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"I apologize; I didn't mean to anger you, Third Seat Kiyoshi and Sixth Seat Shohei; I ask you to forgive my inexperience. I could...."

Michi looked at the young Koyo, with a puzzled look on her face, what was he on about? Is Michi angry? Of course not! She was flustered at a thought or rather, how he placed his words that got her red in the face. She raised her eyebrows upon seeing Koyo licking his lips before swallowing. Hearing his voice again.

"I acknowledge that barging in over here, I should allow you to cut my fingers off, but could I please ask you only break them? It will be hard for me to do paperwork or train without fingers.

Her gaze looked back at Tōsu’s matching their gaze with another before she turned back and stared at Koyo with an empathic look. She took off from her chair and got closer to what seemed like a worried male. Michi tilted her head to the side and flashed a warm smile towards him, placing her hand on his shoulder and reassuring him that it was safe here. No harm will come across him unless, that is, he tried to attack her. Before she could even speak the same voice spoke once again.

"My mother often found that breaking my bones seemed to calm her when angry-”

"Annnnd with that, I'm outta here. Princess, I'll leave the kid with you. Give me a ring if need me to come pick him up later or if you're free, your office is pretty comfty. Kid...I'd talk to someone in Fourth if I were you."

During the moment of the younger male speech, the older man, Tōsu, got up from his chair and patted his pants off as well as interrupted the speech with his voice, calling her “Princess” as if she was royalty. That earned a sigh from the Kiyoshi, having to see the Sixth seat of the Tenth division setting off, leaving her with Koyo alone.

“Wait, hold up Sir! Wait for me!”

She yelled towards Tōsu but, it was too late for that, the male had disappeared somewhere. She grabbed her Denshi and placed it in her pocket. Quickly going over to her office, the door she turned to Koyo, and finally spoke to him.

“Listen, kid, I wasn’t angry with you nor will I ever break your bones over something stupid. Now let's go and catch up shall we?”

Michi suggested and quickly began to follow Tōsu, curious about where he was heading to, soon she caught up with him from a fair bit of the distance that was between them and tapped his shoulder, not hearing a word he muttered, she placed whispered in his ear.

“Don’t leave me with the Kid. He’s your responsibility.”


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“ Fourth Seat Kanojo, Koyo was seen heading to the Sixth Division Barracks!

Everyone seemed to be preoccupied with their own endeavors. Which was fair of them. They had no idea of the monster that was attacking Naruki City. Dearu quickly made her way to the Sixth Division Barracks and could hear the murmurs that Koyo had burst into the barracks and made his presence known. She would have to follow suit. As Dearu made her way through the barrracks she saw Tosu and Lady Kiyoshi heading away and talking to each other. She immediately forgot about reaching Koyo and headed towards them with a yell.

“There is an emergency in Naruki City. Lieutenant Shizuka has released his Bankai and the city was unmanageable for me. I have come to relay the message that we need as many reinforcements as we can muster. The power of the arrancar that arrived has Izanagi and the others fighting for their lives!” She said as she began to explain that buildings were crumbling, the sky opened up with hundreds of lightning strikes and the city being obliterated.

Dearu then glanced around and wondered where Koyo actually was. She also had to alert him, but these seemed to be the first people she saw with a ranking that could alert others. She wondered what was haappening in Naruki city, if her Lieutenant and her friends were ok. She sighed deeply and ran her fingers through her purple-tinted hair and her gray eyes flickered with the light. What would their next steps be? She couldn’t go back to the city to battle? Koyo would also feel the overwhelming sensation of the city that was being ravaged and destroyed by a beast that rivaled several of her Division’s best fighters.

“I was no use in Naruki City.” She said to Tosu and Michi, “But I can be of use gathering reinforcements now.”
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As the two stood up and left, he stood there now. A precipice stood between him and those two. His expression became solemn, like a doll yet again. His emotions drained from his face, and concern and worries washed to the side. He could still feel her fingers on his skin, the terrible reality. He wanted to flee, run away from it, retreat from this sensation. A voice resonated within his being. This wasn't his Zanpakuto speaking from the inner world. A thing that lingered from the time spent in that world.
Crawling deep within the murkiness of his subconscious existed something beneath the naive and the docile child-like appearance. Trembling slowly went along his fingertips. Leaning his head down for a moment, he felt it.

