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The journey took seconds as she appeared in the city—ravaged even more so than it had been before. Dozens of Shinigami presences were littered about, but she couldn’t feel her Lieutenant’s. Involuntairily she screamed

“Lieutenant Shizuka!!!!!!!!”

Even amidst the chaos of the city, the downpour of the rain and the individual noises of the Shinigami in battle, her blood curdling scream rang through Naruki city. Her tattered hakama blew in the torrent of wind that accompanied the rain and her eyes fell upon the city that she had spent the last fifty odd years enjoying. Hundreds of souls undergoing the ritual of konso. Buildings in ruin. Blood washing the city streets. The sky darkened. A barrier erected. A rage begin to fill the benevolent woman. As she stared at the only perpetrator that could have done this. The hollow that her comrades were battling. The hollow that—was not the Arrancar that she had seen before? She shook her head and wiped away the few tears that mixed with the rain on her face. She wasn’t sure if she would end up being a target here so she withdrew Hoshi no Kyokugei-shi.

This time she had no choice but to be of aid. If it wasn’t getting close enough to fight then it was helping move souls along. Zanpakuto at hand she gritted her teeth and disappeared from sight. As she headed to the area of the medical field, she saw Officer Tsunoda and Officer Tsusui release their shikais and then immediately disperse into action.

“Seat yourself at the center, Hoshi no Kyokugei-shi!!

The release of her zanpakuto caused her reiatsu to softly encircled her like mist as her zanpakuto turned pitch black. Even if there was enough light to reflect from it, it would not. It was as dark as tartarus, as any abyss one could walk into. If hell was a place without light, then Hashidearu’s sword would be its vessel. She starred at the battle of the new hollow and the Soul Society and wanted to fight. She wanted to be of assistance, but if she got too close…


Her skin felt like it was ablaze as lightning struck down around her. The mixing of the spiritual pressures that were inhabiting the area left her feeling weak. Her resolve unmotivated. How could she survive in an arena like this. One where her own spiritual pressure had to fight to keep up. Her Lieutenant’s bankai was too strong. The enemy felt too strong. Blood dripped from her mouth as her body kicked into full gear. She had no choice but to run. ‘Run’ her body screamed at her. ‘Run. Save yourself’

Flashback Ended

Hashidearu created an orbital field around her that fit like a second layer of skin. Her physical capabilities would be augmented, choosing to boost her speed and defense in case she become a target of the hollow’s assault. As she moved from soul to soul performing Konso, wondering how it was just this hollow and the fullbringer left. She also wondered why everyone seemed so uneasy at the situation at hand. It was something more than the power of the hollow and the destruction of the town. As she cleansed a soul, giving them one of the most heart warming smiles, she looked back again at the entity that they were all battling. She would have to find someone to ask questions.

“Be of assistance. Don’t die. Bring Lieutenant Shizuka home.”

She would assess the situation and offer her support in battle, but first her duty as a member of the Tenth Division was to Naruki and its Citizens and many of its citizens needed to pass on.​
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Rain spilled without end from darkened skies. The city cast in the shadow of dark clouds is illuminated from the streaks of lightning dancing through the clouds, before the rumbling of thunder overtakes any sounds coming from below. The City was crying, or..so it appeared to be as the rain rolled down the buildings and streets like tears. How much more must it suffer and endure? How much longer must its people live in fear? When, will it be saved?

As Tosu soars, his body humming with spiritual power, lightning flashes yet again. Its brilliance illuminates the monster that is Shizuka behind the traveling Tosu, the almost blinding flash of light seemingly reflecting a brilliant blue off the red headed male. The sound of thunder nearly drowns out the sound of static. The falling rain for a moment disperses as the monster's foot meets the hero's spear, and the gong of a new battle is rung...both literally and figuratively. The sound of the collision is such that it is heard for miles throughout the city, glass shatters from the force as fragile buildings topple over. It is a moment that becomes exclusive to both the hollowfied Lieutenant, and the mysterious caped figure before both parties seem to vanish. Neither are truly gone however, merely far removed from the people, the city, existing even above the rolling storm clouds, ceaselessly weeping as they bear witness to the confrontation to be had.​


Familiar doors open up yet again in Naruki, a rather large silhouette exits from the blinding white light like a rocket, an unexpected passenger brought along, and perhaps exactly what was needed in this hour of need. Sango, another member of the Tenth Division allows Kaisou to finally be freed from her capture, peering up as she feels the clashing of reiatsu reverberating high above like the endless rolling of thunder. The giantess and the medic are approached by the LTF veteran. They are briefed on the situation, Tosu's last know actions relayed to them. As the veteran speaks Sango, who had been focusing on scanning for her comrades notices something, and though Kaisou says nothing...he can feel it as well. The two release the seals on their blades, their respective shikai coming to life. In this world of rain and darkness, there is a glimmer of hope in the form of...bubbles?

