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The arrival of the colossal woman and her "hostage" is swift, having sped through the rooftops of the Seireitei with no obstacles in their way. The option of using central's senkaimon did briefly cross her mind, but with no way of knowing if anyone was attending it or how swiftly it would be ready for their departure, she's left with no choice but to continue bolting towards 10th division's own senkaimon, as her comrades are already alerted to her trek over. Even a hell butterfly is at the ready, awaiting Sango.

"...Tsunoda-ouji-sama, I do not know the status of Naruki..." She pauses briefly, a foreboding sensation looms over her as they near the barracks. "...but I will protect you no matter what. If anything happens, I implore you to first attend to Tosu. No matter what."

For once, her voice is almost a normal tone as she speaks seriously to the passenger on her back. She was the more resilient of the two, and if anything happens, Kaisou would be the one to properly be able to treat anyone on the field, as his knowledge far exceeded hers in the arts of Kaido. After all, it was he who she learned everything from, and he was the one more knowledgeable with Tosu's ailment.

10th division is abuzz, chaotic as they organize and set out to accompany Sango in her own excursion through the senkaimon as more reinforcements to the current troops already engaging in searching and guiding the souls lost during this exchange. These hundreds of thousands of souls are set to begin arriving in the rukongai any second now, overwhelming the already crowded districts. But that is a problem for a future date, for a different division.


She rams through any obstacle in her way, be it furniture or people unlucky enough to be standing idly in her way. The hell butterfly begins its journey, fluttering forward through the senkaimon as Sango and Kaisou close the distance at an alarming speed. From the sidelines, a member quickly throws a weapon at the woman, even as she neglects to stop, but all the same, she catches it with a firm grasp. This exchange happens in a fraction of a second, too fast for anyone not paying attention to miss. Now ready for anything thrown at her, clutching her zanpakuto in her right hand, she walks through the gate, following her fluttery escort.



Traveling from Southwest >>> To >>> Naruki City​


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She had made her way back to the tenth division barracks after she was instructed that her job was done. She saw the other Shinigami spring into action and go and find out how they could be of more service than she had been. She fled. She knew that was the right thing to do but she shook her head violently as the building in her vision crumbled into nothing, lightning fell from the sky, scorching the street, melting it into magma. She physically winced, feeling sick as if the reiatsu effects still ailed her, but it was only her mind. The trauma of witnessing an arrancar destroy the city she was so apt to defend, the fact that she did nothing for her comrades except run back to the barracks in search for…she should have stayed and fought. She should have also risked her life, but she knew that were those that were much more apt at fighting, much more powerful, friends that could rival that foe.

Hashidearu fell to the barracks floor and exhaled a deep sigh. It was so loud. The tenth division was chaos. She should have learned some kaido…her mind began to race through all the things she should have done but there was no way for her to be of aid. She would have to go within herself and talk to the wisest entity she knew Hoshi no kyokugei-shi (Contortionist of the Stars).

“Hoshi no kyokugei-shi,” she whispered as she drew her zanpakuto, placing it in her lap with her palms facing upward, holding the hilt and the blade equidistant from each other. Her eyes slowly closed as a deep black reiatsu began to slowly wisp from her body, encircling her and her zanpakuto as softly as mist. Her zanpakuto, under the effects of her reiatsu began to rise slowly from her palms and stand straight up, flowing into the orbit of her reiatsu. It was a unique way to enter her inner world but each time her zanpakuto passed in front of her face she fell deeper and deeper into her mind. The orbit of her zanpakuto was slow, the silence that she seemed to find herself in was deafening. In the darkness there was nothing. The blackness of her eyelids were unaffected by the light of the day. Her reiatsu blocking the light from reaching her. As time progressed the mist of her reiatsu thickened until there was a black mass of fog encircling her, leaving her body unable to be seen.

