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Listen Here!

It seemed as though she was at a loss for words yet again. For one reason or another, she had been dormant since her short encounter with Oyama and Ochitsuki. Although she was no more than a faulty tool, she was a tool nonetheless. Sadly, she couldn’t get past the imperfections that plagued her. Her own soul tormented her as if there was an intruder within her body. Omoikane acted as though it and Utsuro were not intertwined. It rejected her presence, her being, everything that she believed herself to be. But what was she, really, if her own Zanpakuto denied her existence? Nothing, she was simply hollow – just as her name stated. Utsuro was headstrong, yet she seemed dull at times. Not because of a lack of physical talent or strategy, but because of what she allowed to distract her when not on a mission. Such a weakness had manifested itself for too long and now she had to confront it, unbeknownst to her.


A demand for her presence comes forth and she moves to act immediately. Unfortunately, her body does not cooperate. She feels lethargic and too heavy to move. It’s as if the weight of her metal soles has quadrupled in an instant. As she sets herself on her knees in an effort to regain her composure, she closes her eyes briefly. Once they open, she sees a familiar void filled with fragmented parts. The realization of where she is causes her stomach to turn over and over again. Just how long will she be forced to stay here this time? Unbeknownst to her, her will to serve Captain Mukuro will serve as the key to breaking what she believes to be a forced Jinzen. A cold, callous voice echoes in her head from an uncomfortably close proximity. It feels as though the presence is scrambling her brain with its demand in an eerily serene tone. A hand grips her throat and begins to press, but it causes her no pain. Its corporeal form shifts with each passing second, not allowing for it to maintain a solid grip on the Kuchiki. Even if it could, it had no official way to cause her harm directly. Utsuro was not aware of this, however, as she believed Omoikane to be a unique case when it wasn’t.


“You are nothing.”

“And yet, you bind me here.”

“I hope you die.”

“I’ll make sure of it.”

And perhaps he would ensure that her life met its end. After all, he had managed to delay her ability to answer to Kyomu’s call. Every single time that she talked with her Zanpakuto, it bullied her. Rarely did she talk back. Instead, she would typically plead with it to release her from its hold. Today, however, she did not have time to play these literal mind games. A wave of spiritual pressure exudes from her but manages to contain itself within her quarters. It does not threaten anyone around her, but it does break the subconscious suppression of her spiritual energy temporarily.

“I will not do this with you right now.”


Surprisingly, a hefty tone pours out of the woman. For the first time in a long time, a small spark can be seen within her eyes. However, like any display of emotion that comes from her, it, too, fades quickly. In complete silence and at the highest possible speed she can move without losing awareness of her surroundings, Utsuro sojourns from her quarters and appears in the meeting hall just as she hears—

“Find the Kuchiki...handle this situation. I leave it to you..now go."

Unease begins to inundate her as these words replay in her head again and again as she is quick to act and speak up. Whether or not her Captain will care enough to listen is something she does not know the answer to. It is clear that there isn’t much she knows the answer to at all. She has failed and is aware of it. It would be unwise to interrupt the man, so she does not elect to do so. Instead, she waits for permission to speak from her Captain, or for Ochitsuki’s presence to meet her own. A small bead of sweat forms on her forehead—dealing with such volatile internal struggles was not pairing well with the stress of the situation at hand.



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The Captain went on to reprimand Oyama, something that Ochi held no interest in there was no advantage to gain or anything new to learn from listening closely to it. However, what was on his mind, in his twisted fantasy world of violence was yet again another mental showdown between himself and his Captain. From this crouched position if he used Shunpo and drew his blade simultaneously to cut his Captain would he be able to reach him? Yes and No. Ochitsuki would reach a version of Kyomu, an image of his past self, of his former location. In his mind he pictures Kyomu’s head falling from his shoulders along with the headrest of his chair. Before he can drink in this victory a deep valley of a cut opens up along his shoulder, over his collarbone and down his torso as he would then realize Kyomu is standing behind him. Even in this fantasy world he cannot defeat his Captain, however striking down his Speed Clone is a step in the right direction.

