[BSD-RP] The Valley of Screams


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The blade drives just above his liver, halting immediately once he grabbed her wrist. 'Surprised' would be a major understatement; he caught her off guard completely. She expected him to fight fire with fire, to brute force, and surpass his limits by shattering her power in whatever improvised way he can. Perhaps her understanding of him is far beyond what she expected. His reckless abandon is neither foolish nor stupid; he fell for her trap, and now she falls for his.

Hook, line, and sinker...!

His grip is vice. Kisara digs her heels into the ground, leaning all her body weight back in a vain attempt to lurch herself backward and push off using shunpo, yet it's no use. His physical strength far outmatches hers, and why did she go into fight or flight mode and not think? In the seconds she wasted, his reiatsu gathers around her after he utters:


Not good--!"

Suddenly and all at once, her body is forced still. Kisara flexes her reiatsu to escape the prison of golden light, but the force of the Bakudō spell from the 10th Captain's own reiatsu challenges hers. While Kisara holds a vast amount of reiryoku, hers isn't as developed or as experienced as the 10th Captain's. No amount of training out in Karakura Town holds a candle to the fights he has lived through. So she confronts him by tilting her chin up, giving up her aimless struggle.

Is this all she can do? Can she simply make him bleed? He disarmed her with such ease. Sure, she delivered cuts upon his skin and even stabbed him, but still... Is this enough? Had he seen what he wanted to see? Is this all she can do?

And even more, Tasogare Musume lays upon the sand far beyond her reach. If only I can...


"You do," she agrees. Her glimmering red eyes close, and she concentrates. Her reiatsu releases like a river breaking through a dam, a force to be reckoned with. Red butterflies swirl around them, a quiet, fluttering dance under the crushing pressure of her power. "And yet, this is all child's play to you, is it not?"

Her statement is not fishing for pity. Kisara's smile is gentle and serene. "Shall we make our last dance a memorable one, Captain?" she asks breathlessly, beads of sweat rolling down her face. "One more song, just for you."

"Now, Bankai: Tasogare Musume no Nemureru Kōkyōkyoku."

Red strings erupt from the space around them, connected to the very blade of Tasogare Musume. The sheer release of power smashes his binding Kidō into pieces, and swiftly, a tightly wound, red string slips beneath her feet and carries her to her discarded blade. Once in her hands, she vanishes.

Like an entangled, complex spider's web, Kisara now stands in its heart, unreachable. Her smile never fades, but the fierce willpower in her eyes only burns brighter and brighter and brighter. She poises Tasogare Musume above her arm like it is a violin bow. Rocking back and forth on her heels and stroking her sword above her arm as if playing the strings.

"Dawn Butterfly Cadenza."

A song, a melody, bursts into life, one fitting for the great Raiken himself. Yet, as beautiful as it is, the way it beats faster than her racing heart is overwhelming. The red strings, upon every pluck from Kisara's sword, chase after Shizuka at various angles and breakneck speeds. Should he touch one of these strings, he will be at Tasogare Musume's mercy, reducing his blows to mere swats. Kisara will also respond without hesitation - the moment he touches any of these strings, Kisara will swing her sword from where she stands, and so will Tasogare Musume. Kisara did not use her shikai's technique, Harmonic Dissonance, for a reason. If what he knows about her abilities is scarce, Kisara may have a chance to stun him yet.

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