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Awkward Heals

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The walls kept creeping closer. The spread-out clusters had begun to pull in tighter. Another came to the room she was observing. Her face changed a comical number of times. Her confusion and fascination only continued to grow. Beings with such frail appearances and such fine clothes. Yes, they were gathering here for whatever common goal. Yes, they appeared to have some issue with which room belonged to who, apparently. Or something like that. Iulia hadn't really paid enough attention to their ramblings to understand precisely why the two before her were fighting. It was personal to them and uninteresting to her. There was chaos indeed. Yet buried beneath that was some kind of order. Some unifying force or commanding figurehead.

Bright eyes danced to where Iulia's original target lie. A portion of wall obscured a physical view, though her reiatsu was plain enough to sense. She lurked where Iulia could only assume the pool of water was. A nervous sensation pressed into her back. She rolled her shoulders to wave it away.

At first, Iulia had thought the new arrival had only personal matters once more. It was a good opportunity to make her escape. Others were close. Perhaps they would wander her way and perhaps not. But the walls are creeping closer I need out I need OUT Yet she was frozen in place. The man's words were robbing her of her reason. It was simply too interesting.

"--let loose from his prison. This normally wouldn’t be any issue of mindless killing, although---" It struck Iulia that these beings kept anything such as a prison. What an odd notion. "--carry on until he ends all existence in Karakura. That is--" The balance was an important thing. At least, that was what Iulia had always heard. She'd never cared enough nor caused enough damage in one outing to need to. "---have to wait, we are being summoned by the God-King for discussion of war. I am also---" For whatever reason, Iulia had always considered the concept of a "God King" as something of a myth. An endless chase for those who would never be satisfied with how much power they gained. She had sensed one with a power beyond what she had ever experienced before. She supposed he would be the one.

Soon enough the man was gone. A fight broke out elsewhere. Not long after the fight before her ended. The meal sprawled out before her was alluring. Discarded so simply by the one who struck him down. She had also left in equally marvelous clothing as before the battle. It delighted her at what a simple thing this was for them. Yet the look upon the woman's face when presented with a fresh pair of clothes mirrored how Iulia imagined her own to appear. She was marveling at them. Her heart felt numbed. Coldly drumming to the beat of her envies. Beautiful clothes. A free meal.

Unlike the woman from before, this one did not change into clothes that matched the previous set. Truly able to see her now, she realized this. Her clothes were in worse shape than Iulia's. That which was presented to her so quickly was new and exquisite. Perhaps, Iulia had to wonder, perhaps her arrival here had been her first. The same woman who had fed her had also cut down a man she knew without any hesitation. All because she took his room. Or whatever.

The thought of this woman before her becoming a meal faded further into the corners of Iulia's mind. Instead, she hungered for her knowledge. Food was simple enough. Discovering the events between her arrival and Iulia's was not simple at all. At least, not to her.

” Hello, do you wish to feed on me? Is that what drew you to this room?”

The words from the woman that had ignored her for so long were unexpected. Yet Iulia had focused on the words themselves. Crawling across her lips, what appeared to be a true and genuine smile spread across her face. It almost seemed to say "Oh, I would never!" But in all honesty Iulia wanted nothing more than to laugh herself silly at how right the other had been. About how minutes ago she had wished for nothing else than to reach through the earth and pull her from her underwater tunnel. About what a truly trivial matter it had taken to entice Iulia to want more than the woman's flesh and strength. She gave only a simple shake of her head. Iulia had been ready for that moment. She could finally ask what she wished to know of this place.

Then the woman was running away. Aggravation rolled her stomach. Bad enough her only source of information was taking off. Worse, even, the woman almost seemed to wish for Iulia to follow her. As if Iulia would go blindly running toward such powerful pressures. She'd blindly run right into her own death. And so too would that woman. That detail wasn't important. What mattered was the information that would die with her. Iulia couldn't allow this. Not yet, at least. The woman had only just taken her first few steps forward when Iulia launched herself in the same direction.