Yes, bubbles begin to drift throughout the city. Their movements are slow..steady...calm as they float towards and around the stationed shinigami, many of these bubbles morphing as they adopt the likeness of jellyfish. Odd how something so fragile looking could hold so much weight in the hearts of the people, at least in the eyes of those who knew what these bubbles did and whom commanded them. Sango propels herself into the air, her emotions guiding her actions, Kaisou follows behind her, his reikaku surveying the area around him, further, focusing and sharpening his detection until-

“Sango, here!”

Guiding his comrade off to a different direction from where she was traveling, the closer they get the clearer it becomes. Suspended in the air, is an inverted pyramid, fractures appearing on its surface. In one hand was Natagumo, unsealed while his other hand was placed upon his chest, his body encased in a teal membrane. It would appear that when Tosu had decided to move the mantra he was chanting internally, was the incantation for Bakudo 73 - Tozanshō. Having felt that heavy, twisted and oppressive reiatsu coming from his Lieutenant the warrior needed not only his shikai but, something else to help him buy time. Preferring to remain on the defensive he chose a barrier that may very well stall his Lieutenant when attacking him while he waited for Sango and the others to arrive to help...he certainly didn't expect to have to use it so soon. Only partially through the incantation, the monster's thirst for blood reaches him almost before the reiatsu does. Tosu is forced to abandon the rest of the incantation, to accelerate the casting of the barrier. The blue glean shown from the flashing of the lightning, the glow from one of the faces of the pyramid acting as a lens, a barrier separating him from both monster and hero. The cacophonous gong coupled with the violent clashing of reiatsu nearly decimates the impromptu barrier thrown up by the sixth seated officer who does not go unscathed cocooned inside.

Recovering himself while keeping the at this point, fragile barrier erected, it is only when he notices the approach of his closest friends that he allows the pyramid to be dispelled.

"I see you both finally made it...ugh."

Shohei attempts to joke with his comrades, wincing from the pain. Throwing himself in this mess while missing his appointment with his doctor certainly wasn't the brightest of ideas but, what could you do? His fingers squeezed tightly on the handle of his zanpakuto as he takes a breath as the battle up above continues to intensify.

"I'm sure you both felt it. I'm not sure who that other guy is but...we gotta make sure he doesn't kill the boss, at least not so long as there's a possibility he can be saved. We also have to move before any others from Soul Society gets here."

Though only a Six Seat and never one for the spot light it is as though Tosu is assuming the role of leader for the three man cell formed by them. He plucks one of the emerald magatama from around his neck, staring at it intently. He lets out a sigh before popping it into his mouth. He just knew he was going to regret this later.

"Kaisou, try not to get too close, we're going to be counting on you to keep us alive. Cover us with your Kido and keep at least one or two jellyfish with us at all times."

He begins speaking, issuing out directions while unraveling some of the bandages adorning his body.

"Sango, our best bet will be to try and stick close to one another. He's far faster and unpredictable right now, but if we eliminate or at least lessen the possibility of him hitting one of our blindspots, we can at least hang on. I'll slow him down best I can with my shikai. The name of the game is to throw him off enough for us to try and hold him down with a Bakudo but...we're gonna have to hit him hard if we want it to last."

The wrappings hang loosely off his person. Sango's shikai while good offensively would be quite the boon defensively in terms of deflecting those crazy lightning attacks. With Kaisou's shikai and Kaidou this fight that would normally be out of their depth would become a battle of attrition. No matter what though, they needed to keep their Lieutenant's focus on them and not Kaisou. Once more, Tosu begins reciting internally as he closes the gap between him and Kaisou, whispering something in his ear before stepping back. By now the two can feel the increase in his spiritual pressure, a byproduct of having consumed the magatama, a more potent piece of the Commander's rock candy. His spiritual powers temporarily doubled...tripled continuing to pump power through his spiritual body.

