[BSD-RP] The Valley of Screams




It seemed as if the Kenpachi Games had the intended effect the Commander had hoped. As the festivities of the bloody festival began to dwindle, in came the real storm— an abundance of applications from Captain hopefuls who wished to gauge their own strength and become one with the higher ranks of the Gotei 13. With many successes thus far with the tournament’s end, there still came a comparable amount of failures— optimistic Shinigami who felt they were more than ready to take the next step, only to crumble in the face of those they sought approval from. Weeks and weeks of prior reviewing had left the doctor unimpressed, and with another order to personally scrutinize the next soul who dared to rise left on his desk, a deep sigh expels from his pouty lips.

Yet as he breaks the seal and reads the missive's contents, the assessment the boy is assigned to oversee today leaves him truly unsure of how this specific Shinigami would fare. Today, the name he reads rings hauntingly familiar. The third seat of the 10th Division while Commander Kagayaki reigned as the division’s Captain, now ascended into the Lieutenant position to fill in the gaps. On top of this, the myths of Hyouzoku’s endeavors into Naruki City and what he had acquired had spread as fiery gossip at one point in the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所, Coordinated Relief Station), only to be filtered away with the introduction of the next day’s scandals. Yet, the Captain's memory fails to forget.

‘The Vizard…’

… he laments, as he folds the directive back in half and stores it in one of the many drawers of his workspace. Another one of these masked Shinigami he is tasked to face... was it mere coincidence that he alone was appointed to confront these beasts or had Commander Kagayaki carefully calculated that their best chance at coming out of this arduous test with their lives still intact was to be put against the Fairy? Perhaps it was Captain Nakamoto’s sympathy that fashioned him as their most optimal opponent; Even now, he was still one of the few among his peers that wouldn’t resort to extinguishing their corrupted souls had they lost control of their newfound gift… or a curse in the eyes of most. Regardless, hypothesizing on whatever the reason may have been would be fruitless; Both Captain Nakamoto’s and Lieutenant Hyouzoku’s next actions had been assigned— the pair’s clash was now inevitable.


Stood atop the all too familiar rocky mesa, the Captain awaits the next body in the line of challengers who wish to lead their respective division. In his time alone, the boy does not spend his time setting up traps to deceive nor formulating strategies for his forthcoming opponent. He instead embraces the quiet, something so simple yet still extremely rare for the busybody Captain. In a state of brief tranquility, his eyes remain shut until the breeze begins to pick up before him, his lids slowly parting to the growing storm that rustle his hair and loose clothing in its' wake. This gust evolves into several gales, an overwhelming tornado now forming in the center of the mesa before swiftly dispersing to reveal the man he has been patiently expecting. What is unexpected however is Shizuka's colossal frame; It is the first thing Yū notes, with impressive height rivaling that of the likewise gargantuan Captain Hageshi.

Specks of blue that were barely present before now begin to sparkle all over Yū; Within a few feet around the Captain, small glints of this light become faintly visible with the thanks of the shifting sun above. As Shizuka stands proudly, confident that he too is ready to take the next step forward in his Shinigami career, the Fairy calls out from behind the lieutenant to announce his presence.

“Pray you’re not like the rest, Hyouzoku..."


“... You don’t want to disappoint me."

These are the only words the Captain has to offer to him, his posture unusually languid in the face of the towering Shinigami. With his blade still sheathed, no type of defensive stance taken, nor any fluctuation of his calmed Reiatsu, Yū is an open book; A prime target has displayed that his defenses are seemingly lowered, easily capable of being overwhelmed if Shizuka thinks he's quick enough.

With the Fairy's sentiments made known, the man's test is underway. In truth, it seems all the lieutenant really has to do now, in this very moment... is strike.






“Pray you’re not like the rest, Hyouzoku..."


“... You don’t want to disappoint me."

As the end of the Captain’s words flowed off of his lips, Shizuka took notice of the tone and pitch of the voice. Not actually seeing the body of who the voice came from, due to him being directly behind of him. The voice seemed much deeper than he recalled, a more dominant and assertive tone. It was clear in the time Shizuka hadn’t seen the Captain, he was also doing some growing himself. His vocal chords striking attention within the Lieutenant’s mind. Yet, he wasn’t fazed. His mind was clear, focused on one thing and one thing only….. his success. Clearly the “rest” weren’t adequate enough to gain the Captain’s respect, but Yū Nakamoto would soon learn. He is dealing with someone different.