"Want me to handle it? I can take the burden for you; why don't you rest?" A voice spoken, not heard by any others in the vicinity. Koyo's breathing changed sharply as he exhaled. His demeanor shifted as he inhaled a breath. Glancing at his body as though it'd been a long time. How long had it been since the surface was felt?

The room grew darker inside his perspective, showing minor signs of light. A drip of sweat hit the floor as Koyo listened to the sounds of silence. "Can you handle this? It's something I must do..It's not like last time." The voice seemed sweet as it thought back on that time.

-Past Memory Begins. -

It was dawn on a winter's eve, and the street's bustled with people and problems. It was a feast for the eyes to see the life of trade and merry-making of people. But somewhere down an ally was a shake, the smell from it. Rust was the scent one would pick up inside a world that existed. Pain, sadism, and using a child to the limit. A castle of glass, built of crimes against blood. Things darker than one could fathom if one were to peer inside. Blood would be seen caking the ground and some of the walls. Upon further inspection, a child sat against one of the adjoining walls.

His body was covered in blood, hair dripping with the red glow. His eyes faded, and something was clearly wrong. If one looked into his mind, they would see it shattered. Something had broken inside him. The contents of his sanity were fragile and broken. Years of torment leveled against him left cracks and something else.

-Past Memory Ends-

Koyo wasn't made of stone; something had to give eventually. The child had to break and sunder from it. "Yeah, I'll take care of it." He said softly to himself now before glancing at the door. His demeanor was different, something eerie about it. The best place to go would be Squad 3 to discuss with the teachers. Perhaps a sparring match would be the ticket forward. He would bring peace of mind to Koyo. It was in his best interest, after all.

Opening the door, he left, though not right behind the pair. He went in a different direction. It wasn't essential to speak to those of Squad Four. They'd not listen on a hunch. Nor was he in possession of such details for contacting them. Others could handle the situation as it was presented.

On the other hand, he would make his pathway towards the academy to gain perspective. Perhaps here, something could be discovered to put Koyo at ease. He had no name, nothing to call himself. Though one thing was sure, he and Koyo weren't the same person. The docile boy wouldn't have freed himself. He closed the door and made off in the direction as he exited.

Towards the Third Division, this place would answer his questions. Something that would satisfy both him and Koyo.

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With the device put away he begins his trek towards Fourth. The pattering sounds of rapid steps approach him from behind, followed by a tap to his shoulder. He groaned inwardly, why was she trying to make him suffer? His every attempt to pawn the kid off on her was being repelled, seems the Kiyoshi's Princess wasn't as gullible as he had hoped.

“Don’t leave me with the Kid. He’s your responsibility.”

A tinge of guilt grips the man as she whispers in his ear. Seemed she like him, really REALLY didn't want to be alone with the boy. He couldn't blame her for not rolling over on this one, especially given the two of them had only just met, she owed him no favors. He scratches the back of his head in frustration, in what world was a lower seated officer responsible for their superior.

"Listen, you're wrong. He is NOT my-"

“There is an emergency in Naruki City!"

Before he could reiterate to Michi that Koyo was technically his superior, the one who should be in charge, responsible the two are interrupted, disturbed by the shouting of a third party. Hashidearu Kanojo, yet another member of the Tenth Division now occupies the territory of Sixth. It is a strange twist of fate that puts Michi in contact with the defenders of Naruki City, each person there present for their own reasons. Tōsu seeking isolation instead finds himself a new acquaintance, someone he perhaps may call friend. Koyo seeks answers and guidance and instead finds misunderstandings, anxiety, and more questions, and now Hashidearu comes seeking her peers in hopes of helping to give their superiors a fighting chance...if they still lived that is. Tōsu stares at her, wondering what they were talking about, what sort of emergency could it...the Togabito? Had they returned?! Or...was it another Bount, like the one Lieutenant faced?

