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Silence echoed throughout the empty abyss that was Elliseo’s conscience. Defeated the by the Segunda Espada, the Orcas Arrancar had come down from his adrenaline-infused assault. Sparked from the anger he held towards the child-like version of his former master. Weakness exuded from that incarnation of Elliora, and while Elliseo, who was once a blind follower would normally ignore a travesty such as this. Couldn’t hold in his distaste for this form. Choosing to shut himself away for years, which eventually led to his further “evolution”.

Somewhere within the depths of his mind, droplets of memories replayed within. Recalling events such as the first time he witnessed the purple-haired Vasto destroy everything in his sight. The time where he first met his savior, who adorned him with a helmet to hide away his scarred face. All the way to his assault on Karakura Town, where he met the cyan colored haired Shinigami who had a faint sinister aura within her. All of these memories conjoining together, replaying endlessly while he was unconscious. But one memory in particular was playing in between every flash. It kept, repeating, over and over again. Constantly ringing through his mind, the image of Elliora’s former appearance. Calling out to the Orcas Arrancar.





Wake up!”








The Orcas Arrancar eye’s opened expeditiously, widened to their absolute peak. Immediately feeling an intense wave of adrenaline, similar to when he was fighting Helliodoro earlier. His head raised up from it’s previous limped position. Still trying to remain in perfect sanity, he darts his eyes around on his awakening. Licking around the inside of his mouth while doing so to discern what the hell type of liquid was inside of it. All the while still being slapped by the miniature version Elliora, whose presence he ignored entirely as he tried to figure out where he was and what was going on.

Just off of the quick inspection, he could tell this conjuring was extremely important. Witnessing the God-King himself sitting at the helm, Helliodoro perched in front of him on top of the table. Izeel, to the side of Elliseo, who was most likely the suspect of this strange liquid that has him feeling…. awakened. Additionally to the current, a new Arrancar appeared, whose reiatsu was completely shrouded in mystery. It was a strong presence though, emanating wildly throughout the confines of the room, but still in control. Flowing flawlessly throughout his entire body to give a menacing appearance. While Elliseo didn’t seem to dwell on it too much to keep observing further. The entire time of his awakening, “The All-Seeing Eye” was already active, and this new stranger received every ounce of it’s ire. He continued to dart around, seeing Emilia take her seat within the table, as well as witnessing Grimaldi standing right behind the chair of the God-King. Just from the atmosphere itself it felt like to the Orcas Arrancar, that this was a imperative meeting of some sorts, called forcibly by Maximilliano himself. Which then brought upon the question to himself….

“How did he get here?”

With that realization in mind, another revelation came too.

That he was still getting slapped by this miniature nuisance that rested on the arm of his chair. A vein began to emerge near the Arrancar’s temple, clenching his teeth in annoyance. He noticed upon his awakening he was left without the upper half of his attire, skin sitting coldly against the white stoned chair. He glanced over to the left of his exposed skin, to witness what was left of his arm.While it was nothing but a forearm singed beyond belief from his previous battle, his other arm was perfectly fine and he raised it immediately to clench the entire head of the miniature Elliora while she was mid-slap. Lifting her skull upwards as he watched the rest of her shrunken body dangle in the air. The Arrancar let open his mouth quickly, to scold this bite-sized pretender.

“Dale un descanso, camarones!”

He turned his head away afterwards to relinquish his vision from her. He couldn’t bear to witness this form up close, let alone as he did from far away during his reprieve. It wasn’t much he wanted to say or do with the current version of Elliora. Having already stripped himself of the mental shackles the woman had out on him, trying to establish a connection with this weaker form would only make him fall susceptible to the trap once more. Feeling the crippling emotions of sorrow and pity for how far she had fallen. All of these emotions stored away, to allow himself to be put in this position. To regain his favor with the God-King and become an Espada once more. Elliseo knew this was the right choice, no matter how much in his soul he rejected it. Yet still….. he couldn’t shake her off completely.