“That’s my line… Taichou”

Shizuka uttered these words loudly, as he then turned his head slightly take a small glance at the Captain. His hand quietly resting on the tsuba of his Zanpakuto.

He may look like a bitch, but he ain’t no bitch!

You know who I got my money on


Before Shizuka would make his move, he would always get a sense of the opponent he was facing. As soon he made his entrance into the Valley, he could immediately sense the presence of the Captain standing behind him. Just as expected, from a quick glance into his soul. Shizuka could tell his power was near boundless, the depth of his reiryoku similar to that of an endless ocean. Just from this it was easy to tell how he had garnered as much fame as he had. Behind his small frame and slightly feministic features, this man was an actual monster.

If Shizuka hadn’t been faced with power on this level constantly, beads of sweat would be cascading down his skin. Instead, the Lieutenant stood his ground, tightened the grip on his tsuba, and simply



In nearly a millisecond after the words parted from Shizuka’s lips, an array of lightning would appear all around the Fairy. From above, to his sides, from the back and the front. A gust of insane proportions would envelop the Captain, as the continuous streams of lightning started persisting in his immediate location. Forming an entire cage completely made out of the lightning reiatsu emanating from Shizuka’s body. It would get to the point where the young captain would feel as if the Lieutenant was everywhere at once, even though he clearly felt the singular reiatsu of the dancing shinigami. In his many years of practice, Shizuka had welcomed himself to be proficient in the ways of Hoho. Mastering the usage of Shunpo to an extent, that would make him formidable to anyone in terms of speed. What was being displayed at the moment though, was not Shunpo. This was merely an application of his natural speed being put on display. The lightning present, only being there to represent where he “was”, as even he was outpacing the visage of his reiatsu. With every step this display would get harder to keep track of, focusing his efforts on becoming untraceable with every step on the ground, and every step on a created reishi platform. Exemplifying his control and skill, even while moving at high speeds. Following the Lieutenant visually would be an arduous task by itself, but Shizuka would soon help to remedy this. The streams of lightning emanating from this display would simply shift. The stream in question would be coming directly from where the Captain was facing at the time, diagonally above that location. Easily noticeable if the Captain had simply tilted his head upwards. The voltaic energy would instantly redirect itself to target to Yu. Even though Shizuka was clad in his own volatile reiatsu, if the Captain was able to perceive Shizuka’s image from this bolt of lightning. He’d see closely that the Zanpakuto Shizuka had clenched in his right hand had changed it’s form.


The prongs of lightning emanating from the blade would be a key indicator. Along with the extended length of the blade from a traditional zanpakuto. The Lieutenant of 10th, using his mastery of Bankai to forego a conventional incanted release and go for the instant release instead. He charges towards Yu, his blade now glowing a fluorescent white hue. He would simply zip through the left side of the Captain, using his transformed blade to strike at the left side of the legendary healer’s abdomen. The whole process of this being less than a second, it would feel as if nothing changed for the Captain. Except that he would soon feel the delayed, but horrifying sensation of not being able to feel an entire portion of his body. All emanating simply from a devastating strike of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s released power. As quickly as he struck, Shizuka wouldn’t forfeit his plan of attack even if he had missed. Effortlessly assuming himself back into the cage of his own creation, resuming his awesome display of speed.





Yū Nakamoto’s words are conveyed with piercing clarity, his desire for the lieutenant's drive to propel him forward enough to impress the tenured Captain is not at all hidden. Before he turns to face his proctor, Shizuka now makes his proclamation.

“That’s my line… Taichou.”

A subtle scoff escapes Yū’s lips, an even more subtle eye roll delivered in response to the man’s retort. His confidence would come to no surprise to the boy, having spent his whole life faced against a plethora of annoyingly bold Shinigami. Yet a certain boldness would be required if he was to flourish in this coming trial- he just hoped that he hadn’t misinterpreted the man’s brazenness for it to instead truly become arrogance. Without further need to introduce himself, the lieutenant grabs ahold of his hilt and in a blink, his test to become Captain of the 10th Division swiftly begins.

Streaks of lightning pour from the Shinigami’s pores and burst forth, encircling the Captain at every conceivable angle with its fury. The hidden intention of the specks of blue that reflected innocuous around the Fairy’s frame just moments prior are now thrust into the spotlight, the shifting and unpredictable flashes of lightning illuminating the blinding truth of what the boy had conjured up in the moments leading to Shizuka’s arrival. The lightning that seeks to strike the Captain down, similar to the gusts of winds that try and encircle him all fail to reach their true target; In equal distance, only a few feet away with Yū at its center, a blue cubic barrier is made visible, rectangular splashes of varying hues of blue swimming within its surface. Electricity cradles the cube, crackling and zapping away at the surfaces of the durable barrier before they dissipate as quickly as their haphazard strikes.

