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Hardly any time seems to pass, but near-immediately, most of Kaisou’s concerns are put to rest. Or rather, they are raised even further. A few familiar signatures seem to enter the relief station a fair distance away, however, a singular one stands out. He jolts upward from his seat, feeling the reverberance of Sango’s overbearing nature as she steamrolls through the entire division. She is like a wrecking ball, tearing through, against her will, she stands out among the silent and quaint 4th Division Barracks like a fish out of water.


Her loud, boisterous voice carries over through the different alcoves and nooks that make up the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所, "The Coordinated Relief Station"), loud enough for all to hear as she searches through each individual part of the maze for both Kaisou and her Tenth Division partner. Her voice is cut off—and although Kaisou is unsure why, his attention–too–is taken away from what that woman was saying. A gentle buzz shakes through the pocket of his Hakama; his loud, universal ringtone playing openly for all to hear. Sango would recognize it no doubt, and like a shark in the water she would seek out the pretty boy. Kaisou himself–however–would remain distracted. The message on his Denreishiki was brooding and puzzling. Its vague nature and shortness, combined with the fact that Tosu was missing his treatment for this very reason, could only mean something had already or was going to go, horribly wrong.

[Heading To Naruki City. Boss In Danger.]

Kaisou wasn’t so oblivious that he didn’t know that the 10th Division was without a Captain, so this boss could be anyone in the several seats above him.. Right? Or, was he talking about the boss, the somewhat cute teal-haired individual who had the height to match! Kaisou pulls himself away for a moment, finding himself winding down the rabbit hole of trying to remember exactly how Hyouzoku-San looked. A single image darts across his mind, though he can hardly remember if it was accurate, just the fact that he enjoyed the picture he had painted in his head of the Lieutenant. Like foreboding thunder to warn of an incoming storm, Sango’s footsteps get louder. Through the different beams that raise the garden-like structure from the ground, and around the various palisades scattered about, Kaisou finally catches wind of her towering frame. Once he locks eyes with her a considerable distance away, she is already upon him. Stomping about, Kaisou even attempts to flee from her, running in the opposite direction as he knew exactly what this all meant. He wasn’t against going to save his friend, or the cute Lieutenant, but it was just the fact that he hadn’t left the salon even an hour ago! The World of The Living is always filled with dust, debris, and other methods of ruining the medic’s image. Per Tosu’s text, it’s a possibility that World of The Living could be even more terrible than he’s used to!



She was close; he heard sango yelling into her watch behind him, felt her breathing on the back of his neck before–


From the back of his dark indigo Kimono, he is yanked up with no less effort than it takes to pick up a doll. Like a lioness carrying her cub, Sango holds Kaisou above the ground as she continues to stride through, and eventually out of the barracks. She whips the man’s body around, ragdoll-style until he is secured with his arms locking over her shoulder and his legs around her lower torso like a piggy-back. Her massive frame and abrasive running cause him to bounce with every step, putting an unintentional pause between every word he yells.


He screams at the back of her ear, his hair blowing against the wind with more force than he would like, seemingly sapping all of the product from his bangs. He backtracks briefly to her message which–he presumed to be a response to Tosu’s. The gate? Had she really intended to plunge herself into this chaos, and what’s worse–take him along with her??!



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She knew her Lieutenant was strong, probably the strongest person she actually knew aside from their captain, that didn't stop her from getting the tiniest bit worried. 7th wasn't exactly the best-off, the potential of losing another important player was a catastrophe waiting to happen in Noi's mind. She'd really rather not be completely void of leadership. The tiny chance she'd end up having to do more work loomed over her, like an allergy constantly threatening to send her into anaphylactic shock at the mere whiff of it. She was destined for a home, not an office, thank you very much.

”What looks bad, exactly? I think this battle-torn look fits me, to be honest.”


"Ahh, nevermind, nevermind! The look does suit you! Definitely."

Leave it to Atsuko to make light of the situation, to completely diffuse any worry Noi had, leaving the younger girl almost fed up with only a few words and a smug look.

