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The Resurrection of a Warrior

Returning from death's door, he paused to look at his newly reconstructed hand, still feeling foreign to him. Spending a couple of minutes clenching his hand into a fist and readjusting to it, the experience of losing his hand completely along with a section of his left side body had taken place not long ago. He couldn't recount exactly how much time passed since blacked out on the battlefield, but from the state of things and news he received didn't seem much time transpired. Gathering up the few things he had including his tattered shinigami outfit with his broken zanpakuto delivered to his quarters at the 11th division squad by Hiroka.

On his way to leaving the medic room he is located in, he stopped occasionally checking out other rooms to see what kind of other patients they are treating. It was amazing to think that the [eople in the 4th division was able to heal such extensive wounds that he received let alone the severe condition Izanagi experienced. He couldn't help but think there was no wonder that the 4th division Captain Yu Nakamoto looked so pretty like he had never been in a battle all in his life. The next thought that crept into his mind was how he could get his hands on a personal medic to tend to the 11th division barracks and allow them to fight to the death nonstop without any worries in the world. Although, what was the limit of their healing capabilities? The fact Lt. Jinnosuke couldn't be healed meant that is probably where they draw the line incapable of bringing back the dead. If that was the case though however, the Seireitei as a whole would never suffer casualties. Unable to return back to Naruki City and now he has taken the time to clear his head coming to the conclusion his reasoning to return to the 11th division barracks stimmed solely wanted to pick a fight due to the overwhelming loss they suffered.

He continued his path to the exit of the 4th division barracks until he picked up the small fluctuation of a familiar spiritual presence; Izanagi Kiyoshi. Keeping to his plan to pay Izanagi a visit before departing to head to where he believed the Head Lieutenant and Captain Commander may still be. Shoumetsu headed directly to where he sensed Izanagi's presence relieved to see his efforts to save his life were not in vain, and calmly approached while he fought his inner battle of turmoil. His natural instincts made him want to give Izanagi one clean hook straight across the face to get him to wake up and stop laying around. But on the other hand, knowing the first account of what they endured and the struggle of acceptance they were completely defeated with himself not exempt from this, he chose just leave Izanagi a message for when he fully recovered to get relayed to him.

"I promise you next time we face him things will be different, and we will be the ones forcing him on the defense. So get your lazy ass up and get stronger for when that time comes or you will be left behind."

Before excusing himself from the room he gave Izanagi a bow of respect. The same medic he asked to relay the message to Izanagi when he was coherent, he made one more final request from her. Oblivious to who was responsible for healing him, Shoumetsu asked whoever saved his life to contact him because he wished to repay his gratitude for what they did. After everything he needed to be taken care of in the 4th division finally Shoumetsu let himself out of the barracks ignoring any who recommended against this action and wanting him to continue to heal. His sights were set on the location where the Kenpachi Games taking place and with that, he took off expediently to go seek out the audience of Head Lt Fuyuko.

When he arrived there he hoped to accomplish two things upon gaining the audience of whatever higher-up he was going to give the report to. The first important thing of course sharing all the information he gained from Naruki City, and what they experienced. Secondly, he hoped that she might be able to shed some light on the situation with Lt. Shizuka if possible. Once all of that was done depending on his timing, as a bonus with time to kill if he was lucky might get to catch the rest of the Kenpachi Games to see who the final contenders were and the outcome of said fight.


4th Division Barracks - Traveling to - Central

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Yua watched Tenzen after her report, taking in every word he spoke. This investigation was a hard one especially with the fact that it seemed only Tenzen gave some sort of care for actually finding his friend's death and reasoning behind it. Hearing some about their past together was humbling as she closed her eyes nodding with certain parts before reopening them as he decided to head to the door before speaking meaningful words. She has always found that the way he called her determined the meaningfulness behind the words that followed and these were one she naturally kept close to herself.

”Yua, never forget to mourn your friends. Mourning helps reinforce our memory of them, so we do not forget who or what they were. I’m heading to the Kido Corps Headquarters, feel free to follow at your own pace.”

Yua turned her head looking towards him before nodding


She watched him head off back to Kido Corps HQ before returning her attention to the office. She took her time, out of respect for the passed captain Itsuki and for the division that held him so dear and with such respect. She tidied up the office, moving things back to the way they were. She folded all the pages Tenzen ripped, neatly into her robes, it was rude to leave the mess in the room.

