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The nurses from the 4th division began to swarm around the injured Kiyoshi, onto which Michi’s hands, her front, and side were covered in the male’s blood making her look like she was the one who attacked him which she had never attacked her family members unless if they were training together but never to point of limbs missing or being burnt to crisp. In a matter of seconds, more nurses began to swarm around his body causing the moon princess to be pushed back due to the rush. . She can only just stand back and watch them taking Izanagi away from her sight to be treated.

Not knowing where to stand or do, she followed them to a room, though she only stood outside of the room that read “Heavy injury treatment. Her face was purely in shock, worried. She couldn’t stop but thought about the sight. That was when she felt an unfamiliar hand on her shoulder, snapping her thoughts to look up to see a male, with black hair with a pink streak. She saw his smile and she smiled back with her famous bright smile.

“Officer Kiyoshi, Don't you worry myself and the staff will do everything we can within our medical abilities to help Officer Izanagi Kiyoshi make a full recovery.”

His mumbled words made her somewhat relieved. After all, the Fourth Division was well known to heal members the best out of anyone in the soul society. She took a deep breath and calmly said. Placing her cold hand on his hand which is on her shoulder, her nerves remained calm as best they could. She mumbled back, only for him to hear and nobody else could.

“Dearest Officer Sayuri, Thank you. You can do it, I believe in you.”

After she spoke, she took her hand away from Mizu’s hand, and not long after Michi’s shoulder was free from Mizu’s hand. Her eyes watched the seated officer go into the room, her smile soon faded away into a frown of worry. Her heart skips a beat as she feels anxious to let the other Kiyoshi clan know. She began to walk off as she gripped her Denshi out of her pocket, sending a message to both Shusuke Kiyoshi and Takashi Kiyoshi.

“Dearest Lord Kiyoshi and Takashi, Izanagi is on verge of death however Seated officer Sayuri is taking care of him”

She placed her Denshi back into her pocket and continued to walk towards the nearest quietest corridor. There she stopped, looking at the empty corridor. She stepped into that and quickly placed her back to the wall sliding down till she sat down, with her knees up to the face, covering it. Thoughts of who else was injured that badly? Who was that body beside Izanagi? What could've done this, surely no way any hollow would have done it, maybe a full bringer? Who knows, not her at least. Only the people who were there can tell the tale. Michi lifted her head and looked at denshi remembering what Tosu had said, there she began to message him, and only to him. Wondering where he was and if he was in the human world, she hoped he was safe.

“Where are you? Are you in the human world? If so…be careful. Found Izanagi’s half body and some headless guy. And be Safe!”





Her grip is swift and unforgiving, easily manhandling the princely man, forcing him to accompany her. In truth, she has no clue how the situation back in the world of the living is, but if Tosu is the one going out, the situation is grim enough. This is apparent from the loud arrival of the Sixth Division Kiyoshi girl, lugging with her, a beaten and battered Izanagi. Sango's face grimaces at the sight of her division's third seat in such a state, in fact, their notifications begin filling the room as one after another sounds off, alerting to more and more gravely injured shinigami. The final glimpse that she catches as she exits the area is that of Nana Nokoribi being brought in by her fellow squad member. Whatever is happening out there, isn't just happening in Naruki but also in Karakura. Was it the Quincy? Had they made a move? Or the togabito again? Could it be the arrancar? Did their forces finally organize to carry out such a coordinated attack? Thoughts race through her head as she sprints forward.



While she is usually loud, this time her voice reverberates through the passageways of the Seireitei. She is worried about what has already happened to put her comrade and friend in this position, as well as just exactly what it is Tosu and the Lieutenant are facing, unbeknownst to her, it is their very lieutenant that is the problem at hand. She charges through and out of the Fourth Division Barracks, with a leap, Sando is on the rooftops and begins a quick succession of flash steps that drastically shorten the distance between Tsunoda's and her barracks.


Traveling from Northeast >>> To >>> Southwest​

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Fleeing the room, Yui was nearly run over by those attempting to get away from the strange Lieutenant. Uncertainty had overtaken the woman. But so had curiosity. Feet slowly shuffling her way to the room. Inch by inch. Gathering her strength as she suppressed the eerie way the woman spoke to her. A fleeting memory. It was her job to look, after all. This was her patient. It was all too true. She had to look. The door ajar, she gave a small knock upon the door.

So lost in her thoughts she failed to notice the sudden silence.

So lost she failed to notice the true nature of the scene before her.

Reality can be a gift or a curse.


