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For both Nibui and Hiroka, the journey is as expected, devoid of almost any exchange between the two. If the day was any other, then they might have had something to chat about. Unfortunately the two are faced with a daunting task that originated from a sorrowful event. Either they were lost in their own thoughts or they were focusing on the situation at hand, readying themselves or maybe even hyping themselves up for possible conflict.

With the sheer size of the Seireitei, the transition between Eleventh barracks to the Senkaimon in Tenth Division, it would still take the two a few minutes to complete their commute, even at the speed the two traveled. Midway through, something popped into Nibui's mind, a harsh reality that he couldn't help but want to share with his companion.

"Hey, if I'm being honest, I don't see myself being able to incapacitate Shizuka. I'd rather not risk any further casualties and if I have to…"

He pauses briefly, almost as if contemplating his own words, thinking through the possibilities a little longer. Then he continues.

"...If it comes down to it, I'll kill him myself. If those present and yourself can deal with him in a non-lethal manner, then I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, he will die."

He goes silent once more, the Lieutenant doesn't expect Hiroka to give a reply if he doesn't want to. This was simply something he had to say before they touch down in Naruki City. Soon enough they would be at the Senkaimon.


The arrival of the Lieutenant and Fourth Seat at Tenth is likely unexpected and for a moment, their appearance brings a visible fear to the faces of the members that guard the gates. Not even an hour ago, they were warned that they would answer to the Lieutenant of Eleventh if they were denied, they hadn't done anything to warrant this but here he was. Worse yet, he was not alone. Two high seated officers had shown up and without a doubt they were beyond serious. Sweat dripped from the faces of those unseated members, it seemed as though an unseen force had a stranglehold on them. Seconds felt like minutes to the poor Shinigami.

"We're headed to Naruki City to offer our support."

A deep sigh of relief escapes one of the two guards, the other shoots them a stern glance, pretending as though they weren't just as relieved.

"O-of course!"

The two members of Eleventh are escorted to the Senkaimon, Nibui follows on through the gates and soon enough he finds himself at the Senkaimon. His grasp on Jubokko tightens briefly and he gives Hiroka a glance and a nod. A quick confirmation that he was ready to continue if Hiroka was. It had been a while now since Nibui had been in the World of the Living, he could feel a slight buzz of excitement. Was it his or Jubokko's or perhaps both?


He steps forward and into the Senkaimon once both are ready. He only hopes that this can be resolved without further death.





For most of the journey, the two souls focused on their pathing and formed no words while heading towards the Senkaimon hosted at the Tenth. In Hiroka’s case, he spent the silence wondering if the Arrancar from before still was present in Naruki. What would that man achieve by staying for a prolonged period of time? Was he but a distraction while others of his faction made some kind of move in the shadows? Maybe but there’s ways of approaching it with a bit more discretion. Granted… That wasn’t exactly the way that the corrupted souls operated.

In any case, it was haunting how much power such a being expressed to effortlessly dispatch multiple highly seated shinigami and continue being unphased even with the transformation of the last standing of the original expedition. Such strength opposing individuals who likely lacked coordination among themselves and underestimated their mark inevitably was going to lead to such a fate. Even so, if they had prevailed in halting the Arrancar, it likely would have enacted a similar price. Something he knew, at least on part with the members of the Eleventh, was forged by overconfidence and bloodlust. In the past such behaviors often allowed for the relentless division to succeed in many confrontations, but with escalating threats, it is only a death sentence.

Hiroka wondered if under new leadership this trend would end. Captain Hageshi had promised change in the meeting prior to the Games, but clearly she was not spared from the hunger for combat. In their battle, that was one factor that struck him to his core. In that moment of silence between the three combatants, that moment of lucidity, he could see that shred of himself in the Oni. Such behaviors will eventually lead to the very consequence that brought with it the death of Jinnosuke and the critical injury of Shoumetsu. He knew within himself that to stand up to threats greater than where he stood, greater than where even the Captains may stand, he needed to move beyond such carelessness. A disregard for one's own being, blind malice, and a hollow greed for conflict would cripple him. Maybe the change he sought was something that wouldn’t be obtained within his own division. Maybe new opportunities and growth would come from a group that did not facilitate his own aggression. Maybe there was some other figure that could bring back the collected Soul that graduated from the Academy with unclouded ambition.

