hollow life. To Dominic, it is both a fight and a form of therapy. In Alexander's head, this is less of a fight and instead a hunt.



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Time had barely elapsed, but the entire day seemed like an eternity. Ironic, considering the circumstances. The blood that stained the office chair and table was already wiped and bleached clean. The custodians had been given some trivial excuse that they weren’t bold or brave enough to question. Vali ignored any suspicions that the humans that made up his company could have assembled, feeling as though he was capable of dealing with any internal mutiny through the avenue of fear; clearly, they didn’t have enough of that around here. In the long corridor of an office with each floor-to-ceiling window looking over the Karakura landscape, a single man stands. Peering over a uniquely designed desk, papers are scattered about frantically. A plethora of files pile atop each other, one after another, large ‘confidential’ stickers are plastered in red. Further contributing to the mess are manuals, schematics, architectural plans, and blueprints all dug out from the deepest darkest archives that DieTECH had lost and forgotten. A few files stand out a bit more than others. ‘Eto Heavy’ Is emboldened on one particular, thick folder. ‘Section 88’ Is seemingly visible in faded ink on another. He has those two specifically isolated from the rest, as if on a separate pile with things that he has successfully found. As he rummages through the papers erratically, the hovering computer screens behind the desk seem to be playing security camera footage from the last month or so in fast-forward fashion. About eight screens total, playing back as if the man was looking for someone or something. As the individuals and civilians pass by under the camera’s view, small, vibrant blue boxes encapsulate their faces. Each face that is shown is immediately processed, cross-referenced, as if the computer was programmed to check for this specific individual.

One camera seems to be focused on the street where a particular bar is located. The other is facing a cemetery, and should the camera choose to zoom, the tombstone of one ‘Frederick Elbeck’; perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of a certain visitor? Another camera is positioned a good distance from one of Karakura’s largest streets, Osaka Avenue. The remaining cameras are scattered about the city but constantly interchanging between the screens, shifting from traffic camera to the security camera in front of a deli, the police stations; he had access to it all, everything under the sun. He had become Karakura’s ever-watchful eye. After all, it was hard to rule over a place you couldn’t see. Knowledge was the key, to understanding this timeline, its nuances, and its people. He had to know every detail, check every nook and crevice for the information that would give them the tools to succeed here, a final time.

Suddenly the room is less chaotic and a bit quieter. So too are the city streets, as if the world collectively decided to relax. The clouds part and become sparse and few, the sky clearing as the wind settles and stops striking against the glass windows. The bustling metropolitan noise is kept minimal, and for a single infinitesimal moment, the world is standing still. On a highway not too far away, a gaping maw of black is opened, unhinging to release its vermin. Stepping through are the creatures, grotesque and foul, without sanity or intelligence; vain sheep for the slaughtering. The Garganta separates to reveal a powerful spiritual presence. Multiple smaller signatures also emerge before fading away from the receptors born more on the inept side of the sensory spectrum. Not a second is wasted as the world itself begins to tremble. The fabric of space is torn and shredded to many thin, concise ripples, bending under the will of the massive blast conjured from the Arrancar. In the distance, from the height of DieTECH tower, the world flashes in green, shockwaves rippling through the buildings and shaking the foundations beneath them. The blast, massive in size, rages down the city highway, tearing through everything in its path until it’s trajectory shifts. Upward it goes, bathing the sky in an emerald hue before becoming a cataclysm in all its glory, far above the Karakura streets.

Vali turns his head, his curiosity piqued, finally taking a look outside the window to put a visual to what he’s been feeling.

"Oh? It appears the fireworks are starting a bit early."

The green energy dispersing into the sky was just that, fireworks. Entertainment for the man in the form of a few-second break from his vigorous research. He picks up his holo-tablet, dragging the virtual screens that were being broadcast’ from his computer all down into the tablet itself, that way he could take a closer look. He began combing through the footage, trying his best to find a good angle of what exactly was transpiring from a camera that had yet to be destroyed. The task was proving difficult, and in the midst of his searching, a ping-like alert overtakes the screen. A familiar name flashes in sequence to identify an incoming transmission. A single press of a button opens the line between the two.


“I know, I know. I’m already on it.”

Just as he swiped away Alexander’s name from taking up a majority of the screen, he went back to his footage, focusing on the camera labeled ‘Osaka Junction 32642’, a good enough distance away in the opposite direction of the highway where the Arrancar appeared. Even still, his voice was barking through the mic on alexander’s coat, while assessing the camera footage to see a cratered portion of the city, leveled completely by the savage beast. In close proximity, however, were both Dominic and Alexander. This could prove troublesome, revealing too much could thwart the success of their future, but letting the monster run amuck would leave the city he intends to rule in ruins.

“Remember what you said about attention, Alex. Don’t do too much. If it comes between revealing too much of yourself or letting the Champ’ die.. You know exactly how to proceed. I plan on monitoring from here, I will not make myself known just yet. Not unless fate calls for it.”

The deep voice bellows through as a static-filled transmission on the other end. The man paces with his holo-tablet in hand, thinking, plotting. A sadistic and whimsical grin never leaves his face as he watches the footage with eyes of intrigue. The Arrancar had just arrived and still, revealed its most powerful form. What other information was he going to offer to them free of charge, without a single drop of blood spilled? He can hear the horrifying screams of those that occupy the massive skyscraper, possibly thinking that their world has come to an end. They’d better get over it quick; as usual, there was work to be done.