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The citizens observe the matches with zeal, excitement, wariness and fear. It is a cocktail of emotions, a spectrum of expectations and thoughts that pass over all observers of the games. For those observing this particular match, they undoubtedly share a perspective similar to those who know nothing about the man known as "Clan Killer". They perceive a haughtiness about the Phantom born from arrogance, a sense of elitism; and truly who could blame them, as the Captain is known for his air of arrogance, especially in his younger years. When the Captain distances himself, they perceive it to be a testament to the drunkards strength and the amount of danger he poses to the Phantom. Veiled eyes show a doubtful and uncertain man against an unknown and dangerous opponent. What they do not perceive is that the Phantom rather attempting to distance himself from Suiyo has been attempting to distance himself from this match. What a fool may take as wariness, fear, uncertainty or doubt a more observant viewer perceives the truth; disinterest.

It is clear to those of his division who may be viewing the match as it has perhaps become clear to his colleague Tenzen, that Kyomu unlike himself, does. Not. CARE. He doesn't care who becomes Kenpachi, he doesn't care who is viewed as the strongest. Suiyo who is constantly processing things may be lost to this notion about the man, or rather perhaps he has noticed and he himself simply does not care in turn for the man's disinterest in the match between them. Where is his pride as a Captain? Certainly he should at least put on a good show, prove that the Gotei 13's strongest will never fold against some country bumpkin drug out from the bowels of the Rukongai. Being passive here will only further raise the prestige of Suiyo and in turn perhaps bring harm to his own reputation.


Perceived as a traitor, a heartless killer who takes delight in slaughter, a liar, a demon, a monster. He has come to terms with the fact that his reputation amongst the masses will never be favorable, at least so long as he continued the path of an assassin. Did it truly matter if there were further whispers and rumors stirred up because of these games? No, at least...not to him.

While the Phantom's sword has failed to reach the drunkard, the Captain inversely remains untouched by Suiyo's blade, a fact that cannot be shared by his peer Captain Oda, now transformed, demonized by the mask that covers his face.


There is a sound, that of rushing air or..perhaps obstructed air. The object that births such a noise is revealed to be...a gourd? Yes, one reeking of alcohol and on a collision course for the Captain's skull. The Captain appears to be still lost in his own thoughts, eyes seemingly glued to the Oda. As the contents of the gourd slosh noisily inside, as Suiyo who appears next to the Mukuro. Lightning up the joint that rests between his lips the drunken sword saint is able to perceive his precious gourd passing through Kyomu. Rather being caught by hand, or striking against a rather "hard head" or even being met by cold steel, it is as if the gourd is simply continuing through air as it moves through the Phantom. This forces Suiyo to move to retrieve his own offered gourd, or to allow it to simply spill out along Muken's floor. A projection, a mere after image. Its what any spectator would conclude, especially as the man's posture and position does not seem to change. That is, until orange colored hues momentarily flicker Suiyo's way.

The cero touches down in destructive brilliance, yet...all it seems to accomplish is clearing the air, showcasing a sleeping Suiyo sprawled on the ground. While a baffling and puzzling appearance to those still watching from afar, observers are soon distracted by a unexpected lightshow that seems to be given to them by way of the hollowfied Oda. The creature had already fired off a Cero that if any of them had met head on would be obliterated, was this now another showing of some terrible power?! While there are some to believe Tenzen to be the cause, others suspect otherwise, suspicions confirmed. Those already wary of the Oda have their fears intensified, for what could be worst than an Oda but one that has truly become a demonized monster, a hollow. Many hearts find themselves united in hoping and demanding for those trapped in the Muken with this creature to slay it. They shout at the screens as though their voices will reach Suiyo and Kyomu on the other end, already forgetting about the sleeping drunkard, or the fact that a gourd has actually rippled and passed harmlessly through Captain Mukuro's form.

What takes place from the creature is cause for concern to Kyomu who had previously resolved himself to quit and leave. His concern is not for the threat and danger the creature poses to either him or the Rukon Swordmaster, but rather the loss of a formidable and competent Captain if Tenzen has truly become lost by his hollow powers. While he feels his duty towards the games have been fulfilled, his duty to the Gotei 13 now demands he stay.

If Tenzen was truly far gone, he needed to ensure the former Captain was properly put down himself...but, if there was a chance that he was still in there it also meant that he couldn't allow the Oda to be felled by Suiyo's blade. The question regarding Kyomu's actual presence remains hovering in the air, especially as there is no sound, no presence, no reiatsu being released from either the visible representation of the Phantom still lingering on the sidelines or anywhere else for that matter. The same could be said of Suiyo the drunken Swordsaint who had appeared at the apparition's side while simultaneously appearing asleep on the ground and then behind the swapped out Tenzen who's own form and abilities are in question.

