[BSD-RP] The Valley of Screams


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It seems as if the times were flowing in a state of constant change. In preparation for an impending assault from the Arrancars. The Soul Society is in an era of transitioning. Now more than ever, powerful warriors are needed to step up to the forefront of the cause. The Gotei Thirteen as a whole, desperately searching for allies across the entire realm. Whether it be sneaky and deadly adversaries within the depths of the Rukongai, or simply the thousands of capable soldiers within their ranks. The Kenpachi Games had essentially served their purpose, the wave of inspiration and excitement flooded the Seireitei. New contenders for Captaincy were surging by the minute, and for the Raiken, Shizuka Hyouzoku. It was his time to take the mantle of a proctor, similar to his own proctor, Yū Nakamoto.

Potential Partner?

After branching away from 8th Division, with the reforging of his Zanpakuto. Shizuka was ready to settle down within Tenth Division, and resume his duties as a Shinigami. The amount of adrenaline pumping through his veins was criminal. For the first time in 9 months he felt…. complete. Re-communing with his own Zanpakuto, regaining access to his once broken Bankai. The times of dwelling on the past were over, now it was time to usher in a new era with-



Mid stride, Shizuka immediately perceived a signature instantaneously appear out of thin air. His immediate reaction, while concerned, seamlessly turned into nothing at all. For the signature was familiar, and gave off a sense of warmth and friendliness.


“Yoo, Captain Hyouzoku himself”

“Kojishi! What brings you here? I was on my way back to my division.”

Kojishi wastes no time, he digs inside of his shihakusho for a slew of papers. Handing the entire fold to Shizuka, as he stood there to watch him read. The Raiken scanned through every piece of paper, his interest piquing with each line. Burying his face within the photos and text that the papers encompassed, all to examine just exactly who this person was. As he finally lifted his face that was obscured from the papers, Kojishi would see a trail of blood trickling from the Captain’s nose. While he surprisingly still had a normal look upon on his face, upon wiping the blood away as if it never existed.

“Okay so question…”


what do you want me to do with this info?

Kojishi proceeded smack the Captain’s head with his fist, without worrying about his well-being

“Idiot! The Commander wants you to test her!”

“Ohhh yeah I read that somewhere in there. I’m sorry the photos distracted me somewhat.”

Shizuka began to soothe the side of his head Kojishi smacked, but also pondered deeper into the skills and capabilities of this Shinigami.

Kisara…. Reizei, hmmm, vying for 13th Division…”

“The Commander felt you were the best Shinigami to test this woman, with your tasks being similar and what not. It’s imperative you bring out everything you got, you’re one of the few ones who fought the Arrancars from 9 months ago and lived to tell the tale. The effort to help bolster the World of the Living, is essentially at your behest.”

“Yeah, I’ll make sure she won’t get off easy….

Let’s go.”

With Kojishi’s Shikai, Haruichiban (春一番; “First Storm of Spring). A tornado enveloped the Captain, twisting and distorting the space inside this veil of wind. All until the Captain didn’t remain, his body now existing with the Valley of Screams.



The same tornado that enveloped Shizuka within the Soul Society, appeared once more within the Valley of Screams. Now revealing the Captain’s entire 6”7’ frame, as he stood on one of the multiple fragmented platforms within the realm. Vast and wide enough to give off the sense of infinity, with crevasses so deep they could hide the world’s secrets within them. Shizuka waited patiently, for what he expected to be an amazing display of two Captain class combatants duking it out.




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The Valley of Screams. That was what the missive plainly stated with no room for error. Kisara had reread the contents of the manila folder over and over, unable to believe what she was seeing. Her request for Captaincy was approved. She has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show all that she can do and all she has learned.

She was careful not to tell anyone - she was afraid her ego would bloat over and she wouldn't be able to think clearly. All of her friends made in the 13th, though fleeting, have been nothing short of supportive. But support is not what she needs; only the cold, hard truth can tell her what her worth is. Is her drive enough? Is her motivation a strength, or is it foolishness? Does she have what it takes?

"... I promised I'd become something you could be proud of, jiji." That's right. She has found her purpose in the heart of the 13th Division, thrusting herself into a new world she has grown so fond of. She closes her eyes as the space before her splits, forming into a Senakaimon.

