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That is Helliodoro’s aspect of death, perhaps it is obvious to some, to others not so much. Some view Helliodoro as an embodiment of chaos, carnage, brutality, pride, so much more. Many of these are true to him, but he is above all else, unstable. Mentally his instability can be confused for a constant rage. The slightest disturbance, the slightest confusion might send the man into a frenzy against the source, or he might just ignore them and continue on going about his day. Not even the Sun is aware of what comes next. Does he really need to know anyway? Of course he doesn’t. The Star acts on his instincts and his emotions, rather primal in his approach to life and mostly seeking his own entertainment, whatever form it might take. Unfortunately for this Arrancar, today has been a terrible day. His boredom disrupted by a stray Hollow initially, that issue was sorted out and finally he is given an opportunity for some entertainment! Two Arrancar close by, both of which Helliodoro has at least seen once before, with a hidden excitement, he struts out of the rubble he created and towards these potential new companions. Until he is disturbed yet again by Elliseo, leading up to the point they are at now.

A shining beacon of wrath illuminates the eternal night sky of Hueco Mundo, piercing the sparse clouds, then bursting into an enormous globe of blinding white destruction. Far off in the distance, the blast still occludes a majority of the horizon, incinerating everything and anything within and for many miles beyond the culmination of erupting energy. Helliodoro seems almost entranced in the beauty of his own efforts. If ever there was a moment that a smile could be read on the man’s half covered, half scowling face, now is that time. His eyes remain locked to the Cero initially as he begins to exclaim his admiration and pride.

“Beautiful ain't it? Kinda like me, but not-“

His words are cut short. The aggressive thrum of Elliseo’s Sonido is nothing special, it is loud but it is of no consequence to Helliodoro, nor is the attempt on his life by a desperate Elliseo. Was it a final gambit that the Espada hopeful was making? The Orcas Arrancar attempts to use Helliodoro’s own admiration of his creation, hoping he is blinded by his arrogance. Commendable but a bit too hopeful. It is not this Arrancar's assault that interrupted Helliodoro, it is the return of Maximilliano. The unburdened Reiatsu of the God-king is once again like an alluring call to arms that the Star cannot resist. Perhaps fate has marked Elliseo as it's favourite today.

An arc of crimson follows a flash of steel, Elliseo's blade finds and dices through the pitiful Hierro of the Segunda Espada. Without being impeded by the layer of 'armour skin', flesh is sliced through with ease, as is bone. The red ichor briefly clouds Elliseo's sight pointlessly, he already knows the truth, his feigned foresight giving him the details he cannot physically see…

The unfortunate truth is that he can feel it before even the 'all-seeing eye' can perceive it. Clutching the very hand that holds his Zanpakuto is Helliodoro’s titanic grip. It holds the Arrancar's fist and the guard of his Zanpakuto, his grip tightening and squeezing unrelentingly, there is no escape and this time, there is no burning to be felt. The slow and clunky swing of Elliseo's blade failed to find the back of the Star and had instead run through an arm. Splitting it length way, the blood was proof but the wound didn't exist for even a half a second, in fact it seemed like there was never a wound to begin with. While Elliseo's speed is impressive, he has been out-maneuvered already. His strength is formidable, but now he relies on shoddy swordsmanship.

"Move, I'm done with you."

Those are the last words Elliseo receives from the Segunda. That is the last he sees of the Espada before everything in sight is black. Void of colour, void of shapes or any defining features. His body embedded within the sands and stone of Hueco Mundo. The impact sends violent quakes throughout the deserts that make even the distant Las Noches tremble. Skyscrapers of stone outline the center point of a monolithic crater, smaller fragments of rubble raining shooting in every direction outward before raining back down to the pearly sands. The fate of the Arrancar is left in his hands. The Hierro of his cracks, coming close to shattering on impact but even with the absurdity of the force behind the throw and the speed of his descent, the sand and stone are far too weak to complete the job. On the other hand, there is nothing that protects the internals. From being flung into the deserts below at speeds that outpace even Elliseo's Sonido, to coming to an abrupt stop, everything within the body of the Arrancar whips back and forth viciously. It's almost as though his organs are trying to escape his body, his brain, heart, lungs, everything. For a moment it seems as though there will be nothing left but a mash of meat. Left damaged beyond his regenerative properties, concussed, unconscious and his life fleeting. The internal damage sustained sapping at the dregs of time he has left. If Elliseo is to prove himself and rise to the rank of an Espada, then he will need to rise from his early grave and find a way to stave the encroaching end. Helliodoro is done with this man.