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The Arrancar Arrive
What gathers in the room before the God-King is a mixed bag of what he requested. The first among them to arrive is Grimmaldi, his Fraccion. He speaks to his God-King however the words fall on deaf ears as Max has a thousand yard stare affixed to the doors in front of him. He isn’t ignoring him out of spite but rather his frustration and anger are reaching such a boiling point that blinders have been placed on him. Someone in Las Noches set Kassius free, a being who is not set to be unleashed until the time is right. Without a trace of the beast’s presence to be felt anywhere in Las Noches or Hueco Mundo he only assumes he is no longer in this realm. Max taps the table lightly, a sign of impatience even though not much time has passed at all. The next one to enter the room was Vitaalis, the leader of The Exequias, his Reiatsu announcing his presence in place of his words, but that too has a blind eye turned to it by a God boiling with fury. His Millian, Primo, retreated into his mane of hair as if trying to hide from Max despite sitting on top of his head.

The first Espada to arrive, aside from Elliseo who was carried there by Max, is Emilia appearing and analyzing the room. She is too cautious of a person to make an attempt to free Kassius, the risk of dying is too great for a reward she would never see. As she begins her stride towards her seat the eyes of the God King suddenly shift and fall upon her, glaring a hole through her skull. It was brief but he affixed his eyes back to the doors before him. This is where the chaos began, the doors kicking open with a gust of wind that rushes through the room, this same wind Bends around Maximiliano by some unseen force, a force all in the room should be well acquainted with by now. Having just fought her not long ago she is not on his list of suspects, her childish like form would have not been enough to free him and she had just recently regained her adult form in their battle. This only serves to frustrate the Pale Arrancar more as he is nowhere near closer to figuring out the culprit.

Elliora begins slapping the unconscious Elliseo repeatedly, telling him to wake up. Things like this are expected and promptly ignored and that is when someone bold steps into the room. Izeel Camaxtli, someone with a scientific mind that Max respects but it seems the man is lacking in common sense. He injects Elliseo with something then takes his former seat as Fifth Espada, no longer is Maximiliano staring at the door as the room begins to tremble from his building Reiatsu as he stares at Izeel. He should know the consequences of taking a seat at this table without rightfully claiming a spot. Does he perhaps seek to challenge Max to earn his spot back or is he… aiming higher? Max parts his lips to speak to Izeel when Helliodoro arrives with his exaggerated yawn. The Pale arrancar stops himself from speaking so as to not be talked over while the Star makes a ruckus. Even as Hellio walks across the table his eyes remain locked on Izeel, even as The Star crouches low to speak to Max his eyes remain on Izeel.


Marcos had not yet arrived and he as well was nowhere to be sensed, he should have known. That whimsical Cat would gamble with his own life to set Kassius free and run off to wherever it is they went. His power is a pain to deal with but he’ll have to reprimand the Cheshire Arrancar in some way for his fatal error of releasing that monster. As the chaos around him continues he takes command of the room and begins to speak for the first time since the Arrancar arrived in the room.

”Those of you who are not Espada, please leave the room. The necessary information will be handed down to you later.”

As he says this his eyes remain in place. Max has done a lot of fighting today, perhaps the scientist is banking on the man being fatigued in some way. What reason is there to be fatigued when all he has done is thrown a few punches? Given his current mood he would possibly do more than just throw a few punches if his aggravation boils over.

”My Espada, please take your seats so we can begin this meeting.”

He speaks calmly but there is a certain rasp to his voice and tone that gives it a bone chilling presence as well. He places both hands on the table and begins to rise up from his seat, completely disregarding Helliodoro who is still perched before him. His Reiatsu continues to build the longer Izeel remains seated in the room, the meeting table begins to creak from the weight of the Reiatsu and from the God King’s fingertips being firmly placed against it.

”That means you as well Izeel, you will be briefed on what is to come, later.”

That calm menacing tone shifts to one filled with violence and anger.

”¡Sal del cuarto antes de que te arranque la columna por el hocico!”
(Now leave the room before I pull your spine out through your mouth!)

What Izeel does next is a life or death choice as this will be the second day he has seen Max this upset, but unlike last time the anger does not seem to have a limit. What will he do? What does he have planned? And will it work?