"Lets move."

The bandages that were hanging loosely spring to life as they begin surrounding the trio, shielding them from sight. One moment they are below the clouds, being pelted by the rain and the next moment, the wrappings unravel from around them, recoiling back to their proper place. The party's surroundings have changed as they hover suspended well above the Cumulonimbus able to now perceive both Fullbringer and Vasto. With greater power than he naturally held now pumping through his veins and vents, with his closest and most reliable allies at his side, and...with Natagumo in his hand, Tosu stands ready to both save and stop his superior.

"You're gonna owe us big time after this one boss."

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Mikoto is being held by threads of fate while suffering multiple injuries, enough to even die if left unattended for too long. Yet, he pleaded his case to the woman known as Stephania. She looked down on him with her piercing golden eyes. Stephania was judging him mentally with no body language to say whether or not his plea was enough to stay alive or be killed right here on the spot. Neither choice would have mattered to Mikoto at this point. He made that choice before crashing ever so boldly into the building, and now he is currently faced with hands that move closer to his face.

He didn't look away from them; his eyes were wide open, waiting for the verdict with the anticipation of death. He didn't know exactly what she was doing, but it was as if she was staring into his soul, seeking an answer. But then the string was removed from him, then suddenly, just as quickly as Stephania removed the rope from him, another penetrated through his belly. It was a sharp feeling. It was uncomfortable at the beginning where the string was moving throughout his body, like something crawling around, yet every injury he sustained was being repaired?

"So she made her choice."

Mikoto would have thought while still on his knees being repaired like a broken toy being put back together. However, Mikoto has now understood how she uses her fullbring. Simple. Yet deadly.


"You have one year to prove yourself."

There it was.

Stephania already made the verdict through actions, but now she presents it verbally for everyone to know. But a year? Why a year? Indeed, it couldn't take that long to prove someone's worth. Unless there was a reason behind this year of service?

The blue eyes of the former protector of Naruki darted over to the man known as Hansha. Mikoto didn't like something about him and couldn't quite put the finger on it. Maybe it is how he carried himself, or perhaps just that his character is mysterious, someone who doesn't divulge too much personal information. Hansha's presence alone does he seem to carry himself as someone silent yet deadly as much as Stephania, the type who doesn't make any airs about how skilled they are. He is probably the main dangerous one here in the group.
"Our tower, along with neighboring assets have been encased in shadow, no harm shall come to them."

"The entire building and neighborhood? Is he that powerful to do that?."

Mikoto thought, surprised that one person could have that much power to cover a building and the neighborhood. Mikoto has the right to be wary of him. While his role may be the right hand of Stephania, at least that's how he would view his part in the group. He seems to also come off as the type that would stab you in the back when you aren't looking. Mikoto continued to listen in on the conversation to everything else.

Furthermore, provided we put on our humanitarian faces, we can buy up any and all destroyed land from that battle outside. Could build our own campus of sorts, maybe even start our own university, we'll have to see how much land we can get at the end of the fighting."

"I see. Distribute acquisitions through shell companies. This will keep the provincial and federal governments away."

That's right.

There is a battle going on outside this building. As a result, there have been multiple changes in spirit energy. So not only could he feel the presence of the war, but Mikoto's spiritual senses could also see how the fight was going, where it was the man who had left earlier fighting four others. Who faces he couldn't see precisely due to the fact he had never seen them, but one by one, they began to fall until there was one. The fight had just started, yet a single man took out three out of the four. Was he even trying? Either they were fodders, or the man was just that powerful that they were just too weak to fight him.
"Life through darkness, I can fix any injuries we sustain easily. I have Yayoi testing out a new idea I had, a veil of darkness that protects and heals. Good timing too considering this new venture you recently closed. Hard to trust something you can't pay off with money. Means they don't have much to lose or just don't care."

"Perfect. With all the commotion outside, we'll find out sooner rather than later. As for you..."

Suddenly he felt Stephania's gaze towards him, and in return, he would have gazed back. He was being released from her grasp, though Stephania fixed his injuries. She left markings on his body, which Mikoto would assume was something that happens automatically from removing the strings. Or it was done purposely to be shown as a reminder, marking him like a branded horse.
"You will accompany Han'ei on his excursion, serve as additional protection and back up to him. He may have his own security, but they are still only human."

