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Just as quickly as the trauma team took Izanagi back was just as quick as the team finished doing what they needed to do. From every inch of muscle to tendons both his legs were reattached thankfully.. There wasn't much time to mess up on such a tricky procedure. This shinigami needed to have the use of his legs so he could continue to fulfill his duties within the Seireitei.

Imagining what could only be such a life-changing event for not only Izanagi Kiyoshi but those around him within his own division. These games have taught Mizu one thing, Never take things easy, always expect the unexpected.

Scrubbing out from the procedure and getting all cleaned up he remembered overhearing what the smaller structured shinigami said as he rounded the door.

“Dearest Officer Sayuri, Thank you. You can do it, I believe in you.”

Swallowing what saliva he had left in his mouth he knew that he did everything he could. But was it enough? Was there something more that Mizu could've done? Was there an action or way he could've done something differently? These were all thoughts that kept running through Mizu's mind shortly after finishing Officer Izanagi's procedure.

Subsequently, there was no turning back now! He had to put on a smile and act to show others that no matter what thoughts were going through his head he was proud of what he accomplished in such a small amount of time.

Walking through the door out to the seats that were directly across from the trauma room he was just in, he noticed the smaller structured shinigami sitting just across the one from before he ran inside. Becoming more and more serious but still with such a dimwitted smile on his face he approached the smaller shinigami. With sweat falling from his forehead it became more evident that he could sense that the shinigami had not only doubts in her head but also fear and hope that everything comes out fine and her beloved Officer Izanagi would be good as new.


“Michi.. Was it?”

He said as he continued to readjust his robe but was still mindful with his tone since he knew this was still a very sticky subject for those who hold Officer Izanagi close. Letting out a gasp of air and inhaling he knew with the look the other shinigami gave him was nothing but of Hope and Promise.

“I wanted to come out and personally give you an update on Izanagi. He tolerated being under sedation extremely well. His legs are now put back together and reattached. His vitals are all within normal range and I do believe at this time he will make a swift and speedy recovery. The nurses that are still with him are just finishing up a few things and I do believe that he will be with us for a little while for recovery”


Knowing hopefully these would help ease the mindset of the shinigami just before him. He kept his tone still at a lower range yet changed it every so softly to more of a hopeful manner. Looking back towards the way of the trauma door his neck would turn around, eyes dawned back at the shinigami before him.

“Im sure after some time you will be able to go in and be right next to him, but do be mindful Izanagi is still in some amount of pain.”

Mindful of not giving out too much detail to spare the other shinigami, he knew that no matter what he said as long as he would advise that Izanagi is doing well and will make a speedy and healthy recovery that was all she wanted to hear. Smiling back at the shinigami he extended his arm once more and placed it ever so gently upon her shoulder.

“I do hope now with this information you get some rest and your mind is at ease for the moment.”

With that being said Mizu would turn and release his grasp on her shoulder once more and would walk down the hallway. Hopeful he would run into Junko since he knew she was supposed to be heading here at some point. Knowing that each duty that was given to all of us was extremely important he still wondered how her assignment turned out. Hopeful to run into her at some point here sooner or later. Mizu continued to walk down the hallway where they moved Izanagi too for his post-op recovery. Mizu would press against the wall looking in on him,

“Man..! You sure are lucky that we got to you when we did! This could've ended extremely badly for you. I'm proud of the work I accomplished for you Izanagi Kiyoshi. Even though there is much more ahead of me I will learn and utilize.”


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A near-silent world, sound was only heard from the machines that monitored the man to her side. Beneath that, if you tried, the sound of Junko's breathing. Almost shaky. Her mind bounced from one issue to the next, unsure of what to tackle first. Beside her, was the calm and level breathing of a treated patient.

Everything resets eventually.

How long did she wait in that room for no particular reason? Reiatsu flooding the hospital. Seeking out those in need. Almost desperately. She needed to focus and to think. And she needed to get out of her head and work. Her mouth opened then closed. A silent scream. A silent sigh. Her world grew dimmer and brighter as her fingers rubbed into the soft flesh of her eyelids. If she had asked herself, "why are you standing here alone instead of doing your job?", she wouldn't be able to answer. What was the true answer to that question?

