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Michi takes her place at her desk, folding her hands one over the other atop her desk. As the acting authority within her Division, the Kiyoshi's Princess once more adopts the air of professionalism while conversely, Tōsu who sits lackadaisically across from her, slouched — adopting an air of ineptitude and amateurism. Her eyes shift from her Denreishiki on her desk before shifting over towards the lazy looking male.

“Listen, may understand you are probably like your rest here and there. However…I’d be careful if I were you if you slack off too much.”

His head rolls over to properly stare over at Michi. It was easy to assume that Tōsu was doing nothing but slacking off, that he was a man who was lazy, unmotivated and perhaps incompetent as well. There was almost no one who knew him as anything other than a professional slacker. Today marks the first meeting between these two souls who seem polar opposite of one another, his first impression upon the young Kiyoshi is certain to be lasting. Despite her willingness to accommodate him he couldn't help but still see her as a noble and wonder what possible ulterior motive she held. Perhaps she was attempting to size him up, determine if he held any value to her and some hidden ambition, or to her and her clan. Maybe it was something simpler than that, and she simply enjoyed the presence of someone inferior to herself, bolstering her own self worth. He stares at her with emerald hues, still slouching, his expression still dull and heavy, as if he'd drift to sleep at any moment.

Eyes follow her hands, disappearing under the desk or..at least out of his field of vision. The sound of the drawer opening causes his attention to become more focused. Was this it? Was she about to pull out something in an attempt to lull him over into her employ? Some secret mission she'd demand in exchange for holding her silence, or perhaps money...a bribe to tempt the greed inside him, greed that most nobles assumed all souls had and were enslaved to. He is wrong on both counts. What the Moon Princess retrieves is an ash tray, a lighter, and a pack of cigarettes, three items that honestly didn't fit her appearance. He blinks, confused, taken aback by the contrast of what he was seeing and how he had perceived her to be. The woman secures a single cigarette between her lips, lighting it up she takes a drag from it, as its smoke begins to fill her office. Smoke wafts from between her lips, the hit from the cigarette doing its task well as she resumes speaking.

“You might lose a few close friends or even your squad members if they were to be killed in the human world or worse to another division.”

He stares at her in silence, no response to her foreboding words. It was ironic that she gave this warning, neither of them aware of the danger his Lieutenant and Third Seat were currently facing in Naruki City. Their very lives on the line, the weight of every soul in Naruki resting on their shoulders and the shoulders of those with them. The tear trickling from the woman who had fallen into silence does not escape his notice. He turns his head upward, staring off into the ceiling as he gives her a moment to gather herself. He assumed there was a story behind those tears, a wound left unhealed, and his suspicion and wariness of her lessens a bit more.


The sound of knocking causes both Michi's and Tōsu's heads to shift towards the door. Michi, the more alert of the two begins to panic, scrambling to hide the evidence of her apparently secret vice while also attempting to draw Tōsu's attention to signal him to hide. She grants permission for them to enter, still attempting to secretly aid the seemingly oblivious red head when, the door opens. The Shinigami steps into the office and is met with two pairs of eyes, Michi's...and Tōsu's. The two men glance his way before returning their focus back on Third seat Kiyoshi.

“Lady Kiyoshi, there's a boy came to see you asking about a Man named of Tōsu Shohei”


Tōsu sits there confused, his head whipping around to stare at the two males then to Michi who struggles to hide her expression, having been working so hard to tell him to hide only for it to now be in vain. Though it seemed he was now exposed he couldn't help but wonder...what boy would be looking for him? His arms cross his chest, the chair lining back on the rear two legs as he slightly begins to rock, his mind working to trace for all possible candidates.

'A boy...a boy...what boy could they-'

Immersed in his own thoughts, he doesn't hear Michi grant permission for the boy in question to enter. Crossing the threshold into the office, is Koyo Koetsuji, one of the Division's newest recruits and the current Fourth seat. True to the description given by the two shinigami, Koyo appeared as but a boy, one bearing a listless expression at that. Stepping into the office Koyo's eyes shift from the male and the woman, Tōsu and Michi. Tōsu couldn't help but feel that the kid looked..stiff, an opinion that only became stronger when the boy performed the most ceremoniously rigid bow he had ever seen.

