[BSD-RP] Human World: Karakura Town


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Zero Hour

Alexander is the first to approach, Dominic soon steps in to enter his comfort zone, his striking range. Alexander is aware of the risks he is taking but in truth, he is not concerned for his life. The subtle reactions the younger Quincy does give are noted, the reaction to Blume's title being mocked, and the stone wall he puts up in the face of everything else. As the two stand before eachother, Alexander has not let down his guard in the slightest. He happily listens to Dominic speak his mind.

"You talk like you know me or somethin’. Talk like you’ve fought me, know what I can do, how strong I really am. You talk to pry for information like you’re lost or somethin’. How can you know so much but so little at the same time? Hm? How come a Quincy as strong as you just suddenly shows up out of nowhere with all these questions? You told me all I needed to know without even knowin’ it."

He does know Dominic. He has fought him, he knows what he can do and how strong he really is. These are all facts, but of course, there is are truths omitted. He seeks information not because he is lost but because it is necessary. To these Quincy, it doesn't matter why Alexander had shown up and why exactly he asked the questions he did, they simply should fall in line and answer to the best of their ability. Dominic had yet to answer one question properly.

Dominic's right leg shifts, while his right arm completely vanishes from perception, the likelihood of the mans fist being propelled straight towards the otherside of Alexander's torso is rather high, but of course, there are many routes he could take. Whether Dominic aimed to slam his fist into Alexander's head with a brutal uppercut, taking advantage of the height difference, or perhaps finding a hook into the side of Alexander's frame to brutalize his internals, or perhaps a simple but lethal jab through his chest would suffice, it didn't matter. That fist would find no contact and Dominic's eyes would not find Alexander, but instead a vibrant azure glow shining to his right side, just within his peripheral vision.

"I thought I just mentioned that I don't want to go through this again, Dominic. You put on a stern, stoic look but you're actions show the complete opposite. Simply answer my questions and you wouldn't have to deal with these troubles."


If Dominic chose to shift his gaze to his right, where Alexander spoke from, he would find the blue glow to be a stationary but spinning blue bullet, a caliber that should only come from the barrel of a sniper rifle. Beyond the bullet stands Alexander, his left arm extended outward and in his hand a firearm resembling a mauser, with a ridiculously long barrel. At arm's length and then firearm's length, Alexander is once again beyond Dominics immediate striking range, even if he chooses to go for a kick instead. Dominic would have to first advance before reaching him.

"Let's try this again, we'll go one by one back through the questions and we'll get a solid answer for them. The sooner we're done, the faster you can either get back to your dear Empress, or perhaps out to save Karakura."


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The fist of Dominic is met with open air, a mighty right hook that shifts the very winds of their location. Had this fist made contact then the entire left side of Alexander’s torso would have been pulverized, but it looks like he wasn’t bluffing about knowing how the young Quincy fights. Upon fixing his posture something glimmers outside of his peripherals causing his entire upper half to "flicker", a familiar color, the color of Reishi. More than that it was shining in front of a barrel of an exaggeratedly long pistol, the length puts Alexander out of harm’s way, so he thinks. Dominic doesn’t move; he stands in silence as the man now starts to interrogate him.

"I thought I just mentioned that I don't want to go through this again, Dominic. You put on a stern, stoic look but your actions show the complete opposite. Simply answer my questions and you wouldn't have to deal with these troubles."

His eyes move to look to his right, a Reishi bullet spinning in the air, stationary. His gaze shifts further towards Alexander who thinks that distance matters to Dominic. Even if he were a hundred miles away the distance wouldn’t matter one bit. A master of his craft he would never let something as trivial as distance interfere with his fighting ability. As the gun wielding Quincy prattles on about his questions it gives Dominic ample time to increase his defenses.

"Let's try this again, we'll go one by one back through the questions and we'll get a solid answer for them. The sooner we're done, the faster you can either get back to your dear Empress, or perhaps out to save Karakura."

Dominic’s right hand shifts and takes aim at the gunman’s torso, the hand is held as if he were going to perform a one inch punch. Clearly the distance between the two is greater than that, much greater, so what was he trying to achieve? Once again, distance means nothing to him, shooting a gun at him means nothing, making the bullet hover in the air, means nothing. Just as fast as his arm can vanish, so can his head or torso, is this man really sure he is aiming at his head currently? Is he sure he already fired at his head at its current location? Even the air around them begins to spark and tingle from the anticipated outcome of this exchange. A lot of riddles, a lot of questions but the most curious one of all is about to be answered.