At the office, Noi watched as Atsuko was swarmed, her voice a mild speck in the crowd as the nurses whisk her away, yet her message gets through barely enough for Noi to tap along behind the group into a room. She hardly watches, sitting to the side, head in her hand, eyes trained to the other side of the room as she waited. If she was honest, the whole healing process weirded her out, seeing injuries meld back together in a way Noi found almost grotesque. Maybe it was just her aversion to accepting help that made her so squeamish, maybe she really did find it disturbing, it wasn't clear. Her own injuries she'd suffered in the past had always taken more time than she'd like to admit to heal, even with the money of her clan behind her, she'd forgo as much healing as possible her entire life to this point. Did it hurt to her? Was it her pride? More questions piled up, yet no answers would come.


Her attention is brought back, Atsuko pointing at her, standing atop her bed. Before she opens her mouth, Noi could already feel the dread bubbling up inside her chest.

”Noi-chan! P L E A S E marry me!”
”And I won’t take no for an answer!”


A half grimace wormed its way onto Noi's face, the proposal / declaration / demand wasn't much of a surprise, honestly. Atsuko was unpredictable at the best of times, keeping the rest of the squad on their toes, prepared for whatever shenanigans their Lieutenant got up to. To always be ready for the most out of left-field moments lest they get caught off-guard and feed into her loony energy, the Tsukkomi to Atsuko's Boke, even if unwittingly.

Noi's reply was obvious as could be if only judging by her face alone, however she found herself pausing-



What did throw Noi for a loop was the near slow-motion moment of her Lieutenants Shihakusho coming undone, eyes following the cascading descent, brain short-circuiting for what felt like a full minute, completely taken aback.


Breaking the silence wafting through the room was Noi, a loud, obnoxious snort preceded a booming laugh, one that would easily be heard throughout the ward as it took up the room far, far too easily. Saying she'd never seen Atsuko's face so red before would be an understatement- Noi wasn't entirely sure if her Lieutenant even felt shame prior to today, her antics always saying to Noi that she was as shameless as they come. The type to never get tripped up by anything, no matter how they might embarrass themself. Noi wheezed, her laugh almost hysterical, tears accumulating in her eyes as she held her stomach.

"S-Sorry Lieutenant, b-but I-I can't marry anyone w-with s-such nice b-b-b-" another snort as her laugh petered out to a light heaving, "I-I just can't!"

Were they not in a hospital, Noi might've let her laughter completely take her over, but she still had to uphold some semblance of her appearance. Couldn't be rolling on the floor at her Lieutenants misfortune with potential skulking around every corner.

Not that she'd expect Atsuko to miss her opportunity to take a candid of her, even in her weakened(embarrassed) state. Another thing that, while she wasn't physically prepared for, mentally she was. To know that Atsuko had photos of her, and so many others, for whatever nefarious deeds she used them for. If she ever wanted to scare a man away from Noi, she had more than enough material- Or help entice one. The latter was more likely in Noi's head. Atsuko wouldn't purposefully hurt her like that.

Coughing once into her fist, Noi sat herself back up, no longer hugging her sides, light and airy smile replacing her rancorous one.

"I know you said you were fine, but seriously, how'd you even get the wound in the first place?"



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Relatively more quiet than usual, the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所, the coordinated relief station) still operates in a perpetual state of organized chaos. Souls enter to visit their loved ones recovering, nurses hustle to complete their daily rounds, and the more experienced medics are entrapped in their operating rooms in a desperate rush to save those they are treating. In one corner, the pair of Shinigami from the 7th Division escorted by Yui enjoy their light banter in the comfort of their hospital room. In another, the giantess known as Sango Tsutui paces back and forth awaiting the princely Kaisou.

Yet in the midst of it all, all hell breaks loose.



A bloodcurdling scream echoes in the entrance lobby as a kneeled Michi Kiyoshi, arms stained in crimson, shrieks for assistance for her dying relative. A dramatic, but warranted, entrance is responded to with great urgency as the nearest medics that find themselves just about to exit the lobby reverse their paths to retrieve the newly arrived Izanagi. Her attempt at CPR is fruitless; His injuries are far too grave to be assisted by anyone else than a master in the medical arts.