'Oh boy. One of those'

He couldn't help but think.

"I am Koyo Koetsuji, Squad Ten's Fourth Seat. I came here to find Tosu; I beg pardon for the abruptness of my arrival. "

The boy's stiff bow was accompanied by an equally stiff introduction. Tōsu turns, draping an arm over the chair staring awkwardly at the boy. He wondered what was up with the kid, seemed more like a robot created in the basement of Twelfth Division than an actual kid his age. That is, until the rigidness of his form is lost. His shoulders grew slumped as he seemed to almost literally deflate, his face shifting from expressionless, to adopting one of self doubt.

"I, to be honest, am uncertain of what it is I should be doing. Lieutenant Hyouzoku and Third Seat Kiyoshi were clear for me to remain behind. Am I going to Fourth and seeking their superiors, but further orders weren't given?"

He begins pouring out his heart, or..rather his thoughts. He lays his doubts open for those present to see, and it seems the orders for him to remain behind have left him in a state of confusion. Why was he left behind? Was he unreliable to them? Did they lack faith in his ability to be useful to them on their mission? What was the mission? The boy was filled with questions, questions that led to even more doubts in himself. He was a ship without a sail, drifting aimlessly at sea.

"I was hoping for some guidance from one or both of you. If I've interrupted something, I can return another time."

It was an odd thing, the position Koyo finds himself in — existing simultaneously as both Tōsu's superior and his junior. In his drifting he comes across those he hope will become his compass and sail, giving the directionless Koyo some actual direction. Seeing his eyes cast down, the way he touched the scarf around his neck, the boy wore his nervousness on his sleeve just as much as he wore his doubts on it as well. Tōsu empathized with the kid, he truly did but-

"If you're looking for guidance, you're probably better off getting it from her y'know."

Tōsu lazily points his thumb towards Michi's direction, attempting to shift the focus and the responsibility to her.

"Not sure what all a Sixth seat like myself could teach ya kid. If I'm a sixth seat and you're a fourth seat there's a reason for that."

Pushing himself up off the seat, Tōsu lifts his arms over his head, twisting and stretching from one side to the other, a notable pop and crack causing him to relax. What he had said wasn't totally inaccurate. Typically if one was seated lower than another, it meant that the higher seated person had accomplished more or held more ability than those they were ranked over. By this logic, it meant that Tōsu had only ever displayed the capability of a lowly sixth seated officer, and so it stood to reason if anyone would be capable of helping Koyo, it would be Michi who was seated higher than both of them. Folding his arms he begins studying the kid, turning his head from one side to the other, quietly sizing up the boy. He gauged Koyo's reiatsu, studied his posture and his build, eyes shifted towards the boy's hands to see how calloused they were, if they were at all. He took everything about the boy into account, even something as minute as which side he wore his zanpakuto on and the length of his sheathed blade were observed. The whole time he seemed to ignore whatever expression Michi wore from being volunteered against her will to help.

'Just what is it that made ya entrust the Fourth seat to this kid Shizuka?'

A reasonable question, though not one born out of jealousy or spite. Tōsu didn't covet the position, if anything he felt sorry for the kid. Currently, it was like watching Koyo wearing clothes three sizes too large for him, stumbling about as he attempted to make the clothes fit him instead of fitting properly into the clothes. Poor kid...maybe he'd have an early growth spurt, and could fill the roll entrusted to him.


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In front of Michi’s eyes stood a boy that looked fresh out of the academy with a robotic expression on his face, making him look emotionless, glancing towards Tōsu and Michi. Smiling towards the younger male to accommodate him in the third seat of the sixth division’s office with a bright smile that dazzled the brightest, this was one of her famous marks. On being a friendly woman who always smiles despite the situation. However her demeanour had changed a little bit, but not too drastically. Seeing how the young boy bowed towards her in respect made her tiny bit bashful, faint blush on her porcelain skin she never had any other divisions bow down to her before. Her dainty fingertips brushed together in a shy pose before one of them went down to make room for her right hand to wave rapidly while she gave a nervous chuckle and soft spoke to Koyo, after she spoke her words, the young man instantly introduced himself to her.

