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Awkward Heals

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It was a surprise even to her. At that moment, the man smiled at her. Joking easily as he always did. Junko had not expected to feel such affection for the man. Another soul to train. They would move on. Yet Mizu was there. It was soothing. She simply beamed. Hooking her elbow around his. She marched forward with no hesitation. Mizu knew her well enough. He moved in tandem with her now without missing a beat. This realization came with her clarity. What needed to be done. How to approach particular issues. Where she had lacked.

The silence between them was not uncomfortable. Mizu always appeared aware. Like he could see the wheels turning in Junko's mind. Leading him along, she aimed for the front desk. Reception. They drew nearer, an unwelcome sight awaiting the two.

Gathered in a half-circle. Whispers. The various squadmates were so engrossed they had not noticed the duo's arrival. Closer. Letting go of Mizu, Junko ventured forward. What was so fascinating? As she drew nearer she was noticed. Space was immediately made, clumsy backward steps made by all. This simple, united maneuver did its job. Revealed the mystery: a hole in the wall surrounded by blood. Like knives. Sharp, unflinching. Her eyes swept the room for the injured. How had she missed a fight? Had it been a fight?

The entrance was devoid of anyone dripping blood. Like a whip, her head snapped back. Looking to the nurse nearest to her. Almost harsh, yet not quite. The unspoken question was answered quickly.

"A woman from Sixth, ma'am. She suddenly got upset and..she just did this," she paused. Junko's face softened. Inviting. "she just punched the wall and she left. No...she..yeah! She said something about getting stronger." she grinned at the few details she could recall. It was enough. Junko motioned her toward the reception desk.

"Please bring the files on the three officers to my office," Like a glove. Her arm looped around Mizu's once more. Smiling to those around her. The one nurse had left. Gone to retrieve the files. Junko's attention landed on the next, her head tilting toward the hole. "this needs to be cleaned and have a temporary cover. We don't want our hospital to look dangerous."

A bloody hole in their wall. How much confidence that would inspire in those who would arrive seeking aid. Irritation flared in her. The same as the green-haired man she had left not too long ago. A haven for injured souls one moment, a punching bag the next. The disrespect shown to her Division felt like she herself had been slapped.

With a small bow of thanks, Junko moved forward.

She had hoped for more time with Mizu. But it would have to wait. It might have frustrated her. It was her job all the same. Bursting into the office, the door hit its stopper with a harsh bang. It felt like it had been forever. The office felt foreign. Releasing her hold on Mizu she strode forward. Exaggerated swings of her legs delivered her to her desk. The chair wheezed slightly, Junko's weight suddenly plopped upon it. Simply dropped. It's hard to realize how truly tired you are until you stop moving. Taking a seat felt like the chair itself had stolen her energy. A quiet sigh she hoped would go unnoticed. Remaining silent, she waited. Waited for Mizu to settle in where he pleased. Waited for the eye of the storm to pass. The sense of urgency clawed its way up her throat. Gnawing and ravenous.

A harsh clang filled the room. Echoing, it faded off slowly. Eyes peeked up to Mizu. Her face was abashed. Her tired hands had simply flopped upon the typewriter set before her. Against her will. A bite to the inside of her cheek stifled a yawn. Her teeth continued to clench. The moment the metallic taste of blood hit her tongue she released. Even if he were to have watched her closely, it was unlikely he had noticed. Though her suddenly revived self could not escape such scrutiny. Hands lifted from the machine. They seemed to flounder in the air uselessly. Yet Junko felt the pull of the muscles. Tendons tightening. Fingers like claws. Separated strangely. Each joint at a strange angle. The claws began to tighten. Then relax. Another sigh. This one was relieved. Her hands rested softly upon the beat-up old typewriter this time.

Nearly immediately her fingers had begun to move once again. Almost a blur, rushing from one key to the next. The sensation was moving closer. The nurse was nearly upon the door. With a satisfied snap the typewriter died. The newly emblazoned paper pulled away. Her free hand searched blindly for her seal. Had her desk always been such a mess inside? When was she ever even in here? The seal should have been on the top. She admonished herself. What a silly mistake to have made. Finally feeling the object, she had completed the folding and sealing of the singular paper just as a timid knock was heard at the door.

