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Suddenly the lids that cover their eyes shot open, quickly showing off their bright lavender pupils. There was nothing but fear and confusion behind those eyes. At the same time, he promptly sat upright simultaneously as if they had awakened from a horrible nightmare. Heart pounding through Izanagi's chest, eyes gazing at the surrounding where the fog was present, trees were also present at this time. Though it took a second to realize the setting, he was in, and that is when he turned to the right to see if it was there. The large castle-like structure that sits in the distance is left untouched. Unlike the designs around the castle grounds, where what used to be no longer present, nothing but piles of stone fragments lie about around the castle. That was the usual appearance each time he came.

Izanagi's mind was so out of focus. It never dawned on him why he was even here to begin with- knowing he was in no position before to perform jinzen—remembering the jolting sensation of the blast, which caused him to suffer injuries that deemed him unfit to fight any longer. The more his thoughts begin to linger on what took place prior, the more his fragmented memories begin to flash before him, small pieces of the encounter of the battle that took place moments before his death? Finally, he remembers being caught up in a massive fiery explosion, lying on the ground as helpless as a newborn baby. The right hand crossed over to the left arm quickly, and it was there. Izanagi peered down to the legs, and both were still attached to his body. He realizes that his entire body is seemingly untouched, pristine, down to the bottom of the soles.

"Am I.......dead?"

He asked subconsciously while continuously looking around the environment he sat in, bringing himself to his full height. Everything may look familiar, although it doesn't feel the same. It is hard to explain for Izanagi but even being here feels surreal. However, before you know it, the very infrastructure before he begins to crumble slowly through the construction of the castle wasn't crumbling into the ground but disintegrating into the air. It started with the castle, but everything in the surrounding area began to suffer the same fate.

The world he stood in starts to crash, and suddenly his body feels weakened. He tried running towards the stone fortress, but everything was becoming distorted, even his motion. Yet, Izanagi wasn't getting anywhere. It was like running in mud, and what was in sight kept moving further and further away. Steps were becoming heavier, the third seat, shinigami's vision became blurry, and his eyes gazed towards the ground while everything started blurrily. Would Izanagi find the area becoming darker? Or is it that his eyes were closing?


Izanagi finds himself on the ground with both eyes closed shut, incapable of opening them. Lost. Confused. Not sure if this is what death felt like, he had no awareness of his own body. Izanagi felt lost in control of any movement, but everything felt like it was shifting.

His eyes shot open!

The Ancient War! Multiverse: The Rukon District|Ch. 2|Doujin| - Shōnen  Central

Izanagi finds himself in what appears to be the Rukon District but is more desolate. No single breeze blew, no movement or sight of anything but empty, desolate buildings.

"You want a smoke, kid?"


A voice ringed out from behind Izanagi, and upon turning around, he noticed a giant of a man before him with dark shaded glasses on. His body was far too bulky, all muscles. Standing in front of this man caused Izanagi to feel like a kid to where one hand holding a cigarette box had one rolled-up paper sticking out of the content. Ready for him to grab it. And grab it Izanagi did, placed it in between his lips and the tall beast of a man, Ryuga lit the end of the rolled-up tobacco.

"Old man. If I see you, then I know I am dead."

Izanagi stated while inhaling the contents of the cigarette, then proceeded to exhale.


Ryuga inhales.

"No. Not yet. Here let me show you something."

Ryuga and Izanagi took no steps, but somehow miraculously, they appeared sitting down on the outside seats, sitting at the counter where they stood watching what seemed to be a TV? In the Rukon district? It replayed the moment up to Izanagi's demise when the God-King's attack hit him—lying there where God-King burned his insides and outside—having lost an arm and legs in the process. The screen seemingly paused at that moment.


Izanagi says nothing but continues to smoke in silence. Ryuga, or more accurately, an imitation of a dead man, gazes in Izanagi's direction. But said nothing. There was nothing to say.