A step forward takes Helliodoro towards Las Noches.

Helliodoro’s initial stride brought him quite close to Las Noches, from where he was stood amongst the dunes, he could see off in the distance, where he had taken off from. Unfortunately the building had recovered its structural integrity once more, his impromptu entrance and exit robbed from him. A sigh escapes the Arrancar and for a moment his hands ball up into a fist, tightening as his entire body tenses up. Rage Wells up briefly and inexplicably before a sudden little ball of Reishi makes its appearance among the sands. A little Millian with a message.

"Meet up with Maximiliano in the meeting room."

Helliodoro stares intently at the little Millian for a moment, his head cocking to the side as he stares, either there is some great confusion going on, or he is simply curious. He drops down into a squat, closing the distance between the two and slowly a hand reaches out, open and ready to capture the little Millian. Just before his fingers clasp around the ball of living Reishi, it slips away, vanishing into the sands only to wander off to it’s next correspondent. Once again, he sighs with disappointment. Pushing himself to his feet, he continues his trek towards Las Noches, specifically towards the meeting hall as requested, although there is no rush in his movement, in fact he seems mostly relaxed as his hands slip into his pockets, occasionally kicking up a bit of sand with his steps as he digs his feet into the white marble sands, entertaining himself with such simplicities.

Whatever meeting is to come is sure to be beyond chaotic.




The mocking laughter at her expense from the godking at her demand for the bloodied crystal fills the air, causing the already volatile child's mood to immediately shift, resulting in her reiatsu to seep from her and the winds surrounding them to pick up once again. WHAT THE FUCK? The expression on her face reveals exactly what is going through her tiny fragmented head. The sheer disbelief in the ridicule as he laughs at her, especially under the new friend she was making.


"Oh my, niñita, go run along and find another Arrancar to play with. You’re far too small to be trying to cut at the ankles of giants and I mean that in terms of power, not size."

The child's tiny jaw clenches tightly, filling the air with the sound of bone grinding on bone as her rage builds and boils over in a matter of seconds. Thoughts and voices flood her head, different languages mushing together as she gathers her thoughts, finding a way to speak her mind, but in her rage she cannot distinguish between languages, and reverts back to her original tongue.

"¡¿Me crees incapaz?! ¡¿Me crees inut—"
"You think I'm incapable? You think I'm usel—"

In a matter of seconds, Elliora forgets about her egg, her attention far too easily diverted from the topic by the man's insults on her person, on her power. Something she never took lightly, despite often forgetting her own prowess and abilities. With Maximiliano turning his back on her to say his goodbyes to his friend and fraccion, this only serves to enrage her further as he deems her as nothing more than a nuisance. The muscles in her throat, namely her vocal cords, begin to contract and shift as spiritual energy builds in her small hand, coalescing in her tiny clenching fists.

”Enjoy the rest of the day Amigo! There may be a war tomorrow!”

He continues to add insult to injury, as he leaves her speaking to herself, and try as she might to control her ire, that is simply something out of her ability. This being the last straw, she lunges as he finishes his message to his borrowed companion, a millian. A tiny minion of hers she ignores for now, as it immediately darts off to complete its assigned mission.

”Do not worry about tomorrow, Amigo! Preocupate about today!”

