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Those three words were epithet for the current reality for the world of the living. The amount of destruction that washed over the lands where humanity thrived was inexplicable with human logic or reason. It was incomprehensible and, to some, unnecessary. The overwhelming power of Arrancar simply enjoying their time outside of the lands loitered with an eternal night sky was akin to children playing during recess – not a single one of them exhibited their true potential.

He knew, he could tell.

The being stood alone, darkness surrounding his entirety, but also, an innumerable number of screens were surrounding him as his attention never waned from a single one of them. Primarily making use of his eyes and ears, he watched and heard … everything.

How could a being precisely teleport Gillian, Espada-ranked Arrancar, and even the Quincy leader without any semblance of shortcomings? Every single one of them were gone in a blink – as if they were nothing but a dream, a trance. This being loitered in the Garganta only coming out very briefly when he felt that it was his time to emerge. Not anchored by blighted views such as destruction or death, he had his own aspirations, his own views that he wished to seek. Ever since his brief exchange with that feline creature a number of years ago, his very existence was something he questioned. With this questioning, became the need – no, the obsession to know more. His inquiry for knowledge and growth of himself was the key to who he was today – the very reason why this plague of an existence accumulated this much power over the centuries he remained living.

The purple, shaggy haired male already knew about the Espada. He kept firm tabs as the sands consistently had rises and falls of power. The truth was, their lack of unity was the only thing that hindered them from complete and utter takeover…




Came along. This beast of a being took Hueco Mundo, ironically, by the reins.


Was the one that united the strongest amongst the strong, and dictated the positions of where the Arrancar deserved to be.

As thus, He

Would be the one of the two that the Arrancar Vitaalis was currently concerned with conversing with. This led to the established position that would have suited Max’s needs the most. Different from most Arrancar, this one didn’t obsess over the idea of strength – whereas, he obsessed with what he could gain from a given thing. He didn’t act out of boredom, he didn’t act out of hate, spite, or anything of that nature. In a stark contrast, he did what he wanted for himself. What the God-King offered him was a place that refusing would have been short-sighted and out of character for him. Although his original intent was to be amongst the strongest for one benefit by being one of them, he was able to be amongst the strongest and alongside them. With the skill set he had, The God-King created a spot that needed to be done with his skills and abilities. With the disgusting amount of keen observation he had, it was not a surprise that Max wanted to use his skills.

With the amount of Freedom he had, this one simply performed as instructed without question.

With one of his first tasks within his new position completed, there was a meeting to be attended.



Stepping out of the Garganta, one could only see those dark pink eyes that held a glazed look, but that’s not the first thing one would notice.

It was … that pressure.

Vitaalis’ reiatsu wasn’t something to make a mockery of in the slightest – nor was his overall control of this massive amount of spiritual power that resonated within him. The fact that he was able to control his spiritual power enough that beings having less spiritual power than he displayed the elite degree of his control, but there was still so much pressure resonating within that small space. One might have thought that he came off as threatening – flexing his power to demonstrate that he was on par with those in the room. In fact, it was quite the opposite; dude was literally just hopping out of the garganta to attend the meeting. The amount of pressure that loitered into the room made the very space to inhale a bit more difficult, not due to his pressure solely affecting them, but due to Vitaalis’ reiatsu affecting the air itself.

This was his introduction – and as per his character, he was on time. With no words, he immediately recognized those currently within the room.

Grimaldi: The canine creature with an uncanny amount of spiritual power.

Elliseo: The one who had just gone head to head with the current 2nd Espada. Although he didn’t display the entirety of his abilities, he showed promise – something that Max recognized, giving him a chance to prove his worth in the upcoming future

Maximiliano: The current God-king and the progenitor of the current destruction within the world of the living. The questionable link between the Arrancar that moved around the lands of Hueco Mundo.

Although the three of them were in the same room, it felt like the room was full already. Time was ticking, and so were the ventures of others for this meeting to begin. Max was fully conscious of Vitaalis’ entrance, there was no need to greet him. Instead, Vitaalis simply stood away from the table and the two of them. He pressed himself against one of the many walls, closing his eyes as he replayed the number of things that he saw on the screens within the garganta. There was a lot to take in, and there was a lot that would need to be done in the coming times.

With his attendance, Vitaalis, the Leader of the Exequias, had arrived at the “party.”


