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In her opening attack against Takashi, she had neglected to mask her reiatsu. To most, this could be considered a major flaw strategically. Something that her brother perhaps thought as this is what led to Takashi detecting her location. Michi glances down just in time to see her elder brother as he tilted his head up towards her direction, his index finger pointing towards her.

“Bakudō #61. Riku-”

Takashi’s lips move as he begins casting his spell to bind the airborne Michi.


Six bright rods of light collide against empty air, Michi absent from the spot Takashi had just seen and sensed her at. At the same time his binding spell was cast a bolt of yellow energy in the form of a devastating lightning bolt erupts from directly behind him. There is a bright light, the roaring thunder of the fired lightning drowning out the sound of-

“Hado #63. Raikoho”

The ground from Takashi stretching ahead of him is decimated from the force of the spell that fizzles out just prior to reaching beyond their training ground. Takashi was fast, his reflexes letting him quickly react to Michi above him when he cast his spell to bind her. But Michi was also rather quick herself, using Shunpo to move while Takashi was in the middle of casting his own spell, preparing and firing her own Kido at him by the time he had completed his, causing the two spells to seem to be cast at the same time.

Her older brot her was quick though. Michi expected him to react to dodge the spell and sense her reiatsu. Finding Michi’s reiatsu was easy enough, the moment he did though, he’d find his eyes blinded by an incredibly bright light. At the same time Takashi would find a crescent silhouette out of the corner of his right eye while feeling something grazing up his back. Takashi despite blurred vision could still clearly sense Michi, but he would sense her reiatsu still directly in front of him and from behind. Michi loved her brother though, the Hado spell though decimating the area was not strong enough to cause any fatal harm to her older brother. She had faith in her brother’s strength, but was also determined to show and prove how much she had grown. Those that were watching around slowly began to notice that the time of day seemed to slightly shift, some even still shielding their eyes from the bright light that had attacked Takashi’s eyes from earlier.



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Just as Takashi is about to cast his spell, Michi once again disappears from his sight. Surprised but not completely unexpected as she turns out to be more serious in this training match. But it doesn't take long before Takashi once again hears his sister's voice but this time from behind.

“Hado #63. Raiko-”

Still with one arm up pointed towards where Michi was before, Takashi shows no visible signs that he intends to move. It looks more like he intends to take the hit without hesitation but suddenly Takashi would fade away from sight. Using his own style of shunpo without showing which direction he intends to move right before Michi casts her spell.


The roaring thunder of her spell echoes across the training ground and Takashi reappears some distance away from Michi. His arm is lowered but not fully and while moving he stopped using Reikaku. Instead, Takashi chooses to rely on being able to follow his sister with his eyes instead since their speed barely differs in the end. Knowing that their years together as siblings have taught them almost everything about each other but Takashi still had some hidden things. Wasting no time, Takashi focuses his own reiryoku around his body and utters a spell he created that neither Michi nor anyone else has seen yet.

” Unmei no Shōheki "

As he says the name, the spell begins to activate by first creating a green light around Takashi, which then rapidly expands outwards creating a green sphere with several layers around Takashi. Once the first barrier is in place, Takashi lets go of the handle of his weapon and begins to mutter a couple of words to himself that is unheard as he raises his free hand forward as he waits for Michi to continue her plan.




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8 Months Ago


“Now this…… is much better. It seems like in the month that you’ve been in here, we’ve made more progress together than we’ve had in years.”


The Zanpakuto Spirit of Izanagi Kiyoshi. A being who asks for so little. Yet, his demands had remained unheard of, and unspoken of for centuries. Now that the 3rd Seat had remained broken, completely and utterly destroyed by the devastating power of the God-King himself. The Zanpakuto Spirit seeing nothing but opportunity, seized the moment. To finally lock-in, and sit the lazy shinigami down. Force him to commune, force him to realize his true potential, so that he may be prepared to fight another day.