These pointless mental bouts mean nothing until he actually tests his mettle against the Captain properly, until then all he has is mental duels to go off of. It is then he hears his name, the Captain’s voice cutting through his mentally projected fantasy like a blade and bringing him back to reality. He looks up at the Captain, awaiting his new orders.

"I believe I called for all my seated officers. As you can probably tell Hitsugaya is dead, and Shinobu is once more bed ridden due to her illness. Utsuro however...has no excuse not to answer my call. Find the Kuchiki…handle this situation. I leave it to you..now go."

Ordered To Kill

Ochitsuki’s face twitches as if he is fighting back an emotion or feeling and it was not anger or rage. It was sheer joy, his warped smile wanted to form so badly, however he had to keep his composure in front of his Captain, to maintain professionalism and respect. He nods his head and turns to move when his target, his victim, arrives before him, kneeling with their head held low before Kyomu. Ochitsuki’s eyes widened, like a predator honing in on its prey. No longer could the twisted smile be held back as the emotionless doll shows emotion for the first time ever. That small bead of sweat falling from her head was enough to signify stress and possibly fear. Before this bead of sweat could even hit the ground it is blown from her left to her right by a breeze of air rushing across her neck and face.

To her left would be Ochitsuki with a maddening grin on his face, reaching towards his back with a firm grasp on his Zanpakuto and to her right would be another Ochitsuki standing some distance away from her with his blade already drawn, staring towards the sky, his face hidden from her. Utsuro would have to think fast on which Ochitsuki is the real deal, which one should she deal with, which one has already attacked or which one is preparing to attack. The one to her left appears to be drawing his blade slowly while the other begins to slowly turn towards her, his face still obscured from her sight. This young man trains physically and mentally everyday to inch ever so closer to fighting and killing his captain. What could a doll, who is only good for taking orders, possibly do to him? The clock is rapidly ticking for the Kuchiki who may be one of the last of her clan line.


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As the girl finished her report, she allowed herself to glance at the demented man that was Ochitsuki. She knew if she was first, he was going to be the next to speak. Even though she had her feelings towards the Oda, she was curious about what he had to report. Something about him intrigued and disgusted her all at once. So she watched as he exhaled and started speaking.

”All is well with the Nest, Captain. I indulged them in some minor hand-to-hand combat and have broken their bodies and spirits. Their bodies will heal but their spirits shall not. I do not foresee them attempting any sort of escape, not with the fear I put into them.”

Himari allowed her head to tilt ever so slightly as the man spoke. So, even he knew the concept of fear. Even though she didn’t really like the insane man, she was impressed. She didn’t full on agree with his…methods. But, he did get things done. Which lead him to speaking of the training he had put Himari through since she had started training under his wing.

“The girls' training went well. I exposed her to four poison methods, poison via pores, poison through areal dust like agents such as spores and the like, injection into the bloodstream, and through willing consumption of any food or beverage that may be tampered with. By now her body should have adapted and created immunities to these methods of poison and any attempt to poison her should fail.”

As Oda spoke in detail of the training they have done, Himari herself was a little impressed at herself for going through each and everything the demented Oda had laid out to the Captain before them. Yes, she had a disdain for the man, but thanks to him she was a better component to the Division. She had a new skill under her belt. Even though she hated to admit it, she had to thank him for that.

So, as he turned to glance at her she didn’t return it with its usual glare. She just stared back, no emotion on her face. To Himari, that was enough.

“I have also expanded her pain tolerance as well. It should have dulled her nerves to most forms of pain, beyond knowing that she has been hit it would take more than a few slashes from a blade to slow her down, let alone stop her. This also can translate well to any sort of amateur torture someone may attempt if she were to get captured by an enemy. In conclusion the woman has made… Good progress. That is the end of my report.”

As the man finished speaking, Himari didn’t remove her eyes from him. Being put through the torture, her body being ripped apart over and over again from the man. Even through it all, from Himari’s pain and grown disdain at the man, his main goal was to just follow the Captain's orders.

Finally, it was Oyama’s turn. She wondered what she had to report about the Rukon man. She didn’t truly care for it, but if the Captain felt it enough to have her report it then she had to listen to it.