Faster than the other, she hadn't made it far before Iulia had gone farther. Blocking the path, she stood fifteen feet beyond her. Though she would just as simply step aside if the other wouldn't stop. By her standards, she had worked very hard. And she was growing weary. If the woman wished to run head first into death, Iulia could not be bothered to put even more effort into stopping her. She did hope to otherwise capture her attention. What with her suddenly springing out after hiding for so long. And she would speak to her, even. Surely this would be enough to give the other pause and think that perhaps whatever was so important a moment ago couldn't possibly be any more important than this.

"I just wanted to ask you," So sweetly. So innocently. The real yet fake smile on her face once again. And perhaps for a moment, the woman would wonder if she were about to be faced with either danger or a very thought-provoking question. What with the way Iulia so dramatically pulled herself up, pausing on the cusp of her question. And now an arm propped up the other by the elbow. Her hand dangled limply yet one finger righted itself from its lazy kin to point at the other woman. "how you were able to get such fine clothes."




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Cordelia skidded to a stop before she ran full force into the woman, sliding Trygon out of her sleeve. Her brow furrowed as she glared at her. The only creature to ever show her any kindness in life was possibly in danger. What could be more important than helping her? She snarled, her fingers tightening around the barb like weapon, but before she could question her, the woman spoke.

"I just wanted to ask you…how you were able to get such fine clothes."

She froze, dumbfounded by the question. She was really worried about clothes!? Shifting how she was standing, she slowly slid Trygon back into her sleeve and folded her arms across her chest. Unsure of whether Emilia would be mad about her getting the stranger clothes or not, she just stood there, debating in her mind what to do. Looking her over, she was slightly puzzled.

”But you already have nice clothing.”

Cordelia cocked her head to the side, observing the woman. Letting out a soft sigh, she turned on her heels and strode back toward Emilia’s room, only glancing over her shoulder to see if she was following her.

”What is your name by the way? Mine’s Cordelia.”

She slipped back into the room and bee-lined directly for the pool. As she perched herself on the edge, pulling her boots off the dip her feet in the water, she whistled for the millian to return. Granted, she wasn’t even certain it would respond to her again. Maybe it had only been a fluke the first time it’d listened to her. She wasn’t even certain whether she’d get in trouble or not for using the millian to get clothes for a random stranger.




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It was truly unfortunate for the Orcas Arrancar. Freeing himself from the shackles of Elliora’s control, he had sought power. Possibly more power than he could even imagine. How could he have hoped to go for the top without truly envisioning the peak of power above. While he was sitting idly on his strength, these monsters he called peers. Hungered and thirsted for power. Helliodoro being the prime example of this endless hunger for power. Being stuck as a Vasto Lordes for years upon end. The grind for power never stopped. Constant death upon death, until finally the culmination of one of the strongest beings had been born into an Arrancar. Just off of this newly acquired strength he sat the table of Espadas, now with the number “2” tattoo’d to his body. Elliseo knowing all of this still, with no hesitation struck the ire of this being.

Swiftly using his Sonido to strike Helliodoro at his backside, the Orcas Arrancar seemingly misses his target completely. Instead slightly cutting through the arm of the Vasto. While it was true Elliseo found no use to use his sword, his swings were still to be reckoned with. While not displaying the accuracy and acumen of a true swordsman, his blade a pivotal part in his powers. Unfortunately before Elliseo would have time to adjust, time to discern, and time to react. The Arrancar would be flashed by the brilliant vehemence that temporarily shined from his wound. To the normal, average Arrancar their eyes would’ve fried away being this close to a star’s vehemence. To Elliseo this meant nothing, his eyes being temporarily blinded before-hand, along with the fact that his “truesight” never relied on his eyes. Closing them in response to this wouldn’t phase his vision in no way. As soon as the eyes of the Arrancar were closed though, he would feel the hand that held his Zanpakuto be clenched with an amazing force.

"Move, I'm done with you."