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-Arriving from Karakura Town-

Buried beneath the mountain, Kassius expects to open his eyes and see the destruction of the human world and evisceration of the energy-being. Instead, his single black beady eye bolts around a barren wasteland. Confused, he rises to his feet, his hands clenched into fists which emit a cracking noise like crushed marble. Biting his lip, his chest heaves, as he inhales so fiercely from his nose that the air surrounding him forms a current. Processing, his surroundings, the blood-red reiatsu that he now emits is like an open wound pouring from the body of whoever senses it. Pure malice, as he finally exhales, roaring with his all might:


Throwing his arms back, the beast's roar echoes into the night sky, shaking the very ground on which he stands. Anything within a hundred meters of the brute would have their eardrums explode if their heads didn’t go first. Kassius screams as if he intends to shatter the very world with his voice alone. His Reiatsu bursts from his body, piercing like a blade into the heavens above, shining so bright that even the white sands around him now appear pure red. His jaw continues to extend, as his scream only grows louder, lips tearing and stretching, his bone dislocating so as to further facilitate the fearsome sound. The single white eye of the super-predator bulges from its socket, veins pumping blood to the point of bursting, as the miasma starts to pour down his eye socket like tears.


Lacing his fingers together, he braces a fist over his head, forming a hammer-grip which he brings with all of his might down upon the sand below. Like a rampaging ape, he strikes over and over again, repeating the brutish action with each explicative that he shouts. With every impact, the sand surrounding him is rendered a crater, spared only from the melting heat of his reiatsu by the propulsion of his fist's collision. He literally digs himself deeper into the desert, a dune freshly forming directly in front of him as crater forms under him. Yet this violent, repetitive, primal action is not enough to alleviate the rage he feels. Tendrils of bone lash around him, causing the very air to crack as they whip about and strike at barren sand. With this, his immediate area, an entire one hundred meters, becomes utterly uninhabitable, his disintegrating reiatsu raging, the impact of his pounding fists crushing his surroundings, the flailing of his bladed-tendrils acting like a blender that would eviscerate anything left, while his roaring scream of rage would explode anything capable of hearing it.


Eleven still Kassius is not satisfied in his tantrum, giving in completely to his primal instincts and literally only seeing red. His head shakes about violently, slicked back hair now thrown about wildly, as he bites out like a dog at nothing. With each clench of his jaw a thunderous boom erupts through the air like a boulder tumbling down a mountain. Foam excretes from the corners of his mouth as drool is flung about the desert. Then in an instant his blood-shot eye looks upon the bone-sand of the desert and snaps down on the very ground. Burying his head in the sand, he gnashes and gnarls, ripping and shredding like a dog trying to tear meat from a carcass. His screams become muffled, before he throws his head back once more, sand cascading from open maw.


He had been so close. After receiving nothing but disappointment and boredom from the World of the Living, he had finally found something of interest. While Marcos was enthralled by his curiosity surrounding the Quincy Empress, Kassius was consumed by his bloodlust in pursuit of her bodyguard. Witnessing the man turn from weakling to a literal god, Kassius had not been this excited since before his imprisonment, when he had struck fear into the God King’s eyes. Yet, just as the new victim had come within Kassius’ reach, somebody had torn him away.

With his tantrum at its end, Kassius can only breathe heavily, his chest laboring like a vicious animal. His Reiatsu is the first to die down, turning the crimson sky back into a clear black. The tendrils retract, returning once again to his body, no longer unraveling. Hunched over, his hands unclench, and his arms support his weight like a boar primed to charge. It is only due to the absolute barrenness of this desert that Kassius cannot find a target to focus his rage, nor an excuse to continue on his rampage. There is a trepidatious calm in the air, a moment of peace that would be shattered into unspeakable violence with only a single sound needed to trigger it.



A small little…thing appears at the top of the crater, yet it is destroyed the moment it can emit its first vowel. Interrupting the silence, Kassius’ tendril moves on instinct, like a frog’s tongue shooting out to catch a fly. He does not even process as the little nugget of a creature is thrown into his mouth and then mashed between his teeth. Chewing only three times, he swallows the little morsel in a single bite. This interaction being too brief to fully distract him from his rage, and yet still unexpected, enough to confuse him for only a moment.