“No need young man to bow down to a woman like me heheh..”

"I am Koyo Koetsuji, Squad Ten's Fourth Seat. I came here to find Tōsu; I beg pardon for the abruptness of my arrival.”

As he was introducing himself she glanced to the side seeing Tōsu with an arm draping over the spare chair she had in her office, she gave him a look of confusion due to the fact she thought he had gone and hid in a secret place within her office. Clearly he was probably in daze when she hinted at it. Seeing how the older man was looking at the boy, like he was confused or rather uncomfortable or maybe awkward. Michi glanced back at the boy, who was clearly now staring back at Tōsu. Having the Feeling there awkwardness in the room, she decided she lifted her left hand up to her lips and gave a small cough to at least break the awkward tension between. Her soft voice spoke up once again.

“Nice to meet you Koetsuji-San. I’m Michi Kiyoshi, Third Seat of the Sixth Division. And It is quite alright”

Michi gave an soft reassuring smile towards them both, however she may seem calm and collected from the outside, more specifically that what it was appearing towards both of Tenth division seated members, though in her own head she was confused, rather curious as of why present moment the office was hang out for Tenth division’s members. Perhaps they were fed up with their Lieutenant, Shizuka Hyouzuka or Perhaps third seat, Izanagi Kiyoshi? Or maybe perhaps they were simply bored and wanted to slack off? Many questions floated around in her head. She heard a sigh from the outside of her thoughts, which took her out of her thinking state. Still having thoughts floating around in her head, going about to ask a question to them both, why they were here however she soon heard the expressionless boy speaking up once again.

"I, to be honest, am uncertain of what it is I should be doing. Lieutenant Hyouzoku and Third Seat Kiyoshi were clear for me to remain behind. Am I going to Fourth and seeking their superiors, but further orders weren't given? "

Seeing Koyo’s expression changed from having a robotic look to him, to a clear mixture of confusion and somewhat, telling by his voice perhaps a concern? Didn’t he just introduce himself as a Fourth seat? Which should be the next in command, knowing what to do, surely was there any paperwork to do for them, or was there not? On the way he told Michi the fact that Lieutenant Hyouzoku and Izanagi stated clearly to him to stay behind what they were doing? Many thoughts and concerns rose to Michi, Why would they leave a kid someone who is clearly fresh out of the academy in charge of the division right of the bat and who’s a fourth seat which of whom was clearly doubting himself from his own questions. Her smile instantly faded away to a straight, then to a little frown. She could easily relate and empathize with the younger male, in doubt and often wondered what to do when the higher ups were either out of commission, doing something quite dangerous. She carefully listened to more of his concerns, thoughts and questions.

"I was hoping for some guidance from one or both of you. If I've interrupted something, I can return another time."



Her facial expression went from serious to a flushed mess, her porcelain skin began to stain with red turning her head to the side opposite from Tōsu. The fact she took one of his questions in a wrong way in her own mind of “disturbing” many times she read or heard from others when people say if opposite genders were in the room together some say “did I disturb” could often indicate something completely wrong then it was intended. Of course this was not the case, Koyo never disturbed them. With In the corner of her eye seeing Koyo looking nervous, she glanced back towards Koyo, who was touching his scarf nervously and twitched, made her feel bad she couldn’t give him any specific orders but she can at least give them advice on what do in mean time, she turned her head back towards Koyo, hearing their elder Shinigami speaking up in his gruff voice, which was vastly more mature sounding then Tōsu.

"If you're looking for guidance, you're probably better off getting it from her y'know."

Michi turned her focus on the lazy male, who was pointing his thumb lazily towards her, indicating to place the spotlight onto Michi. She raised a brow at the male, for the thumb pointing nonetheless she focused her attention back towards Koyo once again.