“A failing on my part Captain, Had I taken control I would have gathered more… Useful information. There are only rumors and hear say about this Rukongai swordsman, that they’ve seen him drunk and asleep on sides of pathway or alleyways. Some saw him at a party the night before the games had begun. We wanted conformation on this report and had casted a wider net from those inner court guard out in the Rukongai, to see if there is consistency in these rumors and hear say. reports came back with consistency of him being drunk, and continues to drink, normally such a man wouldn’t garner any attention, even with the scars he has; he would’ve been labeled as a drunk fighting for his life, yet his display in the games has sparked a rumor among unseated members and Rukongai citizens that he might have been the one to kill the Mad Dog Captain Asakura.’

She knew instantly from the switch of her spiritual pressure and the sound of her voice that it was Furia speaking. Himari almost laughed at this. First, it was a little odd that she was speaking at all. Oyama should be reporting. She felt it a little strange that Furia was showing up at all.

Then, her spiritual pressure shifted again and Oyama finally showed herself and spoke.

“I wish I could report more accurately, though… I don’t think this Rukongai swordsman will reveal anything outside of being a drunken stupor, as the latest report that this team behind me gathered was his location at a bar in the Rukongai. That is the end of my report.”

Well, that was anticlimactic. She allowed herself to glance at the Captain, knowing that he wasn’t going to be happy. He didn’t speak. He didn’t show if he was angry or not. He just sat there, his eyes drifting from the three of them like he was choosing which piece of cattle to slaughter first.

Then his eyes snapped to Oyama. His selection was made.

“Oyama, do you know what pains me the most…next to failure?”

Even though she wasn’t being addressed, a chill ran down her spine. Yep, the Phantom wasn’t pleased. She thinks back to her first meeting with the Phantom, she knew that even though she couldn’t feel it, that Oyama was being drowned in the Phantom’s spiritual pressure.

“A cowardly weakling.”

She doesn't flinch or gasp as she notices the girl being pushed to her knees by the Captain's spiritual pressure. She only allowed herself to silently watch, her face erased of any emotion. The older Himari would have looked at this situation with disgust. But the new one only felt a growing sense of respect.

He went on, his words getting even more heated as he spoke of the poison of fear and how Oyama allowed Furia to speak before she even addressed him. She couldn’t help but agree.

‘Your job in gathering intel isn't to be reliant on the target to reveal something himself, but to scour the earth to discover whatever imprints left behind by the man. I know that he is a drunk, I also know he is suspected of Captain Asakura's death, Captain Oda has already said as much. What I don't know is where in the Rukongai he originates from, how he obtained his zanpakuto, and how someone as skilled as him has remained under the radar until now. I also do not know why you felt the need to bring the Inner Court Troops here, I have no need for them for it is YOU Oyama Hoshi, the one who leads them that I must hear from."

She felt nothing, but she knew Oyama was suffering under the pressure of the Phantom’s spiritual pressure. Having fallen victim to it herself, she watched in amazement as Oyama struggled in the trenches of the Captain’s spiritual pressure.

‘Be grateful coward..that you still draw breath. I wont indulge this kind of foolishness a second time. Now go.``

And as the Captain released Oyama from the assault of his Spiritual pressure, Himari released the breath she didn’t realize she was holding. She was shocked that he didn’t do more. This wasn’t the Phantom she read about. One that wouldn’t allow someone to walk away without blood. That intrigued Himari.

The Phantom once again speaks to the Oda, surprising Himari yet again. There was another seated officer she hadn’t faced? And they had the nerve to not come when called? She sort of wanted to know who this person was.

But, Himari’s thoughts were placed on hold. As she watched Oyama and Ochitsuki be dismissed, she was addressed by the Captain.

“You’ve adapted well.”

Himari says nothing, just stares back at the Phantom as he leans forward.

“When you first came to me, I admit...I expected little from you. However, in your short time here you've shown a resilience, a fire and drive I've seen only in one other person within this division that has served under me."