Another one appears from out of the sand, existing only enough to be smashed beneath Kassius’ fist. Yet this does not appear to be the end. Just as he smashes this one, two more pop out of the sand. A single tendril swipes so fast that it is but a flicker in the air, and decapitates the two creatures, throwing their little heads into his mouth like pieces of candy. Yet this too does not deter them, as increasing numbers start to show up not only out of the ground, but around the crater as well. En masse, they arrive, a proverbial war of information, as hundreds of them die in their suicidal charge to deliver a message to the Cero Espada. No amount of thrashing, slashing, or gnashing seems to deter the annoying messengers, their meaningless lives existing only for this moment. Their numbers continue to grow until they amass a swarm so large that they are able to buy just enough time to impart their message, before Kassisu’s flaring reiatsu incinerates them all.

“Es-wack-Pa-thwack-Da-crunch-Meet-crunch-ing, God-King’s-Thud-Orders!

With a mound of dead Millians around him, the aftermath of their great battle is akin to that of an exterminator in a nest of rats. The vermin lay splayed about the crater’s floor in a mound around Kassius, who pops them like shrimp into his mouth nonchalantly as he thinks. Espada Meeting? God King? The God King was that jackass Kassius had fought, the previous God he had encountered before missing out on this new one in the Human World. Well, that would certainly make up for the bullshit that he’s dealing with. After all, what difference does it make which God he brutalizes, so long as he get his hands around one of them. Then there was the Espada. Though new to Hueco Mundo, Kassius was at least familiar with the concept of Espada. After all, he is one.


Lifting his tank-top, Kassius glares down at the number imprinted around his navel. Zero? So that means that he was the strongest of the ten correct? OR was he the weakest? Which means that there were ten weaker assholes for him brutalize, or stronger assholes for him to humble. After all, without him there they would all be accustomed to being the top ten strongest beings in this dimension. What arrogance that would grant them, what sweet terror they would exude when this ego is shattered. The obnoxious little nuggets died for a good cause, as they succeeded in providing the Cero Espada with ten new victims to tear apart, and the evisceration of one God. A smile returns to Kassius’ face, forgetting about the disappointing Humans for now, a plan developing as he sets out towards Las Noches, his home.

It does not take the all-seeing such as Max and Elliseo to feel the incoming Cero Espada. His reiatsu signals his arrival far before his body carries him to the doors of Las Noches. Regardless of how brave one might feel, how secure in their power, Kassius crimson reiatsu would invoke a sense of terror, a familiar fear ringing out to the God-king, Second, and Fourth Espada. Like watching an infant’s stroller roll onto the tracks of an oncoming train, Kassius’ reiatsu carried within it an inescapable dread. Whether the one who senses it feels like the infant, or the bystander, it doesn’t change the fact that the train is coming.

”¡Sal del cuarto antes de que te arranque la columna por el hocico!”
(Now leave the room before I pull your spine out through your mouth!)



The doors to the meeting hall explode off of their hinges. Shattering into pieces of stone, their debris goes flying into the air and scatters about the marble-like interior of the room. In the entryway, Kassius stands, devilish smile and malicious glare upon his face, his leg lifted in the air as though having just delivered a kick. This very same foot stomps down upon the ground and sends a crack heading straight down the meeting hall’s floor, splitting the table in two as it spreads directly towards the prone Hellidoro. Yet, all of this verboseness comes solely from Kassius’ innate actions, his entrance into the room flooded by his unabashed laughter.

“You better not leave, dumbasses! I want to see that!”

He licks his lips as he steps into the hall, casually walking down the right side of the table, he passes by the lesser seats, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, all inconsequential. It is only when he passes the fourth seat that his contracted black iris slides to look upon the child-form of Elliora, 4th.


The recollection of her broken body in his fist floods the Cero’s mind with ecstasy. She had been so unimpeded by fear, feeding the strange Vasto Lorde the crystalized Egg of the Soul King. Yet their encounter had left her with a broken body, her brain severed from its stem, rendering her nothing but a pez-dispenser in the hands of her usurper. It was Kassius who wrenched the title of Cero from the woman, it was his brutality that confined her to the body of a child, never able to fully recover, and it is his presence now that would invoke the same phantom pain upon the demoted Fourth Espada. Simply from the man’s cold black glance, she would feel as if her bones had been broken once more, her body squished in an iron grasp, her traumatized brain severed once more. That is, until his glance shifts away.

