[BSD-RP] The Valley of Screams




Perception versus Perspective

The separation between the two often inconsequential, the line dividing them blurred, distorted..nearly invisible. How many years, how many centuries has Eizoku lived alone, isolated in a world displaced from time? Training by his lonesome to hone his abilities as a shinigami, to tighten the bond between him and his zanpakuto. With his shikai one may imagine the world around him to be dull and grey, his perception of the world slowed down to a crawl, his mind constantly racing. Perhaps without even knowing it, the young soul had become an island unto himself…

Stepping out from the Senkaimon, Eizoku stands as he often does, within his world where he alone reigns supreme. With his shikai active, as a master of time everyone else in his eyes were mere insects. He could see anything, everything and because of this, hubris had been born. The man was proud, confident, arrogant in his powers for who alive could contest the powers of time? Yet, such has happened, twice within his lifetime. One by way of the strange Vasto Lorde he had faced within the Dangai, the other by way of his Captain, both times shattering his perception of himself and his abilities. Yet the timekeeper persists, he retrains himself, and reforges his faith in himself and his abilities once again. There wouldn’t be a third time..there couldn’t be a third time. Knowing of his proctor's reputation it only made sense that he would seek to weigh down his steps, if even only by way of altered perception.

Out onto the valley, standing elevated in the air grants him an aerial perspective, and from that perspective with his shikai active he perceives his proctors movements. An altered perception serves as kindling to the flames of confidence burning inside the testee. He assesses the situation and boldly moves to execute his plan. Making use of his second blade to accelerate his movements, he propels himself forward moves to intercept his proctor’s trap, cut himself, repurpose the trap laid out for him, cast his kido while also severing the arm of the speed born double. By now what should be transpiring is the ignition of the wires along with the forceful transportation of the Phantom. As expected, as always everything was going his way, according to his plan and his design.

Until it didn’t

Lilac flames, as beautiful as they were deadly temporarily tint the surrounding valley in its royal glow. The sound of swooshing is partially lost from the roaring of the kidō born flames, wires whipping about frantically as though they had been given life and were thrashing in torment, in agony from being consumed in these demonic flames. The heat rises creating a haze that distorts the air, and despite being incredibly short lived, it is a scene sure to be long lasting in the eyes of any who might bear witness to its birth. Yet something is missing from the equation, that something is...Kyomu. It is a realization that is aligned with the feeling of a portion of space within Eizoku's domain being removed, the distorted world briefly aligning itself within the eyes of the young warrior. A silent and seemingly unmoving Kyomu viewable perhaps over a hundred meters in the air, and perhaps over half that distance up ahead. Genzoken can be seen resting within his presumed dominant hand, the scene of his haori swaying in the air.​

Eizoku had taken what he believed to be the proper precautions against his opponent, consider everything during his trek towards this condemned valley of bloodshed. It's unfortunate that his shikai 一 when active creates a domain around him. It is this very same domain which the Captain hopeful relies on, that simultaneously betrays him. Surrounding him in an expanded field, while true it does slow down its master's perception of the world considerably with one blade and accelerates his own movements with the other, it also guarantees that the domain’s reiatsu ensures that Eizoku will always be felt well before he himself is ever actually present.

Overconfidence in his abilities over time has caused the shinigami to, as always, believe what he perceives and what he does and will do to be absolute. Eizoku perceives that he has been behind his proctor this whole time, and in this he is correct...though not in the manner he would think. When the would be Captain steps out into the valley, with his shikai active, with his position a hundred meters out and up he is afforded a rather generous and unique perspective; one where he has an aerial view from that stance, and one where the world around him has been diluted. This vantage point allows him to spot his proctor whom he cannot sense and cannot hear. While limited to only sight for the moment, especially given the distance between them, he perceives that alone would be enough, Kuronosu drastically slowing down the movements of the man heralded as the Seireitei's fastest. Studying the Captain's decelerated movements, he takes little time to conjure up a stratagem of sorts, and takes even less time to execute it. Exploiting the other blade in his hand to augment his every act, he propels himself into action.

