[BSD-RP] Soul Society: Southeast Seireitei


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With his order delivered the Phantom waits, and he observes seated upon his chair, his seat of authority 一 half of his haori and shihakusho hanging off him. There is much to be taken from not only how swiftly they answer, but how they arrive, as well as how they do not respond at all, that is if there was any bold enough to ignore his call.

Surprisingly, out of all those who serve under him and have served under him, it is Himari Shimizu, the newest addition to the Second Division, that arrives first. Like a whisper carried by the wind she appears before him, and immediately he notes the difference between who she was when she first came before him, and who she was now. The sniveling blue haired woman filled with self doubt was replaced with a woman filled with conviction. Her posture as she took a knee, bowed before him and her tone as she greeted him 一 the Captain no longer saw a liability but a forgeable asset, and perhaps...

While he contemplates and plans, his focus shifts to the next arrival. Oyama Hoshi manifests next to Himari, and oddly enough, she doesn't come alone. Like Himari, Oyama takes a knee before her Captain greeting him, an act mirrored by the Inner Court Troops she's brought along. Kyomu's gaze looks past Oyama, focusing on the kneeling troops, an intensity behind his gaze, sharp like Genzoken's edge. It is a feeling that appears isolated to them alone, neither Himari nor Oyama subjected to this. While the troops were being tormented they ironically find relief in the most unlikely place or...rather thanks to the most unlikely individual. Ochitsuki oda appears, shirtless yet dressed in the scent of blood. Like the other two he kneels and presents his greeting to Kyomu's return. With Ochitsuki arriving Kyomu's focus is for now taken off the troops as he gazes at the three before him.

It seemed these three would be all who came. So be it.

"Himari, I hear you've gained some intel."

Kyomu speaks, first addressing Himari, the newest member of his squad.

"Ochitsuki, the information regarding the Nest as well as the progress if any that was made in the training."

He then shifts to address the crazed Oda, curious to hear about his perception of Himari's training as well as the status of the nest.


His Fifth Seat is finally addressed, a pause, one that seems to stretch indefinitely before he proceeds.

"I heard you went to investigate that Rukon Swordsman. I'd like to hear what you've learned."

As Kyomu sits there he addresses each of them. They all have things to report, all have things Kyomu desires to hear from them specifically. It should be clear exactly what each of them is meant to report, and the order in which they should deliver their reports. Out of everything he is waiting to hear, the one he is most curious to hear from..is Himari. It is not that he perceives her intel to be the most vital, which...it may very well be. Rather the Captain is curious in how she will report, how much she has learned. This is another crucial step in her indoctrination as a member of the Onmitsukido, a step she has taken all her own.




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And she waited. She allowed herself to raise her head from its lowered position to finally get a good look at the Captain before her. Nothing was said as he sat in his chair, haori hanging off his shoulder watching. She knew that he wasn’t just sitting there in silence, he was analyzing each and every move they made. And he will also analyze every word they say.

He was always working.

So she made sure to be ready. She stood from her kneeled position, head held high. Any moment now, she was going to have to speak and prove herself worthy to be here.

Next to enter the meeting hall was Oyama, but surprisingly enough she wasn’t alone. Behind her gathered Court troops. Even though Himari would not show any emotion on her face, she did wonder why she did this. She was sure this was just a meeting for the Captain to speak to them, why were they here? She allowed herself to take a glance at the Phantom to see what he thought of this.

Of course, he didn’t say a thing. And just like her, his face showed nothing.

There was only one person left to enter the meeting hall. And even with the time Himari has spent in the Second Division, she still didn’t like the said person. But that didn’t stop the man from entering the room seconds later.

Ochitsuki Oda entered the room, smelling of blood and shirtless. He kneels down and greets the Captain and Himari feels her skin crawl as he speaks his greeting.

It was silent again after that, not a sound was made. Everyone in this room was skilled enough to not make a sound. Even their breathing was silent as they waited for the Captain to speak.

"Himari, I hear you've gained some intel."

Even though Himari didn’t show it, she was shocked that he addressed her first. She was an unseated officer in the Division. A newbie. She would have thought he would have spoken to Oyama or Ochitsuki first. It was small. To others it wouldn’t have meant anything. But to Himari, it gave her another sense of belonging. And a surge of confidence filled her body as she nodded.

He then turned to speak to Ochitsuki.

"Ochitsuki, the information regarding the Nest as well as the progress if any that was made in the training."