'Because I have a bad feeling I can't shake.'

What an awful excuse. She sighed again. It was audible now. Eyes fluttered open, taking in the harsh light that surrounded her. Tomorrow, the man occupying the room she was lingering in would be moved elsewhere. As would the neighbor next door, the woman from Thirteenth. Tomorrow, her Captain wouldn't be fighting a battle that could mean the end of his life or the one of the woman she looked up to the most. Tomorrow, her accumulated stress for the day would subside and she'd have clearer eyes to look upon it all.

Everything resets.

Trauma rooms could be likened to the "casinos" that Junko heard of that exist in the World of the Living. You walk into a room, knowing who you are and you leave not knowing anything about anything anymore except that a piece of you got left behind somewhere. No natural light filtered into the tight little rooms. An analog clock teased you with the time but after a while the position of the hands are meaningless. Humans are walking around knowing it's day or night, what time and what day with just a simple device they can wear on their wrists. Junko had those stupid clocks. Their inefficiency was taunting. Click. Is it day or night? click. Today or tomorrow? Click.

Frustrated fingers dug into her eyes again. She wasn't even certain why she felt so hopelessly frustrated. Like taking off a glove. Junko could rid herself of these emotions. Retreating from the world briefly. Only to return fresh. Face bright and happy. Shining in the sun like a snake who shed its skin. All those negative emotions. Simply left behind.

But not now. Now the sensation continues to churn her stomach uncomfortably and the thought of being near others fueled her anger. There was a man outside and he had been there for some time now. Fuming, like her. Frustrated he hadn't been allowed in either room Junko had so far treated a patient in. Just wait. Just wait. Their attempts to soothe him into submission with the same phrase was driving her up the wall. She wondered how he was reacting. Without notice. Without consent. She found her hand upon her badge, fingers exploring each groove made intentionally and by battle.

'It's time, Junko.

Gumyōchō spoke. Briefly, softly. Junko knew then why. What bothered her so. What made her hide away. So many conversations. One gentle nudge. She knew. The skin began to shed. It fell from her body, evaporating before it hit the ground. The walk to the door. When she slipped outside the door didn't even creak. Her eyes upon the man that had been held back practically sparkled. As if she heard nothing, she looked to the others for an explanation. They were unsure as to why, but shortly after she had entered the second room, this man had suddenly appeared. Junko gave a light smile. He was certainly determined. How many doors lie between where they now stood and the entrance? How many members of Fourth Division? He had forced his way so far into the building only to be cut off so close to his goal. The girl from Thirteenth. Her room. Her squadmate? Junko couldn't recall the man. But she had seen little before she was surrounded during her arrival.


Mizu wandered by near her. His pace was quick and he seemed not to notice. Again, Junko smiled. She had worried so much for him, perhaps she had held on too tightly. Without her by his side to watch over him, he continued to thrive. The sentiment brought to her a sudden realization. Moving closer to the nameless man, she offered to explain. Yet whether he complied or not she would wrap an arm about his shoulders. No time would be given for him to react or process. Gripping him firmly, her body steered his. Moving them in tandem, easily moving the weight of him. If he were to resist, her hold would only grow stronger. She hoped he wouldn't resist beyond that. He would barely have time to process what had happened before she had already done it. He did not need to fight her. Almost everything he wished for was in that very room.

Swiftly but without a sound, the door closed behind them. Alone now, she only smiles and offers him a seat. He's just concerned. Truly looking at him now, Junko could see how young he was. His harsh treatment of her fellow squadmates was uncalled for. But these things happen. Junko couldn't recall a single soul that had simply waited in the entry. Calmly. Perhaps reading or getting news from their squad. No. The patient was either left with a fairly cold manner, or those left behind fretted until they knew. Maybe that was the worst part. The waiting. Not knowing. If you know you can move forward. The unknown locks you in place.

Everything resets.

"Nokoribi-san will be just fine. If she keeps her strength, she'll be transferred right to this room first thing in the morning," she pauses. Allows him time to absorb the information. Time to calm him. She needed this to happen before she continued forward."there are no vistors allowed in that area of the hospital." And there was no time for pleasantries anymore. This was not something Junko could shed. He had not simply slighted her or acted rudely. He had behaved dangerously. "Do not disrespect my Division again. There are rules in place for the safety of our patients. Including Nokoribi-san. You will not remain on these grounds with that behavior."