They only need one glance to understand there is only one soul at the relief station’s disposal who is skilled enough to save Izanagi Kiyoshi in this state and his presence draws closer. As the nurses swarm Izanagi and unknowingly drive Michi back, the expert they can count on enters the lobby… on the back of another. The colossus who had entered just moments ago at a slow trot, now performs leaps and bounds down the relief station’s halls with Third Seat Kaisou Tsunoda in tow. Before anyone can cry out or stop her from kidnapping their highest ranking officer present, the duo’s path is already set as her forceful stomps soon retire from the relief station and rocket towards Naruki City.

“Send a message to the 11th Relief Team! We need assistance from a higher seated officer now!”

… one Shinigami cries as another frantically types on their mobile device. Their call of help is met with an urgent reply, words from their Captain transcribed by a member of the 11th relief team stationed at the Rukongai camp.

“The first round’s over- they’re sending Officer Sayuri to help! Lieutenant Izumi will be here soon to cover Officer Tsunoda’s post!”

… the nurse exclaims as she stores her device away to assist the handful of medics that now place Izanagi’s severed body onto the teal colored stretcher.

All at once, several beeps sound off in quick succession as members of the Fourth Division’s relief teams reach into the folds of their garments to read the text on their Denreishinki’s screen.

"This is Fourth Seat Hiroka Ikari of Eleventh Division. I require immediate medical assistance near the Central Senkaimon. I have with me Third Seat Shoumetsu Takahiro who is in critical condition after a confrontation with an Arrancar in Naruki. I have bound his wounds to reduce the bleeding but I’m incapable of administering any further aid myself."

The makeshift unit of present medics scramble for a moment, unsure of how to proceed. Would they split up? Relay the information to another team? But, who would decide who would go to attend to which situation? For a few seconds they aimlessly stare at each other before the choice is already made. Following the same path Sango had taken only a minute ago, five Shinigami from the 1st relief team now move to action as they dart down one of the many halls in the relief station into the crowded lobby.

As the 1st relief team, historically under the authority of the third seat of the Fourth Division, they too waste not another breath and charge forth to fulfill their duties as their leader does; Their attention is fixated solely on retrieving Shoumetsu Takahiro and returning him to the relief station to hopefully... dutifully... save his life. Their departure is swift and without a word uttered between the two parties, Shoumetsu’s saviors make their way to the Central Senkaimon to rendezvous with the man who had urgently called for their valuable aid.

Northeast Seiretei ——> Central Seireitei




In the depths of the Intensive Care Unit and hooked up to every conceivable machine that one could be monitored with, Izanagi Kiyoshi hangs onto life, each lingering breath of his growing weaker. Unlike his unconscious body that lays on the operating room, the readings of his vitals fluctuate wildly on the machine’s screen, depicting the urgency to the handful of medics present to stabilize the dying Shinigami. The few staffed medics on hand try their best to assist in stopping the unrelenting flow of bleeding, green light flooding from their palms to cascade the man in green. Yet still their best attempts are futile, unable to stop anything— merely slowing down what at that point seems inevitable.

All they are able to do is buy time for the expected reinforcement to put what he has learned best to the ultimate test.

All of the tools that he may need have already been laid out for him on an operating tray, all of the assistance he needs is available by the nurses present; The stage is set- all that is needed is the dire arrival of Mizu Sayuri to save the declining third seat of the Tenth Division.


Mizu Sayuri

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Even in the slightest quiet within the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所, the coordinated relief station), there were still happy faces. Loved ones visiting those who have been injured, those who have just been injured and are in stable yet vital conditions in their recovery period. The 4th seated officer of the 4th division just saw his Captain walk underneath the curtain to reveal his face. Although in the meer chaos scene that is the Kenpachi Games he knew something was about to unfold.

Just as Mizu was going to do his rounding on the patients he was overseeing he heard a subtle yet semi-loud buzz coming from his pocket. Pulling out his Denreishinki (伝令神機), Without a blink of an eye a notification come in from Captain Nakamoto and it stated,

“The first round’s over- they’re sending Officer Sayuri to help! Lieutenant Izumi will be here soon to cover Officer Tsunoda’s post!”

As the sweat rolled down his neck he could tell this was something important! Without a tear of hesitation, he responded to Captain Nakamoto

Sir! I will gather my belongings and head to our quarters right away!