Your legacy will not die in the lonely, violent streets of the Rukongai. It lives with me.

"Watch me."

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Bright light spilled out of the Senkaimon, and out slips Kisara. Vanishing then reappearing a decent distance from Captain Shizuka Hyouzoku, she rises from her slight crouch, the drapes of her rice hat fluttering in the wind. Obscured, her eyes pin him down.

"Captain Hyouzoku, it's an honor."

There is no insincerity in her voice. The 13th Division would speak of him in awe, his journey to Captaincy inspiring. It's the near unattainable status that her division mates would murmur about when they tell each other stories about him that intrigued her, yet ... They would often remark that despite what he seems, he's kind. They never say it like it's a weakness. They say it like they're relieved - that something about him they can understand.

For Kisara, this is a fine opportunity for her to prove herself and learn.

He is the overseer of Naruki City. Their duties are the closest to each other. She's heard from hearsay how he's worked to tirelessly shape his division into one that deserves to take the mantle of protecting Naruki City. He, too, must understand the pressure of the frontlines - the frustration of every flaw, the undivided time one must give to guard.

That's as much as she can speculate about him, however. Kisara cannot be arrogant and assume she knows how his mind ticks. The song the vastness of his reiryoku sings is one of determination. The courage to keep forging ahead. The unmeasurable amount of strength in a storm...

Relaxing her stance, Kisara draws her blade. Out of habit, she twists it with a flick of her wrist, exhaling her nerves. Strange - her reiryoku screamed average. There was nothing about it that belies an even match with Captain Hyouzoku's strength. To outsiders, if there were any to watch this match, they would find Kisara at a huge disadvantage. Just who was she, really, in comparison to the behemoth of reputation that Captain Hyouzoku has gained for himself? A smartass from the 13th, probably. They would probably find her arrogant in the way she calmly smiles like she knows a secret someone doesn't.

Suddenly and all at once, her pulse of reiryoku fades. Silent and mute, a drowning nothingness. That's right - this was Kisara's specialty, her ability to seem painfully average then turning herself even lesser than that. To nothing but dust, difficult to track down. In an instant, Kisara had disappeared from her position. In less than a breath, she reappeared in front of him at breakneck speed, Zanpakutō drawn and lunging straight towards his heart.

Just kidding.

An afterimage, with a fair amount of her reiatsu left behind, split evenly with where Kisara truly appeared: behind him, blade racing for his heart.

She had made the first move.

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Standing within the realm of emptiness, Shizuka witnesses the blatant arrival of a Senkaimon. He turned around to stare at the blinding light that emanated from it. Expecting to see his challenger’s silhouette appear from the depths of this light. As he continued to stare he witnessed a figure emerge, an extremely small one in fact. With a signature rice hat adorned with a translucent curtain that draped down from the ends, completely obscuring her face and her body to a lesser degree. Immediately this figure vanished from the white light that preceded the Senkaimon and reappeared around 3 meters away from the Captain. Lifting up from her crouched position, the 13th Division prospect finally stood to reveal her figure in it’s entirety. The rice hat still shrouding the mystery that was this woman’s face, if Shizuka hadn’t been given extensive information about this woman beforehand he would definitely be intimidated to an extent. Still reveled in mystery, a soft voice extends from the woman.

"Captain Hyouzoku, it's an honor."

With this comment, he realized formalities such as that one were made from admiration. It still took the Raiken some time for him register he was more than the lowly 3rd Seat that hid within Higen’s shadow all of these years. To hear someone outside of his division, say it’s an honor to meet him. Didn’t lose it’s value one bit, but instead was relished in full. Shizuka knew he had a reputation to protect now, the haori draped upon his back exemplified this notion. He would make sure to not disappoint the ones who gave him this opportunity.

“And, it’s an honor to finally meet you Kisara Reizei.”

The tone of his voice came from one with equal respect, he wasn’t going to treat this like a run of the mill opponent. She was here for a reason, strength and abilities that were recognized by those observing her. It wouldn’t be fair to her if he didn’t pull out his staple tricks during this bout.