"Not sure what all a Sixth seat like myself could teach ya kid. If I'm a sixth seat and you're a fourth seat, there's a reason for that.”

Hearing Tōsu moving himself off from the chair he was sitting on, moving his arms back off his head, stretching them until a pop sound following a crack that sound little painful towards others. Filled the room which caused Michi to shiver at the horrible sound. After hearing the noise she focused her attention all on the boy, having her lips going back to her small smile hoping it would put Koyo at ease. She voiced her own perspective on the current situation.

“To be honest with you dear, I’m not sure what you should do as I'm not from your Division. By what you told me I believe it is best to keep in the Soul society. Perhaps do some paperwork, maybe train or perhaps take this older chap beside me to watch the games.”

That was all Michi could give Koyo for advice on what to do, she wished she could do more to help however she got her own things to worry about her own division. Her arm moved to point at Tōsu back, indicating he should at least speak to him about some advice to grow or perhaps some advice.

“This guy is probably the best to talk about this stuff”


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Koyo could do naught but listen to the man first. Tosu Shohei proclaimed a reason for the disparity in ranks. But Koyo couldn't see it; what could he offer in this situation? Koyo's hand drifted from his scarf to rest at his side. The feeling of the room, he felt unease on his skin. What was it that bothered him about it all? Koyo's face seemed to morph under the thoughts. He closed his eyes, inhaling for a moment to consider his position. The place he found himself wasn't enviable, there was no information, and the higher-ups were at the games. Tosu told him to ask the Third seat, Kiyoshi.

His eyes drifted off of Tosu and over to Michi now. Taking her form in again for the first time. She held an air of elegance that was impressive. She seemed confident of her actions; was it a fault in himself? It was brief, but he saw a change in skin pigmentation. Her cheeks went from porcelain to a scarlet as she looked away from Tosu. Had something been happening before he arrived? Had he angered the Third Seat of Squad Six? What could he do to recover from the situation? Perhaps that is why Tosu seemed distant. He'd stepped in on a private moment between them.

Perhaps begging for forgiveness from both of them would be enough? Or was it required that one slit one's belly in this case? He listened to Michi's calm and well-put-together thoughts. But he did sense a wave of anger, perhaps. His mother's cheeks flushed when she was angry.

"I apologize; I didn't mean to anger you, Third Seat Kiyoshi and Sixth Seat Shohei; I ask you to forgive my inexperience. I could...." Koyo paused and looked down at his hands. Trying to figure out if he cut his fingers off if that'd help. Koyo tilted his head to the side, thinking about the situation. Licking his lips before swallowing, he began again.

"I acknowledge that barging in over here, I should allow you to cut my fingers off, but could I please ask you only break them? It will be hard for me to do paperwork or train without fingers." Koyo said, bowing before both of them again as he waited. Were they going to scream and hit him with bottles, perhaps? He'd made it 150 years thus far in this world; what a little more pain was? It was a forgotten memory in the fog of life. Koyo could go to that place he went.

Deep inside himself so he could escape the extreme suffering. "My mother often found that breaking my bones seemed to calm her when angry. I can only hope it is enough in these circumstances!" Koyo announced, waiting for a response to the suggestion. He felt sweat dripping down his neck and back. His mother's treatment was standard; the people of the district he lived did it. So to him, that was a common practice to relieve stress on people.

He could only swallow and wait for eternity between the seconds. He had to wait for a response for the moments to what he'd brought on himself.



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“Dearu. You had to flee. You would have died too.”

The last word slipped out of her mouth and her eyes steeled themselves as the Senkaimon released her into the Soul Society. She felt like she could breathe again. Her strength was returning and the fear that was instilled in her for her comrades began to fade. She trusted that her lieutenant would be able to handle whatever came their way. She was worried about everyone. Did they know that the threat would be that large? Were they truly going to be able to subdue the beast even without their limiters. Dearu didn’t have much time to think, with a shunpo she disappeared and began making her way towards the 10th Division Barracks. When she arrived she burst through the door and made her way to , the Fourth Seat of Division 10, simply shouted to anyone that could hear.