He sees the movements of Kyomu that, to a layman appear harmless, perhaps inconsequential but when slowing everything down he is able to see what perhaps no other person might be able to 一 the sight of Kyomu casually flicking an anken here and there while seemingly walking. Following the movements of the anken as he continues to step while physically accelerated with decelerated perception he catches hints of the wires tracing back and forth between the canyons. The Chronomancer takes further advantage of his altered state, moves to intercept the trap strewn for him, carefully cutting himself and even more carefully lacing the wires with his blood, casting Rikujōkōrō to bind the man while also conjuring orbs of arc, casting Haien to ignite the wires with his blood, while also setting up his own array to act as the medium for Sentan Hakuja, and slashing through the arm of the proctor.

Regrettable that the young warrior would overplay his hand so, perhaps what is even more regrettable is the powers of Kuronosu that he has become overly assured of. With all that he has planned, and all that he has perhaps considered, what he may not have considered is how his own preemptive release could perhaps signal his arrival to the Captain, and concurrently the start of the test. Kuronosu's domain that constantly encapsulates its master in its temporal bubble announces Eizoku's arrival before Eizoku himself physically appears, allowing Kyomu to both discern his point of arrival, set his array with the casual flick of his wrists and displace himself through the valley floor 一 all at a pace that from an observers perspective appeared slow, yet was fast enough to outpace his very image causing it to dawdle behind the path of the man himself in the form of a tangible double. What this implies is, that from the point Eizoku had stepped foot into the valley, and gazed down to see the man, the actual Kyomu was already transposed outside his point of vantage. What this further meant was, that the actions Eizoku had viewed were those of the echos telling him what had already happened, and though it allowed him to locate the trap set for him, remained ultimately inconsequential to Kyomu who was not overly reliant on it to begin with. As a professional, the Captain takes into account the potential for things to go wrong, and thus never places all his eggs in one basket, never becomes overly confident or assured in his success, only ever assured after the job is done, and the corpse confirmed. While he may not be able to kill his examinees, he maintains that same sense of professionalism during the performance of his duties.

Eizoku's feints had been largely predicated on his proctor actually paying them any mind, on them being viewed, ensuring they were focused on the afterimages but what did it matter to the man who was not in a position to face them to begin with? Eizoku believed he had been playing the role of observer, he'd perhaps be surprised to learn, it was, as it had always been..the reverse.

Within his temporal bubble, the moment he had observed the suspended Captain watching him impassively, he'd also note the gradual propagation of dusky pink smoke in front of the man, a man who seemed to be splitting into two as though by way of mitosis. Thanks to Kuronosu he is afforded the time to witness the swelling of the sporadic veil as it consumes both the image of the men and the surrounding space. There is much for the former third seat to consider in his next steps. He knows that with his zanpakuto actions are viewed much slower in his eyes and his limited proficiency in the art of Hohō are greatly augmented, but by now he also may come to realize that Kuronosu will physically slow down whoever and whatever finds itself breaching its borders, but the reverse also meant that so long as his opponent remained outside of that area of control their own movements would be unhindered. He was facing a master assassin with his shikai's domain telegraphing his every move, his every position while the man in question was in turn telegraphing...nothing, with the ability to stay outside of that sphere of influence. Young Yugameru was for the moment, completely reliant on being able to perceive Kyomu's actions that had been slowed for him, so...what would he do if he couldn't perceive them? This is perhaps his proctor's line of thinking and the reason for the use of what one can believe to be the Phantom's favored spell in his limited repertoire of kido.