Her smile never once left her lips. Truly now, she gestured to the room around her.

"You're free to wait here for your friend. Or get some rest and come back fresh. You know where she'll be,"

Twirling around on the ball of her left foot she then faced the door. When exiting the room the door was left half-open. Watching. There was too much happening to allow an angry shinigami to rampage through the place. There were no new patients at the moment. Her feet stopped her within the 'forbidden' regions of the hospital. Mizu would be there, somewhere. She hadn't truly tried yet. Her focus was intent on her device. On the name of that Third Division instructor. Asahi Kajiyashiki. Gumyōchō wanted her to speak with him. She trusted her. But how? They had not spoken. Had not even crossed paths. The closest she had been to the strange soul had been the appearance of some insect of his creation. His design? His shikai?

"Kajiyashiki-san, I was hoping to speak with you about the events that occurred earlier today.

. That word again. What a horribly long day it had turned into. And still, there was more. For now, she would find Mizu. Reaching out, feeling for his strand among the many that surrounded them. It was not a difficult task. He had been by her side enough. Worked beside her enough. His reiatsu was familiar. Known. Invisible hands separated his ribbon from the others and revealed his location. Not far. He seemed to be headed in her direction already.

She wondered about the patient he had treated. Curious who it had been. A question for later. She moved through the doors. This entered into a hallway that branched out. Mizu was nearing her location now, as she quietly moved close to his. She moved away from where he strode by, waiting until his back faced her. Creeping up behind him, feet silent. She reached her arm up to his right, tapping his shoulder as her head strayed to the left.



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“Michi.. Was it?”

Heard a male voice she heard earlier, questioning if he had her name right. She looked up from the Position she was currently in. For only her eyes fell onto the taller shinigami, who had balls of sweat running down his forehead as if he had been running for a long time or been in a cooped-up room. Accompanying this was a goofy-looking smile, which made her have the impression that he was chuffed on his accomplishment on a very difficult task. With him adjusting his robe, Mizu began to speak once again. Which made Michi take in more information.

“I wanted to come out and personally give you an update on Izanagi. He tolerated being under sedation extremely well. His legs are now put back together and reattached. His vitals are all within normal range and I do believe at this time he will make a swift and speedy recovery. The nurses that are still with him are just finishing up a few things and I do believe that he will be with us for a little while for recovery”
“I do hope now with this information you get some rest and your mind is at ease for the moment.”

With the good news being given to her, Michi felt relieved, Smiling toward Mizu in a relieved sort of way. The fact Izanagi will be alright, or rather he will be healed rather quickly. Felt his hand once again on her shoulder, telling her to get some rest and nodding at his words. After that, she felt his hand leave her shoulder. Seeing him walking away in another direction, Leaving Michi all alone where she stood.

During the moment of peace she had, she closed her eyes once again. This time she began to think or vision the sight once again where the body of Izanagi and Unknown headless body. It was then, that she realized there was a Lieutenant badge on that body, the symbol on the badge was the 11th division. Michi only knew there were Two Lieutenants, or well in this case only one remained. She heard or rather read in the newspaper one of them, Nibui? Was the name she believed to be participating in the games, so it couldn’t be him being the unknown headless body that was outside of the 10th division’s Senkaimon.

In her mind, she tried to zoom in on the details, and that's when it clicked on her. The body was of Jinnosuke Ueku. What was more of a question, was the 11th division responsible for the attack of Izanagi Kiyoshi? However, Izanagi could’ve fought back and severed the head cleanly off from the body during it. However, that would not make sense, since the head of the body was missing and not even near them.

The moment of peace as well as her thoughts were interrupted when she heard some gossip amongst the nurses mentioning the name of “Shoumetsu Takahiro” who if Michi remembered correctly was the one who beat her in the home division. Peaked to her interest, trying to eavesdrop as much as possible but no such luck since the nurses were quickly rushed and rushed to cater to others. Which led Michi to sigh out of annoyance. She began to walk in the direction where they took Izanagi to another room. On the way there, she had continuous nagging thoughts, like if she wanted to go and investigate what had happened and if the situation needed to be reported to the Captain Commander Higen or the Central 46.

