[BSD-RP] Hueco Mundo


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Eternal night. So was the norm of the vast emptiness that was Hueco Mundo. A single luminescent crescent hung overhead, in an otherwise pitch void sky. The white sands cascaded the horizon, with sparce crystilline trees reaching up into the darkness with foliageless branches, as if surrendering themselves to the nothingness. Stray gusts of wind blew in irregular intervals of both times and strengths. A lone pair of figures stood out in the otherwise dichotomic landscape. Both of differing heights, both arguablly possessing a similar dichotomy as the land and sky around them, complete opposites, and yet complimentaries to one another.

The two survived this otherwise inhospitiable world by relying on their own, and at times the others strength(s) to carry them through the timeless existance. Time was a lost relic of measurement, there were no days in this world to seperate hours into days, nor moments of rest to seperate days from years. To be here, was to live in a state of the present. Past was a luxury, and future a myth. Upon a bleached dune, the pair could be made out like silhouettes. The taller figure spoke with a caulous feminine voice.


"How long are you going to keep leading us into this inevitable nothingness? I grow boreder and boreder with each step. I hunger for entertainment. Y'know I'm beginning to wonder if i shouldn't have just fought and devoured you already, runt."

A gust of wind would howl through the sands, kicking up loose debris and the rags of clothing the two wore, wrippling them about wildly before the winds calmed once again. It was true, the two had been traveling for what felt like years, perhaps even decades at this point, hell maybe even a century or two, who could really say for certain. The shorter figure would begin to continue moving once more, leading them on as he began to speak, his torso turning toward the figure behind him. His voice calm, rational, and full of youth.

"Surely it wouldn't kill you to wait much longer, but then again I couldn't say for certain. All I know is we're getting close now, granted I've stated that exact statement 38 times now, however, this time every energy signature, that I've sensed before is now located in one centralized area in this direction. All of them as strong and stronger than myself. You'll have your reward if you continue steadfastly. A battle you'll truly be able to enjoy, and as for myself, the audience of the god-king or so it's called. You remember what that hollow told us before you devoured him, a living legend. My dream is to meet this so-called legend to see if it can help me get my memories back."


The figure marched on, before eventually being followed as the two continued to their destination. Two lost souls both searching for what it meant to be alive, though through different lenses. Two Adjuchas, two Arrancar, two powerful vessels containing their own experiences and memories or lack there of in this case.

As the two neared their destination, a grandiose spectical would befall them. A structure unlike any of them had ever seen before. Truly a palace created by the divine for the divine. The golden luminous hues flashed in the smaller figure's eyes, as he couldn't help but stare. His dreams, his intuitions, they were all coming true. The shorter figure would turn himself around to see the expression upon his fellow travelers face, only to find she had gotten seperated. Perhaps she had found something to keep her occupied for the time being. Her reiatsu signature wasnt too far away from his current position, however, much like his partner, his impatience would get the best of him as he now rushed toward the stronghold his sillhouette vanishing within a blink, his reiatsu emitting out in small controlled bursts as if to announce his presence, but in what he felt was a formal manner, unlike other beings who would rudely pump out their complete reserves of untamed reiatsu, like his brute of a partner.