The smoke churns and billows, an almost palpable deluge seemingly befalling both the Valley, and Eizoku as well, born from nothing and anchored to nothing. In shikai, Eizoku believed himself to be placed on the same playing field as other prominent shunpo masters. While perhaps equal to his estranged former Lieutenant Arashi Suta...how did he fair against the Seireitei's Phantom? Yes, he has been lagging behind this entire time. Mentally he perceived himself multiple steps ahead which has as a result physically placed him multiple steps behind. There was still a chance though. True his shikai that he believed placed him in an advantage placed him at a disadvantage against his proctor so long as he remained outside of its physical influence and could easily pace and place himself strategically to remain outside of his domain, if the Captain truly wanted to make any leeway, it also meant at some point he would be forced to close the gap between them.

'When your enemy is certain you cannot act, victory is within your reach.'

Since the start of the match, Eizoku has been certain that he could see everything, that there was nothing the Captain could do that would elude his temporal powers, his vision, or his blade...his schemes. It is that certainty that will lead to his demise if he chooses to cling to it.


Like Quote


Those subjectively peering in from the outside, seeking to grasp a definitive understanding of the bond between a Shinigami and their Zanpakto, would inevitably fail to grasp the true relationship between the two. Regardless of how wise, experienced, or seasoned they indeed were or had presumed themselves to be - it had been a personable relationship beyond the scope of their understanding. Beyond anyone except the pairing in question. The presumption of solitude and isolation by means of an innate ability had been both correct and incorrect. What one could assume to be a lonely and isolated existence, could in fact be the exact opposite in the mind of the wielder. The Chronomamncer's ability to manipulate and maximize the utilization of time itself, had realistically only brought him that much closer to the environment which falls under his subjection. It afforded him a prolonged analysis of everything, the capabilities of capturing, taking in, and analyzing - everything. And although on a figurative island as he may be, he was anything but detached and isolated - if anything he was more in tune than ever.

What one may view as an overbearing reliance upon the innate abilities bestowed unto them, they could just as easily argue that every Shinigami in their own right had their crux. Reliance on speed, raw power, Reiatsu, Kido, Hakuda, modified equipment - it had all essentially been one in the same when looked upon from equal terms. As long as the output from the said reliance was effective and efficient, did it really truly matter how often it was utilized? Even the most well rounded and versatile of Shinigami hold a bias for a particular fighting style or art that they inherently lean to and rely upon to a fault. From a briefing, it would certainly make sense for observers to come to the inaccurate conclusion that Eizoku's strength lied solely in the convenience and functionality of the rare ability allotted to him by means of his blade. In fact, they wouldn't be completely wrong - however, they would indeed would not be entirely correct either. The former Third Seat's true strength, lied primarily within his own intellect more so than anything else. The ability to consistently take in, process, analyze, and utilize data - formulating myriads of strategies, tactics, counters, and contingencies. The ability to take in anything and everything, and forge something effective, efficient - purposeful. It had been a talent even more rare than the ability of his blade alone.

The man hadn't been arrogant, he was calculated. He hadn't been bolstered in sheer confidence, but rather supported and protected by a multitude of contingencies. He hadn't been condescending because of the basis of his abilities, but rather looked his opposition eye to eye and forced a leveling, before strategically elevating himself. Should anything straying away from this line of thought occur in the minds of anyone observing him, it would be due to their own hubris and misunderstanding of Eizoku as a whole. And should one believe he has ever overplayed his hand - they too would still prove to be wrong.

The reality of the situation had simply been that, Eizoku had only utilized a handful of rather basic spells from his comparatively extensive and complex arsenal. Because of this, he hadn’t exactly over-exerted nor fatigued himself or his reserves as of yet, nor had anything he utilized been in vain. His actions were never without purpose, and his battle style never revolved around wasteful casting or overpowering grandiose displays of power without cause.​

From Kyomu’s perspective, he perhaps would have become assured in the midst of his observation, that the Dreadhead’s attacks had been targeting him specifically. So much so, that he would completely miss the elephant in the room. Each and every last spell Eizoku had utilized, lacked any intention of direct physical affliction or harm towards Kyomu. In fact, had the proctor truly been discerning as he looked down from the presumed safety of his own vantage-point, he would have noticed that he had in fact had not been the direct target of any of the spells that had been put into play. Even the feinted binding and "severing" of the man's arm in itself had been nothing more than a distraction to detract from the underlying strategy he had formulated. His actual avoidance, or attempt, if anything, had played right into the hands of Eizoku inadvertently.