As if it were an old western it comes down to who will draw first and Dominic steps up to be the first. Again his right arm vanishes only to perform a one inch punch on the air itself. The sudden and drastic change in pressure on the air creates a shockwave that obliterates everything on the other side of his fist. Exceeding the limitations of what is expected of a human, Dominic steps into an entirely different realm, a realm that would see Alexander's limbs torn from his body, severe “whiplash” that would sever his spinal cord at the neck and almost rip his head from his body. Beyond that the courtyard would be undone, destroyed beyond recognition as the shockwave travels further and obliterates homes and even a few hollow’s before dispersing along the way, the damage lessening bit by bit. The homes had already been raided by Hollow’s and it is also safe to assume the homes closest to the Manor are owned by the Diamante family as well. What would be left of Alexander would be a husk clinging to life as his internals would be crushed, ribs and sternum shattered, splintered, and broken, piercing into the blended mush that was his organs.

The young man isn’t one to put all his eggs in one basket, should this attack not work, he has thousands of years worth of martial arts history to pull from. The iceberg of his skill is larger than what it appears and these are just the shavings off the tip of said iceberg.


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The Retort

Similarly to Dominics first advance, Alexander's questions are left without the intended results. Similarly to Alexander, Dominic is not one to give up so easily upon an initial failure. Confidence oozes from the champion fighter regardless of his situation, perhaps that is to be expected from a man with a record such as his and above that, a strength such as his. Unfortunately for Alexander this was always bound to be a pain to deal with, his answers were never going to come with ease.

Alexander is no fool and with what knowledge he does have of this Dominic and the other, he is still forced to tread carefully in the face of this powerhouse. As that fist moves to ready itself, there are two things that occur in tandem. First, Alexander’s presence vanishes without so much as a trace, second, that single stationary bullet returns to its trajectory. For the moment, that projectile's target remains on Dominic’s head, the bullet moving with both a speed and power far beyond that of any ordinary Heilig Pfeil. In this moment Dominic is left with two choices, try his luck at avoiding that bullet, or attempt to test his Blut against the destructive potential of an unknown foe. In truth, neither are amazing options. To avoid this shot, Dominic faces two issues, the distance between himself and the bullet, as well as the absurd speed of the projectile. The second choice, to attempt to tank the shot, seems to be the least favorable of the two. These bullets are what is intended to pierce the Hierro of Hollow and Arrancar alike, regardless of their strength. Each shot is powerful enough to tear limbs from bodies or leave torso with gaping holes where there once might have been flesh and bone.

Finally, what of Alexander? Where had he vanished to? His presence as a whole is gone, leaving behind only the slight imprint of his combat boots where he once stood in front of Dominic. No Reiryoku is to be sensed, no Alexander to see or hear, nothing. At least for a couple of seconds. While it is possible, at this point Alexander has deemed it highly unlikely that Dominic will succumb to that very first shot and so he continues on.

“If you’re going to do your best to make this difficult, I’ll have to do the same.”

A voice echoes out from around Dominic without any one direction as a source, instead Dominic can hear Alexander from everywhere. Once Alexander finishes speaking, the only trace of his presence vanishes once more, then another second passes.

In an instant, countless flashes of cerulean burst forth, heralding Alexander’s return. What seems like a wave of Reishi and Reiryoku streams forth from the direction of the Manor, each flash accounting for one extra bullet that streaks towards Dominic without delay, leaving an almost invisible blanket of identical blue in its wake. This blue horizon blots out Dominic’s view of his Empress's home entirely and his view of Alexander as well who stands with his back towards the manor. Whether Dominic successfully dissipated the damage of the first bullet he was met with or simply evaded it, this onslaught is a different story entirely. If one fails in piercing the man's armour, many will rapidly wear down that barrier and decimate the flesh beneath. If Dominic manages to evade one, the countless will leave no gap for him to slip through.


All that will be left of Dominic is blood and specs of gore that dot the courtyard he once stood on. From an outside perspective, this might seem like quite a bit of an overkill, but in Alexander’s eyes, there is no such thing. This man poses a threat worth eviscerating the very essence of, if he refuses to cooperate. Each round will tear through flesh and bone, shattering and rupture. Then again and again until nothing but untraceable gore is left.

Even so, even if he expects success, he is not so complacent to let himself take it easy from this point onwards. He has already gone ahead and taken precautionary measures, in case of Dominic rising only to make yet another attempt on his life.
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The Defense of Attacks

There have been millions of battles and fights that have taken place, billions, trillions, uncountable. In all these battles there is something often slipping the mind of those who fight, something no one often thinks about which is why this thought lends credence to Dominic as a fighting genius. The thing that is often forgotten is the defense of an attack. Someone can throw a punch that would level an entire town, but what if someone attacked that attack? This is nothing as mundane as meeting an attack head on with one of your own. A fist is thrown and in turn someone attacks the fist as opposed to meeting the aggressing attack, the opposing fist is shattered, the attack that would level a town collapses and would break against drywall. Such a tactic is about to be used now. Alexander’s bullets are strong, Dominic understands this from sizing up his opponent, he does not have an undefeated record just because he lets people hit him like a tank. He counter attacks, parries, dodges, blocks, and destroys attacks.