His first job. Security detail to help this Han'ei on a mission. Mikoto never left the floor, still on both knees the entire time. Finally, he brought up a leg to provide a proper kneeling position.

"I will see to it. And thank you."

He wasn't sure how important this excursion would be, but Mikoto felt that failure isn't an option, no matter how important or less important it may be. And with that Mikoto would have made his way to Han'ei to get this objective started.



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With the fate of Naruki City, resting on the powers of one human. Justin Taimu, finds himself in a precarious situation. While his newly granted fullbring has displayed an unlimited amount of potential in the short amount of time it has been used, the hero would find himself to be perplexed and confused at the creature which he was facing. The Watchman, the entity controlling the suit however, would be ignorant to the Vasto Lordes in front of it. His power or maneuvers were inconsequential to the time-based powers the hero held. It’s only goal would be to protect the future, at the right place, at the right time. With so far his goal being accomplished…


Pushed to the Limit

The hollow that controlled Shizuka, held an immense power whose limit was unknown to the inhabitants of Naruki. Not only was his power a force to be reckoned with, his style, his instincts, and the ferocity at which he battled with, were all components that would be deadly to any spiritual being that he came across. As the Vasto used Sonido to close the gap, the Hero braced for impact. Readying his armament spear in response to anything the hollow had to offer. As the Vasto launched it’s gatling maneuver of blows, the Watchman would match every single one of these lightning-paced blows with an identical jab of his armament spear. The speed could be perceived as equal, the fullbring controlling Justin to react and perceive these movements flawlessly. But, to Justin Taimu, that wasn’t the case at all. In reality, unbeknownst to the Vasto, his punches were actually being redirected into the spear. Using his temporal powers to navigate each of these blows onto the tip of the spear. Giving the illusion that he could match the speed, but in all actuality his instant teleportation was the saving grace. Although an extremely useful and handy strategy, The Watchman planned specifically for a multitude of physical attacks, and with each teleport of a punch he expected the sharp edge of his spear to slide cleanly through the Hierro, and slice down onto the Vasto’s hands. Justin was sure that these movements would be key in the destabilizing of the Vasto, but once again the Watchman made a consistent mistake, in ignoring the build up of reiryoku that swam through the body of the Hollowfied-Lieutenant. The black lightning coursing around his fist was not a facade, this was merely an extension of Shizuka’s very being, corrupted into a caustic dark energy. While it was a key feature in this Hollow’s new power, it only exemplified the exertion of it’s spiritual pressure. The reasons why the hands were brimming, and glowing with power were for a different reason. The reason why the Hero would feel holes in his body from the punches, were also for this same reason. Each of these punches from the Vasto Lordes had held within them, a Cero, equally as destructive as the ones he had been firing previously, but launched in an incinerating volley of punches. While the Vasto was mindless in it’s own right and was leveling up constantly as the fight progressed onwards, he still retained Shizuka’s memories, movements, will, and ambition. Seeing the God-King pull off a similar move to effectively dispatch one of the strongest soldiers within the Soul Society, resonated deeply within the Lieutenant’s mind for he was able to witness the attack and explosion close up.


The Lion-Vasto would let go an earth-shaking bellow as it released these continuous barrel of attack. Although it was most likely unexpected on the part of the Watchman, to be dealing with Ceros. With every jab of his spear, he was cutting through the Cero produced by the Vasto one by one, as each of his punches were teleported. It was already proven that such an attack was trivial for this version of the Watchman, so it would be easy to assume that the spear of the fullbringer would be able to deflect just the same, no matter how much the amount had changed. Still, as the punches were flowing, so were the Cero. The beams being split in two as each of one of them glided through the open space behind the Fullbringer uncontested. While the Hero would assume that his actions would shred off the Vasto’s hands, as he was expecting physical attacks weaker than the Cero. The Vasto would be only left with deep cracks on his knuckles, while the Fullbringer instead has multiple parts of his armor seared and charred due to the passing by of the multiple Ceros across his armor. The Vasto Lordes would eventually stop it’s onslaught. Finally, when he realized that the Fullbringer wasn’t taking any damage. Even for a senseless creature, it was apparent when it had hit a wall it could not pass. The creature pauses, and stands still, resting it’s arms at it’s side as it stops the useless pummeling. His tail going limp as well, to support this action. What was going to ensue now, could be considered……. The next level.