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She never was one to take her time into reaching places, yet this time she had taken her time to explore Hueco Mundo, There wasn’t a rush from her at the time as she was able to sense the battle that was happening between Max and Elliora and from the waves of reiatsu flying across Hueco Mundo and Las Noches it was one that had caught her interest, yet she would keep her distance, and only “Watch” through sensing as she continued to walk down the many halls of Las Noches, making marks of where each door and when she could she would wander into an empty room or a room filled with several millians wandering about.

All her wandering had stopped as the battle ended, and she found herself quite a bit further away from the meeting hall, in that instant her body would disappear from sight to travel across the halls of Hueco Mundo, each step bringing her closer and closer until she was in the room with another arrancar. She had taken a second to scan the room, several signatures, some new, some old, Grimaldi a man with a scar down his eye and mask akin to a dog’s mouth.

A man with a mask on the jawline, grey hair and a reiatsu signature that was faint due to his unconscious state, his placement the third espada spot, So that was the one who had fought against Helliodoro and came out alive? Interesting.

Her eyes shifted over to Vitaalis, an unknown yet possessing a great amount of reiatsu as he had flexed it during his entrance. Oh hooo, last time there was this much Machismo a brawl ensued between several of the Espada, one where she stayed out of to gather as much information as she could about who was there.

Interestingly enough the Cero, Primera and Segunda Espada were absent, one that was a relief to be gone for now, another annoying to deal with, and the last curiously absent, where did the Star go? Will he come to bring another brawl? What of Elliora? Will she soon arrive? Bring her chaos to the mixture once more? So many questions were running through her head as she took her spot at the Sexta’s seat. Where she would be observing everyone’s actions within the room and those were to come.






The moment the godking's reiatsu vanishes from the air the look of utter dismay takes over on the newly appointed espada's face, as she is robbed of the sensation of impending death at his hand. His own disposition to the group of arrancar he gathers to build his army means little to her, caring only for her own pleasures and delights, yet in aiding him, bringing about his desires, she too will attain hers. It was contradictory, but it made sense in her fractured mind.

"A meeting is to be held soon, come to the meeting room and take any unoccupied seat of your choosing. The rest of the Espada will be there and we will be discussing the future."

A seat of her choosing? Now that was a hard choice, she had time to think about it. Which ones were available? Left confused with a choice to make, she ignores Maximiliano's departure as she retakes hold of her zanpakuto and sheathes them behind her, followed by another poof to envelop the perplexed woman. It is then that she notes her form returned to a child, and the tattered rags barely covering her body as they'd grown stretched loose from her adult form. So preoccupied in her fun, she never bothered to change into something appropriate. Her brown eyes scan the area, looking for something, somewhere? She closes her eyes briefly, to see nothing, and everything at the same time. She intended to sniff out the strongest concentration of her scent, to find where her den was, but instead, she sees all that millian see. Every arrancar that has taken possession as a small companion, others being eaten as mere snacks by lesser arrancar, while others run between monsters, relaying messages and information. Finally, she sees an amalgamation of them at the depths of a tower, looking up towards a dangling cage, devoid of it's occupant, but intruded on by a pink haired arrancar. She looks familiar, with others' scents mixed along with her. One unknown, knew to her, while the other was near and dear to her heart. Abraam, who she'd thought had abandoned her. Surely, she will see him soon.

Elliora rubs her eyes, as if in disbelief to what she's just witnessed through the millian. In the future, she will have to monopolize on this incredibly useful ability she never thought to employ. The numberless espada vanishes, leaving behind Yandiel and reappearing in the sky as a vortex of wind sustains her in the air for a brief moment, while she takes in the sights of Las Noches and the entirety of Hueco Mundo. She inhales deeply, breathing in the scents lingering in the wind, traces of power left in the air for her to discern those moving throughout the expanse. Then, in another swift gust of wind, she descends to the tallest tower, entering through an open window, and lands in the center of a hanging cage. Over the course of the weeks she was left catatonic in Izeel's lab, her room accumulated a layer of dust as no one dare enter her room, much less move anything about. The only thing out of place, was an undecorated white box on her vanity.