She wasn’t shocked to hear he expected little from her when she first showed up to his Division. She wasn’t even hurt by his words. She had felt the same. The Himari who showed up in front of the Phantom that time was nothing. A girl who was heading straight to die in her own fear, her own coward-ness. The one standing before him now…Had a changed resolve.

What did shock her, was that the Phantom had seen something in her to even say it reminded him of someone who served under him before. Even though he didn’t speak of who the person was, she knew that it was someone who he respected and held high regard for. And for the very first time, Himari had felt seen. Acknowledged.

But he didn’t stop there.

“I offer you an opportunity, Himari Shimizu. I will teach you to become strong, I will teach you how to shed your weakness...I will teach you how to kill."

She didn’t move as the Captain got up from his seat, heading straight to her. Silent. His eyes are not straying away from hers.

“Become my student. You will move as I move, learn what I know. You'll be my shadow, where I go so too will you. We will take that fire burning inside you...and use it to forge you into a weapon. Make your choice.”

She didn’t say anything for a few long moments. She just stood there, her hands now going to grab onto the halt of Fudo myōō. She didn’t move it to draw it, but instead to feel him. She knew what he would want her to choose. She had to become someone that wasn’t the old Himari. Someone worthy of wielding him or he would kill her himself.

The woman who was going to wield him wasn’t going to be the young girl who stayed hidden in the Fifth Division. The women to wield him wasn’t going to be the young girl who was scared to kill, drained in her own fear of…Nothing.

And just like that, she allowed herself to bring her right hand to her chest, fist balled into an upright fist. She stood tall, her eyes showing her determination.

“If you are willing to teach me, I will humbly accept your proposal of being your Student, sir. Guide me as you see fit.”






“Fear is a poison to which you should be resistant to by now. It is a weapon to be exploited by us, wielded against both our enemies...and our allies. Instead of wielding fear you pathetically become its victim, cowering behind your other personality like a sniveling child. So weak..So sad...so pathetic.”

That feeling, that all too fermi liar feeling came back to her. That Arrancar from 100 years ago, had dropped his reiatsu on her, yet this was worse, as she came barreling down to the floor. To say breathing was difficult was an understatement. It was hell, every bit of splintering wood underneath her had been sinking into her. Was this death? Was he so cruel to end her through suffocation, rather than slit her throat?

“Your job in gathering intel isn't to be reliant on the target to reveal something himself, but to scour the earth to discover whatever imprints left behind by the man. I know that he is a drunk, I also know he is suspected of Captain Asakura's death, Captain Oda has already said as much. What I don't know is where in the Rukongai he originates from, how he obtained his zanpakuto, and how someone as skilled as him as remained under the radar until now. I also do not know why you felt the need to bring the Inner Court Troops here, I have no need for them for it is YOU Oyama Hoshi, the one who leads them that I must hear from.”

Her breathing by this point had stopped as she was suffering under his reiatsu, only gasps could be heard from her as the captain spoke. This was her punishment, the constricting reiatsu had bound her to the floor, unable to move, unable to claw at her throat as she was squeezed of life before finally getting relief. The loud gasp of air could be heard from her as she was quick to grab her throat, her breathing heavy, as she looked up at the captain once more, eyes blood shot from the whole experience, her face red from the strangulation before it slowly began to return to normal.

“Be grateful coward..that you still draw breath. I wont indulge this kind of foolishness a second time. Now go.”

“Yes… Captain… Thank you… Captain…”

Its all she would be able to say as she was still catching her breath, before moving herself away. Yet she heard the task given to the ever so sadistic Ochitsuki, a task that he would no doubt enjoy killing someone. Furia was interested in see this sadistic display of a slaughter, though Oyama wouldn’t allow it as they walked down the hall, walking past the Kuchiki woman. They only stopped once a shift in reiatsu neared, her head turned to see Ochitsuki towering over the woman, while it would have been entertaining to see how the Oda conducts himself, she wouldn’t want to be in the way as she would be collateral damage. In that instance she would shunpo herself back to the inner court guard.

The members of the inner court guard had resumed their work, gathering the locations of all those who were within the seireitei. Once she had arrived the court guard would stop for a brief moment to greet her return before resuming work.

