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It was unexpected to get an answer from Shōri but the answer she given wasn’t satisfying, and only raised more questions in Oyama’s and Furia’s minds. Why was Hotaru a monster? What was her goals with Shōri and Signy? What did she have planned for herself and Furia? Or were they too new for such plans? Another question was why did Furia Manifest so late in her life? What made her different? She was aware of the eye colour change yet she couldn’t help but wonder why her hair didn’t her hair colour change?

Even Furia couldn’t give an answer as to why she manifested so late. She only remembers coming into existence after Oyama entered the Academy, or more specifically when Oyama started to manifest their zanpakutō at first it, this was the beginning of Furia’s life? or was she always there? Though memories of Furia’s past was next to non-existent, as the only memories she had was of Oyamas. There were indications that Furia had taken control before, as assault on students in the night had happened due to Furia exacting her revenge on those who bullied Oyama, hell she still holds her grudge against Lieutenant Suta for what he had done in 13th division a hundred years ago.

“Do you think something happened to us when we were younger?”

“I don’t know, probably. We’re both in the dark here”

When she had arrived in second divisions court yard it had been empty or appeared to be so. Yet it was the opposite, the members of second had stationed themselves to watch over the perimeter and area, well hidden and impossible to find. she traveled through walking herself to the main entrance and down the hallway where a member of the inner court guard had appeared with report in hand. She had a quick glance over the report and was intrigued to find out another lieutenant had died in the world of the living, this time in Naruki City. thirteenth has suffered another defeat with 5th seat Nokoribi heavily injured and being treated within 4th division.

“I want to see the reports from 13th division and the situation in Karakura Town as soon as possible. This is getting out of hand, A captain, and two lieuteants died, and a seated officer missing. It doesn’t need to be said but still have this report delivered to the captain.”

“Yes ma’am”

The inner court guard member had disappeared from sight, as she continued her walk down the hallway; her fist clenching as she felt like she couldn’t do anything from here, as she was now beating herself up mentally over the fact that she couldn’t get anything on the Rukongai man.



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Beams of light are reflected off the finely polished gold that sits upon the crimson posts adorning either side of a series of steps. The lush green surrounding them, the extravagant gold used for mere decoration and with how the steps scale upward one might be forgiven for believing that these steps were those that led to some form of paradise. A look at the symbol emblazoned upon each post would quickly ground such fantasies to the cold reality, that these steps were not an ascent to heaven 一 but rather to the hell that was the Second Division.

The gold reflects the surroundings like finely polished mirrors, a glimpse into the surface and one is able to catch the sight of someone approaching these steps. Their stride is calm, casual, their steps weightless. Despite the fuss and celebration of the games, the scholars of the Third Division still somewhat reeling from the antics of Twelfth Division having once again invaded the Academy, around these steps leading up to the Second Division..there is both silence and stillness. It is as though there is some invisible void surrounding the entirety of this space muffling sound, as though there was a vacuum sucking in any semblance of life leaving only the coldness of death. It is the atmosphere of the Onmitsukido, an environment for killers and liars, the shadow of the Seireitei.

The steps are scaled, one at a time. There is no rush or hurry behind their steps, no sense of urgency to reach the top. Understandable, for what soul that was aware of what lay ahead would find any joy in arriving at such a place? Reaching the top was a gamble. Just because one could arrive didn't mean they could leave. The likelihood of the trip up being the last one ever made was....startling, to say the least. Step by step, the bottom of the stairs grows further as the gates to the division become clearer, and draw closer

and Closer


Until finally, the journey up comes to an end. The massive gates into the barracks begin to open almost automatically, as if greeting the traveler who, even now shows no change in the cadence of his steps, his pace never slowing nor picking up. They calmly, boldly walk into the open gates that begin to close before they have even fully passed through, yet the timing is such that only after the traveler has fully passed through, that same moment is when the gates close with a quiet subtle thud.