A loud clap reverberates through the halls of Las Noches as a gale of wind clears the entire room of dust particles, expelling them through the windows. Her pitter-patter fills the room as she runs around looking for something to change into, everything in her wardrobe outfitted to her adult form. She pouts everything too large and oversized for this form. She in no way has the ability to sow anything for herself, so in an attempt to redress herself in something remotely decent, she simply wraps a dress around her tiny body, securing it by tying the two ends around her waist. She stands at a distance from the vanity, to look at herself in the mirror to see her shoddy handiwork at dressing herself. A frown takes over her face as she's disappointed by the makeshift dress.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm. No me gusta."

She begins tearing away at it when she notes the plain box on the vanity's counter, zooming to it in a flash. Her tiny hands send the lid flying, surprised and exited by this... gift? Elliora shoves her head in, trying to sniff out who'd left it, but it appears it was left so long ago, any traces of the scent have vanished. She spills the contents out, causing a pair of shoes to bounce on the floor and a small dress to slip out. The gremlin runs excitedly in place, wasting no time in changing into her new clothing and shoes, then admires the new look in the mirror. She'll have to find out who left this for her, until then, she has a meeting to attend.

Elliora skips through the halls of Las Noches, looking at her surroundings, as if for the first time, as her last time here, she'd burnt through the place in a fiery blaze. A few scents seemed familiar, several were new. It does not take her long to make her way through the palace. The doors to the meeting hall burst with a gust of wind as the bottom of her tiny foot kicks open the large doors, sending them back with a violent push of wind. She strikes a pose, showing off her new dress and her return among the Espada.


Her eyes scan the surrounding attendants, seeing the pink haired arrancar, a blue haired one, a beaked one, Maximiliano, and finally, a light purple haired arrancar she hadn't seen in ages.


The tiny monster immediately runs over to the unconscious arrancar sitting upon the third seat, and climbs onto his armrest. She looks him over then begins patting his cheek, gently at first, but with no response from him, her pats periodically increase in speed, and in turn, force. This was not the time to sleep, she was back for good, and he needed to see.

"Hey! Wake up!"


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Not much was said after the two of them departed from Emilia’s personal quarters with her deciding to move a little faster ahead of him. Sensing how Max and Elliora where still in a intense fight with one another he wanted to see how this wrapped up so decided to not rush to the meeting hall. Along his way he sensed other pings of spiritual powers of inhabitants who dwell in the corridors of Las Noches both familiar and unfamiliar. It seemed slowly some of the Espada managed to be gradually amassing Fraccion to follow under them and with war with either the Quincy or Shinigami around the corner this proved to be an smart play. Unsure what exactly why those two were clashing heads with Elliora spontaneous childlike mentality the reasoning could be anything. Whatever the little terrorizer's reason was for picking a fight with the God-King was in the process of finally wrapping up causing a sly grin to appear on his face. The reassurance knowing that he made the right call to convince Max to spare her life that day wasn’t a failed attempt and only intrigued him to further explore what potential this gremlin could awaken despite her mask crack.

Noticing right when the fight came to end, Max wasted no time leaving the scene and headed straight to where the Espada were being summoned. With the fun over he no longer had a reason to stall his arrival especially with others gathering one after the other. Not wishing to be the last one to show up at the meeting, Izeel casually tucked his hands into his lab coat pockets and Sonido his way to the halls without delay. The static sound announced his arrival before he walked in scanning the room of the current attendants who are present for the meeting. His eyes bounced between people first looking at Max then full of intrigue at the one who bared a bird mask situated against the wall. Glancing at Grimmaldi who he never formally met yet but was well aware of, and a small look at Emilia before the sight of Elliora slapping the face around the one he observed get defeated by the brute Hellio soon after Max’s return from the World of the Living.

“How unsightly…here Elliora let me help wake him up, I am sure we will want him fully awake for such an important meeting.”

Digging into the inner pockets of his lab coat he pulled out a syringe and attached a vial containing shimmering neon yellow liquid inside. He quickly assessed from gauging Elliseo reiryoku the needle would break if he tried to pierce through his Hierro even in his unconscious state. He didn’t care to go back to his laboratory to retrieve the appropriate needle required, so just forced his mouth open, even letting Elliora assist him if she wished too. The contents of the syringe injected into the new Tres Espada mouth and would take effect in a matter of seconds. This was a face acting adrenaline concocted originally for the little gremlin since he had habit of finding her laid unconscious and designed to take effect before her high-speed regeneration could neutralize it. While Elliseo soon finds himself snapping back to consciousness this super adrenaline did nothing to take care of the pain and fatigue he probably still suffered from the aftermath, but it at least jumped started him enough to participate in the meeting about to take place. Leaving her to continue to torture and question the Espada if she wanted, Izeel walked passed Emilia and the empty seat Abraam use to hold, and sat in the seat he claimed at the first time all the Espada gathered.