“Hey! Hey! We have a massive threat in Naruki City and we need to call for reinforcements. They’ve released their limiters and Lieutenant Hyouzoku has released his bankai and is attempting to obliterate the enemy. There’s something that’s not right about the presence that I felt there. It was beyond disturbing. It reeked of death that even the Soul Societies best poets could not describe”

She glanced around to see if there was anyone that heard her. Those that were in the courtyard all began to scatter about, spreading the news that there was a threat large enough for even their Lieutenant to request aid from. Hashidearu cursed under her breath and wondered where all of the tenth division members were.

As her demeanor shifted she pointed at a squad member and called him to her.

“Go and find Koyo, we need to send reinforcements to Naruki. Where are our seats? Where has everyone gone?”


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The Princess's flushed face is lost to the Sixth Seated officer during his attempt to verbally maneuver around the responsibility of actually aiding his Junior-Superior. Casting the spotlight on Michi he had thought he was successful in forcing the Kiyoshi Princess into a position where she would naturally step into the role of aiding the troubled young soul as the superior officer of the bunch. He nodded his head lazily as she listed off a number of things the boy could do, his silent agreement on everything. When she shifts the focus BACK to Tōsu he found himself nearly falling out of his seat in surprise. He glances over towards Michi who had surprisingly used his own ploy against him.

Koyo stands in silent, caught in the verbal tug-o-war between the Third Seat of Sixth and the Sixth seat of his own division, each one attempt to pawn the boy off onto the other. As Michi and Tōsu stare off towards one another, something that would no doubt produce yet another misunderstanding to the boy, the silence is broken by the very subject of topic.

"I apologize; I didn't mean to anger you, Third Seat Kiyoshi and Sixth Seat Shohei; I ask you to forgive my inexperience. I could...."

Tōsu shifts his head to peer over towards Koyo, quirking a brow at the kid. Just what on earth had him thinking anyone was angry?

"I acknowledge that barging in over here, I should allow you to cut my fingers off, but could I please ask you only break them? It will be hard for me to do paperwork or train without fingers."


A wall no...a chasm of silence fills the room as Shohei can only stare blankly at the boy, then to Michi, then back to the boy who was now gazing down at his own hands. He's lost on exactly what to say at the moment, any and all words seem to elude him. His disbelief however comes not from a place of fear regarding exactly what manner of trauma the boy may have been through, rather...curious to exactly what sort of weirdo the Lieutenant had allowed into the ranks. Tenth had always been a band of oddballs but this...this was another level of weird.

"My mother often found that breaking my bones seemed to calm her wh-"

"Annnnd with that, I'm outta here. Princess, I'll leave the kid with you. Give me a ring if need me to come pick him up later or if you're free, your office is pretty comfty. Kid...I'd talk to someone in Fourth if I were you."

He rises out the chair as he speaks, interrupting Koyo's explanation having heard more than enough. He pats his pants off, once again pawning Koyo off on the Third seat while making his way out her office.


Walking through the grounds of Sixth Division he fishes into his uniform, retrieving his Denreishiki. He finally chooses to turn it on curious to what time it was. The device begins to light up as the time becomes reflected on its outer screen.

"Ah, looks like its about time to check in with the Doc. Wonder what Sango is up to-"

He mutters to himself, returning the device back to its resting place on his persons. As he makes his way to his covert scheduled appointment he remains ignorant of not only Hashidearu's return from Naruki city, but the troubling news regarding the danger their Lieutenant and Third Seat were currently in. Shizuka and Izanagi remain in Naruki fighting for their very lives, Hashidearu runs urgently through her barracks seeking whatever aid she can find, realistic and objective regarding her own abilities she wisely chose retreat in the face of an overwhelming foe. Koyo remains splintered in mind and spirit, as uncertain in himself as he was prior to visiting the Sixth Division if not more, while Tōsu continues meandering through and around both duty and the spotlight. It is a day of reckoning for the Tenth Division, a day that will change the squad forever.


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