She would glance at the Oda. Of course he would have been there during the training and even the spar between herself and Oyama. Even though she didn’t like the man, she wanted to hear what he thought of her training. Did he think she had what it takes? That she progressed?

Lastly, Captain Mukuro addressed the other blue haired girl in the room. Oyama.



He waited. Staring at Oyama with piercing eyes. The silence cut like a knife and it almost was enough to make Himari sweat. He allowed the uncomfortable silence for a reason. Why?

"I heard you went to investigate that Rukon Swordsman. I'd like to hear what you've learned."

The Rukon Swordsman? It had to have been the one who caught against their Captain in the games. She was curious as well. Having a random join the games was interesting. She hoped Oyama had something to say of the man.


Himari knew instantly that since he addressed her first, and didn’t directly state who he wanted to hear first, that he’d want her to speak first. Himari allowed herself to place her hands behind her back, her posture relaxed. She allowed her red and gray eyes to meet the Phantoms. No sense of fear of uncertainty was found in them as she prepared to speak.

“While you were away in the games, I went to squad Thirteen alone to investigate Katsuo's death. The whole division was in shambles and it seemed they too didn’t really know what was going on.”

She paused. Allowing a beat for this information to be absorbed before she spoke again.

“But, I overheard a few conversations of vanishing souls in the world of the living. They think it has something to do with their readings of powerful arrancar in the area. Other than that, they too seem to not know what truly killed Lieutenant Katsuo. But with the vanishing souls and also the readings of Arrancar in the area, I’m sure it has something to do with that. Everything seems to be under speculation.”

And with that, Himari allowed her arms that were placed behind her back to relax and cross in front of her chest.

“That is the end of my report, Sir.”


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Second Division Reports Begin

"Ochitsuki, the information regarding the Nest as well as the progress if any that was made in the training."

His head nods in response to the words being spoken to him, however it was not his turn to speak, yet. Hirmari started to speak, giving her report on Thirteenth Division.

“While you were away in the games, I went to squad Thirteen alone to investigate Katsuo's death. The whole division was in shambles and it seemed they too didn’t really know what was going on.”

Ochitsuki’s head lifts up and looks in Himari’s direction, although his face didn’t express it his body language did, he was in shock to hear about the death of Katsuo. He knew about Katsuo’s exile from the clan, but this still came as a shock to hear someone raised under the Oda banner was killed. He looks away from her and wonders if Tenzen already knows and how he will react to the news. But that bit aside, a Lieutenant has died, it must have been someone strong to pull off that feat.

“But, I overheard a few conversations of vanishing souls in the world of the living. They think it has something to do with their readings of powerful arrancar in the area. Other than that, they too seem to not know what truly killed Lieutenant Katsuo. But with the vanishing souls and also the readings of Arrancar in the area, I’m sure it has something to do with that. Everything seems to be under speculation.”

For Ochitsuki, who exists in a Division where information is king, the thought of having no info on a situation like that seems ridiculous. Were their eyes not glued to the situation? Did the assailant destroy all the witnesses too? All these questions and no answers in sight. This is not to put blame on Himari but rather it is on Thirteenth Division itself for not having these answers. Whatever is going on over there they need to get themselves together.

“That is the end of my report, Sir.”

The Demented Man Reports

Ochitsuki exhaled slowly before beginning his report.

”All is well with the Nest, Captain. I indulged them in some minor hand-to-hand combat and have broken their bodies and spirits. Their bodies will heal but their spirits shall not. I do not foresee them attempting any sort of escape, not with the fear I put into them.”

It is ironic how a young man who was born without knowing the concept of fear, who cannot even feel or rationalize the emotion beyond a dictionary definition, is so potent and efficient at instilling it into others. There may still be Maggots who would try to escape but their numbers would be few and they would not be able to escape beyond the Second Division’s walls. Now for the second half of his report, the report the Captain is possibly most interested in hearing.

”The girls' training went well. I exposed her to four poison methods, poison via pores, poison through areal dust like agents such as spores and the like, injection into the bloodstream, and through willing consumption of any food or beverage that may be tampered with. By now her body should have adapted and created immunities to these methods of poison and any attempt to poison her should fail.”

He glances over at her then back to the ground.

”I have also expanded her pain tolerance as well. It should have dulled her nerves to most forms of pain, beyond knowing that she has been hit it would take more than a few slashes from a blade to slow her down, let alone stop her. This also can translate well to any sort of amateur torture someone may attempt if she were to get captured by an enemy. In conclusion the woman has made… Good progress. That is the end of my report.”