The traveler is of course Kyomu, returning to his division after finally freeing himself from the burden that was the Kenpachi games. He is greeted by rows of members of the Stealth Force, all at attention. Their posture? Immaculate. Their formation? Evenly and perfectly spaced between each and every soul. Their discipline? Iron clad, evident as not a single soul moved, as if they were all mere mannequins placed and propped up for display. Their individuality removed, they were nameless faceless shadows, that lived in the shadows of the Seireitei, watching their fellow man, their fellow shinigami. They were daggers, blades, poison to be wielded by their Captain however he saw fit, all for the betterment and the protection of the Gotei 13. This was what it meant to be a member of the Stealth Force. Still, Kyomu does not stop moving, his feathery steps still calm, carrying him through the opening made for him leading further into the barracks. He does not acknowledge the men who have come to greet him, he does not turn his head or avert his eyes from the path ahead and simply continues to walk.

It is only once he has passed do they all finally move, bowing in perfect unison before dispersing into flickering shadows in separate directions, all save for one agent. The agent travels behind the silent Captain before finally matching his pace perfectly. He closes the gap between them considerably, and whispers something briefly into his ear before letting the distance between them grow once again.

"Summon all of them."

Kyomu finally speaks, feet now greeted by the finely polished floorboards of their barracks.

"Have them meet me in the meeting hall. I wont wait long."

The agent bows and like his peers from earlier, he too disperses into little more than a blurred shadow, an inky streak of fleeting darkness. Moving to execute Kyomu's command he makes his rounds, moving to inform the members of Second that the Captain has returned...and was awaiting their prompt arrival in the meeting hall. He'd be sure to stress the urgency of their arrival.



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The room was silent, not a sound was heard. If you were to walk past said room, you wouldn’t have thought it to be occupied at all. The door was closed, the room dark of any light. Any spiritual pressure that would have been sensed if it were anyone else was gone.

But there was a person in said room.

The blue haired girl was seated directly in the middle of the room, eyes closed. Her Zanpakuto Fudo Myōō sat in her lap. For the past few
Hours, she had been here. Working in the inner parts of her mind. She was determined to get closer with Fudo Myōō before the Phantom returned. Yes, she had worked alongside the stealth force to learn how to blind in. She had even ventured into the Thirteenth Squad on her own to find something, anything.

But, the worst weakness of hers was her relationship with her Zanpakuto. It was nowhere near where it was supposed to be. And she feared that she wasn't going to be at the level she wanted to be without fixing it. But that soon was going to be placed on hold.

A person in all black had entered her room, silent like a ghost. But she knew they were there. She knew she was always being watched and it was going to be time soon where she was going to be called. Now was the time.

“Sorry to intrude, but you have been summoned by the Captain. He is waiting for you in the meeting hall.”

And he was gone. He didn’t wait for her to respond or move, he was gone as fast as he came. He knew Himari wouldn’t ignore the command.

And that she didn’t.

Suddenly, the mismatched eyes of the blue haired girl named Himari Shimizu were open. She wordlessly moved to grab Fudo myōō, placing him back into his place on her hip. She didn’t allow another second to pass and she used Shunpo to quickly make it to the meeting room. She was indeed nervous to be in the presence of the Phantom once again, but she had been itching for it as well.

She had appeared into the meeting room almost as if she had teleported. No time had passed, and suddenly she was standing before the Phantom. She said nothing for a few moments before she cleared her throat and did the most unthinkable thing she has ever done since she became a part of the gotei 13.

She went down on one knee, her head lowered. A true sign that she respected the Captain before her. She had never done this before. Not even to Tenzen. This was the first time she had truly respected anyone in her life.

“Welcome back, Captain.”

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Oyama had kept herself busy within the inner court guard, watching over reports that came in from the messengers. Lieutenant Ueki gave a speech, and plans on how they’ll handle themselves on the world of the living. Seated officer Yurei Shiroi, has entered the hospital and has yet to give a report on the situation on Karakuratown, however the unseated member of thirteeth that returned from their rotations in Karakura Town have reported large amount of Hollow activity, along with Quincy sightings engaging Arrancar.

Yet the members of the inner court guard watching over the Games had reported only hearsay and rumors about the Rukongai man, though he was tracked with an entourage of nurses to a bar, along with Former Head Lieutenant Honoka Oki, 4th seat Zhou Feng along with some his family members; Both Elk and Signy Hoshi had made there way towards the same bar, finally two 8th division members being the final tally of who was at that bar.