On top of the mental and physical trauma 4th Division had to struggle to cure over time, it didn’t help that the 3rd Seat was forcibly locked within his own inner world. Only to be released, when the 3rd Seat himself stumbles upon a stunning revelation….

“While your understanding of my power is getting better, this as a whole isn’t going to help you succeed.”

-Visual now pans to Izanagi, sweating profusely inside of his inner world. Seemingly speechless, as he gasps constantly. His hands, adorned with gloves that are emitting a constant surge of purple reiatsu-

“Everything about you, is unrefined. When I stare into the depths of your soul, all I see is someone pretending to be something they are not. Someone in a perpetual loop of trying to find out who they are. When the answer has been in front of you the entire time. This demon, that’s been inside of you…. Is all but a portion of your true power. A force emitted in your soul, designed to protect you regardless of your progression as a spiritual being. While powerful indeed…… as you see, the entity pales in comparison to the enemies you’ll be facing. This is why you need to-“

Suddenly the voice fades out, Izanagi feels the confines of his inner world sinking beneath him. The outsides crumbling and caving on top of him. As the manifestation of his Zanpakuto, slowly devolved into a smoky image. One thing circled through Izanagi’s mind, as the rest of his consciousness was pulling himself together.

Become stronger

Coming off of the devastating events of the World of the Living, the Seireitei as a whole struggled to mitigate the effects of this travesty as a whole. Shizuka’s stabilizing and recovery effort was all in all extremely short. 12th Division already having experience with the current Vizards. Albeit the power was a completely different source from the entity that infected Captain Yugure and the others. At the end of the day it was forcing Hollowfication upon the soul. With these setbacks out of the way he would soon try to return as soon as he could to continue the sole mission of Tenth Division. With several occurrences of his Hollow re-emerging, and the overlying question of his all but useless Bankai now. Shizuka was shut down completely and relieved of his duties as Lieutenant, after one month. Spending the rest of his days in 1st Division, training with the Captain-Commander to completely retain control of his inner hollow.

However, before his departure, the former Lieutenant of the 10th Division still made sure to re-establish the division in order to circumvent the loss of himself.

His first course of action, was briefing the now revived Izanagi. Who had just come off of being put into a coma for a month. Shizuka thought of the young Kiyoshi, as a brother. Seeing and feeling his comrade be completely dispatched in the battlefield, put a feeling of dismay in Shizuka’s heart. In his feelings, he wanted his brother to be out there protecting the city. He wanted to fight side-by-side, the same way he rarely got to fight with his own former superior. Sadly, it was…. Impossible. Izanagi was too inexperienced, too green, influent in the art of being a Shinigami, and to top it all off, he didn’t even know Bankai. All of these things were present within Shizuka, even when he was a 3rd Seat himself. When Higen, Fuyuko, and Shizuka were controlling the reigns of 10th Division. All of them were profound in the arts of a Shinigami, all of them obtaining their second releases. Their operation was flawless, it was truly a steady era for the Gotei 13 when during this time period. Now handed off to Shizuka, it had seemed as if the Division was moving towards a downhill spiral. With the blatant arrival of the Arrancar, establishing their forces. Things needed to change, and quickly.

For years upon end, most occasions the Commander never had to step foot into Naruki City. He relied on Shizuka with all of the faith and hope he had, knowing his 3rd Seat was extremely reliable and capable in completing his task. Could Shizuka feel the same? Could the Raiken truly entrust the city to Izanagi? The inner doubt combined with the emergence of his overbearing Hollow’s personality said no. While Shizuka’s heart and soul easily said yes. One of the strongest forms of conflict he had to ever face in his stint as a Shinigami, but Raiken knew what he had to do.

Pans to the Central Courtyard in 10th Division. There Shizuka stands with Izanagi admist of crowd of hundreds of members, all exuberant for Izanagi’s return from a coma.