Yet Yū pays no real mind to this, already comfortable with the fact that his carefully created defense would be able to withstand the unruly nature of the lieutenant's residual reiatsu that he leaves in his wake. A master of the afterimage and frequent usage of similar deceptive tactics, the Fairy also understands the futility of trying to play catch up by following the blazing trails of his lightning. Coupled with the tried-and-trued artistry of firing kido at similarly fast traveling targets, he as well knows the necessity of not aiming where his target lies in the present nor where they once were, but where they will be.



In the face of all of Shizuka Hyouzoku’s schemes, his high-speed movement, the effects of his wild Reiatsu, and the release of Shikai, they are all met with a singular action from the Captain. His arm is already raised halfway, his index finger extended directly before him now flexes.


Shizuka's attempt at deception is undisturbed, successful in the creation of the luminous net made up of his reiatsu that would otherwise overtake and entrap most other foes; It is only in the midst of his final shift in his approach where he dives in Yū's direction that the motionless proctor enacts his counter. If he had truly wished to overtake the Captain with pure agility, Shizuka would desperately need more time to hone the craft in order to stand a chance at competing, especially if he was going to willingly disregard the lethality of his own mastery in the flash step and instead solely rely on his natural speed. At once with speed greatly surpassing that of the lieutenant’s initial flight, six rods of light join at his waist, abruptly halting him several feet away in the course of his charge and subduing his arms to his sides with great and sudden force. Without incantation, these rods are held soundly around his waist and…

"Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō.”

… with its’ veritable name uttered, they became nigh unbreakable. It is now both parties are able to note the distinct changes within their respective arsenals. In Yū’s eyes, the evolved form of Shizuka’s zanpakutō is made known, the prongs of lightning that jut from either end of the blade hissing with contempt as they hang still. Forced into stillness and to take in the sight of the Fairy, Shizuka is finally able to perceive the barrier that cradles the Captain, keeping him secure from the remnant lightning. However unlike the former, this image is short-lived; In a single breath, Yū is hauntingly static, his finger still extended at the hovering, entrapped lieutenant.

Highly likely to be unnoticeable is the sight of his zanpakutō now out of its sheath, but within the next breath, the missing blade is already set into action. Having purposefully moved at a speed substantially inferior to the Captain in hopes his glittering trail would serve enough of a distraction to compensate, Shizuka's time to formulate a solution out of the bind he finds himself in is running dangerously thin. In a triangular formation, two semblances of Yū’s likeness rush before the trapped Vizard at either side while another approaches from his direct flank. There is hardly any noticeable difference between the trio of assailants, aside from the very slight clockwise displacement of their hair and clothes.

Yet what is most pressing about each of these models is the equally prominent glow that graces their blade…


... and the words that accompany their departure from the cold steel and through his body, separating the upper half of his torso from the rest of his robust frame three times over.

“Hadō #78. Zangerin.”







Even while blitzing around in a flurry of steps, Shizuka wouldn’t be ignorant to the formation of a pristine barrier being formed around his adversary. The action Yū took made complete sense to the Lieutenant. If you didn’t know which side you were going to get attacked from, then it would efficient to simultaneously defend all angles, by simply erecting a barrier. Containing yourself within something sturdy enough to observe and defend against the rampant net of reiatsu he was trapped in. As much as he respected the thought process, something about it ticked the Vice-Captain off.


Still, this action didn’t deter the Lieutenant, and he still launched forward in his assault. Focused intently on his target, even while he was encased in his own defense. So focused that he would see, even at the speeds he was moving, the Captain raise his arm and point two of his fingers towards Shizuka. The Vice-Captain already knew something was up, though he was fully intent on charging through head on. His course wasn’t going to be changed instantly in the amount of the time he needed to dodge. It was almost as if his proctor knew exactly at which point he was going to launch from.


At the literal speed of light, six rods of light would pierce all of Shizuka’s sides in unison. It’s precision so perfect, it locked Shizuka’s arms within the spell as well. Not only was his momentum being completely halted, but his Zanpakuto was also flung in the air vertically. Seemingly being a direct result of his own momentum, along with the power of the binding spell.