Frantically putting his Denreishinki Mizu knew this wasn't going to be good. Not knowing the exact situation or circumstances that he was being called to the Hospital within the 4th Division, He still hurried with the utmost urgency.

Rukongai ——> Northeast Seireitei


Arrival at Northeast



With the quick and hasty arrival of Officer Sayuri, he was greeted by a whole bunch of different people. Upon entry to the hospital, he noticed the 3rd Seated Officer of the 6th division Michi Kiyoshi outside the sign that stated "Heavy Injury Treatment" Without hesitation he smiled and put his hand on her shoulder and muttered under his breath,

Officer Kiyoshi, Don't you worry myself and the staff will do everything we can within our medical abilities to help Officer Izanagi Kiyoshi make a full recovery.


~Listen While You Read!~

As he released his grasp off Officer Kiyoshi he pulled the door towards himself and walked into the treatment room. Upon entry Officer Sayuri noticed directly in front of him laying flat on the teal-colored stretcher in front of him was Izanagi Kiyoshi. Barely even 15 feet inside he could already tell that Izanagi was missing the lower half of his body. The circumstances on how that happened did not matter at this moment but rather it was vital that Mizu worked quickly to stop any external bleeding from where his body was severed and get Izanagi stable enough so we could start the procedure to work on rebuilding his legs and getting them attached. Putting on gloves and approaching the body he noticed some of the nurses had already gotten him on the Vital machine which will keep track of his SPo2 levels, Heart Rate, Pulse, Blood Pressure, and O2 Saturation. Just aside from him was their temperature machine and within reach, in case it was needed.

Pulling aside the gown that was placed upon Izanagi, revealed the disappearance of the lower half of his body. Seeing some blood loss he knew that he needed to have himself and the nurse on the other side apply a tourniquet on both sides to help stop the blood loss since at this moment Mizu doesn't know how much in total Izanagi had lost.

Hoping to have some sort of response from someone Mizu continued to work since this was important to him to save Izanagi and get to lower legs reattached. Opening the draw next to him he pulled out several bags of Saline Solution not only if needed to mix any powdered medication but also to start just a plain saline drip. Looking around noticing that every single tool that he would need is completely laid out for him. Mizu let out a huge sigh and looked around the room and said this out loud without hesitation,

This is going to be lengthy and intensive, I am going to need 3 nurses on each side of the table, I would like to have 1 medic at the head of Izanagi and the remaining 2 medics please each of you stand on both sides. This is our game plan everyone, we are going to rebuild his legs first, and while doing so keep an eye out making sure he stays stable for us. After we rebuild the legs since we are going to be using a lot of reiatsu and energy we are going to need to ground to each other and pull from each other making sure it doesn't fail. Then we will work on reattaching the legs on each side. Let's get to work!


Just as quickly as he finished speaking the nurses along each side knew what had to be done and pulled up the legs that they have been working on already. Just the basics have been done already with that said Mizu grabbed one leg and brought it closer to him. Grabbing a scalpel and a suture kit he would swerve back and forth between the already placed veins and muscle tissue. Needing to have such a soft and precise hand maneuver, because just a small slip up and I or the other nurse could cut too deep into any vein or nerve and cause long-term issues for Izanagi.

Not entirely sure if just basic hands will help with this Mizu decided to channel his inner aura to help push more Reiatsu.



Looking back and forth between his leg and the nurse across the stretcher from him they both have been making the same subtle movements within the same range of the legs. With each hand maneuver, the tethers were binding together just perfectly as he hoped for. Finally getting a chance to glance back up at Izanagis vital signs everything was perfectly within suitable vital signs not showing any reason to stress. Looking back down at the limp body of Izanagi since he was put under to lessen the pain for him he hoped this was going to come out just like he hoped it would.

Mizu would exhale the air he was holding in with his last hand maneuver and pulled his head up and looked at the nurse and asked,

Nurse, Can we please grab two bags of 1000cc's of blood for Izanagi to help replenish the blood he lost?