Let’s Begin

As the words parted from his lips, his right hand reached behind his back. Relinquishing his Zanpakuto from it’s tsuba, the motion of him drawing his blade was a blur within itself. If his opponent was playing close attention, she would see the blade instantly coat itself in a veil of blue reiatsu, before changing it’s shape as he pulled out the blade. Shizuka, being a master of the second release. It would only be natural for him to be able to not only forego it’s release phrase, but to activate it’s next form within an instant. Shizuka upon drawing his blade, would let the Zanpakuto hang low from his right side. His grip still firmly upon the handle, he would let his opponent analyze the components of his Zanpakuto, as it’s length almost touched the ground itself even factoring his 6”7’ frame. The hollowed out blade, with pure refined energy pulsating through the middle, bouncing back and forth like an unstable current. The heat it emanates unlike before, while insanely hotter than it’s former version. The heat stays within the steel itself, giving off the impression that the presence of it’s vehemence is nonexistent.


The Captain of Tenth Division, given zero time to even analyze his opponent, is immediately blitzed by the prospect. Her shunpo capabilities showing itself within the efficiency of her movement, Shizuka witnesses the crafty woman reappear directly in front of him. Her blade aimed straight towards his heart.

She’s quick


While Shizuka was in shock from the speed she displayed, it didn’t deter his reaction time. As fast as she was, she would be wary to underestimate the Raiken himself when it came to the topic of speed. His lightning-reflexes aiding him in not only his natural speed, but also his reaction time. He immediately noticed the hazy image of the woman, mistaking it for her outstanding speed he simply responded to what he was seeing and not what he had sensed.

“Raimei Yōshiki”(雷鳴様式 , Thunder Style; Thunder Stance)

Shizuka’s Zanpakuto’s barely moved, but simply tapped the ground with a minimal movement of his wrist, in response to Kisara’s reappearance. Immediately, and simultaneous with a deafening thunderclap, she would feel a surge of energy corrode her entire body. Her movements stifled, and repelled, as a shockwave of teal energy would engulf her small frame entirely in an all encompassing sphere. Even if she mustered the strength to fight back against this shockwave, she would find herself naturally launched back regardless from an invisible magnetic force repelling her advances. The force being significant enough to knock her off balance and make her skid several meters into the ground away from the Captain. With Shizuka’s now refined control over this ability, allowing him to regulate the level of destruction he can cause with this stance. The mere ground beneath and around him, would simply cave in and erode as the shockwave expanded. Only going so far as approximately 10 feet away from him. The Captain making sure to limit it’s efficacy, to not completely discombobulate his opponent…… just yet.

To his surprise though, this wouldn’t happen to the Kisara that was in front of him.



It seems as if Shizuka had undoubtedly mistaken her true speed. The already hazy image of the woman dissipating into nothingness with the release of Raimei Yoshiki. He would instinctively turn on his senses to the real Kisara that was behind him the entire time. Planning to match attacks with her apparition, to give validity to the feint.


Sadly, Kisara, along with her apparition would still suffer the same fate. As she was still mid-strike even while behind him. Shizuka’s Zanpakuto exploding as an omni-directional expulsion, would’ve struck regardless if she was in front of him or behind of him. It seemed she possessed the ability to leave fragments of her reiatsu within her afterimages. Similar to a a bevy of insanely skilled members of the Omnitsukido. From this point, even though Shizuka got lucky from his own choice, he would be extra cautious when it came to her speed again.

Finally Revealed

As Kisara was launched backed by the deadly repulsion, so did the same for the rice hat that she wore. Launched relentlessly into the clouded blue skies of the Valley. It finally fully revealed what he had only seen through a file, but surprisingly the pictures couldn’t do the woman her true justice. Even as he she was covered with remnants of dust, it still didn’t completely cover the pristine snow-white hair that flowed gracefully. Coupled with the significant prominence of her blood red eyes. Truly a magnificent being, enough to even freeze up the Captain himself in awe of her beauty. To his dismay though, the task at hand still remained. While her first attack was impressive, the Raiken wasn’t satisfied. Not one bit…

“An honor to meet me? I truly can’t tell!”

Shizuka finally lifts his Zanpakuto upwards and aims it towards 13th Division prospect. Coupled with a devilish grin on his face.

“Show me why you should protect the World of the Living!