Maximiliano's deep, voice booms throughout the expanse of Hueco Mundo. The tone, cadence, even the pitch of his voice matched perfectly, but this did not come from the man himself. No, it comes from the tiny creature that utilizes her, otherwise useless, ability to perfectly mimic any voice she hears. Innately, from past interactions she's able to replicate their speech patters even, and anyone within earshot would believe this to be the very god king of Las Noches simply engaging another of his subjects in a friendly bout. But at this moment she was neither friend nor subordinate to the man, she held no rank nor allegiance, especially after this personal slight. Now Elliora assaults— no is forced to remind Maximiliano, and anyone watching, why she is the only one of her long forgotten generation to continue to live to the present day.

Her tiny form disappears in an instant as Maximiliano begins to turn back to see where this voice mocking him originates from, the winds circulating her kick up a gargantuan storm of crushed bone sand as she closes the distance between them faster than the blink of an eye. Her speed is undeniable, even in this form, it is as if this smaller form is even faster than her previous one, more aerodynamic, exponentially easier to maneuver the very currents of wind that cradle her and suspend her in the air. From beneath the towering man, the circulating concentrated spiritual pressure surrounding her hand meets with the monster's chin.


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Max laughs as he walks away from the small girl, he felt nothing threatening about her in the slightest. It was hilariously… Sad, how far she had fallen, from being the Cero Espada and dropping all the way down to this current state. But the God King could care less, there were grander things he needed to focus on. But as he is walking away he hears a voice and not just anyone’s voice, it was his own.

”Do not worry about tomorrow, Amigo! Preocupate about today!”

He halts, thinking it was perhaps Yandiel, however, this voice was not internalized; it was very obvious that it was shouted from a physical body. Max begins to turn around to look in Elliora’s direction and as he does this she vanishes from sight. The winds circulated to pick her up and enhanced her movement. Her small body was easier to move it seemed because before he knew it he had lost sight of her only to feel her tiny fist meet his chin. Where she would expect an explosive uppercut fueled by her wind and strength she would instead be greeted by an unmoved God King. A mere fraction of time passed before her arm would twist and spiral into a small string, tearing away from her main body. In her childlike state she- no, she has never seen Maximiliano’s power so she would not know better. Circulating Reiatsu around her hand was the biggest mistake she could have made because as soon as it made contact with Max that circulating energy became his and he used it to destroy her tiny arm. She would then feel her small body shift as she is knocked to the right by a casual back hand.

”Tell me, Elliora, did you think that was wise? Attacking me like that?”

He begins to pace towards the direction he had launched her tiny body.

”You should count your blessings, niñita, because it is through my grace alone that you still live.”

No blood drips from the spot where her arm was spiraled off, everything was twisted and wound so tight all the veins and blood vessels had been closed off. This is an observation made by Max as he now stands near the downed girl whose internals would be ruptured from his earlier back hand.

”Izeel was kind enough to heal and revive you, as much as I am against resurrecting the weak he made some decent points, that even we need fodder for our army. That means you, niñita.”

Max uses his index finger to draw a circle in the air which creates a singular spiral that drifts down towards the injured girl.
”This is a moment where I wish I still had someone in charge of the Exequias to handle small details like this for me. Anything else you have left to say? You have until the spiral reaches and consumes you to do so.”

This is not a fight for Max, this is a boring chore to take care of and a waste of time. Had it been the old Elliora then the fight would have been a little more interesting than whatever this was. He remembers the old her well, how she instantaneously wiped out Aragon, how she alone had command of quite a few Espada that served beneath her heel. In those days Max saw her as a threat to his position as God-King. Those days have since faded into memory and his position is cemented and bolted down along with his confidence in his power. With the state of the worlds beginning to shift he cannot afford such reckless and misguided actions from his Arrancar any longer, this includes infighting as well.

If Elliora has nothing more to say Max will walk away in silence this time as his spiral implodes, consuming the child in an instant, leaving not even a drop of blood behind as she is spiraled out into oblivion.