A failure of avoidance, coupled with a Miscalculation of both "perception and perspective" had ironically occurred on the end of the Phantasmic tactician - distance. (The man had simply stated to be around the hundred meter. marking, yet failed to take note of himself being outside of the range of Eizoku's utilized spell.) Surely the two would bring about the undoing of the specter and all his much deserved glory. Upon his advent above Eizoku, Kyomu would certainly be taken aback as he experiences a series of two debilitating simultaneous strikes. The series of Deltoid muscles upon both his right and left side would find themselves cleaved in two, while another glances by his throat, leaving a shallow cut as it unsuccessfully passes by without making full intended contact. But...how? There certainly hadn’t been any arcs of light traveling or visibly moving, how could he have possibly been made subject to these lingering strikes? Eizoku was well aware that the proctor had been briefed on his fights and encounters prior to his own arrival, so certainly he would take into account of a strategy that the man was known to utilize multiple times. Forceful sleep induction by means of a natural light source to enhance both its range and effects. Eizoku had purposely feinted and hinted at this strategy by reflecting natural sunlight at a particular angle that illuminated the arcs not because of an enchantment, but rather...simply a brief lingering reflection - some held longer than others to grant the impression of stagnation.

His attempt of avoidance by means of watching over the unfolding events also fell short by taking his stance near the hundred meter mark within the sky, and fifty more meters ahead. However, both would fall significantly short of escaping, still placing him well within the established range of the omni-directional 200 meter marking of the Yugameru's previously established setup. He would find himself still forcefully transported to the desired location of Eizoku's original design, the man's blade still pointing downward as his previously intended actions were carried out, leaving Kyomu in the wake of his own ascending strike. Yet, it hadn't ended here. A sudden, yet drastic force of what felt like a burst of intensified gravity would begin dragging everything forcefully downward towards the barren terrain of the Valley floors once more - his transported after image included. What should have been the valley floor, had now turned something akin to a thin pooling lagoon of blue below. By utilization of the residual energy within the atmosphere from his previous spells, Eizoku had now created a thin veil with the color of darkened cobalt, that expanded 500 meters across the landscape below with himself as the epicenter. The culmination of his previously utilized spells granted an extended range for him to do so.

"Zanryū Puru"*

With the full force of the gravitational like pull in action, the Specter would likely attempt to regain his footing and avoid his own strike- to no avail. He would find his body locked in place, completely paralyzed, as he had fallen subject to another of Eizoku's underlying strategies.* Captain Mukuro would certainly be shocked as he by now would have come to the realization that the ominous red aura that licked the entirety of the area, had in fact been the modified utilization of Geki. A sudden wave of fatigue seeming to overtake the Chronomancer at this point from the consistent casting at irregular magnitudes, quickly seeming to fade as the grasp around his right blade tightens once more. How would the Captain react as he was paralyzed and forcibly pulled downward at neck-breaking speeds towards his own strikes, and quite possibly the series of other lingering strikes of Eizoku's doing, that now riddled the field?

The once crimson skies had now suddenly forcefully been flushed and dyed in an overcoat of blue. All lingering colors that once painted their pallets on the sky's canvas, suddenly were overpowered and drowned in a sea of azure. Flickering hues of purple fighting to surface to no avail before being submerged and completely immersed in the deluge.​


The wielder of an ability is more aware of their own weakness than anyone else. Eizoku as a tactician and strategist had been no exception. He was beyond aware of the weakness within his own abilities more so than anyone else, and had turned these weaknesses into strengths – he had already adapted, and would continue to do so. It was because of this flaw in his ability that he neglected to attempt a concealing of his own Reiatsu. The man was far from infallible, leagues from perfect, and riddled with imperfections, yet he continuously persisted onward with his mind as his greatest weapon. His fighting style did more than enough to cover over his own failings. When presented with the staggered odds of being a sitting target and facing an opponent masking their own presence, the best chances of success stem from controlling the battlefield by utilization of Area of Effect spells.