It is a match that causes the spectators to question everything they are perceiving as they struggle to keep up with the contestants locked inside, defying the eyes of every observer. Had the Commander foreseen such an outcome? While the matchups and locations seemed random on the surface, one couldn't help but suspect that Tenzen was strategically placed in a bracket with not only another Captain, but one that would certainly cut him down if duty demanded it, while having them fight in the Muken, a place reserved for criminals of the worst kind from which there was no conceivable means of escape.

Suiyo had avoided the politics of the fallen Oki, perhaps only to become entangled in the politics of the Seireitei.


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The red-headed female wasted no time, cutting straight to the point. Fuyuko cocked a brow, did she hear correctly? Two Captains had already been killed previously, and now..now one of the Lieutenants, one of HER Lieutenants was dead? Not only had a Lieutenant died, but from the sound of it the subordinates he had brought with him were dead too. This meant that there were no witnesses to attest to what transpired. If the events from a century ago weren't enough to snatch Lieutenant Toshiyuki's life from him…what was? The Head Lieutenant ponders and mulls over the news, considering everything she could. He had been recently disowned, could that have been a contributing factor in the cause for his death? Perhaps the former Oda had simply gotten sloppy, though he put on a brave front for his squad…maybe it was all..just, too much for him. While that line of thinking was convenient, she knew the man. If he was alone certainly, but he had his subordinates with him, he’d have done everything in his power to protect them.

The sight of a phone being placed before her pulls the woman from her thoughts. She peeps the records from Thirteenth’s logs, the data regarding their vitals, timestamps, and so on. She listens as this woman from Thirteenth continues speaking. Her choice of wording was rather interesting to Fuyuko. According to the woman, she and others went to investigate the scene of Lieutenant Toshiyuki’s death, and another unit for a member that was seen leaving Naruki City. She didn’t say the monitors had picked up their movement but they were seen..seen by who, and more importantly, why did they feel the need to dispatch a team for a single member leaving from Naruki..especially if the reasons were simply..unknown. Fuyuko says nothing however as she begins silently studying the woman, her expression, her movements and micromovements, her every word.

She notices the tightened grip on the outheld phone, a subconscious cue from the woman’s frustration…or something else entirely?

The woman swipes over her screen, and now a picture is revealed. Even without the woman speaking Fuyuko was well aware of who the girl on the screen was.

” I'm sure you remember seeing her before, Head Lieutenant, as she was supposedly involved in the Oki case two weeks ago. Our Lieutenant didn't say anything about it, but we had our guesses. Regardless, this girl is the one who was caught leaving out of Naruki City, which is the Tenth Division's jurisdiction. I'd like to apologize for our incompetence as the acting authority of my division; this is her second transgression, and I'm not sure that keeping her in Thirteenth will help us when we're trying to build back our prestige."

The woman’s words are for a second time, peculiar to the Head Lieutenant. She mentions the Oki incident and notes that their Lieutenant didn’t say anything to them about the incident. How odd, as that was unlike young Katsuo, especially as he had spoken so vehemently on behalf of young Saiko’s behalf. If he had gone to such lengths to defend Saiko in the presence of the Commander and the other Captains…why would he then hold his tongue and not make sure to clear up any misunderstandings among the members of their own Division?

The redheaded woman apologizes for Saiko’s supposed incompetence, warranting no expression from the raven-haired woman. She mentions that this is the girl’s second offense after mentioning the Oki incident but…Fuyuko understands the truth, having been present for the judgment over the Fate of her predecessor and those involved. Saiko was innocent of any wrongdoings, had committed no crime, no sin other than being fiercely loyal to her Lieutenant and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. While being seen leaving a city not under her jurisdiction is cause for questioning, it's hardly an offense warranting a full-scale investigation and a team being dispatched. The woman speaks about the prestige of their Division but, does that prestige involve launching a witch hunt for so minor an offense?

The Head Lieutenant begins assessing the situation, looking at the many variables. She understands that Saiko is a woman fiercely loyal to the former Oda. If he was in a situation where his life was on the line she wouldn’t have left him..unless of course she was ordered to. Perhaps she had fled in fear of her life or was sent to get help. There was also the possibility that Saiko wasn’t aware of her superior’s predicament, which then begged to question…why wasn’t she in Karakura, why was she seen leaving Naruki City?