As the words escaped Helliodoro’s lips, Elliseo braced for impact. Conditioning his reiryoku to amplify his defenses. Immediately he would slammed directly into the sand of Hueco Mundo. The shockwave from his defeat would resonate throughout Hueco Mundo. The sands parting away at the Orcas Arrancar body cushioning down. With his limb completely melted away, and body crushed by the overwhelming power of the 2nd Espada.

Elliseo was done.

If it hadn’t been for a last ditch effort to save himself. He’d be completely splattered over the entirety of the sands. Untraceable to anyone at all. While his defeat was utterly embarrassing, it gave the Arrancar the perspective at fighting at the stop. Yes, he elected not using his Zanpakuto abilities, nor activate his Ressurecio. Simply because his opponent did not see the need to either. It was painfully clear where Elliseo stood on the totem pole, no matter where he was ranked he would eternally be put under Helliodoro in terms of power. Only the slim chance of victory rematch or the death of the former Vasto would relinquish this stain on his record. But still, even as his consciousness was fading. Elliseo wouldn’t regret any decision he made. He had finally been….. released.





With both monsters smiling this fight seems more like a game than a deadly battle between the former queen and the new king. She watched with a delirious smile as the flames ignite him, granted, not as powerful as she had intended, they still severely damage him, continuously burning away at his lungs, even as they regenerate. While he did make note of her powers and how she typically fought, had he been more conscious of the placement of his spiral and placed it slightly further down into his esophagus, the firemaker's flames would have only sparked in his mouth as he intended, but one does not only breathe through the mouth, as he left his sinuses unprotected, her air manages to circumvent his defense. He cooks from the inside, his intestines and nearby organs all roast, fueled by his own regenerative prowess.

Despite this happening, he is still able to move, though with excruciating pain as pieces of him burn away repeatedly. And as he attempts to move the winds under his control by way of his spirals, he will find it a difficult task as a vacuum of air is left behind him, where Elliora's voice once rang. This is actually something fairly new to her as well, witnessed only moments prior to having come in contact with Max, she saw how Izeel pushed out the intruders with a similar tactic with his machinery, only difference is she is able to easily execute this with her aerial abilities. And while against anyone else, this tactic would have been effective, against her, it becomes null as the vacuum syphons any air he hopes to subjugate, thusly never lifting his feet off the ground.

"I am truly blessed to have met such strong Arrancar in my lifetime. Never would I have thought to condense my muscles to create greater impacts, never would I have thought to subjugate the air around me to grant me greater maneuverability. Ah, ironic that these inspirations came from both the current and former Cero Espada."

She laughs in delight as he speaks, his words of praise, his tone changing as soon as she reverts to her original form.

"You flatter me God King! We truly take inspiration from the strangest sources! Gracias por recordarme de mis Talones!"

She draws her blades to her hands and focuses the fires surrounding her body to the kukri knives, raising their temperature, and causing them to glow bright red.

"Allow me to apologize for my earlier insults, I can clearly see you are not mere fodder. However I cannot return this… egg? Just yet, there is much left for us to do. That aside, mi amiga, fight me! Show me if that strength of yours is enough to sit at the table of Espada once again!"

She tilts her head.

"Okay! I forgive you!." She thinks briefly. "Well, if you promise to keep it safe... te lo presto."

She could not deny his strength, and decides he is powerful enough to keep it safe, if only momentarily. She may forget it briefly, but it will always come to find it's way back into her possession. That much is unavoidable, just a matter of time. His other words take a bit longer to process, until she keeps hearing the same word in his head. Us? She repeats in her head, as if a part of this team, despite having been abandoned by what was once her closest allies. Elliseo casting her aside like rubbish, Abraam, having recently lost his way and his life, as well as Enrico, the one she thought the most powerful of the three, gone in an instant. It was fine, she didn't need them, she didn't need anyone. Elliora had herself, but his words now seem to include her in his plans. Perhaps if she sits among them, she will make friends who will live longer?

"Then let's dance, God King!"