Plans have never been the Elliora's forte, even in her previous form. She acts on instinct, on a whim, making split second decisions and changing course along the very winds she commands. In a way, this was a sort of experiment of hers. In this form, neither Max, Izeel, nor herself knew her restrictions or her weaknesses. The previous meal did little to put up a fight to test her, and who better than to test her current limitations than the one who sits at the pinnacle. What the proud godking fails to notice beneath his chin whilst he looks down at the child-like gremlin as he focuses his attention on the outward spiritual pressure circulating her small arm, is the shift of her index and middle fingers underneath his chiseled jaw. Her hand never intended to make contact with his skin, never needed to, and it never does. While he believes the spiraling energy to be advantageous to him, expecting to leave only a string of her arm dangling off the girl's socket, in actuality it remains whole, with her blood pumping through as if nothing happened. In truth, the girl's arm does take damage, though not as Maximiliano expects. It happens in an instant, traveling in the span of a single millimeter, rather than her arm as a whole, the damage is only brief as the tiny creature's accelerated regeneration repairs the injury as quickly as it is sustained. Before it extends beyond the thin margin, making the skin appear as though a hair tie briefly constricts the arm, a single black line travels up the arm until it dissipates at her shoulder. A dangerous gamble she wasn't entirely certain would work, completely uncertain of the extent of her current abilities. It pays off, her regenerative capabilities are unperturbed.

While his focus is on the spiraling energy around her fist in his failed attempt to destroy her arm, the rapidly repaired damage does nothing to divert the path of her sneak attack. From her two extended fingers, a double cerito is released, the two strands merge into one to perforate the man's hierro in a single concentrated point behind the bone of his jaw, a soft and tender spot. Exactly like a laser cutter on metal, while it is thin and small, in comparison to others' extravagantly large showy ceros, the nature of this does not seek to obliterate the opponent from existence, but cause precise damage, resulting in the blinding of the man from the inside out, slicing through the muscle and cartilage in his face, her true intent— cutting through the man's optic nerves, blinding him with the grinning expression on her face the last thing he sees before his world turns black.


She floats in the air, the man's casual backhand meeting nothing more than air as she dodges his hand easily, able to tell the trajectory of his movement by the force and shift of winds his arm makes. Her movement isn't flashy, it's miniscule, just enough to remain out of reach, while her reiryoku infused air spreads further and further from her, encompassing the both of them.

"Tell me, Elliora, did you think that was wise? Attacking me like that?"

Elliora's wind endlessly enters through the perforation beneath the monster's jaw, repeatedly severing the optic nerve time and time again, preventing him from regaining his vision. It is as if she's continuously testing the waters. She doesn't force her wind to damage more than what has already been damaged, yet. She watches him search around for her, but the circulating wind makes it difficult for him to audibly pinpoint her location, especially as she orbits around him like a planet around a sun.

"You should count your blessings, niñita..."


She tunes him out as he drones on and on, bored by his nagging speech as he... scolds her? She digs through her nostril, picking at the contents as she becomes momentarily distracted, the man draws his circle in the air, even as he remains perceptive to her location, she never remains still, staying in constant motion.

"...Anything else you have left to say?"

"Mhmm. You talk a lot."

Often one to forget trivial nonsense, things that never interest her, like that of powers others hold are details she purges from her memory. But there was something terribly familiar of the spiraling energy that damaged her arm and the newly forming one that begins to form at the gesturing of his finger in the air. She's seen it before, but can't be bothered to remember where, still, now that she's somewhat aware of his spiraling ability.

With her voice giving away her position, she watches him readjusts his aim and had it not been for the air around the two to divert his hand slightly to the side, derailing his attack, and her diving to the sand, avoiding the destructive force of the spiral, she would have surely been obliterated.

"¡Oye! ¡¿Que mierda!? I'm still strong!!! Stronger than your weakest espada!"

She bellows loudly, tears in her eyes as he tries to rid himself of a nuisance. Insulted, belittled, and degraded, her shrieks resonate loudly, rupturing eardrums of those in the immediate vicinity, namely Maximiliano as the sound reverberated within the confines of the area her reiryoku spreads, redirecting and focusing the earth quaking sound to him, as if on a loop. Blood drips from his ears, as he was ready to listen so intently to the tiny creature, his ears became susceptible to her auditory attack, causing him deafness. Still, despite this, the vibrations of her following words are felt into his very bones, and even if he could not hear her words, he would feel them.