A playful wink from Junko to Mizu. The woman entered with files in tow. Junko sat oddly now. Both arms extended. One hand was empty, reaching out as if in desperation. The other held the letter. An ask and an offer. Junko made it appear like a hostage situation. She would not allow the files to leave the woman's grip alone. She would not allow the letter to leave her grip alone. They completed the silly dance only when they both held what they needed and were released at the same time. The files pressed against Junko's chest quickly. Mimicking relief. A small giggle. The other woman was smiling. Then asking, without looking at the letter in her hands, what she was to do then.


"Deliver this to Sixth Division for me. It's a bill for the damages."


She bowed to them both. Still smiling. Backing away. She left the room without ever turning her back on the two.

The stack of files pounded down on her desk. A single swipe of her hand. They now lie in a row, side by side. Another swipe. Their protective covers had been lifted, revealing the first page of each. The name of Mizu's mystery patient revealed itself to her. Unhappy that Izanagi Kiyoshi was one of the injured. Pleased with Mizu's work. Her Denreishinki was suddenly in her hand as if it had been there all along.

Her teeth were chewing on her cheek again. Now nervous. It was her job, she believed. Yet it was not something she had ever had to do before. The act itself felt intimidating. Fingers hovered over the digital keyboard. Eyes sought out Mizu. Conflict filled them. Looking to him as if seeking answers. As if he could aid her while not even knowing what she struggled with. Finally, she moved. Hesitant taps upon the device. Each word was thought out carefully and planned ahead. When finished, she must have read the damn message fifty times. Send.

"Head Lieutenant Kasumi. Izanagi Kiyoshi of Squad Ten, Shoumetsu Takahiro of Squad Eleven, and Nana Nokoribi of Squad Thirteenth remain in intensive care for the remainder of the day. All three have been treated and are expected to make complete recoveries."

It was a simple message. The time spent focused on it seemed silly. Junko had never spoken with the woman before. She heard little about her character, only of her feats. Even so.... It didn't matter. Her temperament. If she would be pleased or annoyed by the message. If she cared about such matters or not. Junko still felt the urge of obligation. Back into her pocket, the device went. For now, at least, there was nothing else that demanded immediate attention. Calm quiet.

A more relaxed gaze fixed itself on Mizu. Her smile was lighter. No longer a size too small for her face. Forced. Closed and then set aside, two of the files rested on the corner of her desk. The third she pushed forward. Flipping it so the text was oriented to his perspective. Pride. Her face radiated this feeling. Alone, Mizu had faced a task larger than ever before. He had done well. His patient would be fine.

"Seems you've been busy."




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4th Division -------> 7th Division

Noi wasn't afraid to match Atsuko's gaze, her posture almost mimicking Atsuko's own as Noi adjusted herself, elbows sitting atop her knees and hands hanging loosely between her spread legs. Much as Atsuko expected, Noi didn't have an answer to her salacious question, only getting a scoff and a light utterance of 'perv' under the younger girls breath, rolling her eyes.

“I won’t keep anything from you, so don’t worry.”

“I was practicing an ability that I’ve known about for quite some time now. It is called Shunkō.”

“It is the ultimate form of Hakuda technique and is deeply intertwined with the use of Kido. Although I’m not there quite yet, I want ya’ to wait and see how far I’ll get.”

Watching as Atsuko demonstrated, Noi wondered how difficult this Shunkō thing was to learn if someone like Atsuko, who was so strong and smart, would struggle with it, to the point of nearly ripping her arm off. It had to be intense, more than anything Noi had the knowledge of. Granted, she didn't know much, her education lagging far behind her combat training.

"Thanks for telling me. That's... Pretty wild. To think something like that even exists in the first place," She vaguely gestured as she said 'wild', not sure what would be a good way to help her describe what she meant, hoping it'd be clear enough to gauge at the very least.

“Let’s continue talking at our barracks – you never know what or who is listening.”