3rd, this seat means nothing to him. That is, besides the broken and decrepit body of the pathetic little man who lays hunched over in his chair. The hierarchy of the food chain seems to be in upset, as the young fourth espada smacks and berates the nearly-conscious third espada. Though he was a stranger to Kassius, it mattered very little, as the brute savors the idea of beating someone who is already gravely injured. As such, while his glance shifts away from Elliora, and his body passes by the Third Espada chair, a tendril would lash out at sonido-speeds, colliding against the back of the chair. A small and simple flick, and yet it carried enough power to send the chair flying forward into the table, carving itself into the structure as it itself became embedded within. Naturally, should Elliseo not conjure the strength to move, or utilize some technique to negate the sheer force and sonido-speed, he would find the table and chair functioning like a guillotine. He would be sliced in half at the waist, the upper half of his torso sliding across the table, carried with the momentum, while the chair remains fixed into the table’s side, keeping his lower half pinned beneath it.

2nd, Hellidoro’s chair. Though the idiot is incapable of sitting in it, being perched on the cracked-table. Kassius’ toothed-grin and ecstatic eye now locks upon the embodiment of the sun.


The purple-haired buffoon had tasted delicious. The texture of his skull and brains mashed between Kassius’ teeth far exceeded whatever pathetic delight the Millian were capable of invoking. Surprisingly, it would seem that the fool had grown back the top part of his head, and somehow manage to survive his brain being chomped in half. Yet just like Elliora, a full recovery was impossible, the battle damage forever crippling the second espada. Already an imbecile, now the Segunda was quit literally a half-wit, lacking the parts of his brain associated with speech, understanding, and consciousness. Instead, Kassius could tell that the mentally-crippled espada is nothing more than a creature of instinct, acting on his every urge and desire, pursuing combat like a dog in heat. This is fine to the Cero Espada, who welcomes such simpleness compared to the ideocracies of his new friend Marcos.

1st. Where had that obnoxious idiot gone off to anyway? He had freed Kassius from his prison, directing him to the proverbial sandbox that was Karakura Town. Yet, the Human World was not the playground Kassius had anticipated. The two had split just as quickly as they had united, each setting out to find something worthy of their attention. Last Kassius recalls he had told the idiot to shut the fuck up, and so the Primera did. Setting his sights on the Quincy Empress, it was his clownish behavior that triggered the Quincy to go into literal God Mode. Yet just as Kassius was about to have fun, he had disappeared as suddenly as he arrived. The fact that Marcos isn’t here in his seat now makes it seem like the idiot is hiding. Could it be that the coward was the reason Kassius had been sent back here?! How dare he tease the Brute!

Finally, the cero espada approaches his seat, the closest one to the God King’s throne. Pulling the chair out, he looks up to the God King, his grin contracting to show the entirety of his gums, his smile seeming less like that of joy and more like that of a snarling predator. Yet his eyes show nothing but unfiltered ecstasy at the idea of brutalizing this deity yet again.


The last time the two had met, Kassius had no idea he was playing with a God. Max, for the first time in his existence, was pulled from the title of deity and felt what it was like to be mortal. Terror gripped the heart of the fearless, just as he had fallen to the grasp of the terrible. The great and untouchable God King had nearly been devoured by the Cero Espada, and for this crime, Kassius was forever imprisoned in a cell of his literal own making. Yet with fear comes respect, and Kassius had earned both that day in the God King’s eyes. Now, the Cero Espada does in fact serve Hueco Mundo, in his own way, as an inhumane weapon of war, to eradicate any enemy who the God King cannot allow to exist.