Once she had completed the clean up she smiled heading to the door before closing it behind her. She turned towards the now closed office before placing her hands together once again in a prayer

"Please watch over your division and lead to them a captain that will do them and yourself proud. Watch over the rest of us and grant us the knowledge needed to move forward in this life."

She spoke in a whisper before silently bowing. She turned heading down the hall, feeling the need to report back to Signy of possible findings and where she believed it would head to now. She decided against it as she was sure Signy had much more things that need her attention other then the obvious stated already. Plus, She had a feeling she needed to get back to the fifth squad barracks.

She sighed before dissappearing, shunpoing away to the Fifth squad Barracks

The 7th Squad Barracks ----------> The Fifth squad Barracks
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Mizu Sayuri

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"I don't suppose we'll have much free time today' would already have been my answer to your question.. Now I wonder if you'd take a walk with me? I have an errand but I'd love to continue our chat."

Surely without hesitation, Mizu would get up out of his chair and follow Junko out of her office. Not entirely sure where they were going he still followed like it was an errand that was somewhat of importance.

"'What do you suppose is happening in the World of the Living?"

"Uhhh... I'm not entirely sure. But I'm sure it's consisting of much-needed fighting and or anger release."

He said as he'd let out a small chuckle as they started to approach the sixth division. Wondering what business they had here he just kept following right next to Junko. Were they going to a mission? Was this going to be another medical procedure? Mizu wasn't sure of their significance here but he surely knew he'd find out soon enough.

Glancing over to Junko as he started to see her bend over to pick up what looked like a nice-sized rock or pebble of some sort. Junko started to twist her body and move her legs in a manner in which seemed odd for the time being since he still wasn't sure what their significance here was. Just as Junko would push her leg back and straighten her arm he noticed that she released that rock-like pebble thrown through a single wall separating them from the sixth division.

Without hesitation, Mizu leaned over towards Junko looking forward at what now lay a crack in the wall. His eyes followed the path. Squinting his eyes more onto the target where the pebble had hit and fell to the ground, it seemed like Junko had her eyes set on Takashi Kiyoshi.


Mizu let out a loud expressed laugh that he has never done before, looking back at Junko he reset his posture and backed away from the line of sight just in case something was to be thrown back in return. Just as quickly as Junko hurried back to the fourth division Mizu decided that would be the best option as well. Without being able to get any sort of answer of what that was for he booked it back.

As Mizu returned to Junko's office there was an eerie feeling in the air of nonexistent reiatsu power besides Junko and himself. Still extremely uncertain of what the significance of throwing a rock-like pebble at Takashi Kiyoshi was, Mizu sat back down at the chairs in front of Junko's desk and looked at her with a small puzzled look.

"Uhhmm.... Yes, but uhh? What was that for exactly?"

Mizu said as he moved his right arm up and rubbed the back of his head with his right hand looking at Junko with not only a puzzled look but now more of a confused look.​
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Signy’s eyes didn’t even open for the departure of Captain Oda or Yua Munetoshi. Every ounce of her being focused solely on the warmth of the lava, that would sear the flesh off anyone and anything else’s bones, beneath her legs. For over two centuries she’d worked hard to stabilize herself. She reveled in the monotony of only being free in the night. She’d always been averse to change. These past few weeks threw her entire life into a tailspin. The impulsive, unrelenting killing machine her mother created, was now a disciplined weapon, but she had also been unleashed upon the Seireitei for an unknown reason. Her Captain died, her Lt. ran off into the great oblivion, her husband had been harboring a secret from her, and her baby sister now knew of her existence. The only thing that remained constant was the unerring warmth of the lava that consumed her whole being. All of Seventh Division melted away around her as she opened her eyes to the soft amber glow of the core of her volcano.

The usually lively chamber was silent, not even Shori was within sight. As she strode over to the obsidian spire before her, her footsteps echoed solemnly off the walls. Her fingers stretched out as her hand slid across the glossy surface. Looking up, she gasped as one lavender and one amber eye gazed back at her.

”You’re so close to your full potential, child. Balance, something you were robbed of. You obtained it for a moment when you were angry earlier. Harness it. Make it your whole world. We erupt like volcanoes to balance the pressure within ourselves.”

Amaterasu’s voice rang out like wind chimes, beautiful and musical.

”Now, look deeper.”