She continues to speak, going on to inform her of Saiko’s interrogation. She then changes her narrative, mentioning how she does not believe that the girl would shirk her duties or abandon her Lieutenant. Fuyuko for the second time cocks her brow. She had spoken of Saiko as though she was an embarrassment to their Squad for her…” offenses”, but now she speaks of knowing how fiercely loyal the girl is. If this was true, and the woman before Fuyuko was indeed acting as the current authority in her division…what was the need for interrogation, rather than simply talking? Why dispatch a whole team to retrieve Saiko instead of simply waiting and trusting her to report, why fluff up her slight offense into something grander? Questions upon questions upon questions.

"I don't think that my lieutenant died by a regular Hollow attack. Even with as many as there were, I'm sure that he and his party could have done some damage, and if they weren't able to, they would've called for back-up, but no call or message came for it. The World of the Living has had the Gates of Hell and entities come from Hell on their grounds, not to mention the blood of the Soul King. Something else had to have been powerful enough to wipe out a lieutenant and his squad before they could call for help and leave no evidence behind."

Finally, the two shared some common ground. Of all things that have been spoken by the woman, this was something Fuyuko didn’t doubt and actually agreed with. The World of the Living has become quite the hub for disaster as of late.

"As a former member of the Tenth Division, you know of Lieutenant Hyouzoku more than I do, but I'd like to conduct an investigation with your permission. The Thirteenth Division is well aware of the jurisdiction borders, even Saiko would not be able to enter or leave Naruki City without resistance from Tenth Division. I'm not sure of Lieutenant Hyouzoku's current disposition, but it'd make sense for there to be a report on their end as well. Perhaps-”


Fuyuko’s voice cuts the woman off, raising her hand to silence her further. That same hand moves to rub the side of her head, massaging her temple. An annoyed sigh escapes her, eyes drift towards the vacant Thirteenth seat.

’ The Seireitei has faced another loss with the death of Lieutenant Toshiyuki. There are questions to be answered and even more to be asked to get to the bottom of this. Continue investigating the matter. A word of advice though, if you truly believe that girl Saiko is as loyal and faithful as you say she is…then might I suggest treating her like a fellow squadmate, someone you do actually trust rather than a criminal to be interrogated. Perhaps then she might open up to you a bit.”

She pauses, folding her hands over the table, locking her steel-like gaze on the woman before her.

” You’re right, I am familiar with Lieutenant Hyouzoku. I can’t imagine what resistance if any young Saiko would have found from the shinigami in Naruki simply from her being there. While it might be confusing to those watching, I doubt it would warrant any extreme approach from them to her…unless there is some tension between the divisions I am unaware of?”

She stares at the woman while posing the rhetorical question. Giving the woman no time to respond she continues saying what she needs to.

” Continue investigating the actual scene of the death of your former superior and fellow squadmates. You can leave talking to Lieutenant Hyouzoku to me. I will get in contact with him and ask him about what he knows. You continue handling things on your end and report your findings to me.”

She stands up from her seat after pushing herself away from the table. Walking past the woman she stops glancing just over her shoulder.

” You’re going to be rather busy, I suggest you hurry on to work. Unless there is something else you feel warrants mentioning?”




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The Kenpachi Games

For the first time since perhaps the severance of the soul king, the entirety of the Soul Society shares in one singular experience. Every soul from the poorest Rukongai denizen to the richest noble family stays transfixed on their television screens. Even the festivities surrounding the initial arena, the fairgrounds, rides, vendors, and laughing children, have all come to a halt. Instead, the World of the Dead watches on as they witness a display of power they never thought possible. What joy and fun once permeated the air is replaced now with concern and astonishment for the monsters they see on their screen.

In an inhabited swamp, far beyond the reach of the Seventh Division patrol, one captain dons an ivory mask of bone, the other an ebony suit of armor. An explosive Shinigami releases the most powerful blast he has ever attempted to make, incinerating his flesh and clothes in order to even scratch at his captain. The pink-haired vizard slithers through the Bankai of her swamp, releasing a flaming cero of seemingly superior proportion, after the loss of her arms. In turn, Captain Hageshi remains unscathed, consuming both blasts for her own burst of explosive power, at the cost of her bankai shattering. To those watching, the screen displaying this fight becomes completely obscured in blue light, causing many to squint or turn away.

In the desolate Valley of Screams, the beloved Honoka Oki seemingly attempts to take her own life, refusing to resist a Captain’s deadly kido. In turn, this Captain, Yu Nakamoto, finds his medical expertise put to the test. Sliced to pieces by the white-haired shinigami. Now, both find themselves in their released Bankai, staring down the unknown factors of each other’s greatest ability while the world watches on.