"Bakudo 61: Rikujokoro"

As the name itself was uttered, it was almost as if the light itself tightened itself around Shizuka. Fortifying themselves beyond their initial collapse on his body. They still remained latched onto him as he descended to the earth, skidding onto the ground just a few feet away from his intended target. Unable to wipe off the kicked up dirt from his own fall, he grimaces in complete anguish. Trying with all of his might to physically force his way out, unable to move an inch. Even in his useless struggling, the Vice-Captain still didn’t hesitate to analyze the cubical barrier the Fairy had conjured around himself. Just by being a few feet away, Shizuka could feel the intensity of this barrier. It’s fortitude was astonishing, and was off the rip more complex than any barrier he had ever seen conjured before. The Captain would think that he’d be able to take a closer glimpse of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s released form, but would be pleased to see that the Zanpakuto in question wasn’t in the Lieutenant’s hand anymore. Would the Captain care about this? Or would he care about the fact that his prey was on the ground in front of him, restricted, with no form of defense to save him from any blatant assault? It seemed the Fairy had made up his mind chose the latter, as he was prepared to end this test.​


The Fairy looking down at his prey barely took a second to discern his next course of action. Immediately vanishing from his original spot within the barrier, a trail of glitter ran through Shizuka’s vision. While it was easy for the Vice-Captain to follow him, it wouldn’t take away from the fact that there were now 3 apparitions of the Captain around him. Shizuka would just tilt his head behind him slightly just to analyze the situation. Two Captain Nakamoto’s would appear to the left and right sides of him. While one positioned themselves right on Shizuka’s flank.


All of their blades glowing a vibrant golden hue, you could feel the buildup of reiryoku flowing swiftly across their body. Shizuka felt a small moment of panic, for everything was moving extremely fast. Just as quickly as Shizuka thought he was moving, Yū was easily matching that pace in tandem. However in the heat of the battle. Just as Yū made his move against the Vice Captain, Shizuka’s plan was also coming into play.

Being a shinigami, you are taught to constantly to never let go of your Zanpakuto. In any situation, no matter what is or will happen. Your hand must never leave the blade, or that would spell your death. While these values still held true within Shizuka’s mind, it has been constantly proven that the craftiest shinigami’s, the one’s who have been labeled the best throughout history, have found ways to circumvent this rule while still being effective. Being as sly as he was, Shizuka, not being able to effectively move his entire body faster than light in that situation. Instead opted to react reflexively, simultaneously flicking his Zanpakuto effortlessly into the air before he became completely trapped within Rikujokoro. The timing was perfectly in sync, perfectly timed with the spell locking his body. It gave the image of the spell being the reason why he lost his grip on Zanpakuto, combined with the element of him moving ridiculously fast to simulate an extreme loss of motor control. The Captain may have thought he examined Shizuka’s blade thoroughly, and studied his powers before approaching him. But if he did, he would notice and feel the terrifying heat the Zan’s released state has constantly displayed. Though that seemingly wasn’t the case, for there was no change in heat present. The Fairy would be sure of it. If that was not present, then the Captain would immediately realize the issue if he had truly studied. Casually calling back to why the blade was glowing a shimmering florescent white hue, during his assault towards Yū. The answer to this conundrum would be immediately answered, as Shizuka’s blade finally struck itself on the ground directly in front of him and the three apparitions of the Captain.

Hadō #78-…”

“Raimei Yoshiki”


At the sound of a literal thunderclap, the instant the blade carved into the ground. An enormous burst of force erupted from the center of the Zanpakuto. Physically eroding the foundation they stood upon, creating giant crevasses as the blast expanded. Immediately, when the Captain is hit by this technique they would realize that aside from the ridiculous force that was launching them away, they would be met with another additional, undefined force. Something they couldn’t combat against with their mere raw strength. This would be the dominating force of it’s magnetic repulsion coming into play. The Captain(s) would find themselves flying through the ground, as they skidded even through the surface of the Valley just from the ridiculous display of force being shown. With the clones revealing themselves as frauds, as they would disperse and leave only the real Yū hurdling. Along with them, the fortitude of the Rikujokoro would also crumble and dispel at the amount of power displayed from Raimei Yoshiki. Effectively freeing the Lieutenant from it’s grasp, while he himself was unaffected by the shockwave his Zanpakuto produced. With his Zanpakuto only being a few feet away from him, he wasted no time. Digging his feet into the ground beneath him, even while in a prone position. He vanished completely along with his Zanpakuto. This time not foregoing the usage of Shunpo in his advances. Almost instantaneously he would appear in front of Yu, who would still be barreling from the explosive power of Raimei Yoshiki. He’d make haste with his move, not allowing the Captain to regain his footing to dodge or counteract. Simply drawing his blade out once more while it was still shining and glimmering. With him being closer to the Captain, Yu would be able to feel and hear the constant vibrations coming from the blade in this stance. It would be akin a insect buzzing directly in his ears, quaking his eardrums with every pulse. But just as he felt the sensation, it disappeared just as quickly. With the instant Shizuka brought forward his blade against the Captain, the numbing of his body would take place in one… two….. three……….twenty…….. forty places.