Her body disappears from view, the winds of Hueco Mundo rampaging violently through the expanse as she flies about. There is no burst of power from a sonido, as she repeats what she did previously, leaving a vacuum of space in her place after disappearing, a testament of the woman's incredible speed. It is when she reappears at his side, her body partially twisted with her hip protruding slightly out, that the reiryoku within her once masked by the flames that surrounded her, fires off at point blank, striking the man with her very own cero, sending him flying through the sands of Hueco Mundo, all while the insides of his body continue to burn away, something that if he did not find a way to extinguish, would continue to ail him until she desired otherwise.


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Spiral Dance

Everyone makes mistakes, and in this instance Max is no exception to that. He had prepared for Elliora’s invasive technique but he did not take all factors into consideration when doing so. However, with mistakes comes growth and he shall grow from this set back in a matter of seconds. While she had her sights set on setting all his organs aflame the fires must first get past his lungs. His healing factor is possibly the weakest among all the Arrancar, but it is still present, enough so that his lungs can stop the flames from moving beyond that point. With spirals being able to be birthed from his body it takes a fraction of a second to form and expel the flames from his lungs via Expansión de Hélice (Lit. Helix Expansion). Like a dragon flames are expelled from his mouth and while he is panting heavily it is not from injury or fatigue, it's due to him voiding all the air in his lungs to remove the flames. Adjusting his Spiral protections the contracted muscles in his legs release and combine with his Sonido creating a burst of speed to escape the void of air Elliora made. Once free from it he is able to breathe safely once again. Standing in the air, via Reishi platforms, he speaks to her as he originally planned to but his voice was clearly raspy, damaged by the flames moving up and out his mouth.

"Then let's dance, God King!"

Maximiliano grins from ear to ear at these words. The appetite for battle can never truly be quelled for Hollow’s all they know is battle and fighting for survival. Every fight can bring about something new, something unexpected just as this fight has done. This lone woman has done more damage to the God King than those four Shinigami he fought earlier. Although he expects nothing less from a fellow Hollow! In the next few moments he watches her vanish from sight, however, sight alone is not needed to locate the Woman of the Wind. Maximiliano had mastered the technique known as Indice Radar, which is used to accurately detect and determine the strength of a single individual. This is not a technique on its own though, it is merely an advanced variation of Pesquisa. If the God King mastered this advanced variation then it means that accessing its lesser form is within his grasp as well. He sends out a radiating pulse that echoes out around him. Naturally there is no power released from Sonido which is what makes it so much scarier than Shunpo. Sonido does not release Reiatsu when used, unlike its Shinigami counterpart. With that in mind Max never would have looked for that as an indicator to begin with.

What the God King searches for is the highest concentration of Reiatsu from a specific individual. This individual was right beside him. The fires sought to mask her but not the control over the winds that rage around them. Reitsu must still be spent in order to manipulate the wind to this degree and by searching the ever moving epicenter of this manipulation he is able to locate the Arrancar woman. Max is able to clearly see how she was able to reign as a Queen, but he is also able to see how and why time has made her former status of Queen irrelevant. Max reclines back, still keeping his eyes locked on the woman as he falls backwards allowing her sudden Cero to miss him entirely. Turning his right hand so that his palm faces her, he releases a Bala, not only that, but the condensed muscle in his arm is released as well. Bala’s are twenty times faster than Cero, however, being amplified by the “push” of his spiraled muscles being released the speed is increased by five more times. This Bala fired by Max is one hundred times faster than any Cero. By the time Elliora spot’s Maximiliano’s hand she explodes and is left wondering how or why she even exploded. Although, knowing her mental capacity she may assume it was her own flames that combusted, if she even knows what that means.

The muscle in his arm contracts once again as he now falls towards the ground, landing on the sand below and looking up to see what has happened to Elliora. He speaks to her, assuming she survived, his voice no longer raspy showing that his healing factor has at least repaired his vocal cords.

”Very good, you are doing well. You even managed to injure me, not a feat many can claim. Although, is that the limit to your strength? Once all avenues of attack are cut off what else do you have to offer? Hm? Can you injure me again?”