For just a moment, perceptible only to the God King, and perhaps the all seeing eye of the whale espada, an intensity flickers in Kassius’ own eye. For a moment, it seems that whatever plans Max intends to announce would be cut short, as the hierarchy of the Arrancar would be plunged once more into chaos. This moment was when Kassius’ instincts had shot like adrenaline through his body, every fiber of his being wishing to reach out and consume the pale-skinned jackass once again. Max too, would know that the means he had used to dispatch Kassius the first time would not work again, and should a battle break out, it was likely that nobody else in this room would come out a survivor. For this moment, the idea of invasion, the idea of the espada, was nearly relegated to idealistic fancy, not fact. However, for the first time perhaps ever, Kassius’ better judgment overcame his instincts.

Taking his seat, he plunges down into his chair, once again shaking the very ground. Throwing his feet up, his black boots strike against the top of the fractured table. He reclines backwards, throwing his hands behind his head, seemingly unbothered by the influx of Reiatsu coming from the God King, and completely unnoticing of the non-espada's. His grin does not falter, as a deep, deplorable, chuckle resonates from his gut and echoes, baritone, through the room. His eye looks upon those gathered around the espada table, combining with his posture and grin as though daring anyone to try anything. The three previous victims, which are currently some of the strongest beings in this room let alone this entire realm, would find it curious that the Brute was showing so much restraint.

Yet unlike Hellidoro, Kassius is not stupid. His mind is on what his hands should have been on, the glowing blue entity back in the human world. While those currently in this room would serve to satisfy Kassius for a brief moment, their entertainment factor was minimal, and they were easily and readily accessible anytime. No, Kassius needed the idiotic little Cat, or at least people like him. He knew that those in this room possess knowledge and abilities that he doesn’t. Knowledge of where to find more foes like the God he had just encountered, and the ability to send him to them. So, he had decided to hear out this God-King, and count himself among these Espada, for the duration of this meeting. Should the God-King not propose an enticing enough offer, reason enough to remain tame and shackled, then without a doubt, Kassius would rise from this chair and pursue the easy prey.

"Fuck am I glad to see you guys!"






After the years and years spent cloaked in the darkness, Vitaalis had emerged from the depths of black within the walls in which he had, finally, made his appearance. The lot within the room did not know of his origins, but at some point in the bleak history, Vitaalis and Maximiliano became acquainted. Regardless of such, it did not mean that he was privy to what was going to transpire within those walls now. There was a meeting, though, and the dark-skinned male currently wanted for one thing and one thing only: Knowledge. There were a plethora of venues to get it, but there was nothing like being in the presence of something while it was being delivered. Usually, Vitaalis’ network of information came from his use of his esteemed use of a multitude of screens where he enjoyed watching the tellings of things unfold from other places. This... being in the room with others as the information could have been given first hand, this … being amongst others that could genuinely withstand his exuding pressure that had not been flexed at all. Him simply existing and exuding such an unnatural pressure… This … the very characters that he had watched time and time again now within the very room as him. The feeling… was immeasurable.

Espada entered the premises, each bearing their own unique entrances. One that slightly resembled himself had a fit in order to wake up the recently assigned Tricera Espada. As Elliora toyed with Elliseo in her own way, shape, or form, none other than Izeel, a frankenstein of sorts, had brought a vial in which to assist in Elliseo’s heavily extended nap. Izeel’s mind knew no bounds, and Vitaalis recognized the amount of creativity and ingenuity he possessed was definitely an asset to their race as a whole.

Another Arrancar went straight towards Maximiliano without any sort of reservation or caution… It was as if death itself bore no threat to this individual. The way he spoke … could elicit different responses. Regardless, Vitaalis was truly aware that Helliodoro had proved time and time again that he was worthy of being the Segunda Espada. The battle tested and ready Arrancar seemed to be ready for yet another confrontation. Again, the amount of personality this room held was certain of no shortage. There was not a twinge of fear from anyone in the slightest, even with their iconic behavior in front of the one that had brought them together without even much of an effort.

While waiting for everyone to enter, Max addressed everyone that wasn’t his Espada to vacate the premises. And as such, Vitaalis’ high … faded. He genuinely thought this was going to be something in which he could actually partake in / or be involved, but as disappointed as he was, this wasn’t the time to remotely argue or proceed to take his stand in the matter. If he was going to be briefed on something later, so be it.