“Kakii Yōshiki!” (活気様式, Energy Style; Energy Stance)


Kisara would only hear these words as a warning, no time to process why there would be one hundred volatile lasers of refined energy all tracked towards her current position. All of them fired at a speed of lightning surpassing itself, the sheer amount of them would all close in on her, in a ridiculously wide range almost covering every possible avenue of escape for the small area they were encompassing. Each laser individually would incinerate and dismember Kisara’s body with ease, mowing straight through her as if she never existed. All of them together, would leave no remnants of the shinigami. Let alone the battleground they stood on as it would combust and explode into nothingness as soon as they all made contact with the ground itself.

Shizuka albeit wanting to spare his target, he had to make sure this being was a capable soldier in general. Being a Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads would require it from her. DEMAND it from her. Today would undoubtedly be the day where Kisara would prove herself as a Captain class combatant or a failure.



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I expected this.

I expected such strength, and yet . . .

"An honor to meet me? I truly can't tell!"

There's no time to think or breathe. Blown back by such destructive force, Kisara refuses to let her mind slow. With the little timeframe she was given to work with, she immediately repositions her body in the air, flipping herself around so that she can find purchase within the sands.

"Show me why you should protect the World of the Living! Kakii Yōshiki!"

His reiatsu. It's everywhere yet pinpointing itself in one condensed beam of energy - flashing so brightly, a streak of light in the dark... It's lightning. The Raiken, they called him. Light that dares to touch the ground from heaven above, it's nothing short of breathtaking. Yet, Kisara has no time to admire his power as lasers of condensed energy race towards her at all possible angles.

Kisara stood no chance. Suddenly and all at once, her reiryoku would silence itself into nothing, and the sound of her pained cries ring in the air as the streaks of light pierce through her... "I knew it," her voice trembled like a leaf, utterly weak in the face of a storm. "I could never..."


As if.


... Her sleeves are the only remnants of what Kaki Yōshiki truly destroyed, more pieces than a whole. The singed, utterly destroyed fabric drift to the ground as dozens of speed clones blip into existence. All of them share her reiatsu, nigh impossible to track and figure out which one is the real Kisara. She could be seen smiling, as if amused by her little act, wondering if he fell for it. But no. She will not sully Captain Hyouzoku's time with mere parlor tricks.

"As you wish," she obliges, pushing off her position and launching at him at a breakneck speed. A strike from above, smashing against his sword with no mercy. Her goal is to force him on the defensive through her offensive tactics rely purely on the overwhelming, vast reach and area of her Zanpakutō. She's nothing short of fast, parrying and lunging her blade without giving him time to breathe. But that's not all.

While her blade remains crossed with his, she does something strange: she lifts her finger to her smile like she's asking him to be quiet.

"Silence their song: Tasogare Musume."

Should he stay to feel the barrage of her attacks, he would find that his sword swings no longer resonate with him as they used to: would he question where the strength had gone as if the power had been sapped from his very core? Her strikes suddenly feel so inordinate, like she's pushing him to the edge. Any moment in her ruthless strikes, she could easily parry his blade and lunge her sword right through him and show him what he so asked for. But no. Never in a million years would Kisara underestimate her opponent.

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As the volley of lasers headed towards their mark, the only thing rummaging through Shizuka’s mind was the thought some restraint. No, he didn’t want to completely annihilate his combatant, but he knew he needed to be extreme to an extent. If they weren’t going to see this attack from him, they’ll see it when the Arrancar attack again. If they don’t see it from them, they’ll see it when they come across an indomitable Quincy. It was Shizuka’s job to replicate this danger, and he only knew one way to do it. Trial by fire….



As the laser converge, Shizuka stares on. Looking at the potential movement Kisara could make. Just witnessing her standing still, seemingly in shock from the spectacle as a whole.

Okay…. Do something come on!

Shizuka was ready to counteract his own attack, to prevent her complete decimation, but it was too late. The streams of energy running through her frame seamlessly. The body rapidly being pierced, holes appearing around her body like a disease. This was over…..

“I knew it……

I could never”


Another one bites the dust….yikes.

As the explosion from his Shikai subsides, Shizuka immediately senses Kisara’s reiatsu once more. All separated, all equal, it’s as if she’s everywhere at once. Shizuka looks around himself to see dozens of the 13th Division prospect. Each of them missing sleeves from their shihakusho, which wasn’t apparent from before. Shizuka immediately knew this was the usage of Utsutsemi, a technique he got to witness twice against a resident master of Hohō.