Raimei Yoshiki.....


While Senmaioroshi was a supreme cutting technique especially within the hands of a master. Raimei Yoshiki, makes Hirameku-Hitouchi incapable of cutting at all. Only able to make cataclysmic shockwaves whenever something touches the Zanpakuto in general. Combining these two aspects together would create a barreling of these shockwaves all together. All compounding upon the Fairy in a repeated fashion, each shockwave destroying the miles wide foundation they stood on further and further. Until it completely destroyed the platform as a whole. Sending the Captain plummeting into the depths of the valley like a falling star. He wouldnt be able to feel or hear anything on his descent to hell. Let alone be conscious at all. With all of his bones fragmented, broken, and twisted in all places of his body. His only chance of salvation was to have a successor prepared to run 4th in his lieu.





“Hadō #78-”

“Raimei Yoshiki.”

Suddenly, a fierce wave of heat speedily descends. Yū's face instantly is doused with a palpable flush, as this same feeling of uncomfortable warmth radiates downward throughout the entire course of his body…


… until it reaches the ground…


… and a deafening crash rocks the valley. The blades that near the Lieutenant’s torso and its wielders are all suddenly rammed straight back in a single flash yet the Captain’s spell that entraps Shizuka holds firm… until that too, like the beaten ground that is formed beneath the sword, crumbles in its' wake.



While the Fairy had preferred to close the distance when executing this spell, it's true essence was that of a long range assault, synonymous with the Captain's preferred style of combat. The instantly created distance between the two does not cause this spell to falter drastically, the yellow energy having already enveloped the boy’s zanpakutō prior to the activation of Shizuka’s Thunder Stance supported by the still flowing reiryoku into his blade up until this very moment. It takes one moment for Shizuka to decipher which of the Captain’s apparitions are truly him; This instance for Yū equals his own realization of his sudden and quickly intensifying displacement, cueing his free hand to shoot behind him in an effort to slow his acceleration as he skids along the valley surface. Still there was something else— an additional, unusual feeling, almost as if he was being carried away against his will on top of the commanding push he was subject to. Yet, throughout the entirety of his journey, Yū doesn't penetrate further than an inch or two into the valley floor against Shizuka's expectations; Having already been located slightly above the descending Hirameku-Hitouchi upon the conjuration of its' shockwave, the force that is met initially catapults him directly back in mid-air, with the residual force and added charge forcing him to drift gratingly along the bedrock.

Once the quick calculation by Shizuka that the true Fairy was the one who dared to approach from behind in a shrewd manner is made, it takes another moment for him to grab hold of his zanpakutō and charge back which is…


… when Yū remains true to his motive and does all he can do in this unforeseen occasion. This time, Shizuka utilizes Shunpo, advancing at a pace far greater than he had seconds prior with his attempt at deception and in a blink, rapidly begins to close the great distance between the two. Even as he soars away from his initial launch back, an overwhelming buzzing is registered from the moment the blade penetrated the bedrock, the hair that dwelled on his body all standing upright in response to the scalding lightning that blanketed it. As his back, now littered with bruises and numerous lacerations, scrapes forcefully on the bedrock alongside this unknown force that continues to repel him away, Yū’s zanpakutō still held before him thrums with power once more as the long-prepared arc of reiryoku is fired haphazardly. A wild wave of crackling energy in a diagonal fashion is discharged; While in any virtually any other scenario this would have narrowly missed the target at best, with their proximity to each other now so intimate, the recklessly launched spell readily finds itself striking the one thing between Yū and an aeon of pain.

With the full incantation interrupted with a teeth-clenching grunt at his initial catapulting, its potency is moderately reduced; What would otherwise cleanly sever the man in half from his shoulder down to his waist and swiftly end their bout instead leaves a deep wound across his chest, grazes the same shoulder which supports the weight of his lightning-harnessing blade just deep enough to dramatically effect the efficiency and trajectory of his swing, and in a critical stroke of intense precision, completely separates the primary wrist that supports his grip of Hirameku-Hitouchi from his arm all as he approaches the Captain.