As captivating as the two other fights are, there was one that clearly stood out above the rest. For whatever monster the Ninth Captain Yasu Yugure currently found herself to be, it would pale in comparison to the Vasto Lorde that has consumed Captain Tenzen Oda. For whatever damage the white-haired shinigami Nibui Ueki inflicted upon a Captain, it too would pale in comparison to the evisceration caused by the white-haired swordsman Suiyo Kusotare. Indeed, this fight had contained within it its very own unparalleled explosive blast, as well as an even more formidably formed Cero. To the simple minded, who find entertainment in the flashy and dramatic, this fight had everything. However, to the more wizened, the more experienced, and skilled, this fight was nothing short of terrifying.

Three master’s of their crafts, unparalleled in their individual disciplines, pit their experience and skill against each other. This causes even the most hardened swordsmen, talented sorcerers, and competitive speedsters, to strain their eyes and minds just to follow along. It is clear that of all the first round battles, this one would be the most remembered, the most talked about in hushed whispers. The exchange between the two captains and the drunken swordsman would from here on out be known as the Battle of the Best.

“Just get out of here.”

“Who is this guy?”

Suiyo’s opponent’s were not the only ones questioning the identity of the old drunk. Within a lavish palace in District 1, Junrinan (潤林安, Lush Forest Peace), a wealthy noble inquires of his chief advisor. It would seem that ever since his inebriated arrival into the public eye, the stranger with the black sword has been the center of attention. Many had bet against the man, looking forward to seeing an old bum get absolutely destroyed by the Sereitei’s best. It was a safe bet. After all, of the five non-captain participants to enter, two have been eliminated, and one finds himself at the mercy of his own direct superior. It is only the white-haired duo, who strike an eerie resemblance to one another, that remain to face the Captains of the Gotei Thirteen. Yet while Nibui puts forth his best effort in an epic struggle to subdue his only remaining opponent, Suiyo still seems unbothered by it all.

So far Suiyo had incapacitated one captain with a single move, pushing him so close to death’s door that he was forced to release the pinnacle state of his most powerful form. Now, he tells another Captain to leave, dismissing the world’s greatest assassin as a threat altogether. It is a widely held belief to the spectators of the games that had Captain Mukuro or Captain Oda been in either other bracket, they would currently be dominating. Yet here some old man who can barely stop slurring his words is seeming to single handedly keep them at bay.

”I do not know sir, but that thing he is facing is an abomination.”

“That last attack had no killing intent behind it, and I haven’t seen you cop a single gem. You're not here to kill, and it ain’t profit. You supposed to fight? I attacked, you counter attacked, that’s a fight, right?”

“I heard Lady Oki hired him to take out the Clan Killer.”

In District 64, Sabitsura (錆面, Rusted Face) a dilapidated old wooden dumpling-shop is hosting more patrons than it has ever seen at a single time. Full to the brink, everyone from the surrounding area has come to observe the games.

“We’ll he’s doing a bad job, he’s just talking to him!" "Look, Mukuro’s not even touched!”

Suiyo was not just the only non-captain, but the only-non Shinigami participating. This of course captivates those who inhabit the outer districts. There is not one amongst these souls that has not suffered some abuse at the hands of a Shinigami. To them, the old bastard represents the people’s struggle against the Seireitei’s oppressive establishment.

“A Mukuro killed my uncle…” “I thought he was fighting a monster, when did that other guy show up?”

Full of sake, farmers and bandits alike shout over one another, sloshing their drinks about, rice stuck to their beards. They struggle to comprehend what they’re watching, but they can at least put names to faces, the Oda and the Mukuro Clans reputation travels further outside the walls of the Gotei thirteen than it does within.

“So that’s the Mukuro Captain that slaughtered the Oki?”

A young man asks, sipping his tea, too youthful to enjoy the bitterness of rice wine. Yet even he, even here, has heard of the tragedy that befell the Oki Clan.

“I loved the Oki.”
“Yeah me too…”
“They healed my mom when she was sick…”

Despite the disparagement told of nobles, the Oki had always been kind to those with less. They were known to build shelters for the poor, to remedy the sick, and grow crops for the starving. Even the cruelest bandit was more likely to ask for an Oki’s aid than for their money. For hundreds of years now the Seventh division has run through these upper districts like wild dogs, refusing the aid that the Seireitei was supposed to provide. The Oki clan had been a small relief to this much larger ailment.

“Fuck the Mukuro!”

One drunken bandit cannot help but shout as he rises to his feet. Yet this outburst gains traction with those in his company, and before long the entire tavern chants along in unison.​

“Listen man, in my experience. Whatever you’re thinking about-”

“He’s sort of dreamy don’t you think?” “Gross, he’s a total bum!"