Shizuka stares at Izanagi, his face carrying a worlds worth of sorrow in it. Embarrassed for himself, for the words he was about to utter. While it would be much easier to make it a secret, hide it amongst the seated members in 10th. They didn’t operate like this at all. Everything was transparent, everyone was family, if Shizuka couldn’t make a tough decisions even against his own family, he would never be able to lead. This would only be the first step.

“Everyone can I have your attention!”

Shizuka spoke loud enough, to even quiet down the rumblings from hundreds of his men.

“As you all know, I am one of the happiest members of Tenth Division right now. Glad to see my brother, brought back to us after fighting valiantly in the World of the Living! But…… with that being said, even with Izanagi’s return. It’s apparent that we as a Division, need to become stronger-“

Signs of confusion struck throughout the crowd, as the murmurs began to escalate again. Just where was their leader going with this speech?

“The level we are at now, isn’t enough. While we did survive, it is almost guaranteed that we won’t survive now in our current states again. So with that in mind, me and Izanagi are both being relieved of our seats, effect immediately.”



“He’s joking right??”

“This is too harsh, why are they doing this!”

“This is our fault. We’re too weak.”

Shortly after this revelation. Shizuka takes a trio of Shinigami away from the commotion.

Panning to the seemingly unused Captain’s Quarter’s of Tenth Division

With the help of Higen Kagayaki, who also despite his current role, still bleeds the division in his veins. Allowed Shizuka, to restructure and add new key players to help with stabilize the foundation of his former division. Shoumetsu Takahiro from 11th Division, another key survivor from the battle of against the God-King. Was appointed as the standing Lieutenant of 10th Division. His mettle and acumen as 3rd Seat previously in 11th, along with a personal recommendation from Shizuka helped aid his promotion. Another recommendation from Shizuka himself was the addition of Shusuke Kiyoshi. A powerful shinigami, formerly the Vice-Captain of 9th Division. One who has access to the rare second release himself, willing to drop himself down to 5th Seat. All to help his cousin who was in dire need. These changes also served to spark and expedite a special transfer of a distinguished breed. Tsunayashiro and Kuchiki drilled into his veins, Masahiko Kuchiki was immediately placed into 10th Division amidst the conflict. Avoiding the touching an unseated position and immediately be signed to 7th Seat.

Shizuka knew his division would be in safe hands with these wealthy additions to the cause. Though there was still one more thing that needed to be checked off before he left. In the Captain’s room, Shizuka led Izanagi, Shoumetsu, and Shusuke down into a secret opening behind the desk of the former Captain’s. They trailed down a a near endless flight of steps, the 3 soldiers confused upon their whereabouts until they saw….


A crystalline cavern, an energy radiating from the entire room unlike one they have never felt before. To those newly attending it would feel like a holy sanctum, a place they should never defile for they are blessed to even be in the presence of such a thing. To Shizuka, it only brought about grueling memories.

When completely touching down, Shizuka would look back at his fellow Shinigami. The seriousness in his demeanor, striking all of them simultaneously.

“Now before I leave, I needed to show you 3 specifically this room. This is where I want you all to train until I come back. Teach Izanagi on how to manifest his Zanpakuto Spirit in here, so he can begin the next step of his evolution.”

It was only a matter of time before Izanagi would be welcomed into this sanctuary. Now it was up to himself on what he would do for the next 8 months. Grinding away his life in these chambers hidden from the public eye. If the former 3rd Seat wanted to regain his position back. He would only be able to do it, upon acquiring the heavily sought out power.


Present Day

Over the course of those 8 months, that fateful day, started the complete restoration of the pride of the Tenth Division.


Tosu Shohei, 3rd Seat and Leader of the LTF, stepped into the limelight. Albeit reluctant to take credit for anything he does, he had become the motor for the LTF in lieu of a relieved Izanagi. Commanding the unit as a whole for their expeditions and endeavors. Coordinating successful missions throughout his short run in this role. Just as he had done several months ago in Naruki City, to save Shizuka. While lazing about, trying to escape his newfound duties once more. The hidden 3rd Seat, was intercepted by an important text message dropped in his Denreishinki.