Despite how Himari feels about Ochitsuki the young man was just doing his job as he was told to do. He has nothing to gain from tormenting her senselessly. He enjoy’s taking in the suffering of others and breaking their spirits, beyond making the girl cry out from pain he was not able to, or rather not allowed, to break her spirit. Himari has shown she has a strong will and spirit, very combative no matter what situation she is in an it is that spirit that makes Ochi want to fight her rather than torture her. His blood is not that of an assassin’s, he has been molded and tempered into one but at his core he is a warrior and Himari’s indomitable nature makes his warrior blood boil with anticipation of a good fight.

Now it is time for Oyama’s report, Ochitsuki has no major opinion on Oyama other than he prefers dealing with Furia more than her blue eyed counterpart. Hearing about some rukon swordsman makes Ochitsuki curious about the report, the Captain speaks as if he has crossed paths with him already. It must have been in the games, an event Ochitsuki could care less about since he was barred from entering thanks to his cousin’s order. Furthermore he wonders where things will progress from here.







A pause that had her head down, with her unable to look up at the captain directly.

“I heard you went to investigate that Rukon Swordsman. I'd like to hear what you've learned.”


Oyama’s head remained down as the captain began to ask each of them what they had to report. She had her eyes closed and would remain closed as Himari began to speak of Oyama’s former division, her fist clenching at the thought of Katsuo dying. Who was his backup? Where were they? She knew he was foolish but to get himself killed? He was good enough to become a lieutenant, yet that strength didn’t seem like it was enough, or at least his strength wasn’t enough to prevent his death.

Ochitsuki began to talk of the nest and how he had both broken the nest’s prisoners both physically and the spirits of those who wish to organize a rebellion against them. He was effective, and had her wonder how she managed to run into the kindest if not foolish member of the Oda’s to the more sadistic and blood thirst member of that family. Polar opposites for sure, but she would chalk that up to the adoption, and the kind hearted nature not snuffed out from Katsuo.

It was once he was done talking her head had lifted, her eyes had shifted from blue to red as she looked up at the captain to finally deliver her report.

“A failing on my part Captain, Had I taken control I would have gathered more… Useful information. There are only rumors and hear say about this Rukongai swordsman, that they’ve seen him drunk and asleep on sides of pathway or alleyways. Some saw him at a party the night before the games had begun. We wanted conformation on this report and had casted a wider net from those inner court guard out in the Rukongai, to see if there is consistency in these rumors and hear say. reports came back with consistency of him being drunk, and continues to drink, normally such a man wouldn’t garner any attention, even with the scars he has; he would’ve been labeled as a drunk fighting for his life, yet his display in the games has sparked a rumor among unseated members and Rukongai citizens that he might have been the one to kill the Mad Dog Captain Asakura.

The red eyes of Furia began to swirl and shift back to blue, as Oyama stared up at the captain, with uncertainty of how he would react to her failing of her own set mission. Even more so that she didn’t exactly report it herself, a moment of weakness that Furia took over, and spoke with more confidence that she could at this moment.

“I wish I could report more accurately, though… I don’t think this Rukongai swordsman will reveal anything outside of being a drunken stupor, as the latest report that this team behind me gathered was his location at a bar in the Rukongai. That is the end of my report.”

She wondered what he had instore for her, and if this report had satisfied him or not. To remain calm was all she could attempt to do, as she was actively working quell her nerves.


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The Phantom's ghostly amber hues fix themselves upon young Himari. She once again proves herself to be a capable asset, a quick study 一 straightening her posture, arms placed and fixed behind her back before proceeding with her report, her heterochromatic eyes meeting her Captain's gaze. How bold.

The woman oddly enough does not open with the death of the Lieutenant of the Thirteenth Division, but rather her follow-up to his death. He listens as she regales him with her venture at the thirteenth, sharing with him the limited fruits born from her covert venture. It seems she wasn't able to glean much. This is no demerit to the proactive Himari who did well I getting that far. On the contrary she has succeeded, not in uncovering any more information regarding the death of young Katsuo, but in discovering the disorganization of the Thirteenth division, their lack of resourcefulness and inability to perform under pressure. It is a gap in the Thirteen Court Guard squads, one that needs mending sooner rather than later.

Himari upon completion of her report is granted no words, no head nod, no act of acknowledgement. Instead, Kyomu's eyes simply shift from her towards Ochitsuki.