The paranoia wasn't anything new. Growing up a noble - lesser, sure, but still a noble - and then becoming a Shinigami left Noi surrounded by political mind games at every turn, and with the untimely death of their captain, Noi could even argue the paranoia was a bit warranted. Truly, you never knew who was listening, and what they'd do with what they heard.

Noi nodded. Pushing herself up, she took Atsuko's hand, bracing herself for the whirlwind of nausea to knock her down as soon as Atsuko stopped.


And, without fail, once they were outside their barracks, Noi wobbled on her feet, knees chattering below her, reaching out, and slumping against the nearest wall as the familiar torrential waves of nausea slammed against her guts. She hated Shunpo so, so much. Okay, maybe not hated the art itself, but certainly hated how it made her feel, how she'd be knocked on her ass even if she was simply along for the ride. Someone with a constitution like hers shouldn't be so weak as to throw up her lunch at a bit of high speed movement, and yet she was, her combat tutor's voice ringing in her ears.

Thankfully she wasn't actually getting sick, rather just limply letting herself sit against the wall, taking slow, even breaths. Were it anyone other than Atsuko that had offered, Noi likely would've refused, not risking the contents of her stomach just to get somewhere quicker, but Noi trusted her Lieutenant with her life, so she'd happily tag along when given the chance. Even if it meant she was going to be useless until her scrambled stomach calmed down enough to move again.


"Y-You go on without me, ugh,"

Noi stays where she is, Atsuko seemingly taking her words and leaving the girl. She'd catch up with her Lieutenant later if she could. For now, she just didn't want to risk more sickness than she had to.

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Arriving at the Seventh division

It didn't take her long to come to a sliding halt at the gates of the Seventh Division barracks. The seiritei flew past her, the vast bodies of Shinigami going about their daily lives like little ants moving across the ground. It was a different perspective altogether.

The pink-haired Shinigami looked around while straightening her uniform. Once she had her bearing and all was in order, she cleared her throat and calmed her nerves. This was a vastly different division than her own. She had no clue about the entire layout or the stories and memories this Division held. Oh, the excitement of new knowledge, new memories. Yua's eyes darted around before she closed them, taking a deep breath, reminding herself she had orders. She was not about to let her Captain down after what she had witnessed earlier.

She reopened her lavender eyes before heading in, finding the first seventh Member she could. She needed to find the one in charge. One lieutenant Atsuko Ise. Once conveying the need to find the Lieutenant, the squad member was happy to lead her towards the main hall of the Seventh Division barracks. She was glad for the small tour to the Main Hall.

Once the doors opened, Yua looked in at the figures inside, taking Every tiny detail of everything within her field of vision, allowing mental notes and theories to formulate and fly around in her head. No, no, calm your thoughts, focus. You HAVE to focus. She told herself to concentrate on the task, spotting the one she was looking for.

"Lieutenant Atsuko Ise!"

Yua called out making her way to the Lieutenant before taking a sudden and sharp bow in respect.

"it is an honor to meet you. I am Yua Munetoshi, one of the newest members of Squad five. I am here on order from Captain Oda himself. He spent his regards and sent me ahead to request access to Captain Asakura's private quarters and all it has to hold."

Yua request was a near yell of nervousness. After giving herself a few moments of silence, she straightens up before relaxing, glad to let that off her chest. Once her mind was clear and the message out, she retook to the room, along with the Shinigami slumped against the wall, looking like she was about to lose all her stomach contents. This made the girl curious, but that was not the task.

Arrival at the seventh Division
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"Seems you've been busy."

This is what he heard as he sat down in the chair noticing Junko was fumbling at documents that were scattered among her desk. There wasn't enough time in the day he thought as he looked up at her and smirked and let out a friendly chuckle.

"Yeah.. I guess you can say that. It was a mad show when I arrived and noticed it was Izanagi Kiyoshi. Although it was my first time seeing him"

Even though it was Mizu's first time ever seeing Izanagi, he knew that he had to act quickly and without hesitation. Rubbing the back of his head he thought Was this truly what I'm meant to do..? There is so much more I know I can do. That wasn't my best effort!