Sango Tsutsui, the now 6th Seat, and Leader of the Naruki-City Expedition Unit. Has been working endlessly to fill in the shoes of those who they had lost. Becoming completely in-tune with the World of the Living, Sango has been investigating and keeping up with the sighting and appearance of multiple fullbringers. While still maintaining to be hidden completely from the eyes of Stephania.


Accompanied by another member of her unit, Hashidearu Kanojo, 4th Seat of Tenth. The two have been making ridiculous strides within the city, intertwining themselves amongst the humans. The two women, are currently in the middle of an outing within Naruki City. When they both receive a text simultaneously, from their Denreishinki.


Shusuke Kiyoshi, 5th Seat, and Leader of the Reconnaissance/Stealth Unit. Aside from using his all encompassing Zanpakuto abilities to scour the depths of Naruki entirely, Shusuke has been using these months to prepare his cousin Izanagi for the oncoming threat. Being a master of his own Zanpakuto, and astute as a Shinigami in all ways. He has been imparting key knowledge to the unseated Kiyoshi over the time being.


And Izanagi who is desperate to learn said knowledge, has been prying endlessly, while also forming a bond that the two have never truly had. Being estranged for so long, now they can come together to bolster Tenth Division, and simultaneously bolster the Kiyoshi in strength as a whole. While these two are unable to receive messages in their current location. Shusuke being as resourceful as he is, knew about the specific date in which today was. With his 2nd Division training, allowing him to always keep a ear out for such things.


Finally, locked into the lessons provided by 10th Division’s Zanjutsu Instructor, Masahiko Kuchiki continues to make strides in his growth amongst the division. With his ulterior motive in mind being the restoration of the Kuchiki as a whole and acceptance between the two families he has born into. The young royal, knows that the only way people will acknowledge him, is through the way of his sword. Spearheading him into learning and absorbing knowledge from reputable masters of the art.


To which there were very few master suchs as the one who standing before him. Leading these lessons amongst a good amount of Tenth Division soldiers. Shoumetsu Takahiro, former 3rd Seat of the bruiser division, Eleventh. Cultivated by the now reigning Kenpachi Hageshi, Shoumetsu had been pulling the strings for the division in place of Shizuka himself. Finding his own power inadequate against the God-King, along with the drive and determination of his long time friend Izanagi, Shoumetsu had to completely rid himself of his weaknesses. Further forging himself in the fire, re-learning the basic, and training his newly acquired power vigorously. The new Lieutenant of Tenth Division more than equipped to take on the reigns of leadership. Even taking a small mentorship role towards the young Kuchiki, to help further his abilities. During the middle of this class, Shoumetsu propped open his Denreishinki, and sent a personal message for strictly all seated members of Tenth besides the one who was currently training within his Dojo. It was short, and sweet, but it got the point across, everyone receiving the message would respond in a different way. Whether it be joy, surprise, or nervousness, it would all be valid. For the first time, in 8 months they would finally be seeing the new Captain of their Division. Hearing of his rise to the Captain’s Seat over the course of months was a cause for celebration. Actually seeing the man himself, after the worry he had caused them on that fateful day 9 months ago. Should reinvigorate the entire division, and start their new journey…

Of becoming the strongest division in the Gotei Thirteen



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Nine Months Ago

Listen While You Read

The last thing he remembered was the bolstering shouting of the crowds cheering for the Kenpachi Games, the two contestants giving it their all, and the Captain Commander in his sights. After that, it all became a blur of what happened next besides an intense sensation of pain due to his wounds coming undone, then just coldness. The next time he came back to consciousness he found himself right back in the 4th division barracks medic bed he tried to escape so quickly the day before. Feeling a bit groggy he took the time to assess his injuries before one of the medical staff monitoring his condition informed him of what exactly happened. Sitting there he let out a small sigh when the medic attendee pleaded to him not to do anything so rash again knowing that all she could do is try to plead to his reasonable side if he had one, powerless to stop him from repeating the same actions if he choose too. He wished to return to his barracks as soon as possible so let out one deep sigh in compliance for the time until he was cleared to be set free. The news of the newly declared Kenpachi being his very own Captain did bring some burning spirit back into him and made him just as eager to leave this place.