Eizoku was aware of his weaknesses and limitations, but had Kyomu also been aware of his? Did he possess any? Perhaps the same overconfidence that Eizoku presumably boasted, had not been too far off from that of Kyomu in himself. The flow of time is an incorporeal aspect and an absolute law, whether in the World of the Living, the Seireitei, or Hueco Mundo. Even gods of death like the Soul Reapers follow it naturally. None are immune to its influence. Had he not realized both he and everyone else had already been subjected to the effects of time at any and every given moment of their existence regardless of their abilities? His techniques from the moment of their inception had been made subject to the undeniable and inescapable clutches of time. Why did he presume he had the ability to overpower and render it useless? The domain under Eizoku’s influence is not simply some artificial dome of self-created perceptional lagging, but rather the manipulation and altering of time itself. Eizoku's domain flows in tandem with the constant flow of time, and just as one would already be subject to one form, it would without exception be subject to his. Space cannot exist without time, and time cannot exist without space. They are one in the same - inextricably linked. What exactly however, did this mean for Kyomu's form of intempted invasion of Eizoku's domain of time?​





Today has been one of courage, confidence, and strength. Eizoku has served under Tenzen as his third seat for so long, yet it is the feeling of betrayal from his squadmates that has given him the courage to step from beyond his Captain's shadow in order to attempt to stand beside him as an equal, rather behind him as his subordinate. While always assured in his mind and his abilities as a shinigami, it is only once the burning flames of courage have been fanned, that his confidence in his ability to declare himself ready to bear the burden of Captaincy, confidence that says he was fully able and capable of accepting, claiming and filling the role of one of the Seireitei's strongest.

So..what of strength?

Ironic or..was it perhaps fate, that the man of time would time and time again overcome adversity, coming out stronger than when he had faced the trial. When facing the mysterious hollow within the Dangai, the lonesome Eizoku boldly faced the threat, brandishing his blade in the name and defense of the Soul Society only to be flung through time. Consumed through the bowels of time, it is a fate that more often than not, damned those forced into such a journey, yet Eizoku survives not only one trip..but two, being flung backwards through time, then yanked back forward. He resumed his battle against the enemy he had resolved to stop..yet he failed. It is a failure that plagued him, perhaps moreso than the century of time he had lost in his absence. The proud man of time once more is faced with another hurdle, a seemingly insurmountable wall in the form of his Captain. A group spar where he and his peers should have held an advantage, Eizoku learns not only of their short comings as a team, but..his own individual ones as well. Again, Eizoku rises in the face of failure, defeat. As expected...it was bitter to the taste, a feeling he had no desire to grow accustomed to.


He had shown strength of character in his ability to constantly rise up regardless of how many hurdles he may have tripped over, and today he has shown his strength in utilizing Kuronosu to support and supplement not only his shortcomings, but his strength as well 一 yes, he has shown strength...but it is not the strength of a Captain.

Eizoku's zanpakuto is a unique one 一 through it, the Captain hopeful lives in an eternity birthed from the slowing of mere seconds...yet, every one of those seconds, every moment is simultaneously brief...fleeting, ephemeral.

"That's enough."

An anchorless voice travels through the valley as if the cavern walls themselves spoke in the Phantom's stead, serving as his mouthpiece, his voice. Of course, such a thing was impossible. If the Captain was speaking however, this meant he wasn't paralyzed. Eizoku was indisputably a master of his craft, and sure enough his tenure and perhaps tutelage under his Captain is prevalent by way of casting as many kido as he had and further by repurposing a spell to catch his quarry. It is a cleverness worthy of praise..it is unfortunately not enough to subdue the elusive ghost-like Captain. Perhaps it was due to the tweaking and alteration of the spell, violating it in order to seemingly and hopefully expand its reach. Perhaps it was the fact it was not only one of the weaker tiered binding spells, but a bastardized one to boot, and maybe it was the Phantom's ensemble, used to not only insulate his own reiatsu, but to ward against foreign spiritual power as well diminishing and exhausting its power and thus its effectiveness against him. Or...maybe it was a little bit of all these things combined, perhaps only Kyomu himself knew the answer.