In District 3, Hokutan (北端, North End), the oiran of a high-end okiya gather in the main lobby. Geisha of an inner district, their fame and prestige allows them to run their own business, forming an entertainment district relatively close to the games themselves. Protected by the consistent patrols of the Seventh Division, the women of this establishment have been able to seize for themselves independent wealth. Now, the Oiran and their all female staff watch with sparkling eyes glued to the screen, as the swordsman, in this moment of lethal violence, stops to appeal to his opponent’s heart.

“He’s kind of romantic…”

They giggle and tease, clad in expensive fabrics and exotic makeups. Today it would appear that their roles were reversed. Instead of fulfilling the fantasies of their clients, it was their turn to fantasize for themselves. Suiyo's impoverished and unkempt appearance, scarred body and wizened face, the blunt manner of his speech, and the craziness of his actions, while off putting to most, undoubtedly hold a certain appeal to some. That is to say nothing of his skill or current position, as put plainly, everyone likes an underdog.

“Obviously he's drunk and crude.” “Yeah but he pulls off that rugged look…”

Enticed, the Geisha escorts and their entourage of servants linger on his every word, straining to hear the broadcast. They wait with baited breath, as if it is to them directly, and not to the Mukuro, that Sir Kusotare speaks.​

“-Whoever you’re thinking about…”

Sighs escaped bitten lips, as the ladies of this district interpret Suiyo’s words to be of some secret lover. Soon, they become lost in visions of the heartless Kyomu, his edgy exterior softened by the tenderness of a forbidden love. Perhaps there is someone out there watching the Captain with concern, one who loves him, despite it all. Just as the Geisha now, in this moment, find themselves falling for such a rough-looking man.

The violence, the horrific monster, all becomes lost in this moment of intimacy, as the women anticipate exactly what he is about to say next. They watch, their hearts aflutter with longing, as his form begins to fade away from their vision.

That is…until the reverberating clack of a wooden gourd is heard, rolling across the ground.

“That’s where you shoHEY WHAT THE HELL MAN!?

For the first time since anyone has laid eyes on him, the nonchalant drunkard has expressed an outburst of shock and concern. The festivities, the Captain Commander, Kido, Assassin, and Vasto Lorde, had all failed to produce anything but fascination and humor from the stranger, yet now it is his gourd crashing against the ground that truly surprises him.

Utterly shocked, his joint drops from his mouth, as he watches his favorite and only drinking gourd roll across the cold hard ground.

The orange flickers of light emitted from the Kyomu clone would fire harmlessly through Suiyo’s own form, as his body continues its visual dematerialization, albeit with his now shocked expression.

Yet, the lit joint does not meet the same fate as the gourd, but instead seems to equally flicker and disappear before it can collide with the ground. Unlike the careless assassin, the drunk would not let such a precious luxury go to waste.

So, it’s the dick move then. At least it was caught on tape.

Unfortunately, it still remained a win-win situation. It would seem rather than open himself up to emotional vulnerability, the Mukuro Captain would instead choose to defend his pride. Kyomu now decided to take responsibility for the Vasto Lorde that rampaged about, rather than allow a Rukongai Bum to clench victory and embarrass the Seireitei on live television. For the Rukongai Bum however, this was excellent, as it meant much less work for him.

Rematerializing on the Kyomu projection’s other-side, deprived of his joint, Suiyo smiles now, over the initial shock, he has once again regained his cool. Side by side, the drunk’s eyes too follow the same subject as the assassin’s. The two of them stand as observers to themselves, on the sidelines of their own battle, watching as the outcomes of actions they have already set into motion come to fruition.

“So, you’re finally getting serious.”

Back at the main event, the Vasto Lorde Oda falls subject to the plethora of sword strikes that course through his body. Or rather, that is how it is perceived to occur. Perception is indeed a funny thing. Rather than damage the Hollow itself, the slices instead dice up a discarded arm left behind by the creature.

“He’s fast.”

The arm of course explodes into a bloody-mist, while the Vasto Lorde appears to materialize next to Suiyo. Indeed perception is a funny thing. The Vasto had perceived a series of singular sword strikes heading away from him in multiple directions. It makes sense then that a simple substitution would suffice, allowing him to reappear elsewhere once the strikes had finished. However, the mistake here is that they were not at all singular sword strikes.