The Vasto was growing sick and tired of this pest that stood in front of him. Only zapping around like a fly, bringing in lightweight attacks to subdue the creature that plagued the city. It was getting tiring….

The Vasto stood still in it’s one spot, almost as if the monster itself had deactivated completely. Ignorant to the approach of other Shinigami such as Sango, A Tosu who had been enhanced to a degree, and Kaisou. As well as ignorant to the somersault kick to it’s face by the Watchman. While the Fullbringer may have thought that his kick would’ve sent the Vasto flying through the sky, unable to properly recover due to it’s “mental fortitude” of not being able to control it’s reiryoku for any purpose. He would be pleasantly surprised that the Vasto, didn’t move an inch. The only thing moving would be a ferocious gust of wind that perpetuated after the heavy attack from the fullbringer. In truth, the hollow infecting the body of Shizuka, was blessed with a skilled host. Capable of displaying masterful control over it’s reiryoku to the point where it became indistinguishable. That was only with Shizuka’s talent, and not even going into the skill the Hollow had of exemplifying this trait and further enhancing it. Justin Taimu’s fullbring was impressive, but the man inside of suit, had lacked the battle experience and knowledge to even sense the swift and efficient flow of reiryoku within the Vasto’s body twice before. How credible would his knowledge be for the 3rd time? This instance though, would work in his favor for exactly when his foot connects with the Vasto’s mask… the navy blue marks on his chest begin to emanate a violent black aura. Almost as if a bar was being filled up, the aura would slowly corrupt the hue of these stripes. Could it be that the attack from the Fullbringer was a sufficient catalyst to activate something? Or did it only expedite the process of what was beginning to happen. The Hero would hopefully take notice of this event and see something was off. After the stripes become completely black, the sea green moss fur around the Vasto’s neck also becomes pitch dark, standing upwards as if it was being electrified itself. If the Hero didn’t notice it with his inaptitude to sense the flow of reiryoku, then maybe these subtle physical changes would help tell the story much better. The Watchman, Justin Taimi would realize if he had stayed any longer near the beast after his kick, the hero would find himself enveloped into complete darkness eventually. The only light he would see, would be the faint blue outlines that surrounded the Vasto Lorde’s black lightning. He would also soon realize that teleporting away would prove to have an effect in the outside world, but that he’d still see darkness. He would still eventually turn to see this pulsating entity, stuck in specifically one pose as it flashed it’s corrupted energy. The phenomenon that was going on was unprecedented, in terms of what the Vasto had displayed so far. It was the feeling of futility that the Hero brought upon, that enacted this. The two beings that were going at it, would be stuck in heated combat for days with the current abilities shown. It didn’t take an intellectual nor even someone with remotely any knowledge to know that the effort had to be increased substantially if there was going to be a victor. As Tosu, Sango, and Kaisou got closer to the sky, they’d be met with a violent display of reiatsu churning from beyond the clouds. The streams of black lightning increasing in volume combining with the already blue natural lightning coursing through the air, the closer they reached into the sky. Once through the veil of clouds, they would see the cause of the phenomena. The reiatsu emanating would feel heavy, a sense of corrosion would attack all of their senses, making it feel as if their very soul were being taken in just by being a witness to this event. Even Hashidearu who stood on the streets of Naruki would be subjected to this feeling, watching as the 10th Division soldiers who just finished their duties be struck with the same feeling, barely able to stand on their feet.

It was hard to understand, hard to comprehend as well. Though the 4 skilled Shinigami who inhabited Naruki would be able to tell exactly what it is. The expansive jet black orb that sprouted corrupted lightning, would only expand further and further outwards. Completely synonymous with the dastardly effects of the Vasto Lordes reiatsu. It was no doubt that this was a spiritual attack of some sort. It’s nature unknown, but something needed to be done very soon for….. Naruki was going to be plunged into further destruction.



The Inner Hollow of Shizuka was enjoying the drama between it’s inferior host and his Zanpkauto. The mental dissuade between the two would ultimately allow the Inner Hollow to completely subjugate Shizuka even further in the outside world. The hold he had currently was vicious, but he’d be lying if he thought it was sufficient enough to hold them down. The constant attacks that they were launching were annoying, he needed to find a way to break them up…… and what better of that, than to reveal some secrets.