The air that was sparking and tingling from their standoff was something more than atmospheric tension, it was a sign, a tell. Alexander vanishes from his sight and Dominic glasses everything around him with towering blue inferno that dwarfs the size of the Manor in height the bullet near him and the follow up shots are vaporized, destroyed by flames that burn even the sands of Hueco Mundo. Alexander’s attack was strong, but it lacked defense. The pillar of fire remained, being discrete, was now lost to Dominic as he essentially created a beacon for all to find them in Karakura, not that any mere Gillian would try such a thing. He marches forward from the flames, wreathed in them acting as both armor and sword, an increase to his attack and defense. His final step has his foot land heavily on a clump of grass that fades out of existence from the flames like cotton candy in water. He stares at Alexander from a distance, energy sparking around his body as he begins to activate his Epitaph but his eyes shift to see the Manor at the man’s back.

So long as the precious building is at his back Dominic cannot strike him in a way that can kill him without destroying the building and the occupants inside. Alexander probably knows this, if he cannot hold Dominic as a hostage he will use something other than the martial artist. He frowns and continues marching forward until he is face to face with the man again, provided he didn’t move again. While streams of energy arced into the ground, gouging it out, not a single arc touched or came close to touching Alexander, even the heat of the flames that envelop Dominic do not bring so much as a bead of sweat to him. Dominic was FURIOUS but his hostility was gone.


”Does Blume approve of what’s going on? Of course, it was her move to do so. I killed a Shinigami Lieutenant, my tracks had to be covered at the cost of innocent human lives, so yeah that’s kind of f$%king with me right now.”

A question is finally answered, blunt and to the point, no mincing of words. Dominic is not a liar, he will hide the truth but he will never tamper with it.

”I have not forgotten my purpose, considering I’m putting Blume’s wellbeing before my urge to rip your mother f$%king head off shows that clearly. And yes tall dumb asshole, we don’t have the damn numbers or man power to fight the Soul Society! You should know that as a Quincy! We have to hide until we regain our numbers to destroy them! How far under a rock were you!?”

He has never had a chance to vent about this particular frustration, as a fighter he wants to move ahead to the next fight, he wants to dominate, he wants to win, but he can’t, not alone. The Quincy as a whole are on the brink of extinction and if the Shinigami wanted to purge them it would only take a handful of their Captains to see it done.

”Today we- I crossed a line- No they crossed a line! We had a mutual understanding with those assholes but history is f$%king repetitive because those dead ghost samurai F$%KS turned their blades against me. They already want us dead, probably got orders to kill on sight. Have I forgotten my purpose… I want to kill you so bad for questioning that!”

Passion, anger and frustration all present in his voice, some of it aimed at Alexander simply because he brought it to the surface and the rest clearly aimed at the state of the world. He takes a deep breath and calms himself down, deactivating his Epitaph and ceasing the towering inferno along with the flames that coat his body. He then brushes past Alexander to return to the Manor, clearly no longer wanting to fight.

”You don’t need to know or worry about Blume. You got what you came here for now f$%k off.”

There was still a good distance to walk until he returned to the front door of the manor, meanwhile the courtyard lay in ruins, the ground mangled and destroyed with a large patch of it being burnt and melted. Dominic’s eye twitches since his frustrations are surface level and he has nothing to hit, at least something that deserves to be hit.​


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" Here, you monsters, stick to the shadows and wait till I signal you. " Grimaldi would say as he reached his destination. A Garganta opened in front of him with a snap and crack of reality. Walking into the world of the living, Grimaldi would crack a tooth-filled grin.

" Ahhh! Fresh air, finally. " He would glance around the area smirking like a fool. The constant battle-torn living world would still show its scars on its surface as the humans struggled to keep up with repairs. The gremlins would take to the heights of the world, scaling buildings and depressing their spiritual pressure to disappear seemingly. Grimaldi would smirk and point his finger up the long stretch of highway presented before him, taking a few steps into the world.

" Gran Rey Cero (王虚の閃光 (グラン・レイ・セロ) "


The immediate spike in spiritual power would send shock waves shattering the buildings' glass around him, even though they were a good fifty feet away. The shards would go flying to the streets below, unsuspecting humans getting hit by the impact would suddenly be swept away in a neon green flash.

The cero nearly instantly silenced the sudden screams from the shock of the broken windows as it pulsed forward, Uplifting the asphalt and vehicles coming and going. Grimaldi's smile only got more extensive as he sent the cero flying along, where it stopped; he didn't care.

Sensing out, he could feel the spiritually strong individuals in the area. Grimaldi would set his hands on his hips as he stared off towards the building destruction of the cero.

" A small taste; I barely focused that for a second, and it's already six blocks down. " Leaning back a bit to see the growing smoke and fire from the blast and occasional explosion from cars overloading and blowing up. " I wonder who will come out and play with me. "