"You can feel it now. Can't you? You remember what you sensed before you left to be saved by another comrade?"

It wasn't precisely that Izanagi remembered the actual event but felt the presence of everything in those moments. Though he was barely conscious, he still felt the spiritual energy of everyone there—even the erasure of Lt. Jinnosuke, who was snuffed out moments after Izanagi was caught first. Finally, both fists that rested on the counter tightened. He removed himself from the seat and walked away. In one direction was nothing but seemingly an endless road that led to nothing. In the other direction was a path that led to the Seireitei. Without thinking or even realizing, Izanagi was walking down the path that led to an endless way to nothing.

"That's it then? Running away now, Izanagi? I can't say I am surprised. You've been running away all your life. You ran away from facing the problem even after killing your parents."

Ryuga said while his arms were folded into his muscular chest while watching Izanagi walk off as he stood in the center of the Rukon street. The mention of killing his parents was enough to stop in his tracks.

"Shut up. Old Man."

Izanagi said; you could hear the irritation in his voice was beginning to swell.

"Even ran away for years from the very monster you created. Instead, you went around killing weaklings in the Rukon District, calling yourself a demon."

Ryuga's voice throughout the empty environment is only occupied between the two. He loudly said what he said to Izanagi as if he was scolding a child. Izanagi's fist was getting tighter.

"Yet, you were running away, and now all that talk about being ready for death."

And tighter.

"Shut up."

"You are standing there looking fucking pathetic. All because you got your ass handed by someone stronger than you. Now you want to take what manhood you have left and run?"

And tighter to the point, his fist began to shake vigorously.


He turned around, but Ryuga was no longer standing there. Instead, it was quiet, and Izanagi didn't even feel his presence, like Ryuga was never there. However, little did Izanagi know the tall behemoth was standing directly behind him, towering over him.


Ryuga screamed while bringing up a kick to Izanagi's ribcage, sending him flying into a nearby building. Crashing into the wooden structure, pieces of wood flew in all directions.

"You think you get to walk away? I saved your ass and died. Shoumetsu saved your ass and damn near died trying to protect you. And you think you get to walk away?"

Ryuga awaited for Izanagi to reveal himself from out of the hole. Eventually, he did, and clothes were tattered in the same fashion as they were back in Naruki. Both fists were still in a ball, and both eyes were fixed on the behemoth, Ryuga. You could see the anger in both Izanagi's purple eyes. Then, he suddenly took off into a short burst dash off the ball of his feet. The left-arm cocked back as the distance closed; it would outstretch to punch Ryuga dead in the chest with all the anger swelled up over time.

Ryuga stood there and allowed the hit to take place, but by the time the punch landed, it wasn't a hard punch. Once it connected, it felt like a pebble tossed at his chest. He felt nothing. Ryuga lifts his large right foot and thrusts it towards the Izanagi center mass. As surprised as Izanagi was, he managed to cross both arms close to his chest, which he managed to block, but the power behind sent him flying backward, where his entire body rotated into a couple of backflips. Yet, Izanagi managed to take control of his body on the second backflip to where Izanagi still slid a few feet across the dirt road upon landing.

"Surprised? Do you expect to harm me when you still have fear? Everything I said triggered your anxiety—the same anxiety you felt when HE appeared."

Ryuga stated he refers to the man towering over Izanagi as much as Ryuga did. A tall, pale-skinned male with long black hair and a hole in the left pectoral.

"Hola, Amigo? Are you going to run again?"

He called out to Izanagi, looking down over him to where the God-king unleashed the same amount of power he released in Naruki. That power.....that voice. It couldn't be.......Izanagi turned his head over the shoulder; sure enough, it was the God-King himself. And before you know it, the God-King unleashed the same amount of power before, and Izanagi found himself in the same predicament. Before the fiery explosion ever reached him, everything went dark, and the setting had changed again.

The purple-haired shinigami found himself back into his inner world, the fog still present, only there was nothing but a lonely void now, nothing in sight. Not even the fortress stood anymore, no piles of rubble.