The contemplation soon was stripped from the Fourth Seat by the words of his superior. A call back to reality, the task at hand.

"Hey, if I'm being honest, I don't see myself being able to incapacitate Shizuka. I'd rather not risk any further casualties and if I have to…"

What sparked this? Had he too been in his own mind? A moment of clarity formed within the Lieutenant before him.

"...If it comes down to it, I'll kill him myself. If those present and yourself can deal with him in a non-lethal manner, then I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, he will die."

Did he mean to say that he was that much stronger than those that would be in attendance or even the battle-scarred Ikari himself? No, it didn’t seem that way. Was it instead that he lacked the confidence in avoiding a lethal and absolute approach to the battle? But why? Why would he not be able to dial back against their tainted ally? Hiroka’s eyes looked at him with a tinge of confusion but that was shattered almost immediately. Those very mismatched orbs snapping back ahead of them as his expression returned to normal.

"Got it. I should be more than capable of doing so."

That was one thing he knew for certain going into this. If Shizuka could be detained and brought back to his senses, he was equipped to do so. As devastating as his Shikai can be, it can be altered as a non-lethal weapon. Coupled with the bindings that coated his body, they too were instruments that even someone in the corrupted Lieutenant’s state could find difficult to overcome. The real concern comes in the form of that mentioned, “if” , when it comes to subduing him rather than executing him. What would be enough to draw him back from the edge he teetered on? A personal connection with someone else who may be on their way to aid? Or maybe just enough of a thrashing could do so? Maybe he’d just burn himself out? This wasn’t something Hiroka was familiar with. Yet he would still do his intended part in this all and hope that another death could be avoided.

Soon enough they arrived at the gateway, Nibui promptly confirming their departure with those that watched over it. Their confirmation and subsequent approval came with a look and a nod from the white-haired soul in the Fourth Seat's direction. One that was echoed by Hiroka. It was time to resolve this crisis as swiftly as possible. For the sake of the humans, for the memory of those who had passed, and of course, for Lieutenant Hyouzoku himself.

Onward the Eleventh ventured again. This time… it will end.

Traveling to Naruki.




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“Fourth Seat Kanojo,”

It was not the yelling of the words, but the violent shaking that shook her out of her exhaustive slumber. She had alerted reinforcements and was unsure who was waking her up. The Tenth Division’s chaos however, was palpable. She shot up quickly and grabbed her zanpakuto. Had the Arrancar not been dealt with? Had the other Divisions not gone to aid her comrades.

Still tired, her body felt better. It needed the rest it so desired. She might not have been injured like the others, but the immense reiatsu that permeated Naruki had felt like poison to her body. Opening and squeezing her hand tight she did a self assessment and decided that she was well rested. She inhaled deeply and looked the Division member in the eye as they relay information about the Living Task Force being deployed, multiple seated Shinigami and the Senkaimon still open at the Tenth Division gates.

She might not have been much against the Arrancar, but she was glad that the Soul Society had determined Naruki to be a threat. Her eyes widened at the next spout of information.

“Another high level hollow has appeared and is still destroying Naruki City. Human souls are being escorted to the afterlife as the damage continues.”

She nodded her head and quickly left her room and the Tenth Division Barracks. She didn’t fully know what was going on, but she knew that there was no way that with all the reinforcements that were sent, her Lieutenant and comrades hadn’t made it out of their alive. Heading towards the senkaimon she noted the two members standing next to it to keep guard.

“I’m going to join them in the task force of collecting souls. I can’t believe there’s still so much devastation happening in the city.”

The two members nodded their heads then gave each other a glance. As she passed by one of them stopped her and placed their hand on her shoulder.

”Be careful Lady Kanajo, please bring Lieutenant Shizuka home. Please return to us as well.”