Blackness. Blackness. Nothing. So cold. Hashidearu shuddered as she opened her eyes to the darkness of the void. She was blind here. There was never anything in her sights except the distant dot that could be a planet or a star. It’s faintness only strained her eyes. It was better off if she kept them closed. Still, her body unmoving and her mind unknowing of any direction. Direction did not exist. Time did not exist. Light did not exist. Where was she again? How long had she been here? Seconds? Minutes? Where was she? Eerily she felt peace here. That if it had been decades she was safe. If it had been millenia in this place, she would grow wiser upon being here. The darkness was infinite and so was its wisdom. Darkness, the first of the primordial forces, even before there was light. It held weight, mass, even though there was nothing there. Was there really nothing there? Or was everything in her innerworld so made of the substance of darkness, dark types of matter that left light questioning if its existence was needed and Hashidearu questioning if she would ever leave. The comfort of this type of prison was something that she had longed for in her waking day. Where were they? Where was her zanpakuto spirit? They were everywhere all at once and yet unseeable, blending in with the void. They were weeping and mourning and joy. They were full and empty. They were darkness and only darkness and all things were drawn to orbit the dark.

Her eyes flickered around as her body aimlessly drifted through this darkness. It was always her first lesson—patience. There was nothing else for her to do but think, to reminisce on the rampaging monster that caused the Lieutenant to release their Bankai. Bankai, something that she had yet accomplished. Even her shikai was still developing. Manipulating orbital forces, she was the center of the universe when it was released, all things were too and from her all things were attracted and repelled by her will, by her zanpakuto’s will and might and wonder.

She flailed her arms lightly and nothing about her trajectory changed. This might have not been her domain, but she was intertwined with its owner. Hashidearu inhaled deeply and simply stopped moving, no aimless movement. There was something more here. How would she find them here? They were always in a new place with planets and stars littered around them.

“Always so silent they are…” but they weren’t silent. They spoke in the physical and she felt the current. She wasn’t drifting aimlessly, she was being pushed and pulled by the ebb and flow of the universe within. Hashidearu turned and extended her right hand into what seemed to be a stream of energy of gravity. There was no temperature, there was no appearance, it was simply there. It existed in itself and therefore it just was. She submerged herself in this stream and was immediately whisked into a slow flow of what she would consider to be none other than the grace of her zanpakuto. As she spun along the current her eyes began to water with delight. There was such peace in the current that slowly took her towards the center of the spiral where they resided. As she entered the proximity of her Hoshi, she could see them playing with the very stars they created. Nothing but a black mass with the outline of all the light that illuminated them. With no need for light they simply created the planets and the stars for sheer child-like pleasure. The being turned, its eyes—wormholes of color, magnificent in their appearance. As the giant, eons larger than Hashidearu turned its whole body, the stream that she found herself in sped up and she was absorbed into the black humanoid mass. It was the shape that they decided to take to make her comfortable. They could have taken the shape of the nothingness, the expansiveness that they were but they chose to appear humanoid, a reflection of their owner.


No words were exchanged as she entered into the humanoid void. Nothing existed yet everything was possible and in this silent exchange, Hashidearu wept tears of comfort. A hand reached into the abdomen of Hoshi and slowly extracted her, bringing her to the front of their face. There was no mouth. Simply eyes as glorious as the first dawn of existence, brilliant color, magnificent intensity, as if the gods had designed the world with more color than it needed. How was Hoshi no kyokugei-shi both nothing and everything.

“Out of darkness all things are born” the voice did not echo through the expansive world but, in unison, settled lightly on her ears as if they were being whispered to her.

“You do not seek power, or protection. We are not power. We are not peace. We are the flow that holds the universe together. That brings atoms fusion. That pulls worlds into creation. We exist to exist.” The voice whispered in thousands of unisons.

The hand let go of her and she began to fall at a rapid rate unable to control the gravity that was being forced upon her before she was slammed into a stream of orbital energy that rapidly swung her around the width of her zanpakuto spirit and towards a planet that was made primarily of liquid mercury. Hashidearu slammed into the liquid, and sunk quickly, her hands stretching out for glory for safety for something to catch her but nothing was coming. Her eyes watched the expanse of the red sky above her dwindle as she was consumed by the silver liquid. She was raised up again just as quickly as she had been sent to the planet.

Again she was flung into a jungle planet. There was life everywhere. Disturbing life, beautiful life, life that was consumed by predators and prey that ran away in frenzy as the crater that her body created destroyed that life.

“Life is but a breath in our eyes.”