Looking back down at the legs that they were rebuilding he knew that he had to keep working on attaching the muscle and tendons together so Izanagi would be able to fully flex and release his leg without complication. Using different anterior and posterior maneuvers Mizu would lay more tendon on certain parts of the muscle followed by moving more blood vessels around the area to hope for perfect blood flow. Since the end goal was to reattach these legs for Izanagi Mizu knew that his chances of having some sort of blood clot right away were higher since well be attaching newly constructed blood vessels to ones that were already there. Looking at the medic Mizu said without hesitation,

"Can we please push 40 cc's of Apixaban (Eliquis - Blood Clot Preventative)"

Knowing that we have other narcotics on hand and other medications just in case we were needing to push anything else, Mizu has a good feeling about this. Once again looking back down after giving direction for someone to push that medication into Izanagi he looked over at the other nurse reconstructing the other leg. He noticed that she was following everything that was needed of her in the same steps as Mizu was doing to his leg.

Now that the legs have been completely reconstructed we can attempt to reattach them to each side of Izanagi's body.

With his aura still glowing purple, Mizu knew there was a certain Kido technique that his Lt. Junko taught him which was to reattach limbs. He knew that this was going to be an extremely huge use of Reiatsu through the operating room and would need everyone to link up to pull from each other. For a single user to use this much Reiatsu for a single Kido technique would ultimately not be the smartest idea or they'd be the next patient in their OR room. Mizu looked up and advised everyone to ground themselves and link up together since he was preparing to perform Kido #48: Fuka (付加, Attach).

Just as he noticed that everyone was all linked up and grounded Mizu would let out a phrase that only his division knows since it was more of a special technique.

Kido #48: Fuka!

Just as Mizu would speak the words of the technique, everyone within the room could look down at Izanagi's body seeing the legs attach themselves to the upper portion of his body. Just as quickly as they attached the legs started to change color. Knowing this was a good sign Mizu held in his excitement, he would touch the leg ever so slightly seeing a reaction from that meant the nerve endings were attaching without an issue. The legs went from an off-white color to a more pale color meaning blood flow was working as well. Not knowing exactly how much use Izanagi was going to get out of these legs but he'd hope for a one hundred percent recovery since so far everything seems like it's all lining up well together and doing what it needs to do to reattach after performing Kido #48.​


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Northeast ———————————— traveling from ———————————— Karakura Town

The time it takes to move through the Dangai seems almost endless, timeless, and with every step that they take, the distance only seems to grow longer when the light of the Seireitei finally breaks and the Thirteenth Division members find themselves coming out of the Fifth Division's Senkaimon Gates. Confused by their arrival at first, it isn't until she sees Nana Nokoribi that they watch them in silence as they race towards the Fourth Division without taking a break.

"You have to stay awake Nokoribi-sama. We're almost there."

Nana gives no reply as all of her energy is set on keeping herself awake. The amount of blood loss was immense, especially with the injuries she received from that short encounter. If it hadn't been for Yurei's orders, Nana would have probably suffered for much longer. Though she couldn't help but have noticed when he had turned away from looking at her. Did she see something that she wasn't supposed to? Perhaps she would remember after her treatment.

The Fourth Division barracks are busy, with other casualties coming from Naruki City. It is unfortunate that they have yet another to tend to. Quickly locating an unoccupied medical bed, the thirteenth division members are quick to scramble in order to look for the nearest available member of the Fourth Division to tend their Fifth Seat. A relief member stays with Nana, keeping her encased in that green fluorescent light as they continue with both reiatsu restoration and the additional assistance as Nana's body begins to get the feeling back in her muscles and joints.

The adrenaline that she was gifted prior was winding down, and soon, the pain would grow to be abhorrent despite the healing she received. It was only first aid, and there was only so much that they could do alone. The members of the Fourth Division were honed and trained by Yu Nakamoto and at one point, Omoni Hageshi in the ways of Kaido. With decades of practice and execution, the work they could do would ease Nana more sufficiently, but for the time being, until they got to her, she would suffer.

In the meantime, Yurei would be left alone, watching his superior writhe and bleed from the painful injuries sustained by Kassius. He would have to make an immediate report, but what exactly would he report? Blood continued to trickle down, staining the crisp white sheets and although Nana's breathing was steady, the consistent blood loss was beginning to affect her. Should she not get treated soon, this may have all been for naught.