"Izanagi, I am gravely disappointed in you. You look death in the eye, and there you exhibit fear. All that century of training and for what? What you don't need in battle is fear. Nothing will come of it. And if you go back.......keep in mind that a warrior who has lost his ability to fight will only be in the way and end up dead. So if you strike, make you strike to kill. Hesitate, and you die."

This individual's voice echoed throughout the fog without revealing his physical appearance. However, this is a voice Izanagi should already recognize. After all, it was someone who had been with him from the moment he called it all those years ago.


Izanagi whispered as his eyes shifted from left to right repeatedly. The Third seat, shinigami tried to locate his zanpakuto spirit, but Jūryoku was nowhere to be found. Yet, in the distance, the silhouette of Jūryoku. However, his physical appearance has not been revealed but only shows a shadow of his arrival.

"From this day forward, Izanagi Kiyoshi, I refuse to be misused and underused. Until you entirely rid yourself of your fear. I will not come to your beckoning call. I rather die than have not only a coward use my power. But a coward who doesn't rely on my strength. So when you decide to call my name and I still sense the fear, do not expect me to come. Justa s you abandon me. I will return the favor."

Jūryoku had made his stance pretty clear. The moment he spoke these words, the silhouette shape of his body disappeared into the fog. Izanagi did not say a word at all. What could he say? There was nothing he could do? Nothing he could say.

Nonetheless, This world slowly rebuilt the castle and the surroundings, and the fragments began reconstructing themselves. What does this mean? And Izanagi starts hearing muffled voices in the distance. Then suddenly, Izanagi's body begins to feel some warmth flowing throughout his body. What is it?

"Of....... Kiyo......., Don....... wor....... self...an....he....saf...will....thing...we can....in...our ....dical....abili.... to help.....cer...Izanagi Kiyos....ake a fu overy.”

Izanagi tried to listen to the muffled voice that so happens to be broken up into coding. But unfortunately, the words did not entirely make a complete sentence. Or instead, the words were cut short, and Izanagi could only make out a few here and there.

"I'm sure after some time you will be able to go in and be right next to him, but do be mindful Izanagi is still-."

"Still? Still what?"

Izanagi replied but then began to feel weak all over again, but this time the left arm was disappearing from his body. Then the legs were gone, which caused him to crash onto the cemented flooring. Everything was going dark, and the more he fell into darkness. The less of this mysterious voice became harder to hear. Yet, at the same time why does, Izanagi feel a powerful sensation of anger and hate? It wasn't a feeling he had conjured but a sensation from someone else?



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Takashi's tired eyes follow the text he writes on the screen that increases with each word. He moves between paper notes and back to write it to the computer to get a more summarized report. Takashi sighs deeply as he takes a short break from writing, moving both his hands away from the computer and placing them palms down on the table. Slowly and gently he straighten his fingers as flat as he can against the surface of the table without forcing his joints. He holds the fingers down there for a couple of seconds before he gently lift one finger at the time off the table and then lower it back. Stretching each and every finger as he repeat this eight to 12 times on each hand but his stretching is interrupted when he suddenly feels two reiryoku sources approaching the barracks. One of these is very familiar and the other was not as familiar.

”Junko? .. What is she doing over here? Does she have anything to report regarding the academy?"

That's what Takashi thinks as he slowly makes his way up from the chair to set out to meet Junko and the other shinigami. But once he stands up, the wall explodes almost at the same time as a relatively large stone comes flying in and creates a hole.


Surprised, he looks at the wall and the stone that comes flying towards him and his eyes widen. He moves his head to the side to temporarily see Junko standing with one arm forward and it is probably the arm she threw the stone with. Instead of moving completely out of the way, Takashi chooses to move his head back and face the stone. It does not take long before the stone reaches him and it becomes a hard hit right in the face of Takashi.