The arcs of light heading away from the vasto’s body were not the result of Suiyo’s sword swinging downward, but rather his sword retracting for a secondary swing. Much like the Assassin’s shunpo, the Sword Saint’s Zanjutsu is capable of moving faster than light. That is to say, faster than it can be visibly perceived. Thus, what the Vasto had perceived was not the arc produced by a swing of a sword, but instead the sword itself retracting and swinging again. The downward sword movement of the strike and the upward movement of the blade’s retraction, then the repetition of this process, formed enough of an overlap to reflect light, creating the arcs that the Vasto saw.

The Vasto had allowed the first strikes to pass through his severed arm, and then had reappeared next to the image of the talking Suiyo. However, this apparition of Suiyo was still in the center of all of these strikes, just barely behind the Vasto himself, enough to whisper in his ear. As the Vasto rematerializes to Suiyo’s left, he keeps himself exactly where Suiyo wanted him.

Vanity and confidence would meet this creature’s end, as the second wave of strikes, which had already been launched, now collide against the vasto in his new position. His intense speed had worked against him in this case, as, should he have slowed down, Utsusemi might have avoided both strikes. Instead, he immediately reappeared, removing any reaction time he might have had. Further, the vasto, which is unconcerned about Suiyo, admires itself in its own blade’s reflection, confident that its shunpo and shikai had done and will continue to do their jobs. Therefore, the Vasto Lorde remains unsuspecting of a secondary strike, distracted by itself, devoid of reaction time, and still centrally located within the grid of cuts.

What’s more, the Golden Mist that enshrouds him would fail to act as a shield, or rather, an eraser. The reason behind this remains a mystery to all those present, Suiyo included, especially given the secret nature of this Shikai’s ability. The nature of these cuts however was different than the ones from before, as they were not composed of Reiryoku and Air, which could be easily negated and erased by the golden mist. Yet still, it wouldn’t make sense, even should the parasitic Vasto have the intelligence and comprehension of its host body, considering that the only things he cannot erase in shikai are sentient beings.

All of this would have to be considered before anything could occur, removing any chance of preventing the second wave of slices, which had already been brought into motion before the Vasto had even fully reacted to the first wave. As such, the Vasto Lorde would be struck five simultaneous times, serving to cut through the creature in three distinct ways. The first would be caused by the cuts to the front and the back, which would serve to bisect the Vasto vertically. The second, would be the cuts from the left and right, which are not directed at the creature’s arms, but rather at his head, specifically, his face. These cuts would cut through the left and right sides of his skull, serving to slice the Hollow Mask directly off of the Captain’s face. The final cut would be that which came from above, whose first wave had sliced through Suiyo’s discarded joint. Now with the Vasto’s new position, it would continue to slice downwards through his head and body at a diagonal angle, severing his heart and brain, as well as what remains of the bisected mask.

Forming a three-point downwards star, it is as though the Vasto had been cored like an apple. The five cuts serving to sever the Vasto Lorde in three separate ways, and thus into six separate pieces, all centered around that mask he wore. Suiyo, ignorant of the Captain's shikai abilities, is more so intrigued by the unification of Hollow and Shinigami spiritual energies. Even in his drunken state, even from a distance, even in his high speed movement, his multiple locations, and partially in his sleep, he was able to perceive the flow of energy that composed the creature formerly known as Tenzen Oda. With this, he knew that the source of power, the connection to that Hollowifed energy, lay in the mask he wore across his face.

Granted, getting sliced into six pieces would be lethal to most, however, Suiyo had elected not to kill the Captain when he had the chance. Could it be that he regretted this, as now he was responsible for the release of this monster? Or could it be that even now he had no intention of taking Oda's life? Indeed, the Vasto had already displayed an excellent healing factor, and so it could be that Suiyo’s cuts were delivered with the intention of shattering the mask while the Vasto’s flesh focused on repairing itself. What’s more, the massive influx of energy that no doubt emitted from the Vasto, though he conceals its presence within his shikai, would serve to perpetually keep the Captain alive even through lethal wounds. At least, hopefully, long enough for him to be taken away from this place.

Truthfully, this was plan B. Suiyo had hoped that by convincing the Mukuro Captain to leave on his own, he could watch exactly how one was supposed to get out of this place. However, since the Mukuro elected to fight, critically wounding the Oda would have to suffice, whether it be by the swordsman’s blade or the assassins. Though he remains unsure of his purpose here, wherever he is, Suiyo does know that he has fortunately come across quite a bit of wealth in the form of these blue gemstones. The Oda’s Kido, and new Hollow form, and the Assassin’s hand-crafted tools had been what intrigued him, not the fight itself. With the Mukuro now opting to engage the wounded Vasto, there really wasn’t much for Suiyo to do but figure out how to escape this strange place.