The demented Oda begins with his report regarding the maggots squirming and worming about within the nest. As expected, Ochi confidently attests to have broken the bodies, hearts, and more importantly the spirits of those considered far too dangerous for one reason or another to be allowed to roam about freely, integrated with their fellow shinigami. It would be convenient if that were true. This was not the Captain doubting his fourth seat's ability, but rather him not underestimating the spirit of one who feels wronged, one that hungers and thirsts for freedom...for revenge. While the chances of one or more of the maggots being capable of deceiving the Oda into falsely believing he had broken them are extremely low, the odds weren't zero.

Now, it was time for the real report. He listens intently as he is informed on Himari's tolerance towards poisons, drugs and toxins having gone well. While the Oda reports that none of those methods will work on her, Kyomu knows differently. There are a variety of poisons, toxins, venoms and drugs that could still be used, also in various combinations. The foundation to a strong resistance has been formed, but...there was still work to be done. As Ochitsuki goes on, his report reflects what Kyomu has observed the moment she appeared before him. That there is a fire within her, that not just progress has been made, but significant progress. With the conclusion of Ochi's report, the Phantom's eyes drift back over to Himari. He doesn't say anything as he studies the woman, gauges and looks through her. It is uncertain as to what he is thinking about while staring so intently. Himari would have to be left wondering, as the Captain's attention is finally pulled by the last to report, Fifth Seat Oyama Hoshi.

When it is her turn instead of simply reporting as she was told, the young girl cowers and shrinks behind her safety blanket called Furia. The cowardly Hoshi leaves her tougher half to bear the brunt of her failure. As Furia begins, she attempts to shoulder the blame from Oyama, however she succeeds only in furthering the failure between the two. Furia's words imply that she held the capacity to take over at any time to ensure that they had succeeded, but made a conscious choice not to. By failing to take control to ensure the success of their mission, by failing to refocus the distracted Oyama she has ensured that both of them have fallen below the expectations of their Captain. Yet the Phantom does not react, he continues to listen, waiting for either more excuses to come, or to be surprisingly met with something besides further pathetic explanations for their failure.

Furia provides the Captain with nothing new, reporting information able to be obtained simply from being in the presence of the man he was forced to fight. He already knew Suiyo enjoyed his liquor, already perceived the man to be, at face value a drunk. Information about him further drinking and partying served nothing, the man had displayed remarkable skill in swordsmanship. This meant he wasn't just some lowly nobody within the Rukongai. Even the information regarding him being suspected for Captain Asakura's death is a conclusion Captain Oda had come to and personally informed Kyomu about. After Furia concludes the report of their failure, Oyama the coward creeps back to the surface like a timid animal.

The Phantom's Will

The three before him stand in silence, united under the gaze of the Captain. Eyes drift from Oyama, to Ochitsuki then Himari...and then from her to Ochitsuki, then back to Oyama. The time taken to look over each one of them varying from person to person, as if the Phantom was mulling something over regarding them as individuals.


Where Oyama had been addressed last, it seems she is the first to be spoken to this time around.

"Do you know what pains me the most...next to failure?"

His eyes narrow down upon the girl as the room appears to grow dimmer, darker. The floorboards begin to creak under the weight of an unseen force 一 it was of course, the Captain's spiritual pressure. Typically completely subdued, insulated and suppressed this time it comes bearing down, its focus is discriminant, isolated solely on Oyama. His question to the blue haired girl was clearly rhetorical as he gives her no time to give an actual response.

"A cowardly weakling."

The words spat out were cold like ice, sharp like a dagger, and stinging like potent venom. The reiatsu weighing down on the young Hoshi doubles, then triples in its focus and intensity. The sound of the creaking floorboard grows louder as the wood begins to splinter, unable to endure the abuse being brought upon them thanks to Oyama's actions.

"Fear is a poison to which you should be resistant to by now. It is a weapon to be exploited by us, wielded against both our enemies...and our allies. Instead of wielding fear you pathetically become its victim, cowering behind your other personality like a sniveling child. So weak..So sad...so pathetic."

With every word spoken, the Captain's disgust becomes more apparent, almost palpable. This disgust stems not only for his hatred for those serving under him being timid and cowardly, something he has mistakenly endured in the past, but because he actually expected more from Oyama. Her zanpakuto was one he considered perfectly ideal for assassination, fit for an agent of the Onmitsukido. He saw potential in the young Hoshi's ability, yet right now he does not see what he once perceived when welcoming her into his division. Instead he is reminded of the others who came before her, timid little things, unfit to be used for spying or killing. They were not assets, they were burdens, and right now Oyama is perceived in equal light. It was clear Kyomu was well aware that Oyama had failed to retrieve anything of note, which is why he specifically had her go last, and focused on the task she was meant to be completing, a task she failed in due to...distractions.