“Interesting gathering, though you could chalk it up to just being popular”

“Regardless everyone in that bar is now being monitored. If it’s brought up who’s at the bar, we cannot lie about it and say we didn’t know who was there he’ll know.”

“Can’t even play dumb?”

“Nope, will just report whose at that bar. As for the world of the liv-”

Another member of inner court guard had rushed in bringing a report from 12th division, that a large number of souls had been lost, drastically effecting the balance. Her eyes closed as her fist clenched, memories from 100 years ago surfaced the burning of Karakura, the smell of fire and grim stone as the gates of hell had opened behind her, a voice calling her name. She felt useless once again, and once again she had hoped someone could come and save the world of the living.

“Oyama Hoshi, you are being summoned to the meeting hall by the Captain”

She didn’t say a word only disappearing with the members of the inner court guard, where they would reappear would be at meeting hall all in unison and in formation, every single one on their knee with Oyama at the head of them, herself on one knee, along with her fist at the ground.

“Welcome back Captain!”

“Welcome back Captain!”

All spoke in unison before going silent, as they awaited on what their captain had to say.



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Once again sitting inside the Maggots Nest, Ochitsuki has become idle and bored. The prisoners have given up hope of fighting back and have opted to tend to their wounds the best they can. A medical professional from the outside would not be needed to aid them as they seemed capable enough using shreds of their clothing as bandages. Since the Games began their lives have been miserable, they have never hated being a prisoner more than they do right now. They glance over at Ochitsuki and it immediately feels like he is locking eyes with them, no matter where they are in the crowd. The Fourth seat has completed and excelled in his job as the temporary guard of the Nest, however, it seems like that time is coming to an end. A coded knock is heard at the door prompting the Oda to stand to his feet and exit the nest for the final time. The prisoners do not sigh with relief because they do not know when he will return, they do not know if or when the beatings will continue.


The sound of water is heard amongst the trees that dot the landscape of the Second Division Barracks, a harmless pond has turned scarlet red, the culprit being Ochitsuki himself, cleaning his upper body off of blood before moving towards the designated spot to greet his captain. The air rushing past him and the sun beaming down was enough to aid in the drying process so he wouldn’t show up a soaking mess. There is an air of frustration about him as he wished the guards alerted him sooner and because of this he will be arriving late to the meeting, the captain may not take kindly to such tardiness. Nearing the location he spots Oyama and, surprisingly enough, Himari it turns out she didn’t run away after all. The two had given their greetings and shortly after that Ochitsuki arrived, positioning himself beside Oyama, kneeling with his head down.

”Welcome back… Captain.”

Ochi had arrived without his Shihakusho top and though he had washed the blood from his body the scent of it was heavy. If one were to examine him they would be able to tell that there were no wounds on his body so it was clear he was soaked by the blood of others. With his demented mentality this should have come at no surprise, further more, it means that the prisoners of the Maggots Nest have been beaten into submission. Despite this fact, however, Ochitsuki’s mind was only plagued with thoughts of how his Captain was going to punish his tardiness, although… When taking a head count he realizes that there are two more people who have yet to arrive, the sickly Shinobu and the idle doll Utsuro. Their tardiness was to be expected, so he cannot account for leniency in this situation. A brow raises up as he then realizes that Shinotori had not returned from the games, that means he perished in them.

A demented grin grows on his face as that man’s destined death fell upon him sooner than even Ochitsuki thought. Had he returned in any capacity the Oda was going to kill him for an error he had made. The Hitsugaya had entered the nest with his constant release Shikai on his wrists, Ochi had told him once before to leave his Zanpakuto outside only for him to do it again, this time in the presence of the Captain. All Kyomu did was give a look towards Ochitsuki and Oyama that day as a stern warning to ensure that mistake never happens again. That look was all that was needed to agitate the demented young man who had previously warned the white haired idiot. Death in the games or death by his hand, either way his life was ending on this day. Even though he arrived late he found a silver lining in the fact that someone he wanted dead had surely passed on. Now he awaits for his Captain’s order for a debrief, he hasn’t much to report on but what he does have should be enough to make him satisfied.