In the meantime however, he is perfectly content to observe this once in a lifetime spectacle. So many new possibilities had opened up in his mind, so many unforeseen experiences. What a trip this had been! How had he even got here? Last thing the Drunkard remembered was partying with a caravan, now suddenly he’s facing down a Vasto Lorde? The Shinigami really know how to throw a party!

With his previous actions now at their conclusion, and the arrival of the Second Captain now on scene, the images of the sleeping Suiyo, as well as the whispering Suiyo, disappear. What is left is the Suiyo on the sidelines who watches smiling, Gourd in hand. In the order of their disappearance, the timeline becomes revealed. Suiyo had fallen asleep shortly after acquiring the Anken, and had happily snored away, veiled in his reiatsu, while one Captain lost his arms and transformed, and the other sliced through the battlefield complaining. Waking up after this event, he moved to speak with the Mukuro, then to bait and attack the Vasto Lorde, before returning to the sidelines to retrieve his gourd. These events too, could have been followed based on the progression of his joint. He had none while sleeping, lit one while speaking to Kyomu, finished it while addressing the Vasto, and was lacking one when he had returned to the Mukuro Apparition's side.

Yes indeed, perception is a funny thing. It is this level of hypotheticals, of simultaneous events, misplaced diversions, and subtle tactics, that display exactly why these three men are the best at what they do. These events are what make the fight incomprehensible to all but the most experienced observer, and what causes this fight’s broadcast to rise to the center of attention above the other two.

It truly is a battle of the best.



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The left arm discarded by the Vasto is diced to pieces in place of its former owner, tricking Suiyo with a literal sleight of hand technique. This battle has come down to a game of perception, which one of these two sly fighters will out trick the other?

Tenzen was not even at the first wave of slices when they arrived, there was no need to react to something that wasn’t near him. The moment his foot shifted when firing that Cero is when he vanished, the moment Suiyo popped up in his face he was long gone. Had Suiyo taken note of his Shikai he would have noted that the mist flows from the blade ceaselessly. Yes, it would not erase anything but it should have been a tell that wherever this mist trails in front of it was once a blade. Suiyo doesn’t take note of the beast until his foot touches the ground, pride in his swordsmanship skills leading him to believe he had cut the beast in six ways. The truth reveals itself.

All had been silent during this brief exchange but upon Tenzen’s reappearance there is a loud sound, the clashing of metal, the clashing of blades. The Mist that had enveloped Suiyo was nothing more but the mark of the past, the proof that Tenzen’s blade had traveled in that direction, more so, these were not singular slashes not with the amount of mist that draped over him. Tenzen had used Senmaioroshi (千枚卸, Thousand-Page Wholesale) during his Shunpo movement. Tenzen, or rather the Vasto, took a page out of the Sword Saints book and combined his Zanjutsu with his Shunpo, unleashing thousands of cuts along his path of travel, cuts that blocked and parried the swordsman's blind cutting. Yes, it was no more than blind cutting as he never had Tenzen in his sights, he had no clue about his position until he chose to make himself reappear to be seen.

The monster looks at itself in the reflection of the golden blade, Suiyo reveles in what he thinks to be victory until… His body ceased to move.

Moves From The Past, Ahead of Their Time

If he could manage it, his eyes could look down to see six rays of golden energy sprouting from his hip. A full incantation Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō, further enhanced by full on Hollowfication, escape is impossible for the novice Swordsman. At the beginning of the match Tenzen spoke a two fold incantation, one for the Hado in his right hand that was countered and the Bakudo that laid dormant in his left. This swordsman was tricky but at the end of the day it was Tenzen, a spellcaster who uses deception to destroy his foes, who proved to be the more sly of the two.

Time and time again, you have almost made a complete fool out of us…
Time and time again, you have almost made a complete fool out of us…

The monster raises one of its right arms making a half fist in front of its chest and casts a second Bakudo, Bakudō #79. Kuyō Shibari. Eight black holes with purple outlines which emit spiritual energy surround Suiyo, with the ninth black hole manifesting itself in the center of his chest, sealing away his final hopes at mobility.

”Time and time again we have shown the world otherwise…”
”Time and time again we have shown the world otherwise…”

The beast turns on his heel and walks towards the Swordsaint, yes he walks because as skillful as he is with a blade there is nothing he can do with it if he cannot move. Usage of his eyes will have been locked at this point as he can only watch as this many armed, corrupted Buddha, paces towards him, speaking in dual voices.

”Time and time again we’ve had to over exert ourselves…”
Time and time again we’ve had to over exert ourselves…”




Three blinding swings of his balde remove the arms and head of the White Death as he continues to walk past him, one of the many arms raises up and aims an index finger at the head that slowly slides from its placement atop the body.