The world collapsed to reveal its true nature to the girl. The woman in the corner began laughing while the other seemed to pay no heed to the wardrobe malfunction. Exactly what had happened here? Unable to process the scenario before her, the sudden banging of the outer doors echoed throughout. Swiveling her head to the side, the muddled shouts made no sense. Taking a bow, she kept this stance as she backed away. Further. Out of the door. Standing, her head faced the main entrance.

"You've been discharged, Lieutenant Ise.

Words nearly breathless, yet fascinated. Quickly walking away, she left the duo to whatever trouble they may be getting in to. It looked to her like something much bigger was happening. Despite the lack of recognition by a given seat, Yui had proven a capable hand to Junko many times. Her knowledge far exceeded that of many that surrounded her. Everyone was gone. Sayuri was occupied. It was time to act.


Questions weren't asked or answered until the had begun transporting the man to one of the more severe trauma rooms. Silence, for the first time, encompassed the girl. Thoughts of being considered a wonderful medic for her deeds, for once, did not come to mind. Focus on the patient. The man was in worse condition than she alone could treat. That did not mean there was nothing she could do.

There was little to tell. Shoumetsu Takahiro. A seated officer of Eleventh Division. Injuries of unknown origin. Occurred during a battle with an Arrancar. Located within Naruki City.

First, to stabilize the man. Once the routine procedures were done for one who needed such a room. Then barriers were constructed. Housing away the most damaged areas in their own special compartments. The remainder of his body was wholly encompassed. Reiatsu flowed into the man from those the surrounded him. Those that did not focus upon the barriers. The man's own Reiryoku revived quickly with the multiple aids.

The process required more exertion than Yui had expected. Once the man had reached a point of comfort, the group had to stop. A collective sigh. No longer bleeding. No longer in immediate danger of death. For now, he would simply be asleep.

Sometimes the calm was infuriating. So much tedious paperwork. The quiet that made the halls of the hospital eerily silent. Yet it was all in the world Yui wished for in that moment.



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According to the reports of those that remained at the Games, their Lieutenant was on her way. The relief felt by the hospital staff was nearly a physical thing. Discovered in a simple room. Treated in a manner so basic it was difficult to believe the patient was still alive. The red haired woman now resided in the room beside Shoumetsu. As was done for their last two patients, the woman received the same preparation. Now they simply had to wait.

There was no time for other thoughts. Compartmentalize.



Every concern tucked away neatly in its own space. Shoved down and buried by only the present. There was no time to worry about anything else. A calm surrounded the woman. She simply had to ignore the location. No matter where it occurred, she had prepared. She had readied her mind for a long day of treating severely wounded patients. Such was not truly necessary at the Games. It was at the Hospital. This changed nothing. It even worked in her favor. More resources. More hands to assist.

In her ear, a small speaker continued to speak to her. The droning voice recited the second of the two patient's file once again. "Nana Nokoribi, of Thirtee--," The simple press of a button halted the loop. She had arrived. The churning inside of the building made it easy for one to imagine it as some huge living thing. All the parts scattered about. Constantly moving. Always working. Running from one end of the thing to the other. Only to go back once more. When Junko showed her face to those that awaited her, for a brief moment, the huge living thing stopped.

Then it moved once again, focus honing in on Junko. Many hands reaching out, it felt as though they'd tear her apart. Wresting herself from them and the non-stop movement of the mouths around her, Junko's reiatsu flared. Halting their motions for a few brief seconds, the panicked group of shinigami gathered themselves in silence. Around them, those watching the scene began moving along. Expecting such, and having heard it mentioned multiple times in the midst of their rambling. She began her way toward the more severe of the trauma rooms. She must have been correct, none told her otherwise. They simply followed.

The rooms pointed out, Junko's gaze bounced from one door to the other. Shoumetsu's injuries were severe. However, he had been stabilized well. He would not suffer from added time waiting. Thirteenth's member, Nana, was another matter. The exhausted squad could do little. Her life still balanced. Eyes stopping upon the woman's door, she pressed forward.


Was there a better word?

Junko wasn't certain what she was looking at. With "eyes" granted by kido to see the wounds within, Junko's hands hovered over the woman. A mere Arrancar caused this amount of damage? Unsure of how to accept this information while knowing how many shinigami were in the area. Compartmentalize. Breathing out, Junko focused on the woman before her.

Surrounded. The woman would be invigorated by the reiatsu that flowed into her from all around. Reiryoku reviving. Thriving. Coursing through its host with renewed strength. Seeking out the wounds. Junko had dulled any sense of pain the woman could possibly even feel at this time. Such a point of shock would have left her feeling almost nothing. Nothing but the struggle to breathe.