“I need to get stronger. Whoever did this to the Kiyoshi clan…shall repay.”

Her words spat out venom at the end, with a hint of bloodthirst perhaps. With the feeling of this newfound determination, she clenched her fist and raised it in the air, then pointed to the nearby wall. All of a sudden a hole through the wall could be found, with a fist in it, covered in blood. The fist belonged to none other than Michi herself. Quiet growls could be heard from the female accompanied by a death glare look to them, with a hint of bloodlust.




She quickly snapped out of her unknown determination, which scared a lot of those who were around her. She looked around to see some faces and was frightened when her eyes were looking very abnormally scary and bloodthirsty. Which is very out of character of Michi, who was known to be mostly Ditsy to those around her. She quickly began to walk away, with her head down in embarrassment, she never had done that before, especially since it was in another division, hoping nobody major caught in that act. Michi decided to leave the barracks and make her way over to the 10th division barracks once again, to investigate the scene further. Michi was craving answers, How and where did the bodies come from, clearly all she knew was the fact they were right outside of the Senkaimon, one body of a lieutenant was headless and the other the third seat of the Tenth division. Where was Shizuka Hyouzuka? Was it possible that he is out in the world of the living fighting off the enemy that killed one of the powerful Lieutenants that stepped foot in the Seireitei? Or perhaps trying to gather information? Nobody knows but those who have been in that moment.

Michi will have to come back to Izanagi once he is fully rested or not surrounded by nurses. Gritting her teeth as she began to sprint towards the neighboring division, which was next to her division.

All she could think about is the question.

"What did could have done this monsterity?"


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Just a near-ended thought left his head he noticed that he was sheading a small tear of relief knowing that Officer Izanagi is going to be okay after being given word from the nurse that walked out of the room. Looking back into the room he felt a small light touch tap his shoulder.


Turning around ever so slightly he would jump a small bit from not knowing who was touching him. After jumping there was a subtle yet relaxing facial expression on his face knowing that he hasn't seen a familiar face in a bit and seeing his Lt Junko immediately changed his mood altogether. There were questions that he wanted to ask her.. He wanted to know how the mission that Captain Nakamoto sent her on went? Was she able to help keep the others alive? All questions that would and can be asked later.

"Oh my god Junko! You could've killed me. Oh wait.., I am! I wasn't expecting you here so soon! I was actually on my way to find you, I guess you beat me to it huh?"

He would say finally at peace knowing that she was there. It was odd even though, even though Mizu did not know Junko that long every time he was around her he felt at ease. This wasn't a feeling that was easily achieved with him. Was it that Junko's presence reminded him of this mother? Was Junko like a sister he never had, he couldn't truly tell. Scratching the back of his head he knew it was more the fact that she was like a sister he never had.

But even though they both were at a moment of calamity this was more like the "Calm before the Storm" at any moment something could happen and they'd both be running out of the hospital. Every day has seen something different in the Seiretei it seems like no division can catch a break.



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Ahhhh! This was so embarrassing! With her typical antics, she was always in control. Sadly, this was not one of those times. By moving too fast while attempting to grab a good shot of Noi, Atsuko managed to allow the chain of events leading to her wardrobe malfunction to occur. Her odd composition of being perverted yet composed seemed to crumble away entirely when Noi’s laughter burst forth. With each passing second, her face continued to light up even brighter. Unfortunately, her ability to multitask was suffering due to how flustered she was. Both hands gripped her camera and although she could put it down at any second, she seemed to forget this. So, the only logical result in her mind was to keep holding on to it, shift her head left to right rapidly, and then try and cover herself up with the camera itself.

Needless to say, her current “strategy,” if you will, was failing her. Things were slipping out, parts were moving, and it really was nothing short of atrocious. Yet, Noi found humor in the situation. Had it been anyone else, Atsuko would’ve enjoyed a hearty laugh alongside her and probably would have swiped a couple of pictures of the situation. The only person not in her collection was her herself. Even the most elusive of the Seireitei had been captured by her in one way or another. Thoughts continue to flood her and she flounders around and they are quickly interrupted by the words of her fellow member of 7th.