“Get any information from 7th division on the Rukongai Swordsman, have the available members follow him.”

“Yes Ma’am!”



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It is the cornerstone of the Kuchiki, it is their blade, their strength, their foundation. Pride in their family, pride in their abilities, pride in their name. Since the Kuchiki killers actions or..perhaps even before that, that same pride begins to lose its luster, diminishing in value. Shirogane had forsaken his pride, perverting his cause in pursuit of greater strength, only to be brought down to his lowest level as a result. His mother, gambled her pride against the Judicator, that same pride having mutated into arrogance in believing she held any true power. She follows her son in his death. Utsuro, regardless of her upbringing, regardless of what house or faction she is from within the fallen clan, she bears the name of Kuchiki and while she should have inherited their pride, it seems as though she has instead abandoned it altogether.

The Captain does not seem to notice the girl's arrival, perhaps she was swifter and subtler than even she had anticipated. She listens to the words spoken by her Captain, coming in on the tail end of Oyama's reprimand and Ochitsuki's new orders. These are orders the twisted Oda would undoubtedly take delight in. It is an assumption that proves to be correct as his face twists and distorts into a psychotic smile. The prideless Kuchiki hears these orders and has no intention on letting things go as planned. She immediately moves to prostrate herself before the very man who had resigned her to her supposed death, as Oyama shrinks out of the expansive hall. The young Hoshi would have no part in whatever was to transpire here today. She had been lucky enough to evade death once today, she had no intention on gambling with her life any further.

Still, Kyomu does not seem to notice Utsuro or, perhaps it may be more accurate for one to say and assume he simply does not acknowledge her. The Phantom's ghostly steps seemingly carry him past the Kuchiki to address Himari, voicing his surprise and satisfaction of the woman's short tenure here in second. He appears before her, while simultaneously nearly a dozen paces behind Utsuro. The Captain is otherwise blind to Ochitsuki's actions, and thus the fate and outcome of Utsuro. Will she resist against her assassination turned execution or will she submit to it? Regardless, it was as though Kyomu himself was so far removed from the situation. Utsuro wished to plead her case, wished to speak up yet as things stood now, it seemed her Captain would hear nothing of the broken useless doll. Perhaps the road to salvation for her, would come by way of the very man charged with handling her. If she could, perhaps convince Ochitsuki to spare her then maybe Kyomu would give her another chance. It was a rather large if, a true gamble on her part. Could she do it? Could she break through the psychopath, make him hear her, help her?

“If you are willing to teach me, I will humbly accept your proposal of being your Student, sir. Guide me as you see fit.”

Kyomu had presented Himari with an opportunity, a choice and Himari had made hers. The specter of a man moves past the blue haired woman. Still, he says nothing to Utsuro, eyes never drift her way nor does he address Ochitsuki who moves to fulfill the orders given to him prior to his target's surprising arrival.

"Follow me."

He instructs Himari. Her life has begun its transformation, truly taking several turns. She has gone from being the Fourth Seat in the Fifth Division, yet without face...without true identity, to a victim of Lieutenant Katsuo who had removed her arms in a spar between them. From there she moves to go to the Second Division, once again she is in a squad without identity, without a presence, and now she stands, and will move as the Protégé of one of the most elite killers of the Seireitei, her identity now connected to his own as she becomes enveloped in the Captain's shadow. This is unprecedented, having only ever happened one other time within the killer's life as there are very few he would bother with.

As he and Himari move to leave the hall, Utsuro perhaps move to struggle against her fate. Unbeknownst to both her and Ochitsuki rather she lived or died was of little consequence to the Phantom. Having ordered the Oda to handle Utsuro, his intentions appear rather clear to the gleeful killer, yet it also left room for possibility one might say. No matter the outcome, however the Oda chose to handle the woman who has as of now, yet to truly prove her
usefulness 一 her value to the Gotei, the Division, or the Phantom himself, Kyomu would be fine with.

The winds of change blow throughout the Soul Society. For some it is a soothing breeze, others...it is a hurricane. What winds do Himari and Utsuro face, and how will they come out on the other side?