The Murky Pink cloud continues to linger skyward, an aberration in the sky, especially when compared to the typical white clouds that floated aimlessly in the air. There is a brilliant white light, blinding as it casts its glow on the valley floor, appearing behind where Eizoku had been while occupying the ground to attack and intercept his proctor. Even without glancing towards the light, the Chronomancer would perhaps be able to infer what it was.

A Senkaimon

It was the passageway home which meant, the test, his chance to step from under his former Captain who had helped to train and guide him and over his former Lieutenant who had abandoned and ostracized him was over...gone. It couldn't be over already, how much time had passed? A foolish question, with his internal clock, Eizoku was fully aware that not much time had passed since his arrival in the valley and the start of his strategy to overwhelm, outsmart and out maneuver his Proctor. So...why was he ending it?

In the brief time the two have had together in this realm of grey and lifelessness, Eizoku has displayed both many things...and, nothing at all. At least, nothing warranting further observation, not in the eyes of the Phantom. In the brief time allotted to him to observe his examinee, Kyomu has concluded that while Eizoku holds a powerful zanpakuto and masterful control over it, so much so that perhaps if it wasn't him, another may very well find themselves staining the cool edges of Kuronosu, another thing is telegraphed to the man, and it is the recklessness of the Temporal Master. Eizoku moved like a man in a hurry to get somewhere, a place he already perceived himself to be. He believes Eizoku to be a strategist but, he is one who loses himself in his own head, his own thoughts and strategies. He overtaxes his mind, his body, and his spirit, steps hastily and ultimately taking him...


It is clear Eizoku is trapped in a figurative loop, the man of time a master of it yet bound by it too. Perhaps even now he thinks, plots, schemes and plans, single instantaneous moment, stretched and extended towards forever. It is a rather lonely and cold cycle and it is unfortunate that Kyomu has neither the time nor the patience to join him on such a journey. There are things to do. As the oddly colored plume begins to fade, the Kyomu twins still lingering in the air, the ends of a white haori can be seen sliding behind the open shoji doors of the Senkaimon.

Perhaps, Eizoku's clock may move forward after this, one tick at a time, one second, one minute, one day at a time as the Courageous, Confident, and Strong Shinigami endures and will undoubtedly overcome yet another hurdle that has presented itself before him.






The sound of an accelarated heartbeat could be heard perpetuating near the resting quarters of 1st Division Barracks. In the elusive private quarters that were only sanctioned for special usage, Shizuka could be seen sitting down on a plushed igusa sofa. The only thing covering his skin would be the pristine white towel that wrapped around his waist. His caramel complexion, glistening with steaming droplets of water. Some of the water dripping onto the wooden floor, as his head was hanging low. Facing the floor in what seemed to be an anguished look from afar. It had only been a month since the events in Naruki City transpired. Which would also make it a month since the Lieutenant was subject to an unwilling Hollowfication. With the threat of his control becoming a deep concern for most in his division and the Captain Commander Higen himself. The Vice-Captain was forced to relinquish himself from his normal patrolling duties, and reside within 1st Division until further notice. What would be the 1st few days of this new journey of his, would be an unrealistic adjustment. With today, his afternoon ended with an Ikkotsu powerful enough to not only destroy the entire Commander’s quarters, but also one that caved his chest in to the point where it almost caused him to perish from a lack of air able to flow into his lungs. His body now overcompensating after his recovery, with his heart beating loudly. Working harder to replace the lack of organs he temporarily lacked.