“So you’re telling me, you’ve been sabotaging me the entire time!”

“Sabotaging by giving you access to strength that you don’t deserve? You’re a fool Shizuka. A crying little welp, that doesn’t have an idea on how you’re supposed to handle my power.”

A muffled growl could be heard under the gruff echoing of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s voice.

“I take pity on you every time we commune, you’re barely equipped to handle the challenges I bestow upon you. Which also means you’re nowhere close to handling what comes next. “

“Well how would I ever know? I’ve trained with you for over 250 Years, and i’m thinking that you’re getting accustomed me and my presence, to the point where you can trust me with your power. That’s what I thought Saishu no Toppa was for, YOU HELPING ME understand.”

“I could lie to you, because you’re gullible. What Zanpakuto do you know, helps the user contain it’s power in their body. You grow in those forms because you’re too young, too frail. Have you ever asked yourself, when will there a be a time I don’t need help to access these forms? Has that ever came to your mind? It hasn’t, because you’re content with the handout I’ve given you. Which is why you grossly overestimated your ability to fight that Arrancar, you felt a power that was out of your league and felt like could take on the world.

Shizuka sat in shock to himself. He couldn’t fathom the words coming from the Zanpakuto right now. While completely harsh and unwarranted, it made sense. The power he had come to accomplish over 100 years was so impressive that, he was under the assumption that these forms were all the Zanpkauto had to offer. The full power being so dangerous that an agreement needed to be set in place to allow Shizuka to access this power. Meanwhile, it was a mechanism put in place to protect Shizuka. To access power he did not deserve in order to preserve his life should he ever need to. For Hirameku-Hitouchi at it’s core wanted to protect it’s owner from impending death at all times.

“Saishu no Toppa is actually my power at it’s strongest.

But you’re confused. It’s simply a boost of my powers to the next level, as time goes on and your mastery over the Bankai increases, so will the changes to Saishu no Toppa. They are ever expanding, forever lasting, and will continue to exist so long as we exist. The initial form will eventually become what Saishu no Toppa is now, and Saishu no Toppa will evolve into something of even greater understanding after that. You will continue to age, and I will continue to sap the life away from you as long as you use the form, until one day when you’ve ascended beyond these rules and control my power flawlessly with no assistance, that is when the drain shall be taken away.

This is the concept of MY ENERGY itself. A concept you have not and cannot control…. Yet.”

“Awwww shit he just teased something!”

“But right now, we need to focus on eliminating this threat from my world so you can revert back in the real world. We’ll have this conversation another time!”

The Inner Hollow’s smile faded with that statement. He knew it was going back to getting serious with these two buffoons standing in front of him.

“I can’t wait to take your powers too mutt, too bad you had to get broken in the real world. If I was there before, I would’ve showed that sweaty Arrancar who is the real deal.”

Shizuka although reluctant to continue fighting alongside his Zanpakuto after that revelation, knew that they needed to stop the common enemy at hand. Shizuka’s demoralization was only playing into the hands of the inner hollow, it was time for something to change.

“Let’s go”

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“Naruki, how could we let this happen to you.”

Even though Dearu was the Fourth Seat of the Tenth, her benevolent nature always made her hesitant to join the battle without full knowledge. She believed in the livelihood and the peace for all souls and creatures. However something in her was stirring, an anger, a deep sadness that had never occurred to her before. Even when her father passed away of sickness she didn’t feel anger. She felt guilt for not spending enough time with him. Now she was facing the loss of another man that she respected and a city that she protected. A man that was—at her vantage point she was able to see her comrades converging together. How were they able to retrieve their Lieutenant if he—No…tears welled in her eyes. No Arrancar—A rogue hollow that they were tasked to either capture or kill. She didn’t need to have all the details to put the pieces together. She was here when he was risking his life. She was here when he was attempting to save the city with as little damage to it as possible even after releasing his limiters. She was here. She was here. And then she left. Did the Arrancar do this to him? Did the Arrancar corrupt Lieutenant Shizuka?

Dearu paused during her ritual and her reiatsu flared, the black mist that often encircled condensed into a pillar of black light that burst towards the sky, causing the rain to immediately shift its position from falling vertical from the clouds to moving in an elliptical pattern around the city, orbiting Naruki as if the city had grown its own gravitational field within an instant. Her eyes narrowed quickly and the souls around her were blown backwards by the sheer force of the orbital energy that ruptured from Hashidearu’s body.