Simultaneous with his efforts, Yū's free hand that had been flung behind him, is subject to the rugged drifting along the bedrock just as harshly as his back. Dirt collects underneath his bloodied fingernails as he attempts to slow down his movement; Even though it is not enough to manage anything near to a complete stop, it is enough for the Fairy to alter his course and fall back in somewhat control. His frame flutters for the briefest of instances, virtually imperceptible in the midst of the rapidly-escalating chaos. The Captain doesn’t waste another moment in hypothesizing if his daring hadō would be enough to stop the approaching Lieutenant, instead instinctively opting to create as much space between them as possible with a display of his masterful cunning.

Although not judged by Yū as he is occupied with narrowly evading the astonishing advance, logically there doesn’t seem to be reason enough for the Lieutenant to stop now; Even though his own blood spills forth in a dramatic fashion and now finds himself without a hand, for a man of his build and the opportune moment to strike his adversary down present before him, a retreat now wouldn’t be worth the potential reward of the alternative. Despite a few hindrances, with a simple reach over to grab his blade with his remaining fist, the smartest scenario for Shizuka, or any Shinigami tasked with eliminating their enemy, would be to commit to their assault... for who knew if this same chance would make itself present once again?

Regardless of his pivotal decision, Yū’s true fate would be revealed either after the utter obliteration of the valley floor or the moments following his next actions, whether it would be his own pull back or something more. As the Lieutenant’s zanpakutō in this moment is unable to physically slice through anything and both Yū’s physical form and reiatsu were detectable right before him, his sudden departure upon gaining some traction from his now decimated hand would be undetectable until long after the conclusion of the Raiken's onslaught.​

It is only now that he witnesses the giant crater manifested in the face of the thunderclap; The Captain, now stripped of his pride signified by the white cloth he adorned, stands high above the decimated valley, far out and elevated enough to not be in range of the potentially disastrous effects of the Lieutenant’s zanjutsu while wielding his destructive Shikai. Despite his seemingly uninterested posture as he settles in a dull stance, this short window he is afforded while his afterimage and haori endure the brutal thrashing is spent theorizing and reflecting on what he has learned in their brief interaction thus far...

‘He’s extremely fast and that zanpakutō… Getting any closer to him is not an option...’

… and already preparing what is to come next. The air around the Captain has noticeably thickened with his prompt arrival, slight distortions appearing briefly within several meters of his current position in the sky. Even at breakneck speeds, near the end of his swift travel to above, the first component of Yū’s new plan has been masterfully crafted and already set into action; Yet without a distinguishable trace, there is nothing to allude to this aside from the boy’s silhouette, framed by his presented lustrous wings.

Simultaneously, both of the boy’s palms have begun to glow, however unmistakably different in color. His mangled hand now achingly gripping his zanpakutō, emanates a soft verdant green as the multiple gashes and shattered bones begin to mend. The blood that stains this hand sizzles as it gets burned away, all of the impurities and devastation this hand had endured now reverting back to its prior state. The same cannot be said for what else his body has underwent, choosing to not waste any more time with treating the physical trauma that still remained hidden yet ravaged the skin of his backside.

‘I need to make sure this time that it will hold… especially against another of those shockwaves...’

Yet in the other, a golden aura not unlike the one that coated his blade, engulfs his free hand before shooting forth towards the Lieutenant with great haste. Several strips of light rocket towards Shizuka, in varying speeds and in varying sizes, with some appearing slimmer and more electrifying in appearance while others present themselves to be thicker and more rope-like. Their intention to encompass a wide range surrounding the man’s location is made obvious with a quiet muttering from Yū as they quickly expand to form a growing, makeshift cage large enough to intercept him if he had sought to flee from the Captain’s flying prison. As a result, the thinner tendrils already begin to branch out, much quicker in their travel where they virtually mimic lightning and upon contact would subdue and paralyze the Lieutenant for a short instance— long enough for the thicker, more durable snares to successfully halt any further action, even in the face of the formidable Thunder Stance.

With much to calculate yet insufficient time to do so, Shizuka is only granted a mere breath to decide on his course, before he is decidedly snatched and left subject to the next segment of the Fairy's plot. So far he had accomplished impressing the frequently disappointed Captain and even more shocking, managed to exchange blows... but now with the element of surprise gone with the reveal of his zanpakutō's capabilities, the task of startling Yū again⁠— without introducing a new element⁠— would be a nearly unattainable feat.