The planet she was on began to shudder as it began to rip apart from the inside, pieces breaking off and animals scattering. There was nowhere for them to go. Hashidearu couldn’t move. She couldn’t think fast enough. She was being thrown through the void into planets of her zanpakuto’s design. What did they mean that they were not power. They were not peace. She needed both power and peace to survive. If she would have had power she would have stood some chance against the arrancar and if she would have had some semblance of peace she would have been able to at least protect those that needed help. She grunted as her hands grasped the dirt beneath her and attempted to push her up, but an orbital wave pushed her back against the dying planet knocking the wind out of her body and causing her eyes to flutter open into…nothing. All was gone again and she had returned to the void. In the distance she saw the planet that was destroyed by her zanpakuto slowly piece itself back together and all the planets change the trajectory of their orbits to fit as rings around Hoshi no Kyokugei-shi’s fingers. Thousands of planets acting as jewelry for her zanpakuto.

“Light is our plaything. Matter our subject.”

Paralyzed she lay in the void. The words infiltrating her mind as she saw stars and galaxies appear, planets manifest and rip apart, only to be pulled back together again. Life was insignificant yet more precious than she could imagine in the innerworld. Life could be made here. Illusions of light and matter all spurring from the end all be all—darkness.

Hashidearu felt like she was slowly understanding what Hoshi no Kyokugei-shi was saying but she also wasn’t sure. He too spoke in little words and poetry, something that they shared. She believed that her zanpakuto affected orbital forces, but what was behind the orbital force? A type of substance that was unseen? Unable to be affected by light and electromagnetism? Able to bend the forces of the universe and create even galaxies. It all escaped her as quickly as it came.

Hoshi no kyokugei-shi manipulated all manner of matter in their domain through the use of—Hashidearu extended her hand into the void once more and inhaled deeply. She had always assumed that nothing was there. There was only her zanpakuto and what they created. That they created out of nothing. That they created simply by having it be their inner world. She commanded the orbital energy that ebbed past her fingertips to swirl and spiral, collecting what she thought was a form of matter that had been lost upon her. A matter that was behind matter and soon enough she had spiraled and superheated that secret matter into a small star. It was the size of her finger. Small but bright. She shifted her body to the upright position and leapt into the void—up. She knew which way was up. She could tell the direction based on the axis of the orbit. There was a horizontal axis and a vertical one that existed, invisible yet there. It could be felt. It could be sensed.

Hoshi no kyokugei-shi’s face lit up with some sense of mysterious delight as the little star hovered over her fingers. His large eye holes changing colors more rapidly than before as the star on Dearu’s finger grew larger and larger until it even began to burn at her skin. It’s heat emanating, spirals of debris swirling in from the cosmos enlarging it until it was the size that it was meant to be. Matter was all around her in this place. Dirt and dust everywhere in the world of the living. Enough speed, enough velocity, accumulation superheating, coalescing energy until….stars and planets were formed galore. Matter so dark it was invisible but so real that it could create worlds all affected by Hoshi no kyokugei-shi’s orbital energy and the infinity of an innerworld.

“We exist to exist.” The words came from all around her.

“This is no abyss.” In that moment millions of stars came to light. She didn’t know that it was possible for there to be so much light in this domain, but Hoshi remained the same, as void as ever. No light penetrated them. Only illuminated them from behind.

“This is no abyss.” The words came from all around her yet again.

“This is no abyss. The last chanting of the wisdom that she was imparted flung her out of her inner world, her zanpakuto clattering to the ground and her reiatsu immediately dissipating. She doubled over to catch her breath, sweat dripping down her face. Hours had passed since she had been in her inner world and she was unsure what time it was. Dearu began to cough and wheeze at the violent expulsion from her inner world and before she could catch her breath she remembered. She extended her fingers and in her mind’s eye she could see them, the stars forming from dust and debris. She could see them. The planets being created from the basic materials. She could feel the pure orbital energy that locked it in step and the gravity that forced it to the ground.

“Light is our plaything. Matter our subject.”