It will be a direct hit that actually causes Takashi to lose his balance completely and slide backwards before falling to his back on the floor. The stone continues a little further into the office and then rolls on the floor away from Takashi, who is now lying down with a bloody nose. Instead of getting up, he just looks straight up at the ceiling while several members of the division come running in due to the sound from when the stone went through the wall. What they see when they step into the room is Takashi lying on the floor and blood running down his face and a stone closer to them.

They quickly run up to Takashi who just looks up at their faces with his usual emotionless look in his eyes. Takashi only hears them shouting at him and asking what happened and for help but he suddenly sits up straight and looks towards the hole.

”Let it be."

Takashi only says a few words and the people who are in the room with him just look at him. But that does not stop their curiosity and again one of them asks who has done this. Takashi draws a deep sigh before taking out a picture and holding it up in front of them while his nose continues to bleed.


”As I said let it be."

They look at the picture and see that it is Lt Izumi from the fourth division and shortly afterwards, they go to the wall to review the damage and start already planning on how to cover the hole and repair it as soon as possible. But Takashi chooses to return to his computer to continue working even with a bloody nose.


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Noi gave a little nod to Yua, understand all too well in that moment not wanting to push her stomach with food. While Noi's problem certainly wasn't with her nerves, always too outgoing and willing to put herself out there without regret, she still got it.

As she was about to respond the familiar voice of 7ths 3rd seat stopped her, the reassuring hand against her back all she needed to lean into the older woman, as if on instinct. Being doted on was so normal for Noi, not even questioning any physical gestures offered to her by the older women of her squad. Maybe that's what made her such easy pickings for their missing Lieutenant, too willing to just go along with whatever was thrown her way, even if it made her uncomfortable.

Certainly Signy's touch wasn't as awkward as it was with Atsuko, no reason for Noi to tense as she was led into their dining area and sat down.

Being sat down felt better than she realized it would, muscling through her nausea was easy enough to do while standing, forcing herself to put on a strong face, but the gravity hit her like a brick. Her elbows immediately went to the table, balancing her head with a brief huff, a sigh through gritted teeth. At least this way she didn't have to struggle to keep herself up.

"Yua-chan, don't worry about Signy. She's a lil' intimidating, but she's nice, promise," even if she was feeling awful, she wanted to make Yua more comfortable. Noi remembered the first time she met Signy, not too many years prior, fresh out of the academy and bright eyed. But through the few years she's been around she's been able to get to know her squadmates enough to not be frightened, in the slightest, by any of them.

Once Signy was seated beside her and finished pouring the tea, Noi leaned against the blonde, listening to both her and Elk speak. A light snicker escaped Noi as Elk expanded on Signy's introduction. She gave a light wave of her hand as the man chose to excuse himself.

Noi was curious, too, for different reasons than Signy, as to why Captain Oda wanted into their ex-Captains quarters. To Noi, there wasn't much reason to go in, or even around, there. The mystery of his death was being handled by people, which, exactly, she didn't know. Likely being told, but not listening as she did all too often, too busy in her own head, creating implausible scenarios of men sweeping her off her feet or some such. All that mattered was it was being handled, and she wasn't involved.

half portrait name plate.png

Yua smiled toward Noi before looking around where she stood, trying her best not to be so awkward, waiting for someone to have arrived to assist her in her orders. It didn't take long as she sensed a new presence of two forming next to them. A blonde-haired woman and a blue-haired man. She turned to both as the woman spoke, followed by the male figure.

" My apologies for keeping you ladies waiting and for Lt. Ise's inability to handle this matter at the moment."

Yua nodded in silence before quickly bowing. She didn't know how to respond or what she should respond to as she followed inside. Swiftly she took her zanpackuto from her belt before sitting it next to her seat. She turned her attention back to Signy. Yua nodded to elk, understanding that he was in no way guilty for anything anyone of the fifth said. Making a mental note of that in her brain.

Yua nodded to Noi, embracing the reassurance that Signy may seem intimidating but was actually nice.