Not being able to train or do any strenuous activity while in the care of the 4th division didn't take long for Shoumetsu's boredom to kick into overdrive. With nothing better to do once he got the chance to meet Lt Junko Izumi, he paid his respects for saving his life twice now and tried to repay the debt the only way he could; challenging her to a fight. The minute that challenge got shot down his boredom instead lead him to follow Junko around in the 4th division barracks questioning everything she did over her shoulder and inquiring why Captain Yu Nakamoto couldn't just speed up his recovery. When she became exhausted of his inquisitive back seat monitoring of her daily task he found himself at Izanagi's bedside threatening to chop off one part of his body for every day that went by he remained asleep thinking he was pretending initially. On more than one account Shoumetsu did attempt to do just that knowing the talented 4th division members could easily repair any damage he caused until they started to ban him from going to Izanagi's room. After a week time went by he was finally cleared and healed enough to leave the 4th division which he felt the Lt was very thankful to get Shoumetsu out of her hair. Leaving the barracks he waved them all farewell with the promise of being sure to send them lots of patience their way to show his gratitude in kind.

Eight Months Ago

Since he went to go visit the Captain of the 8th division Suiyo Kusotare about his Bankai repairs, his Zanpakuto had felt heavier than normal but at the same time, he never felt so complete. Feeling like he need to reform his connection with Enshojo all over again, he spent an entire month in solitude until his Zanpakuto became as light as feather. On his way back to the 11th division after returning from private training with his repaired Zanpakuto he spotted a sight for sore eyes with what happened after he blacked out left unanswered to them. When Lt. Shizuka Hyouzoku approached him, he figured it just be the two checking in on one another after what they survived but to his dismay instead offered the Lieutenant seat for the 10th division. It took some time to consider this opportunity because the 11th division was all that he knew, but this rare chance to get closer to accomplishing his dreams might not come again so he accepted the proposal. He listened intently to everything that Shizuka had to say on the recalled battle in Naruki City along with future goals for his very own division. They soon met up with two Kiyoshi he was familiar with and led to the tenth division barracks where all three were shown a miraculous hidden underground cavern. Upon his arrival after the encounter with Shizuka who was now relieved of his Lt position, he had to respectfully inform his Captain currently of this development. Receiving the approval and encouragement of Kenpachi Hageshi helped Shoumetsu crush any doubts he might have had in the back of his mind. With her parting words for him to grow stronger so she could see for herself how much he improved, he gave her these final words before respectfully departed to start his new chapter in the 10th division.

"I was not strong enough and because of that, I failed our division losing. I promise you in my honor as swordsman I will never lose like that again, and eagerly welcome to fight you no matter where and when Kenpachi Hageshi."

Uncoincidentally for the first two weeks that would not be the last the 11th division saw of him. For a while, he continued to forget his division belonged to no longer the 11th division barracks and constantly had to get reminded he needed to report to the proper division. Weeks of being sent away or escorted to the proper location he started to get used to it but still checked in on his former home to see how they were doing out of habit until fully dedicating his attention to his new squad duties.

With all things said and done Shizuka left things in Shoumetsu's care by playing the role of acting Captain in the absence of higher seats not new to him. For the next two months, he dedicated his time to learning the inner workings of his squad, forming acquaintances with both seated and unseated members, and ensured when Captain Hyouzoku returned to an entirely reformed division he could be proud of. Eager to start he wasted no time showing them how things will be done differently from this point on, Shoumetsu jumped right into starting with the Kiyoshi training figuring he had enough sleep when in his coma.

"I want you both to grow strong enough to become my greatest rivals, and for your hidden potential to be realized. Plus I have wound to repay you for I haven't forgotten about Shusuke."