It was apparent she used her shihakusho as a catalyst for her reappearing. Not only that, she immediately followed up with an even displacement of her reiatsu with another masterful Hohō technique. Kisara seemed determined to express her mastery in the arts, and probably wouldn’t let up until she was put down. While Shizuka was colored impressed, he prepared for the eventual assault they would all enact soon. All the clones rushing him at the same, the force of her launch fragmented the ground beneath her. Shizuka knew he’d be gambling trying to find the real one, luckily his Zanpakuto gave him an easy choice for his decision.

“Kakii Yoshiki”

Shizuka simmered down his reiryoku, controlling it to a masterful extent. He didn’t need power here, just volume. By simply pointing his blade in different directions, he lined up his Zanpakuto to each apparition and proceeded to a fire a thinner laser one at a time. Each of them piercing through the clones effectively. With the sheer amount of them though, there were still more remaining. He’d be firing endlessly in different directions, he needed to clear out.


Shizuka pointed his free hand to the ground, and a puff of red smoke enveloped him entirely. As the rest of the speed clones all converged on his previous area, they would find that their sword strikes would hit nothing. For the real Shizuka, diminishing his own reiatsu would’ve jumped into the sky immediately after casting the spell. He was sure that the real Kisara would eventually reveal herself soon, and he wasn’t disappointed. Immediately sensing one more signature, he looked upwards to see another Kisara even higher than he was, rushing down towards him with her Zanpakuto. He didn’t hesitate to react, his lightning-senses allow him to respond and react to such an assault. He immediately let out his blade as a response to her strike. The force of her downwards assault, reversing Shizuka’s ascent upwards.

”As you wish….."Silence their song: Tasogare Musume."

“This is what I want!”

Shizuka would soon regret his words as he is sent plummeting back into the earth from Kisara’s Shikai. The force of their landing clearing away the smoke of the Senkeiton. Shizuka could be seen standing, struggling to hold his blade against a Kisara that’s persisting her strike.

So this must be the one of the aspects of her Zanpakuto. It doesn’t feel like my strength is sapped or anything, I feel fine. What is going on here?

The file couldn’t completely understand or comprehend the ability, Shizuka knew it was something he would have to see for himself. This unique power, based on the confines of music itself. It was truly intriguing….

As Shizuka kept his guard up against a recurring assault, he couldn’t help but noticed he was being pushed back. Being a Zanjutsu master himself he was trying his best to deflect Kisara’s Zanpakuto strikes. Every swing he generated his full power to fight back, only for it to mean nothing when it met against her blade. His own strikes being batted away like a fly, she continuously kept cutting away. Soon as she was striking his flesh, his chest, his arms, and his face started to generate shallow cuts on them. It was evident that in a sword battle, with this ability, he couldn’t hope to keep up. As the Captain began to leak blood from all of these cuts, he stood strong. As Kisara drove her blade directly into him, he shifted his body at last minute. To make sure the stab didn’t pierce any vital organs directly. She had got what she wanted, a key strike upon the Captain himself. This experience would be truly gratifying for her. As the Captain’s mouth leaked with blood, all he could do was smile. For the Captain-hopeful it would come off as offputting, why would he be smiling when his back is against the wall? She would soon recognize why, but for her, it would be too late. As the blade was lodged within his flesh, he grabbed the woman’s wrist. Making sure that even if she did try to pull away at the last minute, his hand would still be attached to her body no matter. He would simply utter out a phrase that would strike fear into the heart of any shinigami.


If Kisara failed to react immediately to this spectacle she would be pierced by the six columns of light, all capturing her midsection. She would feel complete paralysis around her entire body, unable to move a muscle as long as the light pierced her. If she did eventually get caught, Shizuka would remove her blade from his stomach, and stumble back a little in awe. Being a disciple of the Commander himself and being through fierce battles. A mere Zanpakuto stabbing him would be trivial, but the fact that someone of her caliber was able to pull this off. Still all in all was impressive. He stared at the woman entrapped within the spell and spoke softly…..

“Impressive but, I think I take the cake here.”