Sucking in a deep breath, Signy stared closer at her reflection, the green ends of her hair turning teal. With a thunderous crack, a large fissure split down the middle of the spire. As more facets formed within, two more figures appeared in the reflection. The always serious face of her mother emerged on the half of her reflection with the lavender eye while her sickly, loving father emerged on the amber side.

”Failure. Forever a third seat.”

Her mother snarled.

“My beautiful slayer of dragons, all things come in due time. Your dragons have yet to be slain, but you will prevail one day.”

Her father’s voice overwhelmed her mother’s criticisms, the thick familiarity of his accent, filing Signy with warmth. A blazing heat washed over her as the gentle touch of fingers gripped her shoulder and Amaterasu’s reflection came into view. Amaterasu held a deep love for the conflicted child. Signy was like the moon himself, blossoming to her true self in the dead of night.

”You stand at a crossroads, my dear Moon. You can dwell in the rejection of your mother, or you can thrive with the love of your father. Though don’t take that as me saying that you can’t use your anger as your fuel, but you must not let that be your sole driving force.”

Though her eyes were covered, Signy could sense Amaterasu’s reflection staring into her eyes.

”Who do you choose?”

Signy turned to face her zanpakuto’s spirit. A new resolve burned behind her eyes and within her chest. A smile stretched across Amaterasu’s face.

”You’ve trained a long time to unlock our full power. You are nearly there. Soon I shall utter my name and we shall erupt in glorious power.”

Amaterasu’s voice echoed through Signy’s mind as she opened her eyes to the courtyard of the division she knew so well. The shattered remains of her obsidian sparring partner were now fused back together into the shape of her mother.

Rising to her feet, she brushed the soot off her uniform with one hand and gripped her zanpakuto with the other. Before even taking a step toward the obsidian golem, it lunged toward her, its hand outstretched and aimed at her throat. As its fingers closed around her neck, the metal and turquoise of her necklace cracking and starting to buckle under the force, she hooked the left head of her axe around its wrist. Its mouth started to move, and her mother’s voice slithered out.

”Failure. You’re going to die in Thirteenth Division. You’re not good enough to thrive there, or here, or be a part of the Gotei 13 in general.”

Rage flared within Signy. Pulling down on her zanpakuto, the obsidian began to fracture, causing it to release its grip. In an instance, her right eye shifted to lavender, and she dropped down to all fours, gathering the lava all over her hands and up her arms. As the golem stumbled backwards, she pushed off from the ground, charging at it. She collided with it knocking it to the ground as its legs took the full brunt of her force. Pinning it to the ground, Signy gritted her teeth at it and snarled.


When nothing happened, she let out a primal, growling scream.


Raising her fists above her head, she brought them down with the full strength given to her from centuries of making candy, pulling taffy, and toting 200 lbs. sacks of ingredients around. The golem’s obsidian chest splintered and caved in beneath her fists as lava flung out in all directions. She was tired; tired of feeling like she wasn’t good enough, tired of living under her mother’s shadow. She looked up at it’s face in time to watch the light fade from its eyes, it’s head and shoulders torn asunder from the rest of its body.

Her fingers slipped beneath its head as she repositioned to sit on her feet; her hands blackened as if the lava had charred her flesh. As she lifted the lifeless statue to her eye level. A singular tear rolled down her left cheek.

”I am not a failure. You are. You’re a failure as a mother and a shinigami, Hotaru Hoshi. I am good enough. I will survive. I WILL BECOME A CAPTAIN! You hold no control over my life anymore!”

Digging her nails into the back of it’s head, the obsidian began to crumble and turn to ash in her hands. Signy watched as the ash blew away in the slight breeze. She knew it was never her mother talking to her through the obsidian; it had always been Amaterasu using the memories of her mother, but she didn’t care. A weight was lifted from her shoulders now.

”Soon, Signy Shori Hoshi, soon.”


Awkward Heals

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As Mizu spoke, Junko gave a small smile and shrugged lightly. He had heard the same report as her. As to why she approached it the way she had, that was something she herself couldn't quite explain. Grasping for another topic, her phone buzzed lightly within her pocket. Her teeth were firmly sinking into the inside of her cheek as she considered the only possible reasons for receiving messages in that moment. Removing it from within the folds of her hakama. The words that sprawled across the little screen heightened her anxiety all the more.