While this moment truly wasn’t the highlight of his day, he overall was just grateful that his day was coming to an end. Nothing at all was planned, he could focus on trying to mend his fractured spirit within himself, and re-attempt to commune with his Zanpakuto whose Bankai was permanently fractured.



“Who’s there?”

Shizuka’s lightning intuition coming into effect, even while he was off guard. Only taking a quick glance to discern who the person was infiltrating was. Lowering his guard just as quickly as he raised it, once he found out who it was.


“What’s going on Shizuka.”


“Ahh, Kojishi. What’s good”

His demeanor returning to normal, Shizuka was all too familiar with 1st Division’s wind waker. As he guided Shizuka through this entire acclimation process, acting as a guide to the young Vice Captain.

“Nothing much bro, just wanted to give you some info. Along with telling you, that we all heard what happened earlier.”

Bursting out into a laugh as he saw the smile on Shizuka’s face turn into a frown of disinterest. With Shizuka, Kojishi felt as if he could lay back on his serious tones. With the Kenpachi Games riding on the immaculate ability of his Zanpakuto, he was subject to serious overtones for weeks on end. Memorizing and perfecting his ability to ensure there was a swift transition.

“The way that man beats on you, you would think your name is Haruki… HAHAHAHA”

SHEESH he just fried you, HAHAHAHAHA

Def’ writing that down




“What’s the news you want to tell me”

Kojishi, fake wiping the tear from his eyes, regained his composure. As the news he was about to convey was actually something serious. Reaching into his hakama, he pulled out a letter. Extending it towards the Lieutenant. Shizuka didn’t hesistate to snatch the letter from Kojishi. Using a small application of reiatsu to singe straight through the letter with his finger. Opening the envelope up, to read it in it’s entirety. As he glossed down the contents, his face had become even more confused. Almost questioning the validity of the letter, but he couldn’t dispute it. He couldn’t keep running from the inevitability of responsibility. As he scrolled down even more, he reminisced on his days in 10th Division. Starting off as a 5th Seat, eventually gaining more renown as a 3rd Seat. With his feats as a 3rd Seat it further elevated him to become Lieutenant. Now, the pieces were put into place. Becoming a Captain was the only logical step for his trajectory. In the past he would’ve ran away from this opportunity, but hundreds of years later. Shizuka realizes he wants to become the new Captain of 10th Division. Kojishi seeing the smirk that made it’s presence known on Shizuka’s face, he could do nothing but smirk himself.

“I’ll be waiting outside. Come out when you’re ready.”


Start of a New Era

Within the barren crevassed wasteland that was Valley of Screams. A maelstrom of wind formed within the center of valley. Arising from the tornado was Shizuka himself. His slim, but well endowed 6”7’ frame standing firmly. The spot he was teleported too, seemed rather confusing. The pillar they stood on was miles upon miles long, but it stood alone in the field. Almost feeling as if it was unnatural compared to the recurring geography of the surrounding environment. Giving off the energy of a tournament style setting, with the edges leading only to a endless abyss. Shizuka was more than prepared to exemplify his skills in this fight, but he was not prepared for the type of opponent he was facing, within the Legendary Healer of 4th Division, Yū Nakamoto himself. Shizuka, being absent from the Kenpachi Games was oblivious to the feats that the Captain had displayed in his bouts. Only knowing the prodigal genius for his skills with Kaido and just the natural process of healing itself. This in turn would probably make the fight harder for the Lieutenant. A being who usually is well known for fighting the unknown, as well as fighting opponent’s he knows all too well. The Captain’s however, were all an enigma to Shizuka. Rarely even seeing their faces around the Soul Society, it was an understatement to say that their appearances were rare. But with that mystique, that renown, many have speculated and guessed about the abilities they all hold. Making them akin to the world’s wonders. Now Shizuka had to be cautious with extremely vague info on how to proceed, instead of going in blind or blessed with intel. Still…. despite all of this, the chance to fight a Captain set his heart ablaze. Now was the time he could truly, put his foot down as one of the Soul Society’s strongest!