"S-Sorry Lieutenant, b-but I-I can't marry anyone w-with s-such nice b-b-b-"

Without a second thought, the Lieutenant retorts sharply with a meek tone.


The notion of marriage had fled from her mind completely. Her face began to cool off slightly despite another loud snort assaulting her ears. Instead of allowing Noi any more comedic relief, she had properly put on her top and fastened it in an intentionally slow manner. For the time being, her camera was set at the tableside. Adjusting herself once more to sit on her knees on top of the bed, she looks forward at her squadmate before electing to speak. If she thought this mishap was going to permanently distract her, she would be sorely mistaken. With her hands on each respective thigh, her purple orbs attempt to match Noi’s. When they do, a menacing grin creeps across her face, signaling that she wasn’t done with her perverted thoughts just yet. A suggestive tone comes forth as her hands now appear to be tugging on the upper region of her Shihakusho below her neck.

“Sooooo…. Like what ya see, eh?”

Oblivious to the very end, Atsuko clearly cannot read the room. Knowing that this wouldn’t warrant a response, she awaits the words that her pink-haired subordinate has for her. She was unsure exactly what was to be said, but she was especially interested in the expression before her.

"I know you said you were fine, but seriously, how'd you even get the wound in the first place?"

Ah, there it was. A rather innocent question that would typically not warrant a stinging feeling within the Ise. While she knew that she wasn’t going to master the coveted ability of Shunkō overnight, she couldn’t help but feel frustrated. After what happened with Itsuki, there was a need to be stronger. A need to transcend the bounds of Kido alone and tap into something that would undoubtedly give her leverage in a fight with an opponent that wielded a strong Shikai, and potentially even a Bankai. This could also benefit her against foes with other capabilities – those from other races. However, she would not neglect the potential of the Zanpakuto passed down within her family. Countless had died to extend their lineage and she would not let such sacrifices go to waste. A very simple reminder would not allow for her to, anyway – her eyesight. Inhaling deeply and then exhaling, her facial expression has now reached a neutral state.

Shifting Tone

“I won’t keep anything from you, so don’t worry.” It’s tempting to let her eyes dart off to the side as this is said, but she’s steadfast in her conviction. If she can avoid lying or concealing things, she will.

“I was practicing an ability that I’ve known about for quite some time now. It is called Shunkō.” Her right arm withdraws from her thigh and a very faint presence of unique energy flashes across it. Unlike her attempt in the Rukongai, she won’t try to hold this energy, nor expand it beyond a spark. The distinct white, wild energy should be good enough to give her a peek into what her Lieutenant has going on.

“It is the ultimate form of Hakuda technique and is deeply intertwined with the use of Kido. Although I’m not there quite yet, I want ya’ to wait and see how far I’ll get.” Atsuko wanted to make Noi and the rest of her division proud, yes, but she also owed it to herself to be better than what she currently was.

Clearing her throat as her subordinate had earlier, she puts forth a suggestion.

“Let’s continue talking at our barracks – you never know what or who is listening.”

Before she finishes speaking, she is already standing with her arm out. An onlooker would be confused – and rightfully so – given that she appeared to both be sitting and standing at the same time with no distortion in her appearance at all. Noi would likely understand how this was possible better than anyone given their history together. The hand that is extended to her is potentially troublesome due to Atsuko’s lecherous nature, but this is one of the few times that she won’t make advances. Anything that would interrupt them would only complicate and delay things further. If the offer to hitch a ride on the Ise was taken, it would seem as if the room itself had simply morphed into the main hall within their barracks. Interestingly enough, it looks as though they have arrived at the same time as Captain Oda as his subordinate. This was both unintentional and surprising due to the fact that it wasn’t often she saw him, let alone within Seventh’s barracks. The Lieutenant elects to walk towards the Captain instead of dashing or utilizing her speed frivolously. Considering the history between the two, this was done out of respect for the man. Taking a slight half bow and then matching the gaze of the Oda, she elects to speak.

“Good day, Captain Oda. To what does Seventh owe the pleasure of your presence?”

It looked as though this day was just getting started.

4th Division -------> 7th Division