"Your job in gathering intel isn't to be reliant on the target to reveal something himself, but to scour the earth to discover whatever imprints left behind by the man. I know that he is a drunk, I also know he is suspected of Captain Asakura's death, Captain Oda has already said as much. What I don't know is where in the Rukongai he originates from, how he obtained his zanpakuto, and how someone as skilled as him as remained under the radar until now. I also do not know why you felt the need to bring the Inner Court Troops here, I have no need for them for it is YOU Oyama Hoshi, the one who leads them that I must hear from."

The Captain lists the woman's failures, her mistakes as the intensity of the reiatsu constricting her only grows steadily, without end. Pushing back with her own reiatsu ran the risk of upsetting the Captain further, besides...it would be like an infant kicking against the grip of a boa constrictor already tautly coiled around them, strangling the very air from their lungs. Times like these Furia typically took to the forefront to shield her weaker half but...Oyama had already made the mistake once in cowering behind Furia in front of Kyomu..what would he do if she did so a second time? While Himari and Ochitsuki can see Oyama's struggle, they remain ignorant to the feeling she is experiencing, such is the control the Phantom holds over his reiatsu. Kyomu allows his words, his ire to sink into Oyama, soak into her very bones before suddenly..the weight upon her is lifted.

"Be grateful coward..that you still draw breath. I wont indulge this kind of foolishness a second time. Now go."

Despite both the harshness of his words and his treatment of Oyama, she is in a unique position, one rarely afforded to those under the Captain's employ. Though reprimanded the Phantom does not draw her blood, nor does he kick her from his squad or strip her of her position. Oyama, if she is able to look beyond her own fears, and her failure will see that she has been given a second chance. A second chance to prove the Captain was not mistaken in trusting her, a second chance to prove she wasn't a liability. Would she rise to the occasion, or squander the opportunity granted to her?


As Oyama who has been dismissed, should be in the process of leaving she is able to hear Kyomu address the Oda next.

"I believe I called for all my seated officers. As you can probably tell Hitsugaya is dead, and Shinobu is once more bed ridden due to her illness. Utsuro however...has no excuse not to answer my call. Find the Kuchiki...handle this situation. I leave it to you..now go."

Where Oyama was reprimanded, Ochitsuki instead is entrusted with a task. Utsuro Kuchiki, on the surface she appears to be the perfect weapon. Devoid of will, an automaton in the guise of a Shinigami almost. Yet, where was this tool when called upon? A tool that couldn't be used, lost its purpose as a tool. He left the matter to Ochitsuki to handle however he saw fit.

Both Oyama and Ochitsuki had been dismissed from the meeting hall, which left only Himari with Kyomu. It is only once the other two are gone, along with the Inner Court Troops needlessly brought along by Oyama, does he finally address the blue haired woman.

"You've adapted well."

The seconds tick by forever before Kyomu's voice is finally heard, and what it is...it is surprisingly in praise of young Shimizu. The Captain leans forward, his posture relaxed, his face still masking his thoughts.

"When you first came to me, I admit...I expected little from you. However, in your short time here you've shown a resilience, a fire and drive I've seen only in one other person within this division that has served under me."

Kyomu does not bother naming the person of whom he is comparing Himari to. From his words alone, it is obvious he held such a person in high regard. Part of what Himari had strove to accomplish appeared to be happening right here and right now. She and her efforts were being acknowledged. Yet, there was more to be said.

"I offer you an opportunity, Himari Shimizu. I will teach you to become strong, I will teach you how to shed your weakness...I will teach you how to kill."

Kyomu rises up out of his seat, his silent steps carrying him forward until he is standing directly before Himari, staring into her heterochromatic eyes.

"Become my student. You will move as I move, learn what I know. You'll be my shadow, where I go so too will you. We will take that fire burning inside you...and use it to forge you into a weapon."

He gives her a minute to weight his words, to take into consideration all that he has said, and all that he offers to her. There is no deception in his words, no hidden meaning, no subterfuge to be had. What he offers is a choice and...if Himari was the woman he perceived her to be, he knew what choice she would make.

"Make your choice."