Right when he was going to leave…


The very doors of the meeting hall were forcibly ravaged from their original positions, taken back by what seemed to be a force that rivaled comprehension and understanding. This brute force had no sort of refined demeanor about it … at all. Instead, it was just a bulking force of pure, unadulterated power that made himself known. There was no hiding it. There was not a twinge of uncertainty. This Arrancar … thrived off of power itself. That “smile” on his face, was nothing more than a moniker of sadism. The way that singular orb resonated throughout the room where most people bore two … witnessed bloodshed, carnage, and death. One could tell from the Reiatsu he exuded alone that he wasn’t normal. This beast was something beyond what one should have been able to tame. One didn’t have to tell Maximiliano’s strength by coming face to face with him… one could tell just how powerful the leader of the Espada were by witnessing the fact that this being was the Cero Espada.

With such vigor, such life, such passion for destruction his body displayed such in kind – simply a byproduct for what he was – destruction. Even the hall itself was subjected to the rough, crude, and disgusting force that literally caused for the ground and table to suffer the exact same fate of being split apart due to the Gaston of a male slamming his foot down into the ground – the very vibrations of the slam radiating through the room.

Despite all of the damage that ensued, despite the force that came with the blonde beast, despite the very reiatsu this figure had….

Nothing compared to that unpalatable laughter that roared from his mouth. That cynical laughter from the enjoyment of being around his peers in which he had mostly brutalized in some way, shape, or form. This incarnation of carnage knew no bounds and his fun was utilizing his strength to the fullest. The bulging muscles that spilled from his wife beater, the snake-sized veins that ran up and down his arms … He was literally built different. There was nothing short of that truth. The carnage that ensued upon that very room wasn’t even something of show. It wasn’t for attention or anything of the sort – this was HIM.

Who wouldn’t draw attention from such a feat? Vitaalis looked up, only to notice the male laughing in such a stupor, but this was truly what it meant to be an Espada – the vast personalities carried along by their vastly strong abilities.

Faster than what most beings could even process, darkness flooded the area in between Elliseo and the table. If one wasn’t fast enough to actually catch what had transpired, one would simply see a Black wing simply exist, infiltrating the space between Eliseo and the table. A situation where it would have been more beneficial would have literally been able to intercept the strike before hitting the chair. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Kassius was simply too close to Elliseo in this instance for Vitaalis to protect him in this fashion. Instead, he had to place the summoned wing inbetween the table -- able to react fast enough so that the motion the chair would have originally taken straight into the table would have now sent Elliseo into the Garganta. This literally protected the wounded Espada from the potential harm that could have been befallen him, but most importantly, protecting the chair that hadn’t done a singular thing to anyone. That chair literally just existed, minding its own business only to be attacked due to someone just being there – how destructive of the Cero Espada.

Although Kassius’ tendril was delivered at sonido speeds and although Kassius’ distance was not too far from Elliseo, there were two things that led Vitaalis to be able to intercept the attack to the chair. The first of which was his mastery in sensing. Vitaalis could literally sense anything and everything that wandered through the Garganta with pinpoint accuracy. This literally led to his sensory ability in other fashions to be excelled in as well. With the two of them being in the same room within close proximity of each other, this feat was nothing but child's play. In addition to this, it was Kassius’ nature. One might have overlooked the fact that Vitaalis had literally been in the Garganta watching the very in’s and outs of Hueco Mundo for centuries. Learning the habits and the potential things that could happen would have been something that Vitaalis was, indeed, privy to. The final instance that made this all probable was that Viitaalis literally warped a number of hollows and arrancar alike within a blink of an eye. The control he had over his ability to manipulate opening and closing of the garganta was second to none, displaying his skills in the hall wasn’t something he planned on doing. Stopping something such as a tendril even with the speed it possessed was surely not out of the realms of possibility. The black wing that bore absolutely no weight, being akin to that of a Descorrer had a major influence on the speed and the very protection it posses -- Kassius' tendril would literally ... be swinging into the void.

Not too long after Elliseo would have been flung into the dark void of nothingness, he would appear again out of that very same wing, simply back into his original position. If it wasn't already made clear enough, this was the Arrancar responsible for snatching the lot of them out of the World of the Living. And as such, there was little words that needed to be said. In this instance, he simply displayed what he could do with his control over the Garganta.