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Among the vast deserts, at his own leisurely pace, the Star makes his way towards Las Noches. With each step, the soft crunches of sand beneath bare feet echo out into the sands, a nonchalant and barely conscious Helliodoro seems to be sleep walking, or at least something of the like. Or maybe his faulty and damaged mind has simply tuned out of reality now that he is without any real stimuli. Even so, he continues, unperturbed, very few would dare intrude on this stroll. The presence of this stellar being is enough to deter a great majority of the inhabitants of Hueco Mundo from even gazing in his general direction. Without a worry or thought, he marches, but why exactly?

One by one, Arrancar gather within Las Noches at the beck and call of the God-King Maximilliano. One of the God-King's fraccion is the first to arrive at the call, a pup answering his master, this one Helliodoro has seen, but he has no memory of the man, not anymore. Then there is the beaked and nameless Arrancar who decides to present himself as a mysterious enigma, to Helliodoro, that simply means he will be a bore once they meet, and he will be nothing more. Then there are three who Helliodoro is at the very least aware of. Elliora, the little creature that he crossed paths with briefly, most people would have noted her presence before the meeting, what with the exchange between herself and Max, Helliodoro however was already in this ignorant state at that point. Izeel, the scientist who Helliodoro simply saw, but never properly acknowledged, after tending to another unconscious member, he reclaims a seat that he has recently been made vacant, something most are unaware of. Then there is Elliseo, the one who was discarded recently by Helliodoro, dragged by Max to his newly appointed seat, yet he was still unconscious and battered, but how long would he remain in his beauty sleep after the little gremlin and the scientist are done with him?

Then of course, Maximilliano himself, the beacon of power and an obsession of vengeance for the raging sun. Unlike the current attendees, Helliodoro paid no mind to the message; he was pulled to Las Noches by the arrival of the God-king. The chance to finally prove his superiority had shown itself once more and today was the perfect day. He had had his warm ups, a pitiful excuse for a Vasto Lorde was eradicated beneath his feet, followed by the new and battered Tercera Espada. Helliodoro’s intentions will never be hidden, and that is clear as he arrives at Las Noches.

With each step that brings the star closer to the assembled group, his mind begins to return to whatever his usual state of awareness is and it is only once he is within sight of the gathered Arrancar that he finally 'awakens' with a single, drawn out and unwittingly exagerated yawn, then soon after, a few words.

"Why're you all here? I don't need the rest of you, just the big man."

Without a hint of a thought in his head, Helliodoro speaks as his gaze traces over those within the room. His amber eyes examine the situation before him, seemingly with an expectation of something happening after he had spoken, but what? There was no subtlety in his rising emotions and how they were expressed. The room they all sat within had noticeably and instantly become rather uncomfortable to even sit in, the furniture and architecture of the room beginning to char and carbonised without flames. Then that same voice booms out once more.

"Go on, GET OUT!"

Not even a minute, not even ten seconds after his arrival and already this Espada had already begun to partake in his usual antics. If he had ever known why he was meant to be here now, he had since forgotten it completely and now his attention was once more upon the God-king. The presence of the other presents no real issues, it never has, yet he inexplicably lashes out. What a curiosity, but as is the usual, there is very little that ever makes coherent sense when it comes to this Arrancar, a second later that is made clear.

"Fine, sit there all starstruck, I'll just do this the good ol' passioned way."

After being stood in the doorway, his instinctual words being spoken, he takes a step forward and starts making his way towards Maximilliano, soon enough the group find themselves watching the Segunda stepping up and onto the table, his new walkway. With each pace, an imprint of his shoeless feet is left upon the table, not dirt, but a literal perfect mould of the bottom of his feet. Once he is standing right in front of Maximilliano, he drops down into a low, low, squat, his arms resting atop his knees as he attempts to begin exchanging glances with the God-King. Regardless of if he catches the pale man's stare or not, in a sad attempt at a whisper, he makes his concerns known, indirectly to everyone.

"Hey, how's it goin' bud? Why are they all here still?"

A hand flicks over his shoulder to point a thumb at those who sit around the table, surely there's been a mistake.