She regained her composure and stood up, sheathing her zanpakuto and heading towards her bed. The dust had formed a mound around her as her reiatsu caused it to orbit her and settle on the ground as it dissipated. She turned on her heel and headed into her room. She needed to journal before she proceeded to train to do as her zanpakuto had done and Contort the Stars


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Dragged along by the Amazoness, what was once somewhat silly or a light-hearted pull against his wills and wants, became an obvious need for his presence and expertise. This was no field trip. No, Kaisou had become quite sure that it was fairly reasonable to assume they were the only hope, the difference made between those who had already become lifeless husks, and those they could help to live. His face becomes buried in the loose, swaying fabric of her Shihakushou, grimacing as he bites down onto her clothing with frustration. To-To couldn’t be allowed to perish, not while Kaisou himself lived and breathed. Perhaps he chose a bad day for his hair appointment, but how could he have known? Never mind that; this was not the time to fight internal battles, to sway on different sides of the spectrum and cast blame onto oneself. That, undoubtedly, would make him grossly ineffective. He lifts his face upward, peering out into the distance as he bounces up and down the back of the—somewhat surprisingly fast—woman.

"...Tsunoda-ouji-sama, I do not know the status of Naruki..."

Her cadence is different, grimmer than he had become accustomed to hearing. Someone so loud, flamboyant, and vibrant had become serious and dull, only further exemplifying the stakes of their arrival. They near the barracks, a cloud seemingly looming over the barren 10th Division establishment, as if every single person dropped what they were doing at once, and scrambled elsewhere.

"...but I will protect you no matter what. If anything happens, I implore you to first attend to Tosu. No matter what."

The gesture in itself was noble. It was clearly in the woman’s nature to become the heroine, contractually obligated by her own soul and conscious to defend those that she held dear. She’d soon be reminded that this was a sentiment shared between them; Kaisou had no plans of letting anything happen to anyone. While his outward nature was fragile and pampered, in the heat of things his focus could only be dialed onto one thing: The well-being of his friends. The Lover-Boy inches up her back and shoulder to extend further into her peripheral, to ensure that she could match the face to the voice that was soon to come.

“Tuh! I’ll protect you both! Onward, NOBLE STEED!

He winks, trying to show that he—among them all—-would keep his composure, maintain his innate goofiness, and make sure his positive outlook would not wane even in the face of complete peril. His arm chucks forward, his hand stiffened into a “chop-like” shape as he mimics a cavalry commander, signaling his troops to begin the charge.

As they become closer to the 10th Division Senkaimon, the scattered appearance of the Jūbantai is shown in greater force. The remnants of the expended division, those of which had not been sent out in the first wave of soldiers seem to muster as the duo makes its strides throughout the barracks. Like a rallying cry, their presence is just another beacon of hope, an injection of courage and fighting force. For a moment, it is as if everyone gathered summons a mightier grip of their Zanpakuto’ and Asauchi'.


Go-Go boisterously announces their presence as they stampede through, focusing only on reaching the Senkaimon, while Kaisou seems to lock on to the.. Smaller details. Just before the gates opening, the cobblestone path is bathed in red. Blood and torn fabrics, debris that seemingly snuck through as well; all of this crowds the bordering of the Senkaimon’s doors. It stands as a singular crumb of the carnage they were yet to face. His playfully eager attitude dwindles behind the monkey-woman’s shadow, as he takes in the scene itself, it only acts as a preview of the apparent warzone that awaited them on the other side. As two lovely Jigokucho silently flutter in their presence, injured individuals limp through the very gate in which they headed through. The blinding light encapsulates them completely as they step inside, but does not drown out the groans and screams from those behind them. Perhaps even eerier, they began to blend with the echoes of the many wails and cries that seemed to be conjured from Naruki city itself. In the moment Kaisou only wished for one thing: To be everywhere at once.

Traveling From Southwest Seireitei >> To >> Naruki City.


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Entrusted by both the Lieutenant and Fourth seat of Eleventh, a group of six Shinigami travel along the rooftops of Seireitei. Their steps are swift and clearly there is an urgency to their movements, if not because of the orders they are given but because they are driven by the respect for another. For Jinnosuke, their now departed and abandoned Lieutenant. The Eleventh Division has always been one thing, passionate. Even deprived of their ability to claim the redemption they desire for their fallen comrade, they care out orders without question, they are not ruffians or barbarians as most might see them, they are impassioned warriors.