"She reminds me a lot of my older siblings. I will be alright, thanks for the caution,"

She said gently with a smile before returning her attention to Signy.

"My name is Yua Munetoshi. I recently joined the fifth under the recommendations and teaching of our Captain, Tenzen. A lot has happened over the day, and I am sure all will be known by tomorrow at the latest. As for why I am here, I am assisting in investigating Captain Itsuki Asakura's sudden death. Captain Tenzen feels strongly about this matter and has entrusted me with the task of starting the investigation into the Captain's death by investigating his quarters. Now for what I am to look for, that I do not know, nor do I think I can tell even if I did, as this is a sensitive matter for everyone. However, if you all would be so kind as to tell me any possible connections you think might be linked to your Captain's death."

She reached back into her sleeve, pulling out a pen and memo book. Yua had a mission she had to fulfill, and waiting for Tenzen wasn't going to show any responsibility or trust he placed in her. Maybe she was a stickler for the rules, but she had to ensure she was to succeed in this mission.

"I hate to ask again, but I would like permission into the captain's quarters alone so I may properly investigate this matter."

She spoke again with her pencil and memo pad at the ready to write down anything and everything they could tell her.


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Signy’s eyes followed her husband as he retreated to the outside. Her gaze lingered for a moment on the doorway before turning back to the woman before her. While she appreciated Noi reassuring her that Signy was in fact nice, it wasn’t the whole truth. She’d never shown how she truly is to Noi because she was young, younger even than Oyama, and Signy felt a protectiveness about the girl. Yua’s remarks about her older siblings made her chuckle.

”I probably remind you of them because I, myself, am the eldest of 8 children. Older siblings have a tendency to behave a certain way.”

She listened as Yua spoke once more, taking slow sips of her tea. Her brow furrowed at the mention that she had no clue what she was even looking for and that she didn’t think she could tell even if she did know. Signy pondered for a moment whether there was anything that stuck out to her about Itsuki’s death that might be some form of a clue.

”All we really know is that it was supposedly someone in the Rukongai that killed him. Though Lt. Ise’s lack of composure after we found the body was bizarre for her. Granted that could be due to the nature of their relationship, but with her sudden departure, it does make me wonder if she had some sort of hand in the matter. However, if it was truly just someone from the Rukongai, they would have to be powerful indeed and for someone that powerful to go unnoticed is rare. There is that gentleman that partook in the Kenpachi games. Captain Oda himself fought him. Perhaps he is worthy of some investigation.

However, for all we know, it could have been me or even Sanyu.”

Her lips stretched into a smirk for a split second before she laughed at the notion of herself or Sanyu killing their captain. She rose slowly from where she was seated as to not jostle Noi around too much. Though she didn’t like the idea of leaving someone outside of 7th division alone in Itsuki’s rooms, she was sure Captain Oda would be unhappy if the investigation was impeded. She retrieved Amaterasu from where she rested against the wall and replaced her in the strap that held the battle axe to her back.

”Please follow me, and feel free to bring your tea with you. You, Noi, may stay here and rest.”

She strode out of the dining hall and headed to a room that stood a bit detached from the rest of the living quarters. As she approached the room, she withdrew a key from her obi. Opening the padlock, Signy slide the door open, revealing the captain’s office and an open doorway to his sleeping quarters. A fine layer of dust coated everything in sight save for tracks of footprints leading to the desk and away from it and a folder that had been placed in the center of the desk. She motioned to the very defined barefoot prints as she pulled her hair back with her other hand.

”Those are mine from when I put the autopsy results, that folder there on the desk, in here. While I would prefer not to leave you be in here, I will do so but I ask you leave the door open. I will be in the courtyard if you need anything.”

Signy turned on her heels strode back into the courtyard. In one fluid motion, she crossed her legs and sat amongst the obsidian rubble, her zanpakuto in hand. Taking a deep breath she pressed the axe into the ground, forming a pool of lava beneath her as she closed her eyes and began to meditate.