Just as he would regain his focus he looked back up and noticed that she flipped over a document and there was a word that stuck out directly at his point of view. Pride Was this something that she was trying to tell him? Did she get report from what I just did? Sitting here wondering even though he knew that Izanagi would be fine. Realizing finally that he did everything he could he finally had put a smile on his face. This was the biggest task that he ever took on and took on alone without his Lt or Captain. The sheer fact that they believed in him made the feeling of knowing he did everything he could so much more satisfying.

Without hesitation he looked back up Junko and just smiled with a small tear falling to the ground.

"Wha.. Wha.... Whats that for?"

He felt immediately numb and had a sense of anxiety set in.. What was this word meant for? Was this something that was being said to him in reflection of his work? Was this something of more meer self excitement from her? Even though Mizu kept telling himself that he didnt do a good job was he Lt and Captain noticing otherwise? Instead of overreacting in his mind he looked up at Junko and noticed her face radiating a sense of happiness. It was at this moment all of Mizu's fears left his head and he was finally at peace knowing that his training and hard work paid off and there was nothing to worry about anymore.

He knew that even with his self-doubt he did everything he was expected to do while helping Izanagi be able to make a full recovery. There was no more reason to fear the unknown. Just then there was such a sense of relief that hung over him that all he could do was let out a laugh and smile back at Junko.

"Sooooo, Now that Izanagi is going to make a full recovery how was your mission? Are we gonna have time to relax or should you tell me about what or if anything interesting were going to be doing next?"



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"it is an honor to meet you. I am Yua Munetoshi, one of the newest members of Squad five. I am here on order from Captain Oda himself. He spent his regards and sent me ahead to request access to Captain Asakura's private quarters and all it has to ho-"


As Atsuko completely left, Noi was now on her own, Yua's voice crossing over her as she heard the other pink haired girl try to start up a conversation with the now-absentee Lieutenant, her words stopping with a gust of wind wisping her hair ever so slightly.

Noi couldn't rightly just leave the poor girl standing there, her nervous energy palpable as she attempted to get her words out before Atsuko vanished as quickly as she arrived for whatever reason Noi would likely never know. So, she did her best to hobble onto her feet, face pale and still saying she wasn't doing great, yet she huffed in a few breaths, steadying herself, and turning to give Yua an apologetic smile.

"I'll, er, text someone to let you in," she says, pulling her denreishinki out of gods knew where, and flipping through the limited contacts she had. There was Nao, Atsuko, Signy, Sanyu, and the now deceased Captain Asakura. Certainly, her options were limited, but as the highest seat behind Atsuko, Noi opted to send a text to Signy.​

maam there's a girl here from 5th that wants to be let into captain asakura's quarters!!!!!!

pparently captain oda sent her to do........


idk she was vague bout it

can you come unlock?????? or like

send somone else with teh key if your busy with ur hubby or w/e ;3

grassgrassgrassgrass (tl; wwww / lolololol)

Putting her phone back down her top, her attention flipped back to Yua. She took a quick bow, her stomach cooling off after the string of texts giving her something to focus on and forget the nausea that was so close to tossing her off a cliff of regret and humiliation.

"Sorry about Lieutenant Ise leaving so quickly. Dunno what got into her," Noi scratches the back of her head, pouting slightly. She honestly thought Atsuko wouldn't keep secrets after what she said not so long ago, but if the older woman had her reasons, she had her reasons. Noi would just have to accept she wasn't important enough to talk to about most things. She wasn't smart, she was weak, and she was almost completely obsessed with landing a husband. Squad matters were above her pay grade, and she had to assume Atsuko was off to handle said matters on her own, just like Captain Asakura did.

"But nice to meet you, Yua-chan! My name's Momomonoi Momotomo. Call me Noi though!" Flashing a toothy grin at the other girl, she pushed herself away from the wall she had been using for balance. "Until someone comes, you want anything? Tea? Snacks? I've got some candy from Museigen, it's amaaaaaaazing! Total melt in your mouth caramel kinda stuff,"