Glaring at him with a sadistic grin the training between the trio had officially begun with Shoumetsu leaping into combat. Izanagi's training that would carry on by the two split the training focuses with him whereas Shoumetsu handled his physical conditioning, and Shusuke helped train the spiritual aspect of his training. The Kiyoshi warriors found themself experiencing the extreme type of training Shoumetsu put himself through daily. Their training started with one of the two fighting against Izanagi to the death then the other would swap in immediately after and ended their training with an out brawl verse one another. This was all done without allowing Izanagi any break in between once his spiritual training with Shusuke was completed to build up his connection with Zanpakuto, and prepare his body for the overbearing power Bankai places on it. During the time Kiyoshi was left to their own devices inside the crystalline caverns Shoumetsu trained the squad in the arts of Zanjutsu and took care of responsibilities on Shusuke's end to allow him to give his all in the training. Amid his Zanjutsu instructions, he came across the promising individual Masahiko Kuchiki who felt the same inner turmoil and demons that haunted him from so long ago.

"Oi, you come at me with all of your might."

Watching how Masahiko charged at him impressed with his Zanjutsu form and near flawless execution he held great potential. Unfortunately, the only thing he lacked was actual combat experience as the young shinigami recruit found himself in disbelief witnessing his sword strike caught with a single hand. Immediately followed by this was a powerful punch to the abdomen that sent him flying back across the barracks ground several feet and all the wind knocked out of him. A second before he felt Shoumetsu's fist connect he experienced an even greater pain in his chest as if he had a hole punched straight through him. He experienced the punch with his entire being so it quickly became obvious to Masahiko the power contained in his strike could have made that happen and he didn't hold his punch at all. Seeing something executed held more weight than his words ever could as Shoumetsu started to speak up having decided on a rare occasion to witness Masahiko force himself up to stand after the strike.

"Masahiko is it...what drives you to fight? I will take you on as my disciple if you accept but once you do there is no going back, it's either you will grow stronger or you will die in the process. Never hold your attacks because I ensure you in a real battle your enemy definitely will not. Whenever you draw your sword against me from this point forward you better come at me with the intent to kill."

He paused for a small second dusting himself off with a crack of his knuckles before gesturing Masahiko to come at him again.

Six Months Ago

Sleep, Eat, Duties, Train, and repeat. In the following months, this routine became the daily life of the 10th division with everyone working hard. With the assistance of the other seated members, Shoumetsu had become one of them, forming certain bonds with some of the members and accepted to his role as Lieutenant. As he promised the 4th division, Lt. Izumi with every month that went by 10th division members was sent at first regularly without fail but soon rarely with the division members growing strong together like a unit. Lucky for him most of the other seated members in the division were handling their promotions and new task nicely with him needing to intervene very little. The third seat Tosu continued to be an enigma to him never really understanding if he was just as lazy as Izanagi or if this all was a front. They formed a mild friendship which normally lead to Shoumetsu badgering him if he ever sought medical aid from the 4th division barracks. This continued on to stories about how both he and Izanagi literally had their body parts regrown so how come Captain Nakamoto couldn't simply find a cure to his ailment? For Sango, she begrudgingly became an enforcer for him to get his work done and not just try to hide away from it to train but equally fun drinking buddy when she had to report back into the barracks every so often. Outside of that, he trusted Tosu in taking care of his task only stepping in when required and checking in with Sango just for updates on things from her end.

Shoumetsu disciple Masahiko on the other hand didn't get such luxuries undergoing extreme training every day with the purpose to break him both physically and mentally. The day started with Masahiko carrying out his squad duties while wearing weighted clothes, and throughout the day every unseated member had a role to play in his training. While he carried out his daily task and training when Shoumetsu was occupied handling other things all the unseated members were tasked with first giving one small cut on Masahiko's body then one by one each member would cut in the same spot as the last except deeper. Anytime he flinched, cringed, or allowed the pain to stop what he was doing they would start over from the beginning in an entirely different spot, and when the last one finished he was expected to spar Shoumetsu immediately after. On other days during their fights, Masahiko had to learn how to enter into Jinzen in the middle of combat while fending for his life before he could properly start learning the foundations to use Musou.