“I’ll be on my way. Tengas una buena reunión.”

He said as a descorrer opened in front of his very being, the wing he had generated at speeds fast enough to protect the current Orca Espada. With this, Vitaalis would depart from the meeting, not wishing to hold things up any further.





"How unsightly…here Elliora let me help wake him up, I am sure we will want him fully awake for such an important meeting."

The frown on her face grows as he continues to remain unconscious, it isn't until Izeel approaches with his own mystery concoction which he injects into her former follower that Elliseo finally stirs awake. She continues pestering him as he ignores her while he scans the room of things and monsters that hold no interest to her at the moment, their fluctuating reiatsu, or mere presence.

"Why're you all here? I don't need the rest of you, just the big man."

She peeks over her shoulder at the purple haired creature on the table demanding Maximiliano's attention, a common occurrence each and every time the two locked eyes for no other reason than to fight. She scoffs, refusing to listen to anyone telling her what to, and simply returns her attention back on Elliseo as he regains awareness. There was little anyone could do to tear the miniature arrancar away from him, whether it was this form or the other, she was still Elliora, all that had changed was her power and her physique. The witch, despite his desire to break way from the clutches of her desires, they are ingrained deep into him, like the talons of a hawk in the body of it's captured prey. The only difference, she had no intention of eating him. There was never any explanation to why she'd allow certain people around her, is it his power, hidden away for centuries? His loyalty to her? Or did she simply find him entertaining? One need only ask, whether they get an acceptable answer... that's another issue.

"Fine, sit there all starstruck, I'll just do this the good ol' passioned way."

"I'm not even sitt—HEY!!!"

"Dale un descanso, camaroncillo!"

She kicks her arms and legs in the air as she's dangled by the head, the scarred orca arrancar holding on to her by the skull. She winces in pain, while anyone seeing the tiny creature would believe it is from being held by her cranium, it is in fact something else, something deeper, pulsating from the very crack on her mask, as if a returning presence triggers this painful sensation radiating through her head like an intense migrane.

"My Espada, please take your seats so we can begin this meeting."

She slaps his hand away, a grimace on her way as she moves to her seat without a single protest, unusual from her. Elliora holds cranium between her hands, applying pressure at the sides of her temples as if though that will help the increasing headache from the crack on her mask. Her own reiatsu begins to fluctuate around her as she takes the seat beside Elliseo, numbered 4.

"¡Sal del cuarto antes de que te arranque la columna por el hocico!"

Maximiliano's temperament is obvious, the man is on a short fuse now. Had the prior interaction with her shorten it, then something else shortened it further? He ordered the non espada to vacate the premises instantly in a rage, a reaction from him which usually warrants her instigation or goading, yet this time, the raging headache ailing her, she remains unusually silent. Then there is an explosion of power as the door is obliterated from its hinges. Her reiatsu protects her, and due to his proximity, Elliseo as well, from the debris flying around the room. Yet the Zero espada's assault does not cease there, as he makes his way through the room, scanning the other occupants, reminiscing his past encounters with each and every one, he takes the opportunity to assault the already hurt arrancar. The moment a tentacle of his sprout from him her small hand is already aimed in his direction, both index and middle finger pointed outwards as she continues to hold her head with her other hand. She didn't have to wait long to fire the energy from within her, shooting it at the thinnest part of the tentacle as it whips backward before it whips forward, while the black wings of Vitaalis open a portal to transport Elliseo to safety before the sheer force of the wind tracked behind the tendril cut him in half against the table.

"Fuck am I glad to see you guys!"

Like a cornered animal, she crouches on her chair, fangs bearing, waiting for the monster's next move against herself or her friends.

"I’ll be on my way. Tengan una buena reunión."

With that, Vitaalis and the extra bodies occupying the meeting room begin to exit the room, leaving only the numbered espada to lay in wait to hear what Maximiliano has to say, but tensions are high, especially from Elliora as the one who usurped her and caused her to undergo this transformation now sits across the table from her, relishing in his destruction.

"Is that it? Ya no quiero estar aqui."
(I don't want to be here anymore.)