He bent down to her level and looked her directly in the eye. Hashidearu felt like there was something that she wasn’t understanding. Was her Lieutnenant dead? Was the threat even more massive than the Arrancar that had destroyed blocks of the city? Hashidearu vanished from site as she entered the senkaimon.

Travel to Naruki City
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”I do not have time right now, either you have to leave to come back later or wait until the person responsible for the damage arrives."

Michi heard a familiar voice sending away a shinigami, when she came back to the Sixth division, she knew who the voice was. Takashi. She sighed at the dismissal he gave and left the poor woman alone. Seeing the woman run off back to wherever division she came from. Michi felt guilty, wondering what they wanted, was it perhaps the hole she left in fourth division?. Her body turned towards the division, walking towards her elder brother’s office to confront him about a few things. As she got closer the sound of tapping on the keyboard became more evident, pursuing he was typing out more paperwork then the sound of the keyboard dwindled down to nothing leaving an perfect opportunity for Michi to raise her hand to the door that separated them, and knocked on it softly but loud enough for him to hear.

“Takashi, i’m coming in”

With those words being said she slid into the room, her face pointing towards Takashi, who had just been hit in the face by a rock. Her attention turned to the wall, with a big hole that had the shape of the rock that had been thrown in Takashi’s face. There she saw in peaks of the Lieutenant of the Fourth division and someone else running away from the situation. The 6th division members came rushing to his aid, surrounding him asking him lots of things, which Takashi kept on saying to them in his usual quite stern voice.

”Let it be."

With the picture of Lieutenant Junko being shown to some of them, they nodded and went up towards the hole in the wall and assessed the damage. Some of them went to clean up the damage, the others went to find materials and men to repair the visible damage. Michi’s attention went back to her brother who was clearly working once again, with a bloody nose. This earned a sigh from the younger sibling and she dragged out a purple and white handkerchief offering it to Takashi, to wipe away his blood.



Michi pulled up a nearby chair, situating it in front of Takashi then sitting on it. She composed herself carefully, coughing to get his full attention. She stared at him with blank face and proceeded to tell him about Izanagi’s state and how Mizu Sayuri had saved his life and as well he’s in their hands. She clasped her hands together and placed them on her lap.

“Now then…We need to get stronger. If Izanagi was easily defeated then…We need to get stronger Brother. Shall we spar soon?”


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With a bloody nose, Takashi sits in front of the computer again to complete his report. Slowly he raises his hand to his bloody nose to see that he is bleeding and all Takashi can do is take a deep sigh. With quick finger movements, he continues to write and ignores the noise from his colleagues who are working on the big hole in the wall. Without noticing that his younger sister has arrived at the office, Takashi suddenly hears her voice.

“Now then…We need to get stronger. If Izanagi was easily defeated then…We need to get stronger Brother. Shall we spar soon?”

His eyes open wide before he turns his head towards her to see sitting on a chair next to him and in her hands she hands him a purple and white handkerchief to clean his face up with. His gaze is moved down to the handkerchief before he takes it to remove the blood that has flowed down from his nose. With a slight nod, he thanks his younger sister before turning to face her while holding the handkerchief over his nose.

”I heard about Izanagi and it's a shame it happened to him. But it's part of being a shinigami and we both know he's tough and he can handle it. And I agree with you that we need more training and getting stronger. Just let me know when you want a training match, I will show up immediately. "

With those words said, Takashi returns to the computer to complete the report and the report says.
Short version
2 members of 12th went into the Academy. One entered a classroom, gave a speech, and released a pink gas-like substance. It began affecting the students and basically merged their bodies together. Junko couldn't treat them because...there was nothing to treat. From a medical stand-point, they were perfectly healthy. She didn't want to harm them and instead just talked to the one who released the gas. He got a little huffy then went around the Academy injecting the "blobs'' with a serum that returned the students to normal. Junko kept the barrier up so no affected students could flee until they'd all been treated. The two members of 12th were allowed to leave since by SS standards, they hadn't really done anything wrong.