Teacher and student the two grew more into as time passed. Shoumetsu continued to show no mercy in their training because this was the harsh reality that awaited him outside the safety of Soul Society. He taught Masahiko how to attack with his full might all the time and how it was not about holding your attack back but learning to control every movement of your body. This was the physical aspect of Musou he had to learn to master honing his control of both blade, mind, and body to draw out dormant energy stored within, and move in such a way no action is without purpose. Though until Masahiko no longer let the weight of his clan's fate hinder his progress, he would find certain lessons Shoumetsu had to teach him hard to digest. He needed to discover what strong emotion he was willing to sacrifice it all to fight for and channel into concentrated driving willpower to never accept defeat. The only way he knew to help get this across was by breaking his Shikai so he could understand his blade is only as strong as the soul is. Only when both reach a state of harmony free of the burdens he can freely flip Musou on like a switch without needing to concentrate to enter that state of mind.

Since Shoumetsu initially started to train with the three he noticed how far they had grown and helped him grow along with them. Impressed by the person he saw before him still a bit lazy, but developed until a very formidable opponent. When it came time for Izanagi to demonstrate how far their training had taken him, they stood idly by to observe if he could finally subjugate his Zanpakuto spirit and bring it into the world.

"Now say the word you busted your ass off to achieve with conviction Izanagi!"

The explosive release of spiritual power flooded through the caverns forcing Shoumetsu to shield his eyes as the crystalline reflected the energy around them. The light quickly dimmed down followed by the destructive orbs he stared at eagerly dominating the gravity in the crystalline caverns leaving Shoumetsu enthralled on how far this slacker has come with the proper motivation of death lurking around him. In excitement, he looks at Shusuke with a clear blood lust expression across his face.

"My comrads you will be the first to bear witness to my true Bankai for the real training begins now."


Both of his Zanpakuto crossed in front of him, he let his spiritual energy erupt free consuming his person in a pillar of golden energy spreading out. Though something became apparent pretty soon as Izanagi was not yet ready to really harness the overwhelming power of his Bankai just yet. The gravitational pull begins to go out of control dragging the two of them into its destructive grasp forcing Shoumetsu to act fast using his manipulation over the magnetic field to counteract the encompassing gravity. As the two of the forces of nature fight for dominance, he manages to create a window of opportunity for Shusuke to knock Izanagi out of his Bankai before he devoured all of the 10th division and its inhabitants into darkness.

"I will leave the rest in your hands Shusuke. You two have eight months before our Captain's expected return."

Present Day

"When we first met I asked what is it that drives you to fight? What causes your fighting spirit to burn with such fierce intensity? The time to answer has come."

Clink. Clank.

The sound of two blades clashing with one another in rapid repetition cut through his words carrying the same impactful meaning. Shoumetsu was a firm believer that when two swordsmen clashed as equals they could feel their emotions channeled through their swords. Was the disciple ready to ascend to the next level? The truth of the matter was the only thing this world respected is one's strength. Those who chose to stay weak were only destined to become stepping stones and were forgotten about by those who refused to accept their inability. He could detect inner turmoil existed inside Masahiko's soul when his blade got brought down on top of him with a crushing force shattering the ground beneath him.


An ominous silence followed after his words awaiting to see if everything he taught Masahiko these nine months went to waste. Before he could become Noble Leader, he had to become a fearless warrior. Looking up at the sky he was hit by a wave of nostalgia pausing the rest of their training for the day to inform those present at the barracks that the time they all anticipated had arrived. Reaching into his pocket he removed his soul phone texting all the seated members in the field or not currently present in the barracks.​

Captain Hyouzoku is expected back today, all members are to report back to the division for his arrival.
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