"Lieutenant Shizuka has released his Bankai and the city was unmanageable for me. I have come to relay the message that we need as many reinforcements as we can muster. The power of the arrancar that arrived has Izanagi and the others fighting for their lives!”

He grits his teeth as he listens to Hashidearu recount what she could about the incident taking place in Naruki. They were facing something that demanded Shizuka use his bankai? He should be alright....right? Shizuka wasn't alone after all.

“I was no use in Naruki City. But I can be of use gathering reinforcements now.

He had no idea what they were facing in the World of the Living but...chances are, there would be a lot of collateral damage. The Lieutenant's bankai from what he knew from word of mouth, was an unforgiving one. The damage that would befall the city from a clash while using it was something he himself couldn't begin to imagine. He turns to Michi, emerald hues peering into her eyes.

"I need a favor...go back, and tell Koyo to head to Fourth Division and inform them we need relief units to be deployed to Naruki City for possible injured parties."

He had been working to pawn Koyo off onto Michi but now, things were different. If things were truly as dangerous as Kanojo was making it out to be, Koyo a boy uncertain in himself and his abilities would serve only as a liability if he went. It was suicide for him, and though the kid was weird...he couldn't let him end his life before he even properly discovered himself...or got the help he so desperately needed. Unbeknownst to either of them, Koyo had already departed, his Soul guiding him to another place, for another matter at hand. He turns to face Hashidearu.

"You did great Hashidearu, I'm sure the Lieutenant would be proud of you. Head back to the barracks, alert the Living Task Force to deploy to Naruki City immediately. Find the boss's coordinates and have them set up a perimeter around his location...and to push it out a hundred fold. We'll try to prevent any humans getting swept up in the situation, deal with the collateral damage best we can."

He takes a step, prepared to head out but stops as if remembering something. He glances back towards his peer.

"Do me a favor when you relay those instructions...don't say it was from me."

He had realized that he was acting out of his normal character, he wasn't meant to be dependable, wasn't meant to be someone she could trust to figure something out, to help in any capacity. Even if she went back and relayed all his instructions and told them it was per him, he doubt anyone would believe her...but he still couldn't take that chance. propelling himself into a shunpo he rushes back towards his Division's barracks, his paltry proficiency in Hohō extended his travel, demanding more steps to close the gap between him and their squad. More steps meant more time, time the others didn't have. As he moves he once more retrieves his Denreishiki, thumb moving to press down, typing on the go, before pressing send.

[Heading to Naruki City. Boss in danger.]

The message was short and to the point, lacking details, something he didn't have to give at the time. it makes its way to the respective devices of Kaisou who he was set to meet secretly at Fourth Division, and Sango who's whereabouts were unknown even to him. If he was going to miss his appointment with his Doctor, he at least had to tell him why. The two closest to him understood he didn't make a move without reason, he wouldn't risk exposing himself, HARMING himself unnecessarily.

Arriving at the barracks he doesn't slow down, his hand reaching down gripping Natagumo as he heads towards the Squad's personal Senkaimon. He takes a breath, steeling himself and winces as his reiatsu begins to fluctuate just as he passes through the prepped Senkaimon. Gritting his teeth, his fingers coil tighter along the handle of his zanpakutō, bearing with the pain coursing through his body.

C'mon Shizuka...Izanagi...be ok...be ok

He hopes and prays silently to himself.


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"Listen, you're wrong. He is NOT my-"

All Michi heard from the male, who was clearly frustrated from the way he scratched the back of his head, all the sudden they heard an yelling female voice. She turned her head in attention to the voice’s direction.

“There is an emergency in Naruki City. Lieutenant Shizuka has released his Bankai and the city was unmanageable for me. I have come to relay the message that we need as many reinforcements as we can muster. The power of the arrancar that arrived has Izanagi and the others fighting for their lives!”