Her skull. Ribcage. Spine. Heart and lungs. These were focused upon first. Fusing together, the back of the woman's head mended. Within, pressure had been kept at stable conditions with a barrier. This was deactivated. Her brain activity appeared normal. Her ribs, in some places, had nothing left. New bone was created, bridging the gaps. From the outside, one could visibly see as the woman's chest grew slightly larger. Larger. The body's natural armor for the heart and lungs. The punctures and tears both of these organs suffered mended. Her chest began to rise and fall of its own accord.

As her focus remained on these key areas, the nurses had their own jobs. Rebuilding the woman's limbs.

Finishing their jobs in sync, it was time now to move beyond the bones. The nerves. Muscle. Skin. So much left to repair. Following along the same paths. The next layer was created. Muscle mended. Pulled together. Rebuilt as if such horrors had never occurred. They were nearly finished. That which was considered more superficial was now tended to. Junko found pause in this task. One hand moved briefly. Stroking the woman's hair softly. With a tight smile, Junko set to re-growing the skin of Nana's face.

Outside of the room, the team stood, breathing deeply. Such a task took much from them. The knowledge that their job was only half complete was no comfort.

The grim air surrounding her felt heavy. Reiatsu gathered more strongly where they stood. Junko focused upon those around her, eyes glancing about. It would be exhausting. But it would save this soul. It was their duty. Just as they had gone to the World of the Living in the first place.


Softly. Kindly. A warm smile behind the words. The calming effects of the woman's reiatsu. The group soon remembered why they worked so hard. Why they had to put in so much effort. It seemed in a single moment that all eyes were upon the door of the man. Their next patient. Their next hurdle.

Housed inside their own special compartments, the most grievous of his injuries awaited her. The flow of blood stopped, his missing hand mattered none at the moment. The left upper half of his torso was a different story. Shredded from shoulder to ribcage. Practically nothing left of so much of the tissue that made up that area. Starting with his heart, Junko began her work. The battered organ could barely move on its own. Gradually. As each tear disappeared. Each gash mended. It became steady, beating a steady pace. Able to breathe with ease thanks to his encased tattered left lung. Junko's next target. Around her, as before, the flowing reiatsu helped the man's own body regenerate itself. Working in tandem, the lung was soon whole once more. The barrier released. Air flowed easily and without resistance.

The nurses moved to work on his hand as Junko steadied herself.

The mangled left half exposed shattered bone at the frayed edges. Working from the center outward. Regrow the bones. The tendons. Muscles. Blood vessels mapped their routes once more. All pulling together. Growing toward the nearest like tissue, desperate to come back together. To be whole once more. Slowly his torso mended. The nurses had finished his hand, releasing the barrier. While the woman worked, they attended to the smaller injuries, the more superficial. By the time she took a few paces back, all had completed their tasks.

The nurses had little left they could do. Another team had been with the other patient, checking her vitals. Documenting her condition. The same would occur here. Junko and the rest were free to leave. Yet upon the arrival of the others, she remained.


"Nokoribi-san is in stable condition. She requires more rest in a trauma room for the time being, but as long as she rests properly we see no issues with her recovery. It appears the same for Takahiro-san here as well. We will transfer them both to their new rooms in the morning,"

Looking at her expectantly, they received only a nod in return.


With this, the confused trio left.

Slumped against the wall near the man's bed. Dangling her head as she considered the day's events.

The whole day?

It's been a long day.




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Yurei was standing outside the hospital out of view of anything that was going in there. He did not want to see Nana's face after the accident in Karakura. One would assume he would keep watch over her to make sure she was treated well but looking at her causes him to be reminded about his weakness constantly. The Gotei 13 is set up in such a way that strength dictates worth, it's simple enough to measure your value that way as a shinigami but it is that very simplicity that makes him feel worthless.

If he had done more to help then maybe he would have been the one to get hurt instead of her and frankly, to him that would have been the optimal outcome. He didn't get a lot of time to think about this back in Karakura and the situation never let him gain the composure to even try. Now that his mind is calm after... venting, he can consider this as both a victim and an assailant.
"Was I in the wrong here-?"

Face Of Judgement.png
His thoughts are cut short when he senses the Reiatsu flare coming from the Hospital. The calm lake that was his mind instantly became a raging stormy ocean.

"It's truly been a bad day".
Fearing the worst, he did not even bother truly observing the reiatsu that he felt.
The Shinigami shunpoed his way to the place he had felt the reiatsu coming from at full speed not caring for those who he bumped and sent flying along the way. He would soon go to hell before he would let something like that happen under his watch once again.
As he bursts into the Hospital room he immediately notices three people and two of them are unfamiliar.

"Where did it go?"
He says in a cold tone while breathing heavily.