“We’re here under the orders of Lieutenant Nibui Ueki to retrieve the body of Lieutenant Jinnosuke Ueku. If we’re denied or stopped, you’ll have to deal with Lieutenant Ueki yourselves.”

The small squad of Shinigami appear before the entrance of Division Ten and announce their purpose immediately, with that, they don’t stop their forward trajectory. Even as the member at the front of the group speaks, he continues to walk forward, guiding the other five into the barracks. A quick nod from the Shinigami standing guard outside the barracks entrance and a guiding gesture sends the six towards the location of Jinnosuke’s body. Soon enough they find themselves at the Senkaimon where their Lieutenant’s body has been left abandoned, thrown through the gate by Third Seat Shoumetsu Takahiro and ignored by a majority of the others. Ignored and abandoned by most, but still he is not alone. A small short haired calico cat lays by the body, motionless other than its breathing.

Lieutenants always command a certain respect, their position is earned, not simply given. They are among the elite of the Gotei Thirteen. Within the Eleventh however, the members of the division have a different respect for Jinnosuke. They still hold that same admiration for the Lieutenant as the others would garner but this man earned something else. The hearty Lieutenant had made friends of a great majority of the division whether he intended to or not. His death weighed heavily on those who know of his fate and as these six arrive to collect their comrade, they almost struggle to move. This time it is not the gravity of this man’s strength that holds them in place, but instead the sorrow of realization that they feel. It is one thing to hear the horrid news, it’s another to see the truth. With as much respect as they possibly can, the group wrap the body in white cloth, as neatly as they can before hoisting the man up onto their shoulders and making their leave. Along with the body, they find the little cat having laid itself down upon the chest of the wrapped frame.


Their journey back to the barracks of Eleventh is quick, this time they try their best to remain unseen, not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention to themselves as they haul a body through the Seireitei. Time seems to drag for the group as they move without a word, silently. Each reflects on their time spent with the Lieutenant, some find themselves tearing up, others struggling to but managing to hold back what tears begin to well up.


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After a short while, Takashi and a small group from the 6th division arrive at the area where the incident inside the academy had happened. Outside a barrier, they gather for a short time before they spread out to cover a wider area. It only takes a couple of hours before the barrier disappears, which had been set up as protection and to stop anyone from getting close. The group from the 6th division, which has spread out, talks to most of those involved to get as much information as possible. All the information they can get their hands on is necessary and important to make a complete report about what has happened. After the information has been collected, the group meets again and shares the information each person has received. Takashi becomes the person selected to retire to the barracks to complete the report. While he is getting ready to return, he receives a message that Izanagi Kiyoshi has been injured in the line of duty and is now being treated in the 4th division barracks. Takashi's eyes opened wide to the message and was a deep sigh. Takashi raised his head and realized that Izanagi's life was in safe hands and he is sure that his cousin will recover.

Almost flying over buildings, Takashi moves forward towards the 6th barracks without the slightest resistance. With just a few steps, he arrives at the barracks to be met by a young shinigami, a woman he doesn't fully recognize, but from what he sees it's clear she is from the 4th division.

”Excuse me!"

Takashi stops and looks towards her and in her hands it seems to be a piece of paper that she wants to hand over to him. Takashi looks down at the paper and sees that it is a bill for something that has been destroyed.

”I have been given the task of handing over this bill to your division because of vandalism caused by one from this division."

Her words make no impact on Takashi who just looks towards the paper before raising his eyes to her.

”I do not have time right now, either you have to leave to come back later or wait until the person responsible for the damage arrives."

Shortly afterwards, Takashi enters the building and leaves the woman outside, who looks surprised at how easily he sent her away. That was at least her expression on her face as Takashi stepped into the barracks and he headed towards one of the offices to make the report. Once inside the office, Takashi sits down on a chair and the weight from his body makes the chair make a creaking sound. He leans back and looks up at the ceiling above him for a few seconds before turning his focus to the computer in front of him. Thanks to his time in the 5th division, he is not completely unfamiliar with how a computer works and with a few quick presses on the keyboard, he begins his report.


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