"You'll have to do better!! Elli won't die easy!"


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While the two of them clashed with one another attempting to showcase their strength to one another in such a primitive display. It seemed around his arrival another took up curiosity about this fight taking place but as of currently they paid no importance to him. Idly he continued to spin around his polearm casually while observing the two at each other's throats but while they battled it out Izeel was studying the both of them who eagerly displayed their techniques in front of him. He listened closely to the sound of their footsteps, how they moved, and their exact reaction speed deciphered with multiple advanced calculations and keen insight which all was fascinating to him. Despite wanting to continue to study his lab rats he had other pressing issues on his agenda. With both of them focused on trying to end the fight in their final actions neither happened to realize the moment Izeel made his presence known, he made his move to help get the outcome he desired. With Pesquisa set out slyly across the floor he managed to tag them both gaining the information needed on what their spiritual power was at the moment, and how much happened to be exerted up until this point. Both seemed to have endured some type of injury from one another though he couldn’t tell how damaging or hindering it was for either.

“Whoever the winner I don't care about, but right now the more pressing matter is he is let loose from his prison. This normally wouldn’t be any issue of mindless killing, although the clear fact he will continue until he is bored. Even when that time comes is unfathomable for me to figure out, which means this can carry on until he ends all existence in Karakura. That is something I am not willing to gamble with because it will create a great imbalance and hazardous effect on the Hueco Mundo ecosystem. We can’t rely on the God-King to deal with him every time he is set loose, but we need contingency plans to be prepared on how to efficiently deal with such situations.”

As Izeel spoke it seemed his voice carried around the room at first before it suddenly heard right next to the both of them. A few seconds later his image flickered away with Izeel finishing the conversation by standing behind the two. However, outside from the sudden shift of his voice location, there wasn’t the normal Sonido static noise their high-speed movement entails, until a delay seconds later. Simply by using his spiritual pressure he interfered with the sound waves that resonated from his movement. It caused the sound that came seconds after an unexpected arrival next to them. Continuing the conversation while they had both spoken, multiple silverish blue beads of light flickered in every blind spot they had with cero being charged in the surrounding area to strike with deadly precision. If the two had wished to finish this fight as stated to them directly he would end it quickly curious about how well they were able to avoid multiple cero aimed at every vital point on them in such a confined space. With the two of them trying to hold the other in place it made things much easier for him and every cero capable of piercing cleaning through the both of them like a refined laser beam. At the end of what he had to say he stopped twirling around his polearm with the scalpel blade aimed downwards, and his right hand reached up slowly cranking his bolt growing impatient. Whatever the outcome happened to be between the two he was fully prepared to treat whoever needed the medical care if required to in order preserve their life.

During the encounter, other confrontations happened to be getting wrapped up as well with the unwelcoming arrival of Max making himself known. A few moments later one of the small little creatures known as Millian skipped its way to the room with a message for them all. Listening to Millian's message an intrigued smile crossed Izeel's face and just like that he pushed the ordeal of Kassius to the side curious about what this meeting and talk of war were going to be about. He left the small hollow to its own devices with the sound of Sonido announcing his presence leaving from beside the two. Just as casually he arrived at the scene he made his exit from there heading to the meeting hall still keeping all the cero charged from prior in case they continued to fight.

“I guess that will have to wait, we are being summoned by the God-King for discussion of war. I am also interested to see how the gigai he took for test spin faired out and what other information he gained.”

He paused for a few seconds to see if either of the two needed to be healed or treated before he took his leave. In the little moment, he glanced over at Cordelia with a deranged look in his eyes wanting to dissect her and see what secrets he can learn. An ominous chuckle escaped him as he shifted his glasses to fit his face then went about his way with two combatants if they happened to come along or not. Around this time his surgery came to an close with the reigai returning back to the dimension, and Izeel wanting to be there in the person taking its place.