”Time and time again we had to prove…”
”Time and time again we had to prove…”

Blue Kido Energy builds at the tip of the index finger, shimmering, glowing brighter and brighter.


The energy is let loose, a solid beam of blue energy that pierces through the back of the drunk's skull and out the front of his forehead. The brain is pierced through and through, burned and fried, no more than soup in his departed skull. The beast treads a few more steps before stopping, the sound of severed arms, a black blade, and severed head hitting the ground behind him. The body is still being held upright by the grace of the Kido Spells that bind it.

”Our mind is sharper than any blade you wield…"
”Our mind is sharper than any blade you wield…"

Unison, the Inner Hollow and Tenzen working as one in the body of a monster. It stands idle for some time ensuring the Sword Saint had nothing left to give, if he could at this point, before the shell of the Hollow began to break away revealing the man underneath, his golden eyes of enlightenment still intact showing that his soul is still balanced. He looks in Kyomu’s direction and nods, giving him the sign that he is indeed himself and that he had never lost control.



The audience is silent, those who are watching this particular bout at least. Just when it seemed like the Rukongai underdog was about to pull an upset, the tables turned. Hearts sink to the pit of their stomachs as he was a strange beacon of hope, hope that the Rukongai can become strong enough to challenge the Seireitei or at least keep them out of the Rukongai. All they witnessed was a monster cut down their hope. No less than that it was an Oda who did it, a clan already feared for their hostility, and who would have thought the clan killer himself would be there to watch it all happen. The nod Tenzen gives to Kyomu is not interpreted as a sign he is okay but rather a nod of “mission accomplished”. They have mixed feelings about this, but who are they to get upset and revolt when the strongest among them was beaten? Even those who bet on Tenzen’s victory are reluctant to celebrate because this still feels like a loss to them.

However, the Oda Manor is alive with sounds of celebration and joy. Their clan lord managed to not only survive when things seemed dire but pulled off a victory with a power the whole of Soul Society fears. Those who neighbor the compound that is like a moon to the Seireitei, in terms of size, would find no rest on this night.

A Horrifying Power, Mastered

Tenzen continues to walk through the darkness, looking around at the destruction they caused, his still released Zanpakuto resting on his shoulder. He has proven to the world that Higen’s training was not for nothing, he proved that those were one hundred well spent years that allowed him to hone and temper forbidden power. As victor of this bracket he stands as one of the strongest and scariest Captains of the Gotei Thirteen. After looking around for some time he looks at Kyomu and addresses him from afar.

”Do you know if someone is coming to get us? If not I can teleport us out of here. Hopefully they won’t frown upon it.”


Arashi Suta

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Ready to embark, the Lieutenant is likely to be the last to cross the threshold of the Senkaimon. Before him is none other than Jizakai, but the man is left with different orders, a change of plans. The now appointed Leader of this expedition had made an executive decision to leave both his superior and subordinate in his wake, closing the Senkaimon, keeping the two from forever providing aid should he and his team need it. The closed-eyed Lieutenant had not moved quite yet, standing undisturbed by the news that had been given through physical means. Without words at the moment, his mind was plagued with...

What is he doing...?

Forced to remain it seems, although Lieutenant Suta could have played his position and entered unimpeded by the 'order' given by the 3rd seat. Instead, Arashi attempts to understand his reasoning. Was it to protect us from the horrors he had faced before or is it simply fear of Arashi and Jizakai acting on vengeance from their previous face-off against the Captain? Jizakai who had likely turned away to face Lieutenant, his mannerisms likely filled with hope that he would step to deliver his own direct order, the smiling swordsman only shakes his head in return.

" In time he will return, with the reasoning in tow."

The Lieutenant seats himself, his but resting against the bottom of his feet, in tandem, placing his Zanpakuto in front of him, and then his hands move to rest gently at the knees. Prepared to meditate, but no, he simply awaits the return of the 3rd seat or in fact, the return of his Captain, should Eizoku become cast away in time as he has done so before, once again to be absent for another century or more... What Jizakai would do at this time, is of his own volition, but he will wait just as Lieutenant Suta does.


The prodigal 3rd Seat returns with his men, despite being the last to arrive within the Soul Society. Slowly the eyes of LIeutenant Suta open, lingering upon the visage of Eizoku. Perhaps the man is prepared for a scolding or some form of punishment. Such preparation is to be maintained as he would likely watch the Lieutenant stand with his Zanpakuto firmly in his grasp. Arashi does not move, he simply opens his mouth, speaking from afar.

" Report."