Seeing the female standing in front of them explaining more of the situation, Michi was too stunned to move, or say anything about the situation. The fact there is a powerful Arrancar in Naruki city, as well the fact Lieutenant Shizuka released his Bankai? That is a serious situation, dangerous. Izanagi as well huh? He better still be alive!. What is making more of a concern is innocent citizens of the human world. Are they safe? Have they been evacuated?
“I was no use in Naruki City, But I can be of use gathering reinforcements now.”

Staying silent, as she could be, letting Tōsu handle the situation since, for one, he's older than both of the females standing there. And Two, he seems to be more in a more leadership kind of mood. She noticed this due to his green eyes staring at her, with a serious look to them in her eyes.

"need a favor...go back, and tell Koyo to head to Fourth Division and inform them we need relief units to be deployed to Naruki City for possible injured parties."

He instructed her to go back to the 6th division, where they presumed Koyo was still there. Michi simply nodded towards Tōsu, giving him a signal she understood his instructions clearly. Turning her body away from the two tenth division’s members and began to sprint towards her division. Whooshing through her unseated members, who were gossiping and laughing, she got a little bit annoyed by this, since they are supposed to be doing their work. However, no matter if she wanted to scold them for it, there is a more urgent matter on their hands.

Once she returned, she decided the first place to look was her office, no sight of Koyo there. She remained calm at present moment, and swiftly looked through the nearby corridors of her division. No such luck as of yet, she began to get a little more frustrated at the fact Koyo was missing. That was until one of the unseated members came up to address what he had seen.

“Kiyoshi-sama, I believe I saw the boy leaving at our gates.”


“Thank you”

Was all she said towards the unseated male. In her assumption, Koyo must have gone back to the 10th division, to be sure she decided to sprint towards the neighbouring division. Seeing Division was surrounded by their unseated clueless members, she sighed in annoyance at this, couldn’t for once be bothered to confront them she decided hop onto the roof and got in that way. She was now in the other division’s barracks running every inch and corner of it. No such luck on finding Koyo, where was he? Did he abandon his duties? Shame on him if he did. This led to Michi dragging out her Denreishiki, beginning to Text Tōsu of the situation.

“Unfortunately, 4th Seat Koyo Koetsuji is missing. I can not find him”

Feeling like she failed them, the fact she could not find the young male who was like a robot, she started to walk out of the division until she stumbled upon the division’s Senkaimon. She saw it being wide open, like if someone was about to return or go out.



That was when she saw two bodies thrown out of the Senkaimon. One of those bodies, had no head at all, only the body had only ever came back, scanning the body with purple eyes it was clear that this one was dead. She could not identify the body at all, if it was the head that came through then she could’ve tried and identified the Shinigami. She then focused on the other. The other body looked exactly like her cousin Izanagi Kiyoshi. whose body was nothing more but a torso with a head on it with perhaps half an arm, no legs at all and covered in burn marks. Damn, he was pretty much dead at this point if she didn’t do anything at all. Her face turned from stoic to a face that was horrified at the appearance of the condition of the bodies, one was dead completely with the head missing, the other. Izanagi was on the verge of death’s door.



Michi knelt down to their level, She moved her finger tips onto her cousin, Izanagi, feeling his neck there was some pulse to it, however it was weak. Feeling somewhat relieved there was potential hope for Izanagi to survive, lifting his remaining half an arm over her neck and proceeding to lift him up with somewhat of an ease due to his half being missing. Before she took off, her grip around his torso was quite tight and secure, preventing any time she would or could drop him during her journeys to the 4th division. Leaving the unknown body, From there she began to sprint out of the 10th division, zooming past unseated members of 10th division, knocking them down in the process by accident of course. Despite the ongoing fast, she felt that she didn’t like that it was fast enough due to the urgent situation. Deciding to place some of her Reiatsu into her legs, she began to get more faster then usual she started heading towards the north east, which was where the 4th division is located.

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