How exactly was she to respond to the strange man from Third? How to best explain her strange scenario? Her even stranger request? More than that, the Head Lieutenant planned to arrive personally? Junko had been nervous enough about the meeting that would bring them face to face for the first time. Now their first meeting would be under much different circumstances. The three patients in questions could use another brief examination, Junko supposed. Some of them may even be coming around enough after the sheer amount of trauma and sedatives they had received. Likely not, but it was possible.

Uncertain of if she should bother Lieutenant Kasumi with another message, she decided better of it. Now instead, her fingers hovered above the strange little keyboard on the device as she considered what she would say to Asahi. Gumyōchō's words resounded in her ears. She seemed convinced enough that this person was the one. A kindred soul in ways Junko could neither fathom nor get a further explanation of. While the other spoke in a manner that would be expected of Junko, a serious air lie beneath this. From their brief interactions and the light amount of digging she had done into the man, he did not appear to have the same motives. A darkness lie beneath that sweet, boyish face. Fingers tapping the air mindlessly, she considered her words carefully.

"This is going to sound like a bit of an odd request, but.---"

Junko had just pressed 'send' on a rather long and perhaps too drawn-out message when the door suddenly swung open with a surprising amount of force. Panic was in the air rather than hostility, leaving Junko to remain calmly in her seat as she looked into the face of the woman who had made such a sudden arrival. Patient eyes allowed her a few moments to compose herself and consider how best to relay why she was there.

"The Intensive care patient...Takahiro. He asked for me to give a message to another patient and to the one who treated him. When I had looked away he...-"

The loud squeal of the wood of Junko's chair protesting such abrupt motion halted the woman's speaking. There was nothing else to be said. It was clear in the woman's panic that the man had slipped out of the barracks. A solemn face would have informed her of his death. No. He was alive. If just barely, especially now. Like invisible hands, Junko reached out. Searching. So much time spent at the man's side. Her own reiatsu flowing into his body. Together they had bound his flesh back together, replenished that which was missing from his anatomy. To simply look upon him physically, he indeed looked whole and healthy once more. Yet his healing had only just begun. Reiryoku depleted, stimulated by Junko to jump-start his own natural healing processes. She had given him perfect stitches and new, frail skin. Exertion of his reiatsu or physical body would allow her work to fall apart at the seams.

Her eyes opened the moment she felt where his presence had wandered off to. Standing, she moved across the room and past both Mizu and the woman. Still moving away, her voice could be heard, informing them both to follow.

"He's at the Games. Get a small team together and retrieve him before he kills himself."


With that, the woman was gone. Junko's pace did not slow. Moving quickly through the area, it took little time for her to arrive back within the unit that had previously housed three souls in critical condition. Although she trusted in Mizu's work, she would not present a patient she had not personally attended to at all. It was also more likely between the two of them that Izanagi Kiyoshi would make an attempt to leave as well. With this in mind, she directed Mizu toward the room of the Division Thirteen woman before closing the space between her and the Kiyoshi man's door. More focused reiatsu filled the room as she entered, a hint of hostility hanging in the air. Deep enough for Junko to sense, she calmed his stirring mind into a more peaceful rest while pressing more sedation upon him. Such a misstep within the hospital was unacceptable.

Once her examination was complete, Junko was pleased to find a small group of faces awaiting her outside of his door. Shoumetsu Takahiro had been found. One man was particularly proud, his report the most complete. They had been closing in on him when he had jumped upon the roof of a building. This not only gave away his exact location but had apparently been the final straw for his damaged body. As the Fourth Division member had rushed forward, nothing but blood could be seen the moment he had gotten close. The crowd that had been in the area had begun to panic briefly, believing it to have been caused by the new arrival. The remainder of those that had been dispatched calmed them. The man had caught Takahiro just before his body had hit the ground. Large, gaping wounds had opened all around his body. His "stitches" had come undone. Placed in his previous room, he was being attended to right then.

With a nod Junko strode toward it, entering the room only to observe from a spot beside the door. He had been found quickly enough that his life was in no danger. Yet all the same, irritation bubbled in the back of her throat. Whatever business he had felt the need to attend to was not more important than his life. Nor the information he likely carried about the events in the World of the Living. His borderline suicidal actions had only gone to serve him more time in recovery. With a small sigh Junko stepped forward, assuring the man was not only properly patched up but also restrained when they had finished.