She had always been fond of the sanctity of life. She preferred to subdue her targets alive. She believed that all beings could change. And if she believed she had done all her training in her life, in the academy, and with the Tenth Division to protect the people she loved then she would join her comrades and bring her Lieutenant home. She always understood the threats that they faced, but what monster could turn her own Lieutenant into a—Monster.

Her reiryoku was structured like a dam with many tributaries flowing into different pools. The extent of spiritual pressure often reserved and hidden, only pulling from these pools that she so cultivated through years of meditation while keeping most of it at bay. Even with only using her reiryoku from these few pools she had great spiritual power. With her eyes closed she utilized her sensory abilities to pinpoint her comrades within the rain, including taking note of the fullbringer that continued to battle her now hollowfied Lieutenant. Her objective was to use her abilities to sense her hollowfied Lieutenant’s new reiryoku system and also take note of his speed. She couldn’t go in blind without knowing those two things. He was now...a vizard of some sort and her anatomy of vizards was not masterful. She wasn’t sure how the reiryoku was flowing through his body but she knew that she had a body and if he had a body he had weak points and if those weak points were simply the combination of a Shinigami and a hollow she could also help bring him down with benevolence. Ferocious benevolence would have to be what she embodied. Enough for her to support her comrades in bringing their Lieutenant to his knees. Some of them will want to save him. Others will want him dead. If they couldn’t reach them with words and the sadness on their faces. If they couldn’t reach him with warm smiles and the light of their loyalty to him, then they would reach him with their respect. The respect for each of them to go all out and prove to him that the power of the Tenth that he gave his life for everyday should not be rivaled with.

Underneath her hakama she wore 500lbs weights that stunted her movement and strength. With a burst of her reiatsu they quickly fell off and created dents in the ground where they landed. With the rain now flowing sideways around the city in an elliptical orbit due to Hashidearu’s reiatsu effect it would add to much of the visibility issues that were occurring in Naruki but when she sensed Officer Tsunoda and the trio. She used her shunpo to make her way towards them to close the considerable gap they had created by repositioning themselves above the clouds. If one would have seen her previously moving about the battlefield cleansing souls, they would find that she was moving excessively faster without much effort. With the addition to her shikai’s passive effect and the relinquishment of her physical limiters, her skills in hoho would be to her benefit. Her speed, precision and sensory abilities grouped with a clear mind would allow her to battle with only one goal in mind despite the circumstances. In favor of saving her Lieutenant, she couldn’t see it now, but it would be a pivotal change of how she operated within the battlefield for the rest of her spiritual life.

While she moved her hands began to make several gestures as she summoned the unnumbered kido Koko no Jomon (Gate of Tiger Fang), a water wheel was immediately constructed near the trio that would allow for any of them to produce any ranged attacks while having a defense barrier. She wasn’t sure the strength of her Lieutenant in a hollowified form but her skill in kido would be of use to her

Before she could speak, she felt a familiar feeling weighing over her, first it started on her skin and then a sense of dread fell on her. Her knee bent on the platform she had constructed beneath. Her attention had turned from Shizuka and her eyes set on the black orb in the sky. First the spiritual energy had to eat away at her shikai’s second skin that gave her some leeway but by the time she reached Tosu she inhaled deeply as she struggled to breathe, let alone stand. She gripped onto her zanpakuto for to stabilize herself in a stance

“Tosu! Sango! Kaisou! I’m here.” She grunted through gritted teeth.

“Up. I don’t know how to save the Lieutenant, but we seal the orb and move it up.”

Well versed in bakudo, Hashidearu knew that with the four of them they would be able to pull their strength together, but her only idea was to knock out the Lieutenant or protect Naruki and protecting Naruki was what they were tasked to do and if they sealed it and used a simple idea. Simply defeat him and or get it out of range, she could use her shikai to move the orb in an elliptical orbit. She could get it as far out of the way as possible, fling it into the cosmos that she knew so well, but was that even enough? How large would the explosion be…or was the orb’s goal even explosion.

She had spent so much time in the world of the living that she hadn’t been in such an immense battle in decades. Now she was having to defeat her Lieutenant in the form of a monster with those where her allegiances truly lied.
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